You came into my life unexpectedly and

You Came Into My Life Unexpectedly,
And Everything Took A Turn For The Better.
Your Warm Eyes, Your Laugh,
The Sincere Way You Speak,
And The Kindness You Showed Me,
All Became A Part Of My Life.
As You Unfolded Yourself To Me,
I Discovered More And More Beauty.
I Have Never Seen So Much
Gentleness In One Person.
Without Even Knowing It,
You Were Slowly Making A Place
For Yourself In My Heart.
It Used To Seem So Hard At Times
To Feel So Close In A Relationship.
But It-‘s So Easy To Feel Close To You.
I Can-‘t Tell You How Nice That Feels.
I Realize Now That I Had Never Known
What It Meant To Be Loved
Until I Was Loved By You