You keep wondering why pain hits the

You Keep
Why Pain
The Center
Of Your Soul
You To Become
A Bitter Old Soul
With Useless Artifacts
To Keep You Wondering
I Can Still Smile
After Our Silly Drama,
Maybe Because I Have
For The Real Me
And Lost Interest
In Giving In To Lucifer’s Remedy
To End Life And Waste Time
Plotting A Conspiracy
On Myself,
You Wonder Why
I Haven’t Been The Same
Or Even Thought
About Your Name
Since Our Last Encounter
Where Feelings Got Hurt
And Anger Subsided
It’s Because I Have Been
Through This Agony
Of A Menace To The Real World
That I Would Rather
Find My Dwelling Place
And Pray That No More
It’s Time
For The Memories
To Kill
And For My Wounded Heart
To Mend
From A Narcissist
And Unloving
Demon Called Reality