Why do so many believe love is

Why Do So Many Believe Love Is A Feeling
In The Heart
It Came As The Greatest Sacrifice
From The Very Start

To Be Faced With Such A Task
To The Father He Did Ask
If It Could Be…
Let This Pass Over Me
If It Is Not To Be So
Dearest Father To Me Show
Your Abiding Love Raining Down Upon My Head
As I Walk This Road…I May Not Dread
Only Through Me Can People Live
So Dear Father Their Sins You Will Forgive
So To All Of You I Love
I Came , Went , I Came Again
There Is Nothing In This World
My Dear Friend
That I Would Not Do For You
So Call Upon Me,I Promise To Make You Free !
If You Would Just Listen To Me .
This Is True Love,Not A Feeling In The Heart
I Have Been Love From The Very Start!
My Love Is Gentle Unconditional You See
If You Would Just Open Your Heart To Me !