You hesitate to come here and do

You Hesitate To Come [Here] And Do Not Call Me, Either
You Don’t Inform Me Of The Reasons For Terminating Relations, Either!
What Did You Say? Please Repeat, “I Do Not Listen To You.”
If You Do Not Listen, I Also Do Not Speak To Such People, Either!
There Is [So] Much Hidden! (Sarcastically) That You Are Sitting Alongside The Curtain-
You Do Not Clearly Hide And Do Not Come Forward, Either!
If The Relation Has Been Severed, Then Why Continue Oppressions?
Those Who [Truly] No Longer Have A Reason To, Do Not [Further] Tease, Either!
If You Are Sick Of Life, O Daag, Then Why Do You Live?
Life Is Not Valuable To You And You Do Not Leave It, Either!