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Shadow of yesterday have faded away sun

Shadow Of Yesterday
Have Faded Away,
Sun Has Reappeared
It-‘s A Brand New Day
Birds Singing Their Song
Loud And Clear,
Announcing To The World
A New Day Is Here,
Sun Appears In The East
Has Begun A New Quest,
In The Middle At Noon
And Then Sets In The West,
Wishing You Contentment
And Peace Along The Way
Good Morning To You
And Have A Nice Day:)

Ur alone in the world and no

Ur Alone In The World,
And No Ones Home,
Dont Worry Cause Ur Almost Alone,
Dont Wait Up Thinking Wat U Could Of Done,
Dont Worry Now Just Go And Sleep Ur Life Away,
Time Spent Wondering Wat Could Of Happened,
No Longer Shall U Wait To End Ur Miserable Life,
Dont Worry About The Ending,
Just End It Now,
Ur To Stoned And Cold To Care,
How Im Feeling Now,
That You’ve Hurt Me So Badly,
Dont Come Back To Me Now,
That U Say U Don’t Love Me Anymore….Anymore,
I Love U Forever More…Forever More.

At the crack of dawn sun comes

At The Crack
Of Dawn
The Sun Comes Up
And Though
It Beams
On My Brows
Im Not
In The Mood
For Smiles
Rather Hide
My Inner Child
Than Laugh
At Non-Comical Things
As The Day Breaks
And The Night Falls
I’ve Patiently Waited
For You To Call
Wondering If You Cared At All
Until 5 In The Morning
You Show Yourself
Unnumbered Times
Of Sore Disappointments
I Can’t Keep Track Of You
Feeling Like I Need
To Schedule An Appointment
Just For Us To Make Time
Slowly But Surely
Patience Has Shortened
And Bitters Reeks
My Lonely Soul
Was It Supposed
To Be This Way?
For The Tears
To Well
Swelling My Eyelids
Why Isn’t It Okay
To Swallow My Tongue
And Keep Comments To Myself?
I’m Allowed
To Have An Opinion
Yet It Usually
Falls On Deaf Ears
But When Its Your
Turn To State Your Plea
Suddenly You
Act Like Your Heartsick
And Meaningless
Have Become
Just As Gullible
As I Am
So I Give In
To Your Woes

A little leaf fell from tree and

A Little Leaf
Fell From A Tree
And Wondered What
Will Become Of Me?
He Wandered Near
And Far In Fear
At Last He Cried
And Shed A Tear!
He Felt So Alone
And Far From Home
When Suddenly He Saw
A King On A Throne.
His Head Was Adorned
With A Crown Of Thorns
Clothed In Rags
Yet At His Feet, Multitudes Adored,
Little Leaf, Why Do You Cry
Why Do You Weep, Why Do You Sigh?
Don’t You Know, Wherever You Roam
I’m By Your Side

In the quietness of moment i wonder

In The Quietness Of The Moment
I Wonder How You Are
We May Be Far Apart In Distance
But From My Thoughts You Are Never Far
I Don’t Know What Tomorrow Holds
The Future I Cannot See
So I Will Take Today For What It Is Worth
And Be Glad That You Love Me
Tomorrow Does Not Stand Apart
A Shiny Brand New Day
It Is The Tapestry We Weave
Made Up Of Yesterdays
Thank You For Sharing With Me
A Portion Of Yourself
I Know You Will Never Be Mine
But The Part You Have Given To Me
Will Never Belong To Anyone Else
So I Will Try To Live My Life
Separated By The Two
Doing The Things I Am Supposed To Do
And Yet Always Loving You

Dear lord how we love our children

Dear Lord How We Love Our Children So
Our Desire Is To Watch Them Live And Grow
Sometimes We Feel So Helpless
When Unexpected Illnesses
Touch Their Lives
Only Under Your Strength And Protection
We Expect Them To Survive

I Know You Loaned Them To Us
For A Season In Time To Bring Us Great Joy
We Are There To Wipe Away Their Fears
And Tears When They Would Fall
Even To Pick Them Up When They
Could Not Stand At All
Watching Over Them Night And Day
Not Wanting Any Hurt Or Harm To
Come Their Way
Sometimes Life Brings Us Some Unexpected
Twists And Turns
Knowing Not What To Do And Then
From God We Learn
How To Only Trust In His Compassionate Love
No Matter What Comes Our Way
Close To Our Hearts Filled With Trouble
He Will Surely Stay
He Promised Never To Leave Or Forsake Us
Upon This Promise We Can Depend
Mother To Mother
He Will Be With Us To The Very End !

A fcking desert that8217s all here desert

A F*Cking Desert,
That’s All That’s Here,
A F*Cking Desert Where Nothing’s Near,
No Alcohol, No Wife,
No Kids, No Life,
No Longer Do I Have A Pulse,
In This F*Cking Desert And Nothing Else.

So Why Am I Here?
In A Place Where Fear Breeds,
Where The Earth Bleeds,
Where The Sky Screams,
And Not A Thing Is As It Seems?
I Can Hear Their F*Cking Bombs Already,
And I’m Shaken With Fear,
Their Bombs Are Coming,
Can’t You Hear?
I Can Feel Their F*Cking Bombs Already,
And Somehow, I’m Still Steady,
Their Bombs Are Coming,
Ain’t You Ready?
I Can See Their F*Cking Bombs Already,
And I Imagine It As Part Of My High Spiritual Ground,
Their Bombs Are Coming,
Ain’t You Around?
We’ll All Cry,
Not Of Fear That We’ll Die,
But Because Our Time Of Desire Was Coming,
Those Explosions Will Be Humming,
Our Combat Action Has Commenced,
Our Time Has Tensed.
That Has Yet To Arrive,
We Have Yet To Weep,
To Lose Care About Our Lives,
To Wake Out Of This Sleep.
No Matter,
Their F*Cking Bombs Are Still Coming,
Dig With The Hands God Gave You.
Ethan Sanders

Its flame illuminating promises showered never to

Its Flame Illuminating
Promises Showered Never To Let It Diminish
It Is Something Beyond Humans Unable To Extinguish
Life Is Just A Shadow Of That Flame That Burns Inside
A Magic Engulfed The Atmosphere
It Was Commitment Made
A Act Of Fate
A Force Divine
Beaming Sparks Enlightened The Souls
Effervescent Fireworks Brightened
The Nights Dark Folds
The Inner World Sparkled But No One Felt The Pain
The Magic Grew With Time
All Was Not In Vain
Unable To Contain This Magic Or Truth Disclose
Life Sparkled Like Dew Drops On A Rose
The Flame Is Weak
Relighting A Dying Flame
But Not Yet Dead
Feeling Lifeless Today
Looking At The World Without Being Able To Smile
Life Is Life
Tommorrow And The Next Day
Knowing Well To Burn Out This Flame Would Mean Death
Walking The Tight Rope Cautiously Towards Reality

There8217s a minor problem arre yaar waanda

There’s A Minor Problem Arre Yaar, “Waanda” Ho Gaya
There’s A Big Problem Arre Yaar, “Zol” Ho Gaya
There’s A Huge Problem Arre Yaar, “Raada” Ho Gaya
You’ll Be Surprised.Ekdam “Hill” Jayega Tu
I Am Going Out Of This Placechal Apun “Kaltii” Marta Hai.
Don’t Make A Fool Of Others Dekh , Tu “Shendi” Mat Laga Sabko
Just Get Out Of Here, You Oversmart Fool Chal E Shaaane, “Hawa” Aan De
I Am Not A Stupid Out Here Apun Kya “Alibaug” Se Nahi Aaya
There’s Some Misunderstanding Arre Kuch “Galat Faimili” Ho Gayi
Do You Drink Daily? Tu Kya Roz “Full To” Hota Hai?
See, You Are Afraid Dekh , Teri To “Fat” Gayi
Shall I Just Bash U? E Du Kya “Kharcha Pani” ?
Just Take Him Into A Secret Place Use Jara “Khopche” Me Leke Ja
What A Beautiful Lady !! Kya “Zakaas Item” Hai Yaar!!
What A Sensuous/unexplainably Sexy Lady!!
Kya “Raapchik Maal / Piece” Hai Yaar!!
Don’t Just Bluff..Ok? E Jyaada “Raag” Mat De..
Ya..She Is Staring At U Buddy!!! Kya Sahi “Line” Deti Hai “Bhiduu”!!
Don’t Take Much Tension‚  Jyaada “Load” Nahi Leneka Kya??
Your Clothes Are Very Awkward Kya “Zagmag / Dhinkchaak” Pehna Tune?
I Don’t Care About It Much..!! Abe Yaar , “Hata Saawan Ki Ghata”
Please Don’t Overbore Me Jyaada “Pakaa” Mat Be Tu All This Must
Be Done Without Anyone’s Notice Sab Kaam “Suumdi” Me Hona Chahiye.Kya?

When you miss the bass guitarist who

When You Miss The Bass Guitarist Who Didn’t
Notice You At The Concert The Other Night,
What Exactly Are You Gonna Do? When You Miss
The Night At The Amusement Park, Everything
Felt Like A Fantasy On Vacation..What Are You
Gonna Do? When Everyting Suddenly Feels
Uneasy, The World Seems Like Its Coming Down
On You..It All Comes Down To..What Are You
Gonna Do

Luv rly missd u 2nite needed 2

Luv Rly Missd U 2nite, Needed
U 2 B Ther 4 Me. I Ended Up
Speakin To Sum Perv All Nite
Long – Such A Twat! Feelin We
Need 2 Go Out As A Couple
Sumtime Soon – Mayb Then We
Will Have Sum Luck! Always
Thinkin Of You – Romance Xx

There on that mountain decoupled thus he

There, On That Mountain, Decoupled Thus, He Dwelled;
Deprived Of Sensual Pleasures; An-‘ Few Months Passed:
Lost Lots Of Fat And Flesh: Got So Slimmed-Down,
That, His Gold-Bracelets Slipped-Out Un-Noticed,
Baring His Wrists-Forearms: He Pined So Much!
But When, On The Day First Of Ashhadha, He Glanced
At Its First Cloud, That Rested On The Peak
Of Yonder Mountain – Quite A Feast For Eyes
Quite Like An Elephant Butting In-Sport With Tusks,
At An Elevated Muddy Bank Of A River!

Undescribably majustic so beautifully addictive loving you

Undescribably Majustic,
So Beautifully Addictive,
Loving You Is So Easy,
And Never Will Be Conflictive,
I Never Want You To Go,
I Want To Stay By Your Side,
Till Death Do Us Part,
We Still Stay Together,
We Shall Stand Proud And Never Hide,
For I Love You,
You Infect Me So,
Please My Love Tell Me You Will Never Go

From the day i met you and

From The Day I Met You
And Your Blue Eyes Swept Me Off My Feet
Your Smile That Made Me Melt
I Knew You Were The One

We Met, Worlds Apart,
But From The First Time We Spoke
We Were Drawn To Each Other
And Meant To Be
Across The Miles We Got To Know Each Other
Many A Late Night On The Phone
Yet From The Start I Knew
With You I Wanted To Be
We Started Planning Our Future
Logistics An Obstacle,
Distance A Heart-Renching Fact
But We Survived Even That
From The Day I Met You,
My Life Was Forever Changed
From That Day,
You Crept Into My Heart
I Almost Lost You Once, Due To My Own Fears
But The Angels Were Smiling
When They Introduced You To Me
And Brought Us Together
From This Day As From The Start
I Want You To Know, With All That Is Within Me
You Are The Blood That Runs Thru My Veins
You Are The Air That I Breathe
From This Day, My Love, My M
My Beautiful And Sexy Girlfriend
The Love Of My Life,
With This Ring I Am Yours.
May You Always Walk Beside Me,
Not Behind, Nor In Front Of Me
And When Our Bones Grow Old, And Eyesight Fades
Know U Will Always Reach Out And Find Me There
by coyote_za‚ 

Like a mother my little daughter receives

Like A Mother
My Little Daughter
Receives Me On The Door
And When I Am Leaving
And When She Knows
That I Am Not Taking Her Out
She Says Me Good Bye
She So Much Understands Me
And Tries Not To Hurt Me
Some Times
She Kisses My Face
And My Hands
When She Sits On My Legs
And When I Feel Tired
And Chocolates And Toffees
She Demands
Her Little Talk
Like Beauty Transient
Is Becoming History
To Return Only
In Memories Rich
My Little Daughter
She Is Learning
To Be A Mother

Good night my love close your eyes

Good Night My Love, Close Your Eyes And Dream About You And Me.
If 2morow You See Me No More, Just Remember How I Love N Need You So Much,
You R Always Be My Angel. And If 2morow You Touch Me No More,
Just Remember That My Soul Will Be There When U Need Me,
And Besides U When U Were Fall 2 Sleep.

Fear is a cage where you8217re locked

Fear Is A Cage Where You’re Locked Up
Faith Is Straight To Freedom
Time To Mend Time Is Yare
And Love Will Will Find In Any Corner In The World
Try Your Your Strength
Move Your Pace
For A Lovely Space In My Heart
Be Straight
Truth Is My Best Way
What You Just Rhyme
Honesty Pays

You don8217t understand me and probably never

You Don’t Understand Me And You Probably Never Will
I Got A Tendency To Self Destruct And A Soft Spot, For The Filth
A Hair Trigger Temperament A Switchblade, For A Tongue
I’m A Walking One Man Genocide With A Black Belt, In Corrupt
Love Me Hate Me
Isolate Me, Everyday That I’m Alive! !
Strait Up Mentally Unstable! !
You Don’t Have To Like My Life!

Is difficult when im consumed by lifes

Is Difficult When I-‘m Consumed
By Life-‘s Preoccupations And
Being Zen Is Something Put Off Until
Later When I Have Time Like Everything
I Don-‘t Seem To Get The Time To Do
And Never Gets Done
Being Mindful In The Moment Is
The Answer But My Mind Seems To
Want To Be Anywhere But
In The Here And Now
So I Must Train My
Inner Voice
To Keep A Running
Exhortation With A Mantra
Be Here Now

Within the bounds of heaven sky lights

Within The Bounds Of Heaven
Within The Sky Of Lights
An Angel Holds Life’s Vigil
Upon The World Each Night
His Eyes Have Seen The Burdens
The Pain And Sadness There
But Joyful Avocations
In God’s Own Reverent Prayer
Looking At His World Below
He Knows That There Is Good
Those Who Seek His Blessings
And Those Misunderstood
Tears Do Fall From Heaven
As Angels Spread Their Wings
Captured In The Joy Of Love
As Mist Of Tears Begins
Feel The Love Fall Down On Us
In Sacred Tears Of Pain
Passing Through An Angel’s Wing
With Love That Still Remains
And So It Goes And It Is Written
That We Have Earned This Day
Brought To You By God Himself
Though Angel’s Brilliant Ray

If you ask me i love you

If You Ask Me If I Love You,
My Answer Is Yes,
If You Ask Me If I Need You,
My Answer Is I Do,
If You Ask Me If I’ll Leave You,
My Answer Is No,
And If You Ask Me If I’ll Hurt You,
My Answer You Already Know,
Never Will I Ever Let You Go.

If I Ask You If You Love Me,
I Know You’d Say Yes,
If I Ask You If You Need Me,
I Know The Answer Is You Do,
If I Ask You If You’d Leave Me,
I Know You’d Tell Me No,
And If I Ask You If You’ll Hurt Me,
The Answer I Already Know,
Never Will You Ever Let Me Go.

Live your life one day a time

Live Your Life One Day A Time
As I Will Do The Same For Mine
Time Goes By
And Would Rather Keep Movin Then Stop To Here You Cry
Enjoy Life And The Laughter It Brings
Love Music Friendship Are Just The Little Things
So Keep Your Head Up And Keep It Moving Or Life Is What You’ll Be Missin
If You Dont Believe Me Go Outside Take A Deep Breath And Just Listen
It Woulnt Let You Down

When the sun fades away and darkness

When The Sun Fades Away
And Darkness Leads The Way
You Look At Me And Smile
All The Fears Have Gone Away By A Mile
I-‘m Afraid This Was Just A Dream And Not Real
I Don-‘t Know Why, Fate Is So Cruel
Here I Lie Brooding Up On Your Thoughts In Solitude
Why Can-‘t You Feel My Love-‘s Sanctitude
As I Have Many Things To Ponder
Silence Just Kills Me, And Its No Wonder
I Try To Forget You To Go On Without, A Strife
And That Is When I Miss You The Most In My Life

Is it all but a dream somebody

Is It All But A Dream?
Somebody Wake Me,
From This,
This Can’t Be Real..
Can It?
You Can’t Be Gone.
It’s Just Not Possible Is It?
What Did I Do To Deserve This?
Please Come Back..
Somebody Wake Me Up..
I Can’t Take It.
I Have No Reason To Be.
Without You.
There’s Just No,

For one second time stood still i

For One Second Time Stood Still For I Am Locked Onto The Gateway Of Your Soul
For One Second The Air Suspends And We Are Both Lifted Off The Ground
For One Second I Hear No Sound Yet Melodies Of Love Enchants Me In Waves
For One Second Words Have No Meaning Yet I Understand Everything
For One Second Everything Is Clear Yet My Eyes Are Closed
For One Second All I Can Dream Of Is One Image Of You
For One Second There Is Magic In The Air Yet We Are Two Ordinary People
For One Second Angels Dance All Around Us Yet We Are Not In Heaven
For One Second I Feel Free Yet Id Never Want To Leave You
For One Second I Feel Alive Yet Id Rather Die Without You
For One Second My Understanding Of My Life Is Only Through You
If I Could Be With You For Just One Second Please Let It Be This Second

Above cities flamed to ashes india mourned

Above Cities Flamed To Ashes
India Mourned The Cries
Of Several Lives.
Bloodshed Everywhere,
Children Lost Their Father
Many Innocent Lives
Shattered Into Small Particles…Sad7
Even As Death Tool Shot Up
People Looked For Theri Dear Ones
Heavy Rains Washed
Blood Stains
But What About Scars
On Hearts
That Till Now Have Not Regained?
Nation Losing Control
Terrorism Consuming Lives
Who Are Behind These?
Why This Cowardice?
No Answer For
Common People
Everything Happening
Behind The Scene
Let Us Unite To Kill
The Devil “Terrorism”
And Shower Flowers
Of Peace Everywhere Like Mother Teresa
To Bring Back Smiles
On Crying Faces.

Although one may often wish to forget

Although One May Often Wish,
To Forget Their Past Mistakes-Â…
To Leave Behind Their Hardships,
No Matter What-‘s At Stake -—
To Ignore The Lessons,
That They-‘ve Learned Over The Years-Â…
Just To Disregard Their Heartaches,
Their Pains, Trials, And Tears -—
I-‘ve Come To Know, That I Cannot,
Regret The Life That I Have Led-Â…
I Cannot Be Apologetic,
For The Things I-‘ve Done Or Said -—
I Cannot Live A Life Of Anger,
For The Sufferings I-‘ve Faced-Â…
Or Think That Tears I Have Shed,
Should Ever Be Replaced -—
The Moments Of Which I Faltered,
Or Made The Wrong Choice-Â…
The Times That I Needed To Stand Up,
But I Seemed To Lose My Voice -—
Along With The Days That I Stood Strong,
And Lived Up To My Potential-Â…
All Joined Together To Form A Road,
That Each Soul Finds Essential -—
For Each Step That I Took Along,
The Life That I-‘ve Been Through-Â…
Became Just One Step Closer
-Â…to Finding You.

An elixir of life so thick and

An Elixir Of Life So Thick And Red,
So Dark A Colour A Flower Named After
Each Drop As Precious As Life,
Each Cell A Giver Of Life Flowing All Over,
Like A River Through A Meadow,
Refreshing All Things In The Pathway Forward…
Carrier Of Life Disposal Of Bad,
Protector Of Living And The Usher Of Life
So My Friend Know How Precious You Are,
For Carrying Along The Elixir Divine,
Waste It Not And Care Or It,
For Once It Is Gone So Are You

Do you long for my warmth when

Do You Long For My Warmth
When Her Coldness Cuts You Dead?
Do You Yearn My Fleshy Folds
Do You Imagine Me Instead?
Do You Crave My Understanding
When She’s Lashed You, Done You Wrong?
Can You Smell My Musty Loving
Does It Permeate Your Tongue?
Do You See My Face In Places
We Could Be, If Not For Them?
Do You Ever Wish Like I Do
We Were Together Once Again

In my eyes you will see what

In My Eyes You Will See What I Saw
Look In Deeper And Find Ive Seen It All
Swear Your Heart To Fall Under My Law
Promise Me You Wont Make Me Fall
As You Say But If Its True
Then Why Is It That I Melt For You
You Told All Them How Strong I Am
Then You Touch Me And I Cannot Stand
Inebriate Me With Your Whatevers
This Might Be The Devils Intent
Love With You Is So Important
I Wanna Do It Till The End Of Forevers
Hey Lets Do Life Together
Just Let Me Love You Forever

Break my nose bruise eye the heart

Break My Nose, Bruise My Eye
Break The Heart I Hold Inside
Beat Me Down, Tell Me I-‘m Wrong
Pull My Hair, Drag Me Along

Knock Me Down When I Stand Up
Hit Me, Hurt Me, So You Feel Tough
Do These Things, It Makes Me Stronger
Slap My Face, Just A Little Longer
Cut Me, Burn Me, Push Me Around
One Day You-‘ll See Me Get Off The Ground
When I Stand Up How Much Taller I-‘ll Be
So Go Ahead And Do These Things To Me
Choke Me, Throw Me, And Make Yourself Feel Big
Your Still Not A Man, So Go Ahead You Pig
Lie To Me, Hurt Me, And Tell Me You Love Me
Though It-‘s Not True I-‘ll Begin To Be Free
You See, All Of This You Do
Only Makes Me Hard
And One Day
I-‘ll Be As Big As You Think You Are
So Go On And Bust My Lip
As I Wait For That Day To Arrive
I Know I Will Stand As Tall As You
And I Will Show You Up For Size

Its late at night and i cant

It-‘s Late At Night And I Can-‘t Fall Asleep
I-‘m Thinking Of You And How Did We Meet
After Spending Five Year Suffering From Lies And Deceit
You Walked Into My Life To Save Me In A Way So Discreet
I Noticed You From The Moment I Saw Your Eyes
My Heart Urged Me To Talk To You But My Mind Decided Otherwise
Two Years Have Past Since, I Said Goodbye To My Sad Cries
For Now You Know How I Truly Feel About Your Sleepy Eyes

You Wouldn-‘t Believe What It Means To Me To Hear You Say
-ŗi Like You Too And I Hope We Can Continue This Way-
I Then Heard A Melody, In Your Hands I Was Clay
You-‘ve Unfrozen My Heart But It-‘s My Friends Who I Fear To Betray
I Hate Doing Things In Secret I-‘m An Open Book For All
But This Case Is An Exception There Are Too Many Fingers Poking Our Wall
If They Were Few We Could Have Stood Tall
But We Both Know That Their Numbers Will Make Us Fall
I Don-‘t Have The Luxuries That Other Guys Have And Own
All I Have To Give Is My Puny Heart And A Future So Unknown
You Deserve To Be Happy And Have The Fanciest Cologne
I Can-‘t Give You What I Don-‘t Have I Know It-‘s Not Shown
You Once Told Me That The Ball Is In My Court
That I-‘m The One To Decide Whether To Take The Risk Or Abort
But Now That You Know My Problem, The Decision-‘s For You To Report
I Know We Can Be Happy, But I Have To Know If I Have Your Support

U tuk d hammer 2 walls dragged

u tuk d hammer 2 d walls..
dragged d memories down de hall..
packed ur bag n walk away..
thr ws nth i cud say..
n wen u closed d front door shut..
alot ov odaz opened up..
so my eyes n i cud c..
u were neva d best 4 me..

Way back in a holler deep the

Way Back In A Holler Deep In The Wood
Is A Special Place Where A Home Once Stood
You Can Still See Some Of Its Featrues
And Even A Few Wild Creatures
It Stands By A Creek
Where The Water Runs Meek
Its A Romantic Scene
A Place Thats Very Serene
Once Could Get Totally Lost In This Place
And Taken Away In Time And Space
It Is Magical And Unique
Down By The Creek

My eyes focused on the giant dark

My Eyes Focused On The Giant Dark Figure
Who Seemed To Be Stretching Towards Me
Horrified At The Creature, I Moved Away
But, It Only Just Moved Closer And Closer,
Until It Had Me In Its Trap
The Figure Slipped Out Of His Robe,
And I Saw The Most Beautiful Face
With The Perfect Cheeks, Lips, Eyes
And What Else, Not So Intimidating
Breathing A Sigh Of Relief, I Smiled
And Asked, -ŗwho Are You?-
The Creature Smiled And Said,
-ŗsomeone Who Will Never Leave You-
I Laughed, -Å—that-‘s Impossible-
It Had To Be-Â…no One Had Ever Been There
No Friendship Was True, Love Was A Lie,
Nothing But A Vulture Waiting For Its Prey
Oh But It Is Possible,
Let Me Take Your Hand And Lead You Through
Let Me Take Your Hand And Show You Happiness-
Aah, Such A Beautiful Face It Was,
And I Couldn-‘t Help But Hold Out My Hand
The Creature Grasped It With Such A Force
That My Breath Was Knocked At Me
As I Hurled Forward Towards The Black Robe
-ŗw-Who Are You Again?- I Asked, Afraid
The Face Laughed, -ŗyour Death Of Course-
And Death Lashed Out Its Murderous Weapon,
Causing My Breath To Stop, And My Throat To Close Up
It Was The Worst Feeling, I Couldn-‘t Breathe
And My Lungs Needed Some Air To Be Free
I Coughed And Spit, Failing To Get Oxygen
And Then, A Calm Feeling Overtook Me,
As A Salty Substance Trickled Down My Mouth,
And I Closed My Eyes, Becoming Tranquilized
The Angel Of Death Laughed Again
As It Watched The Girl-‘s Soul Lift Out Her Body
The Spirit Turned Towards The Angel And Said
-Å—promise You Won-‘t Leave Me?-
And The Angel, -Å—of Course Not,
You And I Will Always Be Together-

Those wishy washy wusses don8217t impress limped

Those wishy washy wusses don’t impress.
Limped wrists wimps…
With nothing more than their pretentions,
To address.
Double talkers who aren’t direct.
And using gossip to connect,
As an attempt to express…
Opinions to abuse but amuse few,
Who refuse to show any interest!
The only thing they can leave,
When descending away from doorsteps…
To relieve,
After insulting guests.
Is a resignation,
From choosing to live lives like that…
Not too many can stomach, digest or respect.
And say so behind their shallowed backs!
Lawrence S. Pertillar

Salty tears welled up in my thirsty

Salty Tears Welled Up In My Thirsty Blue Telescopes,
But They Did Not Give In To The Air-‘s Temptations
I Hid Myself From A Near Explosion
The Blackened Circles Met As A Quartet Of Trumpets Scream Dirty Jazz Rhythm
Much Conversation Seems To Happen Without Words
As If Some Thread Or Sorts Kept Me From Breathing
Without Names And Constricted My Speech Into Sudden Mumbles
Rattling Through A Funnel And Into Your Ears
Dropping Off Feelings Of Humiliation From Myself
You’re Arrogant Yet Indifferent Tone Sets Some Invisible Superiority Cloak Over My Arms, Not Allowing Me To Reach You
But They Try To Grasp Your Shoulders And Hold On
Never Letting Go
Hanging Like Death
This Inhibition Feels Like One Would Feel Watching Children Drown
We Both Sigh Simultaneously
Incessantly With A Mask Over Our Tongues
Hiding What They Want To Crack Open And Pour Like Yolk
We Share Several Jeers
Putting A Cloak On People We Wish Would Sleep Away Into The Tack Plaid They So Righteously Don
But We Only Wish To Unveil Our Tongues And Unleash Our Feelings
Like Bats From A Cave
Chaotically Dancing Through Our Minds
And Taking A Rest Inside Our Hearts
Sleeping For A While
They Inebriate Our Bodies Into A Complete Satisfaction Of Self
Flowing Through Our Veins And Pumping Through Arteries Until They Meet In Our Hands
Together, Twenty Sisters And Brothers Unite To Reside Here Forever
Or At Least Until Someone Emerges From The Fabric
And You Are Left To Fabricate
But Once The Emergee Has Lost His Flavor
You Again Dial And Confide Your Ennui To Me
And Of Course, I Relent
Love Is Patient, Yes,
But When The Well Droughts,
All Virtues Are Lost,
And Will Relent No More

I know things happened that you could

I Know Things Happened That You Could Never Forget
I Know There Are Some Memories That Still Make You Sad
But Try To Remember All The Great Marines You Met
Try To Remember The Good Times, Not The Bad
I Will Stand Beside Of You
And Be There When The Tears Are Shed
I Will Stay All The Way Through
Even Til Our Eyes Are Red
You Have Sacraficed You Life For Us
And Asked Nothing In Return
It All Started That Day You Got On The Bus
For ‘United States Marine’ Is The Title You Wanted To Earn
I Was Not There Then
But I Am Here Now
I Will Stay Here Til The End
Though Some People Wonder Why Or How
They Wonder How Someone Could Be With A Marine
And Knowing What They Do
They Remind Me Of What A Distance It Would Be
And How Long I Would Go Without Seeing You
I Tell Them I Support You In Everything You Do
And That The Distance Might Be Great
But I Would Not Go A Day Without Seeing You
And That Our Love Was Pure Fate
For If You Were To Leave
I Would Still See You Everyday
When I Look At A Sign That Says ‘World Peace’
Your Face Will Be There To Stay
When I See A ‘Support Our Troops’ Magnet
I Also See Your Face
No Matter What Ever Happens
Right Next To You Will Always Be My Place

Life is a river travell with confidence

Life Is A River, Travell With Confidence
Sides Are The Pleasures And Wavea Are The Pains
Whenever It Goes Wrong And Start To Stagger
Handle It Bravely And Be Nervous Never
When Trouble Detain Your Way And Come Upon Your Head
Crush Away Them Hard And Bravely Go Ahead
Moutain Is Achievment And Sky Is The Aim
Never Cry On Fate And Never Do It Blame
When U Will See That Brim Is Very Near
Fear Will Be Strength And Happiness Will Be Tear
Life Is A Challenge But Life Is A Boon
Get The Right Way And You Will Win It Soon
Im Still Waiting For That Day

When i cry no one seems to

When I Cry, No One Seems To Hear Me Cry,
Or Is It Just What I Think?
When I Cry Tears Don-‘t Come From My Eyes, But From My Heart.
My Tears Sting And Bring Soo Much Pain To Me,
But Bring Joy And Happiness To Others.
When I Cry, I Cry No One Comforts Me.
I-‘ve Been Crying Ever Since My Heart Started Beating.
Who Would Comfort A Crying Heart For That Long?
I Guess The World Is Moving Too Fast To Care For A Crying Heart.
Life Its Self Is In A Hurry To Hear Me Cry.
When I Cry, My Heart Draws The Pain And Sorrow Inside Of Me.
Some Just Take A Fresh Breath In The Wind To Feel Free And At Peace,
My Heart Cries, Who Can Do That For Me?
Crying Is All I Do, Crying Is All My Heart Does.

They never took there eyes off eachother

They Never Took There Eyes Off Eachother
For They Are What We Would Call
Good Hearty Lovers.
Her Name Was Rose, And His Name Was Nick
And She And Him Sometimes Made A Fit.

Of Course They Worked Things Out,
But They Never Got Better.
Fore He Loved Some Other
And She Wasnt Sure About Forever…
So One Day Nick And Rose Broke Up
The Took Different Paths Not Thinking
About Whats Up Or Down Or Left Or Right,
But Then Again They Fell In Love At First Sight
Payton Grace

Long ago sarah was 782178 and one

Long Ago Sarah Was 7’8 And Was One Of The First Friends I Had
And Another Chapter In My Book Of Life
Another Collage In My Collection Of Memories
And With Her Skills She’ll Be Someones Loving Wife
She Started To Get Shorter As The Years Went On
As I Realized She’s Only 5’3
Even Though She Lacks In Height She Makes Up In Heart
Cause She Can Fit All Of Her Friends And Even Me
She Began To Grow But She Still Was Getting Shorter
I Grew But She Grew To 5’4 As Time Went By
She Began To Lose Self Confindence
Calling Herself Ugly Though We All Know That’s A Lie
She Stopped Growing But I Still Do Unfortunately
As Now She’s The Same Height And I’m 6’2
Although She Never Grew In Size In Spirit She Increased
5’4 Sarah One Of The Only Friends I Can Call True
Corey Threet

How can i put into words what

How Can I Put Into Words What My Heart Feels Today
I Can Only Try To Say…But Not Before I Start To Cry.
I Cry For The Times I Have Given Up -Our Lunch Times And Chats With You.

Our Years Of A Friendship That Now Is Going To Be Amiss
Of That Bliss Is What I Will Really Miss
Goodbyes Are Hard Yet Just Writting This Note
To You Is Killing Me.
Yet I Refuse To Leave Today With Tears In My Eyes So Between Us There Will Never Be Goodbyes-No Tears For My Eyes.
See You In My Thoughts This Is No Lie.
I Love You My Friend Christelle And I Need To Thank You For Standing By Me
When I Know It Was Difficult To..
I Am Blessed To Have Had You For So Long
Stay Blessed My Friend.

I never came here looking for a

I Never Came Here Looking For A Single Soul.
But Now That I Found You I Want You To Know
I Had Forgotten How To Smile How To Laugh How To Be Me
I Had Forgotten The Sweet Pleasure Of A Heart Filled With Glee.
I Was Intoxicated With Life Work And Family
Never Stopping For Fun It Just Wasn’t There You See.
Since I Have Found You It’s Been A Complete Turn Around
I Smile And Laugh Again Not Much Gets Me Down.
I Get Excited When I See You On Yahoo
Wondering What It Is Today We Will Do
Chatting, Laughing And The Games We Play
You Make My Every Day.
It Seems So Silly On Just A Machine
How Someone Can Reach You Become Your Everything.

When it rains pours and you are

When It Rains It Pours
And When It Pours
And You Are Caught
Without An Umbrella
When There Is No
Shade To Hide
No Place To Go

Why Not Stand Still
And Let The Rain
Pour And Pour And
Tell Yourself
The Rain Tastes Good
The Rain Smells Good
The Rain Feels Good
And Perhaps, Life
Will Not Be That Miserable
Antonio Liao

Im sure youll get your brothers faithful

I-‘m Sure You-‘ll Get Your Brother-‘s Faithful Wife,
At The End Of Unimpeded Journeyed- Course
Safe And Alive Over There, Though Weak And Sad,
Engaged Wholly In Counting The Rest Of The Days
Left Yet To Be Suffered By Her Till Our Next Union,
Under This Curse Of Pining Forced-Separation
Quite Often, In The Hope Of Expected Reunion,
Such Ladies Keep Their Life-Knots Tied Intact
And, They Sustain Such Separations Alright,
Even Though, Their Love-Filled Flower-Like Hearts Are Prone
To Collapse Instantly Being Tender An-‘ Fragile!

My dear friend you8217re more than just

My Dear Friend
You’re More Than Just A Friend
My Whole Life I’ve Never Had Someone Like You
You Came Into My Life When I Was Almost Giving Up
Through Your Eyes I Saw A Different Life
You Reminded Me Always Of The Good Things In Life
Your Friendship Has Been A Great Treasure
I Will Never Be Able To Repay You
What You’ve Given Me Is Beyond Any Price
Words Will Never Express My Gratitude
You’ve Always Been My Dear Friend
You Are My Dear Friend
And You Remain My Dear Friend

We all have our problems buried deep

We All Have Our Problems
Buried Deep Inside
All Those Many Scars And Cuts
Kept Locked Inside Our Minds
When These Many Problems
Build Up To The Peak
We Start To Scream And Cry
So That We Can Hardly Speak
When This Outbreak Happens
We All Need A Friend
A Comfy Shoulder To Cry On
With Tears That Never End
We Need A Friend Of Compassion
One Who Will Never Fail
To Listen To Our Problems
And To Help Us To Prevail
Help Us To Win Through,
Through Everything We Need
Always Ready To Guide
When We Need To Succeed
So, My Friend Of Sorrow
And Never Ending Tears,
If You Need A Friend
My Shoulder Is Always Here
I Hope That With My Promise
To Never Leave Your Side
Your Shoulder Will Be Ready
When My Problems Make Me Cry

With the words it was so simple

With The Words It Was So Simple
With The Talking It Made Me Want
With The Meeting It Felt So Right
With The Holding It Was So Real.
With The Kisses My Curiosity Grew
To Wonder If The Touch From You
Would Feel As Great As I Wanted It Too.

With The Days Time Will Pass
When I Hold You Will You See
What The Time Apart From You
Has Done To Me?

Love dont ask who r you only

Love Dont Ask:- Who R You?
Love Only Says:- You R Mine
Love Dont Ask:- Where Do You Live?
Love Only Says:- You Live In My Heart
Love Dont Ask:- What Do You Do?
Love Only Says:- You Make My Heart To Beat
Love Dont Ask:- Why R You Far Away?
Love Only Says:- You R Always With Me
Love Dont Ask:- Do You Love Me?
Love Only Says:- I Love You

When a sunset bids adieu upon the

When A Sunset Bids Adieu
Upon The Ocean Blue
Its Sharing Precious Time
Which I Always Value

Viewing The Stars Together
Each Brought A Glow
Sharing The Moonlit Night
Time Seems To Slow
On The Sand We Embraced
Beneath Stars Above
Sharing In Nights Like This
Are The Times I Love
With The Stars To Wish Upon
The Moonlight Gleams
As We Share The Pleasure
By Capturing Dreams
With The Moonlight Shining
On A Glistening Ocean
Our Hearts Share The Glow
With Loving Devotion
by Hope‚ 

Lets not torture ourselves any more were

Let-‘s Not Torture Ourselves, Any More
We-‘re Our Own Jailers! Our Own Prey
We-‘re Getting Paler Every-Day
Are Not We Working-Out At Things?
There Is, One Way; An-‘ The Only Way
Let-‘s Not Torture Ourselves, Any More
It Would Have Been Good; If You Wept?
And Then, On Some One’s Bosom Slept?
I Was By Your Side, Expecting
I Might Be -Ë—one-‘, That Got Enrapt?
But No! I Was Not The Choicest -Ë—one-‘
Sat Shut! And, Pined Right To My Core
Let-‘s Not Torture Ourselves, Any More
Next Morning Too, I Found You Sad
Your Lips Were Clouded, Not Brick-Red
Your Child-Like Face, Wore Smoky Shades
I Felt, Some Luster, You Have Shed?
Some-Thing Pined Me: Some-Where, Deep-In
But, I Could Not Use, Self-‘s Sure Cure
Let-‘s Not Torture Ourselves, Any More
Then, Time Passed By: And, Came Day Third
There Was Some Change!‚  And, I Was Heard
We Sat, Quite Near-By, Hand-In-Hand
We Ate At Length; And, Drank Our Curd
New Dawn Knocks Now At Door, For Us
We Might Gain Back, What-‘s Lost Before
Let-‘s Not Torture Ourselves, Any More

I sat drinking black coffee alone in

I Sat Drinking Black Coffee Alone In The CafƒÂ©
I Noticed Her Instantly As She Entered
Powerless My Eyes, Like Magnets Were Drawn
Towards The Striking Young Woman-‘s Beauty, Her Hair
Black As A Raven-‘s Wing Caressed The Dark
Skin Of Her Shoulders, Its Dark Lustre Framed
The Simple Beauty Of Her Face, Which I Studied.
Firstly Her Full Moist Lipped Smile, The Delicate
Curve Of Her Nose And Finally The Depth Of Her
Dark Brown Eyes, She Looked Back At Me Holding
My Gaze, As If Reading My Thoughts And Touching My Soul.
My Eyes Wandered The Soft Brown Nakedness
Of Her Neck And Shoulders Until Reaching
Her Bountiful Breasts Where White Lace Fringed
Their Fullness, Her Smile Broadened And Her
Cheeks Flushed As If She Could Feel The Stirring Of
My Loins, She Turned Away And I Continued My
Journey, The Cloth Of Her Trousers Fitted Her
Firm Buttocks Like A Second Skin Hugging
Her Contours As I Wanted To. As She Sat Down
Opposite Me My Gaze Once More Returned
To The Plumpness Of Her Fine Young Breasts As They
Rearranged Themselves Within Their Lacy
Confines. Then Our Eyes Met Again And She
Smiled Knowing My Thoughts And Revelling In
Them. She Paused And Opened Her Bag And
Took Out A Cigarette And Holding It
In Her Slender Fingers For A Moment
Before Placing It Between Her Moist Lips
Envying Its Intimacy As I Lit It
I Bought Her Coffee And We Talked And Laughed
Drank More Coffee Talked And Laughed Some More
Although Her Fine Young Body Gave Rise To Sighs
I Was Held Captive By Her Spanish Eyes

See mary lou again across crowded dance

See Mary Lou Again,
Across Crowded Dance Floor,
With Another;
With Those Nimble Fingers,
Just Like I Remember.
Now Kissing Him,
Must Be Warm Wet Kisses;
Those Wild Wanting Lips,
Sending Electric Like Currents,
Down The Man’s Spinal Column,
Not Unlike The Millions She Gave Me,
That Wintry Day Last December,
On Carpeted Floor,
Where We First Made Love,
After I Struggled In Vain To Unpack,
Following The Long Flight Around The World.
Pour Me Another Vodka,
2 Ice Cubes Please,
Yes Shaken Not Stirred,
For Tonight,
I See Blood On The Dance Floor,
Yes, Tonight;
I Got A License To Kill.

You are there i am here such

You Are There
I Am Here,
Such A Distance
I Can-‘t Bear.
I Love You
You Do Not,
How Can Survive
Such A Shot!
You Have Thirst
I Have River,
We Can Stay
Close Forever.

I can love you like no one

I Can Love You Like No One Can,
I Can Be Your Superman,
Just Take My Hand Let’s Fly Away,
I Promise I’ll Be There Everyday,
Just Close Your Eyes Let’s Start To Fly,
I’m Gonna Love You Until I Die,
Until The Day Of My Death To My Very Last Breath,
I’m Gonna Love You When No Ones Left.
By Toras

Lagta hain tu meri amaanat banke aayi

Lagta Hain Tu Meri Amaanat Banke Aayi Hain Zameen Par,
Tera Roop Ek Sunehra Sapna Aur Badan Chandni Raat,
Teri Aankhon Se Subaah Aur Shaam Katorein Amrit Ke Peeyunga,
Tere Hontho Ke Chalakte Jaam Se Jeeyunga,
Tere Haatho Ke Choomke Teri Maang Taroon Se Sajaawunga,
Bin Tere Meri Zindagi Hain Adhoori Si, Tu Meri Dhadkan Hi Nahi, Roshni Bhi Hain Palko Ki

Young knight is weary battle scarred and

Young Knight Is Weary, Battle Scarred
And Needs Somewhere To Pitch His Camp,
But Stops Because He Hears A Sound,
And Through The Trees He Spies A Lamp.
He Draws His Long Sword And Dismounts
Advancing T’ward The Yellow Glow
And, Crouching Low Behind A Rock
Recognises Dreaded Foe.
The Light Is Not A Lamp At All,
But A Dragon’s Fiery Breath
Escaping From Its Cavern Lair:
Now A Fight Til Death.
The Knight Remounts And Leaves Sword Drawn
And Spurs His Horse On To The Cave.
The Dragon Hears, Advances Too
To Meet Headlong The Charging Brave.
With Mighty Roar, The Beast Lets Fly
With Flames That Blister Flesh And Shield,
The Man Gets In A Glancing Blow
Determined Not To Yield.
He Turns His Steed And Gallops On,
The Dragon Flames More Gold And Red,
The Knight Is Caught Full Force And Falls,
But, Rising Sees His Horse Is Dead.
A Fury Wells Up Deep Inside:
The Battle Now Is Personal.
Sir Knight Runs Under Wing And Claw
And Moves In Close To Strike The Kill.
He Thrusts His Sword Into Its Neck
And Backs Off To Avoid The Blood,
The Dragon Gives A Strangled Scream
And Topples Dying In The Mud.
The Path Is Clear, It Lies Extinct,
Its Breath Is Gone, Its Eyes Are Wide.
Wounded, Spent The Man Walks Back
And Takes His Things From Charger’s Side,
Secures His Weapons, Pack And Shield
Ignoring Burns And Inside Pain.
A Welcome Drizzle Starts To Fall.
He Continues In The Rain

I reach out to touch you but

I Reach Out To Touch You But You Aren-‘t There,
Your Pillow Is So Very Cold.
The Dinner I Made Sits Waiting For You,
Soon It Will Be Covered With Mold.
I Toss And Turn At Night Hoping You-‘re Safe,
It-‘s Tearing Me Apart.
I Wake At Night In A Sweat So Cold,
And An Aching In My Heart.
You Never Said There Was Something Wrong,
Now All Of A Sudden You-‘ve Left.
When I Swore That I-‘d Love You With All Of My Heart,
With My Soul And My Very Last Breath.
Even Though I Don-‘t Understand You,
I Could Never Turn My Back On My Baby;
For A Promise Made Is A Promise Kept,
And Only Loving You Can Save Me.
Someday You-‘ll Awaken To The Realness Of Life,
You-‘ll Understand That You Were So Wrong,
You-‘ll Realize The One You Need In Your Life
Has Been In Front Of You All Along

Love is the greatest feeling like a

Love Is The Greatest Feeling,
Love Is Like A Play,
Love Is What I Feel For You,
Each And Every Day,
Love Is Like A Smile,
Love Is Like A Song,
Love Is A Great Emotion,
That Keeps Us Going Strong,
I Love You With My Heart,
My Body And My Soul,
I Love The Way I Keep Loving,
Like A Love I Can-Ë—t Control,
So Remember When Your Eyes Meet Mine,
I Love You With All My Heart,
And I Have Poured My Entire Soul Into You,
Right From The Very Start.

Love dont ask who are you

Love Dont Ask ” Who Are You
Love Only Says ” You Are Mine
Love Dont Ask ” Where Are You From
Love Only Says ” You Lives In My Heart
Love Dont Ask ” What Do You Do
Love Only Says ” You Make My Heart To Beat
Love Dont Ask ” Why Are You Faraway
Love Only Says ” You Are Always With Me
Love Dont Ask ” Do You Love Me
Love Only Says ” I Love You

Life with out my one and only

Life with out my one and only,
Is like life with out color,
Life with out one and truely,
Is like life with out sunlight,
Life with out my woman,
Is like life with out living.
Taylor B. Mark

Every heart whispers you messages for might

Every Heart Whispers You Messages For You Might Hear,
Think Of The Hearts That You Know Of,
Also The Ones That Are Yours,
Let It Beat Loudly As For They Might See,
For The One Only For You Will Make It Bleed,
This Love Is Not One You See,
It Is What You Spill Out For The Ones You Need,
A Message Rises In Choice,
You Think To Taint It Yous Of Name,
Ringing From Your Heart Its Begins To Noise,

Another Heart Sends A Message Above All Others
Appears At Your Congested Doors,
Sit There As You Open It,
In There You Will Find A A Precious Thing To Keep,
Your Serum For All Your Aches,
Obsess Over It For It Will Admonish All Your Pain,
Wonders Such As This Will Not Veer You Into Peices,
At Its Acme Theres No Such Thing,
Dear Friend This Message Is Yours To Read,
Just Ake Care Of The Diamon You Befall Upon,
For It Will Also Take Care Of You,
Ample In Every Feeling You Would Need,
Defile All Other Messages,
Salvage All The Ones That Declare As Everything Yours,
Throw The Rest Away As Rubble,
And Close Your Kindoms Doors.

I vow to love you more amp

I Vow To Love You More & More
& To Explore The Wonderful
Person With In You, Your Wishes
Wants, Desires & Dreams
Whether They May Be More Or Few
I’ll Be There Besides You
Anytime That You Need Me
Just As I Am Important To Myself
Equally Important For Me You Shall Be
You Are For Me A Beautiful Dream
More Precious Than Gold Or Silver
You Are That Star Of The Sky
Which My Eyes Will Always Behold
I Shall Beautify Your Life
Like Butterflies Do The Flowers
& Make It Colorful As A Rainbow
Whose Radiance Shall Remain Forever
I Shall Wipe Your Tears
Holding You Tight In My Arms
So That No One In This Wicked World
Can Cause You Any Harm
I Shall Never Ask You To Change
Because Your Self-Respect Is
What I Admire, But I’ll
Gladly Change Myself
If Ever So, You Desire
I Shall Grow With You Gradually
But I Promise, To Give You Space To Breathe
& In The Process Make My Life Purer
Until It Does Not Carry
Even A Bit Of Filth
I’ll Passionately Love You &
Will Genuinely Care, It Is Not
Just Joys, But Your Blues Too
That I’ll Love To Share
You’ve Taught Me What Is To Believe
And Have Faith; On These Grounds
I Make A Promise Strong That With
Our Love, Nothing Will Ever Go Wrong

Poison to the very core of your

Poison To The Very Core Of Your Soul
Eric, You Must Know By Now That I Will Never Return Your Twisted Love
There’s Nothing You Can Do Now Or Ever To Change That
Evan, Your Best Friend And Brother Is The Only Man For Me
Ramble On Furiously About That Shocking Truth If You Wish
Swearing And Screaming At Us For What You See As A Forbidden Betrayal Will Do You No Good At All
Only Want To Be Happy
Never Meant To Hurt You, I Swear
So Sorry If We Have

Sulking like a wronged child i sit

Sulking Like A Wronged Child I Sit In A Pool Of My Own Blood.
I Hadn-‘t Heard The Words That Were Being Spoken On
The Radio Before. An Afternoon Play To See Out These Hours, Interminable To The Last
These Metronome Voices And This
Guillotine Script Would Quicker Kill Those Weaker,
Then Me.
The Room I-‘m In Is Painted Orange; A Picture Of A Toad In A
Bright Red Waistcoat Hangs Apt Over The Bed.
The Bed Is Tartan Blanketed, The Type Under Which Pensioners
Legs Nestle.
My Whole Body Is Chocked With Ice Cubes And As The
Trickles Tickle And Ease The Smart Of My Last Untimely
Scourge -— Neat Binary Openings -— The Most Beautiful Of
Suicides -—
I Clock That I Can-‘t Hear Out Of My Left Ear.
Earth, I Think It Is In There, Or Big Burst Vessels,
I Vaguely Picture As A Result Of Retching Up A Pint Of Vodka,
Rather Than The Slow Collapse Of Senses
I Always Took For Granted.
My Eyes Feel Like Gobstoppers That Are Being Sucked
So Hard The Mouth Around Them Must Be Raw With Love.
The Curtains In Here Are Blue With Dirty White Roses Interwoven;
They Look Like Matted Hair. This Carpet, This Carpet Needs
Scrubbing Of Its Colours, Yellow, Pink And Purple Swirls On A
Slab Of Marble Grey. I Remember When I Was Little,
I Broke A Bottle Of Milk Onto The Hallway Carpet At Home,
That Carpet Was Green, And As The Milk Soaked In,
I Thought It Must Have Always Been Sour, The Colour It Was,
Greenish Cream. Sitting Here In This Lodge,
I Know The Truth Of It,
And Here-‘s My Blood, Here, And That I-‘m Now More Than
Halfway To My Mum.

Public paid for publicity earn by both

Public Paid For Publicity
Publicity Earn By Public
Both Run By Each Other
And Not Thinking Of Nature-‘s Order
Mind And Heart Both Thinks Different
Either It Is Good Or Bad
We Cannot Stop Our Excitement
Publicity Thinking Of Agreement
Going And Feeling Disappoint
We Have To Now Come To That Point
Harming Is Its Hobby
And Our Hobby To Harm Ourself

From the tops of pink mountains down

From The Tops Of Pink Mountains
Down Flow The Pure Cherry Streams
On The Flower Beds Of Valleys
Lay Intimacy In Dreams
From The Love Birds Chirp
Their Feathers Across The Sky
To The Wings On A Kiss
That Hover Past Your Eyes
From The Wind Of Murmurs
Caressing Your Pefrect Curves
To The Soft Song Of Crickets
Soothing Your Tight Nerves
From Mystic Lights
In A Galaxy So Far,
To The Brilliance Of You,
Outlined By A North Star,
From The Sweet Drops Of Sweat,
Tickling Down Your Spine,
To The Sprinkle Of Your Heart,
When Your Lover Says “Your Mine”,
To A Place Of Tender Care,
Beauty Represented By Doves,
Follow Me To A Beautiful Place,
A Place We Call, Love

I look at you your smile so

I look at you
Your smile so enticing
Drawing me closer.
I hear you speak
Your voice so enchanting
Ringing through my head.
I talk to you
Your eyes light with wonder
Reflecting my thoughts.
I feel your touch
Its soft, sweet warmth
Soothing my anxieties.
I listen to your question
Embarrassed by your words
My cheeks turn crimson.
I look at your face
Filled with wonder
My mind turns over.
The ideas are weighed
I don’t know what to do
by secondhand

Being with you feels like my life

Being With You Feels Like My
Life Has Just Begun
Our Hearts Seem To Beat As One
I Want To Share With You
And I Want To Take Future Steps With You
There Is Only You In My Life
You Are My Friend,
My Lover,My Future.
The Magic In Yours Eyes
I’ll Never Be The Same
Iam So Glad I Found You
You Are My Love,
My Lover,My Comfort,
My Strength My Need My Friend
And My Passioni Love You Respect You,
Want You,Lust You Treasure You,
Miss You, But Above All,I Believe In You.

While i was returning trying to feel

While I Was Returning
I Was Trying To Feel Like A King
You Know..Proud Benevolent Immense And So On
Trying Trying Trying
So Hard I Tried
But All In Vain, Awaiting Rain
Sort Of Tired And Lost.
As I Knew
I Must Feel Like One…
Kind Of Slouched Was I
My Shoulders Drooped
Yet I Hoped..
When I Reached The Station
I Sat There Awaiting Home
I Sat So Slouched
I Only Hoped…And Hoped
Yellow Blue And Red
And Then It Came
And I Bent
As I Knew
How It Felt
My Humble God
With Peaceful Cross

Palindromes and paramours walk back forth in

Palindromes And Paramours Walk Back
And Forth In The Night,
Tell Each Other Secrets, Kiss:
Floods Of Bicycles Suddenly Speed By Like
Schools Of Wheeled Fish:
They Are Having A Race, Slick Like
A Dream, Ready As A Coffin:
Two Girls Say They Should No Longer Make
Love, Even Though They Are Ready.
Underneath The Palms They Fail,
And That Is Where They Are Still…. Making Love.
Though, My Children Are Behind A
Red Aquarium, Sleeping On The Couch-
I Haven-‘t Touched Them Since Their Mother
Turned Into An Eel And Swam Wisely In Our
Bedroom With Another Man:
Now Their Fingerprints Glow Forensically On
The Inside Of My Skull.
There Is A Serial Killer In California Who Is
Seven Foot Tall,
And Today I Am Drunk And Out Of Work,
And Sleeping Under An Overpass Where The Cars
Proceed Like Vaporous Waves,
Commuters From High School Laugh Toothily
In The Air-Condition And Fart Self-Consciously:
Outside The Park, There Are Tools In The Work Shed,
And Games To Play Till Dark,
And The Pet Rabbit Sleeps In The Owl-‘s Lap,
Who Is Well-Sated And Cheerful, And All
Around Us They Are Singing Of Peace, All The
Women Are Beautiful, All The Children Blonde-
There Is No Reason To Be Fearful,
And Its Time To Move On

Ah the mystery of love does it

Ah, The Mystery Of Love.
Does It Really Have A Beginning,
Or Just An End?
Our Souls Search For The Depth,
The Wisdom Of This Treasure.
Where Does The Answer Lie?
The Journey Can Be So Hard.
Sweet And Gentle
Or Sad, Bitter Tears May Flow.
At First, So Sweet, So Tender.
Joy, Laughter, Gentle, Soft Kisses.
Then, The Longing, The Ache Of Sadness.
The Loneliness, Even When Together.
What Lost Illusion, To End With A Conclusion.
The Answer Sleeps With The Question.
Just What Is The Mystery Of Love?
Lips On Lips, Skin On Skin.
Senses Quickening Our Minds Alive.
Then, The Void Of Emptyness.
Alone, Once Again

Spiritual desires are fine but there is

Spiritual Desires Are Fine
But There Is A Line
The Line That Can And Must Be Crossed
Into A Path Of Reality
And Not Of Malady
A Body Is A Unit Of Theocracy
And Spirituality Can Be Hypocrisy
If Not Respected.

The Path Of Desire Is Not Necessarily
The Roman Empire
But…There Is Nothing Wrong With Passion
It Is What Great Men Have Fought Wars Over
And The Only Thing That Ever Made Them Worthwhile.

You8217re more than a friend i felt

You’re More Than A Friend
I Felt It From The Start
Something Gripped Inside Me
And Wrapped Around My Heart
I Can’t Explain What Happened
Nor Do I Care To Try
Should I Act Upon My Urge
Or Do I Let It Pass By?
I Try Not To Analyze
What Fate Has In Store
Although I Have My Wishes
For What’s Behind The Door
Maybe I’m A Fool
For Beleiving What I Feel
It Could Be Just “A Thing”
But Yet It Seems So Real
As Long Days Pass Me By
Time Will Only Tell
If You And I Are Meant To Be
Fate Will Wish Us Well
So As I Wait For Answers
Your Friend I Will Always Be
Loving You From A Distance
As You’re A Friend To Me

Ways in life reach numerous places some

Ways In Life,
Reach Numerous Places,
Some Are Pleasant,
Some Are Harsh…
Path To Your Left,
Path To Your Right,
Path To Your Front,
And Path On Your Back…
So Many To Decide,
So Many To Go,
Some May Be Straight,
And Some A Bit Crooked,
Some A Bit High,
And Some A Bit Low…
So My Friend,
Make Your Choice,
Coz The Path You Choose,
Makes The Destiny Of Your Life…

As i lie in the desert of

As I Lie In The Desert Of Pain
With My Heart Weeping And Eyes Full Of Tears-Â…
There Came A Wind With A Storm
And Withered Away My Hope-Â…
And My Heart Crumbles In To Pieces
And Its No Wonder Your Name Was Written On Them-Â…
I Looked At The Sky Aloft Hoping To Find A Way Out
The Mighty Moon Hides Itself Running Away From Me-Â…
I Wonder Why I-‘m Waiting For The Sky To Deprive Me Of The Pain
With Showers Of Rain Wiping All My Tears-Â…in A Desert!!!

Anger now snapped the pencil as frustration

Anger Now Snapped The Pencil
As Frustration Had Tried, Yet Again, And Again.
Temptation To Abort, Any Further Thought,
Died, In The White Knuckles
Of A Stubborn Clenched Fist.
New Pencils (Only Need Sharpening)
Languished Leaden In A Computer Top, Jar.
A Razor-Like Edge, Now Strokes The Soft Wood,
And Crafts To A Needle Point.
A New Line Of Verse Appears, With Letters
As Wispy As A Spiders Leg.
The Second Line, Stops Halfway.
Broken Pencils And Slithers Of Wood
Now Litter The Promise Of Art
Surely, One Of Them Must Work

Does everything end here after all the

Does everything end here after all the memories we’ve made?
The moments we’ve shared are beginning to fade.
Those sugar-coated words I will always remember,
That once in my life we were together.
Sometimes I remenisce, I can never forget you,
I remember the times you say you love me too.
These tears fall down this still earth as I see you walk away,
I am wrapped in serenity, no words are coming my way.
Will you love me again? Can there be a sequel of our love?
I hope I’ll hear your sweet voice again.
I hold these forlorn hopes as I wait for you,
My love can wait, my heart only beats for you.
by romanceladya‚ 

Trade your desire for fire a journey

Trade Your Desire For Fire
A Journey With Your Daughter
Pepper Your Love With Laughter
Rest Your Eyes At Home

The Sacrifice
Blood And Water Bled
Choice Cup For Sacrifice
Redemption-‘s Nail-Scarred Hands
Price Of Son Living Love
Justice And Delicious Mercy

I want you to kiss me hug

I Want You To Kiss Me
I Want You To Hug Me
I Want You To Cuddle Me
I Want You To Love Me
Its Only You That My Eyes Can See
Its Only You With Whom I Want To Be
Don’t Ever Leave Me, Is My Desperate Plea
I Am A Rusted Lock, You Are My Golden Key.

You 8216re the full moon of my

You ‘Re The Full Moon Of My Nights
And The Sunshine Of My Day.
Like A Queen Upon Her Throne,
You Rule What I Do And Say.
It’s God Who Makes Us Beautiful
And The Devil Who Makes Us Mean.
It All Depends On Whom We Follow
Which Way Our Lives Shall Lean.
With One Foot In The Future
And One Foot In The Past,
Let Us Try To Live Our Days
As Though Each Was Our Last.
You’re The Wild Rose Of My Life,
My Flower Of Desire.
Made By God For Me Alone
Out Of Earth, Stars And Fire

My words perhaps go there where are

My Words Perhaps Go There
Where Are Lost Extinguished Stars-Â…
But In Departing They Let Fall The Dust
Of Invented Smiles My Word
Perhaps Go For Forgotten Roads,
To Look For The Footsteps Of Time-Â…
But They Still Distillate Tears
That Console Ancient Pains-Â…
My Words Perhaps Are Only Lost Images
On The False Calendar Of Life-Â…
Caress My Words With Your Imagination-Â…
If You Want Hold Them Tight To You..
Allow Them To Cross Your Senses-Â…
Perhaps You Can Discover
A New Colour,Or A Perfume
That Your Soul Has Not Yet Tasted