Why it should happen the parting of

Why It Should Happen
The Parting Of Ways?
Between The Will To Arrive
And The Goal?
Between The Unlearning And Contempt,
Lies A Tale.
Terror. Petrifying Fear -Â…-Â…-Â….,
Doggedly I Was Defending The Door.
Inspite Of The Terrible Blows
I Wanted To Be Myself Only.
Reverse, The Wheels Were Turning
Aghast I Was Turning Blue.
God! They Were Creating Him New.
As I Remember Now
They Were Melting The Rocks To Make A New Face.
I Have Swallowed The Flame, Like Pride.
Melting The Iron In Eyes.
I Shall Soon Become A Tree
With Unborn Flowers.
Some Sorrow, Some Tears
Will Drench My Roots.
Satish Verma