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Once upon a time there was an

Once Upon A Time, There Was An Island Where All The Feelings Lived:
Happiness, Sadness, Knowledge, And All Of The Others Including Love.
One Day It Was Announced To The Feelings That The Island Would Sink,
So All Repaired Their Boats And Left.
Love Wanted To Persevere Until The Last Possible Moment.
When The Island Was Almost Sinking, Love Decided To Ask For Help.
Richness Was Passing By Love In A Grand Boat. Love Said, “Richness,
Can You Take Me With You?” Richness Answered, “No, I Can’t.
There Is A Lot Of Gold And Silver In My Boat. There Is No Place Here For You.
Love Decided To Ask Vanity Who Was Also Passing By In A Beautiful Vessel,
Vanity, Please Help Me!” “I Can’t Help You Love.
You Are All Wet And Might Damage My Boat.” Vanity Answered.
Sadness Was Close By So Love Asked For Help, “Sadness,
Let Me Go With You.” “Oh….Love,
I Am So Sad That I Need To Be By Myself!”
Happiness Passed By Love Too,
But He Was So Happy That She Did Not Even Hear When Love Called Her!
Suddenly, There Was A Voice, “Come Love, I Will Take You.”
It Was An Elder. Love Felt So Blessed And Overjoyed That He Even Forgot To Ask The Elder His Name.
When They Arrived At Dry Land, The Elder Went His Own Way.
Love Realizing How Much He Owed The Elder And Asked Knowledge, Another Elder, ”
Who Helped Me?” “It Was Time,” Knowledge Answered. “Time?” Asked Love.
“But Why Did Time Help Me?” Knowledge Smiled With Deep Wisdom And Answered,
“Because, Only Time Is Capable Of Understanding How Great Love Is.”

Well first of all i don8217t understand

Well First Of All I Don’t Understand Why I Am Feeling Bad
I Personally Don’t Think I Need To
But For Some Reason That I Can’t Explain
I Feel Kind Of Sad
It Started Out Because I Had The Dogs In His Room
Because There Was A Person Working In The House
Well One Of The Dogs Did Duty Number One On His Rug
And Now He Is Mad
He Needs To Understand That Room He Sleeps In Is Not His
He Did Not Pay A Dime For It
That Room And That Addition Was All Paid For By My Parents
Who Did Not Have To Let Him Live In That Space
I Understand He Got Mad, But He Knows I Had No Choice.
The Duty Got Cleaned Up So I Don’t Know What The Big Deal Is
Now It’s Just Turned Into Him Acting Like An 8 Year Old Child
Who Yells And Screams And Says I’m To Blame For Everything
There Is No Need To Announce On The Computer
That He Thinks I Am A -Å—lazy Fucking Piece Of Shit
I Know I Shouldn’t Have Let It Get To Me
But I Retaliated Saying He Was A F’n A Hole Who Didn’t Pay For The Addition
Now He Leaves Me A Message Saying That He Paid For All The Furniture
And He Also Pays For The Cable
But For This Argument None Of Those Have Any Relevance
Because The Dog Did Not Do Her Duty On The Furniture Or Interfere With His Cable
I’m Just Sick Of Being Treated As The Outcast
Nobody Has Respect Or Accepts Me For Who I Am
Maybe That Don’t Know Me, And Part Of That Is My Fault
But We Are A Family, We Aren’t Supposed To Act Like Children
I’m Sorry The Dog Peed In Your Room
But I Had No Other Choice
It’s Not Like She Didn’t Go Out
Because She Did Go Out.
I Don’t Care, Be An Ass, Be A Jerk
I Don’t Need You
I Told You I’m Not The Richest Person In The World
That’s Why I Don’t Pay For The Cable Or Internet
Nor Do I Think Its Fair That You Try To Make Me Pay For The Cable And Internet
I Do Use The Internet, I Barely Use The Cable
Why Should I Be The One Paying For The Premium Channels You Need
I Never Asked For It
I Normally Wouldn’t Mind Helping Out Paying The Bill
Because I Do Use The Net
But I Wasn’t Asked Nicely
I Was Told, I Was Yelled At And I’m Always Given Attitude When The Subject Comes Up
Just Treat Me As A Person
And Adult
I’m Not A Child
I Am A Human Being
You May Think I’m A Lazy Piece Of Shit
But Do You Want To Know Why?
It’s Because I Don’t Want To Be In The Same Room As You People
I’m Not In Bed All Day, I Watch T.V. Or Do Things On My Computer
See, There Is A Difference Between You And I
I Do What I Want To Do, You Do What You Want To Do
But The Difference Is You Never Hear Me Complaining
Or Yelling At You Or Putting You Down For The Things You Do
I Accept You For Who You Are
Each One Of Us Is Different
Why Can’t I Feel Like I Belong
Why Can’t My Own Family Accept Me?

You may never see how much i

You May Never See How Much I Care For You..
You May Never Hear How Much I Treasure You..
You May Never Feel How Much I Miss You..
Coz Only Here In My Heart Can You See Them True.

As prayers go up blessings come down

As Prayers Go Up
Blessings Come Down
With Each Act Of Kindness
We Spread Warmth Unbound
And As Each Christmas Carol
Ring A Familiar Sound
You Know In Your Hurt
Its Christmas All Around
Merry Christmas
To All My Sweet Friends

You simply drew me with three small

You Simply Drew Me
With Three Small Circles
Inside A Large Circle
Two For The Eyes And One For The Mouth

“No Nose..? No Ears…?”
No Nose… No Ears…
So You Cannot Hear
Any Other Girls Voice
And You Cannot Smell
Another Flower Again…”
Though It Was A Joke
You Sounded Serious
In The Tone Of Your Voice
I Felt That You Meant It Too
“How Can I Hear You
How Can I Smell The Rose…?”
“I Will Be In Your Heart
Where We Can Talk
Where You Can Kiss
And Keep The Fragrance Of The Rose…?
“But I Can See And Talk
I Have Eyes And A Mouth
So I Can See The Girls
And Talk To The Flowers..?”
“No… My Darling…
You Have Lids On Your Eyes
And Your Mouth You Can Shut
But Not The Ears And The Nose…”

I may be just a teenager with

‚ I May Be Just A Teenager
With Much To Learn And Discover
Even In Love I-‘m No Wiser
Still My Feelings Are Growing Deeper
I Know Love Has Bloomed Like A Flower
When In My Heart Only You Seem To Matter.

You Have Stood By Me In My Life
Through Tears, Laughter And Strife
For All Your Love Which Is Rife
I Can-‘t Ask For A Better Wife!
by hath28‚ 

At the height of your conceit you

At The Height Of Your Conceit
You Even Think
That The Sun Shines Only
For You
This Morning
Well, I Cannot Blame You
You Are The Better
In Your Little Corner
And Yes, The Earth Is Still The
Center Of This Universe
And All The Planets. The Moons And That Stars
All Revolve Around
Mister Poet.
I Know I Miss The Sun, And The Infinite Voiceless Void
They Too Bow Before Your Highness

Every time we8217re together in each others

Every Time We’re Together
In Each Others Arms
I Know You Will Keep Me Safe
And Protect Me From Any Harm.
Whenever You’re Around
I Get Lost In Your Eyes
You Have Taken Way My Sadness
My Heartache And My Cries.
Every Time I’m With You
And You’re Holding My Hand
I Know Whenever There’s A Problem
You Will Always Understand.
Whenever I Talk To You
You Take Away Any Pain
You’ve Cured My Hurt
And Still Tend To Keep My Sane.
Every Time I Hear Or See
The Sight Of Your Name
I Know For A Fact No One Else
I Could Never Feel The Same.
Whenever I Think Of You
Nothing In The Whole World Matters
You Have Bought Me So Much Happiness
I Know With You Heart Won’t Shatter.
Every Time I See Your Face
I Feel Something Deep Within My Heart
Its A Love So Strong Between You And I
That Will Never Let Us Part.
Whenever The Sun Shines
Or The Rain May Fall
I Think To Myself How Much I Love You
And How I Consider You My All.
Every Time The Phone Rings
And I Hear Your Voice
I Know In My Heart Loving You
Is Definitely The Right Choice.
Whenever I Have You Close To Me
0r Even Feel You Near
I Know You Will Hold Me
And Scare Away My Fear.
Every Time I’m With You
I Fall In Love With You Even More
You’re Some Special To Me
And The One I’ll Always Adore.

Beautiful dreamer wake unto me starlight and

Beautiful Dreamer, Wake Unto Me,
Starlight And Dewdrops Are Waiting For Thee;
Sounds Of The Rude World Heard In The Day,
Lull’d By The Moonlight Have All Pass’d Away!
Beautiful Dreamer, Prince Of My Song,
List While I Woo Thee With Soft Melody;
Gone Are The Cares Of Life’s Busy Throng.
Beautiful Dreamer, Awake Unto Me!
Beautiful Dreamer, Awake Unto Me!
Beautiful Dreamer, Out On The Sea,
Mermaids Are Chaunting The Wild Lorelie;
Over The Streamlet Vapors Are Borne,
Waiting To Fade At The Bright Coming Morn.
Beautiful Dreamer, Beam On My Heart,
E’en As The Morn On The Streamlet And Sea;
Then Will All Clouds Of Sorrow Depart,
Beautiful Dreamer, Awake Unto Me!

My traffic light is this pain at

my traffic light
is this pain
at the upper portion
of my abdomen
not for stop
but for go
it is not the same
with you
when all the vehicles
it is me
this car
who is going

How to say it my heart grieves

How To Say It?
My Heart Grieves On The Fact Knowing What To Say
I Don-‘t Know How To Express It
How To Say It?
My Heart Grieves More On The Fact Knowing What To Do I Don-‘t Know How To Do It
How To Way It?
My Heart Grieves Further On The Fact Knowing The Game I Don-‘t Know How To Try It
How To Play It?
More Grieves On This Fact Knowing What I Want
I Don-‘t Know How To Request It
How To Pray It?
Much Sorrow On This Fact Knowing -Ë—bout The Swing
I Don-‘t Know How To Use It
How To Sway It?

Can i say that i8217m the man

Can I Say That I’m The Man You’re Looking For?
Never The Less Better But More,
Appreciative To You And All You Have And Can Give,
So I Receive Your Love As A Gift To Be Shown,
To All And Your Soul Will Shine Alone,
With Mine Making Me Wonder Why Weren’t You Here From The Start,
I’ve Wondered The World Looking For Your Heart, And Now I Think That Love Is True,
You-‘ve Saw Me Once Or Twice The Same But Talked To Me And Your Thoughts Have Changed,
I Ask Myself Am I That Man And You Reply Say That Again,
So I Say Am I That Man And U Kiss Me Then,
I Ask No More,
Cause Now My Heart Is No Longer Sore

Look around me im a stranger prisoner

Look Around Me, Im A Stranger
A Prisoner From Home
Sentenced For My Religious Views
I-‘m Held Captive Yet I Cling To That Rope To Allah
Beaten Down With Words, The Tears Flow Like Rivers
This War Remains To Continue Yet I Still Fight Strong
The Blood Shed Is The Past, The Tears Are The Present But Freedom Is The Future

So dear to my heart are loved

So Dear To My Heart Are My Loved Ones At Home
As I Toss And I Turn In My Bunk All Alone.
Everyday I See Death, Hate, And Corruption
Combat Is God-‘s Proof Of Man-‘s Malfunction
For Family, Comrades, And Myself I Pray
To My Love With This Poem I Wish To Convey.
I Knew I Loved You Though Never How Much
Till By War, I-‘m Forced Beyond Your Touch.
Where Violence Thrives, There-‘s The Stench Of Death
With The Taste Of Fear On Every Breath.
Who Shall Prevail, Who Shall Die?
As The Sadistic Kill Beneath God-‘s Sky.
Baghdad Has Become Man-‘s Highway To Hell
Where The Hearts Of Darkness Are Alive And Well,
I Count Each Day Till It-‘s Time To Come Home
And Be With My Love And Never Alone

The chink of glass bottles and a

The Chink Of Glass Bottles
And A Blatant Lie.
Raised Fists Mean Nothing
When Disgust Follows Closely.
Old Habits Die Hard
By Way Of A Flinch.
A Bottle Is A Weapon
In More Ways Than One,
Look At It Logically.
An Injection Of Fear
Is Something To Get Used To.
When Faced With Anger
Stemmed From Nowhere At All,
Its Hard To Build Courage
With No Tools At Hand.
Age Is No Indication Of Wisdom
That Much Is Clear.
You Can Build An Army
Of Wine Bottles
And Beer Cans
If You Like.
Your Choice Really.
Raised Fists Mean Nothing
When You Can Barely Stand.
Your Eyes Glaze Over
While You Slur
-ŗf***Ing Bi**H-.
Locked Doors Mean Nothing,
I Became Well Acquainted With The Window.
And The Fence.
Raised Fists Mean Nothing
When Forced To Tell Lies
So There-‘s An Excuse To Yell
As Though Someone Has Misbehaved.
Raised Fists Mean Nothing
When Friends See The Bruises
And New Shoes For School
Is Fiscally Impossible.
Stale Breath Brings About Queasiness
And Feelings Of Disgusted.
Have You Ever Smelt The Breath Of An Alcoholic?
Duped Into Believing Nothing
Is Worth More Than Self,
Duped Into Believing Accuracy Is Not An Option.
Raised Fists Mean Nothing
When The Doctor Says Depression
And The Cause Is Obvious.
Raised Fists Mean Nothing
When I Can Finally Say
You No Longer Scare Me

They came from the heaven now walking

They Came From The Heaven
Now Walking On The Earth,
Footsteps Flowering The Land
Mystery Of Love To Unearth.
She Is Very Much Thinking
About His Whereabouts,
He Is Also Looking For Her
Heart Burning But No Shouts.
by main uddin a

With my heart broken the words left

With My Heart Broken
With The Words Left Unspoken
Im Dying
My Soul Is Crying
With No One Beside Me
The Pain Its Killing Me
I Want To Smash Out My Heart
Coz That Life Broke Us Apart
I Wanna Scream
Coz Nobody Will Hear
Nobody Can Feel My Pain
Its Driving Me Insane
My Life Dont Have Sens Anymore
Withouth The One That I Adore
All That I Have Is Sadness And Emptiness
And Remain Just Lonliness
I Lost Everything
The One That Was For Me Everything
I Dont Have Power To Go On
All That I Have Is Gone.

Once i met this guy who was

Once I Met This Guy, Who Was A Complete Stranger To Me
I Thought That He Was My Best Frd Meant To Be
As Days Passed And Months Passed By
I Started Liking This Cute Lil Guy
He Made Me Believe That I’m In Love
And In The Sky I Cud Fly Like A Dove
One Day I Told Him That I Like U
U Make Me Feel Safer U Make Me Feel Blue
He Said That U Are A Friend And U’l Always Be
And Love Is Something That I Dont Believe
I Was Left Stunned With Nothing To Say
I Thought That He Was Here To Stay
I Picked Up The Pieces Of My Broken Heart
I Decided To Give My Life A New Start
I Pretended To Be Stronger And Bid Goodbye
I Knew Deep Within Tht Without Him I Wud Neva Die
And Now M Happy And So Gay
And With A Smile I Welcome Each Day

Q what do we mean when say

Q. What Do We Mean When We Say That Jesus Is The Only Son Of God?
A. We Mean That Jesus Is The Only Perfect Image Of The Father,
And Shows Us The Nature Of God.
Q. What Is The Nature Of God Revealed In Jesus?
A. God Is Love.
Q. What Do We Mean When We Say That Jesus Was Conceived By The Power Of The Holy
Spirit And Became Incarnate From The Virgin Mary?
A. We Mean That By God’s Own Act,
His Divine Son Received Our Human Nature From The Virgin Mary, His Mother.
Q. Why Did He Take Our Human Nature?
A. The Divine Son Became Human,
So That In Him Human Beings Might Be Adopted As Children Of God,
And Be Made Heirs Of God’s Kingdom.
Q. What Is The Great Importance Of Jesus’ Suffering And Death?
A. By His Obedience, Even To Suffering And Death,
Jesus Made The Offering Which We Could Not Make;
In Him We Are Freed From The Power Of Sin And Reconciled To God.
Q. What Is The Significance Of Jesus’ Resurrection?
A. By His Resurrection, Jesus Overcame Death And Opened For Us The Way Of Eternal Life.
Q. What Do We Mean When We Say That He Descended To The Dead?
A. We Mean That He Went To The Departed
And Offered Them Also The Benefits Of Redemption.
Q. What Do We Mean When We Say That He Ascended Into Heaven
And Is Seated At The Right Hand Of The Father?
A. We Mean That Jesus Took Our Human Nature Into Heaven Where He Now Reigns
With The Father And Intercedes For Us.
Q. How Can We Share In His Victory Over Sin, Suffering, And Death?
A. We Share In His Victory When We Are Baptized Into
The New Covenant And Become Living Members Of Christ

Cit was you who spotted the ducks

Cit Was You Who Spotted The Ducks
A Mom And A Dad
Gliding Over The Water
With Three Yellow Bundles
In Between Them

I Was Thinking
About The Miracle
Of Transformation
Of Those Fragile
Yellow Ducklings
In To This Gracious
Blue Green Creature
Swimming In The Front
Checking The Path
The Current
And Guarding The Flock
Looking At You
I Saw Your Eyes
Welling Up
With A Single Tear
Forming At The Edge
Of Your Right Eye
Holding Your Face
With Both Of My Hands
I Could See
The Sadness In Your Eyes
Why My Sunshine…?”
“Its… Its… Ok…
I Just Remembered…
Our Dads……”

Couples on the verge of divorce have

Couples On The Verge Of Divorce
Have Become Astronauts Because They Always Say They Need
It Matters, And Matter Is That
Which Occupies Space And Has Weight.
I Need Space. I Am Gaining Weight.
I Am Standing On A Cliff, On The Verge Of An Abyss
I Am Not Afraid
I Want To Fall, Because I Am An Astronaut Too Needing
I Miss The Fun At The Opening Of Your Beehive.
Sort Of Your Art Boutique
I Did Not Forget It.
I Need Space.
I Need Space.You Badly Need More Space.
Tomorrow Morning You Will Ask Me
Why Did You Write A Sad Poem Last Night?
And I Too, Now, Needed More Space
To Lie,
I Will Ask You,
Which One?
Did I?
I Cannot Remember

The love i have for you is

The Love I Have For You Is Very Special,
Something No One Can Label.The Feelings
I Have For You Are Meant To Be They Consist Only F Dreams Of You And Me.
Well Baby Im Not Perfect And Neither Are You And Well Never Be Perfect…..
&& I Hope You Know That I Made A Huge Mistake By Even Thinking I Didnt Want To Be With You! ! ! !

But Baby Just Remember I Dont Care What They Say Im In Love With You…..
&&I Would Have It No Other Way! ! !
So No Matter Wat There Will Always Be A Place In My Heart For You…..
Love Joanna

Taxi shes not sad doesnt appear to

She-‘s Not Sad,
Doesn-‘t Appear To Be From The Outside,
But I Can Tell By The Car She Drives,
She Is, It-‘s Hard To Hide,
The Ageing Renault With The Wiper Missing,
Lost To Some Romance,
He Took A Blade To Remember Her By,
I-‘m Giving Her A Lift For The Annual Mot,
She Says, Don-‘t Wait For Me, This Could Take A While,
But I-‘m Happy To Spend The Time
To Get To Know What Makes Her Tick Inside.
A Sole Spring Pokes Through
Worn Car Seat Skin, Sticks Deep In
A Thigh Long Untouched
The Engine Is Running A Little Rough, She Says,
As She Sits Up, Looking Straight Ahead,
Her Head A Blonde Mane, Ringlets, Curls
Down To Her Ample Chest
Holding In Regrets, Stifled Breaths,
A Heart Without Valves Like A Pressure Cooker
With No Vents, I Know That Kind Of Car,
It-‘ll Fail Any Emotional Test.
That Quiet Not Quite
Uncomfortable, The Speed
Bumps Punctuate Thoughts
I Used To Be A Car That Old, I Say To Break The Ice,
Before I Met My Wife,
Lucky You, She Smiles, Polite,
Do You Mind If I Roll Down The Window,
No, That-‘s Fine, Yeah, My Car Isn-‘t New Either
And Has Its Share Of Scrapes, Bumps, Bruises,
Broken Hearts That Seemed Like They Wouldn-‘t Mend,
A Chassis Cracked And Bent For The Scrap Yard,
Yet Saved In Time To Be Rebuilt, At A Cost,
Devotion To A Dying Automobile Was My Wife-‘s Greatest Loss,
Neither Of Us Are Terribly Happy,
But I Don-‘t Talk About Me,
Cracks On The Pavement,
Reflected In Her Sunglasses,
From Her Tired Eyes
I Wait For Her To See Something Up Ahead
And Recognize It For What It Is, Hope,
Potential, Another Car Like Hers With Matching Dents
And A Rumble Under The Bonnet With Bird Shit On It,
Look, I Say, That One There, Looks Like Yours Doesn-‘t It,
But She Hasn-‘t Got The Strength Or Time To Lift Her Mind
From Thoughts Of Roads Taken, Turns Missed,
And Bumpers Kissed To Disastrous End,
I Get Her Home And Ask If She Needs A Lift
To Pick It Up When It Is Done,
Brake Release, A Sigh,
Free Rolling Wheels, Mental Cogs
Turning Emotion
Her Full-Beam Headlights Shine,
No, She Says, Stares, Blinding Me,
I Might Just Leave It There,
I-‘m Trading It In Anyway,
No Need To Fight The Old Me Anymore,
It Won-‘t Take Me Where I Want To Go,
I-‘ll See More From A New Perspective With Bigger Windows,
A Smoother Ride, And Room Enough For Two Inside.
Her Chest Rises And Drops, Free, Not Tight,
Creases Of Smiles Once Tried Return,
Hiding The Cracks That Had Her Bent,
Spent Years Wondering Why This Car Doesn-‘t Run Right,
Only To Find It Wasn-‘t The Car, It Was The State Of Mind.
Shifting Spinning Gears,
The Hair On His Hand Tickles
Hers As They Collide
She-‘s Right, She Needs The Change
And As I Let Her Go, I Know She-‘s Okay,
I Roll Down The Window So She Can Hear Me Say,
It-‘s Time To Say Goodbye To The Girl That Was
And Find A You That Fits A Wider World.
She Nods And Grins, As Do I,
And Without Looking Back,
I Pushed The Petal Away.

Purity once had a name and beauty

Purity Once Had A Name,
And Beauty Once Had A Face.
Life Once Had A Meaning,
And Once I Was Safe.
Once There Was Freedom,
And Once I Could Laugh.
Happiness Once Was Alive,
And Once I Had Another Half.
Once I Shared Her Love,
Once I Was By Her Side,
Once I Felt I Fitted,
So Quickly That Died.
Her Grace So Great,
Her Beauty So Vast,
All I Ever Wanted,
Was For It To Last.
Fate Maybe Had Another Plan,
Or Maybe She Had Another Love,
But It All Fell Apart,
The Hand Too Big For The Glove.
Now It’s All Died Away,
Happiness, Joy, Love; All Memories.
Now I Walk Alone In This Dark, Dark World,
With No Light To Guide My Way

What you want me to talk of

What You Want
Me To Talk
Talk Of Your Beauty
The Gorgeousness Of Your Body
The Curves Tender
The Neck Like Swan
Fairness Of Skin
Sleepy Eyes
Your Red Lips
The Fall Of Your Hairs
Touching The Line
Thin Legs
And The Beauty Of Your Hands
A Piece Of Art
With Henna
Or A Modern Tattoo
Immensity Of Love
A Moment Memorable
An Evening
Sunset Redness
I Have Won You
By My Talk
My Love For You
The Moment Is Gone
Now I Am Alone
Your Memories
Even That Moment
No Longer Here
So Are Your Memories
Why So Many Fantasies
I Live In Real World
So What Is The Meaning Of Love
An Addition
A Journey Forward
Towards Absolute Freedom

He rushed into the house and hugged

He Rushed Into The House,
And Hugged His Mother With A Ferocious Intensity,
And Said, ‘I’m In Love’
‘Yes, I’m In Love’, As If
He Himself Wanted To Question Its Validity
His Mother Eyes Sparkled In A Questioning Look
‘She’s Leresa,
And She Is The Goddess Sent From Above.’
His Mother Was Happy For Him,
After All These Years, He’d Finally Found His Girl
Now, It Was Time For The Happiness To Commence
She Immediately Sent For The Lovely Lass,
A Beauty That Must Be Equal To The Glowing Pearl, Who
Had The Power To Overwhelm Her Boy’s Heart;
And Destined To Become One Of The Richest Princesses.
The Figure Stood Facing Her,
Her Black Manes Overflowing On Both Sides,
‘She’s Definitely A Sight To Behold’,
Thought The Overjoyed Mom,
‘Tell Me, Oh Dear Sweetheart, Do You Really Love My Son? ‘
The Girl Was Taken Aback, She Staggered Away A Little,
And Slowly Replied, ‘No, I Never Loved Him’-
An Answer Which Sent A Million Arrows
Through The Mother’s Heart
Shattered It To Pieces, Tore It Apart,
But, Came The Faint Reply, ‘He Loves You So Much…’
The Girl Shook Her Head As A Sign Of Disagreement, And Said,
‘I Don’t Love Him, I Can’t Love Him’
And Then Her Face Became All Plain And Grim
Giving A Tragic End To This Transient Episode.
The Mother Knew That The Girl Was Poor,
Her Father Was Ill And On Death’s Door,
So, She Offered Help:
‘I’ll Pay You For Your Father’s Expenses
And In Return, You Have To Pretend
That You’re In Love With My Son’
Leresa Looked Aghast, Shocked At The Woman’s Heartlessness,
Yet, To Save Him, She Didn’t Have Any Other Choice
And Had To Agree To Her Mind’s Silent Noise
As Tears Rolled Down Her Rosy Cheeks.
So, They Were Married In A Week,
A Happy Couple Who Was Blessed By The Whole Town
They Honeymooned In The Family Villa In A Little Island
And To The World, They Seemed
The Greatest Lovers In History To Be Written Down
The Boy Was Filled With Pride; He Was The Luckiest Person On Earth
When He Looked At The Majestically Curved Face,
And Lost Himself In Those Serene Blue Hypnotising Eyes.
The Mother Was Ecstatic In Seeing Her Son Smiling,
What She Couldn’t See Was The Girl’s Silent Mourning,
It Didn’t Matter To Her, Coz,
She Didn’t Care For Leresa’s Feelings,
She Was A Winner, Which Was All, She Wasn’t A Human Being
And Yet, She’d Conquered The Thing Called ‘Love’.
Then, Tragedy Struck One Day,
The Girl’s Father Lay Dead On His Bed,
Silent As Night, Still Like Stone
Sadly, There Was No-One For Him To Mourn,
Only Her Daughter At His Bed-Side,
For People Despise Poverty.
To The Girl, The Deal Had Ended,
There Was No Need To Return To The ‘Airy’ Cage,
So, She Took Shelter In Her Lover’s House
The Next Day, The Boy Saw Them-
Passionately Holding & Kissing Each Other,
Through Their Open Door;
He Wished Them Luck Secretly As He Stormed
Through His Palace Sobbing,lnbrk2r

Inhaling fumes of ambergris a woman in

Inhaling Fumes Of Ambergris,
A Woman In White Robes Appears
Upon The Bridge Of Sighs To See
Young Girls Accosting Gondoliers.
She Wishes She Could Also Talk
To Them, And Demonstrate That She
Is Lovely Too, But Has To Walk
Away, Because She Is Not Free
To Follow Such An Impulse, Since
She Knows Her Virtue Has To Be
Preserved Until She Meets A Prince.

Inspired By Ken Johnson-‘s Description Of Two Small Views Of Venice By Whistler In An Exhibition Of Art At The Sterling And Francine Clark Institute In Williamstown (-Å—like Breath On Glass: Whistler, Inness, And The Art Of Painting Softly, - Nyt, June 21,2008) :
Sargent-‘s Two Small Views Of Venice -– Indoors And Outdoors -– And His Exotic, Orientalist Painting Of A Woman In White Robes In A White Temple Inhaling Fumes Of Burning Ambergris Exhibit A Painterly Virtuosity That The Soft Painters Avoided. Homer-‘s Late Paintings Of Roiling Ocean Waters Have A Churning, Erotic Energy That Would Have Given Those Prim Masters Of Self-Effacing Hypersensitivity Nightmares.

I wade in a great valley i8217d

I Wade In A Great Valley,
I’d Seen A Beautiful Lady,
She Was So Comely And Lovely,
It Seems Like Fascinating Me.

In My Dreams She Always Appear,
In My Mind She Always There,
Extreme Feelings That I Can’t Explain,
Perhaps I In Love & Wouldn’t Take A Vain.
I Always Go To The Great Valley,
To Gaze The Gorgeous Lady,
One Day When I Veered To That Valley,
I’d Seen Her Closely And Starkly.
I Picked Up A Single White Rosse,
In A Garden That Was So Fabulous,
Beating Of My Heart Was Melodious,
Wishing That She’ll Not Bemuse.
I Spent My Time Looking At Her Surreptitiously,
Her Eyes Just Like Rising Sun At The Middle Of The Sea,
She Looks So Charm & Demure, It Almost Perfectly,
How I Wish…We Have The Same Destiny.

There are so many things to do

There Are So Many Things
To Do Each Day
There Is So Much Going On In The World
Of Great Concern
That Often We Do Not Stop And Think About
What Is Really Important To Us
One Of The Nicest Things In My Life
Is My Friendship With You
And Even If We Don‚´t Have A Lot Of Time
To Spend With Each Other
I Want You To Always Know
How Much I Appreciate You
And Our Friendship

Violet are blue roses red sky arent

Violet Are Blue,
Roses Are Red,
Sky Aren-‘t Blue Enough
So As The Ocean Though,

Keep My Eyes Starring The Air,
But You Are Not There,
Hoping To See You Again,
But You Couldn-‘t Make It Again,
My Shoulder Is Where Your Head Were Lying,
You Still Smile To Me Even I Was Lying,
I-‘m Waiting For You,
Cause I Just Want To Spend The Rest Of My Life To Be With You

Twirling swirling in the sand there is

Twirling Swirling In The Sand
There Is No Other Feeling Quite As Grand
Uninhibited Is How I Feel,
With My Feet On The Warm Land
The Wind Blowing In My Hair
It Sends My World Soaring In The Air
The Freedom I Just Found There
Twirling Swirling In The Sand
Sea Mist Spraying At My Face
Refreshing Wetness And Cleansing Grace
Laughing Brightly, Facing Up
Twirling Swirling In The Sand
Dizzy And Happy I Fall Down
Feeling The Earth Move Beneath Me
And Watching The Clouds Dance Around
Happily Resting On The Sand

A song plays in the distance melody

A Song Plays In The Distance,
A Melody Sweet And Pure,
It Flows Between Earth And Sky, Where It
Comes From I’m Not Sure, Is It
The Fire That Burns Within Me?
Is It A Force From The Great Unknown?
Colors That Flow All Around Me,
Emitting Wonderous Tunes,
It Fills My Ears With Beautiful Sounds,
Things I ‘Ve Never Heard Before,
It Soothes My Soul, Its All Around,
As I Feel My Body Soar, I Try
To Listen Closer, To Find The Melodic Source,
Somewhere Between Earth And Sky Is A Magical Lyrical
by walkb99rhyme

Signet rise of earth8217s heat light furtive

Signet Rise Of Earth’s Heat, Light
Furtive Life Beneath Surface, Stretched
Beauty’s Fodder, Made Of Rays And My Tears
Feeding On Hearts’ Meaning And, Charmed Notions

Making For The Flowers And Trees To Bloom ~ He
The Icon ~ That Is What He Is, Yes..
Moon Having Nothing To Strive For In His Absence, Waits
Life Cannot Sustain Without Him
And I Will Not Remain Above
~ Without, Him..
His Smile ~ Only His Smile
Brings A New Day’s Beginning
And When He Does So Again I Will Allow The World To Know
In Fiery Horizons And, Shooting Stars..
You Will Watch For The Sign, Yes?
~ You Will Kneel Before His Stun, Then?
Perhaps.. I Too. . .
by Queen P

In the morning when i wake up

In The Morning When I Wake Up,
And I Open Up My Eyes,
I Feel An Aching In My Heart,
That’s When I Realize.
How Much I Really Miss You,
And Long To Have You Near,
My Heart Is Filled With Sadness,
And My Eyes Are Filled With Tears.
At Different Times Throughout The Day,
I Find I’m Missing You,
And I Wonder If, Perhaps A Bit,
Maybe You Miss Me Too.
I Miss You In The Shower,
When I’m In There All Alone,
And When I Want To Hear Your Voice,
And Call You On The Phone.
When I Check My Email,
And I Find There’s Nothing There,
I Can’t Help It That I Worry,
And I Put You In My Prayers.
I Think By Now It’s Safe To Say,
That I Miss You Very Much,
And My Heart Will Never Be The Same,
Since It Suffered Cupid’s Touch

There may be some one in ur

There May Be Some One In Ur Heart
There May Be Some One In Ur Dream
There May Be Some One In
Ur Life There May Be Some One In Ur Arms
But I M Ur Some One When U Have No One

She8217s sitting alone eyes in a daze

She’s sitting alone, eyes in a daze
Her life a map of confusion, her world like a maze
She holds her head high and wipes back the tears
The words I don’t love you echo in her ears
She clasps her hands and bows her head
Is my life over or am I simply dead?
A beautiful woman has taken his heart
He wanted beauty instead of her smarts
She hears their baby crying she knows what to do
From now on kid, it’s just me and you
Two years later while walking the street
A handsome young man she did happen to meet
He looked in her eye and stopped in confusion
Was this lady real, or just another illusion?
He asked for a date right there on the street
She glanced at her shoes and said what time will we meet?
Six months later and a small engagement band
That man got down on his knees and asked for her hand
That woman smiled while her daughter screamed yes!
One year later she walked the aisle in a white dress
Happiness was found that day on the street
With that handsome stranger she happened to meet
Together they live in a small little town
Embracing the love they both had found
Now, sixty years later and I love you so
He held that woman’s hand saying although you are leaving, I’ll never let you go…

When we8217re apart my heart beats only

When We’re Apart
My Heart Beats Only For You
I Love The Way You Smile
I Love The Way You Laugh
My Life’s Ambition Is To Make This Love Last

At Times This Relationship Has Been Rocky
I Try Not To Let This Accomplishment Get Me Cocky
Spencer I Promise I Will Never Let You Go
I Love You Way More Than I Can Ever Show
I Truly Cherish This Gift You’ve Given Me
You Opened My Heart To How Wonderful Life Can Be
by Dylan415

I8217m trying to get next myself match

I’m Trying To Get Next To Myself,
To Match Up The Center Of My Soul
With The Center Of Just One Star
To Extend My Arms And Legs With Four Points
And My Head With The One Reaching For Infinity…
But I Knew Others Like That
Who Became Pinned To The Sky/white Stakes Through Their
Navels/squirming In An Abandoned Universe/blinding Them By
Distant Lights/spinning And Spinning Into Meaningless
Masses Of Heat!
But It Will Be Different This Time…
Malcolm, Marcus, And Martin
It Will Be Different…
Trane, Billie, And Bobbie
It Will Be…
Richard, And Langston
Because We Are
And The Universe Will Be Lighted By A
Florescent Sign,
‘Under New Management

I look at my self with covetousness

I Look At My Self With Covetousness
When I Knew That You Showered Me With Caress
I Never Cared When Your Heart Was Beating For Mine
And Now I Can Only Regret And Whine
I-‘ve Lost My Own Self After Your Demise
I Wish Your Words Of Love Could Be A Reprise
But In This World There Isn-‘t Any One To Care
I Wish You Would Come And Take Me There

You have no idea how forced i

You Have No Idea,
How Forced I Feel,
My Heart Is Breaking,
From My Obligation,

My Mind Is Wasted,
And Filled With Sad Thoughts,
I Wish I Could Break Free,
But My Obligation,
Restricts Me,
All The Things I’ve Learned,
All The Things You Taught,
I Have Great Value For,
I Respect You Deeply,
But It’s My Time Now
I May Seem Un-Grateful
Or A Bit Rude,
But It’s The Truth,
The Truth In My Heart
Releive Me Of My Obligation
Mad Hatter

It felt like heaven being in your

It Felt Like Heaven Being In Your Arms,
Walking On The Beach With You,
I Couldn’t Hide The Sparkle In My Eyes,
I Wish Our Time Could Last,
With You I Had A Blast,
A Mere Memory I Don’t Want To Fade,
In Your Arms, I Had It Made,
On The Beach At Night,
Everything Felt So Right,
I Loved Having You There With Me,
Walking In The Clouds Of Destiny.

Tonight im the only one still up

Tonight I-‘m The Only One
Still Up, Burning A Candle,
Saving Gas-Light, All Went
To Bed, It-‘s Quiet, Everything
I Thought Has Been Left Unsaid
There Was No-One To Confide
In, No-One To Trust With The
Feelings Welling-Up In Me -—
I Was Wondering What Made
Man Think Of An Infinite,

Ubiquitous God; Wondering
Why Harems Flourished In
Some Societies; I Thought Of
The Way Of A Lover With His
Beloved; Just Like King
Solomon – But Nothing
Brought You Nearer To Me,
Obviously, Though I Believe
You Are Thinking Of Me,
You Can-‘t Tune In
To My Thoughts; I-‘m Alone,
Yet I-‘m Saving All My Ideas
To Share With You, Whether
It Be Here On Earth -— Or
One Day In Eternity
I Will Present You With
The Gift Of My Thoughts;
More Precious Than
Jewels To Me…

I know theres a place where am

I Know Theres A Place Where I Am Going
And The Place Where I Am
Goings Just Around The Ben You Know
Theres A Lot That I Can Show You
And If You Wanna Go There I Can Get
You In
Happy Is The Secret Word And If Your
Happy It Will Get You In
& I Love You, You Know Its True And I Can
Make You Happy
If You Love Me Too. I’ll Take You To The Place
Where I Am Going
And The Place Where I Am Going Isnt Far
Baby If You Wanna Get Going Let Your Love
Start Showing And
I’ll Take You Today Dont You See You’ve Only
Been Dreaming
But I Can Make Your Dreams Come True Cause
I Love You, You Know
Its True And I Can Make You Happy If You Love
Me Too.
Baby Theres A Place Where I Am Going And If
You Wanna Go There
Come Along With Me Theres So Much I Wanna
Show You And
Make Your Dreams Come True Cause I Love
You Know Its True And I Can Make You Happy
If You Love Me Too
Ariah Nelson

Wispy moving cotton above my head drift

Wispy, Moving Cotton Above My Head Drift High.
Airplanes, Birds And Insects All Taking Flight.
I Wanna Be All These Things Just So I Can Fly.
Wanting To See The World And Not Just Sit By.
Standing Tall, Arms Outstretched, Sun In My Face.
Spinning, Spinning All Around In One Place.
I Stop And See The World’s Creations All Circle By.
Oh How Marvelous To Feel Like I Can Fly.
My Mind Is Floating Calmly Ever So Free.
Just Like The Clouds Is Where I Want To Be

Today is the tomorrow i worried about

Today Is The Tomorrow I Worried About Yesterday
And Today Was Such A Lovely Day,
That I Wondered Why I Worried About Today Yesterday
So Today I Am Not Going To Worry About Tomorrow
There May Not Be A Tomorrow Anyway
So Today I Am Going To Live As If There Is No Tomorrow
And I Am Going To Forget About Yesterday.
Today Is The Tomorrow I Planned For Yesterday
And Nearly All My Plans For Today Did Not Plan Out The Way I Thought They Would Yesterday
So Today I Am Forgetting About Tomorrow And I Will Plan For Today
But Not Too Strenuously
Today I Will Stop To Smell A Rose
I Will Tell A Loved One How Much I Love Her
I Will Stop Planning For Tomorrow And Plan To Make Today The Best Day Of My Life.
Today Is The Tomorrow I Was Afraid Of Yesterday
And Today Was Nothing To Be Afraid Of
So Today I Will Banish Fear Of The Unknown
I Will Embrace The Unknown As A Learning Experience Full Of Exciting Opportunities
Today, Unlike Yesterday I Will Not Fear Tomorrow.
Today Is The Tomorrow I Dreamed About Yesterday
And Some Of The Dreams I Dreamt About Yesterday Came True Today
So Today I Am Going To Continue Dreaming About Tomorrow
And Perhaps More Of The Dreams I Dream Today Will Come True Tomorrow.
Today Is The Tomorrow I Set Goals For Yesterday
And I Reached Some Of Those Goals Today
So Today I Am Going To Set Slightly Higher Goals For Today And Tomorrow
And If Tomorrow Turns Out To Be Like Today
I Will Certainly Reach All Of My Goals One Day!

She8217s keeping two big water pots on her

She’s Keeping Two Big Water-Pots On Her Head;
With Another On Her Waist, In The Right-Side Held’;
And Then, Holding Her Infant, Lapped By Her Heart:
Yours Graceful Goddess-Like Beauty’s Pure And Blessed!
You’re A Hard Working, And A Loving Liberal Mother!’
I Salute You Bowed Head, Sweet Goddess, Repeatedly!

I look in the mirror whose reflection

I Look In The Mirror,
Whose Reflection Do I See?
This Is Not The Face I Remember.
The Eyes Looking Back At Me,
Can Hardly Be Mine.
Looking In Them, I See,
A Life, I Know Is Not Mine.
A Stranger Stands There,
Looking Back At Me.
Experiences Known, Yet Not.
Feeling Familiar, Yet Strange.
I Feel As Though I-‘m Living
Someone Else-‘s Life.
Writing My Story,
With Another-‘s Pen.
Singing My Song,
With A Strangers Voice.
I Need To Find My Own,
And Start All Over Again.
Making My Life,
And My Reflection
Mine Once More.

Place your heart here in my lap

Place your heart here in my lap
Touch me with the sureness Make me a space
Weave it loose and free
Weave it with desire
Invite me in.
Place your heart here in my lap
Touch me with the sureness of your need
Rise up through me like sap
To every fingertip.
Until your body knows mine as your own
Trap no metal circles on my hands.
Your shining eyes tell all,
There’s no further hallmarked proof of love I need.
Make me a space
Weave it loose and free
Weave it with desire
Invite me in.
Place your heart here in my lap
Touch me with the sureness of your need
Rise up through me like sap
To every fingertip
Until your body knows mine as your own
Trap no metal circles on my hands
Just ring me as the clarion-calling bell
Your shining eyes tell all, tell all
There’s no further hallmarked proof of love I need.
of your need

Blissful paradise divinity with sexual affinity eyes

Blissful Paradise Divinity With Sexual Affinity Eyes
Brilliancy Deepness Shallowness Slow And Smooth
Forever We Are Eternal Wholeness Only Intimacy
Between Me And You

Essences Of Love Eruptions Endless Multiplied
Forever Heaven And Joyousness Sexual Positions
Love Infinite Touch And Gaze
Still One Forever Now And Always
Seeking Out And Pleasing Each Other Different Ways
Various Positions As Interlacing Fingers All Over Across
Down And Up Behind And Drops Of Love Affinity Of Love
Totally Aware Of Each Other And Divine Sexual And Emotional
Perpetual And Honesty Fragrances Of Each Other Body Smell
And Tenderness Divine So Very Thoroughily
Every Crevice Every Turn As Our Eyes With Adoration
Respect And Love Mutuality
Forever Combined Into One Wholeness Sexual Satisfaction Skin
And Sweat As Our Hearts Pound Rapidly Watching Witnessing
As Forever Love Will Rise
Into Each Other Our Bodies With Love Affinity Never Will
Our Love Ever Find A Way To Die
Pleasure Deep In The Soul With Melodies Slowness As We Breathe
Reenergize Completely Skin On Skin With Tenderness Emotions
And Perpetual Affection Love Beautifulness Sacred Blessedness
Forever One Soul Oru Bodies Minds And Souls Forever
Eyes See Love In One Direction Such Beautifulness
Our Hands And Legs That Entangle Slide Glide And Our Feelings
That Never End As Our Deep Elation Into Our Bodies And Hearts
Perpetual Love There Is Never Any End
Forever One Into A Union So Beautiful Love To Always
Find Each Other Only Again And Again
The Glistening Drops Of Sweat On Our Bodies As Our Hearts
And Souls Into Blissful Joy As Our Eyes That Lock Gaze
And Boundless Emotions Forever Our Appetites That
Only We Can Quench And With Erotic And Emotional
Electricity Execute And Our Feelings Forever Complete
As Your Body And My Body With Emotions And Romance
Forever One Together In Entity
Lifting Supporting And Bending And With This Closeness Infinite
Elation Of The Divine Numerous And With Happy Love Immensity
Forever We Are Always With Each Other As Never Limited
Our Love Will Ever Be
Beyond This Dimension Of Proven Seven To Be Exact
Our Love And Spirits And With Carnal Elation Forever
This Love And Electricity As Our Attraction Unwavering
This Sexual And Tenderness Rough Slow And With Creativity
Of Imaginations Different Places And Our Love On Plane
To Forever Transcend As Our Bodies Souls And Feelings
Forever One Love Never Will We Be Lost Ever Again
The Way Together Sexually And Emotionally Interlacing
Divinity Of Compromise Sweat Forgiveness Communication
And Love That Does Never End
As Our Bodies Souls And Infinite Never Any Restrictions
Sexually And Emotionally Harmonic Every Way Possible
More Than Just One Hundred Positions As Our Souls
And Bodies With Sexual And Romantic Affinity
Vulnerable And Love Contentment Sincerity Affections
That Will Forever Survive
As Into Eternal Elation Our Bodies Souls With Infinite
Mutuality Spirits And Flesh With Tears Of Happiness
Both Of Each Other Cry
Multitude Of Love Infinity Sexual And Romantic Blending
As Our Lips And Hearts Graze And Slide Thoroughily
Every Crevice And Every Nook
As One In

Don8217t limit your world to me i8217m

Don’t Limit Your World To Me
I’m The The Blowing Breez
Don’t Let Your Heart Sink In Greef
I’m Just The Falling Autom Leaf

Smile And Sing With Me
I’m The Sweet Song You Sing
Damce And Play With Joy
I’m Like The Baby’s Toy
Expectations Will Leave You Insane
Don’t Let Your Self Down With Pain….!

We shall never forget because there r

We Shall Never Forget
Because There R Songs
That Remain Unsong
Because There R Dreams
That Were Left Undone
We Shall Never Forget
Because Empty Arms
Reach For Love’s Embrace
Because Searching Eyes
Seek The Special Face
We Shall Never Forget
Because Silence Rores
Where Laughter Rained
Because A Mother’s Tears
Are Not In Vain
We Shall Never Forget
Because Broken Heart
Are So Slow To Mend
Because What We Lost
Was Too Much To Pay
We Shall Never Forget

Yourr inner net love and affection all

Yourr Inner Net Love And Affection
All Ways Getting My Attention
Mystical Man Of Long Long Ago
You Of Sicilian Hard Ass Ego

Only You Could Command
Me In All The Land
Crumble Me While You Stand
Mighty And So Very Grand
Yourr Inner Net Love And Eloquence
All Ways Royal Like A Prince
Skilled With The Art Of Persuasion
Real Determination And Penetration
Only You Could Control
Me In Your Role
Looking Down My Hole
Wood Be Yourr Dominant Goal

This yearning in my heart confusion mind

This yearning in my heart
This confusion in my mind
The words left unspoken
Haunts me all the time
Everyday I watch pass by
With an emptiness in my life
& a hole in my heart
Where only you belong
There are nights I wake up crying
& wishing you were here
To hold me in your arms
& kiss away my tears.
There is something that keeps me holding on -—
What I-‘ll never know
But one day things will go my way
& I-‘ll have you in my arms.

What happened to us i cannot comprehend

What Happened to us I cannot comprehend
Mourning at your loss we were stunned
Lovely smiling figure thought of u as piece of art
How can u go away despite being active and smart?
Today everyone mourns at your tragic departure
This event shook us up in form of big disaster
I cannot buy the words that can explain you
Words of […]

Let your heart think i that there

Let Your Heart Think
I Think That There Are Questions One Must Ask Oneself
At Every Stage In Life To Ignore The Answers Is To Say
I Have No Conscience So Then I Ask Myself
What Is The Secret Of True Love
And A Voice Whispers In Answer
When Each Step Is Measured
By Thoughts And Actions And Words
But When Does True Love Last Forever
A Moment Of Silence Befalls
Before The Voice Says With A Grave Tone
When The Heart Begins To Think

My heart love the angel of life

My Heart, My Love, The Angel Of My Life
My Smile, My Joy, The Wings On Which I Fly
My Flesh, My Blood, My Diamond In The Sky
My Sweet Sugarpie Is The One That Brings Me Pride

When I Smile, She Laughs, Thats How She Lights My Way
When I’m Sad, She Cries, She Also Feels My Pain
When I’m Down, She’s There, She Takes Hr Time To Pray
The One I Call My Mate Will Not Leave Me For A Day
We Met…By Choice, And Now The Choice Is Good
She Shares…My Dreams, She Makes It Look So True
She’s There…For Me, When Everything Looks Blue
She Reaches For My Goals And Makes My Strength Renewed.
“The Babe Across” Now Means So Much To Me
In Sun, In Rain, In Winter Or In Snow
She’s All I’ve Got, She’s All I’ll Ever Need
The Taiwo In My Life Is Now The Best Love That I Know.

Often there were times when i thought

Often There Were Times, When I Thought That I Knew You
Then There Were Others When I Was Seeing Someone Else
I Realized That My Life Has Been Changed By You
I Also Realized That Happiness Is Of My Own Making
So When We Have To Say Goodbye, For That Final Time
Just Know That I Tried, With All That I Had
Knowing This Makes It Easier For Me To Just Turn And Walk Away
Life Lessons Are Sometimes Hard To Learn
I Know No Other Has Walked In My Shoes
Or Seen The Things I Have Seen, Or Done The Things I Have Done
So Loneliness Is Not A Prisoner To Me And I Wont Let It Be
I Will Walk In The Light And I Will Be Free And Happiness Will Be Mine

Because today i have told you goodbye

Because Today I Have Told You Goodbye
I Will Have To Change The Password
That I Had Invented For You…
Because Today I Have Told You Goodbye
I Will Have To Learn How To Cry
To Beg Sleep To Come And Embrace Me…
To Look In The Dark For The Fireflies
Because Today I Have Told You Goodbye
I Will Face Memories
Those Sudden Merciless Violent Ones
I Will Relive Gestures And Moments
Allowing Them To Hurt Me
Without Any Defence On My Behalf…
Because Today I Have Told You Goodbye
I Will Pick Up Every New Day
Flowers Withered By The Sun
Of A Disorientated Season
I Will Find Again Colours And Songs
Along With Lost Inspirations
To Gather Rhymes For Those Poems…
Because Today I Have Told You Goodbye
I Will Live Only The Time Until
Your Life Will Go Out Of Mine…
Because Today I Have Told You Goodbye !

Do you long for my warmth when

Do You Long For My Warmth
When Her Coldness Cuts You Dead?
Do You Yearn My Fleshy Folds
Do You Imagine Me Instead?
Do You Crave My Understanding
When She’s Lashed You, Done You Wrong?
Can You Smell My Musty Loving
Does It Permeate Your Tongue?
Do You See My Face In Places
We Could Be, If Not For Them?
Do You Ever Wish Like I Do
We Were Together Once Again

I saw a pile of ash people

I Saw A Pile Of Ash
People Walking By
I Stayed A Little Longer
And Watched A Phoenix Fly
Life Is Not Beyond Us
Someone Came To Tell
He Tried To Teach Us Differently
Before We Fell
Look At All The Simple Things
Don’t Over Complicate
The Secret Isn-‘t, Secret Really
It’s Easy To Translate
Hold A Little Notion
Feel It Deep Inside
Let It Come To Fruition
Don-‘t Let It Hide
Love Is All
Love Duncan X

When we touch i feel like its

When We Touch I Feel Like Its Magic,
Something So Special And No One Can Grab It.
When I Hold Your Hand I Feel So Good,
Never Would Let You Go If Ever I Would.

Your Smile Makes Me Happy, Your Laugh Too,
Its So Much Warmness Thats All On You.
When I Think Of The Times We Had It Makes Me Smile,
You Is Always What I Have, All In My Mind

These eyes need to see things in

These Eyes Need To See
Things In Life
As They Should Really Be
Sometimes I Feel
Blinded I Should Be

What I See,Sometimes Deceives
And Convinces Me
That Life Is Really Ok
No Need For Worry Or Concern
Just Believe All You See
Antigua A Beautiful Island Paradise
The Beautiful Beaches And Carribean Sea
But Look A Little Deeper And You Will See
People Who Are Poor And Hngry
No Ability To Leave
Or Go To Places, I Choose To Be
But The Surface My Eyes See
Is Just Beauty And Tranquility
So In Conjunction My Eyes Must Learn
To Work With My Heart With Every Twist And Turn
To Look Deep Beyond The Surface And Truly See
What We Must Do
What We Must Do To Make Our World Better

You have not even left yet but

You Have Not Even Left Yet,
But I Already Miss You.
I Know It’s Wrong
But When You Talk About Your Traing
And All The Fun You Had.
I Really Feel The Sadness Coming On.

I Miss You Already And
You’re Not Even Gone.
I See The Men In Uniform
And My Tears Begin To Leak
Soon That Will Be You And
I’m Feeling So Down.
I Want To Be Selfish And
Tell You Not To Go;
To Stay With Me And Be With Me
But I Know That You Can’t.
I Miss You Now And
You’re Not Even Gone.
I Know It’s Hard
But I’ll Be Strong
For The Day When
You’re Really Going Away.C

Today i was walking along the beach

Today I was walking along the beach, thinking of you.
Thinking of the first time we talked.
What a wonderful time that was.
I will cherish that moment for ever.
Then I started talking to you.
Telling you how much I cared, and how I would be there for you.
Then I realised, that you were not next to me, and I felt a sadness,
Knowing that for now, being that close to you can not happen.
I only wish we could run through the sand together, laughing, holding hands.
Then fall to the ground, and cuddle watching the sunset.
Then just sit back and hold each other,
Thanking God for the time we have,
Till we drift off to sleep.

by Bbwolf‚ 

I cut myself wanting to die no

I Cut Myself Wanting To Die
No More Do I Want To Cry
Every Night I Lie Awake
Want To Change Not To Be Fake
It Feels Like No One Cares About Me
Just Want To Die Don’t Want To Be Alive
Sadness Is Always In My Heart
Just Want To End And Die Just Want To Start Over
I Want To Be Accepted For Who I Am
I Wish Someone Out There Could Understand
I Ask Myself -ŗwhen Will Death Come Upon Me-
I Just Want To Jump Jump Off Dramatically

And nowyou like to go on oration

And Now…You Like To Go On
Oration, A Piece Of A Long Peroration,
Ladies & Gentlemen,
Good Evening,
I Am This Kind Of Animal,
Roped To Thinking, I Have This Analytical Attitude
This Reflective Mood,
I Am A Mirror
And I Mirror My Own Mirror, I Reflect My Own Light
To My Own Light,
Smart Ass, Envying The Feast Of The Pigs
On Leftovers, The Mudbaths And The
Nudity Of All Sexes, And The
Nonprohibited Desires Of All
Creatures, Nothing Mindful Really,
I Am This Now,
Ready For This, And Now… Let Me Tell You

About This Sickness, The Numbness And Emptiness
Of My Existence, Like A Crazy Coconut
Its Meat Not White, Its Juice Like Molten Asphalt
Its Sound So Neurotic
Knock The Shell And Find The Truth
And Now…. What Is The Matter? What Is The Truth?
Silence, Let The Kitten Lick Its Hind Legs And
Clean Itself From The Smell
Of The Dog… And Now, … Tell Me, Tell Me,
The Truth,
And Now….Where Do You Go Really With That Basket Of Fruits?
Oh Nice, Is Someone Sick? Is Someone In The Family
Angry That Now
And Now.. You Want To Please And Be Pleasing?
And Now….Everything Is Changed
Attitudes About Peers And
Peeling The Pear, , , , , And Now…
Oh, You Are So Circuitous,
Be Direct And Candid…
You Want To Quit
And You Are So Silent.

I really like him think i8217m falling

I Really Like Him I Think I’m Falling In Love
How Did This Happen I Like Him To Much
I’m Not Suppose To Do This I Should’ve Known
To Stop A Long Time Ago And Leave Him Alone
I Told Myself I Would Not Let Him In
I Would Never Fall In Love Again
If That Feeling Came I Would Run Away
I Would Not Stay Not One More Day
Cause I Don’t Want The Sadness This Feeling Brings
Because Eventually They All Get Up And Leave
So To All The Young One’s Who Believe In Love
It’s Just A Fairy Tale Something Made Up
It’s Not Forever It’s Not Death Till You Part
It’s Something That Will Break Your Heart
So Take It Slow Don’t Get Too Attached
Because That Love Thing Will Never Last
Sooner Or Later He’ll Get Bored
With No Care At All He’ll Walk Out The Door
Then Your Left There With Heartache And Pain
Wondering Why He Could Not Stay

Is it me or is you that

Is it me or is it you, that don-‘t know what to do,
I told you that I love you, you said it wasn-‘t true
I told you that I need you, you aint know what to do
I told you that I care, but then you weren-‘t there.
Is it me or is it you, that don-‘t know what to say,
I asked you to stay the night, but you went outside and played
I asked you were I stand, I wasn-‘t in your plan
I asked you do you love me, you went and set me free.
But now things are different now and years have past-Â…So
Is It me or is it you, that want to be a pair,
You tell me that you love me but all I hear is air,
You asked me where you stand; I said I got a man,
You asked me if he loves me, he set my anger free…
Is it me or is it you, that want to start again
I don-‘t think that you hear me, you need to understand
He showed me so many things, like what true love can bring
He tells me that I-‘m lovely, and how much that he loves me,
Its it me or is it you, with a dumb look on their face,
I have to meet my man at special time and place
I have to get dressed & look pretty for my dude,
You looking kind of homeless, baby do you need some food?

by agaspard1982‚ 

He stood somehow being weak in the

He Stood Somehow, Being Weak, In The Front Of The Peak;
Suppressing, Fast-Condensing Innermost Vapours,
From Becoming Pouring Tears – When He Beheld
The Cloud – The Principal Cause Of Intense Longing;
He Got Concerned About The State Of His Wife
His Beautiful Youthful Wife, Suffering Separation;
That Turns More Intolerable Midst Rainy Seasons
As A Result Of His Angered Lord, A King:
He Himself Being A Solely Servile Subject,
Had No Other Go, But To Suffer As Decreed!
In Over-Cast Days: All The Couples That Are Blessed
To Enjoy Sensualities At Their Sweet Will,
Being United Thus, At Their Homes In Love,
Long For Much More Of It, So Closeted Firmly;
How Great Shall Not Be The Longing, Then, Of Lovers:
Who, Being Separated, Long For Deep Embraces?

Shadows can be scary but mostly at

Shadows Can Be Scary, But Mostly At Night.
But Even Scarier When Taken To Fright.
Shadows Can Hold Many Things…
Secrets, Stories, And The Start Of The Beginning.

But Know If You Have A Light,
It Will Protect You From The Creatures Of The Night.
Daniela X. Daraz

 Â¤‘’¡ Â¤Â¸  Â¤Â­ Â¤Â¾ Â¤– Â¤Â¤ Â¥  Â¤Â¹ Â¥Â Â¤Ë†  Â¥‘’º Â¤Â¿ Â¤‘’š Â¤Â… Â¤– Â¥  Â¤Â® Â¥‘’¡ Â¤‘’š
 Â¤Âµ Â¥‘’¹  Â¤Â² Â¤Â® Â¥Â Â¤Â¹ Â¤Â¾  Â¤- Â¤Â¹ Â¤Â¾ Â¤‘’š  Â¤– Â¤Â¯ Â¤Â¾
 Â¤Å— Â¥‘’¹  Â¤Â… Â¤Â¿ Â¤Â²  Â¤- Â¥‘’¹  Â¤Â¸ Â¥Â Â¤- Â¥Â Â¤Â¨  Â¤Â… Â¥‘’¡  Â¤Å— Â¤Â¾ Â¤Â¤ Â¤Â¾  Â¤Â¥ Â¤Â¾
 Â¤Â® Â¤Â¿ Â¤Å¸ Â¤Â¾ Â¤- Â¤Â°  Â¤Â¤ Â¤Âª Â¤Â¿ Â¤Â¶  Â¤Â… Â¥Â Â¤Â¨ Â¤Â¿ Â¤Â¯ Â¤Â¾  Â¤- Â¥,
 Â¤Â… Â¤Â¿ Â¤Â²  Â¤- Â¥‘’¹  Â¤— Â¥Â Â¤Â¶  Â¤- Â¤Â°  Â¤Å— Â¤Â¾ Â¤Â¤ Â¤Â¾  Â¤Â¥ Â¤Â¾,
 Â¤- Â¤Â­ Â¥  Â¤Å— Â¤Â  Â¤… Â¤Âª Â¤Â¨ Â¥‘’¡  Â¤Â® Â¤Â¿ Â¤Â² Â¤Â¤ Â¥‘’¡  Â¤Â¥ Â¥‘’¡
 Â¤‘’¡ Â¤Â¨  Â¤‘’  Â¤— Â¥‘’¹ Â¤‘’š  Â¤Â® Â¥‘’¡ Â¤‘’š  Â¤Â° Â¤‘’š Â¤–  Â¤Â­ Â¤Â°  Â¤Å— Â¤Â¾ Â¤Â¤ Â¤Â¾  Â¤Â¥ Â¤Â¾
 Â¤Â Â¤Â¨ Â¤- Â¤Â°  Â¤Â¯ Â¤Â¾ Â¤Â… Â¥‘’¡ Â¤‘’š  Â¤Â« Â¤Â¿ Â¤Â°  Â¤Â® Â¤Â¿ Â¤Â²  Â¤Å— Â¤Â¾ Â¤Â¤ Â¤Â¾  Â¤Â¥ Â¤Â¾
 Â¤‘’° Â¤Â¸  Â¤Â² Â¤Â® Â¤Â¹ Â¥‘’¡ Â¤‘’š  Â¤-  Â¤‘’¡ Â¤Â¨ Â¥Â Â¤Â¤ Â¥‘’¡ Â¥‘’º Â¤Â¾ Â¤Â°  Â¤- Â¤Â° Â¤Â¤ Â¥‘’¡  Â¤- Â¤Â° Â¤Â¤ Â¥‘’¡
 Â¤… Â¤Â  Â¤Â¯ Â¥‘’¡  Â¤Â… Â¤Â¿ Â¤Â²  Â¤Â­ Â¥  Â¤Â¸ Â¥‘’¹  Â¤– Â¤Â¯ Â¤Â¾
 Â¤- Â¤Â¹ Â¤Â¾ Â¤‘’š  Â¤Â- Â¥Â Â¤‘’š Â¤Â- Â¥‘’š  Â¤… Â¤Â  Â¤Â® Â¥‘’¡ Â¤‘’š  Â¤Âµ Â¥‘’¹  Â¤Â² Â¤Â® Â¥Â Â¤Â¹ Â¤Â¾
 Â¤Å— Â¥‘’¹  Â¤… Â¤Å— Â¤Â¨ Â¤Â Â¥  Â¤Â¶ Â¤Â¹ Â¤Â°  Â¤Â® Â¥‘’¡ Â¤‘’š  Â¤— Â¥‘’¹  Â¤– Â¤Â¯ Â¤Â¾.

The poet with a bus pass boarded

The Poet With A Bus Pass,
Boarded The Number 63
That Left From The Edge Of The Town.
Now He Rushed Red, Scraping
The Green Of Ancient Hedges.
From The Top Deck,
Through The Front Window
He Drank In The View;
His Inspiration.

Scribbled Phrases
Rested On His Shaky Lap;
Later To Be Honed
And Positioned
By The Moving
Fingers Of Experience.
The Tractor
In A Distant Field
Would Become
A Black Charger
The Marsh Meadows.
Burning Stumps
Of Summer Corn
The Breath
Of Some Internecine Dragon.
Lines Of Waving Trees,
Soldiers Awaiting
The Bugle Call To Charge
Fluffy Clouds
Would Roll
Like The Smoke Of Battle.
He Would See The Ghosts
Of The Defeated, Marching
Amid The Mist Of Streams.
His Return Ticket,
Lay In His Pocket…
Like A Second Poem.

When we first kissed i thought you

When We First Kissed
I Thought You Were The One
When You First Said
You Loved Me
I Thought We’ed Be Forever
Then Like Lighting
You Were Tookin From Me
Gone In A Blink Of A Eye
Caught In A Lie
An Put Behind Bars
A Few Letters An A Phone Call
Now Your Free
An I Haven’t Heard A Word From You At All
You Told Me You Never Wanna Loose Me
That Were Ment To Be
But Now I Have My Doubts
People Saying Your Back
With Your Ex Girl Friend
An Some Saying Your Not Coming Back
I Don’t What To Beleave It
So Baby Tell Me What
I Need To Know Cause
I’m Dying In The Dark
I Need Your Touch
I Need To Heard You Say
You Love Me One More Time
I Need To Feel Safe In Your Arms
To Be Held
Cause Baby
I’m Lost An Don’t Know My Way Out
An Seeing U With Her
Today At The Mall Made Me Think
Was It All A Lie
Was I Just Played For A Fool
I Guess So
An Now I Have One Thing
To Say To U
Good-Bye To Your Love.
by Kiymoi

An emotion so strong deep and hard

An Emotion So Strong,
So Deep And So Hard,
Tears Trickle Down The Eyes,
Heaviness Of Feelings,
Capture The Mind Loneliness, Fear,
Losing Of Hope,Choosing The Wrong,
And Doing The Bad
What Else Can Sadness Give,
What Else Can Sadness Take,
These Are Things,
Which Make You Think,
Am I Wrong Or Am I Judged Wrong…
Feelings Like These,So Bad, So Creep,
Rule Our Life,And Live Within,
Learn To Know The Feelings Of Heart,
And Live Your Life Like A Horse In The War

To goa with love lovely o queen

To Goa: With Love
Lovely, O, Queen Of Beaches
Beautiful Are Thy Reaches
Blossom Abound; Green Heaven
Swinging In Melodies Seven
Flashing In Innocent Smiles
Opens-Up Picturesque Files
Waiting In Thickly Groves; Lies
Unending Feast For Eyes
Tree-Laden Banks Of Rivers
Twinkle In Silvery Shivers
Slipping A Hill-Top Hovers
Flying Through Mercury Showers
Milky A Stream! Dives Singing
Shaking Hue; Rainbows Bringing
Thou Art A Soother, In Agony
In The Bitterness: Masked Honey
Waking, With Early Sun-Rise
Thou Art A Trekker’s Paradise
None Can Forget Thy Hospitality
Buttery Manners; Silky Novelty
I Shall Be Soothed, By Thy Memories
Ever For Solace, In Melancholies

Feeling the warmth of our touch as

Feeling The Warmth Of Our Touch,
As We Lay Side By Side.
Fingers Tremble As They Caress,
The Softness Of Flesh.
The Taste Of Your Kiss,
The Passion In Your Eyes,
With The Heat Of Our Love.
We Melt Into One.

As the sun rises over a sleepless

As The Sun Rises Over A Sleepless World
The Angels Emerge From The Ocean
Dripping With The Solitude
Of Their Holy Lives
But Angels Do Not Only Sleep
On Ocean Beds
But On Mattresses As Well
With Goose Down Pillows
Under Head
Wings Unfurl
And Spread Across A Queen Sized
Fit For A Princess
But Housing A Saint
Silver Skin Shines In The Moon Light
Two Blue Eyes
Pierce The Dark
Your Glory Outshines
And Celestial Body
I Have Ever Held Before
Or Could Ever Hope To Hold

Raindrops as they fall by make me

Raindrops”, As They Fall By, They Make Me Cry
They Make Me Think About Someone, I Dont Know Why?
That Rainy Night, I Cant Ever Forget,
But I Could Feel That Some Disaster Was Coming, That Will Make Me Regret.
People Say Rain Is Romantic, Thats What I Wanted To Feel,
Suddenly A Call Came For Him And He Went Outside Leaving My Hand
His Leaving My Hand Had Some Magnetic Touch To It
That Made My Heart Shake For A While,
He Was Standing In The Door, Talking On The Phone
I Sitting On The Couch Kept Looking At His Sparkling Eyes
His Hands Moving As He Talked, Him Moving From Here To There,
I Know He Was Noticing Me Also, By The Corner Of His Eyes,
He Came Back And Sat Next To Me,
His Tender Touch, His Sweet Talks I Felt, Made Me Shiver
I Wnate To Say A Lot, I Wanted To Hear A Lot
But Words I Could Not Find, Were Jus Dissappered
I Wanted Him To Know My Feelings Of Luv
What My Lips Could Not Say,But It All Reflected In My Eyes
For A Second I Felt Like The World Was Perfect
And There Was No Room For Sadness…..
We Talked And Talked For Hours, Drinking The Coffe He Made.
His Being Like A Gentleman And Taking Care Of Me
Nothing More I Wanted, Nothing More I Craved About
Yes The World Was All Here Right In Front Of Me
I Didnt Want The Moments To Ever Last,
The World To Go On The Way It Was
I Felt That Was A Perfect Evening And Suddenly:
It Started To Rain Like A Disaster And I Had To Head Home.
Was It A Time For Us To Depart I Really Didn’t Know
His Hands In Mine And Then On The Way, A Request Was Made,
That Could Not Be Fulfilled Just Because…..
Suddenly My Hand Was Shook And I Could Not Understand,
This Was Like When We Have Sand In Our Hand,
The Moments, Time And Feelings,
The More I Wanted To Hold Them Tight. Slipped Like Sand Through The Fingers.
I Said Bye And Heard Response Back Saying Goodbye
Somethng I Couldnt Beleive Until Today.
I Wanted To Get A Real Tight Hug For The Shattered Feelings,
I Could Not Describe Or Say Anything…
It Was Time For Us To Walk Away …….
As I Was Going, I Turned And Gave A Hug And Kiss
And It Was The Last Time We Were Together,
It Was Raining Too Hard That Hid My Tears……..
My Eyes All Red Said So Much But No One To Understand……….
Like The Car Went Away From Me….He Was Also Gone
Very Very Far And Not To Return..
I Knew This Is The Last Time…….
We Were Together…….Ever……
Till The End Of The Curve To The Road I Stood There
And Watched Him Leaving Forever…..
For Next So Much Time I Was Still At The Crossside……
Thinking What Really Had Happend……….
People Looking At Me, And I Was Helpless……..
I Thanked God That It Was Raining That Night……..
That Hid My Tears………And Like They Say
My Eyes Had Water But Heart Had Fire………What A Combination!
So The Rain Makes Me Blue, When I Think Of You……..
Raindrops Make Me Cry, I Still, Dont Know Why??

Morning here i am take each of

Here I Am!
Take Each Of You A Slice From My Perfect Woman Cake
What Flavour Do You Want?
Well You Better Make Your Stake
Cos This Woman Cake Is Good
And Each Morning It’s Fresh Baked
Is It Lover Flavour You Want First Thing
Counsellor, Nurse? Princess?
You Know I Will Excell
I’m A Simmering Hot Tigress
That’s Right
Gorge Yoursefl, Delight
This Woman Cake Can Be All Things
Be Sultry Madam All Sleazy And Fun
Or Matriarch, Or A Rockstar Or A Nun
This Woman Cake Never Tires Of The Deal
How She Constantly Changes Aware Of Her Appeal
This Woman Cake Is Tasty
You’ll Never Tire Of Her Fresh Smell
Her Secret Is Her Power
And She Uses It So Well
Now Return Her Back To The Parlour
She’ll Be Safe There Keeping Cool
And She’ll Stay Until She’s Needed
The Perfect Mult Functional Tool

Its grass is greener skies are clearer

Its Grass Is Greener, Its Skies Are Clearer
Its Your Own Hideaway, Its Your Earth
Got Soul, But It Isnt For Sale
Take And Guess And L Think Of All The Reasons Why
You Keep It So Closed And Now L Try To Understand
You Want To Keep It Pure, Your Earth

I Cant Travel By Spacecraft To Your Earth
Its More Precious Than Life Can Ever Be Worth
Because Whats A Life Time Spent Alone
You Live Day By Day Like Its A Joke
I Am Not Someone Who Takes Anything On My Back
I Will Start To Climb That Ladder To Your Earth
The Seas Are Always Calm And Sure
The Sands Always Golden And Soft On The Shore
The Valleys Are Neat And Not Too Deep
The Mountains Are Marble And Covered In White
The View From Space Is So Beautiful
Your Earth Is Perfectly Curved, Your Earth
Its Not A Place That You Rule Like A Queen
You Look Over Every Mile Like Its Your Dream
That You Took So Long Dreaming Up, Your Earth
Its A Paradise That When You Keep Your Eyes Closed
You Can Feel The Wind Blow Gently On Your Skin
You Earth Is Nothing Short Of Where Heaven Begins
Your Earth, It Shines In The Sight Of My View
When L Am Coming Into Land Think Of Everything We’ve Been Through
It Calls Me To The Place Where You Dwell
The Place Where The Beauty Of Your Smile Never Fell
Its Been A Long Way To Get Here
But L Wouldnt Care If It Took Me Years To Walk Here
I Want To Be Close To You, Be In Your Earth
Cover The Lands With Your Heart That Creates
An Air Where Love Grows And Breathes
Your Earth, Your Earth Your Earth
It Calls Me And L Dont Have A Map To Know
The Dangers That Could Prevent Me On The Go
But Nothing Stops Me Because Its Inside Where L Know
Your Calling Me And Guiding Me To Your Heaven
Your Earth, Your Earth, Your Earth
Your Earth, Your Earth, Your Earth
Your Earth, Your Earth, Your Earth
Your Earth, Your Earth, Your Earth
Your Earth, Your Earth, Your Earth

When you8217re lonely i wish you love

When You’re Lonely
I Wish You Love.
When You’re Sad
I Wish You Joy.
When You’re Discouraged
I Wish You Hope.
When Life Is Stressful
I Wish You Inner Silence.
When Your Spirit Is Empty
I Wish You Simple Beauty.
When You’re Troubled
I Wish You Peace.

My dreams are common everyday cloud in the sky like

My Dreams Are Dreams
Common Everyday
Cloud-In-The-Sky Dreams
Like Everybody Else-‘s…

My Dreams Mean Nothing
Because I Mean Nothing
Because There-‘s
So Many Folk On This
Crazy Spinning-Top
And Then Just Little Me
Another Blade Of Grass
Another Face In
The Train Window
As It Rolls On Past…
But Even An Ant May Dream
His Little Insect-Dreams
Of Damper Soil
And Bluer Skies
So I’m Ok
As Long As It Doesn’t Hurt
As Long As It Doesn’t
Watch Me Go Mum
Watch Me Go Dad
I-‘m Chasing My Dreams!
A Day At A Time
And If I Fail
If I Fall
It Doesn-‘t Matter
My Dreams Are Dreams
Nothing More
Only Dreams
William Prothero

When you set out on your journey

When You Set Out On Your Journey
Do Not Embark With A Heavy Heart.
But Do Not Expect Your Voyage To Be Easy!
Like Ulysses, You Will Meet Unknown Challenges,
And May Often Face Death, Whether Your Ship
Must Negotiate The Narrow Strait
Between The Clashing Rocks,
Or Pass Close By Charybdis, The Great Whirlpool.
I, Myself, Have Sailed That Very Course,
And Know Charybdis Well…
Do Not Let Her Take You Down.
Nay! You Must Sail With A Light Heart
And A Sense Of Adventure,
And Though Your Hopes And Fortunes
Will Be Dashed From Time To Time,
Remember That It Is Not The Challenges Themselves
That Are Important, For These Are Many
And Beyond Prediction,
And May Come In Many Forms,
From Rock-Hurling Cyclops’,
To Sweet-Singing Sirens.
You Cannot Know Which Will Confront You
Or When They Will Come Upon You,
Your Charts Will Not Give You
That Kind Of Information,
You Will Only Ever Know That They Will Come.
It Is Not The Challenges Themselves
But How You Meet Them That Is Important.
It Is This Which Shapes You.
It Is This Which Makes You Who You Are,
Which The Welcoming Crowds
Will Notice At Your Homecoming,
Seeing How Worldly You Have Become,
Or How Wise And Compassionate,
Or How Worn And Hardened And Cruelled
By Time And The Relentless Sea.
So, Accept The Experiences As They Come To You,
Neither Valuing Them As ‘Bad’ Or ‘Good’ –
For This Is A Misunderstanding Of What They Mean –
But Take Them All The Same,
And While Others You Meet On Your Journey
May Appear To Be In Control Of Their Destiny
In A Way That You Seem Not,
Or May Seem To Have The Ear Of The Gods,
Or Luxuriate In Riches Plundered From Foreign Ports,
Or Dress In Finery Like Kings Surrounded
By Their Women And Their Slaves,
And Their Glittering Armies,
Glorying In Their Own Magnificence,
Know That These Are Fools
Who Look Not Upon The World But Into Mirrors.
Know That This Is False,
And Judge Not Your Own Coarse Sea Dress
Nor Travel-Hardened Manners
As Unworthy, But Know That All
Are On This Same Journey Which, In The End,
Will Not Be Measured In Trappings
But In Deeds, Will Not Be Measured
In Wealth, But In Character.
To Become Who You Are
Is The True Purpose Of Your Voyage.
Go Then, The Cool Dawn-Light Is Mirroring The Sea,
A Breeze Has Risen And The Tides Are In Your Favour.
Your Ship Is Ready, Well-Made
And Well-Provisioned For Your Voyage,
She Lies In The Harbour Stirring
Impatiently At Her Moorings.
Your Crew Are Keen To Go,
With Sea-Salt’s Stories Of Foreign Ports
And Strange Lands Exciting Their Minds,
They Are Busying Themselves,
Readying Sails And Seating The Long Oars
To Pull Your Ship From The Harbour.
You Have Made Your Sacrifices
To The Gods, Now All Is In Readiness.
It Is A Fine Day To Start A Voyage,
Go Then To What Awaits You

As i gently touch you with whispers

As I gently touch you
with whispers of tender love,
I’m stirring the passion
within your soul.
I sensually caress
your desire of love.
Holding you so close, so tight,
I make love to you, all through the night.
The sunrise approaches,
our love growing stronger,
our bodies engulfed in a fierily glow.
Fulfilling our destiny,
fulfilling our love.

Why do i have this life its

Why do i have this life
Its so crap and painful
Id like a map to help me through
The times i feel down
The times I want to visit the town of death
And just to stop me taking a breath
I just want to lay
I just cant wait for the day
I drop dead
Fall to the floor
At the bottom of my bed
I fall down to the floor
With a bump to my head
I want to just die
Staying a live is just a lie
Just shoot me god dam it
Then ill say good bye
Im sick of living
Im sick of school
Home life two
There are things I want to do
I want to bleed
Thats the thing i really need
Cut my wrists really deep
Hear the beep go quiet
That means grim has taken me
Hopefully then i will see
You people dont care
People dont see my pain
People dont see me my sadness
I want to die
Living for me i like i said is just a lie
Oh well love you all and goodbye
by dark-emo‚ 

We were green then and the age

We Were Green Then, And The Age Of Never Again Would Never Fade
But Everything Is Fashion With Us, Creatures Of A Blind Brigade
Like The Forces Of The Sky And Sea We March To Deeper Drums
Than Mere Democracy, Or Kindness Of The Heart That Turns When Winter Comes
Or Autumn, When Crushing The Leaves Of Nobler Cause Or Tenderness
Or The Best That-‘s Gone, Becomes The Flag We Follow, Less Awareness
Or Regret That-‘s Now Frowned Upon. And Who Knows Who The Hell Sets Off
The Ripples Through This Shrinking World, This Preaching Song, To Build The Closing Storm
For We-‘re Not All Twins Beneath The Skin. Darwin’s Eye Saw The Danger
Such A Flaw Would Bring; Sometimes Your Friend Really Is A Total Stranger,
Thanks To Mother Nature, And The Surge Of Violence May Save, Or Roar
In The Hearts Of Some Like Tidal Concerns, As Natural As War.

Eyes are so bight skin is kinda

Eyes Are So Bight
Skin Is Kinda Light
And You, To Me
Is My Bight Light
We Can Never Fight
Cause Your Always Right
Before You I Was Blind
But Now
I Have Sight
My Soul Is As High As A Kite
Because Of You
My Special Bight Light

I sing for thee of thee and

I Sing I Sing For Thee
I Sing Of Thee‚  I Sing
And Sing: The Birds, – All Birds
And Sing The Leaves, – All Leaves
In Resonance With Dancing Butterflies
In Resonance With Crickets All Alike
I Sing‚  All Swelling Rivulets
And All Splashing Streams
All Roaring Cataracts
And All Humming Falls
All Snoring Caves In Mountains
Hissing Winds
All Breaking Waves Of Rivers, Or The Lakes
All Playful Oceans Or Storming Seas
All Sprightly Splattering Icebergs, Clattering Flakes
All Sing In Resonance
I Sing Along, I Sing For Thee
I Sing Of Thee,‚  I Sing

I thought before first saw you knew

I Thought Before I First Saw You,
I Knew What Love Was.
That, I Later Found, To Be False
You Showed Me The Meaning Of True Love
I Loved You With All My Heart,
I Gave You Everything I Had To Give
I Thought Our Loved Would Last A Lifetime,
I Was The Only One, Though,
You Already Knew It Wouldn’t Be Forever
You Tried To Tell Me.
I Always Chose Not To Listen
I Only Heard What My Heart Was Telling Me
If I Could Go Back In Time And Change Things,
I Wouldn’t I Always Want The Memories
Of You And I Together, The Way We Were
Happy For The Most Part
I Love You Still,
And I Always Will
But Today My Life Starts Over,
Starts Over Without You
This Will Be A Tough Journey For Me,
But I Know I Will Make It

When i met you touched my heart

When I Met You
You Touched My Heart
In Such A Way
I Couldnt Understand
I Never Felt This Way Before.

You Filled My Day With Happiness
And The Sun Shines Again For Me
You Bring Me Laughter And Joy.
Last Night As I Lie In My Bed
I Was Thinking About You
As You Walk Through My Mind
And I Whispered Your Name.
Here Where I Stand
Here Is Where You Hold Me Close
Here Is Where We Were Together
Here Were We Belong
I Know When I Smile
You Smile Too
Even If Were Not Together
I Know You Would Be Smiling Too
There Is A Happy Smile
On My Face
Even Though I Miss You So Much
I Know You Will Be
Coming Back To Me.