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No one cares see8217s hear8217s is it

No One Cares.
No One See’s.
No One Hear’s.
Is It All Just A Dream?
It Has To Be..
The Wetness Running Down My Wrist,
And Onto My Hands.
Where Am I?
I Cannot See..
It’s So Dark.
The Darkness Is Everywhere.
But There Is A Light.
It Is Only A Speak,
But I Want To Know Where It Leads.
As I Follow..
I Feel Like There’s Something Wrong.
There’s A Pull Toward Darkness..
Why Would Darkness Want Me? ?
So I Continue To Walk.
The Light Get’s To A Blinding Point.
I Am Welcomed Into Heaven.
*She Falls Emotionless To The Floor.
Bloody Wrists,
Blank Eyes,
Color Drained From Loss Of Blood*
No One Saw Her.
No One Heard Her.
No One Cared

I walk along a path at night

I Walk Along A Path At Night,
Through The Window Of Light I See You,
With Her Touching You The Way I Wish I Could,
My Supposed To-Be Friend— Trusting Her With My Secrets,
Our First Kiss—Longing For Your Lips, A (False) Sense Of Security,
Never Happened Becuase—
You Were Too Quiet To Say “Hello”,
Too Shy To Even Go Near Me–Let Alone Hold Me Close,
It’s Really Not Just Your Fault,
I’ve Seen Our Love And Passion Die Because
A Little Scared Mouse Too Afraid Of
What People Would Think And Say,
But You Could’ve Done Better Than—
A Liar, A Backstabber, A Plain Out Joke
We Could’ve Had Each Other But You’ve Taken This Too Far,
So This Time All We’ll Share In My Loving Memory Is,
A Joking “B****” Now And Again,
Or A ” F*** You” As Well
So Here’s To You My One “So True’,
The One I Held So Close To My Heart
I’ve Been Broken By Your Mistake,
And To Be Honest , Your Not Worth It

From the day i met you and

From The Day I Met You
And Your Blue Eyes Swept Me Off My Feet
Your Smile That Made Me Melt
I Knew You Were The One

We Met, Worlds Apart,
But From The First Time We Spoke
We Were Drawn To Each Other
And Meant To Be
Across The Miles We Got To Know Each Other
Many A Late Night On The Phone
Yet From The Start I Knew
With You I Wanted To Be
We Started Planning Our Future
Logistics An Obstacle,
Distance A Heart-Renching Fact
But We Survived Even That
From The Day I Met You,
My Life Was Forever Changed
From That Day,
You Crept Into My Heart
I Almost Lost You Once, Due To My Own Fears
But The Angels Were Smiling
When They Introduced You To Me
And Brought Us Together
From This Day As From The Start
I Want You To Know, With All That Is Within Me
You Are The Blood That Runs Thru My Veins
You Are The Air That I Breathe
From This Day, My Love, My M
My Beautiful And Sexy Girlfriend
The Love Of My Life,
With This Ring I Am Yours.
May You Always Walk Beside Me,
Not Behind, Nor In Front Of Me
And When Our Bones Grow Old, And Eyesight Fades
Know U Will Always Reach Out And Find Me There
by coyote_za‚ 

He narrates the wandering poet of lost

He Narrates, The Wandering Poet
Of Lost Battles In Distant Earths
He Narrates His Lost Love
In The Meander Of Past Time
He Tells Of Kisses And Caresses
Stolen On The Waves Of The Sea,
Of Hair As Silk Which His Hands Had Caressed!
He Sings Of Her Beauty,
Of Her Velvety Skin Of Her Deep Eyes
And Of Her Soft Hands
He Sings Of The Desire
To Be Still Able To Lean
His Head On Her Warm Shoulder,
Allowing Himself To Be Cuddled
By The Waves Of The Sea
He Narrates Today,
The Death Of The Love,
Burnt On The Fire Of The Loneliness.
Now, Wandering In The Streets Of The World
He Launches His Words To The Wind
Of Insane Poet And Dreamer!

Your musings on this road will stay

Your Musings, On This Road Will Stay!
And, I-‘ll Soon Find-Out, Some Other Way:
Where, I May Move With Constancy;
With, My Eyes Set, On Some Sweet Ray!!
This World Is Wide! And, Hearts Are Broad!!
Be Happy!
I-‘ll Now Take That Road!!
I Thought, I Have Five Thousand Sons;
But, Certainly Quite Few Daughters!
What, Now I See, They-‘re On Their Runs;
I-‘m Lonely, In My Own Quarters!!
But Now, I-‘m Smarter; And, Shall See:
I-‘m Same For One And All, For Sums!
Seems Fit! It-‘s Good! I-‘m Non-Aligned!
I-‘m On The Front; Let Come, What Comes!
It-‘s Good, One Stands, On One-‘s Own Feet;
Finds Directions, From His Own God!
Doubt Not!
I-‘ll Go By New-Found Road!
I-‘ll Go By Your Dictates, Hence Forth;
In All Your Matters, You-‘ll Soon See!
These Bickering Will Now End, Hence Forth;
And, I-‘ll Also Join, Now, Your Glee!
I-‘ll See Now, What Makes You Happy;
Let It Be, A Lonely Room Far-Off:
Where, You-‘ll Now Sit In-Wait For Him,
Expectantly; In A Corner Rough!
I-‘ll Not Like, If Some One, Drugs You;
And, Then You-‘re Left-Out, Just To Plod!
I Shall Certainly Take That Road!

My model railroad stretched about through every

My Model Railroad Stretched About
Through Every Room And Floor.
I Strived To Make The Whole Layout
Look Better Than Before.
The Scenery Was Precisely Placed-
Each Tree A Work Of Art.
With Dilligence The Task I Faced-
An Expression Of My Heart.
Then All At Once The Engine Roared;
The Time At Last Was Near,
And As It Stalled I Climbed Aboard
And Rolled Away From Here.
My Mother Wept To See I’d Gone;
She Couldnot Understand
Why God Was Pleased To Bear Me Home
Aboard His Gentle Hand.
Alas, My Mother, I’ll Return
With Christ One Shining Day.
My Engineer Is Wise I’ve Learned;
His Eyes See Every Way.
He Knows What Lurks Around Each Bend;
What Obstacle; What Snare.
He Is My Savior And My Friend.
I Know He Truly Cares.
We’ll Come Again To Take You Back.
You’ll Ride Up Front With Me.
We’ll Glide Along God’s Railroad Track
For All Eternity

A girl i love once hurt me

A girl i love once hurt me so bad
She knew i loved her like mad
Im dying slowly shes made me so sad
Take a scythe
Take my life
Just do it here
Please dont cry a single tear
The one thing i fear the most
is leaving you but thats something
You did
I need to sleep
so cut it deep
Leaving you was the final leep
When the beating has stopped
You all know im dead
Because of those thoughts
Ran through my lonely empty head
Now you see me here laying dead
Laying in the hospital in a freezing bed
Im in so much pain
So i cry
You say sorry
Hug me and say goodbye
Then the depression lets me die
Heres the light
The angel says
Hold my hand tight
as i take you away
From the night into
Some where bright
I go to in to the light
And here i say goodbye
This will be my final poem before I die
by dark-emo‚ 

You are the ocean and i alone

You Are The Ocean,
And I, Alone, Am Drifting Upon You,
I Alone, Am Drowning In Your Fierce Waves;
Barley Able To Keep My Head Above The Water
As Your Currents Pull Me In Every Direction,
Threatening My Every Breath;
Silently Mocking My Entire Existence.
I Fight; I Try So Hard To Fight You Off,
Holding My Breath,
Hoping That Time Will Cool The Storm;
And That Your Intensity Will Cease;
That You Might Let Me Be.
But This Is A Lost Cause.
I Find Myself Floating Face Down,
My Lungs Filled With Your Salty Water.
And Slowly I Am Swallowed Up By You,
Engulfed In All You Are.
I Am One With You

The choir of bamboo8217s blowing cool wind

The Choir Of Bamboo’s
Blowing The Cool Wind;
The River Flowing
With Melodic Tune;
With These All Pleasant
Me Laying On A Grassy Land;
Waiting To Her
She Came Like Hesperus
Wearing Over Coat Lace
With Open Hair Blowing By Air
With Innocent Face And Sweet Smile
Came Near And Nearer To Me
Where I Could Feel Her;
Her Hot Breath And Heart Beat…………….
In Her Wondering Eyes
I Saw The Silence Feather Of Sea
Where My Passionate Love Lies………………
So, Without A Single Word
Slowly I Pulled Out Her Over Coat Lace;
I Make Her Totally Natural
By The Shy;
She Turned Back; Hiding Her Face
By Glamorous Fingers……….
But She Was Trembling Slightly By Fear……………
I Caught Slowly And Pulled Her Hand Down
And Kissed On Her Lovely Lips
Where My Hands Were Moving On………….An………….On………..
On Her Smooth And Mountains Chest
By My Sensitive Touch
Her Face Expression Was Changed………….
And She Was Totally Dead
She Tried Little To Escape From Me
But She Was Unable
And There Was No Way…………
So, Like A Coward
She Wants To Hide
Therefore She Hugs Me………….
Tightly On Her Arms
Where Her Charming Chest
Gave Me Pleasant Warmth
Where Her Silky Hairs
Laying And Playing On My Shoulder
Like A Grass Blooming On The Land.
So, I Kissed And Loved……………
Her Mysterious; Smooth And Sensitive Parts
From Face To Over The Leg
As A Response
She Blinked Her Eyes………….
Kissed And Waved Her Smooth Hands
Over My Chest And On My Shoulder
I Felt Pleasant; And More Pleasant…………..
I Felt The New And Wondering Smell…………
Coming From Her Mysterious Body
Mixing In The Air……….
But Suddenly I Saw…………
Little Bit Tear Rolling…………..
From Her Eyes
Her Heart Beat Was Going………..
High And High
Her Lips Was Moving Up And Down
Like A Thirsty Person Moving On A Desert.
With My Every Kiss
She Used To Pop Out
The Wonderful Sound
She Used To Close Her Eyes
Which Make Me More Emotional………….
And More Curious To Know
So, I Gone On…………An……….On………….
In My Every Kiss
I Felt That Our Love Was
Growing And Blowing With Each Other…………
Because She Was With Me
Giving Me Full Support
I Though She Too Felt So…………
Pleasant And Satisfaction Same Like Me.
But Suddenly I Saw………..
And Came To Know That
She Doesn’t Felt So………
Because The Little Bit Blood Was Flowing………….
From H

His homecoming is sweet yet sorrowful for

His Homecoming Is Sweet Yet Sorrowful
For She Knows Of His Return
To The Land Of Harm And Danger
But True Love Never Learns
Never Learns How To Ignore The Butterflies
Or Forget The Way He Smiles
How To Disregard The Endless Longing For
The Man Who Was Waiting At The End Of The Aisle
The Crowds Disperse As He Appears
And She Gazes Upon His Face
The Months Have Been Long Without His Kiss
And His Warm And Gentle Embrace
The Time They Spend Will Be Short-Lived
But Of This They Will Not Speak
They-‘ll Get Lost In The Love That They Share
Not The Reality Of The Few Short Weeks
He Worries For Her Happiness
He Fears Her Lonesome Nights
She Reassures Him That She-‘s True And Loyal
While The Man She Loves Continues To Fight
Their Home Is Full Of Memories
To Keep Her Going While He-‘s Gone
She Lines The Pillows In Her Empty Bed
Before She Braves The Dawn
She Whispers Into The Frosty Air
-Å—i-‘ll Love You All My Life-Â…-
Then Faces The Day Ahead Of Her -—
The Dance Of A Soldier-‘s Wife

What ruckus could it be i said

What Ruckus Could It Be I Said,
Like Cans And Glass In Disarray,
The Sounds Of Hooves (It’s Mister Ed?)
Or Ghosts From Space That Came To Play.
Inside The Pantry It Was Still
As If All Sounds Had Ceased To Be,
Poor Grandma, Always On A Pill
Her Body Lifeless, Pale And Free.

Pressure building in my soul bubbling struggling

Pressure Building In My Soul
Bubbling, Struggling To The Surface.
Passion Ignited In My Heart
Longing And Burning For Your Embrace.
Smiles Playing On My Face

Giggling,Laughing Have You Ever
Soaring Free Within Your Arms
Flying, Floating Through Your Sun
Weightless Now, My Ache Is Gone
Spinning, Realing If You’d Never
Known Me, Shown Me
Love Could Feel This Strong
by fyrestorm‚ 

16th of january the luckiest day

* 16th Of January *
The Luckiest day for the World
The Winds were fresher then ever before
The Sun brightly shining on the World
The Sky was blue and Clean.
Beautiful Birds filled the air
with their beautiful voices,
Parrots were singing a birthday Song &
The Pigeons were praising God for this day.
The Forest was Greener
The fruits were sweeter &
The Smell […]

Presentation items should be a bit colorful

Presentation items should be
A bit colorful,
Sayings are
Best is a black girl
If comes from a good race.
About the beauty of darkness
Poets also wrote
To be colored-– you are
Reading the poem.
Now I shall present the maxim
Water for keeping alive
Nice Queens for sorry Kings
Everything will be done
But now the speech
Only for her,
Don-‘t forget to come sharp
Before turn pale your color.

by main uddin a‚ 

Come hold my hand and let me

Come: Hold My Hand And, Let Me Live
I-‘m Dying: Touch Intimately
Don-‘t Hesitate; And, Get Mately
My Want For You, Has Grown Greatly
I Have Known You, Dear, Quite Lately
I-‘m Late, In Finding You; Forgive
Come, Hold My Hand! And, Let Me Live
I-‘m Dying: Take Me, In Your Arms
It-‘s All Lovely; There Are No Harms
See, Every Thing Is Full Of Charms
Feel Me, At Once; With All Your Warms
It-‘s Late; Too Late; My Dear, Forgive
Come, Hold My Hand! Aand, Let Me Live
I-‘m Dying: Make Me Drink Nectar
At Least, Please Act, Like An Actor
Life, In Itself, Is A Great Factor
Let Me Dwell, In Your Own Sector
Can-‘t Strangers, Ever Take And Give?
Come, Hold My Hand! And, Let Me Live
I-‘m Dying: Hold Me By My Heart
Some-Thing Strikes Me Deep, Like A Dart
I-‘m Helpless! Come! And, Play Your Part
I-‘m Not A Cheat! It-‘s Plain Athwart
My Woes Are Great! It-‘s All Plaintive
Come! Hold My Hand! And, Let Me Live

We spend half our days with us

We Spend Half Our Days
With Us In Parted Ways
Why Have I Lost You Again
When Will This Pain Come To An End

You Were Short Tempered And Rude.
I Tried My Best
And Prayed That This Is Not A Sign.
That I Was Losing You Again.
Then You Pushed Me Away
So Hard Did I Pray.
Please Don’t Hate Me And Chase Me Away
You Said Never To Contact You Ever Again
My Tears Flowed Like Rain
I Don’t Know Why I Had To Lose You Again.
My Days Are Empty And Cold
I Can’t Go On And Like This Get Old
My Thoughts Are Filled With You
I Don’t Understand How Can A Mother Just Want To Part Ways With Her Child.
The Bond I Have With You Is Too Deep
How Can You Want Never To See Me Again?
I Am In So Much Pain.

How does one gratify an unquenchable need

How Does One Gratify An Unquenchable Need?
No- Not Unquenchable Because That Would Imply That Satiation Would Never Be Enough.
I Mean To Say How Does One Gratify- Quench- Satiate A Need That Cannot Physically Begin To Be Met?
Does One Die?
Does One Live In Agony For That Desire?
Like Sisyphus,
The Boulder Just Keeps Rolling Upwards Towards Infinity,
But Not Moving At All.
It Is Not That I Will Not Or That I Should Not;
I Cannot. I Cannot Find Him.
I Cannot Throw Myself Into The Previous Century, Or The One Before That.
I Hit The Wall, Again And Again And Again.
And No Matter How Bloodied Or Bruised I Become,
No Matter How Many Times I Scream His Name,
Vocal Cords Thrashed And Voice Hoarse,
No Matter How Much I Need The Need
No Matter How Much I Fight The Fight.
The Anachronism That Is I Is I Is I Is
What Do I Do?
No Response,
As Is To Be Expected When Your Lover Is Oblivious.
I Didn’t Expect Anything Different Than The Result.
My Saucy Tongue And Mordant Wit Fail Me For The First Time.
And Out At Harewood House-
Or Was It Castle Howard? –
In The Year 1889
When You Are Taking Your Weak Tea
At Precisely 3: 33
The Sponge Cake Perched On Your Parted Lips,
You’ll Think…
Is There A Being On This Earth That Loves Me More Than She?
And I’ll Scream (Though You Can’t Hear It) :
Sarah Frontiera

It barely thundered halfway caught like a

It Barely Thundered Halfway. Caught Like A Cough,
A Fist Smashed Into Cloth, Choked Air. Lead Is The Softest,
Heavy Grey Scumbling Of The Downpipes Clogged With
Clotted The Day Shifts Past, Unknown, Self-Shaming,
A Failure Even As Vagrant, Sick At His Own Image. Under This
Winter Sky The Heat, A Fevered Body -— Can-‘t Act, Can-‘t Sleep;
All Cape Town Reduced To Sad Franchises Where Flags Droop
And Tarmac Ticking Over For The Rain To Work The Slick Like
Stuff In A Sick Man-‘s Throat.
Da! And One Fat Drop. And The Alien Sun, Musing Sun,
It Slips Away Relieved, Blazing Livid On Those Low Clouds,
O Crepuscule, Dark Stranger At The Kerbside, Eros Pink
Thief Of Hearts, Lady Of Dusk Love, Shrugging At The
Curtal Manhood, Bad Thunder In Our Twisted Guts.
Sad Day With Belly And No Fire. Boom. Pa-Dum.

He sank the ship waited along time

He Sank The Ship
He Waited Along Time To Do It.
He Manned The Dock Looking For Fish
While I Cleaned The Galley
He Lost The Net That He Used To Catch Me
And Then I Fell Overboard And He Lost Me Too.
I Returned As A Mermaid Singing To Him A Lullabye
And This Is What I Said-Â….
You Loved Me, You Had Me, You Kissed Me To The Wind,
You Were So Unhappy That You Misplaced Me When Seeking More Fish To Satisfy Your Hunger..
Now-Â…you Live Alone But You Eat Well.

Dry as the desert wet rain my

Dry As The Desert, Wet As The Rain,
My Love Is In Vain. All Alone Yet Tears
Can Not Rewrite The Past. The Rain Pours Below,
Wet Tears Drip From The Sky. As I Await For You
In The Breath Of The Night, Winter Moon Glows With Bright Love.
Sleet Or Silver Tears. Under The Shining Star-Lit Sky I Cast
A Reflection On The Stream As I Walk Down The Path To My Heart.
My Love For You Has Not Reached Its End.

It impairs my judgment weakens body pulsing

It Impairs My Judgment
It Weakens My Body
Pulsing Through My Veins
Shaking My Knees

I-‘ve Been Restless For A While
It-‘s My Shortness Of Breath
It-‘s What Keeps Me Alive
Hangs Me On The Brink Of Death
The Pain Is Immense
The Tears Never Delay
Seeping Through My Skin
They Won-‘t Go Away
Will I Ever Find The Cure?
Its Spores Are Nestled Deep In Me
Feeding On My Tainted Heart
Love Is Nothing More Than A Disease

Dawn breaks as sun rays seep through

Dawn Breaks As Sun Rays Seep Through The Azure
This Gloaming Enough To Ignite My Fury
Rousing From Sleep My Eyes Are Sore
The Longing Is Bitter Yet I Ask For More
Enchanted I Float As I Dwell In Those Eyes
I Care Not If This Intoxication Insinuates Hollow Highs
I Can-‘t Help The Fire That Jitters Down My Spine
Each Sense Craves Her Ever Sweet Wine
Beats Of My Heart Coax Me To Her Lure
I Wonder Whether Faith In Emotions Can Ever Be Pure?
How Relieving Illusions Can Make Your Day
Make Believing, Yet Love Is At Bay
Sands Of Time Slip Through My Fingers
But Why This Day With The Evening Breeze, Hope Lingers?
Silhouettes Of Her Form Swagger Against The Moonlight
I Can-‘t Remember When Last Visions Were Ever This Bright
My Lord No Less Mesmeric As She Lays
Bless The Cleric As He Prays

Forever friends is what we will be

Forever Friends Is What We Will Be,
A Never Ending Bond Between U And Me
As U Leave I Dry The Tears,
That Reflects The Memories Of The Years
You Wisper A Few Parting Words,
Only Some Which I Faintly Heard.
A Tender Hug We Both Exchange,
This Sense Of Loss Feels So Strange.
But We Know In Our Hearts,
The Feelings We Share Can Never Part

The host was good indeed and his

The Host Was Good Indeed
And His Better Half Was Superb
The Welcome Was Pleasant
So Was The Comfort All There I Had
The Dishes Were Delicious
And Versatile It Was
The Desert Was Splendid
Like Sweet After Sour Grapes
Wish I You Both
A Wonderful Long Life
For The Salt I Devoured
Which Was Nice Indeed!
Will Remember You Both
With All My Might
With Love At Heart
For The Kindness You Showered

Shower your mercy god from heavens above

Shower Your Mercy
God From Heavens Above
Clear Those Clouds Of Minds
Layer By Layer
Fathom Hearts
Bestow Knowledge So Pure
Shower, Shower Your Mercy
Mellow Down Pestiferous
Repugnant Forlorn Visions
Needles Of Mantle Move Forward
Wisdom There Be On Its Seconds
Give Kindness Holly God
Replenish Wisdom
Relinquish Benevolence
Of A Life From Heavens Above
Shower, Shower Your Mercy
God From Heavens Above
Dropp By Drop, Fumigate
Hearts In Crystal Shine
Purify Inner Mirror And
Knowledge Be There As Light

I knew my mother very well in

I Knew My Mother Very Well.
In Fact…
We Were Related.
By Birth.
Somehow Folks That Knew Us Both,
Either Did Not Know That Or Accept
My Mother And I Knew Each Other Before
Many Of Them Did.
Many People Would Come To Me,
To Say What Kind Of Person She Was.
As If I Was A Visitor…
That Showed Up On The Holidays.
I Am The Result Of My Mother’s Teachings.
And I Hope I’ve Done Her Lessons Well.
In Fact…
When I Had Been Just A Kid At 18,
And Had Enlisted In The Military.
My Training Instructors Were Amazed
That I Was So Disciplined.
I Already Knew How To Iron, Sew, Cook And Clean.
Many Of Those Things Some Guys Struggled,
As They Endured Basic Training.
People Without Military Training Aren’t Aware…
If Mama Wasn’t There,
Uncle Sam Ensured Those Things Got Done!
Or No Guy Would Survive On Just Learning How To Clean A Gun.
My Mama Didn’t Pack No Gun.
But She Knew What Was Best For Her Son!
And To A Large Degree…
My Mama Prepared Me To Confront The Enemy.
My Ex-Wives!
And I Say That Kind Of Jokingly.
But I Was Raised To Be Totally Independent,
Since I Can Remember.
Lawrence S. Pertillar

He was the warmest man i ever

He Was The Warmest Man I Ever Met.
Physically. And Emotionlly.
The Kind Of Warm That Never Burns.
He Was Much Older Than Me,
But Who Would Reject An Out-Of-Date
Heater That Worked Better Than The
New Ones? Especially In A Cold Winter.
I’m Not Talking About An Electric Blanket.
Closer To A Potbellied Stove.
We Were Both Teachers At A Remote
Indian Reservation School At The Time.
I Swear That Wherever He Walked
In The Snow, Even Deep Snow, Melted
Puddles Of Water Trailed After Him.
I Never Wanted Him To Stop Holding Me.
He Said My Femininity Ignited His Fuse.
You Are Probably Having The Usual
Fantasies About Intimate Relations,
And There Was That-A Furnace At Times.
But A Volcano Can Only Erupt For So Long.
More Important Was His, And Our,
Constant Warmth Together, Before And After.
And Though We Eventually Had To Part,
He For Alaska, Where I’m Sure He Will Be
Appreciated, I Can Still Conjure A Glow
Of Warmth Around Me When I Think Of Him

As i wake up my eyes open

As I Wake Up My Eyes Open Slowly
The First Thought On My Mind Is You
Every Time You Pass Through My Mind I Can-‘t Help But To Smile
Butterflies Start To Form In My Stomach And I Start To Pounce Around Like A Little Child On Christmas
I Set A Special Ringtone In My Phone Just So I Know It-‘s You Calling
Even Though I Noticed That I-‘m Falling In Love It Still Scares Me
I Can-‘t Help But To Still Reminisce On My Past Relationships
In The Back Of My Mind I Think That You Will Break My Heart Like A Mirror
But In My Heart I Feel You Will Complete Me
After Love Making You Hold Me Like No Other Guy Has
You Made Me Feel Special And At That Moment I Was In Your Arms I Exhaled
You May Be That Outer Bad Boy But That Inner Good Guy Is What Made Me Fall In Love

Eww these carpenter ants make me

Eww! ! ! !
These Carpenter Ants Make Me Scream.
Yuck! ! ! !
These Carpenter Ants Make Me Squirm.
Ah! ! ! !
These Carpenter Ants Are So Annoying.
Grrrr! ! ! !
I Feel My Temperate Rising.
Ewww! ! ! !
I Just Stepped On One.
Yuck! ! ! !
Blood Is Popping Out.
Ah! ! ! !
It’s Arms Are Still Moving.
Grrrr! ! ! !
I Step On It Once Again.
Ewww! ! ! !
It’s Friends Want More.

Michael my brother you are gone tho8217

Michael, My Brother, You Are Gone,
Tho’ Your Memory Still Lives On,
Round And Round The Track
Never Once Looking Back.

“It’s Almost Friday” You Always Said
Forever Chasing The Checker Flag.
No. 1 You’ll Always Be
Your Gold Car We’ll Always See.
“Go, Michael, Go!” Sounds The Cheer,
As You Cross The Finish Line So Dear.
We Love & Miss You So
Your Memory Will Never Go!

In life there are struggles and dissapointments

In Life There Are Struggles And Dissapointments
There Are Battles And There Rattles
In The Heart They Are Seen
Nothing Can Come In Between
Or Else There Will Be Confrontations
Confrontations That In Any Angle Can Be Harmful
Because Dissapointments Can Reoccur Life Is Full Of Them
The Solid, Acknowledged, Endless Confrontations

Behind the door hiding someone with thrashing

Behind The Door Hiding Someone
With Thrashing Mind Beating Heart
Behind Dimness Someone Hiding
Probing Tracing More Or Less
Found None In The Evil Dark
Rocking Fear Resounds In Shadows
Roaming In Darkness Aware Of
Someone Leaning Behind
Sense Of Fear Dwell On Mind
Kite In The Air Like Flew
Roared With A Keen Look
Rush To The Lock Up Door
But, Faint, Fail, At Last
Realizing It Is Death The Last Follower
Realizing It Is Death The Last Follower
My Yelp Cry Annoyed With No Rejoinder
Realizing My Flesh Underway To Decay
And Become Dome Of Mud-
Death Murmured -Å—enjoy Beauty Of Last Part, The Closing
Stages The Moment Of Conclusion Make You Joy Forever, Enjoy-
Still Fraught To Head Off From The Darkness
Laid Down With Closed Eyes
For Some Other Way To Hide From Culmination

I look in the mirror whose reflection

I Look In The Mirror,
Whose Reflection Do I See?
This Is Not The Face I Remember.
The Eyes Looking Back At Me,
Can Hardly Be Mine.
Looking In Them, I See,
A Life, I Know Is Not Mine.
A Stranger Stands There,
Looking Back At Me.
Experiences Known, Yet Not.
Feeling Familiar, Yet Strange.
I Feel As Though I-‘m Living
Someone Else-‘s Life.
Writing My Story,
With Another-‘s Pen.
Singing My Song,
With A Strangers Voice.
I Need To Find My Own,
And Start All Over Again.
Making My Life,
And My Reflection
Mine Once More.

The wondrous moment of our meeting

The Wondrous Moment Of Our Meeting . . .
I Well Remember You Appear
Before Me Like A Vision Fleeting,
A Beauty’s Angel Pure And Clear.

In Hopeless Ennui Surrounding
The Worldly Bustle, To My Ear
For Long Your Tender Voice Kept Sounding,
For Long In Dreams Came Features Dear.
Time Passed. Unruly Storms Confounded
Old Dreams, And I From Year To Year
Forgot How Tender You Had Sounded,
Your Heavenly Features Once So Dear.
My Backwoods Days Dragged Slow And Quiet-–
Dull Fence Around, Dark Vault Above-–
Devoid Of God And Uninspired,
Devoid Of Tears, Of Fire, Of Love.
Sleep From My Soul Began Retreating,
And Here You Once Again Appear
Before Me Like A Vision Fleeting,
A Beauty’s Angel Pure And Clear.
In Ecstasy The Heart Is Beating,
Old Joys For It Anew Revive;
Inspired And God-Filled, It Is Greeting
The Fire, And Tears, And Love Alive.

In his nostalgic fligths of fancy he

In His Nostalgic Fligths Of Fancy He See The Old Bohreen
And The Old Fields And The Valleys In Their Many Shades Of Green
And The Hawthorns Trees Resplendent In Their Fragile White Blossoms Of The May
Here He Will Always Be A Migrant From A Country Far Away.
Seven Times A Great Grandfather And Time Is Ticking On
A Primary Schoolboy Of The Late Forties But The Forties Has Long Gone
He Has Not Seen His Remaining Siblings For Thirty Years Or More
And A Lot Of Changes In The Old Hometown Since He Left His Homeland Shore.

Two Of His Siblings Now Deceased A Brother And Sister Now Remain
With Their Families In The Old Hometown That He May Not See Again
In The Old Town He’d Feel A Stranger Now And There Few Of Him Would Know
He Was A Well Known Fellow There Some Forty Years Ago.
His Wife Of Forty Two Years In The Cemetery Now Lay
She Passed On Quietly In Her Sleep Six Years Ago Today
He Visits Her Grave Site Every Month To Place Flowers By Her Headstone
Without The Truest Friend He’s Ever Had He Is Growing Old Alone.
In His Nostalgic Flights Of Fancy He Can Hear And See
The Pink Breasted Bullfinch Singing On A Leafy Silver Birch Tree
And The Familiar Voice It Comes To Him Of The Silver Tongued Mountain Rill
As It Babbles Towards The River Down The High Field By The Hill.

Childish pain is a cut to the

Childish Pain Is A Cut To The Knee
A Loss Of Dolly
Teenage Pain Is Boyfriend Kissed Best Mate
All Angst Ridden Hate
Grown Up Pain Is Far More Complicated
Its The Mother In Law We’ve Hated
Its The Mortgage We’ve Defaulted
Its The Marriage We’ve Corrupted
Its The Fear Of Getting Older
Its Our Love Life Getting Colder
Its The Chip Upon Our Shoulder
Its The Lust For More That Smoulders
Its The Youth We Have Wasted
Its The Divorce We Have Debated
Its The Nerves On Which We’ve Grated
Its The Feeling We’ve Been Frustrated
Old Age Pain Teaches Time Can Heal All This
Its To Yearn Your Soulmates Kiss
Its The Tenderness You Miss
Until Surrender Which Is Bliss

No one ever said that love was

No One Ever Said That Love Was Gonna Be Easy
Gotta Take The Ups And Downs
The In-Betweens If You Take This Journey
Gotta Give Yourself Completely
Never Let Nobody Ever Step On A Dream
You Better Stop Listen To These Words That I Say
You Better Stop Don’t You Throw This Good Thing Away
No, No Put Your Trust In Me And I’ll Make You See
No The Rain Won’t Last Forever Find A Way To Make It Better
Long As We Can Stand Together Love Will Find A Way
Gonna Make A New Tomorrow Say Goodbye To Tears And Sorrow
Better Listen When I Say ‘Love Will Find A Way’
Somebody Tried To Tell Me Love Don’t Last Forever
Said It Only Happens In Your Wildest Dreams After All Is Said And Done
We’re Still Here Together Never Listen To The Lies And Jealousy
You Better Stop Don’t You Let Them Turn You Around
You Better Stop Hang Onto This Love That We’ve Found
Nothing Ever Say Can Stand In Our Way I Want You
I Need You You Know That I Believe You
We Got It You Know It So If It’s True You’ll Show It
I Want You I Need You You Know That I Believe You
We Got It You Know It So If It’s True You’ll Show It
You Better Stop Listen To These Words That I Say
You Better Stop Don’t You Throw This Good Thing Away
No Put Your Trust In Me And I’ll Make You See
I Want You I Need You You Know That I Believe You
We Got It You Know It So If It’s True You’ll Show It

It feels beautiful being here it increadible

It feels beautiful being here,
it feels increadible being with you.
I feel safe when you’re near,
it’s amazing how much i love you.
They know i’ve changed when they see,
that gleam in my eyes and that smile on my face.
They know i’m happy when you’re with me,
you’re the one for me and you’ll never be replaced.
No need for no one or no gurus,
to tell us it’s love that we are going through.
Just the need for all tomorrows,
to prove and assure that i’m in love with you.
I know if i let you go i won’t live,
so i won’t let you go in this life time.
All this love that i’m still to give,
and how sweet it is when you’re mine.
I made it obvious to this world,
that it will never bring me down.
And i knew since i’m your girl,
i feel blessed and i feel found…
Eman Awad

Ur alone in the world and no

Ur Alone In The World,
And No Ones Home,
Dont Worry Cause Ur Almost Alone,
Dont Wait Up Thinking Wat U Could Of Done,
Dont Worry Now Just Go And Sleep Ur Life Away,
Time Spent Wondering Wat Could Of Happened,
No Longer Shall U Wait To End Ur Miserable Life,
Dont Worry About The Ending,
Just End It Now,
Ur To Stoned And Cold To Care,
How Im Feeling Now,
That You’ve Hurt Me So Badly,
Dont Come Back To Me Now,
That U Say U Don’t Love Me Anymore….Anymore,
I Love U Forever More…Forever More.

My parents are great as god brother

My Parents Are Great As God
My Brother Mean More To Me
More Than My Life.
My Family Will Forever Be In My Heart
My Family Is More Important Than My Friends
Family Is Family
Who Allways With Me In My Happiness
And Sadness
My Family Is Allways In Front Of My Victory
Not Behind Me
My Family Is Who I Can Fully Trust In This World.
My Family Is Secret Diary For Me

Fluttering flowers flowing river shez more gorgeous

Fluttering Flowers Flowing River
Shez More Gorgeous Than That
Cool Breeze Rain Drops
Shez More Pleasant Than That
Setting Sun Singing Birds
Shez More Beautiful Than That
Star Lit Sky Full Moon Day
Shez More Romantic Than That
Mother Showering Love On Her Child
Perhaps I Love Her More Than That
Shez The Best Thing In My Life
And I’m Glad That She’ll Be My Wife
God! I Have Nothing More To Ask You
Nothing More To Wish For
Coz Shez With Me And I Know Its Forever

She looks at her own reflection staring

She Looks At Her Own Reflection
Staring With Eyes Of Inspection
Flaws Is All She’s Able To See
A Smile Inside Unable To Set Free
But I See Her As If Inside The Mirror
Looking At Her Hold Back Tears
A Beautiful Heart And Beautiful Face
Feeling Like She Has No Place
But So Many Who Would Die To Be
The Person Whom She Can Not See
The One I Look At From Inside
The Sorrow She Is Unable To Hide
She’s Beautiful In Every Possible Way
If She’d Only Learn To Live In Today
Golden Heart With Invisible Scars
Her Happiness Locked Behind Bars
A Weak Knee Ready To Lean
A Closed Mouth Ready To Scream
A Frigid Heart Afraid To Break
Because This Time It Might Not Recuperate
Destined Eyes With A History Of Cries
Confront Her And There Are Only Lies
Why Can’t She Live The Life She Dreams
Or Finally Let Out Her Held Back Screams
Why Can’t She Smile At Herself
Just Forget The Tomorrow And Live Without Fear
Why Can’t She Just See What I See
Looking At Her From Inside The Mirror

When i was a leaf of grass

When I Was A Leaf Of Grass
On This Thirsty Parched Land
You Became A Dew Drop
To Wet My Chapped Lips

When I Was A Lost Bird
Crying Around Looking For My Flock
You Were The Mother Hen
Who Took Me Under Your Wing
When I Was A Just A Stone
Trampled Under Feet Of Many
You Were The One Who Picked Me Up
And Polished Me Into A Gem
Fed By The Streams
Countless Rivers
Now I Am The Ocean
How Am I Supposed To Quench Your Thirst…

Never give up if u still wanna

Never Give Up If U Still Wanna Try
Never Wipe Your Tears If U Still Wanna Cry
Never Settle For The Answer If U Still Wanna Know
Never Say U Don’t Like Him If U Can’t Let Him Go

Thoughts of her fill his head knowing

Thoughts of her fill his head,
Knowing words would never suffice.
His life is only bloodshed
His vibrant heart freezing like ice.
Her spirit slips through his grasp
Dancing the edge of sanity
Every thought makes him gasp
Shadowing his dreams ghostly
Hate takes hold of his soul
He will never know what he-‘s worth
Trapped in a gloomy hole
Buried in the sorrow of Earth
A tear runs down his face
The shining starry sky mocks him
Her, he cannot replace
He whispers and his eyes go dim.

by secretkeeper‚ 

Let spring ring with resounding green a

Let Spring Ring With Resounding Green
A Lush That Speaks Of Godly Things
Whose Tumbling Leaves I Bear So Near
While Rain Mists Rays Of Cold Fresh Life
Upon My Notebook My Troubles Lay
A Deep Fertile Soil Praying For Day
For Love Like May’s Startled Tears
To Settle In Deep And Nourish Thy Fears

To Penetrate The Brown Of Winter’s Loss
Who Froze The Earth And Stole Its Pure
Unearthing Old Yearns Of Birds And Buzz
As Rain Sinks In Its Nurturing Nuzz
Let Spring Ring With Resounding Green
A Lush That Speaks Of Godly Things
Whose Tumbling Leaves I Bear So Near
While Rain Mists Rays Of Cold Fresh Life
Upon My Notebook My Troubles Lay
A Deep Fertile Soil Praying For Day
For Love Like May’s Startled Tears
To Settle In Deep And Nourish Thy Fears
To Penetrate The Brown Of Winter’s Loss
Who Froze The Earth And Stole Its Pure
Unearthing Old Yearns Of Birds And Buzz
As Rain Sinks In Its Nurturing Nuzz

You will loose your attention this put

You Will Loose Your Attention
This Will Put You In Total Confusion
And You Will Feel The Irritation
Which Might Spoil Your Personal Relation
Ultimately You Wont Get Cooperation
Which Will Cause Complication
You-‘ll Then Need To Watch Your Bp With Caution
And You Might Have To Take Medication
Instead Understand The Situation
Try To Think Of A Solution Many Problems Will Be Solved By Discussion
Which Will Work Better In Your Profession
This Is Not My Free Suggestion
It Is Only For Prevention
If You Understand My Intension
You-‘ll Never Come Again To Tension

I suppose as long there are those

I Suppose
As Long As There Are Those
Who Are Seeking Someone
To Lead Them Out Of Darkness
They Will Always Feel Their Lives,
Have A Meaningful Connection
To One Another.
With A Purpose To Be Validated!
And The Willingness To Follow,
Kept Undenied.
Since An Observation Solicited,
Provides A Confirmation
That A Participation Has Occurred.
And Should Be Duly Noted

A future written on piece of paper

A Future Written On A Piece Of Paper
A Past Hidden In A Photo Album.
The Present At The End Of A Path,
So Far Away- Even Sunsets
Can’t Catch It.
Because Even I Don’t Understand
What Is Going On?
What Is Going To Happen?
What Is Going To Be?
The Present, The Gift
Of Understanding-
Anything At All
Is Ribbon Wrapped For Me.
You Can Open It Up And Embrace It,
Or Disreguard And Ignore It.
But In The End-
All The Pressure,
And All The Decision-
And All The Eyes:
Are On Me.
Here’s To The Unknown.

Inspired by death of leon greenman last

Inspired By Death Of Leon Greenman,
Last Survivor Of Auschwitz And His
Memories Of Seeing His Mother
Taken Away On A Train Wearing Red.
Eyes Of A Gentle Man
Haunting Yet Alive To All Possibilities
No Melancholy Here, A Warriors Spirit
Following The Train Tracks Of Life.
Glimpses Of Red Carrying His Hopes
That Somehow Survival Was An Option
That Must Be Entertained, For The Alternative
Was Too Black To Observe.
Eyes Of A Gentle Man
Age Gathered Enlightenment
Has Eventually Reaped The Awful News
But Still The Battle Goes On.
Still The Train Tracks Beckon
And Finally This Gentle Warrior’s Soul
Will Once Again Set Eyes And Heart
On Those Glimpses Of Red

If all the beauty would ever last

If All The Beauty Would Ever Last, If Time Would Halt And Never Be Past,
If All The Ugliness Would Forever Hide, Then On The Journey, With Thou, I Would Ride.
Time Drives The Beauty From A Face. It Sees No Meaning, Nor Any Grace.
The Beauty, The Face, Soon To Be Forgotten, All Be Wanton, All Be Rotten.
The Beauty Of A Person Is Soon To Fade, Like A Setting Sun, A Night Time Shade.
Eyes Eventually Lose Its Shine. The Beauty Of It, The Sun Would Out Shine.
The Hair Will Fall And Turn To Gray. No One Can Outrun The Upcoming Day.
Unlike A Star That Forever Twinkles, The Beauty On The Face Is Soon To Wrinkle.
If Time Would Stop As It Sailed, If The Unpleasantness Of The Aging Can Be Veiled,
If The Inevitable To Come Can Be Set Aside, Then On The Journey, With Thou, I Would Ride.

Oh life if the night steals my

Oh! Life If The Night Steals My Sleep
The Day Laughs At Me In Face.
Out Of Place Every Where,
Wandering I Go And The Cold Destination
Is Approached Oh! Life,
I Should Have Loved You-Â…
Beautiful You Are,
But Blind And Deaf
To Your Calls
I Had Been-Â…
Now Your Back You Turn To Me
And Warmly You Are Getting Away
Far From Me.Oh! Life,
I Should Have Loved You

A move so sexy touch sassy your

A Move So Sexy
A Touch So Sassy…
Your Presence Makes Me Feel,
A Bond So Senti!

When The Neck Is Wet,Wetting Off All The Chest
The Sprinkles Of Water,Getting Roll Off The Body…
The Suasing Of Your Body,Attracts My Eye
The Hotness Of Your Soul,Bends Me To Crave!
A Glance So Shiny
A Walk So Smoothy…
Your Presence Makes Me Feel,
A Bond So Senti…
When The Eyes Meet,With The Lips So Close
There Is A Liplock,For Everytime So Sure…
The Beating Of Heart Runs So Wild
My Body Looses Itself In Your’s;for Meeting Of The Two Souls!
An Embrace So Delight..
An Ecstasy So Wonderful,Tonight…
A Move So Sexy
A Touch So Sassy…
Your Presence Makes Me Feel,
A Bond So Senti!!!

When the exitement energy and playing disappear

When The Exitement,
The Energy, And The Playing Disappear,
God Casts The Night Spell,
The Morning Sun Swept Over By The Night Moon.
The Morning Sun Has Drained The Energy,
Of The Ones Who Have Been Working And Playing,
So The Night Spell Sweeps Over The Land,
Making Every Soul Sleep And Recharge.

Then When Every Soul Has Slept,
God Casts Another Spell,
The Morning Spell Pulls Them Out Of Bed,
Sweeping Over The Night And Into The Light.
The Morning Spell Makes Every Soul,
Use Their Energy To Enjoy Life,
To Help It, Or To Save It.
Then The Morning Spell Is Swept Over.
On And On,
Spell After Spell,
The World’s Cycle,
The Spells.

I always try to find the perfect

I Always Try To Find The Perfect Words To Write
To Make A Beautiful Poem Made Just For You
Sometimes I Hope My Heart Will Do A Good Job
But It Never Comes Out Right; The Words Will Never Do
I’m Often Looking For New Words; New Phrases,
Hoping That It’ll Express My Hearts Loving Phases.
I Smile When I Think About You, So You Know,
And I Hate Leaving You When I Have To Go.
Every Time I See You I Can’t Help But Smile And Feel,
The Way That I Feel So Deep Inside For You.
You Know, It’s A Warm Feeling That This Is So Real,
Every Moment Is Magical, Through And Through.
I Trust These Words On Paper And The Screen,
To Say The Things I Wish That I Could Scream.
Every Time I’m Reminded Of You, Thoughts Flow,
And I Think Of A Million Things You’ll Never Know.
Things I Want To Say But The Words Aren’t Right,
I Need Special Words To Proclaim My Heart.
I Searched The Dictionary So Late Into The Night,
But Nothing I Found Seemed To Give Me A Good Start.
I Like The Way You Look Into My Eyes So Deeply,
It Makes Me Smile So Much; Uncontrollably.
Even Though I Say It, I Know That It’ll Never Do,
Too Bad These Feelings Aren’t As Simple As “I Love You”.
Every Night, And Every Day Since I Fell In Love,
I’ve Been Trying To Think Of Way So I Could Let You Know.
My Heart And Mind Won’t Collide To Think Of,
Something To Tell You How I Feel; Of How I Love You So.
With Angel Wings You Float My Heart Up So High,
And With Every Kiss I Feel That I May Just Die.
So Much Magic To Intake; An Obsession I’m Sure,
I’ve Never Seen Something I So Badly Wanted To Endure.

This misty morning with the sun bloodying

This Misty Morning
With The Sun Bloodying
The Edges Of The Sky
At The Bottom Of The Hills

My Mind Races Far Far Away
Over The Oceans
Gliding Through The Clouds
Looking For You
No I Am Not Lonely
As Long As I Have
The Memories Of You
Flowing Through My Mind
Like The Water
Circulating Again And Again
In That Little Table Top Fountain
You Bought Me The Day
I Moved To My Apartment
“How Strange It Is
That We Seek The Help Of
Monotonic Sounds Of Water
Flowing Again And Again
Through Some Glass Pebbles
To Get Out Of The Monotony
And The Loneliness We Feel
In Our Day To Day Lives…..?”
You Just Smiled
And Put Your Cheek On Mine
Moved Your Eye Ball
So It Is Almost Touching Mine
“Darling… You Have A Lot To Learn
About Life……!”
May Be This Is The Exam Time….!
by rowving‚ 

God8217s decision was right when he gifted

God’s Decision Was Right When He Gifted You To Me,
My Job Is To Love You Hny And It Will Forever Be.
Yes Its True And You Know It Too It Didnt Happen It A Day,
But Now You Are Mine And No One Can Take You Away.
People Around Me Say, I Am Playing A Tough Game,
But They Dont Know How I Feel, When I Say Your Name.
When I Say I Love‚  You Its From The Bottom Of My Heart,
The Time Is Now Gone When I Was Filled With Tears And Hurt.
I Love You, And Cherish You, More And More Everyday,
I Always Wish, You’ll Come To Me Forever, And Stay.
As I Think Of You Words Of Love Fill My Heart,
I Hear You Say I Love You Amit Right From The Start.
We Are Too Young To Marry, For You Are 17 And I Am Twenty,
Trying To Console Myself The Hours Of Wait Are Plenty.
Waiting For The Day‚  When I Wont Have To Search For You,
Holding All My Emotions Inside I’ll Keep Moving Through.
I Have Complete Faith In You, And I Am Waiting For You So Much,
I Know The Distance Is Too Large I Am Longing For Your Touch.
You Are The Right One For Me You Dont Need To Tell,
My Tomorrow Is Better With You And I Know It Very Well.
I Wish I Could Tell You How I Feel, Something Like Never Before,
I Am Waiting For You My Princess To Come Through That Door.
You Dont Have To Listen Just Look In My Eyes And You’ll See,
All I Ever Wanted To Say Is I Love You And You Belong To M

God8217s wonderful creation with so many roles

God’s Wonderful Creation,
With So Many Roles To Play,
Like A Tree From A Sapling,
Always An Important Job To Do,
From Birth Till The Death…
Like A Small Sapling,
Takes Birth In The World,
Has Only One Branch,
Playfully Spending Life…
As She Grows,
She Spreads Her Branches,
And Takes Upon The Roles,
As Serious As She Can…
A Loving Sister,
A Caring Daughter,
A Playful Girlfriend,
A Dedicated Wife,
A Responsible Mother,
And A Respectable Member…
So My Friends,
Understand The Power Of Womanhood,
Respect Her,
And Love God’s Creation…

We walk stalk feed bleed die you

We Walk
We Stalk
We Feed
We Bleed
We Die
You Cry

Lust The Blood
Of What We Need
Stay Out
The Light
It Burns
Our Bite
We Walk
We Stalk
We Feed
We Bleed
We Die
You Cry
Our Thrust
Your Myth
Don’t See
Don’t Beleave
We Are
Your Saver
Just Watch
We Walk
We Stalk
We Feed
We Bleed
We Die
You Cry
The Sex
The Cries
Don’t Care
Get What
We Need
We Walk
We Stalk
We Feed
We Bleed
We Die
You Cry
We Walk
We Stalk
We Feed
We Bleed
We Die
You Cry
We Are The Vampires Of The Night

The way of yielding water flowing to

The Way Of Yielding Water.. Flowing To The Lowest Point…. Being Never Preaching
Is The Teaching
Of The Ancient I Ching
Some Cherrypick. Some Plumpluck But Newton Was Given
An Apple Windfall
What Are The Jobs Of Appletrees? To Breathe And To Be
.. While Apples Come Automatically.
Can Only The Wind Surf The Grass Seas?
Infinite Drops Of Rain Gathered By River Trains, Now Remain
In The Bowl Of Sea Main

Chen lee goes for that romantic moment

Chen Lee
goes for that
moment of proposalthe hidden ring
in a cake!
But a famished
Wang Lu
steals a nibble
when he is not looking.
One…gulp…eaten ring.
She berates him
but once
she digests
what has happened
she forgives him
& accepts
him & his

One woman of faith served god throughout

One Woman Of Faith
Served One God
Throughout Her Days.
She Prayed In The Early Morning
And She Cried Numerous Late Nights
Making Sure Her Children And Their Children
Always Slept Tight.
God Gave Her Songs And Dreams Galore
Woke Her Sometimes, & He Was Never Ignored.
So He Favored This Faithful Lady
And Called Her Out Among Many.
To Share God’s Loving Ways & Works.
So He Gave Her Blessings Plenty.
Some Blessings Not To Be Seen With The Eye
Only Miracles Behind The Scences.
She May Not Ever Know Of These Miracles-
Because Some Things Only God Can See.
With Dedication She Raised Her Children
Walking By Faith.
& She Taught Each Of Them To Repent Everyday
& To Thank God Even If The Sky Looked Grey.
At Times She Asks God,
“When Will These Blessings Fall?”
“How Come There Seems To Be No Answer When I Call?”
One By One, Her Children Grew Up.
& The Years Just Flew By.
This Faithful Woman Realized Then
That There Was Even More To Life.
Her Children Had Children
And It Made Her So Proud
That She Was Raising Such A Big Family
Knowing They’d Always Be Around.
So One Day, She Asked God Again In Prayer
“I Know I’m Blessed With Certain Things,
& I Know You Care.”
“But How Do I Know My Family Will Be Safe From Harm
When I’m Gone?”
The Lord Looked Down And Finally Said,
“I Thought I Gave You Songs?
Everyday You Prayed Was A Day
I Kept Your Children From Harm.
So My Child, No Worries About The Future
Do What You Can Today,
Because The Generations That Carry On
Have Been Created By Your Faith.
Your Children Will Rise Up And Bless You,
And Their Children Will Do The Same!”
by pinky_dee_01‚ 

One day a fisherman got up very

One Day A Fisherman Got Up Very Early In The Morning
There Was Not Enough Sunlight To Get Into The Sea
He Saw A Pack Of Stones To Pass Time
He Started Throwing The Stone Into The Sea
While Having The Last Stone In The Hand
The Sun Came Up Then He Saw That The Stone Was A Diamond
He Felt For His Misfortune Of Throwing All Of Them Into The Sea

I can8217t forget that day when we

I Can’t Forget That Day When
We Were Under One Umbrella Together,
I First Met You Then,
I Thought We Were Forever.

The Rain Stopped From Pouring,
We Started Walking Slow,
Suddenly In Our Sight,
A Beautiful Rainbow.
This Made Us Smile,
We Held Each Others Hand,
We Became The Best Of Friends,
A Bonding I Know Will Last.
Our Friendship Became Stronger,
As Time Passed It Grew And Grew,
Suddenly, I Felt Something,
Something Special For You.
I Began To See You Special,
I Began To Love You,
We’ve Been Together So Long,
I Thought You Felt It Too.
Once Again, It Rained,
I Thought This Was The Perfect Time,
The Perfect Time To Let You Know
That I Want You To Be Mine.
But Then As You Heard Every Word,
You Started Walking Away,
You Left Me All Alone As I See
The Rainbow’s Colorful Ray.
I Remembered The Day I Met You,
When You Became My Friend,
The Rainbow Saw Our Story Begin
And Our Story End.

If you only knew what do to

If You Only Knew
What You Do To My Head.
My Brain Turns To Mush
Thinking Of You.
I Crave For You 24 Hours A Day.
If You Only Knew
How Much I Love You.
If You Only Knew
How Much I Want You.
I Just Can’t Get Enough Of You.
I Want You By My Side
For All Eternity And Longer.
If You Only Knew
How Much I Love You.
If You Only Knew
How Much I Need You.
You Soothe My Soul
Like No One Else.
You Give Me Joy And Peace Of Mind.
If You Only Knew
How Much I Love You.
If You Only Knew
How Much I Love You.
I Can’t Keep My Hands Off You,
You Bring Me Ecstasy.
I Want This Love
I Have For You To Last Forever.
You’ll Never Know
How Much I Really Love You

Once i wrote a poem about love

Once I Wrote A Poem About Love
It Was About An Angel So Perfect
My Sweet Angel Of Light And Love
You Dim The Stars With Your Smile

You Never Know How Much I Love You
My Angel So Perfect Yet Sad
I’ll Love You Thru All Eternity
I Would Do All You Desire
This Poem Comes From My Heart

When i ate today at noon all

When I Ate Today At Noon
All I Could Think About Was You
Wishing You Was Here To Do What You Do
Wishing I Could Feed You With My Spoon
Hoping Someday I’ll See Your Smile Again
I Don’t Know If I Can Take All This Pain
Knowing That I Am Here And You Are There
Thinking About The Times We Had And Will Not Have
You Are The Best There Ever Was And Will Be
There Is Nothing To Explain You, But Lovely
Even When I Was Sad You Made Me Happy
I Just Don’t Know What To Do
I Just Hope One Day, I Get To See You

Its grass is greener skies are clearer

Its Grass Is Greener, Its Skies Are Clearer
Its Your Own Hideaway, Its Your Earth
Got Soul, But It Isnt For Sale
Take And Guess And L Think Of All The Reasons Why
You Keep It So Closed And Now L Try To Understand
You Want To Keep It Pure, Your Earth

I Cant Travel By Spacecraft To Your Earth
Its More Precious Than Life Can Ever Be Worth
Because Whats A Life Time Spent Alone
You Live Day By Day Like Its A Joke
I Am Not Someone Who Takes Anything On My Back
I Will Start To Climb That Ladder To Your Earth
The Seas Are Always Calm And Sure
The Sands Always Golden And Soft On The Shore
The Valleys Are Neat And Not Too Deep
The Mountains Are Marble And Covered In White
The View From Space Is So Beautiful
Your Earth Is Perfectly Curved, Your Earth
Its Not A Place That You Rule Like A Queen
You Look Over Every Mile Like Its Your Dream
That You Took So Long Dreaming Up, Your Earth
Its A Paradise That When You Keep Your Eyes Closed
You Can Feel The Wind Blow Gently On Your Skin
You Earth Is Nothing Short Of Where Heaven Begins
Your Earth, It Shines In The Sight Of My View
When L Am Coming Into Land Think Of Everything We’ve Been Through
It Calls Me To The Place Where You Dwell
The Place Where The Beauty Of Your Smile Never Fell
Its Been A Long Way To Get Here
But L Wouldnt Care If It Took Me Years To Walk Here
I Want To Be Close To You, Be In Your Earth
Cover The Lands With Your Heart That Creates
An Air Where Love Grows And Breathes
Your Earth, Your Earth Your Earth
It Calls Me And L Dont Have A Map To Know
The Dangers That Could Prevent Me On The Go
But Nothing Stops Me Because Its Inside Where L Know
Your Calling Me And Guiding Me To Your Heaven
Your Earth, Your Earth, Your Earth
Your Earth, Your Earth, Your Earth
Your Earth, Your Earth, Your Earth
Your Earth, Your Earth, Your Earth
Your Earth, Your Earth, Your Earth

She comes early this morning blue all

she comes early this morning
blue all over
and i give her tea and let her speak what is in her mind.
like she is a storm today,
she has given me turbulence, speaking about how abuse
can be inflicted, verbal physical emotional, against her
a woman of virtue
and intellect, she sips the tea and breaks some cookies
her breakfast today, and she continues about
what he did to her
i am listening then the door bell rings
it is him, and he gets another tea
for sympathy and he listens to her outpouring too,
these kinds of abuse
inflicted by one to another
getting to be
so normal an occurrence, that everyone seems to accept
without question,
she is his wife
the man has white hair, and balding, and his shirt
is not well ironed, his face still unwashed,
wrinkles on his face,
she is complaining about his abuses on her person
and he merely listens
and he wants to explain how these matters started
and how they may not be true
how violent can she become
when provoked by her
mood swings
her face changes from calm to something
you will not like
and she does what you may now believe
because she kicks him
she slaps him
and he merely listens
i guess, that explains the mess, that this couple
now intruding my privacy, has found themselves into,
i tell them i have other things to do today,
and since their tea is consumed, then they must now take
their leave
my morning is not that great, actually, i do not like it
and them too.

Why is love so much pain am

Why Is Love So Much Pain?
Why Am I Scared To Fall In Love Again?
Why Do Players Get There Way?
Why Do I Think About Him Everyday?
Why Did He Cause Me All These Tears?
Why Couldnt He Just Take Away My Fears?
Why Is He The Way He Is?
Why Does He Have To Be The One I Miss?

If i try and fail who will

If I Try And Fail
Who Will Be There… And Say:
“You Did Well”
If I Fall And Couldn T Stand
Who Will Be There…And Say:
“Hold My Hand”
If Roads Are Tough
And Light Is Far,
Who Will Be There…And Say:
“I Will Walk”
Even When My Nights Are Long,
And Days Are Blue.
And Everything Seems,
Impossible To Be True.
Who Will Still Be There…And Say,
“I Will Always Love You”
Will You Be There?

Born in separate wombs away came to

Born In Separate Wombs Away
Came To Know My Sis One Day
To Love And Care A Lot For You
Born Am I Your Brother Big Guy
Sometime Would Life Be Deserted
And At Times Be Really Weird
Life Is All Of Ups And Downs
But Full Of Hopes With You By My Side
Your Laughter A Gentle Breeze
And Your Smile A Sweet Comfort
Your Dimples Speak Your Love
And Make Me Feel A Proud Sibling
Ever You Feel At Blues All Day
Free Are You To Come Near Me
Shoulders All Stretched For You To Cry
And In There Would You Find Solace
Would’ve Never My Life Been So Full
Without An Angel So Close To Me
To Share A Smile And Wipe A Tear
Is What We Do As Brother And Sis

Why we see the life more as

Why We See The Life
More As A Bane
Less As A Boon.
More As A Problem
Less As A Solution
Why We Find
Other’s Life A Tic-Tac-Toe
&Our Life A Monster’s Toe
Why We Think
Most Precious Thing
More As A Problem
Why We Trow, Life Is A Hell
N Heaven A Distant Trail
Why We Find Much To Regret
Least To Celebrate.
More Of Sadness
Least Of Happiness
More Occasion To Curse
Least To Thanks
Much Of Scortching Heat
Less Of Soothing Air
Just Change The View
Life’s Perview
You’ll Find More Of Spring
Less Of Scortching Summer
More Of Rains, Less Of Flood
More A Boon, Less A Bane

Please don8217t rain on me i have

Please Don’t Rain On Me
I Have Enough Misery
Perhaps My Debt Is Not Paid
But I Will Never Give That Away
It’s Torture Can’t You See
That Whole Other Side To Me
I Want To Be A Water Spout
Freely Letting It All Flow Out
Instead Of Seeing Trash Mildew And Goo
We Saw The Water Wash It Away
Reliving Life A Better Way
Knowing Things Will Be Okay
But Instead I’m More Like The Trash Can
Sitting There For Somebody To Throw Their Trash In
Don’t Touch Me You Must Think
I Might Make Your Little World Stink
Filling Up And Overflowing
Walk A Wide Berth
Don’t Take The Risk Of Getting Muck On Your Shirt
Its Piled Up Here, Or So It Would Apear
Please Don’t Rain On Me
I Have Enough Misery
The Only Thing Worse That I Can See
Is To Be Completely Washed Away

As i sit under the water slide

As I Sit Under The Water Slide
Just Wishing You Were By My Side
I Close My Eyes As The Winds Askes Me
Where My Girl Has Gone? With Out A Replay
A Tear Comes Out Of My Eye As I Begin To Cry
I Imagen You Were By My Side Just Old Times
When We Were Side By Side
Then I Realize Its Just A Dream
N I Need To Get Back To Real Life
As Tears Are Coming Out Of My Eyes

Red are my eyes that wept all

Red Are My Eyes That Wept All Night
With Your Thoughts On My Mind
I Would Cry Forever-Â…
If You Can Find The Glow Of The Sun
In The Painful Eyes, Red With Tears Flooding
I Would Cry Forever-Â…
If The Tears That Flow From My Eyes
Could Be The Rain That You Want To Drench In
I Would Cry Forever-Â…
The Incarnadine Heart Beats In Anguish
If It Could Be The Beat That Will Keep You Going
I Would Cry Forever-Â…
The Grunt Of My Soul Crying In Despair
If It Could Be The Music That You Would Cherish Listening To
I Would Cry Forever

I lie in wait for laughter songs

i lie in wait
for laughter
for songs of joy
instead of sour bliss
i anticipate
but your soul refuses it
not realizing that its true love
because as long as you’re not fondled
it’s alright
i give you space
i’ll give you the exact time
but for now
while i wait for the love of you
let us depart
by zubiluvs‚ 

A dilemma it all started with my

A Dilemma
It All Started With My Teeth,
So Artificial Ones Went In;
Then I Had Trouble Chewing,
So They Replaced My Chin.
Then One Day While Out For A Walk,
Some Terrible Pain Hit My Knees;
But After Two More Operations,
I-‘m Now Walking Like A Breeze!
As Old Age Has Caught Up To Me,
The Docs Have Done Their Share;
To Replace Many Of My Body Parts,
From Hip Sockets To My Hair.
So When From This Life I Do Go,
I-‘ll Leave A Dilemma So Hard;
-Å—will They Call The Undertaker,
Or The Local Junkyard

Years have come and gone it used

Years Have Come And Gone
It Used To Take Decades
For One To Pass
Now It Takes Weeks
Soon It Might Be Days
If You Slow It Down Enough
By Not Succumbing
To The General Madness
Of Your Fellow Man
And His Or Her Successes
There Might Be
Situational Upbringing
Environmental Shaping
Natural Nurturing
Human Actions
Some Answer Is Here
Some Answer To Some Question
That You Thought Of
Once Before
And Are Occasionally Reminded
When Squirrels Jump From
Branch To Branch
Crows Pick At A Carcass
On The Road
Or Salmon Slap Stones And
Struggle Up Stream
Or Otters Using Stones And Stomachs
To Crack Oysters
Never Have You
Had This Thought
Watching Humans
Do Human Things

Something in the words you never said

Something In The Words You Never Said
Makes Me Feel I Ain-‘t Seen Nothing Yet
Catch Me Now I-‘m Falling
Hear The Angels Calling
Calling Somewhere Deep Inside My Head
Close Encounters Of A Different Kind
Open Up The Part That-‘s Hidden Inside
Many Hearts Get Broken
While Words Are Left Unspoken
Leaving Nothing But A Worried Mind
We Could Flow Like Teardrops On The Ocean
We Could Flow Like Water To The Sea
It May Sound Unclever
We-‘d Last Forever
If You Want To Stay With Me
Never Know For Sure What-‘s Comming Up
Sad The Echo-Beat Will Never Stop
You-‘re The One And Only
But If You Leave Me Lonley
You Might As Well Let All The Curtains Drop
If You-‘d Just Lay Your Love On Me

Just to let you know i am

Just To Let You Know
I Am Scared To Death
Its Time For Me To Leave
I’ve Got Nothing Left
What Is Going To Happen
When I Leave This Earth?
Will My Soul Fly Into Space?
Or My Thoughts Simply Disperse?
If Heaven And Hell Were Real
I’d Surely Be Going Down
But Seeing As They’re Not
My Brain Is Racing Around
They’ll Put Me In The Box Labeled
‘God’s Lost And Never Found’
I’m Not Going To Preach
My Words Aren’t That Profound
I Did Not Live For God
And I Did Not Live For Me
Dont You See My Lovely
Your Eyes Are Like The Sea
Instead Of Sitting In A Church
On Sunday Like The Others
I Was Holding Your Divine Hand
And Running From Our Mothers
Now My Time Is Up
And All I Have To Say
Is My Darling I Love You
And Where Im Going I Cannot Say
Grady Falco

Bear the burnt or enjoy boon mark

Bear the burnt or enjoy the boon,
Mark of a mature man shows it-‘s the same
In all games, mission or ambition,
Success or failure is common in the world
As there is no job sans risk,
Man still finds no means to make life risk less
So, in life and work, plans and projects,
Success and failure are common!
Birth and death, day and night,
And success and failure are inseparable for ever
Success and failure are the head and tail of a coin
Impossible to win or lose ever
As to the favor of wind, only ship of life sails on
To reach the harbor of success
Or else, We have to maneuver the ship
With intelligent efforts to reach the harbor!
If we are unsuccessful in one game,
We will be successful in another game, Think!
If we are unsuccessful in one birth,
We will be successful in another birth, ponder!
So, go ahead in the voyage of life
And work unmindful of success or failure always
That-‘s the way, success and failure can be mastered
To make one-‘s mark in the world!
Ramesh T A

Youth can be so cold and cruel

Youth Can Be So Cold And So Cruel
Only Thinking Of Themselves And The Moment
Useless They Say To Try And Change
A Bitter Anguished Teenager Like You
No One Reaches Out To Heal The Many
Wounds Your Short Life Has Inflicted
God Forgive Me For What I Am About
To Do To Cause You Even More Heartache

Treat me right because i8217m worth the

Treat Me Right,
Because I’m Worth The Fight.
Light Up My Eyes,
And Give My Stomach Butterflies.

Smile At Me And You’ll See,
We’ll Be As Happy As Can Be.
Give Me Your Heart,
And I Promise To Never Want To Be Apart.
Treat Me With Respect,
And Our Love Will Be Perfect

The day has ended sun8217s gone down

The Day Has Ended
The Sun’s Gone Down
Darkness Has Descended
And The Night Has Just Begun
It-‘s Time To Ponder
Though Drained And Weary
It-‘s Time To Let The Mind Wander
To Answer Life-‘s Queries
While The Mind Begins To Explore
Every Fleeting Thought,
It Discovers Nothing More
Yet, It Understands Quite A Lot
The Sun Is Rising
The Darkness Gone
Old Queries Missing
But New Ones Will Be Born

It is admirable however isn8217t a bit

It Is Admirable!
Isn’t It A Bit Too Late,
To Take Measures To Clean Up An Atmosphere…
Already Polluted,
By Those Who Have Induced…
A Putrid Introduction?
Produced By Forums,
Where These Seducers Have Inflicted,
With An Acceptance Solicited!
The Very Same Ones,
Who Now Claim They Have Become Sick Of It!
With Their Immature Tantrums.
To Blame Someone Else,
As The Cause Of This!

Why Not Censor The Experience Of Life Itself?
Since So Many Are Afraid To Live It
Or Hear Those With Expanded Values…
Who Have Encompassed ‘All’ Of God’s Offerings!
Whether Bitter, Sweet Or Indifferent.
But Then Again…
Some Have Excelled To Insure,
A Darkness Lived Under Rocks…
Becomes Their Next Best ‘Thing’!

I miss you my friend are so

I Miss You My Friend You Are So Dear.
Even Though You Are Not Near.
I Carry You Within My Heart.
And I Know That We Will Never Part.
You’re Special To Me That Much Is True.
Without You, I Wouldnt Know What To Do.
I Depend On You And You On Me.
No Truer Friends Could There Ever Be.
I Wish We Were Together That Would Be Such Fun.
We Would Talk For Hours And Never Be Done.
One Day We Will Meet It Has To Be So.
I Would Go Anywhere For You No Matter Were I Had To Go.
You’re More Than My Friend You’re My Brother Too.
And I Know This Much I Will Always Love You

He was the young dad of sixties

He was the young dad of the sixties he is the old man of today
Married and divorced for the third time that’s life as some are known to say
He is seven times a great grandfather one might say his flock multiply
And he is not yet finished with women he says he will give marriage at least one more try,
He is now with one twenty years younger a divorcees of forty one
At the wooing of far younger women he surely is second to none
Some women like their men much older for the father figure they do fall
When it comes to understanding people I know that I know little at all
He was sixty one on his last birthday with brown hair dye he covers his gray
And when it comes to dress and appearance attention to detail he pay
one might say a man for the ladies at wooing them he has known success
His chat up lines seem to be flawless all of the right buttons he seems to press
Yes surely a man for the ladies younger women fall for him in a big way
Yet in love he likes a new challenge and with one he does not seem to stay.
Francis Duggan

Alas the sun is out burning its

Alas, The Sun Is Out
Burning Its Way Into The Day
Charging Out The Moon And
Driving Out The Stars
Evening Has Gone Away
Forests Become Lit
Grasses Become Greener
Hummingbirds Begin To Fly
I Would Awaken Just Beginning To
Keep My Breathing Steady
Licking My Chapped Lips
Making Them Moist Nervous Twitches Are
Overcome Once I Stretch
Pieces Of Light Glimmer
Quietly Though My Rectangular
Shaped Window Time Slowly Slips By
Un-Till I Get Out Of Bed
Very Carefully Whispering Events For The Day
X-Itedly Yet Still Wanting To Be

Time8217s been passin8217 since that day i

Time’s Been Passin’
Since That Day
I Remember That Moment
You Said
Things Won’t Change
We’ll Stay The Same
And We’ll See Each Other
One Day Again
Things Haven’t Changed
You’re Still
So Far Away
My Heart’s Still Full
Of Love And Ache
But We’ll See Each Other
One Day Again
You Still Deny
What Could Have Been
You Turn Your Head
And Hold It In
I Watch You Walk
So Far Away
Didn-‘t Know It Then
But This
This Was The End
Today-‘s The Day
That One Day Again
Things Have Changed
I Can Tell You That
The Glimmer-‘s Gone
The Love Is Too
Deep In Our Hearts
We Always Knew
Time-‘s Been Passin-‘
Since That Day
I Remember That Moment
You Said
Things Won-‘t Change
We-‘ll Stay The Same
And We-‘ll See Each Other
One Day Again
Well Time Had No Need
To Be Passin-‘ By
Cause We Knew In Our Hearts
That Whole Time
This Would Never Be
After The End
Went Passin-‘ By