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It is a season of madness swirling

It Is A Season
Of Madness,
Of Swirling Controversies;
The -ŗonly Way-
For All They Know
Not Wanting To Let Go
Beliefs Of Old-Â…-Â…-Â…-Â…
Their Handed Down
-ŗone Truth-
From Questions
Long Ago
By Old Warriors;
Ancient Mariners.

Stale Grounded Tradition,
A Suffocation Of Life,
The Spark Of The Soul.
I -ŗmust- Fly.
I Must Explore My Unknowns,
Find Answers
To Questions
Of My Own,
Else Deny
The Spirit
In Me

You said that loved me i knew

You Said That You Loved Me,
I Knew That I Loved You.
But When I Broke It Off,
I Never Meant To Hurt You.
It’s True We Had Our Good Times,
But Couldn’t Avoid The Bad.
Our Sweet Conversations On The Phone,
Those Were The Good Times That We Had.
When I Had A Bad Day,
You Were There To Make It Good
I Felt So Safe With You,
You Kept Me Away From Harm.
It’s True That I Did Love You,
And I Probably Still Do.
But Believe Me When I Say,
I Never Meant To Hurt You.

If really you have to hate me

If Really You Have To Hate Me
Hate Me Now Now That The World Is Intent
To Oppose Whatever I Do,
Unite Yourself To The Hostility
Of My Destiny If You Have To Reject Me
Reject Me Now Don’t Be The Last Blow
That Will Arrive All Of A Sudden
When My Heart Will Have Already Overcome
This Unbearable Sadness-Â…
If You Have To Leave Me
Leave Me Now Don’t Wait For The Last Moment
When Other Scanty Pains
Will Have Done Their Damage
But Come For First
That I May Feel From The Beginning
The Worse Swash Of My Destiny…

It must be beautiful to see the

It Must Be Beautiful
To See The Stars
Sitting On Tops Of Mountains…
To Touch The Sliver-
Of Sunlight
As It Dances Thru Your Yard.
The Day Has Stood Still-And All Is Well.
Unspolied Beauty,
God Painstakingly With His Hand
Drew Back Winters Snow…
And Beckoned
Spring In Provence-
To Make All Things New

I love you not only for what

I Love You Not Only For What You Are
But For What I Am When I Am With You
I Love You Not Only For What You Have Made Of Yourself
But For What You Are Making Of Me
I Love You For The Part Of Me That You Bring Out

I8217ve nothing else to offer so it8217s

I’ve Nothing Else To Offer So It’s Love To You I’ll Send
It’s Nothing That I Borrowed And It’s Nothing That I’d Lend
It Has No Dollar Value And Can’t Be Over Used
It Isn’t Fragile So It Will Not Break But Often It’s Abused

When you hold me close i can

When You Hold Me Close I Can Feel Your Hearbeat.
When You Kiss Me I Can Feel Your Love.
When We Make Love I Can Feel Your Passion.
When You Hold My Hand I Can Feel All Of You.
This Is Love And It Is Here To Stay!

Just one more night to have you

Just One More Night
To Have You In My Arms,
To Hear You Say You Love Me,
To Shelter Me From Harm.

Just One More Dream
Before The Break Of Dawn,
To Echo The Magic Moments
When You Were Never Gone.
Just One More Kiss
With Fingers Interlaced,
To Breath You In Completely,
To Memorize Your Taste.
Just One More Dance
Before The Music Dies,
To Allow My Heart’s Surrender
To Passion’s Sad Demise.
Just One More Chance
Before This Poem Is Done,
To Tell You That I Love You,
You’ll Always Be…
The One.

How you have molded me into a

how you
have molded
into a woman
from a little girl
who pouts
and pokes out
her lip
when she isnt satiated
how you
have stood by me
when my future
wasn’t beforehand
and repercussions
could have been involved
how you
have crept
in my dreams
even when
i wasnt asleep
but gave me
visions of only you
how you
have given me your heart
and swallowed the key
of all dishonesty
and fear
how you
have dried up my tears
from depressed loneliness
with just being there
how you
have dealt
with my ways
and annoying phases
of my “eccentric” personality
how you
have proven
that not all men
your age
think alike
understand its
because of your
special intellectuality
how time
has came
and i’ve sheltered the blame
for not
receiving our
first moment
how that day
i started to feel pain
tears poured like rain
from you only
how you never sugarcoated
my decisions
when i ask
for your opinions
instead you remained blunt
and forward
how times
got hard
and trials
brought scars
and doors were shut
instead of opened
you have held my hand
and led me to a better land
called love’s journey
by zubiluvs‚ 

In spring the flowers grow summer they

In Spring, The Flowers Grow,
In Summer They Bloom
With All The Colours Of The Rainbow.
Their Sweet Scent Fills The Air
To Help To Disguise The Pollution There.
The Fumes Of The Traffic Flow
That Cauterise Our Sense Of Smell,
Or Rubbish Rotting O A Refuge Tip
With The Stench Of Wastage Grip.
One Day We Might Learn
When I Do Not Know.
To Watch And Enjoy
The Beauty Of Nature Grow
As It Scents The Air
With Its Wonderful Flair.

She looks at her own reflection staring

She Looks At Her Own Reflection
Staring With Eyes Of Inspection
Flaws Is All She’s Able To See
A Smile Inside Unable To Set Free
But I See Her As If Inside The Mirror
Looking At Her Hold Back Tears
A Beautiful Heart And Beautiful Face
Feeling Like She Has No Place
But So Many Who Would Die To Be
The Person Whom She Can Not See
The One I Look At From Inside
The Sorrow She Is Unable To Hide
She’s Beautiful In Every Possible Way
If She’d Only Learn To Live In Today
Golden Heart With Invisible Scars
Her Happiness Locked Behind Bars
A Weak Knee Ready To Lean
A Closed Mouth Ready To Scream
A Frigid Heart Afraid To Break
Because This Time It Might Not Recuperate
Destined Eyes With A History Of Cries
Confront Her And There Are Only Lies
Why Can’t She Live The Life She Dreams
Or Finally Let Out Her Held Back Screams
Why Can’t She Smile At Herself
Just Forget The Tomorrow And Live Without Fear
Why Can’t She Just See What I See
Looking At Her From Inside The Mirror

Listening to music as i sit here

Listening To Music
As I Sit Here
Thinking Of You.
You Being The One I Dreamt Of
Through The Years Of Being One
Which We Were
Who Were Two Bodies
With One Soul
Which Inspired Me About Us
Even After Gave Up We Did
On The Love We Had……Together
Which Has Gone And Lost
Far Away From Me
Since You Were The One I Had
To Share And Care
Which We Shared With Love
For Being Together
Without An End Given Up Which Is
By Me And You
Between The Sharing And Caring
For We Were One
Who Turned Two
And Parted By Giving Up
On Love
Which Wasn’t To Be
With Regrets And Pain
Of What Could Be
And Isn’t
Since Still When I Think Of Love
I Think Of You
Which Gave Up We Did
To Leave Pain
Which I Feel….Not You.

This love makes us crazy what you

This Love Makes Us Crazy,
What You See Ahead Has Become Hazy;
Perplexed And Unconscious You Are,
You Can-‘t See Because She Has Gone Too Far;

I Know You Love Me So Much,
Because I Could Feel You In Every Touch;
Oh Baby, Don-‘t Go So Far Away,
Because It Turns Into Such A Lonely Day;
Can-‘t Sit And Just Dream Of You,
Because It Kills Me To Miss You;
Your Presence In My Heart Is So Overwhelming,
In My Ears, In My Heart, I Can Hear Your Voice Sing;
And I-‘m Ready To Leave Everything,
For You-Â…
My Life, My Past, I Can Sacrifice,
I Realize,
It-‘s A Game Of Dice,
Mistakes Will Make Me Pay The Price;
And This Is What Makes Us Think Twice,
Before We Step Into Hard Ice;
But What Can I Do Now,
I-‘m Already In The Middle Of Love;
I Can-‘t Get Away Because I Don-‘t Want To,
And I Strongly Feel, That My Love For You Is True;
I-‘d Rather Die Than Live Without You,
I-‘d Wait For You In The Morning Dew,
And This Time I-‘d Pray For Something New,
And That Is You;
I Can See The Sun Rise Above,
A Feeling Of Satisfaction Has Come Now,
Ahead In The Distance I Can See You Come,
Joy And Shock Makes Me Numb;
I Fall On My Knees And Thank God,
Tears Dripping Down, It May Look Odd;
But Those Are The Tears,
That Are Very Near,
To My Heart And My Soul,
And That Fills The Hole;
I-‘d Ask You, -Å—why Did You Run Away-,
And Then If You Had Nothing To Say,
I Would Understand That You Missed Me Too,
And That Is Why I Love You Too-Â…

Some people say it is madness many

Some People Say It Is Madness
Many Cry Hypnotism
Others Lament Intoxication
Worse Still,Friends Liken It To Fire
Though,No One Is Absolutely Wrong
For Love Raves One Like Madness
It Enslaves Like Influence
It Makes One Tipsy Like Alcohol
It Burns In The Heart Like Fire

But,Madness Can Be Cured
Amnesty Is The Freedom From Slavery
Intoxication Clears Off After A Long Sleep
Fire Extinguisher Extinguishes Fire
But Love Has No Extinguisher

Q what do we mean when say

Q. What Do We Mean When We Say That Jesus Is The Only Son Of God?
A. We Mean That Jesus Is The Only Perfect Image Of The Father,
And Shows Us The Nature Of God.
Q. What Is The Nature Of God Revealed In Jesus?
A. God Is Love.
Q. What Do We Mean When We Say That Jesus Was Conceived By The Power Of The Holy
Spirit And Became Incarnate From The Virgin Mary?
A. We Mean That By God’s Own Act,
His Divine Son Received Our Human Nature From The Virgin Mary, His Mother.
Q. Why Did He Take Our Human Nature?
A. The Divine Son Became Human,
So That In Him Human Beings Might Be Adopted As Children Of God,
And Be Made Heirs Of God’s Kingdom.
Q. What Is The Great Importance Of Jesus’ Suffering And Death?
A. By His Obedience, Even To Suffering And Death,
Jesus Made The Offering Which We Could Not Make;
In Him We Are Freed From The Power Of Sin And Reconciled To God.
Q. What Is The Significance Of Jesus’ Resurrection?
A. By His Resurrection, Jesus Overcame Death And Opened For Us The Way Of Eternal Life.
Q. What Do We Mean When We Say That He Descended To The Dead?
A. We Mean That He Went To The Departed
And Offered Them Also The Benefits Of Redemption.
Q. What Do We Mean When We Say That He Ascended Into Heaven
And Is Seated At The Right Hand Of The Father?
A. We Mean That Jesus Took Our Human Nature Into Heaven Where He Now Reigns
With The Father And Intercedes For Us.
Q. How Can We Share In His Victory Over Sin, Suffering, And Death?
A. We Share In His Victory When We Are Baptized Into
The New Covenant And Become Living Members Of Christ

Sometimes we are lucky enough to meet

Sometimes We Are Lucky Enough
To Meet A Person Who Stands Out
Among All The Other People
As Being Extremely Special
Who Knows What We
Are Thinking About
Who Is Happy For Us At All Times
Who Is Always There To Talk To Us
Who Cares About Us Selflessly
Who Is Always Truthful With Us
Sometimes We Are Lucky Enough
To Meet Someone Who Is
Extremely Wonderful
For Methat Person
Is You My Dear Friend

The maps are enkindling in reprieves of

The Maps Are Enkindling
In Reprieves Of Desire.
The Cage Of Body Is Getting Ossified.
Invisibly Is Circling
Water Dropp Of Creation
Through Lairs Made Of Sand.
It Is Giving Leafs To The Dreams.

By Seer’s Finger
It Is Reaching My Life Line On My Palm
And It Is Moistening It By Tears And Wakefulness.
Everything Experienced,
Wrapped Into The Cloth Of Wind,
Is Dreaming Its Heavenly-Minded Novel.
Translated From Croatian

Love dont ask who r you only

Love Dont Ask:- Who R You?
Love Only Says:- You R Mine
Love Dont Ask:- Where Do You Live?
Love Only Says:- You Live In My Heart
Love Dont Ask:- What Do You Do?
Love Only Says:- You Make My Heart To Beat
Love Dont Ask:- Why R You Far Away?
Love Only Says:- You R Always With Me
Love Dont Ask:- Do You Love Me?
Love Only Says:- I Love You

The sky was in silence with moon

The Sky Was In Silence,
With The Moon Reigning Up There.
Cuddled In Dream’s Peaceful Arms,
Was The World Here Around.
Facing Who Knows What Distance,
Reached To Me An Enchanting Sound.
Bringing Along,With Her Charms,
Memories Of A Past So Near.
Melting My Heart Into Hot Tears,
Sadness Flew Down My Sleepless Eyes.
Hearing A Song With Tunes So Dear,
How Could My Soul Be Otherwise?
The Moon Bent Down And Inquired
“If The One You Love Makes You Cry,
Why Don’t You Leave And Forget Her.”
I Asked It”Can You Leave Your Sky?”
Smilingly, The Moon Said,”Do You Hear?
That Melody Is Being Sung By A Beggar,
A Poor One Who’s Got Nothing,But Rubbish.
And You ,Why Should You Cry If You
Have So Many Sweet Memories

They slip as on a mirror the

They Slip As On A Mirror,
The Fingernails Of The Sunlight,
They Always Succeed,
Even Without Much Strive,
To Tear The Blanket Of Their Sister-Clouds.
These Ones Race, Helped By Wind,
Compact In Their Group, And They Fight,
They Fight Against The Rays Of The Sun,
They Want Their Shade To Be Victorious.
Love And Life In The World,
Without The Light Of The Sun,
Is What They Will Never Know,
Are As Other People’s Faces.
Sharp Looks, Impotent Eyes.
And Meanwhile It Rains,
It Rains On Those Invisible Faces.

Each time i clear my mind of

Each Time I Clear My Mind Of You
& I Think That I’m Moving On
Something Reminds Me Again Of You
And Once Again You’re On My Mind.

Each Time I Realize My Life’s Improved
& I Think That I Couldn’t Be Less
I Always Dream Of You And Me
And Again The Tears Come
Each Day That Ends I Review My Life
I Know That I’ll Make It One More Night
I’m Haunted Of All That I Had
Again I’m Thinking Of You.
Songs I Hear On The Radio
I’ll Sing Along To It For You
And Then I Remember How Special You Were
Again I Lose My Smile.
When I Feel My Heart Has Recovered
And It’s Time To Try Again
I Relive The Love We Shared
I’m Loving You Even More.
I Clear My Thoughts Of You
Think That I’m Doing Fine
I Am Only Lying To Myself
I Wish That You Were Mine.

You are the special one with whom

You Are The Special One
With Whom I Needn’t Pretend
You’re Always There When I Need You
Just Like A Proper Friend
I Didn’t Think I’d Trust Anyone
The Way That I Trust You
But You Have This Way About You
And Know How To Get Through
I’ve Told You Things I’ve Only Thought About
Of Silent Dreams I Couldn’t Let Out
Of Life, Emotions And Trivial Things
Such Things Of Which Happiness Brings
I Tell You If I Am Sad, Or Simply Just Confused
You’re Always There To Listen, But Never To Be Used
You Tell Me Your Secrets And What You’re Going Through
You’re Always There For Me As I Am For You
Your Friendship Is A Special Gift
A Lifetime It Will Last
Look To The Future Now And Never To The Past
New People You Will Meet, And Many Things You Will Do
But Never Forget Me, Because I’ll Never Forget You.

Dark waters hide an inevitable treasure deep

Dark Waters Hide An Inevitable Treasure
Deep Sea Diving Scuba Mask
The Task-Â…..Your Pearl
Your Clam(Degrading Name)
Holds What I Seek
Deeper And Deeper I Swim
Thru Your Vast Ocean
Searching For That Which
The Almighty Has Hidden
Delight In Its Purest Form
Hidden I Seek To Destroy
With Pleasure
I Find It Cuz I Knew It-‘s
Where Abouts
G Marks The Spot
Tight As It Is
I Softly Open My Bounty
Gazing Upon My Hidden Miracle
Succulently Tasting It
Lustfully Savoring It
Stroking That Pearl
Making You Shiver
Moans Of Pure Bliss
Ecstasy Enhanced
The Treasure I-‘ve Found
Trying To Close Shut
Fingers Grip To Maintain An Open Stance
Hard And Tight I Fight To
Penetrate Your Chest
Three More Fingers
I Keep It Widely Stretched
Lapping That Sweet Juice
You Drip
I Sip
My Hidden Treasure Salty Yet Sweet
Profoundly Unique
I Savor Your Treat

His trusting eyes break down brick walls

His Trusting Eyes
Break Down Brick Walls
That I Have Created Over The Years For Protection
Creating For Me, A Sweet Addiction
He Slowly Breaths In His Death
Flying Higher On Imaginary Wings
Composing For Him A Carefree And Deluding World
Creating For Him, A Disasterous Addiction
His Soft Full Lips
Sing Undeniable Praises
Melodies Of Love And Affection
Feeding My Sweet Addiction
Best Of Friends
Spending Time With Each Other
Aiding And Abetting Each Others Obsession
Feeding His Disasterous Addiction
More Happy
Then I Have Ever Been Before
He Treats Me Like A Princess Of Royal Descent
I Am Addicted To His Love
More And More Everyday
He Falls Deeper And Deeper
Plummeting So Far, Soon To Be Lost
He Is Addicted To His Love
More And More Everday
I Fall Deeper And Deeper
My Heart Beats In His Chest
The Addiction Has Become A Need
Fallen To Far
Lost Touch With Reality
Passed On To Another World
His Addiction Caused His Fatal End
Lost A Requirement
Cant Live Without Him
I Cut And I Cut, Blood Drains From My Arms
His Addiction Caused My Fatal End.
by katiesue7‚ 

Were i to be a summer wind

Were I To Be A Summer Wind,
Fair Heaven’s Heights I Would Descend
And Spread My Wings Aloft The Crests
Of Those Fond Mountains I Love Best.
I’d Sweep Across The Seven Seas,
Upon Their Sleeping Depths I’d Sneeze,
Then Watch The Angered Waves Swell High
From Out The Chasms Where They Lie.
I’d Skit Along The Snowy Foam
That Climbs The Shores The Breakers Roam;
I’d Thrust The Waves Against The Cliffs;
I’d Heave The Ships; I’d Toss The Skiffs;
I’d Beat The Lofty Sails To Shreads;
Then Feign The Way The Tempest Treads
And Lift My Voice Up Fierce And Loud
To Bellow At The Passing Crowd.
And Then I’d Fill My Lungs Once More
And Heave Myself Unto The Shore
Where There I’d Whiff The Sand About
As To The World I’d Gaily Shout,
‘Hurah! , Hurah! , I Am The Wind,
And All The Earth Must ‘Neath Me Bend! ‘
On To The Cliffs Above I’d Sail;
Their Lofty Banks I’d Swiftly Scale,
Then Onward To The Pines That Grow
Atop Those Sloping Banks, I’d Blow.
Row After Row Of Green I’d Tread
Whilst Shaking Out The Forest Bed,
Whilst Waking Up The Woodland Deep
From Out Its Dark, Nocturnal Sleep.
And Then With One Broad, Surging Blast,
I’d Turn My Wings Upward At Last
And Choose A Range Both Near And Wide-
Ah, Yes, I’d Seek The Countryside!
Across The Fair, Warm Summer Night,
With Subtleness I’d Tend My Flight;
I’d Tone Myself Down To A Breeze,
Then Through The Open Windows, Ease
To Touch The Locks Of Sleeping Youths,
Or Fondle The Words From Lovers’ Mouths,
Or Sing To The Poet Who Knows I’m There;
Who Relishes My Moves With Artistic Care.
Then, Slowly, I’d Slip From Out The Room
Back To The Dark And Silent Gloom,
To Ride The Starway Up From Earth,
Back To The Place Of Heavenly Birth.
But For The Jealous Winter Wind,
I’d Leave A Hearty Laugh Behind,
‘At Last, When You Shall Tread This Way,
You’ll Find Within, No Place To Stay.
For Here The Windows Will Be Bound,
Closed Tight To Your Outrageous Sounds.
Those Who Would Welcome Summer’s Wind
Will Find In You No Soothing Friend;
Without A Doubt, They’ll Turn You Out
And Though You May Resolve To Pout,
You’ll Clamour Here, My Foe, In Vain
Through Winds, And Snow, And Ice, And Rain! ‘
Oh, Were I To Be A Summer Wind
Fair Heaven’s Heights I’d Then Ascend,
With Wings Propelled By Love Of Play-
Of Swiftness, Grace, And Carefree Ways.
I’d Taunt The Bored Stiff Trees Once More,
And Shove The Waters To The Shore;
I’d Say ‘Farewell Until Next Spring
When From Afar You’ll Hear Me Sing
From O’er The Mountains, O’er The Sea
And O’er The Heavens Where Now I Flee

I may be wrong for admitting to

I May Be Wrong For Admitting To This But It’s Becoming Too Difficult To Hide
Even Though I’m With Someone Else I Truly Miss Being By Your Side
It’s Not Because Of Anything You Have Said Nor Is It Due To Anything That Has Been Done
The Only Explanation That I Could Think Of Is That My Heart Feels That You’re The One
I Try To Deny These Feelings Constantly And Have Tried To Make Them Go Away
The More That I Fight The Feelings However The Stronger They Grow For You Each Day
I Know You Feel That I Abandoned You And Moved On While Leaving You Behind
Please Know That I’ve Been Hurting Also Because I Can’t Get You Off My Mind
I Might As Well Come To Grips With Reality Because No Matter How Much I’ve Tried
You Generate Feelings Inside I’ve Never Felt And I Truly Miss Being By Your Side

Sometime ago when i signed onto the

Sometime Ago,
When I Signed Onto The Net.
A Sweet Man Said Hello,
That’s When It All Began.
We Talked For Hours,
Constantly Nonstop.
Never Had Much To Say,
But We Could Never Stop.
And From That Day On,
My Heart Began To Race.
The Feeling Got To Be Even More,
When You Let Me See Your Face.
And Then You Asked Me,
If You Could Give Me A Call.
Right Then I Knew,
I Was Beginging To Fall.
You Gave Me Your Number,
And I Gave You Mine.
And I Hoped Forever,
You’d Always Be Mine.
And Now Here We Are,
So Much Time Already Passed.
Still In Contact With Each Other,
And I Know It’s Going To Last.
Never In My Wildest Dreams,
Did I Think It Would Be This Way.
That I Would Fall So Deep In Love,
With Someone So Far Away!!!!!!!
Even Though We’re Miles Apart,
I Feel As If Your Here.
All I Do Is Close My Eyes,
And I See Your Face So Clear.

It is said angelina jolie will give

It Is Said Angelina Jolie Will Give Birth To Her Twin Daughters Soon,
And Now She Gets Anorexia,
Months Ago She Also Suffered Gestational Diabetes,
Sometimes Even Fell Into Faint And Had A Little Mental Problem.
I Have Never Been A Mother,
But I Can Imagine How Tiring It Is For A Woman To Be Pregnant, In Labor And
Raise Babies.
Besides Her Birth Daughter Shiloh,
She Also Adopts Three Orphans.
And It Is Said She Will Continue To Adopt More.
Even Though Her Boyfriend Brad Pitt And Maids Can Help Her,
She Must Be Very Tired.
She Sets The Fashion,
She Almost Has Everything A Woman Wants:
Beauty, Sexy Body, Wealth, Successful And Handsome Boyfriend And Her Cute Children,
So Wish She Can Be More Healthy And Give Birth To Two Beautiful Daughters Soon,
Then Almost Everyone Will Envy Her?
Bless Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt And Their Big Family,
And Look Forward To More Good News And New Movies From Them.

Let us not say hear this time

Let Us Not Say
Let Us Not Hear
Let This Time Pass
A Soundless Moment.
The Right Time For Us
Remain One And United
War May Destroy Our Home
War May Burn This Moment
Let Us Create
A Planet Of Love
Free From Warmongers.

You made me smile and cry but

You Made Me Smile And You Made Me Cry
But Dont Worry Girl Now My Eyes Are Dry
The Love And Pain Was Very True
No Wonder I Didnt Know What To Do
No Other Flower Smells Like You
And No Other Girl Is Just Like You
I Have Taken Things In My Stride
Coz I Knew,You Are Never Gonna Be My Bride
But,I Dont Know Whether I Can Brush Aside
The Tired Love That Sleeps Inside
I Know There Is Noone To Blame
But My Life Will Never Be The Same
Rarely We Know God’s Games
The Spring Times Are Gone And My Life Is Lame.
Now Iam Just Waiting For The Years To Roll
Life Without You , I Can Only Try.
But Dont Worry Girl Now My Eyes Are Dry

My viens wrap around eyes as the

My Viens Wrap Around My Eyes
As The Tears Fall From My Chin
The Blood Rushes Out Of The Holes
The Blackness Overcomes My Visions
My Feet Have Ten Thousand Toes
The Toes Have Their Own Feelings
My Nerves Are Never Ending With The Pain That Will Always Be Friendly
Everyone Has Dissapeared
This World Is As Small As My Tears
The Feelings Are Always Red
The Ending Is Always Bright
My Family Is A Bunch Of Trees
My Heart Pumps Through My Head
The Blood Is Ever Drowning
The Knife Is Like A Saint
The Blade Glows Brighter Than A Clock
The Hands Are Always Moving In Pain
The Buzz Will Remain Until The Next Life
My Friends In My Head Complain
The Grass Will Always Stare
The Grass Will Never Care
The Grass Is Really A Tomb

Formerly and you will claim we need

Formerly: And You Will Claim
And You Will Claim We Need More Births
To Keep Our Population Mix In Check While
Nature-‘s Truths Suggest There Are Too Many
Of Us Yet. And You Will Make The Claim With
Good Intent, Wear The Jeers Precipitated By
Our Peers; You-‘ll Blame Statistics For The
Deed No Doubt, You-‘ll See The Figures Shout
A Raw Event, A Massive Rise In Aged Percent,
A Generation Which Will Dent Resources You-‘ve
Restrained Through Stringent Fiscal Policy.
Is That Indeed Official View? So Make Us Breed
To Right The Scale, Create A Younger Set To Settle
Up Our Social Debt, A Captive Gang With Time In
Hand To Pay The Way. I Wouldn-‘t Want To Be A
Child Whose Birth Was Instanced By A Budget Gift
Of 1500 Bucks, Give Or Take, Accompanied By An
Airy Pledge That You Would Make Provision For
Me Down The Track.
On Looking Back I Should Have Guessed Your
Game, Even Noted That Your Ages Tell The Same
Old Story; So It-‘s The -Ë—grow Or Die Economy-‘,
Times Are Hard Competing On A Global Plane -—
A Death Or Glory Scheme, Again, So Nothing-‘s
Changed In That Respect. You Must Have Missed
The Lead My Friend, Young Ones Still Won-‘t Breed
In Times-‘ Like Yours. The Cause? Their Values Are
Estranged, Their Lives Are Rearranged As Such
Which 1500 Bucks Won-‘t Set Aflame.

When i find my self thinking of

When I Find My Self Thinking Of You More Then I Should
Never Stop My Self Even If I Could
Thinking About How I Dream Of Your Kisses
Your Warmth, Your Presence
Evertime I See You I Want To Shout How I Feel For You
I Want To Hold You And Show You What We Had Was Real
I Remember The First Time You Said I Love You
And I Said I Love You Too My Heart Soared
Because I Could Always Count On You To Make Me Smile
No Matter What U Still Have Such Devastation To My Heart
That There Is Still A Place For You In My Heart And Soul
When Ever You Decide To Began From A New Start

Why it should happen the parting of

Why It Should Happen
The Parting Of Ways?
Between The Will To Arrive
And The Goal?
Between The Unlearning And Contempt,
Lies A Tale.
Terror. Petrifying Fear -Â…-Â…-Â….,
Doggedly I Was Defending The Door.
Inspite Of The Terrible Blows
I Wanted To Be Myself Only.
Reverse, The Wheels Were Turning
Aghast I Was Turning Blue.
God! They Were Creating Him New.
As I Remember Now
They Were Melting The Rocks To Make A New Face.
I Have Swallowed The Flame, Like Pride.
Melting The Iron In Eyes.
I Shall Soon Become A Tree
With Unborn Flowers.
Some Sorrow, Some Tears
Will Drench My Roots.
Satish Verma

Alone i stand two hands with nothing

Alone I Stand Two Hands With Nothing To Offer,
One Heart That Continues To Beat,
And Continues To Repeat One Phrase That
Has Been Taught By One Person,
I Love You Yes Father I Love You
It Was You Father Who Taught Me To Say These Three Words,
Three Words That Are So Affectionate Reciprocative,
Appreciative Yes Father You Taught Me Ways To Love,
If There Is Nothing To Say,
I Will Always Find A Way To Repay,
For The Memories That You Have Shared With Me,
The Days That You Cared For Me,
There Is So Much To Express,
For The Days That I May Have Chose To Retrogress,
Make My Life A Mess You Gave Me Protection In Every Direction,
The Security I Wanted The Immunity I Needed,
The Love That You Told Me Will Last An Eternity.
Yes Father It Is Through Three Words,
Three Words That Are Meant To Revive My Broken Heart,
Three Words That Keep Me Alive,
Three Words That Give Me A Feeling So Sublime.
Yes Father These Three Words Developed From One Feeling,
The Feeling Of Love The Way That Christ Felt For His Father Above,
His Love Immortalized Through Sacrifice,
My Love For You Father Lives In The Past, Today And Forevermore,
Through Sacrifice And So Much More These Three Words,
Yes Father Only Come To Life When I Say It To You,
They Are The Only Words That Gibe To The Way I Feel About You.
Because Of Its Strength Because Of Its Power,
I Will Always Say It Now And Tomorrow,

I could still remember when your heart

I Could Still Remember When
Your Heart Met Mine
Being There For One Another
No Matter What Time

I Recall Those Heart To Hearts
Sharing Love And Light
It Gave The Feeling Of Affinity
That Always Felt So Right
I Remember The Yesteryears
Taking Time To Share
Assured By Loving Sincerity
Nothing Could Compare
I Have The Fond Recollections
Of Love We Expressed
As We Always Kept In Touch
In Words Of Tenderness
I Still Hoped For Continuation
In Sharing All The Above
Conveyed In The Heartprints
With Neverending Love
by Hope‚ 

Well i think its time for me

Well, I think it-‘s time for me to go
To move on with my life without you-Â…
And to face reality itself,
To let go of dreaming.
I have nothing but myself to offer,
Myself with lots of hung ups.
And thinking that-Â…who would accept?
It-‘s just me, loving without asking,
Without expectation.
With thoughts of my past,
Learned and grown.
And still I choose to be different.
And it-‘s not that easy-Â…
Being different will have to face great expectation.
From being true to yourself just don-‘t get affected
By the people around-Â…
Explore and you-‘ll be rewarded,
Not by those people who questioned-Â…
But by how strong you stand for fighting,
Love and love with no expectation.

by k3log‚ 

Give me the heart of a father

Give Me The Heart Of A Father
Lord Give Me The Heart Of A Father
Who Is Constantly On Alert
Who Senses The Slightest Indication Of
A Child Who May Be Hurt
Not Just The Wee Little Children
To Whom We’re At Their Beck And Call
But The Adult Children As Well Lord
Who Have Suffered Another Fall
The Tell Tale Signs Indicators
Of Something That’s Gone Awry
The Joyfullness Missing In Demeanor
The Tear Coming Down From Their Eye
The Silence That Strains Conversation
The Unknowing Factors As Well
Life’s Enumerable Situations
All Have A Story To Tell
You Told Us To Pray Without Ceasing
You Knew What We Had To Forego
You Give Us The Grace To Rejoice In
As Trials Come Blow Upon Blow
What Great Burden Bearer Lord Jesus
We Come Casting All Of Our Cares
You In Your Strength Do Uphold Us
No Trial Catches You Unawares
In Weakness We Falter And Stumble
Unable To Do What We Should
It Is Only In Prayer Unto You Lord
You Unravel And Make Understood
Praise God We Can Call Upon Your Name
Our Shelter In The Time Of Storm
May It Not Be A Happen Chance Matter
But To Us, Be Our Daily Norm.
Copyright Gary James Smith

Why do so many believe love is

Why Do So Many Believe Love Is A Feeling
In The Heart
It Came As The Greatest Sacrifice
From The Very Start

To Be Faced With Such A Task
To The Father He Did Ask
If It Could Be…
Let This Pass Over Me
If It Is Not To Be So
Dearest Father To Me Show
Your Abiding Love Raining Down Upon My Head
As I Walk This Road…I May Not Dread
Only Through Me Can People Live
So Dear Father Their Sins You Will Forgive
So To All Of You I Love
I Came , Went , I Came Again
There Is Nothing In This World
My Dear Friend
That I Would Not Do For You
So Call Upon Me,I Promise To Make You Free !
If You Would Just Listen To Me .
This Is True Love,Not A Feeling In The Heart
I Have Been Love From The Very Start!
My Love Is Gentle Unconditional You See
If You Would Just Open Your Heart To Me !

What is friendship when people have things

What Is Friendship
Friendship Is When People Have Things In Common
Friendship Is Trust
Friendship Is When Secrets Are Kept Untold.
Friendship Is A Bond
A Bond That If It Is Strong Enough Cannot Be Broken
It Is A Special Bond That People Share
It Is Something That You Can Share With Many People.
Most Of All, It Lasts Forever
That Is What Friendship Is”..!!

Looking out for what dont know hard

Looking Out
For What Don-‘t Know
Hard To Figure Out
But Something Is There Though
Suffocation Everywhere
Dark Clouds
Everywhere I Hear
Sad Sounds
Feeling Of Shattering
Cold And Shiver
From The Eyes
Flowing River
Nothing To Hold To
Full Of Despair And Lost
Why Are Things This Way?
Am I Among The Most?

Human heart fresh as nature pure rain

Human Heart Fresh As Nature
Pure As Rain
Grows Slowly
With Sorrow & Pain

Life Accelerates
With Ample Breaks
Heart Once Pure & Plain
Stumbling Now
With Distress-Disdain.
Life Becomes Hell Of Hollow
Heart Singing A Song Of Sorrow
But The Rule Of Life
Is To Live
We Learn To Live
From Sorrow & Grief
Rising From Dismal
To Turn Life’s New Leaf
Coz The Falling Step
Leads To The Rising Belief
Life May Have Fallen On Hearth N Heath
But We Still Can Try It To Heave
Try It To Heave

Snow starts to float down on the

Snow Starts To Float Down On The Earth Like A Million Feathers Gliding
The Beauty And Grace Of Them Comes Nowhere Near You
I Hear The Wind Whisper And Feel The Breeze Caress My Skin
While I’m Thinking Of Our Life Together, Things We’d Experience, Things We’d Do

Angels Used To Pull A Smile On My Face To Hide A Life I Once Dreaded
With You By My Side, Your Hand In Mine, There’s Nothing I Can’t Get Through
by dinot1985‚ 

Smiles dont last forever sometimes they fade

Smiles Dont Last Forever
Sometimes They Fade To Grey.
Its Hard To Keep It Together.
When Your Leaving Me This Way.
How Can I Breathe With No Air.
Its So Hard Not To Die.
When Your Not Ever There.
Do I Hear The Reply.
My Voice Echoes Off The Walls.
In This Empty Room.
I Sit By The Phone Waiting For Your Call.
Can I Please Hear It Soon.
I Cant Keep This Smile On My Face.
Its Been To Long Your To Late.
Not Enough Sorrys To Many Mistakes.
Not Enough Time To Waste.
Too Long Too Late I Hear The Reply.
Telling Me Another Lie

We had a night id like to

We Had A Night I-‘d Like To Tell About
Consisting Of An Extraordinary Meal
The Food Was Simply Delicious
With A Down-Home Country Feel
The Place In Which I Ordered My Food
It Was One It-‘d Never Have Expected
It Was At The Fire Extinguisher
I Was Not Even Really Directed
The Food Was Oh, So Scrumptious
Hamburger Steak Cooked On The Grill
Caramelized Onions Plopped On Top
I Can Taste That Flavor Still
Crispy Fries And Freshly Made Salad
With Dressing Fit For A King
Perfect For A Party
Or Out For A Saturday Night Fling
Yes, We Had A Wonderful Time
If We Hadn-‘t It Would Have Been A Pity
But We Did Find This Restaurant On
Saturday Night In Dill City

Love is when you miss him even

Love Is When…
You Miss Him Even Before You Part,
Wen You Could Lisen To Him Talk All Night
& Never Get Tired Of Hearing His Voice,
When The Sound Of His Name Will
Send Chills Down Your Spine,
& You See His Smile
The Seconed Time You Close Your Eyes!

Your heart gently pounds triumphantly playing a

Your Heart Gently Pounds
Triumphantly Playing A Song
Pulsating Through Your Body
‘Cause I’m With You All Day Long
When I’m In Your Arms
Your Heart I Can Always Feel
It Beats Together With Mine
The Moments Are So Real
Syncopation Of Love’s Rhythms
What A Great Place To Start
You’ve Got It All Together
‘Cause I’m Wrapped Around Your Heart
So On This Special Day For Lovers
One Thing Still Remains True
Our Hearts Will Always Beat As One
‘Cause I’m Truly In Love With You

Can i take the forsythia 8216she asks

Can I Take The Forsythia? ‘She Asks In A Small Voice,
Packing And Packing And No It Doesn’t Fit.
Take A Picture Of Yellow And Green And What Has Been,
Stuff It In Your Purse And Wipe Your Eyes With It.
Catch That Tear And Listen Closely,
It Tells A Secret Even Though She Shushes It, Hushes It,
It Runs On And On And Spills Over With Her Memories.
He Doesn’t Know It, But She’s Growing Inside,
In Yellow And Green And What Will Be, You’ll See…
She’ll Take It In The Spring, And Plant It In New Ground.
Her Voice Will Bloom,
A Voice He’ll Hear,
Clear And Fragrant; Hers Alone.
‘I’m Taking The Forsythia! ‘ She’ll Say Firmly,
And Her Tears Will Keep The Secrets

Dream and you roam from a room

And you roam from a room to an other
dressing only your nudity
and I, confused,
in a corner,
I praise each
pore of your cute skin
your impetuous being
Radiant menina
persist your furtive image
consuming my heart
dive then your sweet body
into my turbulent Zen
stay in my arms
put there your faith
Y te paseas de una habitaciƒÂ³n a otra
vistiendo sƒÂ³lo tu desnudez
Y yo, aturdido, en una esquina,
elogio cada poro
de tu adorable piel
tu impetuoso ser
Radiante menina
sigue tu furtiva imagen
consumiendo mi corazƒÂ³n
baƒÂ±a pues tu dulce cuerpo
en mi turbulento Zen
alƒÂ³jate en mis brazos
pon ahƒÂ­ tu fe
Et tu te promƒÂ¨nes
d’une chambre ƒÂ  l’autre
ne vƒÂªtant que ta nuditƒÂ©
Et je, confus, dans un coin
ƒÂ©loge chaque
pore de ta belle peau
ton ƒÂªtre impƒÂ©tueux
Radiante menina,
Persiste votre furtive image
consumant mon coeur
plonge donc, ton doux corps
dans mon turbulent Zen
loge-toi dans mes bras
mets lƒÂ  ta foi
E tu erri da una stanza ad un-‘altra
vestendo soltanto la tua
nuditƒÂ ,
ed io, turbato, in un angolo
elogio ogni
poro della tua adorabile pelle
tuo impetuoso essere
raggiante menina,
persiste la tua furtiva immagine
consumando mio cuore
bagni dunque il tuo dolce corpo
in mio turbolento Zen
alloggiati nelle mie braccia
metti lƒÂ la tua fede
carlos yorbin cardona uribe

Sunset over the south china sea lands

Over The South China Sea
Lands That I Thought
I Would Never See
Lay Themselves
At My Feet
As Silk
Blown Against My Breast
Like A Dream
I Watch
My Foot
Take The Next Step
That Will Make This
The Road
I Journey
To You.

A lull before the storm the aftermath

A lull before the storm,
The aftermath of cries..
Fear of loosing your beloved..
The pain of good byes..
The innocent hungry eyes,
Starving and searching for food..
The love of our parents,
That we never understood..
The loss of a mate,
On the day their’ souls met..
The million blunders,
That one could never regret..
The touch of a dying person,
Suddenly gripping your hand..
The frozen eyes of those,
Unjustly punished and hanged..
Ssssshhhh! ! ! !
Can you hear this? ?
This sound that blesses..this sound that ruins,
Be it a disaster or moment of ecstasy,
Its all silence.. Silence…that speak volumes! !
Silence of great love,
Silence of painful deceit,
Silence of embittered friendship,
Silence of indelible defeat..
Silence between father and son,
When father fails to explain his stand..
Silence between husband and wife,
When he fails to give her a hand…
Silence of a happy mother,
Looking at her sleeping child..
Silence of a big hug,
When two sisters fought and cried..
Silence of a priest,
Offering to god his prayer..
Silence of mourners,
Sharing their sorrow and despair..
Silence of an old man,
Being told his only son died..
Silence of those who have failed,
Leading to another suicide..
Oh! ! What is it..peace or horror,
What is it..that I-‘m feeling..
This ultimate language..this divine beauty,
Is it hurting me or am I healing..?
Ssshhhhh! !
Listen to it..the sound of silence..
And set all your fears free..
Speak to yourself..laugh aloud..
Because life’s yours if u allow it to be..

Shades of Life

Tough in the face of adversity when

Tough In The Face Of Adversity
Tough When The Last Hope Has Fled
No Tear Finds A Place
Shoes Are Tied Stronger Into Place
Detours Spurn Resolution To Harden
Efforts Doubled As Muscles Toughen
Practiced Indifference Age Old
Life Is Steadily Rowed
No Man Is Indispensable
No Effort Twice Dispensable
Time Is A Passage
In The Vast Book Of Life
Days Are Valued
Tough Get Going
Foot Forward
Not Backing
Quality Comes First
Results Speak For Itself
Tough Gets Tougher
Each Obstacle Crossed
A Dare Devil,
Not In The Least Tense
In Insistent Persistence!

When the night comes look at sky

When The Night Comes, Look At The Sky.
If You See A Falling Star, Don’t Wonder Why,
Just Make A Wish. Trust Me, It Will Come True,
Because I Did It And I Found You
If Dreams Werent Dreams & Dreams
Came True I Woodnt B Here Id B Wiv U.
Distance Is 1 Thing Dat Keeps Us Apart.
But Ull Always Remain In My Heart
What’s The Difference Between Pleasure And Torture?
Pleasure Is Thinking Of You & Torture Is Thinking Of You Too Much.
One Day U’ll Ask Me
Whats More Important To U- Me Or Ur Life
Ill Say “My Life” And U’ll Go
And Leave Without Even Knowing That U Are My Life

All i ever wanted was for love

All I Ever Wanted
Was For Love
To Take Me To A Place
On A Distant Land
Where Distinction
Is Catered
And Satiation
All I Ever Wanted
Was For You And I
To Take That
Long Walk
Towards Future
And Find
Time Oblivious
To The Doubts
That We Both Compromised
All I Ever Wanted
Was My Dream To
Bring Its Way
To Life
Where I Can
Hold Out
On The Worse Pain
And See Myself
Planted Firmly
In Your Arms

As i guest out of nature have

As I Guest Out Of Nature… I Have Seen A Fish Without A Tail
Impossible But Its True, First Things Came Up To My Mind
Is, Ask Whether Its Worth To Give Time To Remember All
The Scene Or Perhaps, Just A Memories Of A Simple
As The Fish Swim, Deep Beneath The Crystal Blue Water, I
Couldn’t Remember The Minutes, The Hours Past, Nay I Felt
That I Haven’t Taken My Meal, It Seems All Are Just A Blink
Of A Second In My Eyes
It Keeps On Bubbling, Even In A Thousands Seconds It
Stay In The Water, Until I Notice That The Fish Fail To Surface
Beneath The Running Water, For The Absence Of The Tail
The Body Is Nothing
All Is Just A Mirror Of A Fish That, Every Movement Of The
Body, The Twist Of The Tail Has To Follow, It A Paradox To
Believe That We See The Tail Of Other Fish, Nay Never We
Saw That We Don’t Have Tail Of Our Own
Like The Fish It Swim, With No Direction, Only An Inspiration
That We Can Do, Yet As It Goes There We Go, Tail That Swim
In The Water Stream With No Affection Of What To Do
Now I See, How To Swim, In Water Lou, Where I May Go In
The World Of Stream When Everybody Is Frame

Years have come and gone it used

Years Have Come And Gone
It Used To Take Decades
For One To Pass
Now It Takes Weeks
Soon It Might Be Days
If You Slow It Down Enough
By Not Succumbing
To The General Madness
Of Your Fellow Man
And His Or Her Successes
There Might Be
Situational Upbringing
Environmental Shaping
Natural Nurturing
Human Actions
Some Answer Is Here
Some Answer To Some Question
That You Thought Of
Once Before
And Are Occasionally Reminded
When Squirrels Jump From
Branch To Branch
Crows Pick At A Carcass
On The Road
Or Salmon Slap Stones And
Struggle Up Stream
Or Otters Using Stones And Stomachs
To Crack Oysters
Never Have You
Had This Thought
Watching Humans
Do Human Things

Relationships are like knots they must remain

Relationships Are Like Knots.
They Must Remain Loose,
Though Intricate;
To Allow Smooth Ventilation
Through Forthright Communication.
For If They Get Too Tense,
They Become Unnecessarily Complex
And Arduous To Resolve.
Knots Must Be Disentangled
At The Very First Loop;
For One Knot Leads To Another,
Forming A Labyrinth;
As One Misunderstanding Leads To Another,
Forming An Abscess.
If Avoided Or Neglected,
They Coil Up Like Boa Constrictors,
Eventually Assuming Stifling Dimensions
Beyond All Chances Of Reconciliation.

I love a young girl my cutie

I Love A Young Girl
My Cutie, My Sweetie
They Say She-‘s Pretty Bad
To Be Associated With;
They Portray Her In A Bad Light
They Excoriate Her With All The
Bad Words They Could Use
I Love A Young Girl
My Cutie, My Sweetie
But I-‘m The Modern Hosea, The Biblical Character
Who Loves This Girl No Matter Whatever She Is Like
I Love Her, Something Irresistible Is Holding Me
Can I Call That Feeling As Recklessness; Nay, I Wont
She Belongs To Someone Unknown; They Say
She Might Be Bad; She Might Be Not Faithful
She Might Be In The Mire Of Sins
But I Love Her; My Heart Says, I Love Her
I Love A Young Girl
My Cutie, My Sweetie
She Lives In The Land Of Vanity Fair
And I-‘m Here Far Away In The Land Of Temples.
She Might Be Craving And Lingering Around For Pleasure
But I Love Her; My Heart Says, I Love Her.
We Might Not Be Together
We May Not See Each Other Again
I Curse The Moment We Met
If I Hadn-‘t Met Her; I Would Not Have Loved Her.
I Love A Young Girl
My Cutie, My Sweetie
My Love Is Pure As Crystal
I Wonder She Could Fathom The Depth Of My Love
Oh Baby, Will You Ever Be Mine? I Can Forget The Wicked Past
I Hold My Hands Open And Invite You; Would You Be Mine For Ever?
Break All The Bonds And Come To Me
I-‘ll Keep You Safe In My Abode And Give You
Whatever You Need; Let-‘s Turn A New Leaf
And Live Forever Together With A Bond Of Commitment

If you8217re mad with someone and nobody8217s

If You’re Mad With Someone
And Nobody’s There To Fix The Situation
You Fix It‚  Maybe Today, That Person Still
Wants To Be Your Friend‚  And If U Don’t
Tomorrow Can Be Too Late
If You’re In Love With Somebody
But That Person Doesn’t Know
Tell Her/him Maybe Today
That Person Is Also In Love With You
And If You Don’t Say It, Tomorrow Can Be Too Late
If You Really Want To Kiss Somebody
Kiss Her/him. Maybe That Person Wants A Kiss From
You Too And If You Don’t Kiss Her/him Today, Tomorrow Can Be Too Late
If You Still Love A Person That You Think Has Forgetten You
Tell Her/him. Maybe That Person Have Always Loved You.
And If You Don’t Tell Her/him Today
Tomorrow Can Be Too Late
If You Need A Hug Of A Friend
Ask Her/him For It. Maybe They Need It More Than You Do
And If You Don’t Ask For It Today
Tomorrow Can Be Too Late
If You Really Have Friends Who You Appreciate
Tell Them.Maybe They Appreciate You As Well
That If You Don’t And They Leave Or Go Far Away Today
Tomorrow Can Be Too Late

Lately i feel so lost dont know

Lately I Feel So Lost
Don-‘t Know Who I Am
And I Don-‘t Know Where I Am Going
Life Just Seems To Be The Same
Wake Up And Go To Work
And Do It Again All Over Again

I Feel Like Nobody Sees Me
I Feel Like Nobody Hears Me
I Feel Like I Am Completely All Alone
I-‘ve Been Thinking Lately
About Who I Am Today
But I Don-‘t Know The Words That Define Me
To Some People I Come Off As Strong
I Don-‘t Let Others Bother Me
But In All Actuality I-‘m Just Putting Up A Front
I-‘m Trying To Be Someone People Like
Someone People Enjoy Being Around
I Actually Think I-‘m Becoming Somebody That Is Not Me
I-‘m Usually A Lover, I Let Everybody In
I Don-‘t Have A Problem Accepting People For Who They Are
But Lately I Have Become A Hater
Maybe I-‘ve Become A Hater Because I Am Losing Who I Am
Or Maybe I-‘m Still Searching For Who I Want To Be
Or Maybe I Never Actually Knew Who I Was

Called after django rheinhardt the greatest guitarist

Called After Django Rheinhardt The Greatest Guitarist Of His Time
There Was None Greater Than Him When He Was In His Prime,
To The Ladds And The Veal Families He’s The New Pride And Joy
A Toast To Damian And Vanessa And Their Fair Haired Baby Boy.
His Name Is Django Ry Ladds That Is A Lovely Name
And Like The Django He’s Called After He May One Day Know Great Fame
The Famous Belgium Gipsy The Pride Of The Rom Clan
The Django He’s Called After Was A Very Famous Man.

His Dad A Collingwood Supporter And No Doubt He Too One Day
Will Be At The Famed M C G To Watch The Magpies Play
Just A Chip Off Of The Old Block As Some Are Known To Say
The Son Influenced By The Father That Is The Natural Way.
The Youngster Django Ry Ladds In Life May Have Some Way To Go
But Like His Famous Namesake He May Well Into A Legend Grow
The New Pride Of The Ladds And The Veal Families Youth Is A Marvellous Thing
And The Praises Of Young Django Ry The Masses Yet May Sing.

The first day you looked at me

The First Day You Looked At Me
Like A Grasshopper So Nice
Moving Your Shoulder
The Snap Caught By The Brain
And Flooded All The Feeling Zones
Like Pleasant Cool Water
But Now Your Memory Eating Me
As A Green Leaf By A Moth
It Was Better If I Was Eaten
As A Male Grasshopper By You
So Agonies Were Out
My Pains Not To Tell
Not To Bear
I Never Thought You One-Time Item
But Now You Are Beyond My Eyesight
Out Of My Reach
But I Still Remember The First Day
You Looked At Me
Like A Grasshopper So Nice.
by main uddin a‚ 

If i ever sat still to watch

If I Ever Sat Still
To Watch The World
I Would Probably See
All The Beauty
I Always Miss In My Rush
The Satisfaction
That Everyone’s Always Refering To
But If I Sat Still
To Watch The World
I Would Have Given Up
If I Sat Still
To Watch The World
I Would See All It’s Beautys
Unable To
Have An Effect Upon It
If I Stopped
To Sit Still
It Would Be Because
I Stopped Questioning
Stopped Fighting My
Endless Fight
Of Change And Improvement

Oh my dear here i come we

Oh My Dear!! Here I Come
We Are Gonna Go On A Date Tonite
By The Sea Side On The Rocks
I Have Arranged A Dinner For Us
The Moon Kissing The Sea
Stars Sparkiling In The Sky
Music Of The Splashing Waves
Cool Breeze Dancing Away
The Table Is Set For Two
Served With Exquiste Food
And A Bottle Of Red Wine
Just For Me And You
I Look In Your Eyes
And You Look Into Mine
I Reach Out For Your Hand
And You Give It To Me
I Hold Your Hand
And Come Close To You
You Close Your Eyes
I Say To You- I Love You

Taking what doesnt belong to us i

Taking What Doesnt Belong To Us
I Guess People Would Call People Thieves Like Us
But How Come Love Belongs To Everyone But Us
We Know What We Need And We Know What We Deserve
How Can Anyone Ever Say What We Cant Have
Since When Did They Judge What We Cant Have And What We Dont Deserve

Thieves Like Us Have To Break Into The Safes
People Like Us Have To Show We Know No Fear
When It Comes To Love And Taking It Away
For Us To Share When We Are Denyed
Any For Our Own Use We Have To Break Out Into The Night
Then We Are No Different To The People Who Are Thieves Like Us
Do You Feel The Rush Of Blood Going To Your Head
Did You Deny The Oxygen Rushing Round Your Blood To Your Brain
Thieves Like Us Have To Take All The Risks
Thieves Like Us Have To Know All The Tricks
To Take The Love That We Cant Have To Show We Are The Same
Cannot Allow People To Keep From Us When They Feel They Can
No Words Can They Say That Could Stop Us
No Actions Can They Say That Could Stop Us
No Signs Can They Display That Could Stop Us
No Designs Can They Make That Could Stop Us
Thieves In The Night, Thieves Like Us Have To Take
Love If Its Going Be The Only One We Can Make

Youre just my one and only i

You-‘re, Just, My One And, Only One
I Don-‘t Claim: I Had None By Side?
Not That, I Had Not Gone On Ride?
Not That, I Had Companions None?
Not That, In Self, I Have Much Pride?
For, There Are Numerous In My Life
Most Of Them Are Comrades-At-Strife
I Have Been Loved By Many! Yes
But, I Have, My Own, Loving Wife
Yet, None Can Meet, What You Did Me?
You-‘re, Just, My One! And, Only One
I Know, Perhaps, I Can-‘t Retain
Your Love! But, My Valuable Gain
Shall Be With Me, Till I Can Breathe
Or, Traces Of My Senses Feign
I Don-‘t Want, Burdens On Your Head
But, Please Don-‘t Break, That Flimsy Thread
I Know, That, Begging Never Helps
But, This Is Not For Butter And Bread?
I Want, No Answers?‚  Let Me Say
You-‘re, Just, My One! And, Only One-‘
I Know; I Have Grieved You At-Heart
But See, Are We Not, Our Own Part?
Then, I Have Grieved Myself; Got You?
Look, I Can-‘t Find Us Wide Apart?
I Want To Live Want See, You Live
Let-‘s Continue Our -Ë—take And Give-‘
I Want To Feel You, While I Die
I Want To Ask You, -Ë—please Forgive-‘
It-‘s At Your End! Well, May I Repeat?
You-‘re, Just, My One! And, Only One

I wish had ur love your love

I Wish I Had Ur Love
I Wish I Had Your Love!
I Could Have Hold You
I Could Have Kissed You
I Could Have Ignored The World For You
I Wish I Had Your Love!
When You Used To Be In Crises
I Wish You Could Have Trusted Me
I Wish You Could Have Asked Me
I Could Have Brought The Stars For You
I Could Have Lightened The Ways For You
I Wish I Had Your Love!
When I See You In My Dreams
I Wish I Can Hold The Moment
I Wish I Can Make This Dream True
I Wish I Had You For Ever
I Wish I Had Your Love
My Heart Is Like A Book
A Book Which Has Your Name On Every Page
But This Book Needs To Be Admired
But This Boook Needs To Be Read
I Wish You Could Have Bought This Book
You Could Have Read It
You Could Have Admired It
I Wish I Had You Love

Five little fingers toes a cute bundle

Five Little Fingers,
Five Little Toes,
A Cute Little Bundle,
Of Joy And Fun…
Cute Little Face,
And Exploring Little Eyes,
Cuddly And Lovely,
Was A Baby In My Arms…
I Put Him On My Shoulder,
Strolling Two And Fro,
He Yawned Gracefully,
And Enjoyed The Ride…
And Then Sleep Conquered,
As He Felt Restless,
Had To Hand Him Over,
To His Caring Mommy Dear…
But The Time He Was In My Arms,
I Realized What Parenting Means,
I Thank Him Dearly For The Love I Felt,
The Care, The Realization And The Eternal Bliss…
This Is A Story,
Of A Little Bundle Of Joy,
Who Played In My Arms,
And For A Chance I Am Waiting,
To Cuddle Him Again…

This love that i have for you

This Love That I Have For You Is Real & Honest Right Here
In My Heart, I Know It, Feel It, I Have No Doubt,
But It Just Seams Like I’m Dreaming All About You,
That You & I Are Not Going To Be Together Anywhere But
Here On The Internet. You See, I Have A Very Hard Time In
Trusting & Believing Now Due To Past Broken Love & My Heart Too.
I Hope, I Wish Too For This To Be So Very True With You & Me.

Our love is like pure honey it

Our Love Is Like Pure Honey
It Can’t Be Bought With Any Amount Of Material Possesionsor Even Money
Oh So Very Very Sweet
Overflowing Even Beneath The Soles Of My Feet
Shineing In The Light Of Gods
Glory As We Begin To Share Our Beautiful Story

On This Beautiful Morning
As You Opened The Eyes Of My Soul God Gave You The Story For Me To Behold
As I Listened
While It Began To Unfold
You Helped Me To See What I Almost Missed Through The Mouth And Soul Of A Mans Deepest Wish
A Man That You Hand Picked
Just For Me
Filled With Your Love, Word,
And Liberty
You Allowed Him To Rescue Me
From All That I Could Not See
For He Came Wanting No More Than To Wash My Feet
As If By This Symbol Of Love
Washing Away All Guilt Of Defeat
That I May Be His And He Be Mine This Love God Gave Us So
Together We Will Unite In
Gods Appointed Time

If you are tired of walking i8217ll

If You Are Tired Of Walking I’ll Walk Slower For You,
Or If You Want To Rest For A While I’ll Wait For You.
If It’s Too Hard For You To Do Something
I’ll Wait Till You Can And I’ll Keep On Waiting.

If You Can’t Climb The Mountain Us Is Separating,
I’ll Wait Till You Can Cross Over It For Me.
If You Can’t Swim Across An Ocean,
I’ll Wait Till You Can Just To See Me.
If You Are Still Afraid To Open Your Heart To Love Me,
I’ll Wait Until You Are Ready.
For You I’ll Be Patient Cause I Love You,
Even If It Takes Me A Lifetime I’ll Still Wait For You.

Brother you beatting yourself up to bad

Brother You Beatting Yourself Up
To Bad So What You Doing
Yo She Dont Like You Get Over It
You Cant Talk To Her So Be Easy
One Day You Will Be Able To
You Act Like The Right One.
Is Not Right In Front Of Your Face
You Both Want Eachother
So Lighten Up Brother You Got Evrything
You Want And Need Iight! ! ! ! !
David Bailey

There were times i felt alone and

There Were Times I Felt Alone And I Don’t Know What To Do,
Wondering What I’ve Done Wrong That I’ve Lost You.
It Seemed I Felt The Earth’s Surface Again, I’m Back To Reality,
The Truth Is Painful To Accept, I Know That You Don’t Love Me.

It’s Hard To Understand Why Love Is So Unfair,
I Had Always Been By Your Side, But You Were Never There.
I Try To Smile And Give A Big Grin To Hide What Is True,
I Know What I Feel Would Never Fade But I’ll Get Over You.

Backstroking in a pool of comparative luxury

Backstroking In A Pool Of Comparative Luxury,
Gazing At The Silvery Morning Half-Moon,
Swept By Wispy White Clouds Against A Clear Blue Sky.
Shaded By Trees Birthed By The Landscaper’s Plan.
While Gently Lapping, Hugged By Crystal Water.
Wondering About My Lifelong Questions.
How Was My Soul Assigned To Me?
Is There A Galactic Bull-Pen With Ten Billion Souls,
Waiting To Join Someone Formed By The Creator’s Hand?
Jimmie’s Soul, You’re Up, At The Moment Of Love’s Great Performance.
You Could Have Been With A Wealthy Noble,
Or Destined To One Struggling For Survival.
Well Soul, My Eternal Mate, You Made The B-Team.
Is It So Bad? It’s Only For A Few Heartbeats.

Billy riordan used to be a

Billy Riordan ‚ ‚  Used To Be A Cattle Buyer
He Hailed From The Macroom Countryside
For Many Decades He Bought And Sold Cattle
And In Cork Marts He Was Known Far And Wide.

He Was A Likeable Sort Of A Fellow
But He Is In The Forever Plot I’ve Been Told
He Became A Victim Of The Scythe Of The Reaper
And He Did Not Live On For To Grow Very Old.
That Time Does Not Wait For Any Always Ring True
And On All Of Us There Is A Use By Date
Billy Riordan In His Life Forged Many Friendships
And His Colorful Life Is One We Ought To Celebrate.
Billy Riordan Was A Well Known Cattle Dealer
And Many The Animal He Bought And Sold
A Genial Bloke So Much To Like About Him
But Sadly He Did Not Live To Be Old.
Francis Duggan

I still think of you everyday my

I Still Think Of You Everyday Of My Life,
I Know I Made A Mistake, By Not Telling You
Sooner The Feelings I Had For You.
I Think Of You Often But I Am Not Sad.
Because I Know One Day We Will Be Togather,
I Know That Love Will Stand The Test Of Time.
Even If We Are Not Togather Now, Does Not Mean In The Future We Won’t Love Again,
Because I Know In My Heart We Will Embrace And Love Each Other More Than Before.

But Next Time It Will Be Better,
Greater And More Exciting Than Before,
Because The Lessons Of Life Have Taught Us
That True Love Can Never Be Taken For Granted.
We Will Know When The Time Is Right, Because Our Love Is Right.
The Right Kind Of Love, The Kind Of Love That Last A Lifetime.
Only With You, As I Think Of You Still.

Gone with the wind my fluffy white

Gone Gone Gone Gone With The Wind
My Fluffy White Cloud In The Sky
Gone Gone Gone Gone With The Wind
The Shady Spot I Rested My Eye
Gone Gone Gone Gone With The Wind
Gone Gone Gone Gone With The Wind

In The Blue Summer Sky
You Showed Up Alone
In The Hot Summer Noon
I Looked Up To You
When The Sun Burned The Earth
Stealing All The Leaves
You Were The Only One
To Give Me Some Shade
I Wanted To Fly
To Touch You And Cry
But I Lost My Wings
When I Fell Down From The Sky
Why And Why Melt Apart
To Silky Threads That Depart
My Little Fluffy Cloud
In The Blue Summer Sky….

Eve said 8216love is blind it will

Eve Said ‘Love Is Blind, It Will Take Over Your Mind,
What You Think Is Love Is Truely Not.’
No Glasses Could Have Made Me See, Just
What Your ‘Love’ Was Doing To Me.
Blinded By Love, A Fool For Your Heart,
But All Along You Were Ripping Me Apart.
Love Is Not Lies, Love Is Not Sneaking.
Love Should Not Stop Your Heart From Beating.
Love Is Kind, Love Is The Truth – True Love Is Hard To Find.
So When You’ve Found True Love And He Plays You For A Fool,
Remember…Love Is Blind, Painful And Cruel.

The heart longs to be anchored some

The Heart Longs To Be Anchored
To Some Deep And Solid Seabed
How It Once Was
Though Love Does Not Come With Guarantees
No Hardware Store To Take It Back For Repair
And Still It Floats And Longs Itself Back Home
Carried By The Waters In The Mind
Moved Onward By A Restless Spirit
Whose Soul Does Not Yet Have The Answers
For Its Existence.
Unknown Girl

Craving for your love it only takes

Craving For Your Love It Only Takes One Kiss
For Even A Mere Brush I Can Taste It
Hoping For Your Love It Only Takes A Touch
For Even A Sweet Caress I Can Feel It
Longing For Your Love It Only Takes A Wink
For Even A Slight Blink For Me I Can Spot It
Pleading For Your Love It Only Takes One Look
For Even A Glance At Me I Will Be Satisfied
Begging For Your Love It Only Takes A Whisper
For Even A Gentle Calling For Me I Will Treasure It
Dying For Your Love It Only Takes One Thought
For Even One Single Inkling Of Me I Will Die Happy

Sul posto che siedo cescritto non voglio

Sul Posto Che Siedo C-‘e-‘scritto
Non Voglio Piu Veder Nessuno
E-‘ Il Mio Posto In Un Mondo
Che Non Ho Mai Amato E Voluto
Sono Stato Costretto A Sentirvi
L-‘ho Fatto Senza Provare Gioia
L-‘ho Fatto Per Gentilezza Pura
Senza Mai Provare Niente
Ne-‘ Gioia, Ne-‘ Amore, Ne-‘ Pieta-‘
E Stato Un Senso Di Dovere
Com-‘un Comportarsi Bene
Uno Stupido Savoir Vivre
Per Non Mandarvi Via Cosi-‘
Come Si Scaccia Una Mosca
Che Ti Disturba Continuamente
Ed Invece Di Schiacciarla
La Sopporti Con Pazienza
Pensando Che Sarebbe Meglio
Cambiare Posto
Cambiare Stanza
Cambiare Casa
Cambiare Mille Citta-‘
Ma La Paura Di Ritrovarci
Ed Aver Fatto Questo Sforzo In Vano
E-‘ Quello Che Mi Fa Restare Qui
Come Un Prigioniero
Con Una Condanna Grave
Il Dovervi Sopportare
Ad Ognuno Per Un Poco
E Per Sempre A Nessuno.

I am lost perhaps quixotically intoxicated on

I Am Lost
Quixotically Intoxicated
On Your Mere Psst..
Stumbled Upon You Are
As An Outcome Of My Besotted Swagger
And I Fall, Headstrong Into You
Into The Ditch
With Drunkard’s Grip About Your Hips
I’ll Sip ~ I Swear I Will
The Nervous Dewdrops Of Your Innocence
From Your Navel
If I’m Able..
So Every Single Time I Inhale
You Are There
Every Single Time I Exhale
You Are There
Just Let Me Be Surrounded
In My Stupor Of All Your Things
Linguistically High – I – Am
Saying Your Name In A Mantra-Like Fashion
‘Til I’m Purple Passion-Ed In The Face..
I Knew You Were The Wilderness When I Licked Your Aroused Libation
~ And Stepped Outside Into The Dark..
Ohh ~ But I Had Faith In You
Still Do
Tight Roping Life Like – Yellow Street Lines Just –
So I Can Get Closer To You..
Sobriety & Love/lust Are A Thin Line Of Description Where The “You & I” Are Concerned
Trying Not To But, Anticipating The Burn
Intoxication Remains The Capital Of The State Of ~ Me
As Long As There’s An “Us” In The Universe
Clean Up, Dry Out, Sober Up ~ That’s What I Tell Myself I Need To Do
But I Just – I Can’t Break This Need For You
Guess You’d Better Dismiss Me & Move On Soon
~ Before I Up, Make A Fool Of Myself & ~
Beg To Marry You….

I sit alone in a dark room

I Sit Alone In A Dark Room
The Thoughts Of You Come And Go
One Minute I See Your Face
The Next Minute I See The Darkness
The Laughter In Your Voice Surrounds Me
The Quietness Of The Room Then Frightens Me
The Beat Of Your Heart Matches Mine
The Single Beat Of Mine Saddens Me
I Sit Here Alone Trying To Think
What To Do Without A Guiding Light
As I Draw Into Myself I Lose The Outside World
As I Gather The Thoughts, I Lose The Words
The Feelings I Feel Are Too Real To Explain
How Do I Share The Story Of My Pain?
How Do I Look Into The Eyes Of The Lord?
What Do I Answer Him When He Questions My Love?
What Do I Tell Him Why The Soul Is Not One?
Can I Explain To Him What My Soul Now Feels?
Can I Tell Him He Is The One To Blame?
Giving Me A Gift Then Giving Me The Pain?
Can I Point The Finger?
Can I Pass On The Blame?
That I Try But Cannot Do
I Forgot That He Only Gives To Test Me
The Strength I Hold Within Myself.
I Received His Gift But I Must Now Admit
My Soul Is Too Weak And My Strength Not Enough
For I Could Not Keep His Gift
There For I Sit Alone The Darkness Still Grows
Please Lord Give Me The Light So I Can Free My Soul.

I8217m in love with you all that

I’m In Love With You
With All That You Do,
All That You Are, All That You Say,
I Love You More And More Each Day.

My Heart Is Like An Open Book
Our Love Is Like The Words
To Kiss You Is Like Writing
To Hold You Is The Binding.
I Want To Spend My Life With You
Fill Your Life With A Library Of Our Love
Do All That I Can To Show You
That You Are My One True Love.
I Will Write A Million Verses
And Bind A Million Books,
Fill You With A Thousand Stories
Together We’ll Write History.

There is a place you will never

There Is A Place
You Will Never
Its Not Flesh
Its Clay Of A Potter.
Ah, You Must Be Amazed
World Is The Same
Its Honey
Within Darkness
What You Will Never

You may not like to hear this

You May Not Like To Hear This…
But Your Entire Existence,
Has Been Based Upon Feeding Your Greed.
Every Belief You Have,
Stumbles When Confronted By Truth!
And The Absence Of It From Your Teachings.

To Say You Have Been Led Astray,
Would Be Like Leading Someone To Light…
Who Has Been Taught,
That The Brightness Of It Will Cause Them Danger!
And The Less It Reflects Upon Them,
Will Keep Them Protected!
And Yet,
Even Though The Opposite Has Been Proven,
Many Will Keep Themselves Hidden In Darkness.
With A Symbolized Vanity…
That Keeps Them Addicted To Acts Of Sin And Fear.
Products Of A Manipulating Salesmanship!
Lawrence S. Pertillar

Anyone can see they need to be

Anyone Can See
They Need To Be Strung Up By Their Feet,
For Treason
An Economy Has Been Devastated,
By An Historic Greed.
Staged To Bleed A People For Their Oil.
But The Odds Have Not Been In Their Favor.
Those Suited In Demon Evils.
Not To Flavor Those Of Higher Consciousness…
With A Taste To Dismiss Such Wickedness Expressed.
Anyone Can See
They Need To Be Strung Up By Their Feet,
For Treason.
That Is
Except For Those Limited With Addictions,
Of Self Indulgence And The Restricted Belief…
Enemies Are On Their Doorsteps!
And More Come To Put An End To Their Own Theft!
That Has Been Their Only Fear.
Their Main Regret!
And Now…
That Has Been Exposed.
In A Magnitude That Has Been Amplified!
In A Step By Step Dismantling,
Of A Deeply Hidden And Discreeted Deceit!
And Completed By One,
Who Splurges On High Fashion.
Anyone Can See…
They Need To Be Strung Up By Their Feet,
For Treason.
An Economy Has Been Devastated,
By An Historic Greed.
Staged To Bleed A People For Their Oil.
But The Odds Have Not Been In Their Favor.
Those Suited In Demon Evils.
Not To Flavor Those Of Higher Consciousness…
With A Taste To Dismiss Such Wickedness Expressed.
To Be Addressed.
Like Nothing Ever Seen Before.
Or Has Never Been Before Like This Addressed…
To Impress Upon Imaginations Stunned By The Reality,
Of Those Who Are Down Low And Dirty

Life with out my one and only

Life with out my one and only,
Is like life with out color,
Life with out one and truely,
Is like life with out sunlight,
Life with out my woman,
Is like life with out living.
Taylor B. Mark

So many feelings in such little time

So Many Feelings
In Such Little Time
Dont Wanna Get Hurt
So Imma Just Take It Slow
But It’s Hard
To Act Like I Dont Care As Much
When I Know I Really Do
I Opened Up My Heart
When I Didnt Think I Would
It’s A Scary Feeling
Cause I Dont Know What To Expect
The Person Could Just Shut You Down
At Any Given Moment
But Its All Worth It When Your In Love…