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What i feel for you is very

What I Feel For You Is Very Strong,
I Still Rememeber The First Time Our Lips Touched,
That Dayy I Realized Many Things.
I Started To Fall For You More And More,
You Will Always Tell Me That You Loved Me,
Was It True Were U Just Playing With Me.
You Will Always Tell Me U Werent Playing With Me.
Every Day I Pray For You Telling God
To Help You Realize That What I Feel For Is Love.
I Wished You Would Give Me A Chance To Prove To You
That What I Feel Is Love,
I Hadn’t Really Felt This Way For Some One Else.
I Love You Baby Hope You Realize That.

As i wake up my eyes open

As I Wake Up My Eyes Open Slowly
The First Thought On My Mind Is You
Every Time You Pass Through My Mind I Can-‘t Help But To Smile
Butterflies Start To Form In My Stomach And I Start To Pounce Around Like A Little Child On Christmas
I Set A Special Ringtone In My Phone Just So I Know It-‘s You Calling
Even Though I Noticed That I-‘m Falling In Love It Still Scares Me
I Can-‘t Help But To Still Reminisce On My Past Relationships
In The Back Of My Mind I Think That You Will Break My Heart Like A Mirror
But In My Heart I Feel You Will Complete Me
After Love Making You Hold Me Like No Other Guy Has
You Made Me Feel Special And At That Moment I Was In Your Arms I Exhaled
You May Be That Outer Bad Boy But That Inner Good Guy Is What Made Me Fall In Love

Those moments very special live to be

Those Moments.
Those Very Special Moments.
Live To Be Told,
When You Are With Me.
And Without.
Beside The Shore,
A Splash Of Water Hits My Face,
A Fresh Reminder It Gives.
So Gentle The Feeling Is.
As The Water Dribbles Down My Cheeks,
Myriad Times,
As The Suns Rays Glisten On My Face,
My Tears Now Washed Away.
As Once Again, I Am Reminded.
Your Lips,
Your Smile,
Your Cherubic Face,
Facially Impossible To Replace,
God, You Have Been Given Such Grace.
You Have Lived For So Long That You Are Still With Me.
Whenever Someone Comes To Me,
Wherever I Go With You,
It Is In Your Face Where I See Myself.
It Is In Your Eyes Where I See Us.
Do You Still Remember
So Long Were Those Fixations.
So Long Went Those Conversations.
Endless It Seemed,
Our Relationship It Redeemed.
I Can Still See It,
In The Face Of Children Playing,
In The Eyes Of Two Lovers Praying,
The Secret Revealed,
So Easily Have The Happiness Of Our Moments Unsealed.
So Easily Has The World Taken Advantage Of Life.
Our Personal Life.
As The Moments Dispel,
There Remains A Story To Tell,
Our Story.
Do You Still Remember?
Concealed From The World And Its Life,
Belonging To Our Personal Life.
Those Moments It Created.
From The First Moment,
To Its Goldest Moment,
Do You Still Remember
The Sky Still Suffused With Its Warm Pink Colour,
The Cool Breeze Still Felt Through My Lungs,
After That Bell Had Rung.
We Came Here Together.
Agog And Young We Both Were,
Escaping From What Is Reality,
Thoughts In Our Prayer,
As God Made Our Dreams An Actuality,
No More Sorrow.
Living Each Day Of Our Life Like There Is No Tomorrow.
It Feels Like Yesterday,
Those Moments.
The Happiness We Sought.
The Happiness It Brought.
To Those Smiling Children,
To Those Reminding Lovers,
Is Now Shared With Me,
You Are With Me,
Do You Still Remember?
Whenever Someone Comes To Me.
Wherever I Go
To Meet You.
Where It Is Considered A Better Place,
Ideal It Would Be To Create What We Had That No One Could Replace,
Sad But True,
Those Moments.
Those Very Special Moments.
Live To Be Told,
When You Are With Me.
And Without.

We walked in fields of golden yellow

We Walked In Fields Of Golden Yellow
Before Our Love Was Dead;
We Waded O’er The Flowing Streams
And Crossed The Bridge Of Idle Dreams.
I Believed Those Words You Said
Before Our Love Was Dead.
We Sat Beneath The Elm-Tree Bough
Before Sweet Love Was Done,
We Sailed Upon The Ocean Blue
With Fun And Laughter All Day Through.
Joy Was In The Setting Sun
Before Romance Was Done.
But Now That You Have Gone Away
I Cannot Face Another Day…
The Blues I Sing In Dark Despair
I Look; And You Are Never There.
Without Your Kiss I’ll Have To Stay
Forever Under Skies Of Grey

The wondrous moment of our meeting

The Wondrous Moment Of Our Meeting . . .
I Well Remember You Appear
Before Me Like A Vision Fleeting,
A Beauty’s Angel Pure And Clear.

In Hopeless Ennui Surrounding
The Worldly Bustle, To My Ear
For Long Your Tender Voice Kept Sounding,
For Long In Dreams Came Features Dear.
Time Passed. Unruly Storms Confounded
Old Dreams, And I From Year To Year
Forgot How Tender You Had Sounded,
Your Heavenly Features Once So Dear.
My Backwoods Days Dragged Slow And Quiet-–
Dull Fence Around, Dark Vault Above-–
Devoid Of God And Uninspired,
Devoid Of Tears, Of Fire, Of Love.
Sleep From My Soul Began Retreating,
And Here You Once Again Appear
Before Me Like A Vision Fleeting,
A Beauty’s Angel Pure And Clear.
In Ecstasy The Heart Is Beating,
Old Joys For It Anew Revive;
Inspired And God-Filled, It Is Greeting
The Fire, And Tears, And Love Alive.

My sweet love please don8217t put me

My Sweet Love Please Don’t Put Me Out Of Your Life
I Still Love You-I Want You To Be My Future Wife
Cherishing The Rest Of My Life With You Is A Dream Come True
Because I’d Get Spend Every Single Moment With You
I Realize I Didn’t Know What I Had ‘Til You Were Gone
But I Know I Always Had That Feeling Inside Me Going On
Not A Moment In My Life Goes Without You In My Head
My ‘Life Partner’ Forever, Is What You Always Said
I Did Many Things Wrong When I Was With You And I Know It
But I Truly Have Changed And You Have To Let Me Show It
My Life Is Nothing, Because You’re Not Here With Me
I Want To Show You So Many Things That You Need To See
If Being With You Is A Dream, Then I’m Living A Nightmare
Because Being Without You Is Giving Me Such A Big Scare
I’m Sorry About The Way I Treated You, It’s Like I Was Possessed
Or It Could Be That I Love You So Much And I’m Obsessed
Just Think About Those Beautiful Moments We Had Together
We Both Always Knew That We Would Last Forever
I Know We Still Can, I Just Need Another Chance
Every Single Second We Could Have The Best Romance
I Regret What I’ve Done-They’re The Worst Things I Could Do
You’re The Sweetest Girl In The World And I Took Advantage Of You
I Swear To You This Situation Has Changed Me
I Want Back In Your Heart So Please Please Give Me The Key
How Am I Supposed To Show You If You Won’t Even Talk
I Finally Confront You But All You Can Do Is Walk
I Want To Kiss You’re Sweet Soft Lips Once Again
But All I Can Really Do Is Wonder When

If liking you was a mistake i

If Liking You Was A Mistake,
I Would Never Be Perfect.
If I Had To Sacrifice Everything For You,
Everything Would Be Gone In An Instant.
If Exercise Was My Obstacle From You,
I’d Run A Thousand Miles.
If Taking My Life Is What I Had To Do To Have A Moment With You,
Give Me A Knife And I’ll Be Juliet.
If Wishing Everyday Would Get Me You,
I’d Wish Every Breathing Moment.
If Finding A Genie Meant Being With You,
I’d Search Every Lamp.
If Finding A Pot Of Gold Meant You’ll Stay With Me,
I’d Go Under Every Rainbow To Find A Leprechaun.
If I’d Have To Sacrifice All My Privilege For You,
Then I Am Ready To Do For You. . .Only For You.

I was looking for the moon thought

I Was Looking For The Moon
I Thought It Will Be Mine
I Was Walking On The Stones
I Thought It Will Be Fine
I Fell Downbroke My Heart
I Was Looking At Moon So High
I Cant Bear This Pain More
I Know Nothingjust Wanna Cry
Let My Tears Come Out
I Was Quiet Let Me Shout
I’m Feeling Lonely
Is It True
Is There Somebody Else
Or Only U
I Never Felt This Much Bad
In My Life I Was Never Sad
My Smile Is Gone
Is It True
Who Took It Away
Was It U
I’m Now Feeling Like To Die
I Know Nothingjust Wanns Cry

How somebody as beautiful you a man

How Somebody As Beautiful As You, A Man Could Hurt And Break…..
When I Started To Knew You And I Was Amazed,
I Finally Meet Someone, That I Liked And Prayed….

Every Woman To Me Was Just Another Person,
You Where To Me My Only Purpose…
You Don’t Imagine How Touching You, Made Me Feel,
I Was Just Shocked And Thinking If It Was All Real…
This For You Nicole And I Wont Lie,
I Love You, I Love You And Without You I Think I Will Die…..

The dream i have just wont die

The Dream I Have Just Wont Die
It Haunts Me All Night, But Its All A Lie
The Darkness Feels Like It Is Closing In
The Nightmares Rip At Me Like A Simple Sin
These Days I Dont Know What To Do
I Wonder If These Dreams Are Really True
I Just Dont Know What To Do
I Know I Cant Say Those Words To You
I Messed Up Once And I Must Say
It Keeps Me Scared, Until Today
These Dreams Are Of One
These Dreams Of You
Today My Dream Is Coming Through
The Dream That Whispers, I Love You

If really you have to hate me

If Really You Have To Hate Me
Hate Me Now Now That The World Is Intent
To Oppose Whatever I Do,
Unite Yourself To The Hostility
Of My Destiny If You Have To Reject Me
Reject Me Now Don’t Be The Last Blow
That Will Arrive All Of A Sudden
When My Heart Will Have Already Overcome
This Unbearable Sadness-Â…
If You Have To Leave Me
Leave Me Now Don’t Wait For The Last Moment
When Other Scanty Pains
Will Have Done Their Damage
But Come For First
That I May Feel From The Beginning
The Worse Swash Of My Destiny…

Brides silk worms spewed me a suit

Silk Worms Spewed Me A Suit Fit For A King
Wore It At A Wedding Where I Coveted
Another Man-‘s Bride
The Worms Came, Ate My Fine Suit, They
Had Found Me Unworthy; Naked Walked
Through The Park Of Autumnal Leaves.
By Daybreak I Sat On A Stone By The Sea
And Didn-‘t Hear The Cockerel Crew, A Mermaid
Beckoned For Me To Join Her.
We Swam To An Island Not Marked By Maps
In The Bay I Saw My Old Schooner Called May,
De-Rigged Now And Unable To Sail
Cured Of My Vanity, Worms Spewed Me
Another Fine Suit; By Not Looking Back I Walked
On Water To A Wedding In Paris

Wen i wanted a single glance of

Wen I Wanted A Single Glance Of Your Eye-‘
You Were Not There For Me-Â…
Wen I Wanted You To Be On My Side,
You Were Not There For Me-Â…
Wen I Wanted You To Blow Off A Bon-Fire Burning In My Heart,
You Were Not There For Me-Â…
So Many Days, A Stranger Kept On Killing My Patience & Peace,
Those Days, I Wanted You To Strengthen My Soul,
Butyou Were Not There For Me-Â…
Wen I Wanted A Support Of Yours,
Your Voice Was Not There For Me-Â…
Wen I Wanted To Knoe Where I Was Wrong,
You Were Not There For Correcting Me-Â…
Wen U Came To Knoe The Tragedy Of My Heart,
Wen U Came To Knoe The Name Of My Love,
Wen U Came To Knoe That My Life Was In Tears,
There Was Not A Single -ŗhi- From You For Me-…
You Made Me Hurt More Than That Ugly Soul,
You Made Me More Cried For Being On His Side,
You Made My Breathes Difficult To Survive,
I Neva Wanted To Decorate My Wounds & Pains To X-‘press In Words,
But Your Silence Made Me Write-Â…. Write-Â…..N-Â….Write-Â…..With A Pen Of Tears-Â…
I Neva Ask-‘d Anything Impossible For You To Give,
I Neva Wanted Any Commitment Or Fulfillment In Reply,
I Neva Wanted You To Love Me In Return-Â…
I Only Wanted You To Help Me Out Of My Struggle,
I Knew From D Day I Was Born-Â…dat I-‘m The Most Unfortunate Soul -Â… Can Be Only Named As
Born Lonely Struggled Lonely Will Die All Alone-Â…
Regrets.Regrets.N.Only Regrets That You Neva Tried-Â…
To Make Me Sail My Drowning Ship ,
My Lyfe Ship Was In The Centre Of Ocean Of Sorrows,
But You Were Not There For Me
Now Wen I Am Almost At The Bottom Level Of The Deep Salty Ocean,
Now Wen -Â…my Soul My Injured Entity,
Is Completely Wrapped With The Salts Of The Ocean,
Wen This Salty Water Is Making Carves On My Injured Soul
Now You Have Come Dear Wen I Am Almost Drowned-Â…
Now Wen Time N Lyfe Is Taking Me Away From My Self-Â…
I Can Only Say- My Love For You Was Alwayz Unconditional
My Feelings For U Were Same Like A Devotee Loving His “God”
Such Love Can Neva Die
It Stays In Heart From Eternity To Eternity-Â…same Will Be Myne-Â…
I Will Love You Till The End Of My Time
If Destiny Doesn-‘t Make Us One-Â…
Still I-‘ll Keep This Bond Of Love Tied With My Heart & Soul-Â…
My Entity Will Vanish Away My Breathe Will Stop Down-Â…
My Eyez Will Darken Foreva My Body Will Be Taken To The Morgue-Â…
But I Will Neva Say Anything To You-Â….
I-‘ll Neva Complaint Againi-‘m Sorry If My Words Focused Anger For You-Â…
I-‘m Sorry If My Scripted Feelings Hurted You-Â…
I-‘m Sorry For If Any Mistakes Of Myne Troubled You-Â…
Butplease Neva Give Me -Å—i-‘m Sorry- In Return From You-Â…

Black tears sour after taste as death

Black Tears Sour After Taste
As Death Washes Away
The Pain Is Loud
How Do I Know When The Thoughts Are Dead?
How Do I Know When The World I Live In
Doesn’t Exist? The Knives Are Shiney
The Blood Is Rotting
And The Smell Is Disgusting
But There’s Nothing Better Yet
What Can I Say To Turn Your Mind Around
What Can I Do To Make You Think My Way?
There’s No More Dreams I Can Invade
No Spiral That Tumbles Down
No Circle That Collapses In My Path
The Sky Is Red The Clouds Are Blood
And They’re Exploding Above My Head
The Red Is Falling Covering My World
That Is Non-Existant
And There’s Nothing I Can Do About It

This love that i have for you

This Love That I Have For You Is Real & Honest Right Here
In My Heart, I Know It, Feel It, I Have No Doubt,
But It Just Seams Like I’m Dreaming All About You,
That You & I Are Not Going To Be Together Anywhere But
Here On The Internet. You See, I Have A Very Hard Time In
Trusting & Believing Now Due To Past Broken Love & My Heart Too.
I Hope, I Wish Too For This To Be So Very True With You & Me.

Don8217t compare yourself with any one in

Don’t Compare Yourself With Any One In This World.
If You Compare, You Are Insulting Yourself.
Don’t Complain About Others;
Change Yourself If You Want Peace.
It Is Easier To Protect Your Feet With Slippers,
Than To Cover The Earth With Carpet.
No One Can Go Back And Change A Bad Beginning,
But Anyone Can Start Now And Create A Successful Ending.
Easy Is To Judge The Mistakes Of Others.
Difficult Is To Recognize Our Own Mistakes.
If A Problem Can Be Solved, No Need To Worry About It.
If A Problem Cannot Be Solved What Is The Use Of Worrying?
‘Changing The Face’ Can Change Nothing.
But ‘Facing The Change’ Can Change Everything.
Be Bold When You Loose
And Be Calm When You Win.
No One Will Manufacture A Lock Without A Key.
Trust That God Created Solutions For All Problems We Meet.
Every Successful Person Has A Painful Story.
Every Painful Story Has A Successful Ending.
Accept The Pain And Get Ready For Success.

Lets make our hands cummerbunds while we

Let-‘s Make Our Hands: Our Cummerbunds!
While, We Were Passing On The Road;
It Was Not Dark; -‘twas Day-—light Broad!
We Met; And, Were Not Strangers, God!
Life Has No Bounds; It Has Own Code!!
Stars Stood A While: Wonder? We-‘re Friends!
Let-‘s Make Our Hands: Our Cummerbunds!
Eyes Met; Our Fingers Met, Quietly!
Then Palms Followed, Quite Secretly!!
We Realized It; But, Quite Lately!!
We-‘re Hand-In-Hand Firmly Mately!
We Met; And Met, Two Different Ends!
Let-‘s Make Our Hands: Our Cummerbunds!
And, Now, We-‘re Meeting Everyday!
It Appears, Now, We-‘re, But, Just Clay!!
We-‘re Serious! And, We-‘re Not At Play!!
We-‘re Seeking Lonely Parks; Away!
We-‘re Facing Clays! We-‘re Facing Sands!!
Let-‘s Make Our Hands: Our Cummerbunds!
We-‘re, Seemly, Busy! Scenes Have Changed!!
Our Routine Affairs Have Deranged!
All Measures Are, Now, Highly Ranged!
Our Bodies Are, Now, Getting Flanged!
Our Favors Are Getting New Blends!
Let-‘s Make Our Hands: Our Cummerbunds!

I wonder what season was it when

I Wonder What Season Was It When This Happened
My Eyes Looked Upon You And I Felt Our Heart Entwine
I Wonder
Heartbeat Of Mine Yours Became The Rhythm Of Music
The Land Of Dreams Became The World I Lived In
I Wonder
My Life My Love Was Riding On The Waves Of Ectacsy
I Was Ready To Face The Darkest Storm With You By My Side
I Wonde
My Anklet Everytime I Walked Sweetly Sang My Love For You
The Bindiya (Red Dot) Of My Forehead Symbolizes The Beauty Of Your Love

You wouldnt know the pain of a

You Wouldn-‘t Know The Pain Of A Crow,
If You Were Born A Swan
How Would You Comprehend The Meaning
In His Cawing, When Your Sophisticated
Ears Only Knew The Notes Of Rhymes
You Wouldn-‘t Know The Hurt In Those
Small Eyes If You Never Had To Go
Eating The Dead Carcass To Survive
And Sit Unwelcomed On The
Dirty Terraces To Unwind

This path will lead you to my

This Path Will Lead You To My Door
With Heart So Plain To See
Welcome Strangers To My Soul
Your Spirit Blends With Me
I Offer You A Way To Peace
To Show You That I Care
My Heart Is Always Open
There’s Always Room To Share
Please Feel Free To Enter
I Hold My Arms Out Wide
Give To You The Love You Seek
Keep You Locked Inside
I Choose To Give You Comfort
I Reach For Those In Pain
Your Heart My Sweetest Treasure
Each Chamber Etched With Names
No Greatest Gift Is Offered
Than What My Heart Receives
The Gift Of Friendship’s Beauty
The Peace That Love Now Weaves
All Souls On Special Journey
Reaching For Bright Light
Know The Joy That’s Given
When Hearts Of Gold Unite.

I dusted off my old shoes and

I Dusted Off My Old Shoes
And Black Suit
I’ve Got So Many Reasons To Be Sad Today
I Woke To A Hallucination Of You
Laying Next To Me
The Sun Catching Your Eyes Just Right
And Setting Your Crystal Line Gaze Ablaze
Oh How I Long To Burn In Your Sight Just One More Time
As I Shuffle Down The Hall To The Kitchen
Your Shadow Skips Along With Me
Like A Phantom, You Sit In The Chair Across The Table
And Watch Me Eat My Cheerios
With A Smile On Your Translucent Face
And A Vacant Space In Your Place
I Put On My Coat And Head Down Town
And You Decide To Follow
Your White Sunday Dress
Hanging Off Your Hollow Frame
And Swaying Gently As You Keep Pace
I Don’t Want You Around Today Though
I Tell The Flower Shop Sales Man
He Smiles Politely But He Doesn’t Understand
So I Slowly Make My Way Up To Timber Lane
And Slip Through The Rod Iron Gate
I Walk By Others Meeting Their Loved Ones
Telling Stories Of How Johnny Took His First Steps Today
Or How Jim Finally Got Out Of Prison
Or Just How Hard It Is
Now That They Aren’t Around
And I Walk Up To You
Laying In The Ground
Flowers All Around
And I Just Have Some More To Add To Your Collection
I Talk For A While As You Listen Contently
And I Hold Back A Tear
Because Even Though I Know You’re In A Better Place
I Still Wish You Were Here

Like the depth of sea deep in

Like The Depth Of The Sea, Deep In My Heart There Is A Unreveal Pain.
It Is Unexpressed And Tears Cannot Be Fallen For It.
In My Past And My Presend Life,Everything Is Just Fine,
But Deep Down In My Heart There Is A Pain Which Is Killing From Inside.
Then I Thought I Wont Take Things Seriously In Life,
But Deep Down In My Heart There Is A Pain, Which Is Hurting Me.
But Deep Down In Life, I Feel So Lonely In The Crowd,
An For Which A Silent Tear Came Out From Eyes And I Found No One Beside Me

A gentle word like spark of light

A Gentle Word Like A Spark Of Light,
Illuminates My Soul
And As Each Sound Goes Deeper,
It’s You That Makes Me Whole
There Is No Corner, No Dark Place,
Your Love Cannot Fill
And If The World Starts Causing Waves,
It’s Your Devotion That Makes Them Still
And Yes You Always Speak To Me,
In Sweet Honesty And Truth
Your Caring Heart Keeps Out The Rain,
Your Love, The Ultimate Roof
So Thank You My Love For Being There,
For Supporting Me, My Life
I’ll Do The Same For You, You Know,
My Beautiful, Darling Wife.

The narrow gullee walled off by brick

The Narrow Gullee
Walled Off By Brick Walls
Of The Madarsa
Desecrated By Graffiti
Sprayed With Betel Spit
Over-Stenched Gutters
Dung Cakes Like Peeping Toms
Behind Garbage Heaps
The Sudden Left Turn
The Familiar Bump
A Breath Held
For Centuries
A Hasty Look At
The Dusty Trunk
A Shriveled Form
Behind The Tree
A Stifled Scream
Of What Might
Have Been

A shore kissed by wave long time

A Shore Kissed By A Wave Long Time Ago
Longing For The Surf To Dangle Among The Sand
Waiting In The Sun At The Edge Of The Water
Darling I Am Waiting… Where Are You…?

A Giant Cypress Standing High Sheltering The Rocks
Waving My Arms To Keep The Gales Out
So You Will Be Warm Safe And Sound
Sitting Among The Roots At My Feet
I Am The Mighty Cloud Floating Above You
Covering Your Path From The Noon Sun
When Ever You Feel Tiny Drops Of Rain
Yes It Is Me Crying But With Glee
To See You Looking Up
With A Smile On Your Lips
I Am Waiting My Dariling
Yes. I Am Waiting Waiting For You
Spread Out Your Wings
And Fly Up To Me
I Am Holding Out My Hands
To Catch You And Float
To Float Away Over The Sunset
Way Up Above The Sunrise
We Will Cross The Milkyway
Just Like This On Our Way
To A Place That No One Knows
Where You Only Know Me
And I Only Know You
For Ever And Ever And Ever

My life after death love in another

My Life After Death,
My Love In Another Universe
For You My Heart Will Always Burn
I Couldn-‘t Have You In This Lifetime
I Wished So Much For You To Be Mine
But We Promised To Be Together Again
Longing For This Day I Will Remain
It Was Not So Long Ago We Were Together
We Entered Each Other-‘s Hearts And Will Hold That Place Forever
Things Just Got Too Complicated-Â….
Letting You Go Was Something I Hated
I Loved You So Much And Will Always Do
No One Is More Precious To Me Than You!
No One Can Hold The Flame I Have In My Heart
You Lit My Candle Right From The Start
From Our Very First Kiss
To The Seconds That I Today Miss
You Will Always Be The One
The One I Adore And So Much Love
I Wish You Could Hold Me In Your Arms And Leave Me Never
Keep Me In That Place Now And Forever
Endless Love To Me I Wish You Would Make
What Ever Is Mine, Is Yours To Take!
I Am Not Just Saying These Words To You,
I Am Quoting Them, Cause I Feel Them To Be True.
Just Like The Love I Have To Give
You Are My Life, You Are Helping Me Live
You-‘re In My Thoughts All Of The Time,
Oh I Would Die To Be Your Wife,
I Wish I Could Say These Words To Your Face,
Oh Sh*T-Â… I Guess I-‘m Too Late.
We Promised To Be Eachother-‘s In Another Life
If I Knew It Were True I Would Slit My Throat With A Knife
That-‘s How Far I Am Willing To Go
If You Would Only Open Your Eyes, You Would See And Know,
Just How Much You Mean To Me
Saying Goodbye Was Never Our Scene
From Our Very First Touch
Till Our Very Last Embrace
Every Time I Think Of Our Moments,
My Heart Starts To Race,
When You Are In My Thoughts
My Heart And My Body Are No Longer Mine
No I Don-‘t Worry, And No I Don-‘t Mind!
I Am Glad To Be Yours And Surrender Myself To You,
As I Said, -Å—any Thing For You I-‘m Willing To Do-
I Would Give Up My Sight Just To See You
I Would Cut Off My Hands Just To Touch You,
I Would Tear Out My Heart So That You Would Know How I Feel,
For The Love I Have For You Is Nothing But Real!
Its Just Too Bad,
And It Makes Me Feel So Sad,
That Today I Have Lost Something So Strong,
Its Not Fair, It Didn-‘t Even Last Long,
But I Am Glad We Had The Moments We Shared
The Love We Hold Is One That-‘s Rare.
Neither Of Us Could Believe
No Matter How Strong Our Love Was We Would Continue To Give And Receive.
What We Had Was More Than Enough
That-‘s Why Saying Goodbye Was Really Tough,
I Wish I Could Send This Poem To You By Mail,
But To Receive A Reply, I Know It Would Fail.
So I Would Keep My Thoughts To Myself
My Burning Heart Is Becoming A Melt,
Which Is Good In A Way
Cause It Means I Would Die
And Finally I Will Find You
Right There By My Side,
In The Place Where You Belong
In The Place I Have Been Waiting For Oh So Long.
Waiting To Die Is Something I Wouldn-‘t Mind To Do
If It Means In Another Life, Having You!
You Are More Than Worth The Wait
In This Lifetime It Might Be Too Late
But Our Time Together Is Not That Far Away
I-‘m Longing For That Moment To Have You Again,
I Know I Still Have The Lo

Hark listen to the silence it is

Hark! Listen To The Silence.
It Is Five Oclock In The Morning,
And All Is Dark, And Still,
But It Wont Be Very Long,
Before The Sun Comes A Creeping,
Up Over The Hill.
I Just Love The Early Morning,
Seeing The Sky As It Grows Light,
Watching Nature,
As She Awakes From Her Slumber,
To Me, It Is A Wonderous Sight

Backstroking in a pool of comparative luxury

Backstroking In A Pool Of Comparative Luxury,
Gazing At The Silvery Morning Half-Moon,
Swept By Wispy White Clouds Against A Clear Blue Sky.
Shaded By Trees Birthed By The Landscaper’s Plan.
While Gently Lapping, Hugged By Crystal Water.
Wondering About My Lifelong Questions.
How Was My Soul Assigned To Me?
Is There A Galactic Bull-Pen With Ten Billion Souls,
Waiting To Join Someone Formed By The Creator’s Hand?
Jimmie’s Soul, You’re Up, At The Moment Of Love’s Great Performance.
You Could Have Been With A Wealthy Noble,
Or Destined To One Struggling For Survival.
Well Soul, My Eternal Mate, You Made The B-Team.
Is It So Bad? It’s Only For A Few Heartbeats.

Love as i sit here listening the

As I Sit Here Listening As The Rain Falls
I Look At The Window Raindrops Rolling Down,
Thoughts Of You Take Over My Mind.
The Comfort It Gives Me Reminds Me Of Times We Shared,
Times When You And I Sat Down Holding Each Other
Closely And Tight, Listening To The Sound Of The Waves
Rolling Softly In And Out The Shore.
The Gentle Breeze Feels Like The Touch Of Your Hands
When You Caress Me, And As I Walk Beneath The Rainy Sky
Droplets Run Down My Cheek Feeling Like
Tears Falling From Heaven Above,
Reminding Me Of The Kisses You Laid Upon My Lips
Soothing My Soul With Its Cooling Touch.
Embracing Me Deeper With Desires To Have You
Entwined Within Me, As The Rain Falls.

I walked along the ever foreboding sky admire

I Walked Along
Along The Ever-Foreboding Sky,
Admire With Me- Sunlit Patches Mask Reality
How Easy To Walk
To Wander Along The Darkened Path
Lit, Caressed With A Candle Of Fantasy
-A Dream, A Breathe Away From Who You Are
As Trust, Like Mist Reveals;
Crowns Grass With Wisdom
Time Opened Up My Eyes
As Pieces Fell
Visions Of Utopia Fade
Reveal; I Watch As You Fade Into Morning-‘s Light
FaƒÂ§ade, Collapsing; An Icy Dream Melts Into A Pool Of Tears; Yet Ensnared,
I Stare Into Your Eyes
Chel Yvonne

I still think of you everyday my

I Still Think Of You Everyday Of My Life,
I Know I Made A Mistake, By Not Telling You
Sooner The Feelings I Had For You.
I Think Of You Often But I Am Not Sad.
Because I Know One Day We Will Be Togather,
I Know That Love Will Stand The Test Of Time.
Even If We Are Not Togather Now, Does Not Mean In The Future We Won’t Love Again,
Because I Know In My Heart We Will Embrace And Love Each Other More Than Before.

But Next Time It Will Be Better,
Greater And More Exciting Than Before,
Because The Lessons Of Life Have Taught Us
That True Love Can Never Be Taken For Granted.
We Will Know When The Time Is Right, Because Our Love Is Right.
The Right Kind Of Love, The Kind Of Love That Last A Lifetime.
Only With You, As I Think Of You Still.

For a while he had watery ashtray

For A While He
Had A Watery
That No Cigarette Embers
Get Away
.. Or Go Astray
He Went To No Smoking
Where Some Had Used The
Some Self Hypnosis Tapes
And Others Had Grdually
Each Day Reduced The Cigarettes
They Allowed Themselves.
Now He Was Cigarette Free.
He Could Climb Steps Without
Pausing To Breathe.

God like the sun is watching over

God, Like The Sun, Is Watching Over Everyone.
Even In The Darkest Night, Shines He, His Pale Moon Light.
The Sun, As Gods Love, Shines Equally, On All, From Above.
Both Saints And Sinners, Catch The Rays, There Awaits No Judgement Day.
Our Sun Can Judge No Man, Life Is Freely Given Through Out The Land.
So, Gods Love, Pure As Light, Judges No Man Within His Sight

I8217m lying in the hospital sick obviously

I’m Lying In The Hospital
I’m Sick Obviously
I See These People Day And Day
The Just Wont Go Away
The Pain I Feel Is Always There
I Cant Stand It Anymore
I Ask Someone To Pull The Plug
But They Wont So I Start To Tug
I’m Weaker By The Hours
Sicker By The Minutes
Deader By The Seconds
Yet They Cannot Reckon
I Cant Take It Anymore
These Drugs Are Making Me Worse
I Want To Let Go
So I Start Pulling Nice And Slow
Until The Day Finally Comes
The World Finally Calms
My Soul Ready To Fly
I Was Always Dead
What A Surprise

I stand on a past past that8217s

I Stand On A Past,
A Past That’s Quite Filled
Filled With Lies
Filled With Truth
Filled With People Being Killed
I Stand On A History,
A History Built From Labor
Labor Of Strong
Labor Of Weak
Labor Of Neighbor For Neighbor
I Stand On A Strength.
A Strength That’s Been Tested
Tested By Time
Tested By Hate
Tested By Being Bested
I Stand With A Pride,
A Pride That Was Won
Won For Freedom
Won For Justice
That I Carry On

Love is a place where heart goes

Love Is A Place Where A Heart Goes To Rest
In Comfort And Softness Without A Test
I Thought You Were There
Love Is Feeling Sure, Smelling Good, Smiling
Its Listening To Your Voice Before Dailing
I Thought You Were There
Snuggled By Your Side Hearing You Breathe
Dreaming O Dreaming When I Awake I Screech,
I Thought You Were There..

Late eighties a classroom stuffed with 50

Late Eighties
A Classroom
Stuffed With 50 Odd Kids
I Saw Her
With Dried Egg Yolk
Sticking To The Corner Of Her Lip
Our Journey As Class Fellows
Continued Until College
Years Later I Heard She Moved Out
Now She Lives In Your City
Where I Wanted To Be
She Breathes The Same Air As You Do
See The Same Scenes
She Walks On The Same Pavements
Feel The Same Feelings
When I Think Of That
A Wave Of Envy Travels
Through My Veins
I Often Think
That Could Have Been Me
In Her Shoes
In Your City
Drowned In Such Thoughts
I Recall Her Standing Next To Me
In That Silly School Race
The Whistle Blew
We Ran
And We Both Lost
Did I Compete With Her Ever?
No-Â… Never
But I Can-‘t Shrug Off The Thought
That She Beat Me In The Race Of Time And Life

A stranger you were once then with

A Stranger You Were Once.
Then, With A Gentle Look You Took My Hand.
As Our Lives Engaged,
You Lit My Life And I Held Both Your Hands.
Now That Decades Have Passed,
Ours Souls Have Indeed Become One.
How Fortunate We Are
That We Have Found The Love So True
That Everyone Dreams About.

Flagellated brains blabber in boredom sick sad

Flagellated Brains Blabber In Boredom
Sick, Sad Innocent Children
Cry For Their Freedom From The Rattle
Snakes And Lizards Eat Buffaloes
Held In Each Palm,
Your’s And Mine
We Cry Naked Into Each Other’s Arms
Wet Faces Drip In Fear
Fear In Which We’ll Never Understand
And We Want To Leave
From The Mid-West
From School
From Society
Into The Forest
From Money Engulfed People
From Materialistic Chauches
We Want To Understand All The Misunderstood Nothingness!
And Live In Isolation
In The Mountains
And In Montana!
And In Idaho!
And In Alaska!
And In Wyoming!
And In Utah!
And I Just Want To Leave It All
And Run Away From Myself
And Run From Society
Unsafe In This Place!
So I’d Like To Run
And I’d Like To Leave This Place

Life is a path that one must

Life Is A Path,
That One Must Take,
With Plenty Of Choices,
For One Person To Make.
One Road Is Easy,
With Nothing In The Way,
But It’s Boring And Dull,
The Same Everyday.
The Middle Path Though,
Most Decide To Choose,
Some Win Over Their Troubles,
And Some Play To Lose.
It’s Harder Than Choice One,
But It’s Not The Worst In Life,
Path Three Starts Off,
With Tons Of Strife.
The Choice Of This Path,
Is For The Smart And Strong,
For The Outcome Is Great,
But The Journey Is Long.
Between Life And Dreams,
There Are Many Paths,
Most Get Lost On Their Way,
If Only They’d Had A Map.

No place too far would keep me

No Place Too Far Would Keep Me Away From You, My Love.
No Mountain On Earth Would Be Tall Enough.
No Sea Would Stretch Out Far Or Wide.
That I Could Not Swim The Extra Mile.
There Is No Wall So Strong I Wouldn’t Break Through.
If I Knew That To Tear It Down I’d Get To You.
There’d Be No Sacrifice I Wouldn’t Make.
To See Happiness Light Up Your Face.
No Amount Of Money Could Count The Cost.
If You, My Love, I Ever Lost.
No Amount Of Time Could Ever Heal
The Pain My Heart And Soul Would Feel.
No One Knows What I Would Go Through.
The Things I Would Take To Get To You!

Is there something better than a laugh

Is There Something Better Than A Laugh?
A Better Type Of Recognition -— I Think Not.
Oh, And To Tell A Joke That Is Received With Laughter
No, There Is Nothing Better Than That
To Tell A Funny Story To A Secret Love
To Open Up The Secret Part Of Your Deep
And Be Greeted With The Thrill Of Laughter
The Joy In My Deep Wakes Up

I Looked At You And Your Broad Smile
I Just Knew My Heart Would Start
And Suddenly My Stomach Fell
No, There Is Certainly Nothing Better Than That

White butterflies are dancing in the warm

White Butterflies Are Dancing In The Warm Evening Breeze
And The House Sparrows Are Chirping On The Sunlit Garden Trees
On A Warm Day In April In The Far Southern Fall
Of The Southern Land’s Four Seasons The Most Pleasant One Of All,
I Love This Autumn Weather And Though Winter Days Are Near
One Has To Say Of April ‘Tis A Pleasant Time Of Year
Above The Sunlit Paddock To And Fro Across The Sunlit Sky
The Dark Winged Welcome Swallows Chasing Flying Insects Fly,
With His Tail Ever Wagging Perched On A Garden Wall
The Black And White Fantail Or Willy Wagtail A Bird That’s Known To All
Always On The Look Out For Insects Airborne Or On The Ground
Where Willy Wagtails Are Present Insects Sure To Abound,
Of This Sunny Late April Evening In The Far Southern Fall
A Memory For To Cherish And A Memory To Recall.

It came to a head last sunday

It Came To A Head Last Sunday,
For Years Buying The Sunday Mail
Was A Treat From Me To The Spouse
Who Complained Living In Peachester
Was Like Being In A News Desert.

Never Took Her To Task Over It -—
The Mail Was Literally As Good As Any
I Have Ever Used To Start A Fire.
But Actually Read It, No Way!
Glanced At An Item Unconsciously
Yesterday, Eyes Strayed From Sports
Page To Feature Article Is My Excuse.
Expletive, I Say, That-‘s The Same Sort
Of Shit As Sydney-‘s Pejorative Style.
Any Chance It-‘s The Same Rotten Rag?
Least For A Name It Is; News Limited,
Which Means -ŗlimited News- Literally,
Of The News Corporation, Owns It.
Now Whatever Else You Say About
Rupert Murdoch -— Owning So Many
Multimedia Entities Worldwide
Indubitably Feeds An Irreverent Ego -—
But Not As Much As It Ensures
Complete Immunity Against The Truth
For Those Who He Decides Need It.
Ivan Donn Carswell

I prefer 2 be dead do u

I‚  Prefer 2 Be Dead
Do U Think Thats True?
Its Making Me So Mad,
All The Time 2 Think Only About U.
My Heart Is Still Crying,
Do U Even Care?
That Inside Im Dying
Bcz I Live This Nightmare.
I Really Love U,
Did U Ever Loved Me 2?
by meemy

U8217re the one i luv who can

U’re The One I Luv…
The One Who
Can Transform
The Most
Ordinary Day
Into A Treasure
Of Extraordinary
The One Who Listens
And Understands
All Of My
Innermost Thoughts
And Most Heartfelt
The One Who Gives Me
So Many Reasons
To Feel Happy
To Be Alive…

I see you in every path of

I See You In Every Path Of My Life
You Pass By, With A Lethal Smile
As This Being A Part Of Life
Has Caused My Heart Ablaze
I Praised You All This Time, In Mind
Did Not Realize
I Was Just A Station Of The Train
Not Knowing, You Have Reached
Your Destination
I Still Stand, At Same Place
Just Waiting

In an age when celebrity worship is

In An Age When Celebrity Worship Is Seen As The In Thing
The Praises Of The Wealthy And Famous Many Love To Sing
But Few Sing The Praises Of Old Jim Next Door
Quite Frail On His Last Birthday He Turned Eighty Four,
A Hard Working Fellow He Has Lived A Hard Life
Some Six Decades Ago Marie His Young Wife
Died Whilst Giving Birth To A Still Born Baby Boy
And Heartbreak For Jim When There Should Have Been Joy
For Years He Grieved For His Dead Baby And For His Dead Soul Mate
But In Time Even The Greatest Sorrow Has A Use By Date
Lady Luck To Him She Was So Very Unkind
And To Life Without A Partner He Became Resigned
An Old And Frail Fellow So Few Wish To Know Of Him
But I For One Will Sing The Praises Of Jim.

As light a feather soft touch much

As Light As A Feather
As Soft As A Touch
As Much As The Ocean
Completes My Heart
As Long As You’re Here
Right By My Side
No One Can Steal Me
Or Push Me Away
Your Love Is Great
Greater Than Me
But Together
We Are As Great
As The Seas
I For You
And U For Me
We Will Walk Hand In Hand
Thru Destiny

In the shadow of your smile theres

In The Shadow Of Your Smile,
There-‘s Still The Same Invitation Of Yours.
In The Mysterious Pond Of Your Eyes
There-‘s Still A Silent Invitation Of Yesterday
Every Single Thing About You
Seems To Suggest -Å—o, Let-‘s Start Again.-
Every Single Trait Of You
Seems To Cry Out A Revival.
But Deep Inside Me…
I Feel Like Everything Is Burnt To Ash
And Lost To Oblivion.
I-‘m Afraid To Think Of Yesterday.
I Feel So Sceptic That Game To Play Anew
I Have Lost The Arena A Lacerated Warrior,
The Scar Has Not Been Healed Yet-Â…
So Please, Ask Me Not To Start Again
Urge Me Not To Go On

Locked in this haunted room that only

Locked In This Haunted Room
That Only Visualizes Hell And Doom.
I See Monsters In Flames,
Nemesis Of Torn Feelings And Pain

Gazing At Me And Closing In,
I Looked Thrilled, Terrified Within.
Nemesis Of Loneliness, Sickness And Grief;
All Are Racing My Heart Beats.
The Room Is Getting Ugly And Narrow,
And I Can-‘t Find A Path To Follow.
Freaky Colors Everywhere Is What I See,
Colors That Are Never Known To Me
Colors Smiling So Wild, So Ugly,
Making Me Puzzled, Dizzy And Crazy.
The Room Starts Going Round And Round So Fast,
Aggressively, The Walls, The Colors And The Mimesis Unit
Creating Images Of Scattered Hearts,
Remains Of Humans Still Falling Apart,
I Thought Closing My Eyes Is The Only Way Out.
The Storm, However, Invaded And Ate My Mind Out.
Dying Slowly Among All These,
I Shouted: -ŗsomeone Release My Pain, Plz-,
-ŗsomeone Grab Me Out Of This Horrible Doom-
-ŗsomeone Get Me Out Of This Room-.
-Å—whatever Your Pain Is.. Whenever You Feel Broken,
Never Ever Put Yourself In Such A Room-

Craving to see your smile again makes

Craving To See Your Smile Again
Makes Me Wish
To Turn Back The Time
From Which I Can Get
A Glance At You
And Thinking That Someday
You’ll Really Be Mine.
How Will I Ever Forget You,
The Man Who Opened
My Heart To Love,
Who Makes Me Inspired Each Day
And Who Gave Me
The Hope And Strength
Not To Be Afraid To Fall For Someone.
And Without You Knowing,
It Was You From The Beginning.
Over The Past Years,
I Set My Heart To Others,
Still It Can’t Be Open,
It Can’t Be Broken.
I Thought That The Blame Was On Me
But What Can I Do?
Not Even One Got The Right Key.
Learning To Go On
Without You In My Mind,
Is Really Hard To Keep On Trying.
For The Truth Is, In My Entire Life,
I Found Out, It’s In You My World
Keeps On Turning.
At The Right Time,
Whenever I Get The Chance
To Express What I Feel,
I’ll Let You Read This Poem
To Let You Know
How Much I Love You
And For Every Moment
I Set My Thoughts On You,
I Never, Ever Stopped Dreaming
And Praying That One Day
You’ll Tell Me, You Love Me Too.

A revolver has been blasted and cried

A Revolver Has Been Blasted And Cried For Its Purpose,
Bullets Are Boosted Into The Super Still Sky, How Disastrous!
The Guns Commit Selfish Acts Due On The Day They Conceive,
Then They Beget And Discuss Another Life, Another Day To Achieve.
A Gun Is Common Among The Young And Dangerous
For They Disbelieve In Nightmare And Dreams: Apparatus.
Your Gun Is Safe But Thieves Perform A Stampede
On The Young At Living, The Very Youth, The Canopied.

When It Blasted Your Hair, It Considered A Target
On The Other Side, A Man Must Live By A Century
And He Is Me, The Very One Who Stamped A Bullet
In The Heart Of His Enemy, The Gods Are With Ability.
I Can Not Fetch The Revolver Or The Gun,
It Is Generous I Believe, The Gun Is To Be Begun.

I have never seen a cat that

I Have Never Seen A Cat
That Acts Exactly Like That
He Strays Away Like Crazy
And Will Be Gone For Days
Then He Comes Home And Licks Me

He’s Horsing With The Dog
And Nipping At The Gray
Chasing Both Their Tails
The Prodigal Son Returns Home
And Fails
On This Happy Father’s Day
Now His Fur He’s Licking
So I Pick Him Up And He Kicks Me

I see you coming charming down the

I See You Coming, Charming,
Down, The Path Of My Broken Heart;
My Heart Is My Greatest Posession;
The Plan Is For You To Mend It;
To Restore My Ego And Dignity
It Is Only You
I Shamelessly Wait And Dream The Sweetest Dreams,
To Feel Your Heart Beating, To Let You Know My Highiest Desires
I Am So Humble, For Whom Am I;
Love Shall Bind Us, No Words Can Express The Amount Of
My Anticipation,
But It Is Like The Force Of King Solomon In His
Ancient Book; My Love

I want to say thank you for

I Want To Say Thank You..
For All The Love You Have Given Me,
For All The Happiness You Brought Into My Life.
Even Though I Brought So Much Pain To You,
You Never Gave Up And Still You Love Me More,
You Never Run Out Of Patience When It Comes To Me.

I Have Nothing To Ask For Except Your Love,
My Life Will Never Be Complete,
My Life Will Never Be This Perfect.
Thanks For All The Love You Gave To Me,
With All My Heart I Will Cherish Your Love,
I Will Treasured It And Take Care Of It Till My Last Breath..
by honeylou82‚ 

When the time comes to say goodbye

When The Time Comes
To Say Goodbye
Do You Ever Wonder?
How Many Will Be There To Cry?

When Contemplating
The Life You Lived
What Kind Of Impression,
With Them Did You Leave?
Was A Self Centered Person
Was It One Of Humility
Was It One Of Anger And Rage
Can You Really Be Certain
So, Before It Is Too Late
Stop Take A Look Around
And Stop And Think
What Will Be Your Names Fate?
Will It Honored And Hailed
Or Will It Bring Frowns
And Thoughts Of Anger
And Your Name Be Assailed.
So Do Your Good Works
Do Your Good Deeds
Leave A Good Impression
Before It Is Time To Leave

Some people wish upon a star

Some People Wish Upon A Star ,
To Have A Friend As Great As U R ,
A Friend So True And Caring ,
A Friend That Is Always There

A Best Friend U’ve Been To Me ,
When No One Else Wanted To Be ,
Full Of Truth And Honesty ,
U Seemed To Understand Me
The World May Be Taking Up Our Time Together ,
But I Promise This To You ,
No Matter How Long It Will Take For Us To Share Those Times Like We Used To ,
Ill Still Be That Same Best Friend , Just As Kind , Just As True
To God I Am Very Thankful , For This True Friendship That I Have ,
Hoping It Will Grow Stronger And Last Longer Than Any Friendship Anyone Has Ever Had ,
I Love You As A Friend
I Love You As A Man,

Hoping was i to get a reply

Hoping Was I To Get A Reply
After Such A Shyful Try
Never I Thought Your Answer Would Be So Dry
Exhasperated I Cannot Be
Because I Will Cling Myself
To The Smallest Branch Of The Tree
Because I Know I Am Not To Get Anything For Free
Nice Would Have Been
If You Would Have Agreed
To Shelter Me Beneath Your Hair
To Protect Me From The Sun
Get Myself Drenched
In The Warmth Of Your Arms
Lose Myself In Thy World Of Love
Catch Hold Of That Pinch Of Affection
To Transform Everything In A Relation
Forgot I Did Sand Castle
Cannot Be Built In The Midst Of The Ocean

Oh religion how you8217ve cheated me of

Oh Religion, Oh Religion,
How You’ve Cheated Me Of My True Lover!
How Can I Hope For Far Too Long Without A Lover?
How Can I Meet My Lover With This Dichotomy?
How Can I Cry When, I Have Found My Partner?
Oh Religion, Oh Religion;
My Pillow Is Not Enough To Dry Out My Tears.
Like The River Jordan, So Are My Tears;
You’ve Cheated Me Of My True Lover.
This Is My Sole Partner On This Earth,
Oh Safi, How Can I Easily Forget You?
You’ve Really Touched My Heart!
Now That I Know The Truth, What Can I Do?
Do I Have To Cry Forever? !
I Am Stocked In Your Dreams.
What Can Love Do When, Religion Blocks The Way?
I Am Stocked In The Faith Of My Hope,
I Am Stocked In The Journey Of My Dreams,
I Am Stocked On You.
Could It Be True, When Religion Plays Its Role?
Certainly, I Am Stock On You;
I Know How You Feel Over There Too.
Oh Safi, The Love Of My Heart;
You Are Certainly The Dream Of My Dreams.
Deep Down In My Heart,
I Have Got A Companion Who Cares About Me;
But, What Have I Done To ‘Mr. And Mrs. Religion’?
Love Knows No Bond But,
Religion Does Block Many Of Our Dream Lovers!
Oh Religion, How You’ve Cheated Me Of My Lover;
We All Came From One Source But,
With The Laws Of Curiosity We Are Divided;
Tell Me, How Cruel Is Life?

Eyes the colour of earth and sky

Eyes The Colour Of Earth And Sky
Melted They Into Each Other In Loves
Lullaby, Her Mouth Found His In The
Sweet Taste Of Loves First Kiss, So Beautiful
The Moment Her Tears Are Bliss-Â…
Ah Beautiful Earth And Sky,
He Kisses Away Each Sweet Tear She Cry’s,
Those Beautiful Brown Eye’s He Whispers
Are Not Made To Cry, Kisses Her Like She’s
Never Been Kissed In Her Life, Her Soul Closer
To Sweet Paradise

My soul feels a connection with yours

My Soul Feels A Connection With Yours
So Powerful, So Strong,
There Is No Room For Doubt.
You Must Be My Soul Mate,
My Other.
My Cosmic Twin.
wo Halves Of The Same Falling Star.
And Yet, In All This World,
You Found Me.
Alone And Hurting.
Hopeful And Hesitant.
Wishing And Wanting.
I Needed You Like I Had Never Needed Another
And You Were There To Answer My Call.
My Knight In Shining Armor,
You Rescued Me Like The Maiden Fair;
And My Essence Recognized Your-‘s
For The Wonder You Are.
You Leave Me Breathless And Buoyant,
Ecstatic And Awestruck
At The Miracle That Is Us.
And In My Heart
I Know That Each Day
Our Devotion To Each Other
Can Only Strengthen And Grow.
You Are My Life, My Heart,
My Soul, My Mate.
A Lifetime Of Love And Dedication
Await Us.
I Vow To Adore You, More Every Day
As Your Magnificence Continually Unfolds To Me.
I Vow To Cherish You
More Sweetly Than Any Other Could Ever Dream Possible.
I Vow To Love You, With A Heart That Belongs Only To You,
More Each Moment Than The One Before.
I Vow To Be Faithful To You,
Because What We Share Is Sacred And No Other Could Ever Compare.
You Continually Dazzle My Senses.
Share Eternity With Me
And Together We Will Blind The World With
The Strength Of Our Love.

Sitting by the broken window thoughts began

Sitting By The Broken Window
Thoughts Began To Unfold Within Me
How The Simple Things In Life Make Me Happy
& The Little Joys That Brightens Up My Day
Like The Colorful Vibrant Rainbows In The Sky
The Aroma Of The Pretty Little White Roses
The Soft Rhythm Of The Falling Rain
Tiny Little Dewdrops On The Dry Rusty Leaves
Playful Children And Pretty Faces
All The Lovely Thoughts Made Me Think Of You
How Blessed I Am To Have You With Me
To Share My Happiness And Sorrows
Those Beautiful Twinkling Eyes Staring At Me
The Healing Touch That Erases A Million Scars
The Sparkling Smile That Lightens Up My Soul
The Caring Look That Makes Me Feel So Alive
Everything Is So Wonderful With You By My Side
It Is You, Who Makes All The Difference
It Is You Who Lends Me The Courage And
The Will To Go On To Look At Every New
Day As An Oasis In The Desert
It Is You And Only You My Sweetheart
Who Gives A Deep Meaning To My Life
Thank You For Being There Always
Thank You For Loving Me The Way I Love You

Why this sky is blue river u

Why This Sky Is Blue,
Why This River Is Blue,
Why U Don-‘t Think Of Me,
Why I Only Think Of You-Â…!
Why We Have Hearts,
Why We Can-‘t Live Without Hearts,
Why People Leave Us Alone,
Why They Don-‘t Know How Much It-‘s Hurts-Â…!
Why This Sun Is Round,
Why This Earth Is Round,
Why There Are Only Empty Eyes,
Why People Are Crying All Around-Â…!
Why I Am Like A Mystery,
Why I Can-‘t Solve This Mystery,
Why I Can-‘t Change My Past
Why My Present Becomes History-Â…!
Why My Life Becomes Like A Twister,
Why I Can-‘t Face This Twister,
Today I Got All My Answers, That
I Can-‘t Live Without My Sister

White peacock is a symbol of gud

White P[Eacock Is A Symbol Of Gud
Luck & It Is Found Very Rare
I Wish Gud Luck To All Of U
Its Genuineness Is That It
Makes The Shadow On D Same Side
From Where Lites Comes That Is
Opposite To That It Is Supposed To Be

I sit here tonight with thoughts of

I Sit Here Tonight,
With Thoughts Of You.
Wishing You Were Here With Me,
Like I Always Do.

I Know That We Will Be Together,
Again Someday.
When That Day Comes We Will Have Nothing But,
Smiles On Our Faces And Our Skies No Longer Gray.
In This Time That We Are Apart,
I Know That We Are In One Another’s Heart.
We Always Will Be,
Just Like We Were From The Start.
You Are A Part Of Me,
And I Am A Part Of You.
That Is Something So Special,
And Very True.
Your Gentle Touch,
I Miss So Much.
How Could Someone,
Keep Something Away From Us,
This Is So Precious As Such.
I Do Know, When There Is A Will,
There Is A Way.
I Promise You We Will Be Together,
Forever Again One Day.
Until Then, Always Remember,
That I Love You Forever.
Also Know, That Is Something,
None Can Take Away, Ever!!!

Appearances are as they seem looks like

Appearances Are As They Seem.
Looks Like A Dream.Four Men Who Work At An Online Poetry Room.
They Moved Too Soon.They Liked Each Other Like That,
With All The Heart And Jazz.They Didnt Mind Being Gay,
They Knew They Were Throw Aways.Their Thoughts,
Keep In Mind, As I Lose My Time Posting.Wasnt Even Ghosting,
Just Studying Ginsberg,
Who Wrote’likes Taking It In The Bum’and You Can Read It Here From What Ive Heard.
I Lured No One In, They Found Me Automatically.Drifted To The Best.
I Already Passed My Theft Test.Poetry Is Motion,
And Anger And Expression Is Included.If You Do Not Allow Bad Words,
Your Poetry Room Is Deluted.I Fueded? Where Do You Go? They Gotta Know,
Im On Christmas Time For Sure.I Am A Haiku Man,
I Thought I Understood The Dern Plan.Others Hold My Hand.I Like Girls.The Rest,
Tempt The World.That Would Be Weird For A Southern Boy Like Me.Usually,
These Four Men Who Run This Poetry Room Online, You Can Find Them Right Behind Each Other,
Its Like Their Second Brothers.Then Discover They Dont Love Each Other.
Somebody Named Mark Already Under The Covers.
He Tells The Fbi That These Four Men Try To Harass
Any Hetro On The Net And They Will Come And Do Their Check.The Old Lie Detector.
Does It Tell Aids Infection? I Am Guessing I Can Stand, Ive Got 25 Haiku Books At Wordclay.
Com Man.Your Readers Already Bought.This Is Where The War Is Fought.

We always say that are in love

We Always Say That We Are In Love
Or Some One Love Me.
But Can Any One Tell Me
What Actually Is Love.
In This Section I Will Be Telling You What
I Think Love Is. And Do Remember To
Post In Ur Suggestions For Me If You Wish.
So Here Is The First Definition From My Side.
Do People Know What Do You Think Love Is All About

And nowyou like to go on oration

And Now…You Like To Go On
Oration, A Piece Of A Long Peroration,
Ladies & Gentlemen,
Good Evening,
I Am This Kind Of Animal,
Roped To Thinking, I Have This Analytical Attitude
This Reflective Mood,
I Am A Mirror
And I Mirror My Own Mirror, I Reflect My Own Light
To My Own Light,
Smart Ass, Envying The Feast Of The Pigs
On Leftovers, The Mudbaths And The
Nudity Of All Sexes, And The
Nonprohibited Desires Of All
Creatures, Nothing Mindful Really,
I Am This Now,
Ready For This, And Now… Let Me Tell You

About This Sickness, The Numbness And Emptiness
Of My Existence, Like A Crazy Coconut
Its Meat Not White, Its Juice Like Molten Asphalt
Its Sound So Neurotic
Knock The Shell And Find The Truth
And Now…. What Is The Matter? What Is The Truth?
Silence, Let The Kitten Lick Its Hind Legs And
Clean Itself From The Smell
Of The Dog… And Now, … Tell Me, Tell Me,
The Truth,
And Now….Where Do You Go Really With That Basket Of Fruits?
Oh Nice, Is Someone Sick? Is Someone In The Family
Angry That Now
And Now.. You Want To Please And Be Pleasing?
And Now….Everything Is Changed
Attitudes About Peers And
Peeling The Pear, , , , , And Now…
Oh, You Are So Circuitous,
Be Direct And Candid…
You Want To Quit
And You Are So Silent.

Although one may often wish to forget

Although One May Often Wish,
To Forget Their Past Mistakes-Â…
To Leave Behind Their Hardships,
No Matter What-‘s At Stake -—
To Ignore The Lessons,
That They-‘ve Learned Over The Years-Â…
Just To Disregard Their Heartaches,
Their Pains, Trials, And Tears -—
I-‘ve Come To Know, That I Cannot,
Regret The Life That I Have Led-Â…
I Cannot Be Apologetic,
For The Things I-‘ve Done Or Said -—
I Cannot Live A Life Of Anger,
For The Sufferings I-‘ve Faced-Â…
Or Think That Tears I Have Shed,
Should Ever Be Replaced -—
The Moments Of Which I Faltered,
Or Made The Wrong Choice-Â…
The Times That I Needed To Stand Up,
But I Seemed To Lose My Voice -—
Along With The Days That I Stood Strong,
And Lived Up To My Potential-Â…
All Joined Together To Form A Road,
That Each Soul Finds Essential -—
For Each Step That I Took Along,
The Life That I-‘ve Been Through-Â…
Became Just One Step Closer
-Â…to Finding You.

Holding on to countless moments when laughter

Holding On
To Countless Moments
When Laughter Came From
Our Bellies
Silly Banter
Taught Us
How To Be Kids Again
Silent Tears
Were For A Joyous Occasion
And Sweet Kisses
Were Unexpected
Than Intentional
Gazing Into
Those Brown Eyes
That Could
Look Through My Soul
And See How Afraid I Was
Of Becoming A Woman
I’d Rather
Stay Your Baby
And Let You
Pamper Me
With Sweet Nothings
And Fables I Wanted
To Hear
You’d Rock Me To Sleep
With Promises
We Prayed We’d Keep
Consequences Could Happen
In Secrets
You Dug So Deep
And Whispered
About Your Past
But Confident
Free Mind
And A Free Will
With Or Without
A Purpose
Without Limits
“You And I”
Were Supposed To Be
The Title
Not The Regretful

She talked about chesterton of her8217s a

She Talked About Chesterton Of Her’s A Favourite Poet
In The Literary World One Can Say One Of Note
And Susannah In Her Own Right Is Quite A Fine Poetess
With Her Gift Of Words She Is The Giver Of Much Happiness
So Beautiful And Clever With Words She Has A Way
And One Can Sense Her Wisdom In The Things She Has To Say
And One Great Thing About Her That One Readily Can Recall
Is That She Is One Who Does Believe On A Fair Go For All
Perhaps In Her Early Sixties But She Feels Young At Heart
And In The Literary Movememnt Of The Town She Plays A Major Part
Quite A Successful Person By Example She Does Lead
And Often At Poetry Readings A Poem Or Two She Read
A Very Special Person Her Type Are Rather Rare
For People Like Susannah One Does Not Meet Everywhere.
Francis Duggan

It was her eyes i noticed first

It Was Her Eyes I Noticed First;
That Unusual Green That Draws You In
As You Forget About
Or Don’t Worry About
Anything Else
Now Trapped, Cornered
By Her Emerald Stare
Butterflies Go To War
Dog Fighting

Stillness called me here where bitter stars

Stillness Called Me Here
Where Bitter Stars Are Few.
From Shadow To Shadow
The Night Is Yours.
Senses Sharpen,
Faint Galaxies Approach
Attentive And Glistening,
Invisible Wings Beat Overhead
Across This Darkening Loch
As Castle Lights Fall Dim
And Fell The Walls Of Time
To Give Us This Stage Again
Under Spotlights
Of Endless Possibility.
Or So We Might Have Thought
Had We Been Older,
For Innocence Is Blind,
Groping In Vain For Us Now.
But In The Embrace Of Your Night
Regret Holds No Dominion.
The Sweetest Comfort Reigns
In The Aftermath Of A Love
Woven Not By Chance
Or By Choice Alone,
But For You And I To Win Or Lose.
For Nowhere Is It Written
That Such And Such Must Be.
And Though Moves May Be Forced
By History Unfolding,
The End Remains Unknown
Until It Flies Or Falls.
Yet Even This Parting And Its Taint
Inflicted No Defeat On Memory,
No Defeat On Love.
In The Beginning
It Was The Little Things;
In The End
It Was Everything.
Losing It Is Beyond Me Now.
And Here,
Where Something Of Us Plays On,
By The Light Of The Indefinable
By The Flowing Depths
Of The Unwitting Wisdom
Of This Heretical Universe
I Am Thankful

My heart is so heavy and tattered

My Heart Is So Heavy
And Tattered And Torn
Within My Soul There Is..
Many A Thorn

Doing My Best You See
Will Never Be Good Enough For Thee
Maybe I Should Go To Rest
This I Think Will Be The Very Best
I Know A Promise Broken
Is So Hard To Mend
But I Am Not Here To Judge
Or To Bend
We All Make Small And Big Mistakes
And Then We Ask To Be Pardoned
But So High Are The Stakes
Not It My Hands To Make Amends
If I Close My Eyes
I Can Dream Again
And Pretend All Is Right
Then This Battle I Will Not Have To Fight
Convicted And Sentenced
And No Pardons Are Even Considered
Why Do This To Me
When I So Love Thee
Look Into My Heart
Touch This Lost Soul
See What You Find
Only One Of A Kind
Search Here And There
Search The Whole World Over
From Denver To Clover
But Another Me You Will Never Find!
So Before It Is To Late
Make Up Your Mind
And Tell Me True
That We Are Not Waiting For Fate.
No Longer That Tin Soldier Girl
Left Alone On The Shelf
As Soldiers Girls Also Have Hearts
But Not Hearts Of Concrete And Steel
I Leave You Treasures Of My Heart
Written With Love For You
Footprints In The Sand
And A Kiss Upon Your Cheek
My Heart Is So Heavy
And Tattered And Torn
Within My Soul There Is..
Many A Thorn!

Find something else to judge besides my

Find Something Else To Judge
Besides My Lack Of Verbal Communication.
Neither My Intellectual Functioning
Nor My Mental Stability Is Impaired.
I Just Don’t Wish To Make A Fool Of Myself
Or Hurt Anyone With My Words.
Find Something Else To Judge
Besides My Style Of Dress.
Don’t Try To Indirectly Confine Me To
Gender-Appropriate Wear.
I’ll Present Myself However I Please;
You Have No Influence Over Me.
Find Something Else To Judge
Besides My Face Full Of Acne.
Technically, It’s Only An Adverse Reaction
To The Hormones Coursing Through My Body.
My Acne Will Go Away In Due Time,
And You’ll Suffer From It As Well.
Find Something Else To Judge
Besides My History Of Mistakes.
We All Fall Flat On Our Faces,
And We All Have Breaking Points.
You Have No Right To Judge Me
When You’re As Guilty As I.
Find Something Else To Judge
Besides My Differing Opinion.
Just Because I Disagree
Doesn’t Make Me Less Of A Person.
Let Me Have My Opinions
And We Can Agree To Disagree.
Find Something Else To Judge
Besides My Exposed Outer Shell.
I Don’t Need To Look, Think, Or Be Like You
To Be Of Worth.
Let Me Live My Own Life, Please.
Your Judgments Aren’t Going To Be My Problem

I see you standing there and dont

I See You Standing There,
And Dont Know What To Say.
Although I Find It Difficult To Even Look Away. If You Could See It My Way,
You’d Change Ur Mind For Sure.
But For What Im Feeling Now, You’re The Only Cure.
I Think, Watch And Wonder,
If You Really Feel The Same.
I Hope You Do Cause If You Dont Its Me I’ll Have To Blame.
And When I See You Looking At Me,
I Quickly Look Gaze Away Cause I Know We’ll Never Happen At Least Thats What You Say.
So Continue To Not See Me,
Or Have Me Even Cross Your Mind
But When You Search Your Heart Quite Deep,
Its Me Youll Probably Find.

Come fall on me sweet breath of

Come Fall On Me Sweet Breath Of Pastures Gone
And Lift My Leaden Heart Beyond This Mire
Send Forth A Whispered Dream, To Ride Upon
And Whitewash All The Things Of Which We Tire
Though Cartoonesque, Your Images Appear
No Childish Flavours Languish In Thy Taste
Take All These Adult Shackles Of Which We-‘re
Inclined To Find The Source Of All Our Waste
I Beg You Never Bring Back All That-‘s True
And Shatter Any Lingering Belief
The Snippets, Cherry-Picked Will Have To Do
Avoiding Any Remnants Of Past Grief
This Formulaic Recall Smacks Of Greed
Perhaps The Parts We Hide Away
Are What We Truly Need.

He carries a gun loaded with guilt

He Carries A Gun Loaded
With Guilt, She Pulls The Trigger,
He Answers. You Should
Call Sometime Before I-‘m Dead,
Eaten Alive By Genetic Tendencies
You Knew You Couldn-‘t Stop, But
Somehow Didn-‘t Stop You From Trying.
An Experiment
She Polishes The Silver
Bullets, Handing Them To Him
On A Bloody Platter. Clean Up
Your Own Damn Mess, I-‘m Not
Your Maid, I-‘m Your Maker,
Your Executioner. I Gave You Life,
Aren-‘t You Going To Thank Me

I dont know think m lost whats

I Dont Know I Think I M Lost
I Dont Know Whats Goin On
I Wanna Touch What She Used To See
I Wanna Be Where She Used To Be
I Wanna Live Where She Used To Smile
I Wanna Die Where She Used To Cry
I Dont Know I Think Im Lost
I Dont Know Whats Goin On

I will be forever yours because when

I Will Be Forever Yours
Because When I’m In Your Arms
I Feel Like Nothing Else Matters
More Than Anthing In The World.
I Will Be Forever Yours
Because When We Look At Each Other
I Can See How Much Love Is There
Our Eyes Tell Us The Closeness
We Share Is Something Really Special
Really Deep I Will Be Forever Yours
Because Only With You
I Feel Safe And Secure
And So Loved
I Will Be Forever Yours
Because, I Wouldn’t Want It Any Other Way
Just Let The Luv Be As Pure As It’s And As True

You came in my dream asked the

You Came In My Dream
Asked The Meaning Of Love
You Met Me For A Long Time
I Did Not Know
But A Restless Dream
Talking To You
A Walk In The Meadows
I Understood
What You Wanted To Say
The Meaning Of Love
Is Freedom
From Surroundings
Breaking The Bond
But That Too
Is Not Sufficient
In The Great Scheme
And In The Deep Mystery
Of Love
We Both Are Losers
But Let-‘s Loose
With Grace And Dignity