Youre just my one and only i

You-‘re, Just, My One And, Only One
I Don-‘t Claim: I Had None By Side?
Not That, I Had Not Gone On Ride?
Not That, I Had Companions None?
Not That, In Self, I Have Much Pride?
For, There Are Numerous In My Life
Most Of Them Are Comrades-At-Strife
I Have Been Loved By Many! Yes
But, I Have, My Own, Loving Wife
Yet, None Can Meet, What You Did Me?
You-‘re, Just, My One! And, Only One
I Know, Perhaps, I Can-‘t Retain
Your Love! But, My Valuable Gain
Shall Be With Me, Till I Can Breathe
Or, Traces Of My Senses Feign
I Don-‘t Want, Burdens On Your Head
But, Please Don-‘t Break, That Flimsy Thread
I Know, That, Begging Never Helps
But, This Is Not For Butter And Bread?
I Want, No Answers?‚  Let Me Say
You-‘re, Just, My One! And, Only One-‘
I Know; I Have Grieved You At-Heart
But See, Are We Not, Our Own Part?
Then, I Have Grieved Myself; Got You?
Look, I Can-‘t Find Us Wide Apart?
I Want To Live Want See, You Live
Let-‘s Continue Our -Ë—take And Give-‘
I Want To Feel You, While I Die
I Want To Ask You, -Ë—please Forgive-‘
It-‘s At Your End! Well, May I Repeat?
You-‘re, Just, My One! And, Only One