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What i feel for you is very

What I Feel For You Is Very Strong,
I Still Rememeber The First Time Our Lips Touched,
That Dayy I Realized Many Things.
I Started To Fall For You More And More,
You Will Always Tell Me That You Loved Me,
Was It True Were U Just Playing With Me.
You Will Always Tell Me U Werent Playing With Me.
Every Day I Pray For You Telling God
To Help You Realize That What I Feel For Is Love.
I Wished You Would Give Me A Chance To Prove To You
That What I Feel Is Love,
I Hadn’t Really Felt This Way For Some One Else.
I Love You Baby Hope You Realize That.

When i feel life is real my

When I Feel Life Is Real my Friend Always Comes To Heal
And When I Feel I Want To Die..And This Makes Me Want To Cry
I Just Look At The Sky And Say Good Bye
When I Feel Happy I Always Laugh And Giggle..
Because These Moments..Only Come A Little..
And When I Feel I-‘m Worried I Feel Already Hurried To Run Away And Pray..
So God Will Make Me Relax..As If Sending Me A Fax..Telling Me To Calm Down..
So I Feel Like I-‘m Wearing A Crown..
And When I Feel Sad I See Life Very Bad..Like When Americans Invaded Ba3-‘dad
And When I Feel Bored I See Life-‘s Not Gold As Its Always In My Eyes-Â…
When I Feel Bored Fun Dies..
And When I Feel Excited..I Always Have Fun..
Run And Play In The Sun..Well That-‘s The Real Fun..
And When I Feel Confused.. I Don-‘t Know What To Choose..
But I Knew I Had To Choose The Thing That I-‘ll Use ^^
When I Am Interested In Something I Always Think About It..
Not Obsessed Just A Little Bit
Lots Of Feelings We Can-‘t Count..
But What-‘s The Best Feeling Around

All i can say is goodbye for

All I Can Say Is Goodbye
For My Heart Has Died
For My Heart Grew Weak
So Deep Down Inside.

My Heart Cannot Love Her
For My Heart Has Died
For My Heart Cannot Say
What It Feels Inside.
I Cannot Smile Nor Laugh
For My Heart Has Died
For Happiness Is Absent
With This Pain Inside.
All I Can Say Is Goodbye
For My Heart Has Died
My Heart Will Find Peace
High In Heavens Skies

Ell me what i want to hear

Ell Me What I Want To Hear
I’ll Give You Everything I Have
Everything That I Am
Is Here Infront Of You

I Want To Give You The World
But All I Have To Give Is My Heart
Do What You Want With It
Just Don’t Give Me Away
Don’t Let Me Go
Batsygirl Quintana

I can8217t take it anymore if say

I Can’t Take It Anymore
If I Say I Want To Be With You Then I Do
I Get That You Have To Ask That Because Of What I Did To You
But Baby Im Sorry
And I Wouldn’t Say It If I Wasn’t
I Just Want To Make Everything Alright
And It Makes Me Mad That I Can’t
I Just Wish You Could Understnad
That Im Not Going To Hurt You Again
Not Just Purposely But
At All
That You Can Trust Me With All
Words And Promises Will Alwasys Be Kept
I Just Don’t Expect
You To Except
What Happened
So Why Am I So Mad
Just Know That My Anger Is Not At You
Its At Myself
I No I Hurt You
As Your Firend Said…
But Im Willing To Make Up For That
Everyone Just Stop Throwin Ish At Me
I Know What I Did
And No Im Not Happy
Why Should I Be
A Break Could Do Alot Of Things
But Whos To Say That It Would Be Best
Im Not Taking Chances On That
I Would Rather Things Not Work Out And We Say We Gave It A Try
Then For Things To Not Work Out Because We Let Each Other Fly
I Would Rather Breathe With You’
Then Without
Cause I Can’t Breathe Without You
I Love You With All My Might
And Everyday I Wake Up
Its A Constant Fight
Not Knowing If You’ll Always Be In My Life
I Just Know That I Always Want To Be In Yours
And Im Ready To Make It Work
But Why Must I Keep This Hurt
Why Must I Feel This Pain
When You Hurt
I Hurt
Thats Just The Way It Is

I dont want these emotions but still

I Dont Want These Emotions,
But I Still Love You.
Cant Help But Do It,
Though I Dont Want To.
There Differnt To Mine,
The Feelings She Has For You.
Cos My Wishes And Dreamz,
Are All Bwt You.
While My Feelings Lay Here,
Staying Unborn.
Paitience, Only Thing I Have,
And Its Juzt Being Torn.
You Make The Perfect Couple,
Happy For You!
But Really Sucks,
My Dream Wont Come True.
Scars For Life,
Can Only Fade.
Nothing There,
Except A Blade.
This Type Of Pain,
Better Than Heartbroken.
Soon You Wont See Me,
And The Wordz I Have Spoken.
I’ve Seen Your Pain,
And You’ve Seen Mine.
But What You Cant See,
Is My Love, Your Blind

Alone i stand two hands with nothing

Alone I Stand Two Hands With Nothing To Offer,
One Heart That Continues To Beat,
And Continues To Repeat One Phrase That
Has Been Taught By One Person,
I Love You Yes Father I Love You
It Was You Father Who Taught Me To Say These Three Words,
Three Words That Are So Affectionate Reciprocative,
Appreciative Yes Father You Taught Me Ways To Love,
If There Is Nothing To Say,
I Will Always Find A Way To Repay,
For The Memories That You Have Shared With Me,
The Days That You Cared For Me,
There Is So Much To Express,
For The Days That I May Have Chose To Retrogress,
Make My Life A Mess You Gave Me Protection In Every Direction,
The Security I Wanted The Immunity I Needed,
The Love That You Told Me Will Last An Eternity.
Yes Father It Is Through Three Words,
Three Words That Are Meant To Revive My Broken Heart,
Three Words That Keep Me Alive,
Three Words That Give Me A Feeling So Sublime.
Yes Father These Three Words Developed From One Feeling,
The Feeling Of Love The Way That Christ Felt For His Father Above,
His Love Immortalized Through Sacrifice,
My Love For You Father Lives In The Past, Today And Forevermore,
Through Sacrifice And So Much More These Three Words,
Yes Father Only Come To Life When I Say It To You,
They Are The Only Words That Gibe To The Way I Feel About You.
Because Of Its Strength Because Of Its Power,
I Will Always Say It Now And Tomorrow,

Slowly she rises across the horizon to

Slowly She Rises Across The Horizon
To Join With This Starlit Sky And Cast Her Light Upon This Ocean
Causing Soft Silhouette Of Our Love
Against The Dark Blue Clouds She Mesmerises Me.
I Join Her Softly In The Shadows Of Her Wane
As I Leave Behind My Body On The Lonely Rock.
Across The Moonlit And Starry Sky
She Guides Me To Another Land Called Oz.
Where My Lady Lies Patiently Waiting
For Me To Join Her That We May Be One.
And We Become Woman Of The Night!
Trembling Muscles Quake As Ecstasy Takes Full Control,
My Breathing Quickened And My Skin Flushed.
Take Me To Other Plains Far From Here,
Whimpers Escape My Lips As She Gently Caresses My Soul.
Our Hands Begin To Wander Over Each Others Body,
Finding All The Sensitive, Erotic Places They Love Having Touched.
Furious Longing To Find Heaven Boils Our Desire To A Crest,
Pulsating Heartbeats,
Fuel Bodies As We Conquer Our Sexual Quest.
Two Caring Souls Become One Looking Into Each Others Eyes,
As We Journey Into Another World Of Pure Delight.
We Reach As One An Orgasm Of Amazing Pleasure,
That Lasts And Feels Like Forever!
My Body Goes Limp And I Lay Upon Her Chest,
So Satisfied And Full Filled.
I Feel Her Heart Pulsing Against My Body,
Hear Every Pounding Beat So Clearly,
As She Rubs Her Fingers Through My Hair.
This Beautiful Woman Of Mine,
Whom I So Love With My Life.
She Is My Woman Of The Night!
by Chiqui‚ 

My sea of dreams a vast expanse

My sea of dreams, a vast expanse of glittering dreams and wishes rocking back and forth to form the waves
This sea the only sea I know that changes its color even from a deep majestic purple to a light azure
It changes from the most profound yellow to a bright grassy green
Atop the horizon of this picture perfect sight, the great sky towers above everything
My sky of miracles
The sky that is as enchanted as my wonderful sea
It too along with the sea changes shade
As from white to black to blue
From a sunset red to a dark violet
From a mellow scarlet to a fiery orange
This seascape portrays beauty and imagination
Bianca P.B

For her from now i8217ll never feel

For Her From Now I’ll Never Feel The Same
Her Sexy Smile Her Voice So Warm And Soft
Her Eyes Were Sparkling When To Me She Came
Her Curvy Body Takes My Mind Aloft
She’s Like A Star Bright In My Gloomy Sky
Delight She Brings And Sadness ‘Way She Turns
For All I Wish She’ll Come To Me Tonight
Cause Soon My Candle Will No Longer Burn
I Tried To Say I Love You” Many Times
But Boy I’m Too Afraid She’ll Turn Me Down
How Can I Tell Her All That’s In My Mind
Cause Passion For Her Love I Can’t Surmount
But Hey I’ve Got A Lot Of Things To Do
Just Fancy Will Not Make My Dreams Come True

I thought knew you had you figured

I Thought I Knew You…
I Thought I Had You Figured Out…
You Seemed Like The ‘Nice Guy’ Every Girl Dreams About!
You Took The Time To Be My Friend,
Especially When We Hung Out Over The Weekends.
When You Would Call Me To Say, -Å—hey! ‘
Man, Did That Make My Day!
But Then Things Changed When Your
True Colors Started To Show…
And All The Nice Things You Did Went Out The Window…
You Acted Like A Jerk
And Did Things That Really Hurt.
And When I Tell You How I Feel…
What’s Your Reply?
‘That’s Just The Way I Am, You Wouldn’t Understand,
So Don’t Even Try.’
So Now I’m Upset…
And Filled With Regret
For Giving You A Part Of My Heart
And In The End,
Allowing You To Break It

When i can8217t talk to you breathe

When I Can’t Talk To You I Can’t Breathe.
Everytime You’re Not With Me I Get The Need.
I Wanna Be With You All The Time.
I Feel Like I’ve Committed A Crime.
All I Want Is For You To Be Mine.
So It’s Half Past Nine
My Thoughts Are Stuck On You.
I Wonder If You Do…
If You Can’t Breathe?
If You Get The Need?
It’s Impossible To Control.
You’re The Only One Who Can Make Me Whole.

In the shadow of your smile theres

In The Shadow Of Your Smile,
There-‘s Still The Same Invitation Of Yours.
In The Mysterious Pond Of Your Eyes
There-‘s Still A Silent Invitation Of Yesterday
Every Single Thing About You
Seems To Suggest -Å—o, Let-‘s Start Again.-
Every Single Trait Of You
Seems To Cry Out A Revival.
But Deep Inside Me…
I Feel Like Everything Is Burnt To Ash
And Lost To Oblivion.
I-‘m Afraid To Think Of Yesterday.
I Feel So Sceptic That Game To Play Anew
I Have Lost The Arena A Lacerated Warrior,
The Scar Has Not Been Healed Yet-Â…
So Please, Ask Me Not To Start Again
Urge Me Not To Go On

For p a rare flower in your

For P.
A Rare Flower
In Your Hands,
The Bud Sealed Tight.
It Starts To Open
Under Your Care,
The Petals Loosening,
Stretching To Feel
The Warmth Of Your Sunshine.
It Will Bloom Fully
For A Brief Moment,
Exposing Its Inner Workings,
Then Withdraw Again,
Protecting Itself.
But Do Not Set It Aside.
For Once Freed By You,
This Bloom
Will Never Fully Close.
And The Secrets
Of Its Beauty
Belong To You Alone,
For It Is Your Words
Your Touch,
Your Spirit
That Have Released Them.

The new sun had risen shining his

The New Sun Had Risen,
Shining His Amber Light
Into The Tunnel Of The Wailers
And Guided The Wounded Home.
At Sea, Ships Could See Their Ways,
But Still To Sail For Many Days;
The Calm Oceans Glistened With Cyan Joy
While The White Seagulls Sang Happily;
The Young Sun Had Risen
To Lead Red, Blue And White To Her Port.

Drowning in my own misery and i

Drowning In My Own Misery
And I Cant Find The Surface
Mind Rolling From Confusion
Regret At Things Not Done
The Same Mistakes Repeated
The Same Sorrow Repeated
Will The World Ever Make Sence?
Will This Frustration Ever End?
The Words Spoken Are Sending Me To Dispare
Chose Around Me
Can Order Ever Be Restored?
Alas The Pain Of Math Class! ! !

My love for you was there even

My Love For You Was There
Even Before My Birth,
You Know The Affair Is
Beyond Any Worth.
My Love Is In Existence
For You Always Now,
I Know It Inspires Me
Unseen And Strange, How!
My Love For You Will Remain
Even After My Departure,
Don’t Forget Darling
My Heart’s Structure.

Shouldering a blue bruised sky the cuillins

Shouldering A Blue Bruised Sky
The Cuillins Of Rum Match The Wild In Her Eyes
Their Strong Silhouette Silently Calling;
An Opaque Serenade Of Contours Now Rising
Reaching Above The Furrowed Brow Of The Sea
Like A Crown Torn Out Of History.
Cobalt Ridges Muted By Whispers
Of Softly Spoken Clouds
Loom Out Of This Brooding Backdrop
Consuming A Salt Drenched Shroud
That Blends The Blue Grey Stillness
Hanging Low Across The Sounds
Where Tides Creep Into Inlets
In Search Of The Singing Sands;
Quartz Siren-‘s Of Past Times Beckoning
In The Lee Of An Earlier Land
Their Song A Beguiling Summons;
A Shimmering Cadence She Understands
Such Perfect Imperfection
Causes Her Heart And Soul To Stir
Her Gaze Soaring Like The Eagle
From The Edge Of The Ancient Sgurr
Where The Smouldering Blue Of The Cuillins
Calls To The Wilderness In Her

Love is like a lump of gold

Love Is Like A Lump Of Gold,
Hard To Keep, Hard To Hold,
Of All The Guys I Have Ever Met,
You Are The One I Can’t Forget.
I Do Believe That God Above,
Created You For Me To Love,
He Picked You Up From All,
The Rest.

Nights i dream of you wish were

Nights I Dream Of You
Wish You Were Here By My Side
Thinking Of You So Many Times
When Were Together
It Felt So Right We Were So Happy
And I Know It Also Meant Something To You,
Then You Had To Leave
And Heard Not A Word From You
When We Talk You Say You Miss Me
Why Have You Treated Me This Way.
I-‘m Sitting And Wondering
I’m Starring In Front Of Me
I Feel A Lump In My Throat
I Sit With Tears In My Eyes
Feeling Low, I Know You Gone
Why Did You Leave Me This Way
You Promise You Will Never Leave.
Why Did You Have To Leave?
Why Did You Say Goodbye
But What I Feel For You
You’ll Never Know.
Why Did You Have To Leave?

Why dose he love me care really

Why Dose He Love Me?
Why Dose He Care?
Dose He Really Love Me?
Dose He Really Care About Me The Way He Says He Dose?
Why Dose He Treat Me So Good One Min An Like Shit The Next?
Why Dose He Make Me Feel Wanted One Min An Then Make Me Feel Unwanted?
Why Do I Love Him?
I Love Him Cause No Matter How Much He Makes Me Cry Or How Much He Pisses Me Off, Some How He Gets Me To Smile Or Laugh Every Time.
He Makes My Heart Race At The Speed Of Light,
Makes My Body Feel Like Theres No Imperfections.
He Makes My Skin Cralw An The Hairs On The Back Of My Neck Stand On End With Every Time He Touches Me.
He Makes Me Weak In The Knees,He Knows All The Spots.
I Love The Way He Holds Me.
I Love The Way He Kisses Me,My Lips,My Nose,My Forhead An My Back.
I Love The Way He Says He Loves Me.
I Love The Way He Makes Love To Me.
I Love He Dark Brown Eyes,
His Sexy Smile,The Way He Laughs.
I Love The Look On His Face When He’s Mad An When He’s Horny.
I Just Don’t Like How I Keep Thinking I’m Going To Lose Him Again.
I Love You

I8217m a broken wave dying on beach

I’m A Broken Wave Dying On A Beach, I’m A Lost Heart Penetrating To Breathe..
I’m A Stubborn Love Neglecting The Failure, I’m A Poor Soul Crying For The Worst Destiny..
I’m The Most Unfortunate On This Sweet Universe, I’m An Unfair Attitude With A Lot Of Ego..
I’m A Box Of Garbage Spreading Filth All Around..
I’m An Emotional Fool, Trying To Dig Out Buried Emotions From The Heart..
I’m A Carriage Of Faded Flowers Spreading The Fade-Luck Everywhere..
I’m An Unlucky Creature Of “God”, Whom “God” Also Regrets For Sending Me On This Earth

When on my errand youll ascend high

When, On My Errand, You-‘ll Ascend High In The Sky
To Move With The Wind, Being Looked Keenly By The Wives
Of Those Who-‘re Abroad; Far From Them, Since Long
Holding-Up The Ends Of Their Non-Braided Tresses
That, Otherwise Swung Around Their Heads And Faces
Obstructing Visions Whilst Covering Their Eyes
Cheered Up By The Thought That Their Spouses Will Be Back
Soon, With The Ensuing Rains, To Be Now With Them
Who Else Than Me, Who-‘s So Bound To His Employer
Being Dependent On Him For His Living An-‘ Welfare
With Commencement Of Rains, Lightening And Thunder
Leave Lone His Separation-Afflicted Wife?

I8217m really not the praying kind but

I’m Really Not The Praying Kind,
But, Lately I’ve Been Down On My Knees,
Looking For A Reason To Believe,
Searching For An Answer To My Dreams,
Praying For A Miracle To End My Anxiety
To Find Rest For My Constant Worried Mind,
Disintegrate All My Problems,
Confess My Sins And Lies
Longing For The Happiness,
That Has Completely Disappeared Out Of Sight
Seeing The Pain That I Can Feel So Clear,
Fearing The Fear Within Me Here,,
Shouting Out With A Fierce Cry,
Feeling The Pain Shoot Through My Eyes
Looking To The Stars Up High,
Wishing For My Dreams To Come True,
Who Am I Kidding,
My Wishes Have Run Out Of Time
I’m Just Sitting Here Crying,
As My Body Is Slowly Dying,
Giving Up To One Last Wish,
That I Will Commit To Suicide
I Kneel Upon The Heavenly Skies
Star Light, Star Bright,
The Last Star I Will See Tonight,
Will I Won’t, Wish I Might,
Take My Life, My Life Tonight

Ou appear like a fire burn me

ou appear like a fire
burn me in your one desire
say you’ll forgive me
say you’ll forget me
all the things that i’ve been saying
they were not what i’m feeling
they call it forbidden
my heart was so hidden
does still hurts since we last argue?
get over it, it hurts me more
cause my heart just stops
when you are around
i need some love
but can never be from you now
(i never wanted to hurt you somehow)
i had a big mistake
causes our heart to break
(i never wanted to hurt you somehow)
setting you free is the only way to bleed
i’ve bad to you somehow
but i love you no just don’t how
but goodbyes are just for now
and i’ll give you my only vow
i wanted to forget you
why do i still love you…………….
by lilkira‚ 

Ive misplaced my little brother we were

I-‘ve Misplaced My Little Brother
We Were Playing In The Sand
He Said That I Should Cover Him
A Game He-‘d Clearly Planned
Until I Went For Ice Creams
I Left My Brother To It
On My Return There Was No Sign
Why Ever Did I Do It?
The Beach I Turned To Turmoil
It Gave Me Such A Scare
Until I Found Him Fast Asleep
In A Stripy Old Deck Chair

Forgive me if i made you cry

Forgive Me If I Made You Cry
Forgive Me If I Told You Lies
Forgive Me If I Made You
Wonder Why I Said Goodbye
Forgive Me For Wanting To Die
I Felt So Much Hurt
I Felt So Much Pain
I Felt So Much Sorrow
I Thought I Could Never
Make It Through Tommorrow
Forgive Me For What
I Am About To Do.
!Forgive Me! I No I Should 4give U?!
But Its Hard 2 4 Give My Self!
I Lie In Ma Bed! @ Nite Wonderin!
Wat Is There 2 Forgive!
Wen U Cheated And Lied!
And Sed It Was All Ma Fault!
Tht I Was Over Protective!
And Askin Questions!
Get This Rite! It Was U Tht Was Askin Questions!
Not Me! So I Walked Out! With Another Man!
And U Couldn’t Get It,
In 2 Your Head Tht I Dont Love U Any More!
Forgive Me If U Could!
But U Wont!
So There Is No Point In,!
Talkin Any More!.

Why did you do this to me

Why Did You Do This To Me?
Broke My Heart And Tore It Apart
I Trusted You More Than Anyone Else
You Turned Out To Be Liar
And Made My Life Worst Than The Hell
You Promised Me To Be With Me Always
But Instead Turned Your
Back At Me When I Needed You The
Most The Memories Of The
Beautiful Days You Just Burnt It Ablaze
You Were The Person I Always Loved
You Were My Beloved But You Betrayed Me
Now I Have Lost The Grip
On My Heart And My Life
I Can Never Trust Anybody
Just Because You Did This To Me
I Don-‘t Know Why? Today I Hate You Like
Anything Just Go Away From My Life
I Will Never Let You Enter It Again
Because I Want To‚  Survive

Yet there was already tuning between our

Yet There Was Already Tuning
Between Our Souls.
You Ended The Sentences That I Began;
I Understood The Thoughts That You Hid.
And It Was Love,
That Burst Out From Our Hearts,
Overwhelming, Endless, Passionate-Â…
Your Jealousy If I Talked To Others,
Mine, If You Ignored Me.
I Called Only You
To Tell You Hi, You Looked For Me To Hear My Voice.
Greater Love Couldn’t Exist,
We Were Walking On The Clouds,
The Waves-Â… Our Home,
The Moon-Â… Our Truthful Friend.
It Was The Dream Of A Life,
But You Had Another One
To Love,I Had A Pain To Forget-Â…
Like Ships In The Night
We Were Met There,
For An Instant;
Everything We Had Forgotten
For An Instant.
Then We Have Followed
Our Own Routes,
That Equal Were Not
And They Estranged Us From The Dream.
You Had Your Life To Live;
And Me Mine To Regret You Forever

You8217ve always wondered if there8217s one out

You’ve always wondered
If there’s one out there
That will fit your shoes
Someone whose ways
Will be in sync with yours
You’d ask where in the world are you?
To whose tune are you dancing
Whose song are you moving to?
While the ones you danced with
Clearly stepped on your toes,
In major dance faux pas
Then comes along
One that has the qualities
You once starting giving up on finding
Perfect harmony you say,
Makes you tingle.
Your kiss brings about unison
like an opera ensemble
Makes you dance to the same tune
You once again allow yourself to dream
You want to put on your dancing shoes
for it is now possible you say…
Could this one be the one?
Only to find out…
You can’t allow yourself to dream all the way
You can’t allow yourself to freely
Let it down on this dance floor…
Because you don’t know…
How long this song will last.
Because there is a dance partner lurking
For their song wasn’t completly over with,
When you stepped on the dance floor.
So you dance…
Hoping before the end of this song..
They will leave
so you can dance until the morning light.
by Afrikansoul‚ 

Be with me and my love thy

Be With Me And Be My Love, Thy Nature Seems Free Like A Dove.
I Would Give Thou A Face, And A Look That No One Would Out Pace.
I Will Give Thy A Beauty That Thou Will Treasure, For All To See And For My Own Pleasure.
Thou Lips, Thou Eyes, Thou Face A Sight, That Would Bring A Measure Of Delight.
Thou Hair Would Be A Color And A Shade, That In Your Life Never Would Out Fade.
Thou Eyes Would Be Deep Sea Blue, That Would Outshine The Sun, Too.
Thou Lips A Color As Bright As Red, That Would Have Rose Bush-‘s Flowers Shed.
Thou Eyebrows Would Be Curved As The Crescent Of The Moon,
That Will Bring Out Thou Eyes As A Musical Tune.
Thou Lips, Thou Eyes, Thou Face Would Sing, And Think Of All The Happiness It Would Bring.
So Come With Me And Be My Love As I Take You To A Journey To A Pearl Cove.

Can you see me this poor excuse

Can You See Me?
See This Poor Excuse For A Girl?
See My Lifeless Eyes?
See These Tears That Stream Down My Face?
No, You Cant, Because You Are Not Here.
Can You See Me?
See The Depression That Has Slowly Taken Over Me?
See The Blood That Slickly Glides Acros Smy Legs?
See These Trembleing Lips That Scream Your Name?
No, You Cant, Because Im All Alone
Can You See Me?
See The Pain I Endure Daily?
See My Ashey Skin That Bleeds For You?
See The Torture I Have To Live Though?
No, You Cant, Because You Are So Far Away
Soif You Cant See Me
Dont You Dare Tell Me Im Wrong
Dont You Dare Say Its A Mistake
Dont You Dare Lie And Say You Care
Because If Any Of This Were True
You Would Be Able To See Me

When the mid night bell rings tonight let

When The Mid-Night Bell Rings Tonight…
Let It Signify New And Better Things For You,
Let It Signify A Realization Of All Things You Wish For,
Let It Signify A Year Of Courage And Believes,
Wishing You A Very… Very… Very… Prosperous Year…

A single rose waiting at the door

A Single Rose,
Waiting At The Door,
With A Note Saying,
Everyday I Love You More,
Everyday A New Rose
At The Door I’d Find
I Knew We’d Always Be Together
For The Rest Of Time,
The Roses Made Me Happy,
Whenever I Was Down,
If I Was Feeling Lonely And Depressed,
There Would Be A Rose Around
One Day When I Came Home,
There Was No Rose Waiting There
I Didn’t Know What Happened To You,
I Was Really Scared
I Got A Phone Call
Saying You Passed Away,
I Cried More Then Ever
On That Crushing Day
The Day Of The Funeral,
I Got Home Really Sad,
I Couldn’t Believe That You Were Gone,
It Made Me Really Mad
I Looked At My Door,
Thinking Life Was Unfair,
And Then At The Ground
A Single Rose Was There
I Picked Up The Rose,
A Smile Replaced My Sigh
Until I Saw A Note Attached,
That Made Me Want To Cry:
“When I Said Till Death Do Us Part,
I Knew It Wasn’t True,
Because I’m Never Gonna Leave,
I’ll Always Be A Part Of You”

Every man makes suffer at least a

Every Man Makes Suffer
At Least A Woman In His Life.
And Lots Of Time A Female Existence
Is Illuminated More By Pain That By Love.
After All Man Tries To Run Away From A Love
That Brings Him Suffering.
Whereas Woman Longs To Find A Suffering
In Her Love To Have The Joy
Of Taking Care Of The Wound
And To Cure The Scar.
Our Love Is Also Pain And You Know It
And Now My Heart Trembles
To Know That You-‘re Crying.
And Your Every Tear Becomes
Its Thorn-Â…

I declare that what do and want

I Declare, That What I Do
And What I Want To Do, Are Not,
Alas What I Say And Do,
Are Often On Parallel Lines
Not Due To Meet
I Fear,
Sometimes My Dear,
That What I Say
And Declare, Is Ofen
What You Would Want To Hear
Said The Mad Hatter
To His Queen Of Hearts

You made me believe love our is

You Made Me Believe You Love Me
You Made Me Believe Our Love Is So Pure
You Made Me Believe I’m Your Number 1
You Made Me Believe In Nevaland
You Made Me Believe I Could Fly
But Tonight I Woke Up From That Lovely Dream…
Just To Realise Reality
You Never Loved Me
Our Love Is So Impure
I’m Not Even A Number On Your List
There Is No Such Thing Like Nevaland
And My Flying Was All A Hoax
by Snuki‚ 

Autumn chill is in the air trees

Autumn Chill Is In The Air
Trees Rustling Excitedly In The Breeze
Fading Light Of Summer Sky
Bringing Calm And Peace
The Beauty Of The Colours
Enrichment All Around
Shimmering Gold And Shades Of Red
Fluttering Softly To The Ground
Changing Of The Season
A Wonder To Perceive
Nature In Its Splendour
The Turning Of The Leaves

If liking you was a mistake i

If Liking You Was A Mistake,
I Would Never Be Perfect.
If I Had To Sacrifice Everything For You,
Everything Would Be Gone In An Instant.
If Exercise Was My Obstacle From You,
I’d Run A Thousand Miles.
If Taking My Life Is What I Had To Do To Have A Moment With You,
Give Me A Knife And I’ll Be Juliet.
If Wishing Everyday Would Get Me You,
I’d Wish Every Breathing Moment.
If Finding A Genie Meant Being With You,
I’d Search Every Lamp.
If Finding A Pot Of Gold Meant You’ll Stay With Me,
I’d Go Under Every Rainbow To Find A Leprechaun.
If I’d Have To Sacrifice All My Privilege For You,
Then I Am Ready To Do For You. . .Only For You.

Life is like flowing water if it

Life Is Like Flowing Water
If It Stops,It Gets Stagnated,
If It Flows It Turns Into A Waterfall,
A Stream,A River And Ocean
Similarly Life Has Joys And Worries,
But Its Like Sunrise After Night
So After Each Sad Event There Is A Happy Event
So Live Life To Its Fullest
Enjoy Each Second Of Life
Life Is Precious ,Respect It
Thank Thou For It

When you miss the bass guitarist who

When You Miss The Bass Guitarist Who Didn’t
Notice You At The Concert The Other Night,
What Exactly Are You Gonna Do? When You Miss
The Night At The Amusement Park, Everything
Felt Like A Fantasy On Vacation..What Are You
Gonna Do? When Everyting Suddenly Feels
Uneasy, The World Seems Like Its Coming Down
On You..It All Comes Down To..What Are You
Gonna Do

I have found what life want to

I Have Found What Life I Want To Live
I Have Found What Hope I Want To Give
I Have Found What Person I Want To Hold
I Have Found What I’ve Been Told
I Have Found The Day I Want To Keep
I Have Found You Someone So Sweet
Now My Life Is Finally Complete

I8217ve nothing else to offer so it8217s

I’ve Nothing Else To Offer So It’s Love To You I’ll Send
It’s Nothing That I Borrowed And It’s Nothing That I’d Lend
It Has No Dollar Value And Can’t Be Over Used
It Isn’t Fragile So It Will Not Break But Often It’s Abused

I saw her one day she was

I Saw Her One Day
She Was A Flower
She Was Beautiful
She Was Perfect
I Wanted To Be With Her
But She Was On Opposite Sides Of The Field
And Our Stems Rooted Us To The Ground
I Was Sad
I Wilted
I Wanted To Be With Her
But She Was On Opposite Sides Of The Field
So I Released My Pedals
Into The Winds
And She Caught It
One Day We-‘ll Be Together
I Saw Her One Day
She Was A Girl
She Was Beautiful
She Was Perfect
I Wanted To Be With Her
So I Released My Heart
Into The Winds
And She Caught It
That Day We Were Together

Free verse sitting here in the libary

(Free Verse) Sitting Here In The Libary
Waiting For Someone To Notice Me As I Write And Write
Hopeing Somebody Will Find
Me In The Deep Deep Hole
That Im Liveing In Waiting For Somebody To Take Me Out Of This Darkneess
And Take Me Into The Light

You hesitate to come here and do

You Hesitate To Come [Here] And Do Not Call Me, Either
You Don’t Inform Me Of The Reasons For Terminating Relations, Either!
What Did You Say? Please Repeat, “I Do Not Listen To You.”
If You Do Not Listen, I Also Do Not Speak To Such People, Either!
There Is [So] Much Hidden! (Sarcastically) That You Are Sitting Alongside The Curtain-
You Do Not Clearly Hide And Do Not Come Forward, Either!
If The Relation Has Been Severed, Then Why Continue Oppressions?
Those Who [Truly] No Longer Have A Reason To, Do Not [Further] Tease, Either!
If You Are Sick Of Life, O Daag, Then Why Do You Live?
Life Is Not Valuable To You And You Do Not Leave It, Either!

I have been here before but it

I Have Been Here Before But It Isn-‘t The Same,
He-‘s Genuine, He-‘s Unique It-‘s Hard To Explain.
Many Will Profess Many Things It Is True,
But This Special Person Is Definitely New!

He-‘s Been A Gentleman Through And Through Since We Have Met,
And I Know In My Heart This I Will Continue To Get.
Respectful And Loving It-‘s Hard To Believe,
To Find This Gentle Man Who Is Caring To Me!
I Dedicate This Poem So You Know,
To A Man That My Friendship Continues To Grow.
We Have Not Met As Yet And May Never Will,
But To Meet Him Would Be A Fantasy Forfilled.
So You Know, Dear New Friend I Am Thinking Of You,
Can-‘t Wait To Hear From You, I Miss You I So Do.
Come Back To Me Dear All Safe And Sound,
To Continue The Special Bond That We Found!
by momacie

Above cities flamed to ashes india mourned

Above Cities Flamed To Ashes
India Mourned The Cries
Of Several Lives.
Bloodshed Everywhere,
Children Lost Their Father
Many Innocent Lives
Shattered Into Small Particles…Sad7
Even As Death Tool Shot Up
People Looked For Theri Dear Ones
Heavy Rains Washed
Blood Stains
But What About Scars
On Hearts
That Till Now Have Not Regained?
Nation Losing Control
Terrorism Consuming Lives
Who Are Behind These?
Why This Cowardice?
No Answer For
Common People
Everything Happening
Behind The Scene
Let Us Unite To Kill
The Devil “Terrorism”
And Shower Flowers
Of Peace Everywhere Like Mother Teresa
To Bring Back Smiles
On Crying Faces.

The phone rang on other end it

The Phone Rang On The Other End
It Was Her. She Was In Tears
Mumbling On And On About How Her
Love Had Broken Her Heart
She Asked Me To Come Over Because
She Didn’t Want To Be Alone, Which I Did
As I Sat Next To Her On The Sofa
I Stared At Her Soft Eyes, Wishing She Was Mine
After 2 Hours, And One Drew Barrymore Movie
And Three Bags Of Chips, She Decided To Go Home
She Looked At Me, Said ‘Thanks’ And Gave Me A Kiss
On The Cheek I Want To Tell Her, I Want Her To Know That
I Don’t Want To Be Just Friends I Love Her But I’m Just Too Shy
And I Don’t Know Why

While it8217s indeed fun to whisper your

While It’s Indeed Fun To Whisper Your Sweet Nothings Into Your Lovers
Ears While Going At It Like Rabid-Catholic-Rabbits,
I Beg Otherwise!
The Noise Disturbs Me And Keeps Me Awake Late At Night

So Keep Those Kinky Comments To Yourself
And Keep His Wondrous Pinky Outta’ Your Fine Person
And I Too Will Be Fine.
Sakura Tomoko

Your love made me crazy mad its

Your Love Made Me Crazy
Your Love Made Me Mad
Its A Feeling So Unique
Its A Feeling I Never Had
My Love Grows Stronger
Each Passing Day
I’ll Always Be There
Come What May
I Love You So Much
Words Cannot Show
You’re Like A Rainbow After Rain
The Lovliest I Know
You’re The One For Me
I Can Call U Just Mine
You’re The Icing On My Cake
My Ever Lasting Sunshine
Hope I Can Repay You
For All The Love You Gave
You’ll Find Me Next To You
In Matters,Simple Or Grave
Just One Wish Now I Got
That If I Were Soon To Die
God Take Of My Darling
Please Dont Let Him Cry
For I Cannot Bear To See
His Precious Tears Wasted Away
For A Reason Not Worthy Enough
Coz Im Never Ever Going Away

All i hear is voices in the

All I Hear Is Voices In The Crowd
Though They Only Whisper Though They Frown
People Say “Oh Its Such A Shame”
Still They Only Look To Pass The Blame
If We Can Find A Way To Work Things Out
The Only Way To Start Is To Start Now
When Are We Gonna Stand Up As People
Realise As People Were All Equal
We Dont Want No World War Sequel
For The Love Of God Think Of The People
When Are We Gonna Stand Up As People
Realise As People Were All Equal
We Dont Want No World War Sequel
For The Love Of God Think Of The People
Children Always Learn By What They See
So We Gotta Practise What We Preach
Don’t You Know Its The Game Of Life
We Refuse When We Choose To Fight
If We Can Find A Way To Work Things Out
The Only Way To Start Is It Start Now
When Are We Gonna Stand Up As People
Realise As People Were All Equal
We Don’t Want No World War Sequel
For The Love Of The God Think Of The People.
When Are We Gonna Stand Up As People
Realise As People Were All Equal
We Dont Want No World War Sequel
For The Love Of The God Think Of The People.
I Pray Before I Sleep At Night
That I’ll Wake To Find A Clear Blue Sky
When Are We Gonna Stand Up As People
Realise As People Were All Equal
We Dont Want No World War Sequel
For The Love Of The God Think Of The People.
When Are We Gonna Stand Up As People
Realise As People Were All Equal
We Dont Want No World War Sequel
For The Love Of The God Think Of The People.
When Are We Gonna Stand Up As People
Realise As People Were All Equal
We Dont Want No World War Sequel
For The Love Of The God Think Of The People.
When Are We Gonna Stand Up As People
Realise As People Were All Equal
We Dont Want No World War Sequel
For The Love Of The God Think Of The People

I was just wondering what happening oh

I Was Just Wondering What Was Happening?…
Oh, ‘A Union’ Was Budding It Is Really Surprising
Its Company Was I Longing..I Won’t Allow It Of Loosing
Its Silence Is Amazing I Could Hear It Whispering
Its Presence Is Alluring‚  I Could Sense It Seducing
Its Serenity Is Soothing‚  I Could Share My Feeling
Its Touch Is So Caring I Could Ignore My Being
Now I Started Enjoying What Was Happening
And I’ve Realised Solitude Is Mesmerizing!!

Lots of folks i knew and know

Lots Of
Folks I Knew
And Know
Are Bopping
Here And There
All Sorts Of
This And That
Chasing Dreams
Oiling The Machines
My Monkey’s Wrench
Sits Beside Me Riding The Bench
I Want To Throw And
Slow The Flow
But I’ll Melt
Like Hot Snow
If Any Thing
Stopped Because
Of Me
In To The Street
By The Soles
Of A Million Feet Pairs
Drain Disappearing
Away From Interrupted
And Annoyed
Here I Am

Even roads have clearances a system of

Even Roads Have Clearances
A System Of Space
Where Movement Becomes
Even Buildings That Grow
From Patches Of Your Earth
Have Easements
The Servient Estate Giving
In To The Dominant One
Even The Flow Of The Waters
From The Higher Estate
To The Lower Ones
For The Proper Sharing
Of The Resources
Dams And Locks
Are Made
It Is The Same With Us
Between You And Me
Someone Has To Be Servient
To One Who Occupies
This Dominance
Maybe For A While
When We Have Not
Mastered Yet This Art
Of Balancing
And Walking On Some
Tight Ropes
Give Me A Little Space
For My Thoughts To Grow
Give Me A Little Distance
So I Can See
The Better Perspective
Of You
From Faraway
Enough Of The Particulars
I Am Deceived
Let Me Try Seeing You
As A Whole
And Let Me Find
Who We Are From There

The fear of feeling vulnerable letting you

The Fear Of Feeling Vulnerable
Of Letting You See Who Am I And What Makes Me, Me
Keeps Me From Opening Up The Gate,
Keeps Me From Allowing You To Hold The Key.
Sometimes A Small Child In A Woman-‘s Body;
Sometimes An Open Book For The World To See
Always Afraid That There Will Come A Day
When You Will Walk Away From Me.

I Want So Badly For You To Love Me,
But You Have Already Indirectly Inflicted Pain.
You Have Left My Heart Aching Madly;
You Have Left Me Standing Alone In The Rain.
The Rain, Being The Tears Pouring Down My Cheeks –
Each Drop, Carrying Your Name.
I Have Offered You All That I Have To Give;
I Just Wanted You To Give The Same.
I Have Tried In My Heart To Let You Go,
But Thoughts Of You Consume My Head.
I Try To Understand The Intentional Hurt,
And With That Having Been Said,
I Know What I Have Done To You Is Wrong,
And My Apologies Can Not Take Your Hurt Away,
But I Fell In Love And Now I Don-‘t Know What To Do
Because I Think Of You Night And Day.
I Am Not Ready To Say Goodbye;
I Need To Know How You Feel.
As Vulnerable As I Do, I Would Imagine,
But We Need To Decide If This Is Something Real.
We Need To Know If There Is A Future For Us
Or If This Is A Fantasy We Have Created.
We Both Need To Let Our Guard Down
And Encompass A Journey That Has Been Long Awaited.
A Decision Does Not Need To Be Made Today,
But We Need To Be Honest And Aware-Â…
That We May Find An Everlasting Love,
Or We May Have Just Shared A Fantastic Affair.
Either Way, I Don-‘t Want You To Have Regrets;
You Have No Idea How Much I Value You.
No Matter What, You Will Live Within My Heart Forever
This Is A Fact, That I Know To Be True.
by itsshelly‚ 

Ever since i was small had a

Ever Since I Was Small, I Had A Picture In My Mind
A Picture Of My Prince, Generous And Kind
Riding On His Faithful Horse, Somewhere Faraway
Searching For His Princess, All Night And All Day.
My Prince , With A Heart Of Pure Gold
Who Would Protect Me From The Freezing Cold
Who’s Voice Would Soothe My Body And Soul
Who’s Presence Would Make Me Complete And Whole.
He Is A Figure Of Obedience And Generosity
His Face Is Lit With Good Values And Honesty
I Keep Searching For Him, In The Depths Of My Dreams
My Prince, Who’s Brighter Than All The Sunbeams.
When Will You Reach Here? Tell Me , My Prince
I’ve Been Waiting So Long, Theres No Definite Since
Please Come Right Here, Step Into My World
Take Away My Fears And Join In With My Soul.
In Each And Every Way You’re Perfect For Me
Your Love For Ur Princess, Never Ceases To Amaze Me
In Search Of Your Love, You Take Another Stride
As I Wait On For You, My Days Ebbing Away Like The Tide. I Had A Picture In My Mind
A Picture Of My Prince, Generous And Kind
Riding On His Faithful Horse, Somewhere Faraway
Searching For His Princess, All Night And All Day.
My Prince , With A Heart Of Pure Gold
Who Would Protect Me From The Freezing Cold
Who’s Voice Would Soothe My Body And Soul
Who’s Presence Would Make Me Complete And Whole.
He Is A Figure Of Obedience And Generosity
His Face Is Lit With Good Values And Honesty
I Keep Searching For Him, In The Depths Of My Dreams
My Prince, Who’s Brighter Than All The Sunbeams.
When Will You Reach Here? Tell Me , My Prince
I’ve Been Waiting So Long, Theres No Definite Since
Please Come Right Here, Step Into My World
Take Away My Fears And Join In With My Soul.
In Each And Every Way You’re Perfect For Me
Your Love For Ur Princess, Never Ceases To Amaze Me
In Search Of Your Love, You Take Another Stride
As I Wait On For You, My Days Ebbing Away Like The Tide.

Don8217t know where i lost it now

Don’t Know Where I Lost It
Now Finding No Trace Of Myself
The Thoughts Leaves Me Cold
With Facts No Longer Sealed
Truth Revealed In Black And White
Has Made This Child So Wise
Could Not Help Giving Myself To Others
But Always Believed Somethingz Still With Me
Now, Not Waiting For The Right Time
Me Just Making The Time Right Now
I Am Gathering Myself Back
Whatever It Is, So Alike Or So Different
So What If I Cant Have All The Merrytime
I Will Still Torch Myself
Tears Running Out Of Miseries
Works As If It Rains Out Your Soul
Fresh Cut Wood Still Retains The Scents Of Forest
Like The Same I Am Offering Me To Myself

A powerful being so much of magic

A Powerful Being,
So Much Of Magic And Glory,
Respected From Ages,
Yet Humble And Soft…
Power Of Getting Life,
Into The World,
Nurture And Care,
Love And Sacrifice…
Who Else Can It Be,
Who Else Can Match,
So Powerful Yet Subtle,
So Strong Yet So Fragile…
The Power Of Woman,
So Respectable And Good,
May It Last Forever,
And The Glory Held Upright..

The first step biggest one take leap

The First Step
The Biggest One
Take The Leap
There Goes The Gun
Don’t Look Back
Your Moving Fast
Foward’s The Future
Behind’s The Past

Here’s A Hurdle
Skinned A Knee
The Finish Line’s
The Thing To See
Blood Is Pumping
Heart Keeps The Pace
Feet Are To Guide
Mind Keeps The Faith
That Long Ribbon
Is Now In Sight
Race Forward Now
With All Your Might
Kendra .W.

It is not a question of right

It Is Not A Question Of Right Or A Mistake…
Neither It Is To Give Or To Take…
Love Is A Volcano Of A Feeling
Is A Dream Without A Ceiling…
It Is Beyond The Future And The Past
Is A Reality That Can Ever Last…
Love Is An Identity Without Any Borders
Is Like An Angel Flying Over The Shoulders…
So Stop Telling Me It Is A Mistake…
Love Is Really Quite Simple
It Is Religion Without A Temple…
It Is The Sun, The Moon, The River
It Is The Art Of A Good Forgiver…
Love Is A Luck Which Is Always Good
Even With Pain We Search For It More Than We Should…
It Is The Spring With All The Colors And The Hope
It Is The Continuous Change With Which We Must Always Cope…
Please Do Not Tell Me It Is A Mistake…

Falling leaves like me for you feeling

Falling Leaves
Like Me Falling For You.
Feeling So Light
And Free In The Breeze.
The Leaf Hitting The Ground
Is How I Am Feeling,
The Dew On The Leaf
Are The Tears On My Cheek;
Can You Taste The Salt,
When You Kiss Them Away?
I Lie There Fading As The Leaf Fades
No Longer Bright And Orange
Like The Sun On A California Morn.
Soon I Will Crumble
From Being Alone
And Blow Away, Can No Longer Stay

A sizzling summer day that8217s when we

A Sizzling Summer Day
That’s When We Love To Play
Your Mother Says I’ll Lead You Astray
Whose Life Is This Anyway

We’re Not Getting Any Younger
And For You I’m Consumed With A Hunger
I Tell You Age Is Nothing But A Number
And You Are The Last Rose Of The Summer
Love Has Brought Me To My Knees
It’s As Soft As A Warm Summer Breeze
It Can Be As Cool As You Please
I’ll Never Underestimate Your Abilities
A Sultry Summer Night
Hearts Beware Of Candlelight
With It’s Million Points Of Light
It Can Bring You Your Heart’s Delight
The Look In Your Eyes Says It All
Summer Kisses Cool In The Fall
You’ve Pitched Me A Curve Ball
But I’ll Come Running When You Call
Victoria Dame

You attach to their heartstrings while they

You Attach To Their Heartstrings
While They Dance To The Beat
Being An Expert Of Seduction
Sweeping Them Off Their Feet

Mind Games So Skillfully Played
So Clever At Putting On An Act
Good At Hiding Behind A Mask
Yet Afraid Of Facing The Fact
Leaving The Trails Of Destruction
That You Never Return To Mend
You Played Upon Heartstrings
Yet Called Yourself A Friend
Confrontation You So Aptly Avoid
Leaving Broken Hearts To Dwell
Greatest Pretender Of Them All
You Played Your Part So Well
Lonely Hearted You Preyed Upon
With So Many Well Crafted Lies
Behind Masks Of A Puppeteer
You’re A Master Of Disguise

Something so hard goes straight to the

Something So Hard
Goes Straight To The Soul;
It Seems Impossible To Get Over
And My Heart Is Left With A Big Hole.
I’m Trying To Be Happy, Wearing A Smile;
But I’m Dying Inside.
The World Seems To Be Fading,
And I Just Want To Run And Hide.
Everywhere I Go I See Your Face,
And Realize How Much I Miss You;
And On The Day You Left
A Piece Of Me Left Too.
A Piece Of Me Gone Forever,
For You Were My True Heart
And I’ll Never Stop Loving You;
Richelle, You Were My Life’s Strongest Part

My heart says yes head no stop

My Heart Says Yes,
My Head Says No.
My Head Says Stop,
My Heart Says Go.
My Heart Says Love,
My Head Says Leave.
My Heart Says Life,
My Head Says Grief.
My Heart Says Hope,
My Head Forget.
My Heart Says Whoop,
My Head Regret.
My Heart Says All,
My Head Says One.
My Heart Says More,
My Head Says None.
My Heart Seeks Heights,
My Head Craves Peace.
My Heart Bids Fight,
My Head Sighs Sleep.
My Heart Says Live,
My Head Says Die.
My Heart Says Live!
My Head Asks Why?
With Sharp Crossed Swords These Two Contend.
Each Strives To Gain The Upper Hand.
They Slash And Parry, Cut And Thrust.
Neither Does The Other Trust.
And This Fierce Contest Shall Not End,
Until They-‘re Both Reduced To Dust

If one day you feel like crying

If One Day You Feel Like Crying Call Me..
I Dont Promise That I Will Make You Laugh,
But I Can Cry With You.
If One Day You Dont Want To Listen To Anyone.
Call Me I Promise To Be There For You.
And I Promise To Be Very Quite.
If One Day You Want To Run Away Call Me..
I Dont Promise To Ask You To Stop,
But I Can Run With You.
But If One Day You Call..
And There Is No Answer..
Come Fast To See Me May Be I Need You!

Tremor after tremor the devil8217s plow cut

Tremor After Tremor…
The Devil’s Plow Cut A Deep Line
Into A City’s Heart,
A Pool Of Blood Filled The Street.
Mornings Without Sunrays,
Wrens And Finches Are All Hiding.
The Sky, A Fallen Town,
Never Again, Blazed Azure.
The Lilies And And Bluebells
Folded Their Wings In Total Pain;
China, A Vagabond,
Meandered To Seek Her New Sun.

Morning here i am take each of

Here I Am!
Take Each Of You A Slice From My Perfect Woman Cake
What Flavour Do You Want?
Well You Better Make Your Stake
Cos This Woman Cake Is Good
And Each Morning It’s Fresh Baked
Is It Lover Flavour You Want First Thing
Counsellor, Nurse? Princess?
You Know I Will Excell
I’m A Simmering Hot Tigress
That’s Right
Gorge Yoursefl, Delight
This Woman Cake Can Be All Things
Be Sultry Madam All Sleazy And Fun
Or Matriarch, Or A Rockstar Or A Nun
This Woman Cake Never Tires Of The Deal
How She Constantly Changes Aware Of Her Appeal
This Woman Cake Is Tasty
You’ll Never Tire Of Her Fresh Smell
Her Secret Is Her Power
And She Uses It So Well
Now Return Her Back To The Parlour
She’ll Be Safe There Keeping Cool
And She’ll Stay Until She’s Needed
The Perfect Mult Functional Tool

Why does he say the things when

Why Does He Say The Things He Does When He Knows Im Still So In Love.
He Could Have My Everyday.
For Him I Would Shine My Every Ray.
Just To Hear Him Say I Love You, And For Me To Say It Too, Would Be The Greatest Day Of My Life.
Instead You Stab My Heart With A Knife.
Everytime We Talk He Says He Still Loves Me.
God, I Just Want To Be Free.
Free From Him And His Words.
Free To Fly Like Birds.
I Know Someday I Will, But His Words Hurt Still

Many more will find it easier to

Many More Will Find It Easier,
To Hop Off The Fence.
Once They Have Convinced Themselves…
That Sitting On It,
Makes Little Sense.

That Practice Had Lasted Too Long…
With Some Appearing As If Monuments.
As Others Claimed They Had Evidence,
To Prove Scarecrows Can’t Fly…
They Just Sit Making Noises,
As Time Goes By!
While Others From A Different Flock…
Fall Asleep,
Awaiting The Arrival Of A Gravy Train.
Lawrence S. Pertillar

A fading dream among the hands is

A Fading Dream Among The Hands
Is All That You Have
For A Love You Know Is Forever Lost
And That You Won’t Ever Have.
Dream A Little More Of Her
Dream Now Till You Are Able
Soon You Won’t Have Anything,
But The Memories Of Your Love.
A Lost Kiss Among The Lips
Is The Taste That Will Remain..
Withered Dried Petals-Â…
Unscented Remembered Kisses.
And Then Among The Heart The Traces..
Indelible Traces Of A Love
That Time Won’t Ever Cancel …
But Time Doesn’t Have Heart.
Live Again-Â…don-‘t Stop To Dream
Everything Is Able To Return
And Your Heart Can Still Speak…
If Another Heart Here Will Be,
To Yours It Will Surely Know
How To Listen

My heart is broken im hurting inside

My Heart Is Broken Im Hurting Inside,
The Pain Of It All Just Wont Subside.
I Hoped That Somehow I Could Move On,
But It Seems So Impossible Now That He’s Gone.
With Him He Took All My Love, Life, Feelings, And Happiness.
If He Wanted To He Could Return Them With Just One Kiss.
He Says That He Loves Me Of This He Is Sure,
But How Do I Know That His Words Are Really Pure.
Thinking Of Him All The Time I Begin To Cry.
The Fact That He Says We Could Someday Be Together Doesnt Make The Hurt Die.
Even Though We Are Apart My Love For Him Grows Higher And Higher,
Burning And Burning Like A Huge Forest Fire.
Please God, Please Bring Us Back Together Again!
Make Him Love Me, And Realize I Am The Best One For Him.
I Know That I Am, I Just Need A Way,
To Prove To Him What Im Trying So Hard To Say.
That I Love Him And I Could Make Him Happier Then Ever,
If He Would Just Give Me A Chance He’d See Im The One He Should Be With Forever.
I Love Him So Much There Is No Way He Could Possibly Know;
How Much I Care For Him And Dont Want Him To Go.
by katiesue7‚ 

When i think of how you stand

When I Think Of How You Stand
As If With Nothing In Your Hands
And I Have Nothing To Offer You Now
Save My Own Wild Emptiness.
When I Think Of How You Move
When You Enter A Room, How The Room
Enters You; When You Step Out
Into The Night, How The Night Sky
Falls Into Your Hair
When I Think Of How You Leave
The Air Untouched And How You Came
Into The World My Grief Had Wrecked
And Made It Shine Again By Simply
Walking Slowly Through The Dark….
Toward Me….Love, I Think.

It8217s gone what8217s gone my mind soul

It’s Gone
What’s Gone? My Mind?
Soul? No, I’m Fine
Not Really
Deep Inside, Something Is Missing
The Love And Tender Kissing
She Walked Out Herself
Now All I Do Is Talk To Myself
In The Mirror, With My Reflection
My Heart Is Dead
Soon It Will Make A Resurrection
Once The Wounds Heal
And I’m Loved For Real
A Type Of Love I Can Feel
But Nobody Loves Me
Nobody Cares
Nobody Loves Me
That Nobody Is Me
I Can’t Love Myself Because No One Does
I’m All Alone And No Longer What I Once Was
But The Only Thing That Keeps Me Alive
Is Knowing That The Next Day, It Might All Change
For The Best
And That Nobody Becomes Somebody

Here is a glass capacity one liter

Here is a glass
One liter plus
Squeezing all my love
I want to keep
In it with that of yours
To make love more deep
Mixing by a spoon
Let us share the drink
Thoughts are mad
Now you think.

by main uddin a‚ 

Time8217s been passin8217 since that day i

Time’s Been Passin’
Since That Day
I Remember That Moment
You Said
Things Won’t Change
We’ll Stay The Same
And We’ll See Each Other
One Day Again
Things Haven’t Changed
You’re Still
So Far Away
My Heart’s Still Full
Of Love And Ache
But We’ll See Each Other
One Day Again
You Still Deny
What Could Have Been
You Turn Your Head
And Hold It In
I Watch You Walk
So Far Away
Didn-‘t Know It Then
But This
This Was The End
Today-‘s The Day
That One Day Again
Things Have Changed
I Can Tell You That
The Glimmer-‘s Gone
The Love Is Too
Deep In Our Hearts
We Always Knew
Time-‘s Been Passin-‘
Since That Day
I Remember That Moment
You Said
Things Won-‘t Change
We-‘ll Stay The Same
And We-‘ll See Each Other
One Day Again
Well Time Had No Need
To Be Passin-‘ By
Cause We Knew In Our Hearts
That Whole Time
This Would Never Be
After The End
Went Passin-‘ By

Upon the hour of his painful death

Upon The Hour Of His Painful Death,
I Could Hear His Ragged Breath
He Desperately Put His Hand In Mine
As If To Prolong The Short Time
He Winced And Opened His Red, Swollen Eyes
Looked At Me And Said Something After Many Tries
-Å—i Know You Don-‘t Think The Same,
But This, To Me, Is Not A Playful Game-
Clearly Confused, I Searched For Answers On His Face
But Of An Answer I Could Not Find A Single Trace
He Said -Å—i Want To Love You, I Want To Be With You,
But There Is This Time I Can Not Imbue-
Something Passed Over My Heart Just Then
It Made Me Want To Let It Open
A Hot Tear Splashed On His Warm Hand
Why I Was Crying I Could Not Understand
My Sad Eyes Looked At His Beautiful Face And Pleaded
For Him To Continue-Â…twas Wasn-‘t As Much Time As Needed
He Said He Truly Loved Me
It Was Not Hard For Me To See
But Before I Could Confess My Own Love
Death Came To Him, Silently Like A Dove
I Could Not Tell My Love How I Felt
Since Before, I Had Other Matters To Dealt
Now, I Regret I Let That Happen
Some Advice For You, My Friend,
May It Help You Before The End
Tell Your Love How You Feel Before It-‘s Too Late,
Don-‘t Let That Perfect One Die In Agony And Wait

If i could give my mom the

If I Could Give My Mom The World
Or Anything She Wanted,
I’d Give Her My Own Heart And Soul
And Leave My Own Heart Haunted.
I’d Take Upon Myself Her Life
With All Its Strife And Pain,
And Let Her Ease Into Some Space
Where She Could Live Again.
The Pain For Me Would Not Be Pain,
At Least Not For A While;
For I’d Be Doing It For Her,
And I Would See Her Smile.

Let your heart think i that there

Let Your Heart Think
I Think That There Are Questions One Must Ask Oneself
At Every Stage In Life To Ignore The Answers Is To Say
I Have No Conscience So Then I Ask Myself
What Is The Secret Of True Love
And A Voice Whispers In Answer
When Each Step Is Measured
By Thoughts And Actions And Words
But When Does True Love Last Forever
A Moment Of Silence Befalls
Before The Voice Says With A Grave Tone
When The Heart Begins To Think

Lost in numbness for years running from

Lost In Numbness For Years
Running From Pain
Trapped In The Freezing Rain
Constantly Numb
Pain Is Better Than Nothing At All
Pain Without Reason, A Cause, Or Even Love,
Is Better Than Being All Numb
Trapped In A World Of Numbness Without A Reason
Show Me A World I Understand
Pain Is All That I Have Known
No Longer Able Feel Anything But Pain
Life Is Filled With Pain
Pain Is Now A Comfort
The Only Thing I Can Count On
The One Thing I Understand
It Is All I Have
All I Feel
For My Life Is Filled With Pain
Pain Is All There Is Left
When Happiness Doesn-‘t Work

No fishermen were out that day their

No Fishermen Were Out That Day,
Their Nets And Lines Were Dry,
No Distant Sails Were To Be Seen,
Nor Surfers On The Waves,
Just Wind And Spray, Wild Wind And Spray,
Cold Wind Hard In My Face.
The Wet Sand Lay Impassively
My Footprints Stretched Away,
But The Ocean Covers Everything
All Trace Of Yesterday,
Or The Last Hour, Without A Care,
Just Washes It Away.
I Stood So Bleakly On The Beach,
The Sea-Wind In My Face,
My Spirit Crushed By Angry Words,
Hung Limp Upon A Thread,
My Soul Was Like The Teeming Surf
And Every Hope Seemed Dead.
I Stood There Empty And Alone
As Hollow As A Cave,
Waiting For Some Unknown Fate,
To Carry Me Away,
And Then I Saw It Foaming In,
A Mighty Curling Wave.
By Cold Sea-Wind It Hurled At Me,
I Could Not Hold It Back,
The Moment Hung Hard In The Wind,
There Was No Turning Back,
I Was Alive, I Did Exist,
Right There Upon That Beach.
All That Existed Lived In Me,
I Waited For The Wave,
The Past Was Gone, The Future Came,
But Neither Stood With Me,
I Stood Alone, And Then I Saw
The Seagull In The Wind.
It Hovered There Above The Surf
And Time Stood Strangely Still,
As If The Bird Had Caught The Wave
And Held It By Its Will,
The Curling Wave, The Roaring Wave,
And Everything Was Still.
The Seagull Stilled The Curling Wave
With Soaring Curving Flight
And Time Stood Still Upon Its Wing
It Soothed The Ocean’s Might,
And Held In Awe, In Silent Awe,
My Soul Came Back To Life

Youre on your way accomplishment is commendable

You-‘re On Your Way!
Your Accomplishment Is Commendable.
You Are Awesome.
Keep Your Dreams Alive.
The Best Is Yet To Come.
And Take Time To Celebrate;
You Deserve It.
Success Has No Limits…
There Are No Limits
To What You Can Do.
Your Talants And Abilities,
Your Uniqueness And Warmsth,
Your Strength And Dedication
In Everything You Do—
All Of These Will Help You
To Reach Your Dreams
There Are No Limits
To What Life Has To Offer To You.
The World Is Full Of Possibilities,
Just As You Are Filled With Promise.
Seek, Discover, And Embrace With Openness
The Richness Of Experience.
Belive In Yourself
And You Will Always Know Success.

I reach out to touch you but

I Reach Out To Touch You But You Aren-‘t There,
Your Pillow Is So Very Cold.
The Dinner I Made Sits Waiting For You,
Soon It Will Be Covered With Mold.
I Toss And Turn At Night Hoping You-‘re Safe,
It-‘s Tearing Me Apart.
I Wake At Night In A Sweat So Cold,
And An Aching In My Heart.
You Never Said There Was Something Wrong,
Now All Of A Sudden You-‘ve Left.
When I Swore That I-‘d Love You With All Of My Heart,
With My Soul And My Very Last Breath.
Even Though I Don-‘t Understand You,
I Could Never Turn My Back On My Baby;
For A Promise Made Is A Promise Kept,
And Only Loving You Can Save Me.
Someday You-‘ll Awaken To The Realness Of Life,
You-‘ll Understand That You Were So Wrong,
You-‘ll Realize The One You Need In Your Life
Has Been In Front Of You All Along

Drinking in loves embrase praying for saving

Drinking In Loves Embrase
Praying For Saving Grace
Spiraling Downward, Abyss Unknown
Exploding Passion Overtakes
Mind Body Soul
Enchanting Kisses, Searing Fires
Burning Up With Fleshy Desires
Legs Intangled In An Erotic State
Fingers Touching Glowing Skin
Mindless Abandon Manipulates
Tounges Intwined Wanting More
Fantasies Revived And Come Alive
Moaning Out With Loves Hot Flame
As Compelling As It All May Sound
Lovemaking Has Let Me Down

We hail from different planets in this

We Hail From Different Planets In This Vast Universe
Not Speaking Of Astronomy Or Anything So Diverse
Simply Men And Women Trying To Understand
Each Other’s Thoughts And Feelings A Difficult Task At Hand
Women Try To Reason Men Prefer To Walk Away
Breakdown In Communication The Order Of The Day
So Dear Humans Don’t Despair Just Gaze Up At The Stars
And Remember Women Are From Venus Men They Are From Mars

An easter bouquet for you my dear

An Easter Bouquet For You, My Dear,
To Bring In The Season Of Spring This Year
Each Bloom Has Been Chosen In Hopes To Convey
My Message Of Love And Appreciation This Day

With A Red Carnation,
To Show How My Heart Aches For You,
Posies Of Forget-Me-Nots,
To Show My Love Is True
And Fragrant Freesias,
Embracing Trust We Share
With Lilies Of The Valley,
Returning Happiness And Care
Daisies To Show,
My Love Is Loyal – Undivided,
As The Phlox Whispers Softly,
‘Our Souls Are United,’
And I’ve Added Primrose,
To Remind You Again
That I Can’t Live Without You,
And With You I’ll Remain
And All About This Easter Bouquet,
Are Sprigs Of Baby’s Breath,
So Delicately Displayed
With A Message Of Their Own,
Which I’ve Known From The Start,
Of The Innocence Of Your Love,
And Your Pureness Of Heart
So, To You, My Dear,
I Lovingly Bestow
A Message Of Love,
Even These Blooms Seem To Know.
Happy Easter
by Little-Queen

Walk a mile wid me breathe d

Walk A Mile Wid Me,
Breathe D Air & Feel Free
Hug Me Tight When It Snows,
Let Dis Moment Freeze Wen We Come So Close
Walk A Mile In My Shoes,
& Have A Taste Of All My Blues
Hold Me 2gether & Make Me Whole,
Let Me Recover Within Ur Soul.