Day and night like a hell everything

Day and Night like a hell,
Everything is lonely,
Everything is not well,
There is deep frustration in me,
My Heart and Mind is not within me,
Lots of things I have to say,
Tell me the way has to tell,
There was time when smile was with me,
Heart was full of hope and sky of happiness was in me,
But today is the time when ottoman with me,
Days are long and hopes are dying in me.
You were the smile of my face,
And now you are tears of me,
You gave your hand like rain in desert,
And now you are behaving like that time has no mean,
For God sake doesn’t do this to me.
If I did a mistake then forgive to me,
If you want to out of my life with out any reason fine,
But when you will be out of my life’
There will be a big change in me.

– Ravi O.Goel

Dedicated to the famous English poet John Keats.