Where are you i can8217t find you

Where Are You?
I Can’t Find You Anywhere.
I Look In All The Places We Shared,
But You Aren’t There.
I Look On The Shore Of The Beach
With The Waves Rolling In.
I Catch Glimpses Of Times When We Were There
Holding Hands,Laughing & Teasing,
Walking Together,Expressions In Our
Eyes We Do Share.
Of Sunsets Together
Watching The Moomn Rise Above Us
Stars Glistening Brightly Against The Sky,
As Together In Body We Do Lust
I Look All Around Searchiong For You Here Somewhere
But,You Are Not There.
I Look In The Woods That Together
With The Wolves We Did Roam
Looking All Around In The Trees And Brooks,
Suddenly I Feel So Alone
I Pray That I Will Find You Again Somewhere
For I Want No Other In Which My Life To Share
So If You Hear An Echo In The Woods,
Or Along The Beach Shore In Ur Dreams Tonight
It Is My Voice Calling To You
To Come Back And Be Mine In The Moonlight……
I Will Wait For You Here
Always For You,My Sweet Dear..