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You came and went so damn fast

You Came
And Went
So Damn Fast
It Was Like A Blur
You Treated Me Like Shit
Told Me To Dropp Everything
Blow Off My Friends
And Let My World Revolve Around You
Laughter Disbelieve
Anger ‘I Don’t Fucking Think So’
The Things That Came To Mine
When You Decided To Warp My Life
To Fit Yours
And Piss Me Off In The Proccess
All You Got Was A ‘Fuck You’
And ‘Get Out’
You Came Caused Trouble
And Went It Went By So Fast

Sit before the desk in many places

Sit Before The Desk In Many Places, Many Locations
My Mind Filled With Swirling Thoughts And Ideas
Reality Seems So Surreal And Far Away For Me
Hidden Thoughts And Desires Unfulfilled

Heart Full Of Sadness For The Losses Felt
Pain That Stays For All Eternity And Only Grows
People Lost To Violence And Pain Unimagined
Others Lost To Foolish And Childish Actions
Decisions Made That Were Meant With Sincerity
Actions Seen As Meant To Hurt And Destroy
Desire To Die And Leave All To See Truth
Enjoy The Reality Of Lifes Mistakes And Sorrows
One Love Who Will Never Know Or Care
The Heart Lost That Lives On In Struggle
Friends Lost And Who Hate With Passion
Need To Sacrifice All To Make Truth Alive
Support The Ones Whom Care For Most
Do Without And Have Less For Others
Live With Nothing But Scorn And Distrust
Feel The Loss, Hate And Derision

I loved hearing your voice feeling skin

I Loved Hearing Your Voice,
I Loved Feeling Your Skin.
I Loved Holding You Close To Me,
I Cried When It Came To An End.
If God Made Love,
And Made It True.
Then Why Does He Allow Heartbreak,
And Make Us Feel Blue.

I See You Everyday,
With Your Beautiful Face.
I Try To Smile And Play It Off,
But I Die Standing Their In My Place.
I Remember When I Held You Close,
So Close I Could Feel You Breathing.
But Now I Cant Hold You Close,
And My Heart Is Torn Out, Bleeding.
My Life Is Nothing,
Nothing Without You.
All Of Our Memories,
Is All I Hold Onto..

We grew up together played every day

We Grew Up Together
Played Every Day
I Knew It’d Be Forever
And We`d Be Ok
As We Grew Older
We Kind Of Grew Apart
I Got Along With Everyone
You Didn’t From The Start
I Sat In The Back Of The Bus
Always Looking At You
When Kids Were Mean
I Didn’t Know What To Do
A Few More Years Went By
Finally High School Here We Come
You Started Dressing All In Black
And People Thought You Were Dumb
I’m President Of The School
And Head Of The Yearbook Staff
I Was Top Champ At Soccer
I Had The Highest Score In Math
You Turned Gothic
And At Least Played Guitar
You Were Always In Trouble
And Had An Old Rusty Car
But It Seemed You Didn’t Care
And Thats What I Like About You
I Knew You’d Always Be In My Heart
To Me You Have Always Been True
Prom Night I Went With Michael
You Went With Your Buddies
Planning Something Stupid I Bet
I Just Saw You Staring At Me
I Won Prom Queen
And Michael Won King
Then They Played That Sweet Song
That Kelly Clarkson Sings
I Looked Up At You
And Gave You A Smile
Then You Just Walked Up To Me
And Said This Is Worth Your While
Then You Poured Punch On Me
And I Just Looked At You
I Didn’t Know What To Say
I Didn’t Know What To Do
You Grabbed The Mic.
And Said Excuse Me Everybody
Be This Girl With Punch On Her
Use To Be Best Friends With Me
But She Met All You
And Stopped Talking To Me
I Thought We`d Be Friends Forever
But You Always Let Me Be
Just Because You Meet New Friends
Doesn’t Mean You Have To Forget
Forget The Old Ones
But This Girl Did I Bet
He Dropped The Mic. And Ran Out
I Had To Do Something That Night
So I Ran Out To
This Wasn’t Right
I Finally Found Him
And Looked Him In The Eyes
I Said Ill Always Be Your Friend
And I Busted Out With Cries
I Never Forgot You
How Could You Say That
Ever Since I Made New Friends
My Life’s Been Off Track
I Haven’t Even Had My First Kiss Yet
Did You Know That At All?
I Was Always Too Scared
To Give Your Cell Phone A Call
He Said I Didn’t Know
And I’m Sorry
Then He Came Close
And Kissed Me Gently….
I Said What I Needed
I Said Ive Always Loved You
Then He Said Back With A Smile
Ive Always Loved You To

It is not a question of right

It Is Not A Question Of Right Or A Mistake…
Neither It Is To Give Or To Take…
Love Is A Volcano Of A Feeling
Is A Dream Without A Ceiling…
It Is Beyond The Future And The Past
Is A Reality That Can Ever Last…
Love Is An Identity Without Any Borders
Is Like An Angel Flying Over The Shoulders…
So Stop Telling Me It Is A Mistake…
Love Is Really Quite Simple
It Is Religion Without A Temple…
It Is The Sun, The Moon, The River
It Is The Art Of A Good Forgiver…
Love Is A Luck Which Is Always Good
Even With Pain We Search For It More Than We Should…
It Is The Spring With All The Colors And The Hope
It Is The Continuous Change With Which We Must Always Cope…
Please Do Not Tell Me It Is A Mistake…

Quando mi prende la voglia di andarmene

Quando Mi Prende La Voglia
Di Andarmene, Partire
Ma Da Vigliacco
Non Trovo Il Coraggio
Di Lasciare Dietro
Questo Squallore
Che Quasi Mi Tortura
Mi Stringe Il Cuore
E Trovo Mille Scuse
Come Per Esempio
Dove Andare?
Ormai E’tardi…
Non Si Puo’…
Dovro Restare…
Andare Avanti…
Stringere I Denti…
E Continuare
Allora Mi Rendo Conto
Che Ho Perduto
E Provo Un Gran Piacere
Nel Guardarmi Nello Specchio
Nello Stare Li’
A Fumare
Soffiando Il Fumo
In Faccia A Quel Vigliacco
Che Mi Sta A Guardare

Last night before i went to bed

Last Night Before I Went To Bed
Thoughts Of You Filled My Troubled Head
Though I’ve Not Cried This Way In Many Years
On To My Pillow Fell Six Silent Tears
The First Was For Your Smile That I Miss
And The Taste Of Your Tender Lips That I Long To Kiss
The Second Was For Your Angel Face
And The Thoughts Of Your Warm Loving Embrace
The Third Comes As No Surprise
As I Thought Of Your Beautiful Bright Loving Eyes
After This The Fourth Came Rolling
Instead Of My Pillow It Was You I Should Be Holding
The Fifth Came For One Reason Alone
I Felt My Love For You Was Not Fully Shown
I Really Miss You My Love My Dear
There Just Fell My Sixth Tear

It has only been a week yet

It Has Only Been A Week
Yet In My Thoughts,You Creep.
You Seem To Understand Me.
You Let Me Be.

Just As I Begin To Feel Alone
You Make Your Presence Known.
How Could You My Mind
So Quick Have Blown
You Respect Me
My Beliefs Are Who I Really Am.
Could You Be The One?
I Have Been Longing For?
Have I Now Dreamed You Into My Life.
Could Our Timimg Be Right?
Time Will Tell
Days Are Now Us Waiting
You And I Will We Be Dating?

Today i begin journey of life new

Today I Begin
Journey Of Life
New And Afresh
Without Any Strife
Today I Wanna Touch
The Heights Of Sky
Today I Wanna Teach
To Live & Not To Die
Today I,Yes I Wanna Smile
Without Any Special Reason
Today I Wanna Walk That Extra Mile
To Forgive Someone’s Treason
Today I Wanna Forget
My Past With Its Pain
Today I Wanna Walk Into
My Future- An Unseen Lane
Today I Wanna To Live
To Forget And Forgive
Bcoz Life Has Many Good Things To Give Me
But To Take Them,I Must Set Myself Free
Free From The Anguish And Pain
Free To Love The Beautiful Life Again
Yes I Have To Learn To Move On
Because Life Will Keep Going On And On

Vanished in thoughts of hopes and fears

Vanished In Thoughts
Hopes And Fears
Meeting Myself
In A Place
My Race Will Begin
The Cold World
There Is No Sense
Life Or Joy………..
Vanished In Thoughts
Hopes And Fears
Meeting Myself
In A Place
My Race Will Begin
The Cold World
There Is No Sense
Life Or Joy………..
Seema Chowdhury

Weary a perilous pendulum swings to and

A Perilous Pendulum
To And Fro
With Every Swing
Dully Drumming
Tedious Lifetreads
Like A Ponderous Heartbeat
A Wondrous Ocean
Opens To Me
Shining Green-Foam Waters
Roar, Beckoning Me
I Love To Swim, I Love The Feel Of
Cool Water Embracing Me

You give me inspiration to write each

You Give Me Inspiration,
To Write You Each Day,
At Least It’s Easier,
Than Writing An Essay.

I Like To Make You Laugh,
And Feel Good Inside,
As For Me,
It’s A Sense Of Pride.
I Care For You So Much,
As A Man Should,
For His Dear Woman,
Forever If I Could.

Something about you made me visualize us

about you
made me
us in
blown up
of gaily smiles
and starry eyes
“i get misty just holding your hand”
about you
made me know
that you were
than the ninetieth percentile
of all men
made me
look up
at the sky
and thanked
for giving
me heaven
right here on earth
by zubiluvs

I think finally did it accomplished what

I think I finally did it
accomplished what I have always needed to do
I’m not saying that I regret what I’ve done
but I’ve always known its time to move foreward
I can’t go on fooling around
knowing he wants me to be his bootay call
I want to be friends, well hope to be friends
friends that are there for each other
through thick and thin not in sexual ways
When I was with him I was always quiet and submissive
I never communicated what I wanted or what I didn’t want
I didn’t want to show him that I really wanted it
Finally I turned everything around
I told him that I wanted him, told him what he was to do to me
this has finally worked for me
he thinks oh crap she really does want me
I think I scared him, wondering what he should do
I just want to show him his marriage should be important to him
not spend his time playing around with me.
Things seem to be changing, I think for the better
if it means I won’t see him, in order to do what is right
I will do what it takes, cause I need to make this right
Mowie DeCorp

A single rose waiting at the door

A Single Rose,
Waiting At The Door,
With A Note Saying,
Everyday I Love You More,
Everyday A New Rose
At The Door I’d Find
I Knew We’d Always Be Together
For The Rest Of Time,
The Roses Made Me Happy,
Whenever I Was Down,
If I Was Feeling Lonely And Depressed,
There Would Be A Rose Around
One Day When I Came Home,
There Was No Rose Waiting There
I Didn’t Know What Happened To You,
I Was Really Scared
I Got A Phone Call
Saying You Passed Away,
I Cried More Then Ever
On That Crushing Day
The Day Of The Funeral,
I Got Home Really Sad,
I Couldn’t Believe That You Were Gone,
It Made Me Really Mad
I Looked At My Door,
Thinking Life Was Unfair,
And Then At The Ground
A Single Rose Was There
I Picked Up The Rose,
A Smile Replaced My Sigh
Until I Saw A Note Attached,
That Made Me Want To Cry:
“When I Said Till Death Do Us Part,
I Knew It Wasn’t True,
Because I’m Never Gonna Leave,
I’ll Always Be A Part Of You”

You lie on your back a bundling

You Lie On Your Back,
A Bundling Of Bones, Girdled In
Goose, And Morphia-‘s
Your Head Stands Out
From Eyes
Dragonfly-Sapphire, Your
Pelt Gossamer-Racked By The Inquisitions Of
Your Ears Are
Exposed To The Spectral Susurrations
Of Long- Dead Lovers,
Who Will Whisper Into Your Head For Ever.
They Are The Insinuations Of Angels, Perhaps, -Â…
-Â…or The Aural Manifestations Of
Imminent Quietus, Of
Slithering Siroccos Where
Cerebra Slacken And Where The Livestock Of
Blenching Beneath The Implacable
O R B. You May Be
Aware Of The
Delineation Of Your (Arguable) Existence,
Scorched Upon The Firmament,
By The Ubiquitous Amanuenses Of
-Â…or, Deep Within Honeycomb Imaginings,
Beneath Pangaea
Or Eritrea,
Or The Boreal-Bruised Thrawn-Ness
Of Your Savage Highland
Wellspring, Where You,
Finally Are

I8217ve learned that you cannot make someone

I’ve Learned That You Cannot Make
Someone Love You. All You Can Do Is
Stalk Them And Hope They Panic And Give In.
I’ve Learned That No Matter How Much I Care,
Some People Are Just Assholes.
I’ve Learned That It Takes Years
To Build Up Trust, And It Only Takes
Suspicion, Not Proof, To Destroy It.
I’ve Learned That You Can Get By
On Charm For About Fifteen Minutes.
After That, You’d Better Have A Big Willy
Or Huge Boobs.
I’ve Learned That You Shouldn’t
Compare Yourself To Others – They Are
More Screwed Up Than You Think.
I’ve Learned That You Can Keep Vomiting
Long After You Think You’re Finished.
I’ve Learned That We Are Responsible
For What We Do, Unless We Are Celebrities.
I’ve Learned That Regardless Of
How Hot And Steamy A Relationship Is At
First, The Passion Fades, And There Had Better
Be A Lot Of Money To Take Its Place!
I’ve Learned That 99% Of The Time When
Something Isn’t Working In Your House, One
Of Your Kids Did It
I’ve Learned That The People You Care Most
About In Life Are Taken From You Too Soon
And All The Less Important Ones Just Never Go Away

i wish to be i wish to

I wish to be that friend of yours.
to whom you can turn whenever you are cross.
I wish to stand like a tree and bear all the pain,
to give you shade and to prevent you from rain.
I wish to be the wood and to be burnt into flame,
to give you light and to […]

Your beauty astonishes me eyes are like

Your Beauty Astonishes Me.
Your Eyes Are Like Diamonds,
Purer Than Diamonds,
Bluer Than A Spring Sky,Majestical.
Your Laugh Reminds Me Of A Morning Bird,
Singing Without A Care In The World!
Your Composure Likens That Of An Eagle,
Elegant, Strong, And Independent Yet Delicate, Dainty.
Your Lips, So Soft, And Bold, And Tempting.
Like A Rose, Delicate, Intriguing And Inviting.

Love look at d moon sumwhere i

Love! Look At D Moon,
Sumwhere I M Looking For You,
Sharing A Sea Of Emotions,
A River Of Ever Flowing Feelings,
Thro’ D Site Of This Love Symbol
I Am Out Of Your Garden,
But Still As A Fragrance In Your Surroundings,
I Am Out Of Your Concious,
But Still Making You Feel My Presence In Memories,
I Am Out Of Your Sight,
But There In Your Dreamz Alwayz
Sumone Truely Said..
& I Realize It Tonite,
This Paper Is Nt Enough For Feelings,
I Need A Piece Of Sky,,,,
Many Wishes Are Left My Love,
Many Dreamz Lost….
Tears Of Hope In Your Eyes.
Tears Of Separation In Mine,
You Plz Take Care Of All My Love We Shared Together I Am Gon

Strangers at night exchanging glances in love

Strangers At Night
Exchanging Glances
In Love From First Sight
But, Wat Were The Chances?
My Eyes Were Waiting
For Yours To Start
Beholding, But Admiring
The Whiteness Of Ur Heart
Its Charm Took Me Away
To A Place I’ve Never Known
Where There’s No Night, No Day
Only The Beauty Of Dawn
Our Love Had No Lords
Nothing Could Make It End
Even The Silence Of Our Words
Was No Enemy, But A Friend
In My Heart, A Flare
An Everlasting One
It Won’t Leave Us In Despair
It Won’t Make Me Leave U And Run

There was a time that i looked

There Was A Time That I Looked Forward To Tomorrow
With Unending Hope In My Heart.
Would Tomorrow Bring New Reasons For Happiness?
Will It Take Away Pain With The Joy Of A Promise Of A New Start?

For Me, Tomorrow Meant A Chance To Show All You Meant To Me
In This Love That We Found In Each Other For So Long.
These Feelings Inside Us That Gave Us Freedom To Be Who We Were
And Made Our Hearts Sing Like A Beautiful Song.
As Time Went By, The Wind Took A Change In Direction.
Your Heart Started To Look Elsewhere And Your Emotions Started To Fade Away.
Even Though You Knew That I Was Still There
You Felt This Need That You Shouldn-‘t Care.
From Then On, Tomorrow For Me Was Just Another Day.
If You Were To Leave This Earth At Any Chosen Moment,
I Would Find Comfort In These Things Inside Me That You Know.
These Things That Are Etched Forever Into My Heart
Emotions From Loving You That Will Always Affect Me Wherever I Go.
I Know That You Would Know What The Feeling Of What True Love Was.
How It Felt To Love A Person Without Any Bounds
And Feeling That Love Returned In Kind To You
With Such Joy In This Thing That We-‘ve Searched For And Finally Found.
You Would Know In Every Sunset, It-‘s Your Face That I See In Its Glow.
In Every Breeze, I Feel The Touch Of Your Delicate Hand On My Face.
In Its Warmth, I Feel Your Arms Around Me
Feeling Calmer Than In Any Place Than I-‘ve Ever Known.
You Would Know That Even On The Nights When You-‘re Not The Last Thing
That I Think About As I Lay My Head To Rest-Â…
You-‘re Still The First I Think About When I Awake Because You Still
Appear In My Dreams-Â…which Make Them All The Best.
You Would Know That In The Park That We Always Found Solitude,
That I Will Always Envision You Driving There So We Could Be Together.
Knowing That In Each Of These Precious Moments That We Strived To Share
Would Be Special For Both Of Us No Matter What The Weather.
You Would Know What It Was Like To Be Kissed
With A Passion Only Held Only For You.
You Would Know How Making Love Really Felt
And How It Differed From All Others-Â…so Warm And So True.
Though You Will Know That I Will Survive My Days Without You,
You Will Also Know That In Those Days, Life For Me Will Be More
About Seeing Through Just Another Day-Â….
Instead Of Really Living As I Have With You.
Though Happy As I Am About These Things That You Know,
I Can-‘t Help But Wonder As I Lie Awake At Night.
Should The Tomorrows End For Me Baby-Â….
Do I Know Everything I Should Know?
I Hope That I Do.
For My Heart Will Be Forever Filled
With Loving Memories Of You-Â…

You said youd never leave me and

You Said You-‘d Never Leave Me,
And Your Heart Was Mine Alone.
You Said You-‘d Never Cheat On Me,
And Our Love Would Be Your Home.
We Shared So Many Moments,
And I-‘ll Always Hold Them Dear;
But As Much As I Want Things To Stay The Same,
The Relationship Must End Here.
I Saw You In Another-‘s Arms,
In A Sensuous Embrace And Kiss,
Oblivious To All In Your Presence,
And Engulfed In Your Stolen Bliss.
Though Torn To My Soul, My Tears I Fought Back,
I Held My Heart Intact.
The Promises Made Are All Worn And Frayed,
My Pain You Can-‘t Take Back.
So Save Your Empty Promises,
Your Lies I-‘ll Never Believe.
It Was Me You Hurt, My Trust You Battered,
My Heart That You Deceived

When you take me in your arms

When you take me in your arms,
The world pauses it’s senseless spin,
The skies no longer seem too far away,
I float on a cloud, and swim about
In the most vast sea of joy…
You fill me so with love within,
No dream’s too far away…
When I can feel the warmth of your breath,
When I can lay my head […]

Love can be more so much i

Love Can Be More
Love Can Be So Much
I Can’t Express Myself Now
Bcuz Love Blow Me Away
It Takes Me To The Place
And I Called It Paradise
Love Me .Love Me More
So Much Addicted To You
Can’t Live Without You
Your Trace Is All Over My Place
Love It And Live It
It Feels So Much
I Can’t Say Anything That Much Now
Bcus All I Know Is You
My Days Filled With So Much Happiness
And I Can Do Anything
Whatever I Wanted To Be
Because Your Love Guide Me
All The Way
To The Path That Leads Me To
Live Now And Forever Be With You…

The world awaits my solemn vow to

The World Awaits My Solemn Vow.
To My Heart The Stars Endow.
Twisting, Winding, Fearless, Binding.
True Love, I Have Never Known Before.
How Far Must The Path Go To Reach That Door?
Soaring, Flying, Forever Dying.

Insanity is my dress immorality religion i

Insanity Is My Dress
Immorality Is My Religion
I Give Colour To Invisibility
I Give Sound To Unutterables
I Am In Conflict With My God
I Shall Set Fire On His Throne
I Want To See Weeping On His Throne.
I Worship Woman Instead Of God
I Place Flower Of Kiss
On The Nipples Of My Fiance
And Enjoy The Fragrance Of Her Body.

Forget the pain sorrow shut my eyes

Forget The Pain
Forget The Sorrow
Shut My Eyes
Just Hide
He’ll Never Find Me
Never Again
I Contained My Self
In A Hollow Heart
Be Strong
He Wont See Me Cry
Dont Cry
He Wont Know Im Weak
Dont Break
Dont Speak
Swim To The Bottom
Or He’ll Know
You Havent Forgotten.

My new best friend today i met

My New Best Friend..
Today I Met A Great New Friend
Who Knew Me Right Away
It Was Funny How She Understood
All I Had To Say
She Listened To My Problems
She Listened To My Dreams
We Talked About Love And Life
She’d Been There, Too, It Seems
I Never Once Felt Judged By Her
She Knew Just How I Felt
She Seemed To Just Accept Me
And All The Problems I’d Been Dealt
She Didn’t Interrupt Me
Or Need To Have Her Say
She Just Listened Very Patiently
And Didn’t Go Away
I Wanted Her To Understand
How Much This Meant To Me
But As I Went To Hug Her
Something Startled Me
I Put My Arms In Front Of Me
And Went To Pull Her Nearer
And Realised That My New Best Friend
Was Nothing But A Mirror..

Give me your body soul show u

Give Me Your Body, Give Me Your Soul
Show Me U Love Me Until You’re Grey And Old,
Together Forever Is How The Story Goes,
The Truth Of The Matter Is That Time Will Never Take Its Toll,
Trust And Honesty Will Always Reign Upon Our World,
We Hold A Balance That Can Never Be One-Sided,

In Sync With One Another Untill The Ever End,
We Are Friends, Companions, Acquaintances Etc…
To Us The World Can Fall To Peice And Our Love Will Make It Whole Again,
Love So True, So Passionate That All The Color In World Couldn’t Paint Our Love,
There For Each Other Through Thick And Thin Till The Death Do Us Part Till The Very End

When it comes yoou should know that

When It Comes Yoou Should Know,
That Facts Arent True Unless You Make Them.
The Idea Comes From You..
You Can Say Something, And Say Its Real..
Reality Is What You Make It.
A Person Can Live By What Comes,
Or Entice Themselves On What Was…
A Time Will Come Were Your Whole Life Can Change,
Just Make Sure Its For The Right Things.
You Can Convince Yourself On Somthing
And Keep It That Way.
But When You Meet Someone
Who See’s It Differently..
Listen To What They Say.
They May Be Young, Old, Blind, Or Diseased..
But You’de Be Surprised
How Much They Actually Know.
People Look And Turn Away,
They Dont Truly Sit And Admire Ordinary Things,
People Usualy Look At A Cloud
And Say Oh..Looks Like Rain,
When With A Second Glance
You May Notice That,
It Has Beauty Beyond Belief.
Generaly A Person Takes Life At First Glance,
And Dosent Think About What It Is They Realy Have.
To Take A Moment And Actually Get To Understand
What That Is You Have You,
Become Aware On What Is Realy There.
Life Is Short And So Much To See,
But If You Just Look And Dont Realy Get To Understand,
You Havent Lived,
The Feeling You Get Is Everlasting.
Without It You Can’t Believe
You’ve Ever Realy Seen Anything….

The small white flower wanted all water

The Small White Flower Wanted
All The Water,
In The Flower Pot,
And The Tall Green One
All The Sun.
And When Both Got What -ŗeach- Wanted,
One Sunshine And The Other Rain,
Neither Would Share,
When The Solution Was There.
And That-‘s The Reason They-‘re Both-Â… Dead.
The Green Flower From Dehydration & Sunburn;
Moments After-Â… The White Flower
Swam & Drowned In The Shade Of -ŗthirsty- Greed

When you are sick with worries and

When You Are Sick With Worries
And For Yourself You Feel Sorry
Then Know Oh Dear Man
Life Doesn’t Come With A Plan
So You Have To Learn To Deal
And From Life You Have To Steal
A Part Of Fain And Pleasure
For This Is Life’s Great Treasure
That Help In Ups And Downs
When You’re Stuck With Frown
So Try To Contribute To Fun
Before Life’s Days Are Done
And Know Of Dear Man
Life Doesn’t Come With A Plan
So You Have To Learn To Deal
And From Life You Have To Steal
A Part Of Fain And Pleasure
For This Life Is A Great Treasure.

Sometimes i feel like a dog in

Sometimes I Feel Like A Dog In A Rat-‘s Cage
Feeling Of Dying, Crying, And Losing Myself
I-‘m Not Sure Of What More I Can Handle
I Bottle Up My Anger Til I Can-‘t Take It Anymore
Then I Wanna Yell And Scream To Make My Point
But Normally At The End Of The Day
I Just Let My Tears Take Me Away
It-‘s Such The Little Things That Keep Me Alive
They-‘re Happy As Long As They Can Take Pride
In Everything That I Do, I Must Succeed
Not For A Moment May Failure Take Me
How Do They Expect Me To Believe
When They Take All That-‘s Special To Me
The Little Things Are All I Need
My Cell Phone, For One, To You Ay Seem Small
But For Me, It-‘s My Family, Friends, And All
Through This I Can Speak To Those I Wish To See
And Allows Me To Still Keep A Dream
These Days It-‘s Hard To Do
When Every Time I Turn, I-‘m Doing Something Wrong, Yet Again
I-‘m Beginning To Think That They Make New Rules
Just So They Can Say
Allysyn You-‘re Wrong, Fix It Before It-‘s Too Late
Do This And Do That, To The Point I Want To Scream
Please Just Let Me, For Once Be Free
Here I Am, Only Sixteen, Yet I Feel Like I-‘m Twenty-Three
They Tell Me To Grow, Yet When I Do
They Say I-‘m Too Young
I-‘m To The Boiling Point, Ready To Just Burst To Flames!
I-‘m Tired Of This; I-‘m Tired Of Being Mad
I-‘m Tired Of Chores And Of Being Sad
I Want To Run, Far And As Fast As I Can
Yet I Know That I Just Can-‘t
Not While I-‘m Still Tied With Chains
Let Me Be Free, Free To Breathe-Â…
I-‘m Too Tired Now, Aching From Anger And Pain
Not Sure Of How Much More I Can Take
I-‘m Tired Of This Life; It-‘s All Too Fake
Someone Come Save Me, Before I Fall
My Anger Gone, I Can No Longer Stall
I-‘m Tired Now, And Still There-‘s No One
No One There To Catch Me As I Fall

You never will be mine i know

You Never Will Be Mine
I Know It From The Start
I Just Take What Could Have Been
I Know I Can-‘t Win.
Let Me Hold You
And Pretend That You Mine
While We Together
Let-‘s Make Love
Like Never Before
You Never Be Mine

I Must Remember The Good Times We Had
And Sharing The Little Things We Used To Do
And Let Me Dream A While
Give Me Your Sweetest Love
And Let Me Dream
You Will Never Be Mine.
But My Darling Still
Even If You Not Mine
Give Me Your Sweetest Smile
Till My World Comes To An End
You Never Will Be Mine.

Have i thanked you lately for all

Have I Thanked You Lately
For All The Times We Have Shared
You Have Brightened Up My World
And Truly Shown You Cared
In So Many Ways,
It-‘s Been A Lot Of Fun
Thank You For Being There
My Early Morning Sun

Im gonna love you forever and a

Im Gonna Love You Forever And A Day,
Whether Im A Thousand Miles Away,
Or Lying Close, Right By Your Side,
Im Gonna Love You Only And That-‘s No Lie,

We-‘re Gonna Show Everyone Just How Amazing We Can Be,
We-‘re Gonna Make A Fairytale For Just You And Me,
For When You And I Are Together Baby,
There Is Nothing We Can-‘t Achieve,
Because Of You I Can Face The Day Unafraid,
Because Of You I Try To Behave,
Because Of You I Laugh When I Should Frown,
Because Of You I Loose My Breath When You-‘re Around,
What Matters Is That Im Yours And Your Mine,
And Im Gonna Stand By You For All Time,
Im Gonna Make All Your Dreams Come True,
For All We-‘ll Ever Need Is Just Me And You,
So I Guess What Im Trying To Say,
Is That No Matter What Babe,
Im Gonna Love You Forever And A Day.

Snow starts to float down on the

Snow Starts To Float Down On The Earth Like A Million Feathers Gliding
The Beauty And Grace Of Them Comes Nowhere Near You
I Hear The Wind Whisper And Feel The Breeze Caress My Skin
While I’m Thinking Of Our Life Together, Things We’d Experience, Things We’d Do

Angels Used To Pull A Smile On My Face To Hide A Life I Once Dreaded
With You By My Side, Your Hand In Mine, There’s Nothing I Can’t Get Through
by dinot1985‚ 

I was on a ship thinkg of

I Was On A Ship Think-Ë—g Of U Wn I Looked Down,
I Dropped A Tear Into The Ocean.
Then I Promised Myself Until Some One Finds It,
I Wont Forget Ur Friendship.

Oft in the stilly night ere slumber8217s

Oft, In The Stilly Night,
Ere Slumber’s Chain Has Bound Me,
Fond Memory Brings The Light
Of Other Days Around Me;
The Smiles, The Tears,
Of Boyhood’s Years,
The Words Of Love Then Spoken;
The Eyes That Shone,
Now Dimm’d And Gone,
The Cheerful Hearts Now Broken!
Thus, In The Stilly Night,
Ere Slumber’s Chain Hath Bound Me,
Sad Memory Brings The Light
Of Other Days Around Me.
When I Remember All
The Friends, So Link’d Together,
I’ve Seen Around Me Fall,
Like Leaves In Wintry Weather;
I Feel Like One
Who Treads Alone
Some Banquet-Hall Deserted,
Whose Lights Are Fled,
Whose Garlands Dead,
And All But He Departed!
Thus, In The Stilly Night,
Ere Slumber’s Chain Has Bound Me,
Sad Memory Brings The Light
Of Other Days Around Me.

Taking some tender leaves i gave those

Taking Some Tender Leaves
I Gave Those To Someone
Many Many Days Ago
Did Those Raise
Her Longevity
Or Were Eaten By
Four-Footed One
I Don-‘t Know-–
May Be The Leaves
Were Burned
In Any Furnace.
A Few Days Ago
I Dreamt Her
After Long Thirty Years,
Are The Leaves Still Green!
by main uddin a‚ 

He said that had crook legs for

He Said That He Had Crook Legs For Many Years
And He Did Sound That He Did Have A Few Beers
His Speech Was Slightly Slurred That’s How I Knew
That In The Nearby Pub He’d Had A Few.
He Told Me How His Brother Had Died Last Year
And By His Account He Had Shed Many A Tear
For One Who In His Sleep Did Quietly Pass Away
For His Funeral He Was The One Who Did Pay.

His Brother A Stranger To Success And Fame
Had Died Without A Penny To His Name
Quite Poor And Healthwise He Was Not Feeling Well
To Pay For His Burial His Own Boat He Had To Sell.
He Walked With A Limp He Said His Knees Cause Him Great Pain
A Lifetime Problem From Playing Football He Did Gain
When He Was Younger Four Decades Ago
The Years On Him Beginning For To Show.
When He Had Said All He Had Wished To Say
On Parting He Wished Me A Happy Day
I Watched As He Went Limping Up The Street
For He Is One I Never More May Meet.

I know in my heart its over

I Know In My Heart Its Over
You Just Want Me For A Friend
I Realize More Each Moment
Your Love Is At The End
I Find It Hard To Look At You
It Still Hurts To See Your Face
I Can’t Forget How Good You Felt
I Miss Your Sweet Embrace
I Can Not Bare To Hear You Talk
Weak Vibrations Are So Wrong
There’s No Affection In Your Voice
The Sound Of Love Is Gone
There’s Pain In Every Breath I Take
The Air Broadcasts Your Cologne
At Home, At Work, And Everywhere
I’m Lost And All Alone
I’ve Heard It Said “Time Heals All Wounds”
I Can Only Hope Its True
Right Now It Seems Unlikely
Because I’m Still In Love With You

Where were the poems that i once

Where Were The Poems That I, Once, Wrote—
Triolets, Haikus, Tankas And Vinalelles?
Did They Fly Away, To Where The Lilies Bloomed,
Or To The Seas Where Indigo Water Glistens?

My Wings, Now, Tattered,
I Could Not Glide On Skies;
Feathers, Tarnished By Time,
Orange And Blue Colors Fading,
My Aging Wings,
Now, Like Roses’ Petals Of Winter Gloom.
I Longed To Fly With My Poems—
Instead, On The Rosary Of The Reds And Pinks,
A Fetus, I Curled Up,
Regurgitated Words Upon The Scarlet Soil…
O, Where Are The Poems, Once, Hidden In My Soul?

If you bloom at the razor8217s edge

If You Bloom At The Razor’s Edge,
Then I Have To Get Ready For The War My Dearest.
If I Die In The Battlefield,
Please Bury Me In An Unknown Lover’s Graveyard.
A Young Recruit Scribbles On The Rifle Butt While Resting In A Campsite

I want something a prize that quickens

I Want Something;
A Prize That Quickens My Pulse
And Catches My Breath
And Overrides My Reason
Just By Thinking Of It.
And I Can’t Have It
Not Morally,
Or Ethically,
Or Publicly.
But I Want It Anyway.
So I Must Choose:
Do I Claim My Prize
And Risk Discovery And Contempt?
Or Do I Walk Away,
And Be The Honest, Moral And Upstanding Citizen
I’d Rather Not Be?
It’s Not Far From The Devil To The Deep Blue Sea…

My tears won8217t fall in front of

My Tears Won’t Fall In Front Of You
You Will Never See Me Cry
I Wear A Mask To Hide The View
Of The Sorrow In My Eyes
If I Were To Break Or Hide Away
You’d Never Think To Ask
Why Am I Sad? – Am I Ok?
And So I Wear This Mask

What Happened To Our Friendship,
Our Sisterhood Of Souls?
Why Can’t You See It All Just Slip
Down The Dirty Toilet Bowl?
Your View Has Become Obstructed
The Bubble Around Your Life Hides Mine
Like The Wall Surrounding My Heart Constructed
By Neglect And Carelessness And Wasted Time
I Hate That You Are Selfish
I Hate That You Don’t Care
Andi If I Were One To Make A Wish
It Would Be To Have A Friend Who Was Always There

Once upon a time time he spied

Once Upon A Time
Once Upon A Time, He Spied A Girl That Looked So Fine,
Had Him Doing Hand Stands All The Time, His Heart Would
Sing And Words Would Rhyme, Not To Fall In Love With This
Princess A Real Big Crime
So He Played The Knave, Oh She Whispered Do Behave, Well
That’s All Fine And Dandy, She Whispers Sir Unhand Me, Men
She Cries Don’t Understand Me
Sir Knight Handsome And Brave, Lady You’re Name I Do Grave,
You’re The Sweetest, My Thoughts I Confess Are Quite Depraved,
Being A Knight A Real Pain Because You Have To Behave, Well That’s
The History Books Say, But Dear Lady How About A Roll In The Hay,
Let’s Talk Of A Little Deflowering Today

Lately i feel so lost dont know

Lately I Feel So Lost
Don-‘t Know Who I Am
And I Don-‘t Know Where I Am Going
Life Just Seems To Be The Same
Wake Up And Go To Work
And Do It Again All Over Again

I Feel Like Nobody Sees Me
I Feel Like Nobody Hears Me
I Feel Like I Am Completely All Alone
I-‘ve Been Thinking Lately
About Who I Am Today
But I Don-‘t Know The Words That Define Me
To Some People I Come Off As Strong
I Don-‘t Let Others Bother Me
But In All Actuality I-‘m Just Putting Up A Front
I-‘m Trying To Be Someone People Like
Someone People Enjoy Being Around
I Actually Think I-‘m Becoming Somebody That Is Not Me
I-‘m Usually A Lover, I Let Everybody In
I Don-‘t Have A Problem Accepting People For Who They Are
But Lately I Have Become A Hater
Maybe I-‘ve Become A Hater Because I Am Losing Who I Am
Or Maybe I-‘m Still Searching For Who I Want To Be
Or Maybe I Never Actually Knew Who I Was

Its hard to trust someone when youve

It-‘s Hard To Trust Someone,
When You-‘ve Been Done Wrong
Baby Don-‘t You Worry,
I Can Wait All Life Long.

Trust Is Something,
That Builds Over Time.
If You Rush Into Things,
It Would Be Such A Crime.
So Take Your Sweet Time,
We-‘ve Got Nothing To Lose,
Whenever Your Ready,
We-‘ll Celebrate With Kazoos

I remember when eggs took only three

I Remember When Eggs Took Only Three Minutes To Boil,
Then After This Time, You Had Completed Your Toil.
We Never Needed To Roast Chickens In Bright Silver Foil.
We Dug Spuds From Our Gardens, From Deep-Rich, Black Soil.
Tea Was Made In A China Pot; None Of Your Fancy Added Flavour,
Seeping Through Man-Made Perforations To Savour.
Instant Coffee And Instant That, What A Bloody Palaver
Buggering Up Our Food… Is The Wrong Behavour.
Deep In Your Clotted-Cream, Consumer Dreams,
Taste Buds Are Tempted By Their Advertising Schemes.
So Give Me Back The Old Days, Better By Far
Desist From Eating That Modern, Fancy-Packaged Tar…
Ready In A Minute, From A Tin, A Poisonous-Shaped Jar

An emotion felt by heart that links

An Emotion Felt By Heart,
That Links People And Minds,
Knowing What They Want,
Knowing What They Hate,
Knowing What Is Good To Them,
And Knowing What Is Bad..
Feeling For The Thoughts They Have,
Feeling Hurt For Them,
Feeling Happy For The Little Things,
That Happen Good To Them…
Loving Them For Life And More,
Telling Them All You Have And Feel For Them,
Love Ultimate You Have For Them,
Life Looks Small In Front,
This Is The Power Of Understanding,
And That Is What I Think..
If I Am Wrong Oh My Friends,
Make Me Understand,
For I Don’t Understand What Is Understanding,
Or I Know Not To Understand…

Our family might be different than others

Our Family Might Be Different Than Others…
You Are Younger And I Am Older…
I Have Two Children, You’ve Had None…
I Go To Work Each Day And Come Home Each Night…
You Go To Work And Are Gone For Months On End…
The Children Are Busy With School, Sports And Friends…
We Never Seem To Find Enough Time For Even The Smallest Of Things…
We Are Like Ships That Pass In The Night…
Our Families Just Don-‘t Seem To Understand, But Our Way Works For Us…Or At Least Most Of The Time…
With Your Family We Seem To Fight…Maybe More Than Others…Maybe Not…
I Wish I Knew Why…Is It The Age…Is It The Kids…Is It Because They Just Don-‘t Approve Of Me…
I May Never Know…But It Really Hurts…It Really Hurts The Children.
What Did They Ever Do…They Are Sweet, Wonderful Children…
They Wouldn-‘t Harm A Sole…
I Don-‘t Know What To Do…To Make The Hurt Stop…Maybe It-‘s Just What-‘s Meant To Be.
All I Do Know Is That I Love My Husband…
And I Am In Pain… Because He Is Torn In Two…It-‘s Just Not Fair…
Family Is Supposed To Be There For Each Other…Not Just When Things Go Their Own Way…
But There For Each Other No Matter What…No Matter If You Agree Or Disagree-Â…
Family Is Supposed To Be There Through It All…Without Judging-Â…without Criticizing…
Why Is That Too Much To Ask-Â… I Wish I Knew

The barrel that once was full to

The Barrel That Once
Was Full To Bursting With Inspiration,
Now Rolls Empty Across
The Hard Cement
Of A Cold Cellar Floor.
That Oaken Cask,
Sticky With Has-Been Words.
The Taste Of Sweet Wine,
Vinegar Soured
On A Useless Tongue,
Lies In A Pool Of Silt;
Rotting Once Proud, Shaped Wood.
Those Metal Bands Rust
As My Art
Now Urinates Pools
Of Anaemic Blood

You came softly into my life and

You Came Softly Into My Life And Touched My Heart
You Brought Joy Into The Depths Of My Being
A Joy I Had Never Known Before And So I Ask
How Could I Let You Go
Within Me You Have Stirred The Passions Of Dreams
And Aroused The Dreams Of Passion In The Night
You Have Brought New Life To Me And So I Ask
How Could I Let You Go
From Deep Within My Soul You Have Touched The Poet
Brought Words To Life And Feelings To The Surface
You Are My Verse, Rhythm And Rhyme And So I Ask
How Could I Let You Go
When Love Comes Into A Life As Yours Has Come Into Mine
The Heart Is Surrendered And The Soul Is Free To Love
The Whole Being Is Consumed In Passion And So I Ask
How Could I Let You Go
I Have Heard Your Words And Beheld Your Voice
The Softness And Soothing Nature Calms My Deepest Fears
You Wrap Me In Your Loving Words And So I Ask
How Could I Let You Go
How Could I Let You Go
There Is Only One Answer From This Heart Of Mine
There Is Only One Solution To This Puzzle Within Me
I Could Let You Go‚  Only Into My Heart Forevermore

Mohabat kabhi parayee nahin hoti yeh begaani

Mohabat Kabhi Parayee Nahin Hoti,
Yeh Kabhi Begaani Nahin Hoti,
Har Jazbe Se Badi Hoti Hai Mohabbat,
Yeh Kabhi Chhoti Nahin Hoti,
Har Dil Ko Hasati Hai Mohabat,
Yeh Khushi Ki Mohtaaz Nahin Hoti,
Dil Ko Raaz Banati Hai Mohabat,
Yeh Khulle Aam Ijhaar Nahin Hoti,
Aankhon Sre Byaan Hoti Hai Mohabat,
Yeh Shabdon Ka Intezaar Nahin Karti,
Jab Ho Jati Hai Mohabat Kisi Se,
Tab Yeh Khuda Se Badkar Duaaon Mein Hoti Hai

Sunday is gloomy my hours are slumberless

Sunday Is Gloomy, My Hours Are Slumberless.
Dearest, The Shadows I Live With Are Numberless
Little White Flowers Will Never Awaken You,
Not Where The Black Coach Of Sorrow Has Taken You.
Angels Have No Thought Of Ever Returning You.
Would They Be Angry If I Thought Of Joining You

I8217ve been working on this poem for

I’ve Been Working On This Poem For Years,
Trying To Figure Out The Answer.
How Will I Ever Tell You How Much I Love You?
When ‘I Love You, ‘ Just Isn’t Enough To Be Said.
Theres Only One Way
I Love You, I Love You, I Love You…With Three Dots At The End

You come into my life and intrigued

You Come Into My Life And Intrigued Me So,
Why Is That, I Really Want To Know?
It-‘s Your Caring Ways, I Think Is Why,
You Raise Up My Feelings Up To The Sky.

Dare I Say You Make Me Feel Such Bliss?
I Do So Long For A Hug And A Kiss!
Me Thinks Cupid Has Struck My Heart,
You Captured Me, Had Me Right From The Start!
I Hope Not Spook You, Not My Intent,
Just To Let You Know You Make Me Feel So Content.
May You Always Be A Light In My Life
And With That I Will Bid You -ŗgood Night-.
by momacie‚ 

They say you have a thing for

They Say You Have A Thing For Me
They Say I Have It Too
They Say And Make Me Blush Honey
Becoz I Know Its True
And I Tend To Think That You Are The One
That I’ve Been Lookin For
So Everything That You Say To Me
Makes Me Love You More
They See The Sparkle In My Eyes
They See Your Eyes In Mine
They Say We’re No Good Apart, Honey
Together We Are Fine
So I Tend To Wish That You Were Around
To Hold Me In Your Arms
So Everytime I Start Feeling Cold
I’d Cuddle In Your Warmth
They Say We’re Made For Each Other
They Say We’re Meant To Be
They Say We’ll Make It Through Honey
Until Eternity..

Do you know how i feel care

Do You Know How
I Feel, Do You Care 2 Hear,
Erica Man Be Real, Im Done Playing Lil Game’s N
Yes I Have Change.
Remeber Them Days You Cutthroat Me N Brought
Tear’s 2 My Chick’s, Did You Care How I Feel, Hold
Up Why Is Im Asking You This, You Brought The Shit 2
My Ears.Let’s D
P This Shit Do You Want Me? Do You Want To Be With Me? Im Done Asking You This Im Gone Bout My Issues So What You Want To Do.I Through With You So Now I Cutthroat You

A purple envelope with card inside fell

A Purple Envelope
With A Purple Card Inside
Fell Out From The Book
I Took Out From The Shelf

Three Purple Flowers
Neatly Pressed And Glued
On The Purple Card
Smiled A Weary Smile
Slanted Flowery Letters
Flowing Across The Page…
“Throw Open The Curtains
Of The Window Of Your Heart
To Let The Sunshine Dance
With The Purple Flowers…
Love You For Ever…..!

I8217m tired of everything being the same

I’m Tired Of Everything Being The Same
One More Life Another Pointless Game
I’m Tired Of Looking At The Knife
Hoping To Die Ending This Meaningless Life
I’m Tired Of Looking For Someone To Hold
When There’s No One There So I’m Left In The Cold
I’m Wanting To End This Life I Lead
But Instead I Stay While In My Dreams I Fled
I Wish I Could Just Up And Die
No One Would Care I Was Only To Cry
I Wish I Could Help Everyone
But Instead I Cant Their Led To The Gun..
I Want To Be The Hero And Save The Day
Instead I Have Saved Zero More Lives To Pay
I Don’t Want You To Hurt Everyone Out There
Just Know That I Am Here And Will Forever Care
For I Have Been Hurt Countless Times Before
And Yet It Just Comes Back Always Haunting Me For More
I Don’t Want You To Suffer And Hurt Like I Did
For There’s To Much Pain I Refuse To Die As A Kid
And I Hope You Do The Same Because Life Has Much To Give
It Would Be A Shame If You Decided Not To Live
So The Message To This Poem Is To Always Try Your Best
And Try To Be Different Stick Out From The Rest
Cause You Are Strong And Some Day You’ll See
That You Can Belong Just As It Came To Me.

Today i was walking along the beach

Today I was walking along the beach, thinking of you.
Thinking of the first time we talked.
What a wonderful time that was.
I will cherish that moment for ever.
Then I started talking to you.
Telling you how much I cared, and how I would be there for you.
Then I realised, that you were not next to me, and I felt a sadness,
Knowing that for now, being that close to you can not happen.
I only wish we could run through the sand together, laughing, holding hands.
Then fall to the ground, and cuddle watching the sunset.
Then just sit back and hold each other,
Thanking God for the time we have,
Till we drift off to sleep.

by Bbwolf‚ 

I remember the first time as if

I Remember The First Time
As If It Was Yesterday.
I Was Very Young.
She Held My Hand
And Guided It
Tracing The Outline.
Then She Let Go And Said: -Ë—go On-‘.
But After A Few Seconds
Of Nothing Happening
I Complained: -Ë—but It Won-‘t Go-‘.
I Thought The Pencil Was Self Writing

This is inspired by the solway coast

This Is Inspired By The Solway Coast Which
Has ‘Called’ Me To Return To Live In The Area.
Twixt Land And Sea And Here And There
An Intriguing Hinterland
Suspended Awaiting Animation.
A Rich Fertile Unique Entity
Feeding The Imagination
From It’s Rich Sources
And Magnetism Of It’s Haunting Powers.
Thin, Watery Landscaped Times
If Only The Magic Before The Eyes
Could Be Touched With The Outstretched Fingertips
Dispelling All Mystery.
Productive In It’s Existence
Always Waiting, Pulling
Holding Out Aspirations
That Hardly Dare Be Acknowledged.
Enticing, Begging With Every Molecule Of It’s Creation
‘Strong Celtic Heart Come Hither’
Come Hither And Stay With Me
Twixt Land And Sea And Here And There

Even roads have clearances a system of

Even Roads Have Clearances
A System Of Space
Where Movement Becomes
Even Buildings That Grow
From Patches Of Your Earth
Have Easements
The Servient Estate Giving
In To The Dominant One
Even The Flow Of The Waters
From The Higher Estate
To The Lower Ones
For The Proper Sharing
Of The Resources
Dams And Locks
Are Made
It Is The Same With Us
Between You And Me
Someone Has To Be Servient
To One Who Occupies
This Dominance
Maybe For A While
When We Have Not
Mastered Yet This Art
Of Balancing
And Walking On Some
Tight Ropes
Give Me A Little Space
For My Thoughts To Grow
Give Me A Little Distance
So I Can See
The Better Perspective
Of You
From Faraway
Enough Of The Particulars
I Am Deceived
Let Me Try Seeing You
As A Whole
And Let Me Find
Who We Are From There

Sometimes i wonder what8217s on your mind

Sometimes I wonder what’s on your mind.
But the other times I bother not to care.
Some words are left unsaid.
These unsaid words need to be said.
Mistakes can occur.
It may have or did already.
We both are in pain wondering what’s on each other mind.
My mind is left blank.
Blank because it’s missing.
It’s missing you.
You took every part of me.
First my heart; my soul; then my mind;
now everything.
Every part of my body is stolen from you.
Not physically but mentally.
I don’t wish to turn back time,
doing that may make me not meet you.
It may not let me feel what I have felt.
Even though this is a painful acceptance
but i’ll still always think of you one day.
You change part of me.
I thank you for showing me things I haven’t known.
I thank you for loving me.
I thank you for letting me be part of your life.
Part of my love will always remain with you.
My last farewell and goodbye to you
by MaryT.N‚ 

There is something in me which makes

There Is Something In Me
Which Makes Me So Weak.
Which Quitens Me Suddenly
When I Want To Speak
Which Brings Me Awake
When I Am Fast Asleep.
I Have Lost Faith In Everyone
I Feel I Am Alone And Am Cared By None.
I Don’t Know Why This Sudden Change In Me
I Pretend To Be Happy But Just Can’t Be.
I Suddenly Falter 4 Words Which I Know
And Fear That People Will Mock Me If I Show.
I Crave 4 Those Moments Which I Have Spent
When I Was Full Of Joy And Inner Content.
4 Now Happiness Has
Become Just Like A Mask
Which I Wear 2 Make Others Happy
And Remove When I Am Not Asked.

You keep wondering why pain hits the

You Keep
Why Pain
The Center
Of Your Soul
You To Become
A Bitter Old Soul
With Useless Artifacts
To Keep You Wondering
I Can Still Smile
After Our Silly Drama,
Maybe Because I Have
For The Real Me
And Lost Interest
In Giving In To Lucifer’s Remedy
To End Life And Waste Time
Plotting A Conspiracy
On Myself,
You Wonder Why
I Haven’t Been The Same
Or Even Thought
About Your Name
Since Our Last Encounter
Where Feelings Got Hurt
And Anger Subsided
It’s Because I Have Been
Through This Agony
Of A Menace To The Real World
That I Would Rather
Find My Dwelling Place
And Pray That No More
It’s Time
For The Memories
To Kill
And For My Wounded Heart
To Mend
From A Narcissist
And Unloving
Demon Called Reality

A rainbow within god only can

A Rainbow
Within A Rainbow ~
God Only Can Do That

A Giant Rainbow…
Bending Down With The Load
Of Sky

Behold O Heart
Some Moments’ Guest –
The Seven-Coloured Rainbow

Rushing To The Roof
Children Greet The Rainbow~
Shouts And Smiles

My chest aches and stomach churns your

My Chest Ache-‘s And Stomach Churns
Your Not Here With Me
My Head Is Heavy, A Muddled Mess
You-‘re Just Out Of Reach

Alone In Bed, Untouched And Cold
Your Smell Lingers Here
I Here Your Car And Heavy Steps, My Heart Begins To Lift
Your Embrace And Longing Smile, My Misery Dissipates
I Feel Your Skin, Breath You In, I-‘m Safer In Your Arms
Don-‘t Leave Again, Stay With Me Here, We-‘re Better Off As One

They 8216sickness8217 was not love nor lack

They ‘Sickness’ Was Not Love
Nor Lack Of Love
The Sickness Was ‘Unprescibed, Unexpected’
It Did Not Thrive On Attention
Nor Lack Of Attention
It Was A Slow Eddying Away
[Perhaps Of Purpose? ]
Stones Strangely Softer Smoother
After Much Rain
The Sickness Was A Necessity?
For Awakening
From, Or To All Imaginings
The Sickness Bred
In The Marrow
Of Every Living Bone
It Did Not Remind Us Of What We Had Lost
But Of All That Was Left To Live
In This Time
This Hour
A Day Is As A Thousand Days
One Life

8216a day is like a thousand years

‘A day is like a thousand years, a thousand like a day’;
The Bible says milleniums, to God, one breath away;
‘Great sea monsters’ created before man upon this earth
In God’s image, He made the man, from dust, began his birth.
God did not force obedience; God gave man choice, free will
One law, He gave, ‘do not eat one – you’ll die’ would man fulfill?
Myriads of angels praised our God from up above
One rebel angel, jealous, of God’s power, wisdom, love.
Rebellious words from Satan, false; he said ‘you will not die’
‘You’ll be like God, just eat it’; now tears, endless, man’s cries;
Inherited, this sinful state; offspring we are, from Eve
Death is the punishment for sin; freewill, man chose to leave.
In Paradise, death was born, life on this earth now changed
Immediately enacted; God’s plan was re-arranged;
First prophecy in Genesis speaks of a future nation
Emnity between 2 seeds; the ransom, man’s salvation
‘A day is like a thousand years, a thousand like a day’
Time has shown man cannot look to man, sin is his way;
Look forward to real life on earth in Paradise to come
His son gave many signs and soon God’s will, it will be done.
Jeannie Ann Clark

We met when i was so young

We Met When I Was So Young In Heart
Long Waves Of Blond Hair And Eyes Of Blue
Yet Seldom Were We Ever Apart
What It Meant We Didn’t Have A Clue

Four Years Later Dressed In Long Pure White
Sixteen And Nineteen Were The Ages
This Was Emotional Dynamite
We Had To Take It In Small Stages
Eight Years Later A Bundle Of Joy
A Sweet Little Girl Whom We Adored
Another Eight Years A Little Boy
They Were Our Sweet And Joyful Reward
Now It’s Almost Thirty Years Later
My Love For You Could Not Be Greater
Victoria Dame

I stand on a past past that8217s

I Stand On A Past,
A Past That’s Quite Filled
Filled With Lies
Filled With Truth
Filled With People Being Killed
I Stand On A History,
A History Built From Labor
Labor Of Strong
Labor Of Weak
Labor Of Neighbor For Neighbor
I Stand On A Strength.
A Strength That’s Been Tested
Tested By Time
Tested By Hate
Tested By Being Bested
I Stand With A Pride,
A Pride That Was Won
Won For Freedom
Won For Justice
That I Carry On

When i ate today at noon all

When I Ate Today At Noon
All I Could Think About Was You
Wishing You Was Here To Do What You Do
Wishing I Could Feed You With My Spoon
Hoping Someday I’ll See Your Smile Again
I Don’t Know If I Can Take All This Pain
Knowing That I Am Here And You Are There
Thinking About The Times We Had And Will Not Have
You Are The Best There Ever Was And Will Be
There Is Nothing To Explain You, But Lovely
Even When I Was Sad You Made Me Happy
I Just Don’t Know What To Do
I Just Hope One Day, I Get To See You

For breakfast lunch dinner dawn warming sun

(For Breakfast Lunch Dinner)
Warming Sun Rays Young
Turn Pubescent Tender Sweet
Adolescent Sky!

Sneaky Teasing Breeze
Kisses Spot Red Rosy Cheeks
Makes Them Go Blushing
Stooping Down The Yard
Lifts Up Cute Green Leaf-‘s Short Frock
Naughty Yo-Yo Wind!

At the edge of my mind where

At The Edge Of My Mind
Where The Light Leaves Me Blind
And The Darkness Is Pressing And Near
Where Happy Meets Sad And The Good Meets
The Bad And The Smiles And The Grins Kiss The Tears
That-‘s Where I Do Dwell In Neither
Heaven Nor Hell Awaiting A Throw Of The Die
And Hoping And Dreaming Of A Twisting
Of Fate That Will Lead To A Meaningful Life
The Richest Are Content With The Least
And Their Meals Are A Succulent Feast
But My Cup Is Half Empty And Raw
I Strain To Grasp Time And The Quantum Mechanical Law
A Cynical Man I Became Hating Business, Religion And Gain
Yet I Wander Through Life Shunning Love Fearing
Strife And Becoming The Source Of My Pain
Philosophy Is My Only True Find
Making Spurious Sense Of The State Of My Mind
Gaining Nothing But Ambiguous Thoughts
And Then Working Them Out Using Just Ones And Noughts
I Should Turn Off The Best And The Worst Of My Brain
And Leave It To Instinct To Lead Me Again
To That Obvious Happiness Place

The summer comes with burning consequences another

The Summer Comes With Burning Consequences.
Another Battle Fought And Lost.
War Was Waged The Day I Came Out Of The Womb
And Drew In My First Gasps Of Breath.
The World Gets Hotter And The Seasons Become Confused.
The Consistency That Once Was Has Been Compromised.
There Are So Many People Saying Different Things.
Who Do We Believe? What Is Important?
Our World Has Become One Big Forest Fire
And Someone Needs To Put It Out.
Lies Have Become The Flames And The
Confusion That Is Our Evacuation Overwhelms Our Minds.
Our Ignorance Is Preyed Upon.
No One Wants To Understand Because No One Really Cares
About Anything But Themselves.
We Are All Selfish Chess Pieces Moving About Strategically.
I Will Show No Mercy Because Mercy No Longer Exists.

As a child lays in bed her

As A Child Lays In Bed Her Innocence Still Intact.
A Man Comes In And Now She’ll Never Have It Back.
In The Place Of Her Safety And Comfort She Knows.
It’s Filled With A Black Lie That Will Soon Grow.

As Time Passes On Through Her Hollow Eye’s.
She Can Still Only See With Those Child’s Eyes.
That Cold And Lonely Blackness She Tries To Fill Inside.
She Still Only Fills With Other Men’s Black Lies.
I’ve Looked Really Deep In Those Beautiful Blue Eyes.
All I Ask Myself Is Am I Just Another One Of Her Black Lies.
One Day She’ll Have To Close Those Childhood Eyes.
She Needs To Let Go Of All Those Cold Black Lies.
When She Lets Go Of The Black Lies Her Soul Will Be Free.
When That Day Comes I Know I Can Fill It With The Love She Needs.

Love is like the morning breeze

Love , Is Like The Morning Breeze,
Gently Caressing The Petals Of
The Yellow Roses Growing As Wild As They Could Be.
Love, Is Like The Sun Rays
Touching The Soul, Bringing The Afternoon Rain, Gently
Wrapping Itself Within.
Love, Is Like The Shadows Of Two Lovers,
Sitting By The Ocean At Night, Beneath The Moonlit Sky.
Love, Is Like The Waves Caressing The Sand,
Upon The Sea Shore, Gently Moving Each Sand Crystal,
Closer To Each Other, Fulfilling Itself In Such Sea Of Pure Ecstasy.

The fear i8217m holding it hidden but

The Fear
I’m Holding It Hidden
But It Brings Out Its Nasty Face Over And Over Again.
The Scream Is Getting Loud
What Shall I Do?
It Takes My Spirit
My Soul
I Can Hardly Breathe.

The Fear
It’s Waiting In The Shadow
It Talks To Me.
I Don’t Wanna Hear
But The Voice Is Coming Closer
My Heart Is Beating Fast.
The Fear Is Screaming For An Answer.
I Want Some Help
I See The Night-‘s Eyes In The Dark
The Fear Has Gotten Into Me
But I Can’t Touch It.
The Soul Is Burning
The Heart Is Beating
The Fear Is Everywhere
In Every Bone Of My Body
I Can Feel The Sweat
I’m Scared.
I’m Scared Of The Fear.
Everything Is Gone
But The Fear.
I Can Not Break The Fear
It-‘s Here To Stay…

Means the direst love she strokes folds

Means The Direst Love. She Strokes,
Folds Up All Leaves, Limbs, Dimples,
Downy Cheeks. Stretches, Nestles,
Draws To Her Valance. She Calls,
Summoner, Lamia, Destroyer,
Years-‘ Stormbird. Sings That She
Waits For Her Own. Greylag Wings
And Wild Voices, Wind-Fashed,
Reeling Then To Joy. Rope Us In,
Cable, Kirtle, Drawn As Taut Tungsten,
Heart-Of-Hours. Light Cordage;
Choreia Called To Her Song