Who do you see when speak to

Who Do You See When You Speak To Me?
Am I Fun And Witty Or Do I Sound Silly?
Do I Get On Your Nerves And Turn To Big Words?
Do I Entertain, Or Do I Manage To Be A Pain?
So Many Questions I Have You See.
He Brought Something To Attention In Me.
He Read My Writing, Saw My Style, And Asked If I Could Talk A While.
We Conversed So Intimately
But I Am Not Sure I Liked His Little News Feed.
Wouldn’t You Know, I Never Did See
But Apparently There Is Two Different Sides To Me.
The Person That Wrote Those Words Is A Different Person.
To My Surprise He Identifies, And Is Tierd Of The Wife And Mother.
He Wants To Meet The Writer In Me, She Must Be Exciting Like No Other.
Now I’m Confused And Feel Somehow Abused
And I Can’t Quite Put My Finger On It
When You Read My Writing What Is It That You See?
Because Apparently Its Not Me