Your love is more than a fairytale

Your Love Is More Than A Fairytale
Deeper Than The Sea, If I-‘d Set Sail
You-‘re The Beauty To My Autumns
Beautiful, As Sunflowers Blossom.

You-‘re The Beauty, In A Bluest Sky
Where Clouds Are White, Birds Fly
You-‘re A Angel Watching Over Me
I See Your Halo And Angelic Wings.
You-‘re My Sunset, Over A Horizon
Sand So Beautiful, Seagulls Flying
Truly Beautiful, As Spring Flowers
You-‘re My Star At Midnight Hours.
A Treasure Buried Inside My Heart
Of Your Love, To Never Grow Apart
Truly I Know My Heart Is In Place
You-‘re My Hearts Tender Embrace.
True Love Can-‘t Ever Be Measured
You-‘re My Hearts Simply Treasure
No Matter What, We-‘ll Go Through
My Heart Will Always Be With You.