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My heart love the angel of life

My Heart, My Love, The Angel Of My Life
My Smile, My Joy, The Wings On Which I Fly
My Flesh, My Blood, My Diamond In The Sky
My Sweet Sugarpie Is The One That Brings Me Pride

When I Smile, She Laughs, Thats How She Lights My Way
When I’m Sad, She Cries, She Also Feels My Pain
When I’m Down, She’s There, She Takes Hr Time To Pray
The One I Call My Mate Will Not Leave Me For A Day
We Met…By Choice, And Now The Choice Is Good
She Shares…My Dreams, She Makes It Look So True
She’s There…For Me, When Everything Looks Blue
She Reaches For My Goals And Makes My Strength Renewed.
“The Babe Across” Now Means So Much To Me
In Sun, In Rain, In Winter Or In Snow
She’s All I’ve Got, She’s All I’ll Ever Need
The Taiwo In My Life Is Now The Best Love That I Know.

At the edge of my mind where

At The Edge Of My Mind
Where The Light Leaves Me Blind
And The Darkness Is Pressing And Near
Where Happy Meets Sad And The Good Meets
The Bad And The Smiles And The Grins Kiss The Tears
That-‘s Where I Do Dwell In Neither
Heaven Nor Hell Awaiting A Throw Of The Die
And Hoping And Dreaming Of A Twisting
Of Fate That Will Lead To A Meaningful Life
The Richest Are Content With The Least
And Their Meals Are A Succulent Feast
But My Cup Is Half Empty And Raw
I Strain To Grasp Time And The Quantum Mechanical Law
A Cynical Man I Became Hating Business, Religion And Gain
Yet I Wander Through Life Shunning Love Fearing
Strife And Becoming The Source Of My Pain
Philosophy Is My Only True Find
Making Spurious Sense Of The State Of My Mind
Gaining Nothing But Ambiguous Thoughts
And Then Working Them Out Using Just Ones And Noughts
I Should Turn Off The Best And The Worst Of My Brain
And Leave It To Instinct To Lead Me Again
To That Obvious Happiness Place

As you walked away from me i

As You Walked Away From Me I Saw You Pass Out Of The Door
Tears Wouldn-‘t Stop My Heart Just Seemed To Drop
I Wish Time Could Stop, When You Were With Me
Coz I-‘ll Never Be Able To Say Goodbye
When We Gave Our Last Hugs, We Also Gave Our Hearts
And When We Said Our Good Byes We Were Drowned In Our Tears
But I Really Don-‘t Know What I Would Be With Out You
I-‘ll Miss You Through All The Good Times And Bad
I-‘ll Miss You Forever
When My Fears Were All That I Had
You Made The Jokes That Seemed To Make Every Thing Better
And When I Had Tears ,At Any Moment
You Were Always There With Your Hugs To Lend
If I Said I Won-‘t Miss You And That What Ever Happened Didn-‘t Matter
Then All Of It Would Be A Lie
If You Are With Me, Then I Would Even Fight The Destiny
But Now I-‘m The Weakest Soul On Earth
Coz My Heart Is Empty With Our Last Goodbyes

The long awaited time has finally come

The Long Awaited Time Has Finally Come
When You And I Will Be As One.
Together We’ll Spend The Rest Of Our Life,
You As My Husband..I As Your Wife.

I Give To You All Of My Heart,
My Love For You Will Never Depart.
Our Love Will Continue To Grow Earch Day,
Becoming More Special Along The Way.
The Long Awaited Time Has Finally Come,
When You And I Will Be As One.
I Dedicate My Life Completely To You,
All That I Am…All That I Do.
Making You Happy Entirely My Goal,
Our Happiness As One Our Major Role.
The Long Awaited Time Has Finally Come,
When You And I Will Be As One.

Saint shell exxon chevron a new god

Saint Shell
Saint Exxon
Saint Chevron:
A New God,
A New Lord,
A New Religion,
Believers Can Afford.
The Old Style Used To Be,
Come To Our Church
If You Thirst For Paradise.
God Is Here;
God Isn’t There;
Heed Our Advice.
The Thought Of God’s Power Being Everywhere,
Was Blaspheme Back Then,
And It’s Not Much Different For Power Today,
As We Contemplate New Sin.
The Lords Of Power Would Have You Believe,
Power Comes From Their Holes In The Ground;
Pay Your Tithe, Beg They Drill,
And Don’t Forget To Bow Down.
As The Wind Blows, And As The Seas Rise,
And As The Sun Comes Shining Through,
Eyes Down, Never Look Around,
And Believe Our Holes Will Save You.

Every man young dreams of lofty grandeur

Every Man Young,
Dreams Of Lofty Grandeur,
Of Conquering Lands Foreign And Alien,
And Women And Loot In Between,
And When Returning From Battle,
He Comes Praised As Conquering Hero,
And As Gods Of Old,
Feasts On Ambrosia And Nectar,
Till His Days’ End.
They However Only Dream On,
Until They Wake Up,
Bald And Fat,
Old And Fart,
Waiting To Die.
No Grandeur,
No Women Angelic,
Or Money Overflow.
Just Plain Old Men,
Reigning Upon Lofty Kingdom,
Of Cold Bed,
Cold Women,
Cold Children,
And Crowns Upon Crown Of Debt.
What About My Fate You Ask?
My Fate And My Hope Are One;
That Tales Of My Quiet Revolution,
Shall Be Whispered About,
In Your Duukas,
In Your Motokas,
And Beds.
Lovers Whispering To One Another,
A Verse Or Two,
In Passion.
Men In Battle, Learned Or Not,
Reciting Line Or Two,
For Courage,
Or Perhaps To Warm Failing Heart,
Of Dying Man At Comrade Side.
The Poet Heroes’ Hope, Is Thus;
That They Shall Take Our Verse,
And Drink Of It,
Just Like Men Around Malwa Pot,
Sharing That Brew From Pot With One Straw Too Few.
How Peaceful Such Men Pass Straw Around Pot!
Round And Round To Neighbour Man It Goes,
Even If Recepient Man Is Now Greatest Foe,
In Just Concluded Battle Debate,
About The Greatest Footballer,
In That Land Whose People Ask;
That God Save The Queen,
While They Themselves Drown In Sorrow,
And Church Building Where Perhaps,
Saviour God May Be Sought,
Only Stands As A Relic Abandoned,
Or Just The Last Bastion Of Latin Language Ancient.
Duesus Mues Et Confido,
Oh Lord, You I Trust,
That While I Am Gone,
Perhaps Like Bard Of Biblical Psalms,
The Words Of Us The Poetic Dead,
Shall Be As Sweet Air Scented,
To Give Life Hope To These Grateful Undead.
‘Ave Maria, Gratia Plena,
Sancta Maria, Mater Domini Nostri, ‘
Hail Mary Full Of Grace,
Holy Mary, Mother Of God,
They Steadfastly Whisper In Prayer,
As We Too Whisper;
‘Hail Many Full Of Grace,
All Men, Sons Of God,
Should See Our Hopes And Dreams,
In These Our Odes To Existence.’
This Is My Silent Prayer,
That When I Am Gone,
You Sons And Daughters Of The Revolution,
Shall Sprinkle A Quiet Verse Or Two,
As A Word Sacrifice To The Heavens,
Upon This Poet Man’s Anniversary.
When I Am Gone,
Let Them Say,
That I Was A Harbinger Of The Time Coming,
Just Like The Winds Of Change,
Blowing Across These Gigabitic Grasslands?
Listen, Listen,
Do You Hear It?
Do You Not See It?

An astringent that clears and purifies my

An Astringent
That Clears
And Purifies My Soul
Reaches For My Soul
But Recks With My Mind
This Estrange Poison
That Has No Elixir
But I Tend To Swallow Down
Its Mistakes
And Regurgitate
On Excuses
Settle For The Less Part
Of Me
Of Limits
And Pulled Hair
From Frustration
Since My Change
Is Afraid Of God’s Time
And Future
Has Been A Mystery
Since The Beginning
I Will Just Have To
Endure Broken Haphazards

The poem my mother gave me song

The Poem My Mother Gave Me-
The Song She Gave Me-
The Music And The Kindness Inside-
The Kind Of Caring Love
A Child Most Needs.
The Poem My Mother Gave Me
Written In My Soul
To This Day
When I In My Old Age
Still Pained
At Her Absence

You give me inspiration to write each

You Give Me Inspiration,
To Write You Each Day,
At Least It’s Easier,
Than Writing An Essay.

I Like To Make You Laugh,
And Feel Good Inside,
As For Me,
It’s A Sense Of Pride.
I Care For You So Much,
As A Man Should,
For His Dear Woman,
Forever If I Could.

He rushed into the house and hugged

He Rushed Into The House,
And Hugged His Mother With A Ferocious Intensity,
And Said, ‘I’m In Love’
‘Yes, I’m In Love’, As If
He Himself Wanted To Question Its Validity
His Mother Eyes Sparkled In A Questioning Look
‘She’s Leresa,
And She Is The Goddess Sent From Above.’
His Mother Was Happy For Him,
After All These Years, He’d Finally Found His Girl
Now, It Was Time For The Happiness To Commence
She Immediately Sent For The Lovely Lass,
A Beauty That Must Be Equal To The Glowing Pearl, Who
Had The Power To Overwhelm Her Boy’s Heart;
And Destined To Become One Of The Richest Princesses.
The Figure Stood Facing Her,
Her Black Manes Overflowing On Both Sides,
‘She’s Definitely A Sight To Behold’,
Thought The Overjoyed Mom,
‘Tell Me, Oh Dear Sweetheart, Do You Really Love My Son? ‘
The Girl Was Taken Aback, She Staggered Away A Little,
And Slowly Replied, ‘No, I Never Loved Him’-
An Answer Which Sent A Million Arrows
Through The Mother’s Heart
Shattered It To Pieces, Tore It Apart,
But, Came The Faint Reply, ‘He Loves You So Much…’
The Girl Shook Her Head As A Sign Of Disagreement, And Said,
‘I Don’t Love Him, I Can’t Love Him’
And Then Her Face Became All Plain And Grim
Giving A Tragic End To This Transient Episode.
The Mother Knew That The Girl Was Poor,
Her Father Was Ill And On Death’s Door,
So, She Offered Help:
‘I’ll Pay You For Your Father’s Expenses
And In Return, You Have To Pretend
That You’re In Love With My Son’
Leresa Looked Aghast, Shocked At The Woman’s Heartlessness,
Yet, To Save Him, She Didn’t Have Any Other Choice
And Had To Agree To Her Mind’s Silent Noise
As Tears Rolled Down Her Rosy Cheeks.
So, They Were Married In A Week,
A Happy Couple Who Was Blessed By The Whole Town
They Honeymooned In The Family Villa In A Little Island
And To The World, They Seemed
The Greatest Lovers In History To Be Written Down
The Boy Was Filled With Pride; He Was The Luckiest Person On Earth
When He Looked At The Majestically Curved Face,
And Lost Himself In Those Serene Blue Hypnotising Eyes.
The Mother Was Ecstatic In Seeing Her Son Smiling,
What She Couldn’t See Was The Girl’s Silent Mourning,
It Didn’t Matter To Her, Coz,
She Didn’t Care For Leresa’s Feelings,
She Was A Winner, Which Was All, She Wasn’t A Human Being
And Yet, She’d Conquered The Thing Called ‘Love’.
Then, Tragedy Struck One Day,
The Girl’s Father Lay Dead On His Bed,
Silent As Night, Still Like Stone
Sadly, There Was No-One For Him To Mourn,
Only Her Daughter At His Bed-Side,
For People Despise Poverty.
To The Girl, The Deal Had Ended,
There Was No Need To Return To The ‘Airy’ Cage,
So, She Took Shelter In Her Lover’s House
The Next Day, The Boy Saw Them-
Passionately Holding & Kissing Each Other,
Through Their Open Door;
He Wished Them Luck Secretly As He Stormed
Through His Palace Sobbing,lnbrk2r

Smiles dont last forever sometimes they fade

Smiles Dont Last Forever
Sometimes They Fade To Grey.
Its Hard To Keep It Together.
When Your Leaving Me This Way.
How Can I Breathe With No Air.
Its So Hard Not To Die.
When Your Not Ever There.
Do I Hear The Reply.
My Voice Echoes Off The Walls.
In This Empty Room.
I Sit By The Phone Waiting For Your Call.
Can I Please Hear It Soon.
I Cant Keep This Smile On My Face.
Its Been To Long Your To Late.
Not Enough Sorrys To Many Mistakes.
Not Enough Time To Waste.
Too Long Too Late I Hear The Reply.
Telling Me Another Lie

I saw a homeless on the road

I Saw A Homeless On The Road In Front Of A Skyscraper
And He Was Throwing Peanuts From His Holey Pocket To Stray Pigeons With A Toothless Smile.
Oh! What A Lovely Morning?
Seeing A Strange Person Who’s Peniless But He Feeds Others Without Any Hesitation.
And He Knows The Bird-Language Well It Seems.
* A Humble Dedication To My Sick Friend Jerry Who’s Very Quiet Nowadays And May He Recovers Very Soon And Back To The Site As Usual.

Time will come for me to leave

Time Will Come For Me To Leave You, Mother,
Having Heard Many Of Time The Love, You Have
For Me And Others,
It’s The Joy, That I Will Take From This Place,
My Hands Feel The Sadness Upon Your Face,
Be Happy For Me, Mother,
Soon I Will Be With My, Brother.

I am amazed by the touch of

I Am Amazed…
By The Touch Of You Hand,
I Am Amazed.
With Every Kiss That Makes My Lips Tingle,
I Am Amazed.
With Every Hug That Send Chills Down My Spine,
I Am Amazed.
Everytime The Words “I Love You” Reach Me Ears,
I Am Amazed.
With The Green And Yellow Sparkles In Your Eyes,
I Am Amazed.
With All Of Your Flaws,
I Am Amazed.
You Told Me You Were Here Forever,
I Am Amazed.
You Were Not What I Wanted; You’re So Much More,
I Am Amazed.
The Memories Of You Will Be Contiued,
I Am Amazed.
You Perfection Is Mine Forever,
I Am Amazed.
I Love You,
I Am Amazed

When im gone tell him how much

When I-‘m gone,
Tell him how much I loved him,
Tell him what he meant to me,
&tell him how much he hurt me.
Tell him about all the time I wasted,
Tell him how the end result was a broken heart
& tell him how much I cried.
Tell him how much I worried over him getting hurt,
Tell him how much I prayed for his safety,
& tell him how I tried to protect him.
Tell him how seeing him killed me,
Tell him about the hurt I had to live with
&tell him that I thought he didn-‘t care.
Tell him how long I waited for his texts,
Tell him how tempted I was to call
&tell him how I wanted to talk to him.
Tell him how much I wanted to scream,
Tell him how much the pain over whelmed me
&tell him how I was hardly living.
Tell him how I couldn-‘t concentrate,
Tell him how I couldn-‘t eat
&tell him how I couldn-‘t sleep.
Tell him about all my diaries,
Tell him about all the poems I wrote
& tell him about all those letters.
Tell him about all the blades I used,
Tell him about all the blood that poured
&tell him about all the overdoses I took.
Tell him how my health disintegrated,
Tell him how ill I became
& tell him how many times I tried to take my life.
Tell him how I couldn-‘t handle the pain,
Tell him how I couldn-‘t tolerate the hurt
&tell him how I thought life was nothing without him.
Tell him when I-‘m gone,
Tell him until he understands
&tell him until he feels what I felt.
Tell him I loved him,
Tell him I love him,
&tell him I always will.
Tell him I-‘ll be waiting for him,
Tell him I-‘ll be up there somewhere watching over him,
&tell him I-‘ll be praying that he joins me one day,
But make sure you tell him when I-‘m gone!

Is it all but a dream somebody

Is It All But A Dream?
Somebody Wake Me,
From This,
This Can’t Be Real..
Can It?
You Can’t Be Gone.
It’s Just Not Possible Is It?
What Did I Do To Deserve This?
Please Come Back..
Somebody Wake Me Up..
I Can’t Take It.
I Have No Reason To Be.
Without You.
There’s Just No,

You hesitate to come here and do

You Hesitate To Come [Here] And Do Not Call Me, Either
You Don’t Inform Me Of The Reasons For Terminating Relations, Either!
What Did You Say? Please Repeat, “I Do Not Listen To You.”
If You Do Not Listen, I Also Do Not Speak To Such People, Either!
There Is [So] Much Hidden! (Sarcastically) That You Are Sitting Alongside The Curtain-
You Do Not Clearly Hide And Do Not Come Forward, Either!
If The Relation Has Been Severed, Then Why Continue Oppressions?
Those Who [Truly] No Longer Have A Reason To, Do Not [Further] Tease, Either!
If You Are Sick Of Life, O Daag, Then Why Do You Live?
Life Is Not Valuable To You And You Do Not Leave It, Either!

I wondered just the other day why

I Wondered Just The Other Day,
Why I Never Sent You Flowers,
It Was Something That I Could Not Say,
It Was Not Within My Power.

Then One Day My Love Was Gone,
And The Door Of My Heart Flung Wide,
To Sing Forever A True Love Song,
To Always Keep You By My Side.

Nights i dream of you wish were

Nights I Dream Of You
Wish You Were Here By My Side
Thinking Of You So Many Times
When Were Together
It Felt So Right We Were So Happy
And I Know It Also Meant Something To You,
Then You Had To Leave
And Heard Not A Word From You
When We Talk You Say You Miss Me
Why Have You Treated Me This Way.
I-‘m Sitting And Wondering
I’m Starring In Front Of Me
I Feel A Lump In My Throat
I Sit With Tears In My Eyes
Feeling Low, I Know You Gone
Why Did You Leave Me This Way
You Promise You Will Never Leave.
Why Did You Have To Leave?
Why Did You Say Goodbye
But What I Feel For You
You’ll Never Know.
Why Did You Have To Leave?

I had the highest hopes for you

I Had The Highest Hopes
For You And I
I Kept Moving Towards You
I May Have Stumbled Alot
But I Never Took My Eyes Off You
No Matter How Dark It Got
Or How Slippery The Slop
I Stayed Loyal And Stubbornly True To You
And Yet I Never Saw This Coming
Because Of One Of My Stumbles I Have A Child On The Way
He Wasn’t Planned Or Expected
But He Is My Son None The Less
But Now You You Blind Me With The Truth
Of How Much You Love Me
When You Said You Wanted
Another Mans Seed
To Grow Your Own Child
To Live With That Stranger
So You Could Have The Child You So Desperately Wanted
And You Claim To Love Me To Have Faith In Me And To Be True To Me
I Gave You My All I Gave You Everything I Had
I Have Nothing Left
And You Lash At Me Because Of What You Said Hurt Me
You Say You Dind’t Meant It You Just Wanted To Wake Me Up
You Threaten Me
You Abuse Me
You Stomp My Heart Flat
And Yet I Still Love You

I said loved you darling and gave

I Said I Loved You, Darling,
And Gave You All My Heart.
Yet You Chose To Leave Our Love Behind,
You Chose For Us To Part
What Else Can I Say, My Love?
I Know This Language Well
Was It The Words Of Love I Spoke?
Or Was It The Words I Didn’t Tell?
For If That’s The Way I Failed,
And You Chose To Leave That Day
I’m Sorry, My Love
What Else Can I Say?

The first time i saw ur face

The First Time I Saw Ur Face
I Didn’t Know That U Will Be So Special
But As The Time Passed
I Couldn’t Sleep,Eat Or Do Anything
When U Kissed Me The First Time
I Felt Something I Never Felt Before.
The Passion The Feeling I Had, Told Me That It’s Love
I Never Felt My Heart Pound So Fast.
I Wanted To Say I Love U But I Wasn’t Sure How U Will Take It.
Then One Day U Came To Me & Told Me That U Love Me
That Was The Happiest Day Of My Life.
U R My Life, My Dream, My Everything.
So Every Breath I Take Is For U
I Don’t Have Anything Else To Say Except That I Love U

The person i wanted to be friends

The Person I Wanted To Be Friends Forveer
Is Now Like A Stranger To Me Today
He Was So Close To My Heart
But Today Being Near He Is No Where
It Hurts Me More Then Anything Today
That May Be We Wont Be Like We Were Before
Since I Lost Everythibg I Had
And There Is No More To Looose Now
I Dont Know Why I Feel That
He Is A Part Of Me I Dont Wanna Loose
Life Is A Big Puzzle And There Are All The Peices
He Is A Bbig Peice But May Be He Dotn Understands
Sometimes Cuz Of One Peice
The Who Story Makes No Sense
Wish God Makes All Things Alright
I Dont Wanna Loose Anyone Anymore

I love you like were my own

I Love You Like You Were My Own Skin,
Always And Forever, Loving And Tender,
I Think Off‚  You Each Day, Every Hour
And Every Minute But I Love Thinking Off You Every Second-Â…

Because Dots The Sound Of My Heart Beat,
Never Ending, As Sweet As Your Smile,
A Tender Kiss Last For A Long While-Â…
In My Mind You-‘re Always A Thought
But In My Heart You-‘re The Most Precious
Gem Off Them All Important As The Red Stream That Flows Through My Veins-Â…
In A Short Time I-‘ve Learned How To Like U,
But Ill Spend A Lifetime Learning How To Love You
Teach Me And I Will Learn, Show And I Will Try,
Love Me And Together Happy Tears We Will Cry,
For The Same Yearning That Drives Your Soul To Mine Is Deeper Within I-Â….
I-‘m Yours Here; Now, Lets Make It Forever, Just Show Me How-Â…
by Mangunza‚ 

I try to make my mind do

I Try To Make My Mind Do The Things That Should Be Done,
And Then Your Much-Adored Face Blocks All View Of Worldly Things.
You Have Disrupted My Whole World.
My Very Being Depends On The Thought
That I May Somehow Steal A Few Precious Moments Of Your Time.
If In The Course Of My Dreary Day
I Couldn-‘t Hope To See You, Touch You, Love You,
Then There Would Be No Reason To Live-Â…that Day To Its End.
My Life, My Joy Or Sorrow, Depend Only On Your Love For Me.
Just To Hear The Sound Of Your Voice
Can Lift My My Heart To The Very Portals Of Heaven And Then One Touch,
One Caress, One Soft Brush Of Your Lips On Mine Is The Key
That Can Lead Me To A Paradise
Far Beyond My Wildest Dreams.
A Paradise Where Love Is Master, And Being Master Love Is All.
All In Such A Way There Is No Room For Fear Or Doubt.
For In Love Fear And Doubt Can Only Destroy-Â…
They Can Twist A Heart Full Of Love
Into A Heart Full Of Hate Or They Can Take A Heart
And Leave It So Broken, So Shattered,
That It Can Never Again Feel The Joy Of Love.
You Are, My Darling, The Master Of My Paradise.
So As You Walk Through Our Paradise Walk Slowly, Speak Softly,
So That The Joy Of Love Can Grow
Until The Breath Of Life Has Left My Soul.
Until Then, Never Take From Me The Joy Only You Can Give.
Never Deprive Me Of Your Love.
For To Deprive Me Of This Is To Take Away The Reason For Life Itself.
For As Long As I Have Your Love, I Will Have Life,
After That The Pages Are Just A Blank.
Throughout Eternity I Am Yours-Â…

Rabbi eliezer listened to a voice from

Rabbi Eliezer Listened To A Voice
From Heaven, Which Had Little Merit.
He Said That If He Had No Choice
He-‘d Also Listen To A Parrot.
In Yiddish Parrot-‘s Papagei,
Which Makes It Like A Voice From Heaven
That-‘s Spoken By The Papa Guy
Deciding Akhinai-‘s Pure Oven.

Love is not sumthg that born in

Love Is Not Sumthg That Is Born In The Morning,
Shines In The Noon And Dies At Night
It Borns When Its Not Needed And
Dies Wen You Need It The Most !
Ice Is A Cream, Love Is A Dream,
But Our Friendship Is Evergreen.
Dont Make Friend Before Understanding And
Dont Break Friendship After Understanding.
Few Relations In Earth Never Die Take
1st Letter From Each Word To Get The Word In Which I Mean A Lot

My love for you is an ocean

My Love For You Is An Ocean
As Far As The Eye Can See,
Transcending The Yellow Horizon,
As Tall As The Tallest Tree.

I Love You Like A Melody;
Sweet Song That Soothes My Soul,
Like Music Of The Angels,
You Make My Spirit Whole.
I Love You Like A Candle
That Lights The End Of The Road,
You’re My Saviour In The Darkness
To Have And To Hold.
My Love For You Is Endless
Till Death Us Do Part,
You’re Forever My Existance;
Eternally My Heart.

Monday morning at eight am begins my

Monday Morning,
At Eight Am
Begins My Tussle With A Computer
Before I Break For Lunch,
My Work Would Be To Defeat Tough Enemies
Like Bugs And Errors,
After A Meal,
Comes An Unexpected Guest,
A Mail From My Pm,
Within A Blink Of An Eye,
Requesting Me To Get Ready For Another Tussle,
Like The Soft Touch Of My Beloved-‘s Dress,
Now And Then Some Forward Mails,
To Appease My Mind-Â…
When I Return
After A Tough Discussion In The Eve,
It Makes Me Long For A Friday,
Not To Visit The Shrine,
But As It Would Be Weekend-Â…
For The Tough Hard Work That I Do
I Am Called A Software Engineer

Hidden in her closet stashed behind skirts

Hidden In Her Closet Stashed Behind Skirts And Dresses,
Are The Memories Of Things Her Heart Seldom Confesses.
For Secreted Within Her Closet In A Secluded Little Nook,
Is Where She Keeps Memories In Her Treasured Scrap Book.
She Glances At Its Pages, Special Times To Remember.
The Sweetness Of Past Love, Emotions Delicate And Tender.
Living On Its Pages Are Times Spent With Her Close Friends.
And When Love Gloriously Begins And When It Sadly Ends.
As She Flips Through The Book With Past Voices To He Calling,
She Remembers All Her Triumphs & Lost Opportunities Appalling. ?
Traveling Down Memory Lane, Knotted Feelings Soon Untie.
How She Adores These Trinkets Of Happy Days Gone By.
Gazing At These Yellowed Pages, Emotions She Exudes.
This Scrapbook Has A Power Over Her She Concludes.
For When It Is Melancholy That She Sometimes Feels,
A Journey To These Pages And Her Heart Magically Heals.
And So To You My Darling, This Poem I Now Give.
So That Away In Your Scrapbook I May Always Live.
cby frost1_2000‚ 

When you sit in discussion viewing and

When You Sit In Discussion
Viewing And Giving Notice To What I Do
Singing My Life, Making A Free Style Out Of It
Making Jokes, Having Fun
About The Way That I Talk, The Way I Walk
The Style Of My Hair
And How Life For Me You Think It Is So Fair
Talking About Whom I See
What Kind Of A Man Is He
Where Is He From And Who Is He With
Trying To Figure Out Why He Is Cheating On Me
Dotting Down The Times That I Cry, Laugh Or Sigh
The Places I Go To
And The People I Hang With Or Wave At
You Have Been Busy Now I See
You Won-‘t Rest Nor Cease
You-‘ve Dedicate Your Lives To Mine
You-‘ve Been My Followers, My Fans
The World Even Knows
Hush! Shush! Enough, Now I Yell
Let Me Live My Life
Let Me Embrace The Love Of A Cheating Man
Let Me Be Shamelessly Miserable
Hence That I-‘ve Solely Chosen

Whenever im down and out i turn

Whenever I-‘m Down And Out
I Turn To You And You Were Always There
Wishing Me -Â…guiding Me Always To Achieve
That Something Which Is Just Not Possible With Out You
You Showed Me The True Essence Of Love
And I-‘m Grateful To The Lord For Giving Me Such A True Friend
You Were There When I Had A Smile
You Were There When I Was In Tears
You Were Always There For Every Thing I Ever Wanted
If Ever You Wondered What U Mean To Me
This Is What I Feel About You-Â…
Never Far From You
Never Far From The Fragrance Of Your Sweet Love
In My Heart Is Where You Are
And There You Will Reside Forever

I love you so much cause it8217s

I Love You So Much Cause It’s A Sound Of My Heart
And I Don’t Know What’s Happened With Me
In My Dreams You Met Me Their On My Thinking
You Are Thier On The Work You Are Their
On My Everything You Are Thier People Say That
You Are A Lover And I Say Yes I Think I Love Her
People Say That Is She Loves You And I Says
I Don’t Think So I Just Know One Thing And That
Is That I Love Her And If She’s Not So What
It Is Enough For Me That I Love Her
And I Can Spend My Whole Just For Her One Smile
And Now I Take You’re Much Time People
Take Care You All

As you stand in front of us

As You Stand In Front Of Us Talking We
Realize We Are The Ones Losing.
Losing All Trust Built Up Between These
Decades Of Lies. Losing The Image Of
The One We Love; Continue To Love In This
Trist Of Lies.

Unrepairable Is The Relationship Once
Shared, Parent To Child, Sibling To Sibling,
And Yes, Even That Of A Friend.
We’ve Lost The Image We Used To Have
Of You; Up To This Point Everything Is A Lie.
No Longer Is There The Respect Once Given
For You. No Longer Is There A Subtle Hello.
For You Know You’ve Lost Us And That Is What
You’re Ashamed Of Most.
You Too Are Lost But Have Yet To Realize This
Trend. You Forget All That We’ve Done For You
And That We Were The First Friend. If You Choose
To Snap Your Mind Out Of The Winding Path You’re
In, Just Remember Who Were There For You When
Your World Would Always Collapse In.
Dear Sister, Here Is My Plea, Those Who Are
Lost Can Be Found, And Maybe One Day You
Can Return To Thee.

Q what are the creeds a creeds

Q. What Are The Creeds?
A. The Creeds Are Statements Of Our Basic Beliefs About God.
Q. How Many Creeds Does This Church Use In Its Worship?
A. This Church Uses Two Creeds: The Apostles’ Creed And The Nicene Creed.
Q. What Is The Apostles’ Creed?
A. The Apostles’ Creed Is The Ancient Creed Of Baptism;
It Is Used In The Church’s Daily Worship To Recall Our Baptismal Covenant.
Q. What Is The Nicene Creed?
A. The Nicene Creed Is The Creed Of The Universal Church And Is Used At The Eucharist.
Q. What, Then, Is The Athanasian Creed?
A. The Athanasian Creed Is An Ancient Document Proclaiming
The Nature Of The Incarnation And Of God As Trinity.
The Trinity
Q. What Is The Trinity?
A. The Trinity Is One God: Father, Son, And Holy Spirit.
Q. What Is The Trinity?
A. The Trinity Is One God: Father, Son, And Holy Spirit.
The Holy Spirit
Q. What Is The Holy Spirit
A. The Holy Spirit Is The Third Person Of The Trinity,
God At Work In The World And In The Church Even Now.
Q. How Is The Holy Spirit Revealed In The Old Covenant?
A. The Holy Spirit Is Revealed In The Old Covenant As The Giver Of Life,
The One Who Spoke Through The Prophets.
Q. How Is The Holy Spirit Revealed In The New Covenant?
A. The Holy Spirit Is Revealed As The Lord Who Leads Us Into
All Truth And Enables Us To Grow In The Likeness Of Christ.
Q. How Do We Recognize The Presence Of The Holy Spirit In Our Lives?
A. We Recognize The Presence Of The Holy Spirit When We Confess
Jesus Christ As Lord And Are Brought Into Love And Harmony With God,
With Ourselves, With Our Neighbors, And With All Creation.
Q. How Do We Recognize The Truths Taught By The Holy Spirit?
A. We Recognize Truths To Be Taught By The Holy Spirit When
They Are In Accord With The Scriptures

For as long the grain of sand

For As Long As The Grain Of Sand Is In The Mouth
Of The Mother Pearl So There Will Be Pearls
It Is The Pain That Makes It
It Is The Wound That Makes The Scar
It Is The Blur That Makes The Eyes
Work Hard To See
It Is The Haze And The Mist
That Make Us Stand And Wait And Carefully See
To Find What Is There
When The Light Of The Sun Finally Comes
It Is What Is Inside Me
That I Cannot Just Tell You
That Makes Me Write
And For As Long As I Am Muted By Your Presence
I Will Always Have Something To Write
For As Long As My Tongue Is Tied
And Nothing Slips From There
I Will Always Write
Because There Is No Other Outlet
No Vent
For As Long As I Fear Your Wrath
I Must Continue To Write
From The Bondage Of My Teeth And Tongue
My Hands And Mind
Shall Find Its Way To Freedom

I can even take it anymore there8217s

I Can Even Take It Anymore
There’s So Much I Don’t Know
There Are Too Many Un Answered Questions.
Like Why Did You Have To Go.

Why Did You Have To Leave Me
And Laugh At All My Pain?
Why Is It You Do This?
What Is It You Gain?
How Can You Live Your Life
Not Caring About Me At All.
Even Thought’s No Longer There.
We Had A Love Which Stood Tall
So How Can You Watch Me.
And Laugh At My Tears?
Is It Even Me Laughing At
Or At You Laughing At Your Fears?
Were You Scared Of What Was Ahead.
Did You Fear You Werte Falling Too Deep?
Or Do You Hurt Me Like This?
Because You Know Mu Heart You’ll Keep?
I Don’t Get How You Will Always Love Me.
But At The Same Time Have A Heart Filled With Hate.
You Never Want Me To Talk Me Again.
But That Was May Be From The Beginning, Our Fate..
Never To Talk Again
I Leave You Now Forever.
Never To Look Back Upon.
Our Happy Times Together.
I Know You Won’t Be Back…
I Should Stop Living In My Dream!…
Because It’s Time For Everyone.
To Know The Real Love Is…

It is close to midnight i can

It Is Close To Midnight
I Can Only Hear The Sound Of The Keys
On The Key Board
Going Up And Down Lazily

Nothing But A Smiling Face
On The Computer Screen
Looking At Me Silently
Trying To Say Something
Something For Sure
But What…. ?

I wade in a great valley i8217d

I Wade In A Great Valley,
I’d Seen A Beautiful Lady,
She Was So Comely And Lovely,
It Seems Like Fascinating Me.

In My Dreams She Always Appear,
In My Mind She Always There,
Extreme Feelings That I Can’t Explain,
Perhaps I In Love & Wouldn’t Take A Vain.
I Always Go To The Great Valley,
To Gaze The Gorgeous Lady,
One Day When I Veered To That Valley,
I’d Seen Her Closely And Starkly.
I Picked Up A Single White Rosse,
In A Garden That Was So Fabulous,
Beating Of My Heart Was Melodious,
Wishing That She’ll Not Bemuse.
I Spent My Time Looking At Her Surreptitiously,
Her Eyes Just Like Rising Sun At The Middle Of The Sea,
She Looks So Charm & Demure, It Almost Perfectly,
How I Wish…We Have The Same Destiny.

Your beautiful blue eyes a glowing that8217s what8217s

Your Beautiful Blue Eyes A-Glowing,
That’s What’s Keeping Me Going,
Your Smile Is Sweet,
It’s A Wonderful Treat,
Val I’m Glad I Met You.

I Adore Those Luscious Lips,
I Didn’t Forget Those Hips,
I Love To Feel Your Touch,
I Already Like You So Much,
Val I’m Glad I Met You.
You A Have A Big Heart Of Gold,
I’m Sure That You’ve Been Told,
I Know It Hasn’t Been Long,
I Hope That I’m Not Wrong,
Val I’m Glad I Met You.

Be an optimist instead of a pessimist

Be An Optimist, Instead Of A
Pessimist And I Guarantee,
You’ll Get Somewhere. If You
Always Looks On The Dark Side,
Just Like Yourself, No One Else, Is
Going To Care. Say To Yourself,
It’s Going To Get Better And With
These Words, You’ll Move Right
Along. When You Stay On Top Of
It All, How Can You Not, Become
Strong? Don’t Let Yourself Falter,
As You Did In The Past. As You
Know, It Got You Nowhere, Pretty
Fast. My Advice To You, Is Keep
Trudging On. Be Optimistic And
All The Pessimism, Will Be Gone!

When is a bad judgement not judgement

When Is A Bad Judgement…
Not A Bad Judgement Made?
When That Decision Affects,
Someone Of Another Color?
When That Person Becomes Justified…
To Do What Ones Wishes.
But Not What One Should Do,
As Correctly Applied.
So Much Of This Hypocrisy,
Is Blatant Nonsense That Exists.
And That Is The Reason,
There Are Expressions Of Dissatisfactions.
Disrespect Of Values.
And A Rise In Disturbing Conflicts.
And Those Who Inflict Their Self Righteousness…
Are Explicitly Guilty For Causing All Of This

You where my everything ment more the

You Where My Everything.
You Ment More The Anything.
Now We Are Not Together.
When We Said Forever.
No One Ever Knew.
The Love I Felt For You.
When You’d Hold Me In Your Arms And Your Sweet Loving Charm.
Made My Heart Melt
Because I Wore My Heart On My Belt.
But Now We Are Barellly Friends.
Our Hearts Suposedly Mend.
Though Mine Is Still Broken.
Someday I Will Find My Token

The clouds are having sex using their

The Clouds Are Having Sex
Using Their Jagged Tongues
And Lengthy Moans
They Pour The Sky With
Pleasure That Seeps Into Anger
How Great The Lyrics
Of Their Jaded Love Song, Calling Out
To The Surfaces Of The Ocean
I Love
And Arriving With Ecstatic Shocks
Whispering Touches
Of Light And Sparks
That Light Trees On Fire
Then The Rain Tumbles
Tumbles With Laughter
A Replenishing Food For Health And Love
That Nurtures The Green
Love Is In The Air

In the waxing cycle of my day

In The Waxing Cycle Of My Day,
I Came Upon A Strange Figure
A Young Boy, With Eyes Having A Lot To Say
To Him, I Said -Å—little Boy, Come Hither
Tell Me You Troubles-Â…tell Me Your Bother
He Looked At Me With A Innocent Face
And Said -ŗi Have Lost-….I Have Lost The Race-
Confused, I Said -Å—it-‘s Just A Race-Â….No Big Deal-
The Boy Smiled Sadly And Said:
-Å—you Are The Moon-Â…you Do Not Know
You Are Marveled At-Â….Loved-Â…you Do Not Know
You Do Not Know Why My Tears Fall Continuously
For She Is Not Hear To Wipe Them Away
You Do Not Know Why My Heart Is Marred
For She Always Promised, But Didn-‘t Stay
You Do Not Know I Can Not Sleep
For Her Beautiful Face Will Not Let Me Close My Eyes
You Do Not Know How Much I Love Her
For She Will Never Be Mine
Loving Her Is A Waste Of Tears And Time
But I Still Do-Â…and It Is Killing Me
To See Her So Happy, So Unlike Me
And Now-Â…i Have Lost The Race
The Race Against Time-Â….
For I Will Pass Away-Â…
Before I Could Make Her Mine
Death Has Knocked On My Door
I Will Have To Let It In
But My One Wish Before I Go-Â…
Is To Fall Into Her Arms
To Feel Her Gentle Caress
But, O Beautiful Moon, That Is Not To Be
She Will Never Be Mine
There Is No More Time-…..-
And I, The Beautiful And Precious Moon
Had Nothing To Say But:
-Å—young Man-Â…never Have I Seen
A More Loving Man Than Thee
Never Have I Seen-Â…
A Lover As Sad As Thee-
And The Boy Closed His Eyes-Â…
Letting The Angel Of Death Take Him Away

I am not ur friend if you

I Am Not Ur Friend If
You Have To Think Before
You Speak To Me
I Am Not Ur Friend If
My Presnce Ever Makes
You Feel Uncomfortable
I Am Not Ur Friend If
You Have To Thank Me For
Everything I Do For You
I Am Not Ur Friend If
You Have To Say Sorry For
Evrything That You Dont Do
I Am Not Ur Friend If
You Have To Ask Me For Favours
I Am Not Ur Friend If
You Think I Would Not Be Curious To
Know Ur New Philosophy Of Life
I Am Not Ur Friend If
You Go By What I Say And Do Not
Understand What I Dont Say
I Am Not Ur Friend If
You Think That Listening To Ur
Dreams Would Put Me To Sleep
I Am Not Ur Friend If
You Think That Seeing You In Pain
Would Not Bring A Tear To Me
I Am Not Ur Friend If
You Dont See The Thousand
Ways I Try To Make You Happy
I Am Not Ur Friend If
You Dont Realise How Ur
Smile Brighten Up My Day
I Am Not Ur Friend If
You Would Rather Keep Quiet
When You Really Wanna Talk
I Am Not Ur Friend If
You Hesitate To Ask Me To Stay
Back When You Think We Should Be Together
I Am Not Ur Friend If
You Take So Much Time To
Tell Me What I Mean To You
I Am Not Ur Friend If
You Read This And Dont
Tell Me Am I Ur Friend?

Why do people see me as they

Why Do People See Me As They Do?
They Talk As If They Already Knew
About My Life, Situations, And My Goals
But They Only See Two Things: My Face And My Clothes
The People That Judge At First Sight
Are The People Who Aren’t So Bright
I Don’t Care If They Think I-‘m A Certain Way
They Have Nothing Better To Do Or To Say

Just Because My Appearance Seems Just Right
Doesn-‘t Mean I Don-‘t Have Struggles And Fights
Everyone Goes Through Hard Times Here And There
I Just Don-‘t Show It And Care Not To Share
So Don-‘t Judge Me On How I Look And Dress
Just Be Glad For Me That I-‘m Blessed
Yes, I Go Through My Times Just Like You
I Just Don-‘t Show It, The Way You Do
Krystal Peter

A shore kissed by wave long time

A Shore Kissed By A Wave Long Time Ago
Longing For The Surf To Dangle Among The Sand
Waiting In The Sun At The Edge Of The Water
Darling I Am Waiting… Where Are You…?

A Giant Cypress Standing High Sheltering The Rocks
Waving My Arms To Keep The Gales Out
So You Will Be Warm Safe And Sound
Sitting Among The Roots At My Feet
I Am The Mighty Cloud Floating Above You
Covering Your Path From The Noon Sun
When Ever You Feel Tiny Drops Of Rain
Yes It Is Me Crying But With Glee
To See You Looking Up
With A Smile On Your Lips
I Am Waiting My Dariling
Yes. I Am Waiting Waiting For You
Spread Out Your Wings
And Fly Up To Me
I Am Holding Out My Hands
To Catch You And Float
To Float Away Over The Sunset
Way Up Above The Sunrise
We Will Cross The Milkyway
Just Like This On Our Way
To A Place That No One Knows
Where You Only Know Me
And I Only Know You
For Ever And Ever And Ever

The battlefield speaks to crimson sea wondering

The Battlefield Speaks To The Crimson Sea
Wondering If The Heros Are Still Fighting
The Sky Whispers To The Fiery Battlefield
Telling It The Pilots Are Still Flying High
A Myriad Of Years Tasting Pain, Hearing Prays
And Seeing Blood Flip-Flop Onto The Auburn Soil Like Rain Onto A Window
Nights And Days Cries Of Children And Wails Of Adults, An Unending Orchestra
In A Heaven That Awaits Peace And Freedom To March Home
The Last Rumba, Yet To Begin And The First Musical Pulse, Yet To Be Heard.

What is trust now its so hard

What Is Trust?
Now Its So Hard To Understand
Thought It Was Having Faith In One
Knowing That They Can Never Do You Wrong
Knowing That Even Though Others My Judge
They Would Never Do The Same
I Thought It Was Always Being In It Together
Never Letting Each Other Feel Apart
Always Keeping Each Other Close
Never Failing To Keep Them In Your Heart
I Thought It Was What You Said I Can Always Have In You
That I Can Never Worry
That This Love You Would Always Hold True
I Thought It Was What You Said Would Never Be A Problem
A Salution I Would Never Have To Find
But Now That Trust Is Hard To Find
So Hard For Me To Measure
It Has Sunkin’ So Deep
Wondering If It Will Still Be My Treasure

I was coming down my way ignoring

I Was Coming Down My Way
Ignoring Her House There Lay
I Was In Pleasure In Good Mood
And In Way I Find My Past Stood,
I Feel Nothing But Pleasure Too
I Felt Myself In A Heaven Too
And I Walk Towards My Way
In Way Where My Past Stay,
Nothing I Think, But I Dare
The Emotions That So Long I Care
Scattered Down If They’ll Fell
My Heaven Turned In The Hell
Look At The Sky Which Is So Huge
Broken Heart Of Mine, When She Refuse
I Walk Aslong The People, I Remind
As I Reached There A Stranger, I Find,
Unpredictable Is Nature And It’s Affection
My Emotions Faced Unknown Reaction
Whom I Think The Past Of Mine
Turned Her Back In A Behaviour Fine,
Intentions Were High All Come Down
Guilty Of Her, She Hid In Her Gown
What Of Mine And What To Do?
Whom I Think And She Was Who?
She Turned Her Back, Killed All Emotions Of Mine
Neglected All Devotions Of Mine
She Refused To Know Me As Her Freind
Showed Me A Nonsense Lifeless Trend,
I Think Nothing Come Down My Way
Ignoring Her Face, I Should Or May
The Best I Done With Her I Think!
Had She Done Well, The Girl In Pink?
The Fault Of Her Or The Fault Of Mine
I’d Forgotten The Past Whom, She Remind
Alas! She Stand If There Too Long
I’ll Tell Her That She Is Wrong,
Atlast My Dreams All Are Broken
I Was In Sleep Got Shocking Awaken
I Was In Reality,Oh At Last!
Why I Remind The Went Away Past!
Why I Remind The Went Away Past!

Lets set out into oblivion far far

Lets Set Out Into Oblivion Far, Far Away
Just U And Me Beyond Stars, Miles In Millions
Just Us Let The World Swirl The Minds Whirl
The Sky Dry The Hearts Swell In A Land Wide
In The Green We Ride Where Angels Dwell
Between Mountains We Set Forth
The Journey Of Luv The Endless Sojorn
In The Land We Know And The One We Dont
Let Our Souls Be Our Guides Our Hearts To Decide
Where Will It Take This Luv Of Ours
This Passion Un Named Dive With Me
In A Void Thas Deep Deeper Than Abyss
That Makes My Thoughts Reel Above Our Heads
Right Up There The Stupid World,
The Cruel Vultures Let Them Shriek

Just tell me how would i start

Just Tell Me How Would I Start
Recounting All Those Days We Had
The Joy That We Found In Each Other
Gives Me The Hope Of A Better End.

You Were There In Times Of Sorrow
You Touched My Life Help Me Find Tomorrow
I Couldn-‘t Believe It-‘s True
But You Assured Me Will Make It Through
I-‘ve Believed In Everything You Say Or Do
I-‘ve Thought There Was Really Me And You
For You Fill The Emptiness Within
Which Inspires Me Of Living Then.
You Showed Me How To Feel
A Love Beyond Fear
You Said I Need Not To Worry
We Can Make It All The Way
You-‘ve Promised Honesty With Me
I Count On The Words You Say
That There You-‘ll Be In Loyalty
Spending The Day In Harmony!
We-‘ve Been Together For Always
Laughing, Chatting, Caring Under The Sun Rays
You Shown Me A Dream
A Dream I Thought Was Marmoreal!
The Days We Had Had Gone Like A Ghost
The Fairy Tale I Thought There Was
Has Vanished A Traumatic Caused
Leaving Me A Heart That Is Forever Bruised.

I sit alone in the darkness with

I Sit Alone In The Darkness With Only My Memories Of You.
But My Thoughts Alone Cannot Recover ~
The Sweet, Remembered Hours Of The Way We Were.
My Feelings For You Were Immortal, For I Loved You Strong.
What Ended Our Splendid Dream?
Once Lovers, Now Strangers.
Was It Something Heard, Or A Sudden Cry
That Meekly And Without A Word Came Between Us?
The Bond, That’s Now Forever Broken.
Strangely….We Slipped Apart.
You And I, We Both,
Just Went

The past has gone forever for i

The Past Has Gone Forever For The Past I Have Shed My Tears
But An Email From Richie Mcauliffe Brought Back The Long Lost Years
When We Worked In The Building Of The Millstreet Sewage Plant More Than Thirty Years Ago
For Our Hard Few Months With Tom Curtin’s Crew Little In Financial Gain We Had To Show.

So Nice To Hear From An Old Friend From All Of Those Years Ago
Though The Changes Have Been Occuring I Do Hear Where The Finnow Waters Flow
On To The Great Blackwater To The Ocean Far Away
And The Changes Keep On Happening In The Millstreet Of Today.
In Our Short Stint With Tom Curtin’s Crew No Great Memories To Recall
The Bosses Tough The Work Was Hard And The Pay Was Rather Small
After A Few Beers And A Dance At The Weekend We Were Left With Bugger All
But In Life We Have Been Learning Since The Day We Learned To Crawl.
When Richie Worked With Tom Curtin’s Crew He Was A Young Man Then
The Going Was Tough With Curtin’s Mob Roughshod Work Hardened Men
But Richie Was Not Found Wanting When He Was Put To The Test
When The Going Got Tough He Did Get Going And He Mixed It With The Best.
An Email From Richie Mcauliffe A Friend And Workmate From The Past
It Has Been More Than Twenty Years Since I’ve Seen Him The Time Did Tick On Fast
Brought Back To Me The Memories Of When We Worked With Curtin’s Mob
The Work Was Hard And The Pay Was Small And It Was A Hard Old Job.
Francis Duggan

Why did you go why leave me

Why did you go?
why did you leave me here?
what made you think it was okay to just disappear?
you left me without saying goodbye and without a reason why.
Was it something I did or something I said?
you left me here alone like I was dead.
I want you back, I need you back.
I can’t stand to be alone in the pitch black.
I need your arms wrapped around me so tight.
I don’t want to live in a world that is black and white.
All I want to say to you is.
That I can’t live without you and that I Love You.
But I guess to you, we are through.
So all I got to say is…
Goodbye…goodbye forever.
by brooke_001‚ 

The lighthouse which guards from rocks star

The Lighthouse Which Guards From Rocks
The Star Which Guides By Night
The Compass Needle Pointing North
The Foghorn Calling Through The Mist
The Shepherd’s Gentle Calling Voice
The Ship Arriving Upon The Horizon
The Healer’s Touch Of Grace
The Pathfinder Through Trees’ Maze
.. Sent By The Infinite Love Of God
In Which We Are Always Immersed

Have i found a place called home

Have I Found A Place Called Home?
Is There A Whisper After Every Tunnel?
Do I Deserve As Much, Or Little Than I Get?
Have I Any Clue Of Love, Or Thought Of Lust?
Do I Have A Life To Cry, Or Pride After?
Is There A Decision Of Life, Or Pains Hereafter? Is There?
Do I Have A Reason To Fly-By, And Put My Soul At Ease?
Have I Anything That’s Truly Mine?
How Did I Ever Feel This Love

Four flowers the sun arose in morning

Four Flowers…: The Sun arose in Morning Glory, with His Goldenrod wanding Violet to Rose
The bees’ favorite couplet.. sunup brimming buttercuplet
When God greengrows it’s rarely in rows… awry the rye rises…unruly the rose
How awesome How sublime That out of muck and mud and slime….God makes lemons God makes limes.
The sun arises and rouses the rose
April is aproned with apricot blooms.
They called the wind lackadaisical
but because she in freedom blows
the world will never………..lack for daisies
Dawndrawn, dandelions summoned by the sun… spread gold parasols
Little Tree, Little Tree, I wonder where you are
to thank you for the sweet pink fruit you did weave
from distant star.
Each night the tree of nut out of naught knits neat nuts
Into the daisy the sun has spun his gold as his rays have rolled into the marigold
The bee Hector needs no lector to read him the sector
where blooms of great nectar pour fragrance in vectors
Weeding, whispered the Great Spirit…is plant racism
Ivy and violets vy not with the violent.
In the predawn violet… as they wake the violets… of the unsung.. birds sing…
Why is the rose encircled by thorns? To protect her from plucking
Bursting blooms of bluebonnet to the sun sing silent sonnets
A beetlebored bamboo flute.. Yonder wind plays upon it
Hawaiian breadfruit… shed your Joseph’s coat of many colors..
your 1000 panes of stained glass mosaic.. and become 10,000 breadfruit trees
Enpine the cone! Enoak acorn! Enpear the seed that inner
sun be freed!
Held the dew the buttercup better than the butternut
For every tree and wildflower He has willed the power
as He flows through all an effortless willpower
Delilah’s lilac’d fields Lilliputian the Lord of Love has many lilies put in
He is one with every Obama, Blair, every Chavez, Castro and Putin.
As birds helped Cinderella to dress for the dance,
the peony made her debut because of kind ants
The peony sphere has no perfume.. until she opens the petals
of her heart
He no longer daisy petals shreds to ask if her love for him has been shed
Impatience always show patience as they weave new blooms from
the sun and cloud looms
The meadows are asterisked by asters. Though they
seem randomly sprayed, not a single one has gone astray.
Clover lamps with their curved necks hang over the cobbles
of a London sidewalk shedding purple light in their tiny world
(God indwells all beings, every green, libertarian,
socialist, communist, labour and conservative. democrat,
and republican
4 Flowers is to Rosita and Charlie Davis
Awry the rye rises is to Rosalie Cohen Quine and to Sharan Freundschuh
Little Tree Little Tree is to Tattva of Moundsville
Tree of Nut is to Nat Altman, Nate Slocum, Natalie Ryder, Knute Larson
Enpine t

I always ask myself why do u

I Always Ask Myself, Why Do U Love This Guy With All Your Heart
One Minute
For Me You Seem To Care
The Next Minute
You Act Like You Don’t Care

Forgive Me For The Things That I Never Said To You
Forgive Me For Not Knowing The Right Words To Prove
But I’m Not Sorry For My Love
I’m Not Sorry For My Touch
My Heart In Your Hands It Lies
Alone And Depressed It Sadly Cries
My Heart Knows No Boundaries
Loving You From A Far Is Hard–For
The Color Of Your Eyes
Shine Like The Stars In The Sky
The Smile On Your Face
Is Gentle As The First Snowflake
Your Soft Gentle Touch
Makes A Person Care So Much
You Made Me Happy Through My Depression
You Showed Mo Love When I Was Giving Up On Myself
When We Were Together You Made Me Feel Free
You Made Me Feel Like I Could Do Anything If I Had You With Me
If You Love Someone Set Them Free
If It Is Ment To Be, All Will See
My Mind Keeps Telling Me Yes It’s True
But My Heart Keeps Telling Me Don’t Let Go
How Many Dreams Will End
How Long Can I Pretend
How Many Times Will Love Pass Me By
Until I Find You Again
I Lie Awake At Night
Wondering Where You Are
How You Are Doing
Wishing You Were Here With Me Tonight
Don’t Care What They Think, How They Feel Or What They Say
You’re Everything I Never Knew
I Always Wanted, Nobody Know’s You
Like I Do, The Only One For Me Is You
by blue_eyes‚ 

Boy look at the sky my dear

Boy: Look At The Sky My Dear
Tonight It Looks So Clear
Can You Find Some Thing?
Girl: No-Â…nothing The Sky Looks Clear
Boy: Look At It With Your Heart
Can You Find Some Thing Now?
Girl: No Nothin Can Be Found Its Clear
Boy: Wanna Know What My Heart Can See??
Boy: Stars Can Be Seen-Â…
Stars That Can Be Seen Are
The Pieces Of My Heart Waiting For You
Remaining Are The One-‘s That Fell Away
To Make Your Wishes True
I Wish My Heart, Beats Again
If It Can Make Your Wishes True
But I-‘m Afraid The Sky Is Clear
There Ended The Last Beat Of My Heart
Before You-‘ve Realized What You Have Lost
But The Girl Stood Speechless

No moving parts batteries monthly payments and

No Moving Parts, No Batteries
No Monthly Payments And No Fees
Inflation Proof, Non-Taxable
In Fact, It’s Quite Relaxable
It Can’t Be Stolen, Won’t Pollute
One Size Fits All, Do Not Dilute
It Uses Little Energy,
But Yields Results Enormously
Relieves Your Tension And Your Stress
Invigorate Your Happiness
Combats Depression, Makes You Beam
And Elevates Your Self Esteem
Your Circulation It Corrects
Without Unpleasant Side Effects
It Is, I Think, The Perfect Drug
May I Prescribe, My Friend The Hug

I will take my sabbath in you

I Will Take My Sabbath
In You My Shepherd
My Love
I Will Walk Where You
Send Me, So Please
Send Me

I Will Give My Heart
To Your Righteous Ways
And Praise
Letting It Cascade
From My Eyes To
I Will Help Your Love
To Be Known Here In
This Earthly Home
Until It Be Known To All
In Your House
In Heaven
Our Home.

So many things have changed and our

So many things have changed,
And our group is now torn apart.
Friendships have ended,
Over a change of heart.
My trust in you has now gone,
I thought we were friends till the end.
I guess u really find out,
Who your friends are in the end.
Secrets have been let out,
In the most terrible ways.
Friends back-stabbing,Day after day.
You are the main culprit,
In splitting our group in two.
Hurting others and my feelings,
Also hurting you.
Why did you let out those secrets,
We told you to keep so much?
Why are you acting like it-‘s nothing,
Yet it means so much. I feel so angry,
Yet so sad inside. So disappointed in you,
You betrayed us, you lied. I-‘m fed up with the lies,
And trust that can-‘t be mended.
This is our friendship,
It has ended.

Colours galore petals so soft beauty of

Colours Galore,
Petals So Soft,
Beauty Of Nature,
An Asset To The Plant…
Aroma So Fresh,
Lifts All Spirits High,
Colours So Soft,
Soothes All Little Eyes…
Carries The Future In Itself,
In The Pollen It Contains,
Sown By Bees And Birds,
On The Soft Earth’s Crest…
Enjoy The Beauty,
Flower Contains,
For Ultimate Is The Joy,
Of What It Brings…

When things go well it is easy

When Things Go Well, It Is Easy To Be Of Good Cheer;
Life Seems Good, We’re Happy, No Time For A Tear.
When The Good Times Are Over And We Wear A Frown,
When Problems Weigh Upon Us And Wear Us Down,
Find Our Voice, Give Thanks For The Blessings Given;
Pray To The Lord For Whom The Soul Has Striven
We Will Be Blessed And Holy Sprit Driven
To Praise Him Morning, Noon And Night
Even If Life Seems A Plight
Soon Troubles Will Take Flight
In Him We Will Delight.
Find Our Voice He’s Our Choice
We Rejoice Find Our Voice

Who made the world swan and black

Who Made The World?‚  Who Made The Swan, And The Black Bear?
Who Made The Grasshopper? This Grasshopper I Mean
The One Who Has Flung Herself Out Of The Grass
The One Who Is Eating Sugar Out Of My Hand
Who Is Moving Her Jaws Back And Forth Instead Of Up And Down
Who Is Gazing Around With Her Enormous And Compicated Eyes
Now She Lifts Her Pale Forearma And Thoroughly Washes Her Face
Now She Snaps Her Wings Open. And Floats Away
I Don’t Know Exactly What A Prayer Is
I Do Know How To Pay Attention How To Fall Down
Into The Grass, How To Kneel Down In The Graas
How To Be Idle And Blessed, How To Stroll Through The Fields
Which Is What I Have Been Doing All Day
Tell Me, What Else Should I Have Done?
Doesn’t Everything Die At Last And Too Soon?
Tell Me What Is It You Plan To Do
With Your One Wild And Precious Life?

I will have faith in man that

I Will Have Faith In Man
That Is Hard To Understand
Show Some Humility
You Have The Ability
Get Right With Me
Friends, If You’ve Lost Your Way
You Will Find It Again Some Day
Come Down From Your Pedestals
And Open Your Mouths That’s All
Get Right With Me
Life Is Such A Short Thing
That I Cannot Comprehend
But If This Life Were A Bought Thing
There Are Ways I Know We’d Mend
People, Take My Advice
Already Told You Once, Once Or Twice
Don’t Waste Your Energy
Making Apologies Get Right With Me

I wish to find opium hold my

I Wish To Find Opium To Hold My Heart;
I Wish To Fly Away To The Famous Five,
Chinese Mountains;
To Be Enchanted And Sooth My Heart,
This Heart Of Mine Is Painfully Broken,
I Wanted To Be Loved Forever, Be Close To You;
Now Look, You’re Distanced,
Like A Horizon In The Sky Merging
With The Top Of Five Chinese Mountains,
Your Heart Should Be Merged With Mine;
What Can I Say…….

La posie dcrit de belle manire ce

La PoƒÂ©sie
DƒÂ©crit De Belle ManiƒÂ¨re
Ce Que Ressens Mon Coeur.
Les Romans
Racontent Notre Histoire
Comme Dans Mon RƒÂªve.

Des Livres
Par Des ThƒÂ©ories
Confirment Mon DƒÂ©sir Ardent.
De Ma Bouche
Quelques Phrases Te Disent
I Love You.

His trusting eyes break down brick walls

His Trusting Eyes
Break Down Brick Walls
That I Have Created Over The Years For Protection
Creating For Me, A Sweet Addiction
He Slowly Breaths In His Death
Flying Higher On Imaginary Wings
Composing For Him A Carefree And Deluding World
Creating For Him, A Disasterous Addiction
His Soft Full Lips
Sing Undeniable Praises
Melodies Of Love And Affection
Feeding My Sweet Addiction
Best Of Friends
Spending Time With Each Other
Aiding And Abetting Each Others Obsession
Feeding His Disasterous Addiction
More Happy
Then I Have Ever Been Before
He Treats Me Like A Princess Of Royal Descent
I Am Addicted To His Love
More And More Everyday
He Falls Deeper And Deeper
Plummeting So Far, Soon To Be Lost
He Is Addicted To His Love
More And More Everday
I Fall Deeper And Deeper
My Heart Beats In His Chest
The Addiction Has Become A Need
Fallen To Far
Lost Touch With Reality
Passed On To Another World
His Addiction Caused His Fatal End
Lost A Requirement
Cant Live Without Him
I Cut And I Cut, Blood Drains From My Arms
His Addiction Caused My Fatal End.
by katiesue7‚ 

Can we surely separate our feeling of

Can We Surely Separate
Our Feeling Of Anger And Mercy
When We Care A Naughty Kid?
Can We Positively Distinguish
Our Emotion Of Desperate And Hope
When We Face A Difficult Job?
Can We Confidently Severalize
Our Obsession Of Anguish And Joyful
When We Involve With An Enigmatic Fate?
All Unite All Converge
Coalesce Into Oneness
All Flow All Flush
All Unify All Merge
Integrate Into Oneness
All Stream All Surge
All Combine All Consolidate
Syncretize Into Oneness
All Current All Circulate

Life is a path that one must

Life Is A Path,
That One Must Take,
With Plenty Of Choices,
For One Person To Make.
One Road Is Easy,
With Nothing In The Way,
But It’s Boring And Dull,
The Same Everyday.
The Middle Path Though,
Most Decide To Choose,
Some Win Over Their Troubles,
And Some Play To Lose.
It’s Harder Than Choice One,
But It’s Not The Worst In Life,
Path Three Starts Off,
With Tons Of Strife.
The Choice Of This Path,
Is For The Smart And Strong,
For The Outcome Is Great,
But The Journey Is Long.
Between Life And Dreams,
There Are Many Paths,
Most Get Lost On Their Way,
If Only They’d Had A Map.

Love was so unreal and crazy touch

Love was so unreal and crazy
Touch, Taste, Smell all new
A hiding place for all my worries
Short-term habits and no greater good
Obsession and lust inappropriate and weak
Lost and confused and trapped somehow
Pain of the past and regret to the future
Set for failure with everything in place
Depressed episodes that ruled the world
Tales of torment and a monster inside
How dare it control life
Open new doors and find a way out
Believe in good and right shall follow
Help found within a heart.thanks
Peace will come if hope lives
Together or separate, is impossibly possible
Happy endings over sad, yes, iwouldlikethat
Release from bad or release from her
Tears hurt to fall
Different is exciting?
Deserve what you please, and want what you need
Want to be free
-Â…to fly to soar
Every step counts.
Mistakes will be made,
Secrets will be told,
Pain will come and go/ -ŗstay-
Alive. Breathe.
by ilycasey‚ 

My mind is a sanctuary for stray

My Mind Is A Sanctuary For Stray Thoughts
That Nobody Else Wants
They Would Be Out In The Cold, Wandering,
If It Wasn’t For Me
Taking Them In, Giving Them A Home.
Sometimes I Take Them Out, Dust Them Off,
See If They’re Ready
To Go Back To The World. Decide They’re Not,
Put Them Back, Take In Some More.
It’s Getting Crowded In Here!

Perhaps You Have Room For Some?
They’re Free To A Good Home.

When you said those effin8217 painful words

When You Said Those Effin’ Painful Words That Came Out Of Your Mouth,
I Knew I Effin’ Had To Move On.So, I Effin’ Built An Effin’ Bridge Over
You And Moved The F On.I Had To Us The Hammer Of Stregnth, The Nails Of
Will And The Wood Of Past Happiness.Seeing The Effin’ Beautiful Effin’
Past.I Effin’ Went Back, I Was Effin’ Foolish For I Came To Find
The Water Contaminated The Air Muggy And Unbreathable, The Nature
Wilted And Drier Than The Driest Desert; I Left With A Mask Of Effin’
Shame.First You Were The One Wearing The Effin’ Mask And Now It Was
My Effin’ Turn, Thank You Very Effin’ Little.I Thought And No One Said
Thinking Was For The Smarter.

Its not my life im just borrowing

Its Not My Life,
I-‘m Just Borrowing It.
And Its Long Overdue…
… Late Fees…
I Don’t See What You See In Me.
I Haven’t Subscribed To That Channel.
I-‘m Lost.
Wanna Be Lost Together?
Its No Longer
A New Idea…
But Its Not ClichƒÂ©,
If I Say It.
We Could Go Down To Blockbuster,
And Rent Out Our Lifes.
Or Order It On Netflicks…
… We’d Get It In The Mail…
I Went To Wal-Mart.
Stole Our Lifes On Dvd.
The Special Features,
Would Make You Cry.
You Were Expecting A Sequel,
But None Was Listed…
So Pop The Corn.
Take A Sip Of That Soda.
And Watch Me Self-Destruct
On That Silver Screen.

I therefore compile this document in request

I Therefore Compile This Document
In Request Of So Many Reasons Or Replies
Why Is It That You Say You Love Me?
Is It The Shape Of My Bum
The Size Of My Breasts
Or The Smile On My Face?
Is It The Shape Of My Legs
The Length Of My Thighs
Or The State Of My Mind?
Is It The Gold Between My Thighs
The Size Of My Lips
Or The Laughter I Give?
Is It The Shape Of My Hips
The Size Of My Waist
Or The Lies Of My Teeth?
Do You Say You Love Me
To Fulfil Your Fantasy
To Rock Your Bed
Or To Complete Your Life?
Tell Me Now Her Son
For Your Immediate Response I Shall Wait

Blue moon casting your shadow upon the

Blue Moon Casting Your Shadow
Upon The Earth,
Blue For The Restless Souls
That Moonlight Shines Upon
Across The Oceans Deep.
Blue For The Lonely Whose
Star Never Shines,
Cast Aside By The Moonlit Night
Blue Moon Shine On,
In All Your Splendour,
Surreal And Magnificent
In The Blackness Of The Sky

Public paid for publicity earn by both

Public Paid For Publicity
Publicity Earn By Public
Both Run By Each Other
And Not Thinking Of Nature-‘s Order
Mind And Heart Both Thinks Different
Either It Is Good Or Bad
We Cannot Stop Our Excitement
Publicity Thinking Of Agreement
Going And Feeling Disappoint
We Have To Now Come To That Point
Harming Is Its Hobby
And Our Hobby To Harm Ourself

The phone rang last night right after

The Phone Rang Last Night
Right After I Had Just Downed A Bottle Of Pills
It Was You And When You Had Learned What I Did
It Sent Through Your Body Nothing But Chills.
You’ve Always Known That I’m Suicidal
And After Yesterday You Should Understand
I Just Lost My World To Another Girl
She Even Wears His Ring On Her Hand.
You Asked Me If It Was What I Wanted
And Of Course, I Replied With A Solid Yes
So You Told Me That You Wouldn’t Try To Talk Me Out Of It
Since I’ve Convinced That It’s For The Best.
You Stayed On The Phone With Me The Rest Of The Night
Till Morning When I Got Up And Was Sick
You Took That Opportunity To Hang Up On Me And Call The Hospital
Seems Like The Ambulance Was Here So Quick.
I Didn’t Know What Was Going On Around Me
But I Recognized Some Of The Ambulance Personnel
They Were The Ones Who Came And Got Me Before
I Heard Them Whisper To One Another That I Wasn’t Doing Too Well.
They Told Me To Just Hold On
And We Would Be At The Hospital Soon
I Guess I Must Have Listened To Them
Because I Woke Up In A Hospital Room.
They Let Me Go This Afternoon
And The Doc Up-Dosed My Depression Pills
I Hate Taking Those Things, They Never Work
But He Told Me To Come Back In A Month And He’ll Give Me A Refill.
I’m Feeling Much Better About Everything
And I Thank You For Doing What You Did
But The Next Time I Hope You Don’t Catch Me
So Good-Bye To Everyone, I Can Bid
Life, For Me, Has Not Been An Easy Existence
And I Suppose Some Things Just Really Push Me Over The Edge
Sometimes It Seems So Beautiful And I Just Want To Stay
But Then Other Times I Just Wish I Could Step Off The Ledge.