Your fiery grasp wraps around him like

Your Fiery Grasp Wraps Around Him Like A Serpent
Slowly Poisoning His Mind Lacking Repent
Your Tantalizing Fruit Plagues His Mind
Leaving His Heart And Soul Behind

The Abyss Of The Night Engulfs My Being
Fear Fills The Innocent Eyes Of Seeing
My Tortured Soul Lets Out A Moan Of Despair
All In The Game Of Love And War Is Fair
Guns Fire In My Mind As The Blood Spills
Under The Covers I Feel His Sad Chills
The Blood Drips Into My Needy Mouth
The Salt Of Anguish Flows Down South
Adventure Disintegrates Into Horror And Death
Bodies Of Hope And Dreams Have A Lifeless Breath
The One Foundation That Escaped The Black Glove
I Will Still Hold Strong To Our Connection Of Love