You cried i wiped all your tears

You cried, I wiped all your tears
I-‘ve been with you all through your years
You say you-‘re all alone
Look around! I-‘m here.
I know all your hurt, regrets, joys, fears
And I love you no less
I will never leave you
We-‘ll meet face to face soon
But now just spread the word
Tell people they-‘re not alone
So many people believe they are
But they-‘re not
Tell them about me.
There is a God
Who loves them more
Than anyone in this world ever could
Remember this place isn-‘t your home
It-‘s filled with pain and evil
Your home is perfect and has no tears or hurt
There-‘s a spot reserved just for you
It-‘s been there ever since you said
-ŗI believe-
No matter what you do
It will not be taken away
My love is just that big
We-‘ll spend forever together
I love you, always and forever.
Merl Austin