You trampled on my feelings and played

You Trampled On My Feelings
And You Played Me For A Fool
Your Promises Turned Worthless Lies
You-‘ve Broken The Golden Rule.
You Promised Me You-‘d Never Lie
A Rule You Made From The Start
My Love For You Was Built On Trust
That-‘s Gone You-‘ve Torn It Apart.
I Trusted Every Word You Said
And Did So Without Any Fears
But Sunshine Turned Into Cloudy Days
You-‘ve Left Me Nothing But Tears.
The Trust Is Now Forever Lost
Because Of All Your Lies
I Hope You-‘re Proud Of What You-‘ve Done
Without Trust Love Surely Dies.
You Filled Me With Empty Promises
Now, Our Lives Must Part
You Dared To Play With My Feelings
Why I Love U Still Though, You Broke My Heart.