While you were sleeping i went to

While You Were Sleeping,
I Went To Work.
While You Were Dreaming,
I Sat Thinking Of You.
While You Were Hoping
I Was Longing To Hold You.
7 Hours Ahead Of You,
7 Hours Of Things I’ve No Heart To Do.
7 Hours Where I Stare At The Phone
7 Hours Of Feeling So Bloody Alone.
But Then You Awake
At The Close Of My Day
And Everything Changes
Round The Other Way.
While I Was Sleeping
You Went To Work
While I Was Dreaming
You Sat Thinking Of Me
While I Was Hoping
You Were Longing To Hold Me.
See This Is Just A Musing On Love
Something So Pure, Untouched
Something Which Grabs Me By The Throat
And Draws Me Back To Love And Hope
by hotlilbritA