You left our hearts broken and tattered

You Left,
Our Hearts Broken And Tattered,
It Wasn’t Your Fault,
We Prayed It Wouldn’t End,
You Are Gone Now,
Our Love For You Will Never Stop,
Life Has Its Way Of Telling Us These Things,
But Death Took You Anyway,
You Would Have Fought Hard,
Never Giving Up,
Living And Laughing,
Till The End.
We Know In Our Hearts,
We Will Always Love You,
Till We Meet Again,
Where Ever That May Be,
May You Hear Our Prayers,
Dear Friend, We Will Miss You So.
Now That You Are Gone,
We Want You To Know Without A Doubt,
That We Will Hold Your Memories Deep In Our Hearts,
And Always Will,
From Today Till It’s Our Time,
To See You Once Again,
Hold Your Hands In Ours