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All the times you hurt me made

All The Times You Hurt Me
All The Times You Made Me Cry
I Thought You Loved Me,
But Know Im Sittin Here Wonderin Why.
What Did I Do To Deserve This?
What Did I Ever Do To You?
I Believed Everything You Said
I Thought It Was All True.
If You Really Loved Me
If You Really Cared Then Why Did You Hurt Me So Much,
And Make Me Feel So Scared.?
You Told Me I Was Everything
And That Would Never Change,
But If That Was The Truth
Then Why Did You Make Me Feel This Way

Day dreaming heads in the sand gee

Day Dreaming Heads In The Sand Day Dreaming Gee
But Its Grand
Im In Love With An Ostrich All The Neighbors
Complain Ya See
But She Loves Me Cant Help It If You Dont
Understand It
Its Fun To Be In Love With An Ostrich And If You
Havnt Tried It Dont Deny
Cause Its So Much Fun To Go Out In The Sun Forget
The Rest Of The World
With Your Head In The Sand
Day Dreaming Heads In The Sand Day Dreaming
Gee But Its Grand
Walking Down The Street With My Ostrich All The
People Stare But I Dont Care What Htey Say
She Never Says A Word Shes An Agreeable
Bird She Takes My Worrys Away
So If You Find Somebody Who Loves You
And Ur Firends Are All Complain There Not
Friends Ne Way
Just Go Out In The Sun Cause Its So Much
Fun Forget The Rest Of The World
Put Your Heads In The Sand
Day Dreaming Heads In The Sand Day Dreaming Gee But Its Grand
Day Dreaming Heads In The Sand Day Dreaming Gee But Its Grand
Day Dreaming Heads In The Sand Day Dreaming Gee But Its Grand
Day Dreaming Heads In The Sand Day Dreaming Gee But Its Grand
Ariah Nelson

The long awaited time has finally come

The Long Awaited Time Has Finally Come
When You And I Will Be As One.
Together We’ll Spend The Rest Of Our Life,
You As My Husband..I As Your Wife.

I Give To You All Of My Heart,
My Love For You Will Never Depart.
Our Love Will Continue To Grow Earch Day,
Becoming More Special Along The Way.
The Long Awaited Time Has Finally Come,
When You And I Will Be As One.
I Dedicate My Life Completely To You,
All That I Am…All That I Do.
Making You Happy Entirely My Goal,
Our Happiness As One Our Major Role.
The Long Awaited Time Has Finally Come,
When You And I Will Be As One.

My heart is broken im hurting inside

My Heart Is Broken Im Hurting Inside,
The Pain Of It All Just Wont Subside.
I Hoped That Somehow I Could Move On,
But It Seems So Impossible Now That He’s Gone.
With Him He Took All My Love, Life, Feelings, And Happiness.
If He Wanted To He Could Return Them With Just One Kiss.
He Says That He Loves Me Of This He Is Sure,
But How Do I Know That His Words Are Really Pure.
Thinking Of Him All The Time I Begin To Cry.
The Fact That He Says We Could Someday Be Together Doesnt Make The Hurt Die.
Even Though We Are Apart My Love For Him Grows Higher And Higher,
Burning And Burning Like A Huge Forest Fire.
Please God, Please Bring Us Back Together Again!
Make Him Love Me, And Realize I Am The Best One For Him.
I Know That I Am, I Just Need A Way,
To Prove To Him What Im Trying So Hard To Say.
That I Love Him And I Could Make Him Happier Then Ever,
If He Would Just Give Me A Chance He’d See Im The One He Should Be With Forever.
I Love Him So Much There Is No Way He Could Possibly Know;
How Much I Care For Him And Dont Want Him To Go.
by katiesue7‚ 

When i fell in love with you

When I Fell In Love With You
All I Wanted Is To Be With You
To Feel Your Tender Touch
And Your Warm Kisses
When Love Is Right
You Feel It
In Each Others Arms
You See It
In Each Others Eyes
You Taste It
In Every Kiss
And You Feel So Right
I Need Your Arms Around Me
At The End Of The Day
I Need You Kindness
Your Caring And Gentle Touch
I Need Your Smile
And You-‘re Wonderful
Sense Of Humor
To Fill My Life
I Can-‘t Imagine
Being Without The Warm
Joy And Love You Give Me
I Need You And Your Love
Apart We Are Two Separated Souls
Together We Are One
Sweetheart I Love You.
by Brenda v Wyk‚ 

You8217re the one i want need only

You’re The One I Want, The One I Need
The Only One
I Dream Of In My Sleep
How We Met, And How You Left
Is The Only Thing
I Can’t Seem To Forget
It Seem As If, Years Have Passed By
But Its Only Been
One Day, Since We Said Good-Bye
I Didn’t Know, I Would Miss You So Much
How Was I To Know
Time Like This Would Come
Why Can’t I Be With You Night And Day
“Lovers Can’t Be Apart
Is What They Always Sa
Wherever You Are, We’ll Always Be Together
What We Were
Is Something I’ll Always Remember

When a rose8217s tears may shed thay

When A Rose’s Tears May Shed Thay Almost Seem Internal.
They Go On And On Until They Finally Love.
They Will Cry Until They Have Someone.
They Will Cry, They Will Sob But
They Will Always Hold Grace, Beauty, And Peace.

Im so glad there is a person

I-‘m So Glad There Is A Person Like You
It Is So Good To Have Someone Like You
To Listen To My Dreams
Make Me Laugh
And Let Me Cry
Whenever I Need To
Someone Who Really Cares About Me
But The Best Part Of All
Is Just Knowing That You Love Me As I Am
The Same Way As I Love You.
The Secrets We Shared
The Unconditional Love We Share
What We Mean To Each Other
Warm Intimate Evenings
You Embrace And Comfort Me
With Your Smile
I Have Found Peace In Your Eyes
Friendship In Your Heart
Love In Your Arms.

As surely the morning rain i know

As Surely As The Morning Rain,
I Know That I Shall Love Again,
Starlight’s Twinkling High Above,
My Heart Again Will Clearly Love.
For Passion Sleeps,
For No Man Known,
It Kindles The Flames Of,
Desires Once Shown,
An Aching Need Within My Heart,
Seeking That Which Once Did Part.
Sleep Not Longer Passion Deep,
Love Again In Wonder Seeps,
Desires Of Sensual Love Has Known,
Forever In Longings Shown.
I Shall Truly Love Again,
As Certain As My Heartbeats Remain,
Beating Passionately Awaiting You,
Desriring Your Touch The Feel Of You.
To Love Again Is But To See,
Your Loving Arms Awaiting Me,
For It Is True As Forever Remains,
Seeing You Is To Love Again.

Im wondering what is he thinking it

I-‘m Wondering What Is He Thinking
It Hurts Me Cause I-‘m Still Waiting
I-‘m Missing Him Everyday
And The Pain Still Strikes Me In Every Way

Broken Hopes Keeps On Fading
My Dying Heart Keeps On Bleeding
The Heartaches Had Just Unfolded
Still, Tonight He-‘s Everything I Needed
It Hurts But I Still Keep On Thinking
It-‘s Over But I Just Keep On Believing
Days And A Month Had Already Passed
Nothing Had Changed My Heart Still Does
Missing You Kills Me Everyday
Knowing You-‘re With Her Takes My Breath Away
I Don-‘t Know How To Handle The Pain
Tears Flow Like A Never-Ending Rain
Tonight, I-‘ll Just Wish Upon A Star
That My Heart Will Forget Who You Are
I Just Wish That Sadness In Me Would Fades
And Missing You Would Never Hurt Me Like Blades

These eyes need to see things in

These Eyes Need To See
Things In Life
As They Should Really Be
Sometimes I Feel
Blinded I Should Be

What I See,Sometimes Deceives
And Convinces Me
That Life Is Really Ok
No Need For Worry Or Concern
Just Believe All You See
Antigua A Beautiful Island Paradise
The Beautiful Beaches And Carribean Sea
But Look A Little Deeper And You Will See
People Who Are Poor And Hngry
No Ability To Leave
Or Go To Places, I Choose To Be
But The Surface My Eyes See
Is Just Beauty And Tranquility
So In Conjunction My Eyes Must Learn
To Work With My Heart With Every Twist And Turn
To Look Deep Beyond The Surface And Truly See
What We Must Do
What We Must Do To Make Our World Better

I like look around about the nature

I Like Look Around About The Nature,
You Are Not Likely Coming With Me.
I Wander As A Cloud Round And Round.
There Is Water Flowing Out From Here.
I Do Whatever Things Freely As I Like
Please You Do Not Disturb Me Alright.
You Can Do As Whatever You Will Do.
My Works Are My Own Favorites Too.
There Are Different Critics On My Way.
I Don-‘t Care About What You Would Say
You Like To Sing Your Beijing Opera.
I Do Like To Sing My Baby Song Prada.
Nevertheless I Work My Own Way.
Please You Do Not Disturb On As Well.
You Walk Pass On Your Single Bridge.
I Run On My Own Straight Board Road.
I Choose To Do With My Own Regulation.
All Over The World I Would Like To Go.
Let The Healthy Water Flows From Here.
I Like To Drain Help The Future Be In Gold.
What Are Things Is Benefit Good To You.
You Should Not Make Something Objected.
Let The World Self Turning Every Day Just So.
I Am Wondering By A Cloud Round And Round

She has many lanes and by lanes in

She Has Many Lanes
And By-Lanes
In Her Mega-City,
He Has Only One Car
With Single Route Permit
For Him I Feel Pity.
She Has Crores Of Flowers
In Her Garden-–
He Has Only A Nose,
Become Tired After
Taking Scent Of A Rose.
Should I Write
For Him A Prose?

Hello how are you i8217m fine i

Hello, How Are You?
I’m Fine, I Guess,
But The Trash Is Sky High
And My Room Is A Mess.
Why The Big Change
When You Were Mister Clean?
I Don’t Know, But Let’s Whisper
And Not Make A Scene.
I Suppose It’s Depression,
I’m Not On My Meds,
It’s Like The Recession
Playing Games In Our Heads.
So You Say That You’re Fine.
I Suppose Things Get Better
Once You’re Standing In Line
Or You Write Them A Letter.
Are You Sure All Is Fine?
Oh Yes, I’ll Get By,
I’ve Got Food In The Fridge,
Home Made Pickles, Apple Pie.
How’s The Gas In Your Car?
Well, You Got Me On That One.
I’m Not Going Too Far
But I Guess I Could Run

A sunny springtime morning on busy thoroughfare

A Sunny Springtime Morning On A Busy Thoroughfare.
As I Jog Down The Street, City Sounds Are Everywhere.
So Many Speeding Cars All Bound For Different Places.
Are The Drivers Even Human, For I Cannot See Their Faces?
A Crowded City Bus Belches Out Black And Filthy Smoke.
The Life Of Urban Dwellers Is A Terribly Troublesome Yoke.
It Seems That Gone Forever Is Nature-‘s Sweet Intrusion,
Into This Land Of Concrete Buildings, A Maze Of My Confusion.
Then Comes A Magic Moment As The Loudness Seems To Cease.
No More Pass The Noisy Cars, A Moment Of Quiet Peace.
Into This Hushed And Gentle Moment Of Tranquility Surreal
Comes The Singing Of The Birds, Their Symphony To Reveal.
Astounded I Think -ŗhow Wonderful- Is Their Melody & Song.
Drowned Out By City Loudness, It-‘s Been There All Along.
The Moment-‘s Magic Passes, It Was There So Very Brief.
The Clamor Of The City, Steals The Song Just Like A Thief.
As I Continue My Jog Down This Traffic Congested Drive,
Sadly I Know That I Never Enjoyed The Purity Of Being Alive.
I Think In This Instant, Where The Trees Won-‘t Even Grow,
Why Do I Not In The Evening, Bask In The Firefly-‘s Glow?
I Try To Spot The Canopy Of Stars In The Sky At Night.
Sadly They-‘re All Gone, Stolen Away By The City-‘s Light.
I Cannot Hear The Cricket-‘s Soothing Song In Early Eve.
This Place Of Polluted Living, So Seldom A Reprieve.
I Cannot Find A Rabbit Living In His Warren In A Croft.
I Cannot Hear The Wise Old Owl Hoot And Fly Aloft.
I Cannot See The Wild Flowers Beautifully Arrayed,
Exploding With Vibrant Color, As They Decorate A Glade.
I Cannot Spy A Baby Fawn, Grazing Carefree In A Glen.
Not A Solitary Trace Of How Life Was Way Back When.
I Do Not See A Majestic Stallion, Running Playful In A Dell.
Nor Waterfalls Or Hidden Caves, With Mysteries To Tell.
There Is No Cow Nor Mule Or Dog, Resting In A Byre.
I Cannot Find A Forest Green, Or Nothing To Inspire.
Where Are The Frogs & Little Ducks Swimming In A Pond?
Why Do I For These Absent Things, Feel A Powerful Bond?
I Cannot Walk With Naked Feet, In A Flowing Brook.
I Cannot Find A Meadow Fair No Matter How I Look.
But What Saddens Me The Most, I Cannot Hear The Birds.
It Is That Which Pierces My Heart & Inspires My Cheerless Words.
by frost1_2000‚ 

I write this in the clouds to

I Write This In The Clouds
To Be Read By All Person In This World Aloud
To Fallen Angels Of Iraq, We Salute You
To Fallen Angels Of Afghanistan, We Salute You
For Your Gallantry
For Your Bravery
An Honor
A Valor
And Hope All Your Souls To Be Sanctified
As Your Life Was Sacrificed
For The War To Be Said In Behalf Of Democracy
A Wasted Life For Hipocrisy
A National Heroes As To Be Commended
Only For Heroes Who In This World Faded
I Write This In The Sky
Hope All Your Souls Read This To Heavens Nigh

It burns like a papermill on fire

It Burns Like A Papermill On Fire
Ashes Feel Soothing To My Deisre
Not Knowing My Next Move
I Feel Blind In The Dark
His Soul As Beautiful
As A Work Of Art
It’s Like Being Able To See A Rainbow
With Only Your Hands
I Give My Spirit Fully
And Give No Demands
Nights Feel So Cold
They Singe And They Burn
I Reach For Is Touch
To Be In His Arms I Yearn
Cold Sweats, Hearts Racing
Then With A Thunder Of Passion I’m At Ease
He Gives Me Ecstacy
And With This He Is Pleased
Yet That Is Not All
But Surely Enough To Fall Hard
He Holds My Emotions In His Hands
And Keeps Them In Safe Guard
Late Night Talks And Caresses
Always Help Me Sleep Sound
I’m Ever So Blessed,That In Mike,
I Have Found Something Completely Profoundv

I called the moon down into my

I Called The Moon Down Into My Arms Last Night,
Holding Out My Hands Ahead Of Me In Expectation.
My Eyes Closed As If For A Kiss.
It Wasn’t That I Believed A Disc Of Light In The Sky
Would Slip Through The Window To Embrace Me.
It Was That I Wasn’t Sure.
Miracles Seemed Plausible For A Minute,
The Way Dreams Cling To Life At Sleep’s End,
When Morning Comes And Light Pries Open My Eyes
While I’m Still Thinking Of Answers To Questions
Posed In Slumber, Voiced By Insubstantial Creatures
Entirely Resident In My Imagination.

She8217s sitting alone eyes in a daze

She’s sitting alone, eyes in a daze
Her life a map of confusion, her world like a maze
She holds her head high and wipes back the tears
The words I don’t love you echo in her ears
She clasps her hands and bows her head
Is my life over or am I simply dead?
A beautiful woman has taken his heart
He wanted beauty instead of her smarts
She hears their baby crying she knows what to do
From now on kid, it’s just me and you
Two years later while walking the street
A handsome young man she did happen to meet
He looked in her eye and stopped in confusion
Was this lady real, or just another illusion?
He asked for a date right there on the street
She glanced at her shoes and said what time will we meet?
Six months later and a small engagement band
That man got down on his knees and asked for her hand
That woman smiled while her daughter screamed yes!
One year later she walked the aisle in a white dress
Happiness was found that day on the street
With that handsome stranger she happened to meet
Together they live in a small little town
Embracing the love they both had found
Now, sixty years later and I love you so
He held that woman’s hand saying although you are leaving, I’ll never let you go…

In iraq they did seek their glory

In Iraq They Did Seek Their Glory But Iraq For Them Their Pit Of Shame
These So Called Leaders Of The So Called Coalition Of The Willing The Egotistical Who Never Take Any Blame
For Causing Such Heartbreak And Suffering And Inflicting On So Many Pain
From Past Wars Leaders Have Not Learned Mistakes Are Repeated Again.

They Will Leave Iraq In A Hurry Yet Feel No Shame In Their Disgrace
They Will Be As Arrogant As Ever When Their Moment Of Truth They Will Face
Yet The Poor Iraqis Must Suffer For Decades And Decades Of Years
And The Poor Bereaved Iraqi Mothers For Their Dead Children Will Shed Their Tears.
When Armies Invade Other Countries For A Brief Or For A Long Stay
Their Presence Trigger A Circle Of Violence That Will Last For Years After The Day
That They Have Returned To Where They Came From And Behind Them A Mess They Do Leave
They Do Breed A Culture Of Violence Where Mothers For Their Dead Children Grieve.
The Poor Bereaved Iraqi Mothers Will Be Left To Grieve For Their Dead
Where Factional Warfare Is Triggered There Is Years Of Bloodshed Ahead
In War You Will Never Find Winners And The Price Of War Is Huge To Pay
And The Poor Of Iraq They Will Suffer Through Violence For Many A Day.
Francis Duggan

It was you who went first because

It Was You Who Went First
Because The Die Landed With A Six
Rosy Fingers
Moving The Red Button
One Square At A Time

To Delay Me From Catching Up
The Blue Button Lazily Followed
Ones And Twos
Threes And Fours
The Game Was Slow
You Decided To Tease Me More
By Wiggling Your Tongue
Between Those Pearly Teeth
Eyes Wide Open
And Hissing Like A Snake
I Hit The Ladders
And You The Snakes
But You Won The Game
Because We Had
Reversed The Rules
And The Name Of The Game
Snakes Took You Up
And The Ladders Down
In The Game Of
Ladders And Snakes…!

It was a day so precious to

It Was A Day So Precious To Remember
Close To The End, Of Sweet November
Our First Kiss Together, So Ever Tender
Truly Incredible As I Could Remember.

Inside Of My Heart, Nervousness Grew
Being With You, My Dream Come True
The City So Beautiful Was In Our View
My Heart Racing As I Was Close To You.
Inside My Heart I Knew You Belonged
The Night Playing Us A Romantic Song
So Cold Outside, As Our Night Went On
Your Gentle Kiss I Desperately Longed.
I Leaned In Forward, For Your Soft Kiss
Truly Passionate, As I Tasted Your Lips
Such A Kiss, So Precious To Remember
On A Special Day, In Sweet November.

Ask any other question and ill not

Ask Any Other Question
And I-‘ll Not Ask You Why
But Think As Hard As I Can Think
This Answer I Can-‘t Try
Give Any Other Puzzle
Don-‘t Even Give Me Clues
But Please Don-‘t Ask Any More
Or Let Me Try To Choose
For When You-‘re Undecided
I Won-‘t Say Should You Press
It Only Causes Trouble
When You Can-‘t Pick Out A Dress

The room is spinning i can8217t breathe

The Room Is Spinning
I Can’t Breathe.
How Do I Tell You
About This Need?

Strong And Burning
And So Deep Inside.
Way Down Past Everything
That I Try To Hide.
You Get Past The Memories;
The Aches And The Pain.
The Times I Was Left Hurting
Swearing Never Again!
Would I Love Someone,
Would I Feel This Way.
Aching And Yearning
For You To Stay.
My Emotions Are Raging.
I’m Losing Control.
Fighting To Hold On
Yet Wanting To Fall.
To Reach Out For You;
And Never Regret,
The Loving And Longing.
The Night That We Met.
Feeling Vulnerable And Open
My Hearts In My Hands.
Will You Except Me
And All Of My Plans?
This Love That I Have
And Hold Here In My Heart.
For A Man So Perfect,
It Was Love From The Start.
Begging And Pleading.
I Am Not Beyond
Sending You
Flowers And Chocolates And Poems.
Say That You Love Me
And That You Can See
I Have What You’ve Longed For
And Your Place Is With Me.
by fyrestorm‚ 

The smile fallows her glance as it

The Smile
Her Glance
As It Softens And Then Turns Into A Red Wine.
Her Head Is Settle And Unwilling To Follows Mine.
What Is In Eileen’s Head
Pregnant, Stuffed, And Full With
Hopes And
New Born Ideas

The love i have for you is

The Love I Have For You Is Very Special,
Something No One Can Label.The Feelings
I Have For You Are Meant To Be They Consist Only F Dreams Of You And Me.
Well Baby Im Not Perfect And Neither Are You And Well Never Be Perfect…..
&& I Hope You Know That I Made A Huge Mistake By Even Thinking I Didnt Want To Be With You! ! ! !

But Baby Just Remember I Dont Care What They Say Im In Love With You…..
&&I Would Have It No Other Way! ! !
So No Matter Wat There Will Always Be A Place In My Heart For You…..
Love Joanna

I express feelings everyone cn see me

I Express Feelings
Everyone Cn See Me The Way I Am
Sum Cn Feel The Depth Of Feelings In Me
I Live In A Thinkers Mind
I Also Live In Sum Ppls Hearts
Lovers Use Me With Heart
Depressed People Use Me With Tears
I Will Live Till The End Of This World
People Are Praised Because Of Me

Can no one see her she8217s dead

Can No One See Her
She’s Dead
Can No One Feel Her
She’s Cold
Can No One Hear Her
She Says Nothing
Dose Any One Care
Dose Any One Love Her
I Guess Not
This Is What Happens
When No One Sees What
Goes On Behind Closed
She Took Her Own Life
With The Scars Of The Past
This Is What Happens To
The Girl Of Unspoken Pains

Why do i always come back to

Why Do I Always
Come Back To You
After Every Heart-Ache
And Pain I Go Through

You’re Always Just Standing There
In The Back Of My Mind
Waiting For Me To Turn Around
And See What I Can Find
No Matter What Happens
It Never Ever Fails
When It Comes Down To You
I Believe In Fairy-Tales
I Finally Moved On
I Thought I Forgot About You
But I Guess I Didnt
And I Wish I Knew
That You Would Change My Life
And Play These Little Games
Ive Fallen Head Over Heals
I Just Wish You Felt The Same
Every Time I Think
That Ive Moved On
I Always Find You Again
Youve Kept Me Waiting So Long
I Want A Second Chance
I Want To Be Happy Like Before
But Whenever I Fall For You
I Always Hit The Floor
Youre Never There To Catch Me
Or Pick Me Up When I Fall
You Dont Even Care Anymore
Not Even A Little At All
You Can Hurt Me Over And Over
I Wouldnt Care What You Do
Cause For Some Reason
I Find Myself Crawling Back To You

You say money makes popular but i

You Say Money Makes You Popular
But I Know Who My Friends Are. Do You?
I Am Richer For The Knowledge Let Me Tell You
You Say Money Makes You Rich
I Am Rich Beyond Measure
Money Can’t Buy That Treasure
You Say Money Gives You Pleasure
Pleasure That Are True And Real Can’t Be Bought
Like Friends Who Help You Through All Pain
Simple Pleasures Like An Embrace
How Can Money Replace It?
You Say Money Gets The Guys
Does It Buy Their Faithful Devotion, Or Is It Simply A Fancy Notion?
You Say Money Makes You Important
The Reality Is You Never Were.
You Just Want To Think That You Are Heard.
Money Doesn’t Make You Special
It Is Just A Delusional Illusion, Meant To Make You Feel Unique
In The End You Will See That You Will Be Judged With All Of Us
Your Peers You See, We Are All The Same To Me

If i light just one candle and

If I Light Just One Candle And You Light Just One Too
And We Pass The Flame From Wick To Wick
From Us To You And You
And If We Keep It Going Around The World You’ll See
The World Is Glowing With The Light
That Came From You And Me
With One CandleJust One Candle
Yes One Candle Burning Bright
With One CandleJust One Candle
We Can Fill The World With Light
Go To The Top Of The Page

When can the world rest from war

When Can The World Rest From War, Disease And Poverty?
Why Does The One God Of All Choose Certain People
To Heap Calamity On Them?
Raise Some Up Above All To Be His Captains
Arm Them To Kill Those He Hates
What Manner Of God Would Make Night And Day
Battle For The Shadows?
Hide His Face In The Bosom Of Nature So That None
May See Him, Yet Charge Them With His Presence
Command Them To Sacrifice Blood
To Kill His Enemies
Be Pleased By The Odor Of Burning Flesh
Surely This Is Not The God Of Abraham
But The Devil Himself

Listen to the four winds you will

Listen To The Four Winds
You Will Hear It Call Our Names.
No Matter Where We Wander
No Matter Where We Are
Any Place Any Time
Our Hearts Will Always Intertwine.
We Will Run Like The River
Fly Like An Eagle
To Where Our Hearts Belong
Our Roads Will Always Come Together
No Matter Or How Long It Takes.
You Belong To Me And I To You
We Again Will Make Wishes Under Starry Skies
You Will Swim In My Ocean And I In Yours
We Cannot Dream Alone
Together Side By Side
Is The Place They Call Home.
The Distance Between Us
Makes Us Stronger As We Grow
The Whispering Of The Trees
The Sound Of The Bugle
A Picture Of‚  The Rising Sun
Tells Me -Â…-Â….
Our‚  -Ë—love-‘ For One Another
Has Just -Ë—begun!-‘
by Chiqui‚ 

Even roads have clearances a system of

Even Roads Have Clearances
A System Of Space
Where Movement Becomes
Even Buildings That Grow
From Patches Of Your Earth
Have Easements
The Servient Estate Giving
In To The Dominant One
Even The Flow Of The Waters
From The Higher Estate
To The Lower Ones
For The Proper Sharing
Of The Resources
Dams And Locks
Are Made
It Is The Same With Us
Between You And Me
Someone Has To Be Servient
To One Who Occupies
This Dominance
Maybe For A While
When We Have Not
Mastered Yet This Art
Of Balancing
And Walking On Some
Tight Ropes
Give Me A Little Space
For My Thoughts To Grow
Give Me A Little Distance
So I Can See
The Better Perspective
Of You
From Faraway
Enough Of The Particulars
I Am Deceived
Let Me Try Seeing You
As A Whole
And Let Me Find
Who We Are From There

A thought has come to me at

A Thought Has Come
To Me At Last
It Reams Through My
Left Brain,
The Shade It Casts
Can Not Be Surpassed
By Every Shadow On
All Plains.
I-‘m Near To Putting
Pen To Sheet
And Scrawling Yellowed
But It-‘s Not Quite Right-
But Bleats I Think-
With Sheep-Like Clanking
I-‘d Move Around
To Clear My Head-
I-‘d Think That-‘d Be A Prize,
But No Matter How I Puff
Or How I Am Bled
The Room Won-‘t Accommodate
My Brain-‘s Size.
So Now I-‘m Stuck-
Swelled Head, Indeed-
Not Knowing How To Crest,
Nevertheless, I Am Sure
If I Do Do It
Whatever It Is
Shall Be Best

Will we when i look into your

Will We?
When I Look Into Your Eyes,
I See The Emotion Through
Them Flutter And Fly.
When You Hold Me Close
I Lay My Head Near Your Heart,
Wondering If This Is The Beginning
Of A New Start.
Will We Make It Through The
Good And Bad, Or Will We End Up
Hurting Each Other And Being Sad.
What May Be Right Could Also Be
Wrong, Will We Together Find Love’s
True Song?

Raindrops fall against the window pane thunder

Raindrops Fall Against The Window Pane
Thunder Crashes Loudly
In An Angry Refrain
Lighting Flashes Through The Sky
To Some This Would Be
Such A Frightful Sight
But Tucked Together
All Safe From Harm
Away From The Fury
Of The Angry Storm
Wrapped Together Against The Night
In Each Other-‘s Arms
We Find Sweet Delight
Never Has There Been
A Love More True
Than The Sweet Love
That I Share With You

There is this door that opens to

There Is This Door That Opens To You
This Wide Door That Never Closes
You Can Come In And Love This Door Or
Even Tell It Anything You’d Like
I Promise You That I Will Never Close It
No Matter What Happens
This Door Is All Yours
You May Share It With Others, But I Bet You’ll
Hog It To Yourself And Never Let Go
This Door That You Have Entered Is The Door To My Heart

The great exchange offer on this valentine

The Great Exchange Offer
On This Valentine
A Never
Heard Before
Our Unattached Hearts
Give One
Get One
Free! Free! Free! Free! Free! Free!
100% Satisfaction
Perks Include Free
Hugs And Kisses And Long
Ininterrupted Sessions Of
Cuddling And Snuggling
For Live
Please Get In Touch With
The Sender At The Earliest
Offer Open On First Come
First Serve Basis
For Further

We all have our problems buried deep

We All Have Our Problems
Buried Deep Inside
All Those Many Scars And Cuts
Kept Locked Inside Our Minds
When These Many Problems
Build Up To The Peak
We Start To Scream And Cry
So That We Can Hardly Speak
When This Outbreak Happens
We All Need A Friend
A Comfy Shoulder To Cry On
With Tears That Never End
We Need A Friend Of Compassion
One Who Will Never Fail
To Listen To Our Problems
And To Help Us To Prevail
Help Us To Win Through,
Through Everything We Need
Always Ready To Guide
When We Need To Succeed
So, My Friend Of Sorrow
And Never Ending Tears,
If You Need A Friend
My Shoulder Is Always Here
I Hope That With My Promise
To Never Leave Your Side
Your Shoulder Will Be Ready
When My Problems Make Me Cry

I cant breathe not knowing where you

I Cant Breathe Not Knowing Where You Are
It Helps To Look Up At The Sky
And Hope We Are All Looking At The Same Star
I Am Alone Without You, There Is A Sad Void
An Endless Hole I Remember All Your
Brown Eyes And I Carry Your Sweet Souls
I Want To Watch You Grow Into Strong Beautiful
Men And Always I Want You To Win….
Loving You Is What Gets Me Through The Day
Forgiving Them Is How I Make My Way
They Took My Heart That Day

I was so addicted to just the

I Was So Addicted To
Just The Thought Of You
You Will Remember Me
Because You Forgot To See
You Should-‘ve Seen
Just What We Could Be
Right Up In Your Face
You Could Almost Taste
I Can-‘t Believe Were Threw
But I-‘ll Remember You
The One I Couldn-‘t Feel
Whose Heart I Couldn-‘t Steal
I Can-‘t Believe Its Real
You Were Like My Only Meal
But Now You-‘re Definitely Gone
And So I Write This Song
If You Only Knew What You Did To Me
I Wish You Could-‘ve Seen
My Heart You Wouldn-‘t Believe
Now I Cant Feel
I Guess It Wasn-‘t Real
I-‘m So Over You
And Now I’m Glad Were Threw
The Person I Once Knew
Is Just Another View

Do you even hear yourself are fricken

Do You Even Hear Yourself?
Are You Fricken Listening At All?
You Say Youll Always Be There
Catch Me If Ever I Fall
Your Words Surprise Me
Keep Me Awake Every Waking Night
Dreams Say Different
You Dont Feel My Everlasting Fright
You Dont Understand Me! !
Your Words Are One Big Lie
Dont Sugarcoat The Truth
Alone I Weep At Nigh’
Tell Me No Lies
I Am No Small Child
Im An Individual
Dont, Keep My Wrongs Filed

There8217s a minor problem arre yaar waanda

There’s A Minor Problem Arre Yaar, “Waanda” Ho Gaya
There’s A Big Problem Arre Yaar, “Zol” Ho Gaya
There’s A Huge Problem Arre Yaar, “Raada” Ho Gaya
You’ll Be Surprised.Ekdam “Hill” Jayega Tu
I Am Going Out Of This Placechal Apun “Kaltii” Marta Hai.
Don’t Make A Fool Of Others Dekh , Tu “Shendi” Mat Laga Sabko
Just Get Out Of Here, You Oversmart Fool Chal E Shaaane, “Hawa” Aan De
I Am Not A Stupid Out Here Apun Kya “Alibaug” Se Nahi Aaya
There’s Some Misunderstanding Arre Kuch “Galat Faimili” Ho Gayi
Do You Drink Daily? Tu Kya Roz “Full To” Hota Hai?
See, You Are Afraid Dekh , Teri To “Fat” Gayi
Shall I Just Bash U? E Du Kya “Kharcha Pani” ?
Just Take Him Into A Secret Place Use Jara “Khopche” Me Leke Ja
What A Beautiful Lady !! Kya “Zakaas Item” Hai Yaar!!
What A Sensuous/unexplainably Sexy Lady!!
Kya “Raapchik Maal / Piece” Hai Yaar!!
Don’t Just Bluff..Ok? E Jyaada “Raag” Mat De..
Ya..She Is Staring At U Buddy!!! Kya Sahi “Line” Deti Hai “Bhiduu”!!
Don’t Take Much Tension‚  Jyaada “Load” Nahi Leneka Kya??
Your Clothes Are Very Awkward Kya “Zagmag / Dhinkchaak” Pehna Tune?
I Don’t Care About It Much..!! Abe Yaar , “Hata Saawan Ki Ghata”
Please Don’t Overbore Me Jyaada “Pakaa” Mat Be Tu All This Must
Be Done Without Anyone’s Notice Sab Kaam “Suumdi” Me Hona Chahiye.Kya?

There is only one thing i wish

There Is Only One Thing I Wish To Say
There Is Only One Day Left For Valentine Day
Let All The Lovers Of The World Unite
Let There Be Peace And Love In Everyone-‘s Sight
Let The Kisses Flow Smoothly Like A Stream
Let Everyone Meet The Men And Women Of Their Dreams
Let Everyone Get A Lovers Valentine Card
Even Sending One Yourself Is Not Very Hard
This Day Of Love When You Cannot Say No
Telling Your Sweetheart That You Love Them So
Say It With Flowers And Say It With All Your Love
Say It With Chocolates Or With Two White Doves
Just Show All Your Love On Valentine Day

My life without you would mean nothing

My Life Without You Would Mean Nothing
When All You Are Is My Everything,
Your All I Think Of Morning,Night And Day
Being Without You Theres No Way,
Everything Reminds Me Of You
Whether Its That Certain Song Of The Miller Lite Brew,
Seven Months Will Come Then Go
Spring, Summer, Leaves Then Snow,
Five Years Is Such A Long Time Without You By My Side
But With You In Mind Im Ready For The Big Long Ride,
Your Home Again, Its Happy Then Sad
I Know Its Your Job But Its Not Fair It Makes Me Mad,
Babe I Love You
I Just Really Hope You Know.

A song plays in the distance melody

A Song Plays In The Distance,
A Melody Sweet And Pure,
It Flows Between Earth And Sky, Where It
Comes From I’m Not Sure, Is It
The Fire That Burns Within Me?
Is It A Force From The Great Unknown?
Colors That Flow All Around Me,
Emitting Wonderous Tunes,
It Fills My Ears With Beautiful Sounds,
Things I ‘Ve Never Heard Before,
It Soothes My Soul, Its All Around,
As I Feel My Body Soar, I Try
To Listen Closer, To Find The Melodic Source,
Somewhere Between Earth And Sky Is A Magical Lyrical
by walkb99rhyme

When everybody else fall in love i

When Everybody Else Fall In Love, I Too, Fall
When Everybody Else Gets Hurt, I Don-‘t
When Everybody Else Cries, I Don-‘t
You May Say, It-‘s No Perfect Love, Mine Is
The Mere Sight Of Looking Draws Me To A Heaven-‘s Wonder
It-‘s The First Time-Â…. Never Been This Way,
Never Will Become Again,
More Than An Endless Feeling
Like A Breathing That Goes With Life
An Ode To Shake Sphere-‘s Modern Version
A Piece Of Beautiful Creation That Works
Every Second Of The Seconds-Â…..
I Love Its Way Of Bringing Me Closer To Perfection
So Slowly, Yet So Serene-Â….
A Sight That Holds My Heart,
Till The World Gets Jealous,
Nothing Could Compare-Â…
The Happiness It Embraces Me
I-‘ll Forever Hold N Mind
It Is Mine,
As Long As There Is A Tulip That Grows In Holland-‘s Field
I Will Fall In Love Once In This Lifetime,
by amesouer

I saw my friend in the rain

I Saw My Friend In The Rain
Standing Next To Each Other
But Still Next To Each Other
Wanted To Say Something To Each Other
Still Kept Standing In The Rain
One Day It Was Raining Heavily
Still Both Could See Each Other Clearly
With Eyes Speaking To Each Other And
Heart Beats Saying The Truth
They Both Wiped Thier Tears
To See A Sunshine In The Rain
Their Eyes Sparkled With Love
They Had For Each Other
Now I See My Friends
Happy With Their Love
In Sunshine And Rain

Every woman who lives on this earth

Every Woman Who Lives On This Earth
Has A Theory Of Men.
Where They Came From And What They Are Good For.
Whether They Are Safe To Keep In The House,
Or Best Kept Chained Up In The Yard,
Or To Dangerous To Mess With At All.
They Form These Theories Early
And Spend The Rest Of Their Lives
Gathering Evidence Supporting Their Thesis.
There Isn-‘t Much Movement
On The Opinion Front
As Time Goes By.
You Find What You Seek
And See What You Are Looking For.
If The Theory Doesn-‘t Fit The Facts?
Well Too Bad For The Facts! !
And You, Little Man? H…!
Your Not Going To Convince Anyone
Your Not Going To Talk Anybody
Out Of Anything.
Better Just Apologize And Move On,
Move On And Keep Looking For A Woman
Whose Theory Of Men
Includes A Theory Of You

Grab some time to be alone rest

Grab Some Time To Be Alone.
Rest Your Mind…
And Put Aside Your Anguish.
Don’t Condone,
Or Savor Despair.
Don’t Try To Own It!
Leave It There.
Faith Saves.
Faith Saves.
Keep Your Belief,
You Can And Will Receive Peace.
As Much As You Need.
Faith Saves.

Whatever Reasons That Are There…
To Magnify Your Sorrows.
Sunshine Tomorrow Comes.
If You Allow It To Be Welcomed.
Troubles Are Meant To Sit.
Like Any Obstacle That Comes…
Wishing You Not To Get Over It.
Unless You Wish Your Problems To Remain…
Like A Pain That Is Given Attention To Drain.
With Your Wish To Claim It In Repeated Complaints.
Faith Saves.
Faith Saves.
Keep Your Belief,
You Can And Will Receive Peace.
As Much As You Need.
Faith Saves.
Whatever Reasons That Are There…
To Magnify Your Sorrows.
Sunshine Tomorrow Comes.
If You Allow It To Be Welcomed.
Grab Some Time To Be Alone.
Rest Your Mind…
And Put Aside Your Anguish.
Don’t Condone,
Or Savor Despair.
Don’t Try To Own It!
Leave It There.
Faith Saves.
Keep Your Belief,
You Can And Will Receive Peace.
As Much As You Need.
Faith Saves.Lawrence S. Pertillar

Our bond is black and white making

Our Bond Is Black And White.
Making Me Love You All Day And All Night.
Sayin It Like Chris Brown, Our Love Is Intertwine.
Baby Please Say You-‘re All Mine.
Chris Is Beatin The Hell Outta Me.
Im Scream It Like Vanessa Hudgens Baby Come Back To Me.
My Heart Cant Go Out Any Longer.
Baby I Want You Here By My Side We’d Get Stronger
I Know What We Have Now Is Greater Than Ever
Me And You Will Last Forever
Dreaming About You Will Make Me Sleep Forever.
Though, I-‘ll Be Dreaming About How We-‘re Together.
I Hope My Wish Comes True.
I Just Wanna See You.
Can This Feeling With You Be True?
I Reeally Think So..
With My Heart Open To You..
I Got Nothing To Do.
All I Can Ever Do.
Is Think Of Youuu.
With You There, You’re All Im Thinking About
I Love You Without A Doubt.
I Know This Feeling Will Last Long.
Cuz Your Heart Beat Plays My Favorite Song
by filipinoboyy‚ 

She sat opposite of me when i

She Sat Opposite Of Me
When I Was Stealing My Copybook’s Virginity
She Gifted From Her Eyes A Kiss To Me
I Thought It’s To Someone Else
But No One Was Behind Me
Every Time She Was Staring At Me
My Paper’s Virginity Was Stealing
Her Face Is A Reflection Of Moon On Water
And I Am The Wisher Who Tosses A Wish To The Bottom
She Has Got The Laughter Of The Dawn In His Rise
Her Lips Look Like Two Banks Of River
When I Send A Kiss She Laughs
Then‚  I See The Whiteness Of A Cloud
Her Breast Like Tow Mountain
Lined In Centre‚  By Light River
And I Am A Happy Cloud On The Top
Nouzad Jadan

Trapped in my thoughts that i want

Trapped In My Thoughts
That I Want To Escape.
Please Help Me Gain My Life Back
These Evil Hands Have Such A Tight Grasp
But The Black Tint Windows Surrounding My Heart
Won-‘t Let In Light
For Me To See Where Im Going. (Screamed)
The Liesand Betrayal
The Love And The Hate
Are Not Comforted
By The Steel Of A Barrell
I Have Reasons To Believe
This Whole Thing
Was Neevr That Important
I Hope
You See
This Face
When You Come Back In A Dream
A Dead And Dying Scene
No Hope Left For You
Ill Move On To
A New Life
One Day Without This Knife.
The Lies And Betrayal
The Love And The Hate
Are Not Comforted
By The Steel Of A Barrell

My grandfather dads dad died before my

My grandfather
Dad-‘s dad
died before my time
and I never knew him
They never did talk much about him
and now they are all gone too
there-‘s only small snatches
of things said in passing
that stay with me
That he was exactly like my brother Rob
but 6 feet tall,
That my father-‘s memories were of a sick man
trying to make a business go,
during the depression
All that I ever saw of this was the remnants of
that business
only a few knitting machines
run by my aunt
in the building where my father was raised
since burned down
a sign painted on the front of the brick building
-Ë—Hood Knitting-‘.
Grandad-‘s business had followed
his father-‘s
-Ë—the old folks-‘
who-‘d come from England
The midlands I think
and had a store
at 514 Yonge street TO.
There-‘s a picture somewhere
of him,
Ebineezer Hood
and some women
standing in front of the store
the lettering on the awning
-‘E Hood Knitted Goods-
I wonder what they were like,
this father, this son
twice removed from me
in generational terms
Too late now to find out
my father, grandfather, great grandfather
Perhaps I-‘m lucky
My grandsons, and their sons will be able to read my poetry
to know their grandfather and great grandfather
in a way that does not come to me.
Vic Hood

You do not need to have simple

You Do Not Need To Have
Simple Partial Seizures To
See It Or To Feel Its Presence.
When It Comes And Cease You,
It Will Ask You To Not Be Afraid,
To Stop Thinking About Your Breathing.
Stop The Fear, See It As A Stone
Or A Handful Piece Of Metal,
Put It Anywhere Inside The Monster Then
Explore The Sound As It Turns Into Colors,
Colors Turns Into Fumes,
Fumes Fall Off Like Shredded Glasses
And Rises To Form Words Of Cloud

B8217coz your smile is my aim amp

B’coz. Your Smile Is My Aim & My Tears Are Worst Part Of Ur Game.
B’coz. Your Love Is My Dream & My Emotions Are Your Laugh-Theme.
B’coz. Your Life Is My Blessing & My Death Is Your Saying.
B’coz. Your Are Rose Of My Heart & I’m The Cactus Of Your Flirt.
B’coz. You Are The Thought Of My Soul & I’m Not In Any Of Your Goal.
B’coz.I Say U+Me = Loveof Life & You Say U+Me = Curse If Wife.
B’coz. I Wanna Give You Hope & You Wanna Proove Me A Joke.
B’coz. I Felt Hamesha U R The Best & U Felt Hamesha I’m The Worst.
B’coz. I Knoe Your Heart Is Of Stone & You Knoe How To Make My Heart Frown

When i go to sleep at night

When I Go To Sleep At Night.
I Pray To See The Morning Light.
God Protects Me And Mine.
Moon Filtering In Like Gold So Fine.
The Owl Whos A Song For Me.
A Nighttime Sweet Symphony.
We Cuddle And Drift Fast Asleep.
Knowing In God-‘s Arms We Keep.
Waking With Sun In Our Eyes.
Gives Promise For Another Day To Try

Have i found a place called home

Have I Found A Place Called Home?
Is There A Whisper After Every Tunnel?
Do I Deserve As Much, Or Little Than I Get?
Have I Any Clue Of Love, Or Thought Of Lust?
Do I Have A Life To Cry, Or Pride After?
Is There A Decision Of Life, Or Pains Hereafter? Is There?
Do I Have A Reason To Fly-By, And Put My Soul At Ease?
Have I Anything That’s Truly Mine?
How Did I Ever Feel This Love

Here sleeping beauty lies in the throes

Here Sleeping Beauty Lies
In The Throes Of Prozac
It Used To Keep Her Up
Now It Keeps Her Down
She Dreams Of Murder
Mayhem, And Suicide
Making A Hit List
In Her Twisted Mind
The Doctor Only Says
It Is A Side Effect
She Can Only Cry
That It Wasn-‘t Her
Now She Rests With Peace
In Valiums Sweet Embrace
Wondering What Was Real
And What Wasn-‘t

To the brokenhearted women please heed these

To The Brokenhearted Women,
Please Heed These Words I Say.
The Pain You Think Eternal,
Will Come To Rest One Day.

Your Destiny Has Whispered,
He Wasn’t The One For You.
True Love Would Never Allow
The Pain He’s Put You Through.
A Soulmate Will Always Protect You,
He Won’t Hurt You In Any Way.
The Bond That Forms Between You
Should Grow Stronger Every Day.
Don’t Shed Your Tears In Silence,
There Was Nothing You Could Do.
God Gave You The Strength Of A Woman,
And Your Faith To Carry You Through.
Time Is Short And Precious,
So Make Each Moment Last.
Live For Today And Tomorrow,
Don’t Dwell Upon The Past.
The One That Left You Broken
Will Come To Rue The Day,
And The Pain You Thought Eternal,
Will Slowly Fade Away.

The room seems so dark cold and

The Room
Seems So Dark
So Cold.
And I
Am I Tired,
So Alone!
Used To Feel.
Used To Love.
Used To Be Me
And Now
Am I Lost?
Is It Me?
This Dead Brain That You Can See.
Don’t Tell Me!
Don’t Tease Me!
I Know
I Knew I Didn’t Belong Here,
And Nowhere Else.
But I Can Simply Remember
Your Arms You Used To Say,
Were The Only Refuge Of Me.
But They Decayed
And Not Remained!
So I Ran Away
From What We Used To Be
And I’m Afraid.
I Fear The Faces.
I Fear The Sighs.
I Fear The Tears And
I Dread The Smiles.
Don’t Ask Me!
I Know
I Knew
‘Was I The Only One? ‘
Am I The One
To Hear These Grinning Eyes? !

I8217m losing you again you8217re slipping back

I’m Losing You Again…
You’re Slipping Back Into The Dream Fog That Brought You Here,
And Taking With You The Clarity Of My Thoughts,
And My Ideas Of What My Life Was Supposed To Be.
We Agreed To Grow Gray And Wrinkled In Each Other’s Arms,
Sharing Our Children,
And Our Bed,
Our Worst Fears And Best-Laid Plans.
Instead, I Only Know Your Life By Proxy.
I Politely Ask Your Family About Everyone But You.
And I Relive That Awful Last Day,
Still Not Sure What Changed My Mind.
So Now, I Clutch My Pillow Tighter,
Trying To Freeze The Image Inside My Eyelids
Before You Fade To Black.
I Wonder Who I Would Be Now, If I Were With You,
And Whether I Made The Wrong Choice All That Time Ago.
And I Wonder If That’s Why You Came…
You Always Did Like To Be Right.

The clock on our lives ever ticking

The Clock On Our Lives Ever Ticking And Ticking And Ticking Away
And We All Have A Date With The Reaper For Each Of Us A Final Day
Some Do Not Even Live To Be Twenty And Some Live To Be Old And Gray
One Day We Must Return To Nature And In Nature’s Bosom We Will Lay,
The Clock On Our Lives It Is Ticking And Time For None Never Does Wait
The Reaper Is The True Egalatarian He Makes Equal The Non Achiever And The Great
Us Humans Are Much Like Nature’s Seasons We Come To Life And From Life We Go
But Nature She Lives On Forever As The Only Immortal I Know
The Clock On Our Lives It Is Ticking And Yesterday Is Now In The Past
And Each Morning That We Wake To See Is One Morning Nearer To Our Last
The Reaper His Huge Scythe Is Swinging The Tall Poppies Fall One By One
For He Is The Great Equalizer When All Is Said And All Is Done
And The Clock On Our Lives It Is Ticking And The Hands Of Time Are Turning Fast
And We Can Only Live In The Present For Yesterday Is In The Past.
Francis Duggan

Why do they say that i love

Why Do They Say That I Love You,
Why Am I Trying To Look Beautiful All The Time?
Some Times I Feel It’s So True,
When I Find Me Hoping And Praying You’re Mine.
Why Am I So Stubborn And Hard,
And Why Am I So Proud To Admit?
Why Am I Hiding Away My Heart,
And Why It’s You I Can’t Forget?
Acting So Negative Towards It All,
When Some Times Jealousy Is Killing Me.
Why Can’t I Help But To Fall,
Why Are You So Taking Over Me?
You Tell Me, What Am I Going Through,
Why Can’t I Treat You In A Normal Way?
You Tell Me, Am I In Love With You,
What Have You Started In Me In A Day?
You Tell Me, I Won’t Tell You A Thing,
You Tell Me, What Am I So Confused About?
Tell Me What Would The Days Bring,
Tell Me More Of Who I Can’t Live Without.
You Tell Me, Is It Another Heart Break,
Tell Me, Will You Eventually Give Me Your Name?
Tell Me Of Every Thing You Do For My Sake,
Why Haven’t You Told Me, You Feel The Same?
I Have No Words To Say, Nothing Is On My Mind,
You Speak, Light Up My World, Open Your Heart.
That’s Exactly Why I Can’t Leave You Behind,
You Tell Me, I’m All Ears, You Open My Heart.

I stand on a past past that8217s

I Stand On A Past,
A Past That’s Quite Filled
Filled With Lies
Filled With Truth
Filled With People Being Killed
I Stand On A History,
A History Built From Labor
Labor Of Strong
Labor Of Weak
Labor Of Neighbor For Neighbor
I Stand On A Strength.
A Strength That’s Been Tested
Tested By Time
Tested By Hate
Tested By Being Bested
I Stand With A Pride,
A Pride That Was Won
Won For Freedom
Won For Justice
That I Carry On

You can suck on the shrooms blow

You Can Suck On The Shrooms,
Blow The Weed,
Sip On The Moonshine.
Only If You Want To Because You Make Your Own Desicions.
You Can Shoot The Herione,
Snort The Coke,
Or You Can Sit Over Here And Be Sober.
Which Choice Will Be Yours?
We Are All Waiting.
Are You Going To Follow Them,
Or Lead With Me?
Either Is Good As Long As The Choice Was Your Own
And Went The Way You’d Have Liked It To

I tear for the pauper8217s quote invalid8217s

I Tear For The Pauper’s Quote, The Invalid’s Letter,
Misguided And Misdirected, Buried In Insecurity Amidst
The Piles Of Discarded Dreams, Landscapes And Memories.
He Who Commands The Unthinkable From The Depths Of
The Rot And The Filth And The Undeniable Urges Stuffed In
And Stinking, Putrid And Disgusting.
Those Who Lust For The Disaffected And Pipe For The Terror
Of Wide-Eyes And Bleeded Hearts. The Heat Proximity In Their
Temples And Their Loins, All Erect And Function, Squirm
And Fail.
From Moon And Sun, Through Castanet Clasp Overheard The
Hips Thrown Forth Like Hades’ Ember And Molten Sex.
The Come Of A Thousand, Shrieking For The Closest Moment
To Death, The Clearest Mind-State, The Almost Touch Of
Daunting And Powerful The Feeling Through Guts.
They Who Sew Light Together With Whispering Wands And
Leaves, Thirsting For A Vacation From This Reality, To Turn In
This Past And Sever Their Aortas.
Who Fling Themselves Naked, Bored, Restrained And Helpless
The Pits Of Despair So They May Find A Way Out.
They Who Shoot Poison Into Their Lungs And Suck Saliva From
The Mouths Of The Listless And Beaten Down. Fresh To You
I Commend Thee.
Lindsay Snider

Baby now there is a few days

Baby Now There Is A Few Days Left
I Just Want You To Know That
You Will Always Be My Best
Your Love Your Care
In My Heart Will Always Stay
Your Kiss Your Hug
I Cant Ever Sense Them Again
Im Here Alone
I Dont Want To Go Away
My Heart Wont Move
Baby I Love You So
I Just Want You To Know
Together We Will Stand
Forever In Each Other Hands
Laughing And Crying
Living And Dying
What Ever How We Will Be Far
Our Love Will Never Mar..
And Our Future Is Not Finished Yet
I Know Someday We Will Met
Baby Im Gonna Miss You
But Tell Me What I Should Do
Should I Keep My Feelings Inside,
Keep Them Locked Up, Let Them Hide
Don’t Worry
You Will Always Be In My Head
Because I’ll Love You Until The End

I would think by the look on

I Would Think
By The Look On Her Face
We Are Approaching
The Halfway Point
Of This Long, Push-Chair-Pushing Hill.
My Young Mother, Laden
With Bags That Hang From
My Tubular Bars,
Aims Blown Kisses
To My Small Pink Face.
My Elder Sister
(By One Year) , Walks,
Clutching The Handle;
Adding Weight
To The Already
Massive Task.
At The Top, My Mother Stops
And Sucks In The Rising Fumes
Of A Now Distant City…
And It Is Here, Right Here,
I Vow To Love Her
Until Death…
And I Did!

Love can be more so much i

Love Can Be More
Love Can Be So Much
I Can’t Express Myself Now
Bcuz Love Blow Me Away
It Takes Me To The Place
And I Called It Paradise
Love Me .Love Me More
So Much Addicted To You
Can’t Live Without You
Your Trace Is All Over My Place
Love It And Live It
It Feels So Much
I Can’t Say Anything That Much Now
Bcus All I Know Is You
My Days Filled With So Much Happiness
And I Can Do Anything
Whatever I Wanted To Be
Because Your Love Guide Me
All The Way
To The Path That Leads Me To
Live Now And Forever Be With You…

I want something a prize that quickens

I Want Something;
A Prize That Quickens My Pulse
And Catches My Breath
And Overrides My Reason
Just By Thinking Of It.
And I Can’t Have It
Not Morally,
Or Ethically,
Or Publicly.
But I Want It Anyway.
So I Must Choose:
Do I Claim My Prize
And Risk Discovery And Contempt?
Or Do I Walk Away,
And Be The Honest, Moral And Upstanding Citizen
I’d Rather Not Be?
It’s Not Far From The Devil To The Deep Blue Sea…

All the pretty things you think want

All The Pretty Things
You Think You Want Them
But They Aren’t Real
Pretty Things
Bling Bling
Gold Rings And Silver Spoons
Won’t Mean A Thing
Death Comes And Brings
Roaches, Wet, Wet Earth
The Worms Crawl Up
In And Out Of You
And Even If You Get Your Casket
The Kind That Has A Great Seal
The Maggots Already Wait,
They Are In Your Flesh
Right Now
I See Them Behind
Your Empty Eyes
You Are Already Dead Girl
Looking For The Latest Fashions
No Idea Of Your Own Creation
Following All The Trends
In Music And Clothes
You Don’t Know What Music Is
And You Have No Self Expression
You Don’t Know What You Think Is Cool
You Let Other People Tell You
I Guess Some People Are Just
Born Without A Soul

All you lies boy they hurt its

All You Lies
Boy They Hurt
Its Cuts So Deep
Every Word
When You Cry
Makes It Worse
Just Stop.
Let Go Of Me
Nothing Will Ever Change
No Matter What You Say
Just Let Go Of Me And You
Just Let Me Walk Away
Let Me Through The Rain
Let Me See The Sun
You Had Youre Chance You Blew It
Now We Are Done
Let Me See The Blue Skies
Let Me Be Free
Let Me Fly Away, And See
Exactly Who I Am
You Told Me I Was Tough
A Different Sorta Girl
Someone Who Fought So Rough
So Unpredictable
I Guess It Was Just Love
Those Smiles You Had To Fake
Its Hard Because
You Make Me Still Love You Now
Please Just Stop
Just Let Me Go
Nothing Will Ever Change
No Matter What You Say
Just Let Go Of Me And You
Just Let Me Walk Away
Let Me Through The Rain
Let Me See The Sun
You Had Youre Chance You Blew It
Now We Are Done
Let Me See The Blue Skies
Let Me Be Free
Let Me Fly Away, And See
Exactly Who I Am
I Know I May Seem Strange
A Bit Wierd Now And Again
But I Know I Didnt Deserve
All That Pain
I Just Wanna Fly
Spread My Wings And Scream
Make A Reality
Out Of My Dreams
Just Stop This Now
And Let Me Go

When you got in i went out

When You Got In
I Went Out
Such Is The Wrong Timing
Of Your
Then We Talk
About The Proper Timing
Of Our Desires
You Set The Time, The Place, And The Mood
Now It Is Not Just Desire But
Yes, Love,
But Sometimes I Still Wonder
What Love Is
When Two People Meet At The Proper Time
The Proper Place, And The Proper Mood
When Everything Seems Right
And Yet
Feels So Wrong
When Everything Is Supposedly Proper
And Yet
There Is Still This
Feeling Of Impropriety
I Am 48 Years Old And You Are 49
And I Am Just Asking
When We All Want To Be Inside The Room Of
And Yet
They All Want Us
Just Because They Also Feel
That The Timing May Be Right
But It Simply Does Not
Look All Right
And Then You Are A Little
Bit Irritated And You Ask

It takes strength to be firm courage

It Takes Strength To Be Firm,
It Takes Courage To Be Gentle.
It Takes Strength To Stand Guard,
It Takes Courage To Let Down Your Guard.

It Takes Strength To Be Certain,
It Takes Courage To Have Doubt.
It Takes Strength To Fit In,
It Takes Courage To Stand Out.
It Takes Strength To Feel A Friend’s Pain,
It Takes Courage To Feel Your Own Pain.
It Takes Strength To Hide Your Own Pains,
It Takes Courage To Show Them.
It Takes Strength To Endure Abuse,
It Takes Courage To Stop It.
It Takes Strength To Stand Alone,
It Takes Courage To Lean On Another.
It Takes Strength To Survive,
It Takes Courage To Live
It Takes Strength To Love,
It Takes Courage To Be Loved.

Our love is so special very precious

Our Love Is So Special, So Very Precious
We Were One From The First Hello
Our Souls Finally Found Home
We Comforted Each Other
Our Broken Hearts Become One
We Were Laughing Again
Our Tears Were Full Of Joy
We Are Alive And Breathe Love
But That Was Yesterday…
We Are Forcing To Say Goodbye
Our Worlds Are Tumbling Down
We Will Never Be The Same
Our Hearts Are Breaking
We Are So Scared And Lost
Our Love Will Never Die
We Will Always Be One

The memories of sweet nothings we talked

The Memories Of The Sweet Nothings We Talked,
Keeps Coming Back To Me, As I Lay Awake.
Those Unexplored Paths In Our Dreams We Walked,
Passing The Mountains, Crossing The Lake.
My Eyes Close As The Night Brings In Moon Rays,
Still My Mind Lies Awake In The Sorrow Rain.
All Music That Comes To Me These Days,
Is Filled With A Melancholic Strain.
As My Mind Goes To Rest I Wonder,
When Those Days To Me Would Come Back Again.
The Days When We Were There For Each Other,
In Each Other’s Happiness, In Each Other’s Pain.

I thought knew you had you figured

I Thought I Knew You…
I Thought I Had You Figured Out…
You Seemed Like The ‘Nice Guy’ Every Girl Dreams About!
You Took The Time To Be My Friend,
Especially When We Hung Out Over The Weekends.
When You Would Call Me To Say, -Å—hey! ‘
Man, Did That Make My Day!
But Then Things Changed When Your
True Colors Started To Show…
And All The Nice Things You Did Went Out The Window…
You Acted Like A Jerk
And Did Things That Really Hurt.
And When I Tell You How I Feel…
What’s Your Reply?
‘That’s Just The Way I Am, You Wouldn’t Understand,
So Don’t Even Try.’
So Now I’m Upset…
And Filled With Regret
For Giving You A Part Of My Heart
And In The End,
Allowing You To Break It

This is all the treasure that you

This Is All The Treasure
That You Can Have And Hold
So When You Feel All Stuck
In Life’s Weather That Is Cold
Then Wait For Lovely Spring
Because The World Is Full Of Things
That Is Nice And Always New
And Can Bring You Joys All True.

It8217s impossible to fine some one who

It’s Impossible To Fine Some One Who Will Never Hurt You
So Go For The One Who Is Worth All The Pain
I Wanna Be The One Thas Make You Smile
Not The One That You Say Is’nt Wotrh While
Its Better To Have Lost A Lover
Then To Loved A Looser
No Matter How May Times You Hurt Me,
I Always Forgive You,
Some Call It Stupid, But I Call It Love
Some Times Its Takes Being Away From Some
One To Realize How Much You Need Them In Ur Life

Crackers and cheese topped with pickle black

Crackers And Cheese Topped With Pickle
Black Forest Gateau With Creams
Pork Pies With Jacket Potatoes
My Trousers Now Strain At The Seams
Salads Were Left Alone Wilting
As Strange Things On Sticks Fizzled Out
Just One More Small Sherry Trifle
With More Cream If There-‘s Some About
Someone Said Take The Last Drumstick
If Not It Will Just Go To Waste
Plus One Or Two More Pickled Onions
And Butties With Potted Meat Paste
At First I Wasn-‘t So Peckish
And Know That I Shouldn-‘t Have Started
My Rumbling Tum, Went Off Like A Gun
When The Wind Blew The Guests All Departed

Stop crying for me telling its okay

Stop Crying For Me
Stop Telling Me Its Okay
I Know Somethings Wrong
Dont Think Im Fine
Dont Tell Me You’ll Help
I Know Somethings Wrong.
Tell Me Again
I Swear I’ll Hate You
I Swear I’ll Kill You
Wait No I’ll Go First.
Nothing You Do
Can Make It Alright
I’ll Just Deal With It
And Change For Me
Because Of Me
And No One Else.
Because You Can’t Tell Me
That I Have To Stop
Because What If I Can’t?
And You Try That Guilt
I Won’t Hurt You
For Something I Know
Is My Fault.
So Stop Crying For Me
Stop Telling Me Its Okay
Because I Know Its Not
And You’re Not Helping Anyone.

Youre born your heart is whole beating

You-‘re Born Your Heart Is Whole, Beating You To Life
Although It-‘s One, Many Pieces Make Up Your Heart
Each One A Special Part Of Someone-‘s Life

The First Part Is Taken By Your Mother, Her Love Never Ending
Followed By Your Friends Who Care And Devote With Ease
There Are Those You Look Up To And Those You Admire
Each Person Taking A Special Piece Of Your Heart
As Each Part Is Peeled Away It Can Never Be Replaced
For Each Part Taken Another Is Given
Sometimes It Doesn-‘t Fit, A Puzzle Left Undone
Sometimes Your Heart Has To Give Away And Never Receive
But Sometimes
Someone Can Take A Part Of Your Heart So Big It Hurts
They May Give A Piece To You That Fills The Gap
Two Hearts Beating Together Each Rhythm Breaths Love
Your Heart Starts To Grow And Give More And More
When That Piece Is Broken Your Heart Begins To Weep
Its Fighting For Life As Its Split In Two
Aching Chest And Persistent Tears
Lonely And Lost It Beats Sending Signals
Needing Another To Fill The Hole
It Throws Its Pieces At Others Hoping To Receive
But Each Piece Thrown Is Never Taken
Another Lost In The Story Of Life
Realising What-‘s Left Hurts The Most
Not Knowing Who You Are
Not Knowing How You Feel

Bells may peal and chime for real

Bells May Peal
And Chime
For Real
But They Might Need
For I Just Fell
For A Nightingale
Whose Charms Repeat-
I View Her Winsome
Fancy Flights
And Hope That It Is
Taken On Wings
Of Bitter-Sweet Delight
To Isles Yet To Be.
Yes, Tonight I Saw
An Angel Take Wing
In My Recanted Light-
Yes, Tonight
I Heard An Angel Sing
So Know
What An Angel
Sounds Like

Don8217t feel sad ever cry if you8217ve

Don’t Feel Sad
Don’t Ever Cry
If You’ve Failed
Once More Try
And Go To The House
Of God And Dwell
And Ask Your Lord
To Wish You Well
And Swap Your Pain
With All His Joy
And Show You Ways
In Life To Enjoy
And Keep You Very
Close In His Heart
And Show Your Life
A Brighter New Start.

Forgive me if i made you cry

Forgive Me If I Made You Cry
Forgive Me If I Told You Lies
Forgive Me If I Made You
Wonder Why I Said Goodbye
Forgive Me For Wanting To Die
I Felt So Much Hurt
I Felt So Much Pain
I Felt So Much Sorrow
I Thought I Could Never
Make It Through Tommorrow
Forgive Me For What
I Am About To Do.
!Forgive Me! I No I Should 4give U?!
But Its Hard 2 4 Give My Self!
I Lie In Ma Bed! @ Nite Wonderin!
Wat Is There 2 Forgive!
Wen U Cheated And Lied!
And Sed It Was All Ma Fault!
Tht I Was Over Protective!
And Askin Questions!
Get This Rite! It Was U Tht Was Askin Questions!
Not Me! So I Walked Out! With Another Man!
And U Couldn’t Get It,
In 2 Your Head Tht I Dont Love U Any More!
Forgive Me If U Could!
But U Wont!
So There Is No Point In,!
Talkin Any More!.

With you i have dreams and follow

With You I Have Dreams
And I Follow Them
Guided By The Warmth Of Your
Soft Hands
With You I Talk About
The Goodness
Of Humanity The Light
Winning Over
The Darkness
With You I Have
Connected Again
To The Earth
And To The Heavens

With You I Have Become
A Friend Of The Gods
With You I Have Become
A Man Complete