Why we see the life more as

Why We See The Life
More As A Bane
Less As A Boon.
More As A Problem
Less As A Solution
Why We Find
Other’s Life A Tic-Tac-Toe
&Our Life A Monster’s Toe
Why We Think
Most Precious Thing
More As A Problem
Why We Trow, Life Is A Hell
N Heaven A Distant Trail
Why We Find Much To Regret
Least To Celebrate.
More Of Sadness
Least Of Happiness
More Occasion To Curse
Least To Thanks
Much Of Scortching Heat
Less Of Soothing Air
Just Change The View
Life’s Perview
You’ll Find More Of Spring
Less Of Scortching Summer
More Of Rains, Less Of Flood
More A Boon, Less A Bane