Your musings on this road will stay

Your Musings, On This Road Will Stay!
And, I-‘ll Soon Find-Out, Some Other Way:
Where, I May Move With Constancy;
With, My Eyes Set, On Some Sweet Ray!!
This World Is Wide! And, Hearts Are Broad!!
Be Happy!
I-‘ll Now Take That Road!!
I Thought, I Have Five Thousand Sons;
But, Certainly Quite Few Daughters!
What, Now I See, They-‘re On Their Runs;
I-‘m Lonely, In My Own Quarters!!
But Now, I-‘m Smarter; And, Shall See:
I-‘m Same For One And All, For Sums!
Seems Fit! It-‘s Good! I-‘m Non-Aligned!
I-‘m On The Front; Let Come, What Comes!
It-‘s Good, One Stands, On One-‘s Own Feet;
Finds Directions, From His Own God!
Doubt Not!
I-‘ll Go By New-Found Road!
I-‘ll Go By Your Dictates, Hence Forth;
In All Your Matters, You-‘ll Soon See!
These Bickering Will Now End, Hence Forth;
And, I-‘ll Also Join, Now, Your Glee!
I-‘ll See Now, What Makes You Happy;
Let It Be, A Lonely Room Far-Off:
Where, You-‘ll Now Sit In-Wait For Him,
Expectantly; In A Corner Rough!
I-‘ll Not Like, If Some One, Drugs You;
And, Then You-‘re Left-Out, Just To Plod!
I Shall Certainly Take That Road!