Your love had awaken my dead heart

Your Love Had Awaken My Dead Heart
Then Your Love Killed It Again
I Cry From The Bottom Of My Heart
You Punished Me For My Love What Sin Have I Done
So Now I’m All Broken, Dead In Your Love
Love Is So Strange There Are More Tears Than Smiles
First You Get A Treasure Of Sorow
Then You Get Loneliness And
Sometimes Tears, Sometimes Broken Heart
Sometimes Complain And Sometimes Pain
But No Matter What I Always See Your Face
I See Your Face In The Day Light
Your Memories Makes Me Weak
Your Memories Bother Me At Night
And I See Your Face Every Where
I’ve Cried With So Much Pain Inside
What Did I Ever Do To Deserve This Punishment
If I Ever See God I’ll Ask Him
Why Did He Made My Body With Soil
But Made My Heart As Sensetive As Glass
And On Top Of That He Gave This Heart Feelings
He Gave This Heart Enough Feelings To Fall In Love
And Then You Gave My Heart Destination,Milan And Judaai
Ohh Is This Love, Is This Life?
I Am In So Much Pain For Your Love
What Wrong Have I Done To Deserve This Kind Of Punishment