Why do people see me as they

Why Do People See Me As They Do?
They Talk As If They Already Knew
About My Life, Situations, And My Goals
But They Only See Two Things: My Face And My Clothes
The People That Judge At First Sight
Are The People Who Aren’t So Bright
I Don’t Care If They Think I-‘m A Certain Way
They Have Nothing Better To Do Or To Say

Just Because My Appearance Seems Just Right
Doesn-‘t Mean I Don-‘t Have Struggles And Fights
Everyone Goes Through Hard Times Here And There
I Just Don-‘t Show It And Care Not To Share
So Don-‘t Judge Me On How I Look And Dress
Just Be Glad For Me That I-‘m Blessed
Yes, I Go Through My Times Just Like You
I Just Don-‘t Show It, The Way You Do
Krystal Peter