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Smiles tears grins and sorrow what will

Smiles, Tears, Grins, And Sorrow
What Will My Feelings Be Tomorrow?
It’s Hard To Tell In Teenager Years
When Smiles And Laughter Will Turn To Tears
One Minute I’m Up, Then Next I’m Down
My Endless Smiles Is Now A Frown
But Can I Explain Why I Feel This Way?
Why I Have Ten Different Moods Each Day.
I Don’t Know Why And Cannot Explain
But All I Know, It Makes Me Insane.
One Minute I’m High,
The Next Real Low,
If I Don’t Know Why,
May Be You Know?

Through my day walking the evergreen park

Through My Day
Walking Through The Evergreen Park
Gazing At The Amber Hills
Mesmerized By The Fire Red Sunset.
Though…The Only Thing On My Mind Was Him.
With His Beautiful Ocean-Blue Eyes
nd His Dirt-Brown Hair
And His Touch That Sends Shivers Down My Weakened Spine.
When I See Him, Flames Arise In My Heart.
When I Hear Him, My Ears Go Into Shock.
When He Walks Away, Everything Slides To Darkness
He Is The One Person Who Always Gets Me Smiling.
I Wish It Was Real.

A friend of mine so sweet cool

A Friend Of Mine,
So Sweet, So Cool,
Yet So Chaotic,
Emotional And Fool-Â…
Accepts Mistakes,
Corrects Them,
Yet So Soft,
As A Marsh Mellow Treat-Â…
Creates Confusions,
To The Limits,
Yet So Lovable,
And Adorable Is He-Â…
Cries Like A Baby,
When Hurt From Within,
Cares He So Much,
As A Shield And Armor-Â…
Hope This Friendship,
Stays As Strong,
For Times To Come
And Forever This Way-Â….

When he was just a little boy

When He Was Just A Little Boy
He Liked To Play With Toy Guns
And Now That He Is 20,
It Isn’t So Much Fun
Full Battle Rattle
When He Was Just A Little Kid He Dressed Up Like Gi Joe
Now That Fatigues Are His Daily Clothes
He Wants To Dress Up No More
Full Battle Rattle
He’s Proud To Serve His Country
But I Know He Misses Home
And Everything He’s Left Behind
You Can’t Express It Over The Phone
Full Battle Rattle
Full Battle Rattle, That’s My Boy
Full Battle Rattle, My Pride And Joy
Full Battle Rattle, With A Mission In Iraq
Full Battle Rattle, I Know You’re Coming Back
Full Battle Rattle Jason, Full Battle Rattle

Ll i can say is come back

Ll I Can Say Is Come Back
I Am Lonely, Alone Without You
I Know I Made Mistake
For Day N Night Loving You
How Can One Change
I M Forever Your
I M In Such A Disease
Which Has No Medicine To Cure
I Hav Loved U N I Love 2 Do
Even If I Hv 2 Tolerate A Bit Pain
I Know U Love Me Till Date
N U Ll Come 2 Me Again

I call you my princess love yet

I Call You My Princess My Love
Yet The Day Shall Come When You Will My Queen.
I Am But A Humble Knight Who Returns From The Hermitage
To Champion Your Cause.
If I May Presume To Say
I Shall One Day Be The King To Your Queen.
It Gives Me Such Tender, Sweet Pleasure To Serve You Until My Life Shall End.
This Is A Poetic Pledge To Your Heart And Soul From The Very Depths Of Me.
The Soft And Tender Hooks Of Love Are Buried Deep Within You And I.
We Are Betrothed Eternally To One Another.
The Sweet, Sweet Comfort And Passion Doth Flow Between Us
I Am Yours My Love.
Your Laughter Like Sacred And Joyful Music Echoes Throughout My Being
Your Eyes Haunt Me Wherever I Roam.
On This Earth We Are Wrapped Together In A Charm Of Wondrous Light
We Stand And Hold Each Other In Absolute Stillness
As The World Spins About Us.
Ah My Love This Is Magic Indeed.
This Is Sublime And True Love.
You Are My Muse
I Have Known You All My Life
You Have Always Been In My Heart.
I Have Looked For You For Many A Year And Now I Have Found You.
Our Hearts And Minds Connect On Many Levels.
God Has Brought Us Together To Love And To Work,
To Weave His Magic And Great Love So That We May Share It With The World.
This Is A Great Blessing
To Be Given This Sacred And Wondrous Chance To Serve Such Divine Energy.
Ah My Love You Have Awakened Me From Such A Deep And Long Sleep.
Your Magic Presence Has Beamed Into The Very Core Of My Being,
I Am On Fire With Your Passion And Your Tenderness.
This Is Indeed An Honour To Be Loved By You.
This Is Indeed A Pleasure To Love You

Its half past twelve and all around

It-‘s Half Past Twelve
And All Around
The Drunkies Head For Home
Some Are Walking
Some Are Talking
Some Are Better Left Alone
Who-‘re You Lookin-‘ At-Â…
Strangled Laughs At Jokes Unfunny
Strangled Bars Of Song
The Drunkies-‘ Never Stuck For Money
The Craic Keeps Rolling On
Two More Pints Of Craic
And A Small Craic With Ice
And Have One Yourself-Â…
To Broken Homes And Broken Wives
The Drunkies Stagger Back
Broken Promises, Broken Noses
Bedroom Opens, Romance Closes
Tears On A Pillow Not A Bed Of Roses
Have You -‘ere A Cigarette…
But There-‘s Nuttin-‘ Heavy Like…
No Drugs… None O-‘ That Shit…
Only The Few Pints Like…
And The Craic….
Y-‘ Know Yourself

She is going away plz tell her

She Is Going Away
Plz Tell Her To Stay
Tell Her To Stay Until
I Gain The Power N Will
To Say ‘I Love U ‘Dear
N Now It’s Hard To Bear
It’ S Hard To Bear The Pain
Y It’s There I Can’t Explain
Now Wen U R Going Away
I Just Wanna Say
Whereever U Go, Watever U Do
Mu Dear I’ll Always Love U

Thousand miles of golden clouds floating slowly

Thousand Miles Of Golden Clouds Floating
Slowly Changes Of Different Shapes
Some Of Them Even Coming Down Near To Me
They Also Brightened With Gold So Light
My Most Unforgetable Hiking Before Dark
I Could See Myself So Close To The Golden
Brightened Entrance Of Heaven As To See
The Moon Was Still On Start To Moving Up
That Beatiful Sunset Made Forgot The Dark
I Didn’t Remember Why I Was So Brave
The Power Of Nature Could Keep Me Risk
I Got No Regret On This Unforgetable Hiking

Shes a mad ass fool desperate freak

She-‘s A Mad Ass Fool
A Desperate Freak
She Waves A Flag Of Her Solid, Immovable Self
Not A Care In The World, Barely Crying-–so Fragile, So Weak.
She-‘s Content, And Smiling, And Lucky,
She Ain-‘t What-‘s Going On In Her Head.
-Å—it-‘s Alright, - She Says.
And Whispers A Bleak: -Å—i-‘m Better Off Dead-
Hers Is A Laughter Of Pure Ecstasy-–
A Chaste, Unthinkable Bribe.
She Hides Her Monsters Underneath Her Bed,
She Lets Them Eat Her Up Alive.
The Walls Around Her Are Swelling
Slowly She Grows Into A Huge, Colossal Dust.
The Winds Of Grudges And Self-Infliction Fractures Her,
She-‘s Shrinking-Â… And Fast.
She-‘s A Good-For-Nothing,
A Kin And Dazzling Coward-Underneath.
Unable To Speak. Unable To Feel-Â… Unable To Breathe

I am your secret admirer treasure smiles

I Am Your Secret Admirer,
I Treasure Your Smiles,
Adore Your Laughs,
Sow Your Tears,
I Am Your Secret Admirer,
I Follow Your Trails,
Study Your Structures,
Ride Your Highways,
I Am Your Secret Admirer,
I Want Your Hugs,
I Dream Of Your Kisses,
I Pray For Your Love,
I Am Your Secret Admirer,
You Are My Hero,
As You Are My Love,
And My Hope,
Do You Admire Me?
Aaron Tate

Ive heard people say a quote never

I-‘ve Heard People Say
A Quote I-‘ve Never Believed In Anyway
Old Is Gold
My Memories Are Hard To Hold
When I Remember Them My Mind Gets Cold
My Heart Can-‘t Be Sold By Gold
Remember..You Let Me Go
Well, In Case You Didn-‘t Know
I Am Erasing It All
Not A Single Tear Will Fall
Even If U Had To Crawl
In My Eyes Your Now So Small
Guess We Have To Say Goodbye
Say Good Bye To Every Lie
Its An End..Um Not Gonna Cry
The End

Yearning seeking searching wanting to know everything

Wanting To Know Everything –
All The Secrets Withheld;
All The Remorse Unshared;
All The Unspoken ‘I Love Yous’;
All The Gratitude Unexpressed;
Why I Must Always Look Back.
Flirting With Life’s Pleasures,
Afraid To Live With The Reckless Abandon
I Tell Others To Embrace.
Wishing I Was So Much More.

Dark waters hide an inevitable treasure deep

Dark Waters Hide An Inevitable Treasure
Deep Sea Diving Scuba Mask
The Task-Â…..Your Pearl
Your Clam(Degrading Name)
Holds What I Seek
Deeper And Deeper I Swim
Thru Your Vast Ocean
Searching For That Which
The Almighty Has Hidden
Delight In Its Purest Form
Hidden I Seek To Destroy
With Pleasure
I Find It Cuz I Knew It-‘s
Where Abouts
G Marks The Spot
Tight As It Is
I Softly Open My Bounty
Gazing Upon My Hidden Miracle
Succulently Tasting It
Lustfully Savoring It
Stroking That Pearl
Making You Shiver
Moans Of Pure Bliss
Ecstasy Enhanced
The Treasure I-‘ve Found
Trying To Close Shut
Fingers Grip To Maintain An Open Stance
Hard And Tight I Fight To
Penetrate Your Chest
Three More Fingers
I Keep It Widely Stretched
Lapping That Sweet Juice
You Drip
I Sip
My Hidden Treasure Salty Yet Sweet
Profoundly Unique
I Savor Your Treat

Whenever im down and out i turn

Whenever I-‘m Down And Out
I Turn To You And You Were Always There
Wishing Me -Â…guiding Me Always To Achieve
That Something Which Is Just Not Possible With Out You
You Showed Me The True Essence Of Love
And I-‘m Grateful To The Lord For Giving Me Such A True Friend
You Were There When I Had A Smile
You Were There When I Was In Tears
You Were Always There For Every Thing I Ever Wanted
If Ever You Wondered What U Mean To Me
This Is What I Feel About You-Â…
Never Far From You
Never Far From The Fragrance Of Your Sweet Love
In My Heart Is Where You Are
And There You Will Reside Forever

I am hurting today in a really

I Am Hurting Today In A Really Big Way.
I Just Want To Be Left Alone.
I Want To Do My Thing,
But You Think This Ring On My Hand
Puts You In Total Control.
You Play It Your Way,
Then You Make Me Pay,
Because You Don’t Love Me At All

When is a bad judgement not judgement

When Is A Bad Judgement…
Not A Bad Judgement Made?
When That Decision Affects,
Someone Of Another Color?
When That Person Becomes Justified…
To Do What Ones Wishes.
But Not What One Should Do,
As Correctly Applied.
So Much Of This Hypocrisy,
Is Blatant Nonsense That Exists.
And That Is The Reason,
There Are Expressions Of Dissatisfactions.
Disrespect Of Values.
And A Rise In Disturbing Conflicts.
And Those Who Inflict Their Self Righteousness…
Are Explicitly Guilty For Causing All Of This

As i guest out of nature have

As I Guest Out Of Nature… I Have Seen A Fish Without A Tail
Impossible But Its True, First Things Came Up To My Mind
Is, Ask Whether Its Worth To Give Time To Remember All
The Scene Or Perhaps, Just A Memories Of A Simple
As The Fish Swim, Deep Beneath The Crystal Blue Water, I
Couldn’t Remember The Minutes, The Hours Past, Nay I Felt
That I Haven’t Taken My Meal, It Seems All Are Just A Blink
Of A Second In My Eyes
It Keeps On Bubbling, Even In A Thousands Seconds It
Stay In The Water, Until I Notice That The Fish Fail To Surface
Beneath The Running Water, For The Absence Of The Tail
The Body Is Nothing
All Is Just A Mirror Of A Fish That, Every Movement Of The
Body, The Twist Of The Tail Has To Follow, It A Paradox To
Believe That We See The Tail Of Other Fish, Nay Never We
Saw That We Don’t Have Tail Of Our Own
Like The Fish It Swim, With No Direction, Only An Inspiration
That We Can Do, Yet As It Goes There We Go, Tail That Swim
In The Water Stream With No Affection Of What To Do
Now I See, How To Swim, In Water Lou, Where I May Go In
The World Of Stream When Everybody Is Frame

I met someone online you see we

I Met Someone, Online You See,
We Met Two Months Ago.
He’s Come To Mean A Lot To Me,
I Need To Tell Him So.
We Write Each Other Every Day,
On That We Can Depend.
I So Look Forward To His Mail,
He’s Become My Closest Friend.
Sometimes We Chat ‘Bout Little Things;
Sometimes We Dig Real Deep—-
Into Our Present, Past And Future
Precious Secrets We Will Keep.
He Makes Me Smile, He Warms My Heart,
He’s Very Nice You See.
He’s Sweet, He’s Kind And Gentle;
He’s This And More To Me….
I Know We’ll Never Come To Know,
To See, To Touch, To Feel–
We’re Tied In Fact To Others,
This Fact Is Very Real.
And Yet We’ll Always Be Together;
Even Though We’re Far Apart.
He’ll Always Have A “Special Place”
Loved Him Almost From The Start..

I know that it is you love

I Know That It Is You That I Love
From The Moment
When I First Saw You
My Heart Opens
Like A Bottle Of Mineral Water
With A Cap
It Opens Itself
My Mouth Drinks All The Water
So Satisfying To The Taste
Of My Tongue
Rushing To My Esophagus
To My Stomach
And My Intestines
And Somewhere I Feel The Same
Water So Cool
Filling All The Chambers Of
My Empty Heart
That Water Is You

Spinning on it8217s axis in a sea

Spinning On It’s Axis
In A Sea Of Agitated Dreams
Each Component Determined
Control Is Mine! Control Is Mine!
Humanity Fading Into Chips And Circuits
Who Make Decisions With Cold Hard Glare
And Care Not A Jot
For Balance Of Mind.
Where Is The Plan Of Nurture
The Power Of Hearts And Minds
What Happened To Self-Control?
Buried Forever?
Perhaps Deep Within The Spinning Axis
It Now Lies Dormant
Waiting For An Uprising
Of Humanity’s Lost Love

One song can spark a moment flower

One Song Can Spark A Moment,
One Flower Can Wake The Dream.
One Tree Can Start A Forest,
One Bird Can Herald Spring.
One Smile Begins A Friendship,
One Handclasp Lifts A Soul.
One Star Can Guide A Ship At Sea,
One Word Can Frame The Goal.
One Vote Can Change A Nation,
One Sunbeam Lights A Room.
One Candle Wipes Out Darkness,
One Laugh Will Conquer Gloom.
One Step Must Start Each Journey,
One Word Must Start Each Prayer.
One Hope Will Raise Our Spirits,
One Touch Can Show You Care.
One Voice Can Speak With Wisdom.
One Heart Can Know What’s True.
One Life Can Make The Difference,
You See It’s Up To You!

Round and we go through this maze

Round And Round
We Go
Through This Maze
That Only
Us To
Seperate Ourselves
From Each Other
Living A Distance
Of Hatred
Yet Regrets
I Dont Fret
On This Longevity
Because I Know
That What You Are To Me
Can’t Any Longer
Control My
Mind, Body And Soul
I Have Delved
Deep Into My Self
And Prayed For Brighter Days
Hoping That This Eclipse
Doesnt Overshadow
My Goals And Ambition
No, It Can’t Any Longer
Overshadow My Hopes And
Because I No Longer
Bow Down To His Feet

Thinking while sleeping of things you hope

Thinking While Sleeping
Of Things You Hope To Do We Turn To Them
To Help Us Make It Through
Can Make Us Happy
Can Even Make Us Sad.
Thinking Of Things You Miss
Of Things You Almost Had.
Are Of The Future
Also The Past
Longing For That Love
A Love That Will Last.
Taking A Ride
Wind In Your Face
Loving A Good Woman
In Lingerie And Lace
Of Being Famous
Or Becoming Rich.
Hating Your Life
Because It’s A Bitch
Making Love To You
Holding You Tight
Making You Smile
All Thought The Night
Can Always Come True
I Know Mine Will
When That Time Comes
To Spend Time With You
I Love You In Many Many Ways
You Are In My Dreams
Every Single Day
I Need You Need To Hold You Tight
You Are In My Dreams
Each And Every Night.

The night you announced true way felt

The Night
You Announced
The True Way
You Felt
Put Swords In Me
Felt Like
Had Just Been Wasted
On A Fallacy
And Fool And His
Deceiving Ways
My Affection
Doubted Our
The Way
You Motioned
My Heart
To Be Attached
To Yours
Just To Break It
Since I’ve
Been The Victim
Of A Man’s Disgust
And Lost Hatred
I Sucked
My Tears
And Opened
The Scene
With Truth
Instead Of
Your Worn Out
I Began
To Acknowledge
That You’re
Just Another One
That’s Out
Of My Life
No Longer To

She prays to god give her some

She Prays To God To Give Her Some Solace,
As The World Misses Her Innocent Perfection,
And I Wonder If She Has Died Yet.
I Would Finnaly Bring Myself To Cry If She Did…..
Each Time I Obscure Myself Into The Darkness
I Lose A Small Fragment Of My Consciousness.
My Light Has Been Safely Locked Away,
And Every Time I Peer Inside
I Have To Ask Myself
‘Am I Truly Alone’
Human Feelings Are So Transparent
The Closer I Get The More Isolated I Am,
And The More Pain Tha I Bear,
The Less That I Try To Shed The Heavy Tears.
My Black Thoughts Are Gestating Into Even Darker Dreams,
Each Second Of Each Day
I Feel Like The Heartsrings Of My Sanity Is Unraveling
Lets Savor This Moment
As The Beauty Sets Into The Dusk
Somedays I Bleed And Others I Just Die
So Lets Just Savor These Moments
As Long As My Light Is Safe,
I Don’t Care If The Ghosts, Consume The Pieces.
I Just Hope That Her Prayers Are Answered

When i was young use to walk

When I Was Young I Use To Walk To Church
But The Road Never Seemed So Long.
I Tried It Sunday, Was Just This Week
But The Shoes I Was Wearing Were Wrong.
My Feet Hurt So That I Could Not Move
Not One Step Further Take.
That Road Was Long As Long Could Be
The Road Walked As A Child I Would Make.
We Never See When We Are Young
The True Length, Nor The Height Of Things.
But When We Grow Older The Tasks Seem Harder
Of What Lay Ahead For Us Might Bring.
What Was In My Mind As That Child?
As I Walked That Long Road Ahead.
I Skipped And Sang A Childhood Song
Made The Road Become Shorter To Tread.
Maybe That’s What Is Missing,
The Joy That Was In Those Child Footsteps.
Then My Journey Wouldn’t Seem So Long.
So Next Time I Decide To Walk To Church,
I’ll Wear Better Shoes And In
My Heart I Will Place A Song

Does the true god take sides in

Does The True God Take Sides In Worldwide Conflicts Of Today?
How About When Athletes Want The Prize And Start To Pray?
Does One Land Have God’s Blessing While The Others Have No Hope?
Does God Bless All Religions, Exalting Leaders Like The Pope?

The Bible Says, The Wisdom Of This World Conflicts With God’s
Christ Jesus Said His Father Is The One All Man Should Laud;
The Wars Fought In The Bible Proclaimed God’s Most Holy Name
John Fell Down At An Angel’s Feet; Told, ‘Stop! Give God The Fame’
So Learn Today What Prayers God Hears – It’s Written Down For You
Inspired By The True God, It Will Help Your Family, Too.
The Teachers Teach You Free, Right From The Bible, A Good Book.
There’s Only One Religion That Will Teach The Truth, Search – Look.
Jeannie Ann Clark

My sea of dreams a vast expanse

My sea of dreams, a vast expanse of glittering dreams and wishes rocking back and forth to form the waves
This sea the only sea I know that changes its color even from a deep majestic purple to a light azure
It changes from the most profound yellow to a bright grassy green
Atop the horizon of this picture perfect sight, the great sky towers above everything
My sky of miracles
The sky that is as enchanted as my wonderful sea
It too along with the sea changes shade
As from white to black to blue
From a sunset red to a dark violet
From a mellow scarlet to a fiery orange
This seascape portrays beauty and imagination
Bianca P.B

My heart8217s alone she8217s far to reach

My Heart’s Alone, She’s Far To Reach,
My Chest It Burns, Its Hard To Breathe,
Somebody Say Her Please Come Back,
I Need Her Badly In My Heart..
There Is No Place I Feel To Stay,
There Is No Path I Feel To Go,
She Is The Light In My Darkened Life,
Nothing Without Her I Feel So..
It Pains, It Hurts, My Heart It Screams,
Heart’s Missing You, It Cries And Creeps,
There Are No Words My Heart Can Speak,
My Heart Is Broken, It Cries To Bleed..
To You I Know Now, Its Hard To Please,
You Left Me So, Left No Path To Seek,
Be My Light Again Of My Life Instead,
Please Come Back, I Need You Badly In My Heart..
Life Just Goes For You And Me,
Sands Of Time Just Flows As Sea,
All I Want, With Me You Be,
Its Only You, My Heart Says Me,
Please Come Back, I Need You Badly In My Heart

God once created so many wonders for

God Once Created So Many Wonders For Man
Unfortunately, He Was Unable To Perfect His Dream
He Was Able To Perfect So Many Things
Just Look At The Mountains Or A Small Stream

God Has Created A Rembrandt In A Woman
Nevertheless, A Rembrandt Is Not A Masterpiece For God
He Worked Diligently And Perfected So Many Ladies
Through Time, His Perfection Was Nothing But A Scrod
God Took A Vacation To Perfect His Masterpiece
He Knew What She Had To Be For Perfection Is The Goal
From Diligent Hands And Careful Contemplation, He Set Sail
He Took His Time For He Focused On Her Heart, Mind, And Soul
Heaven Watched Diligently For They Wanted To See The Masterpiece
Everyone Knew That She Would Be Better Than Their Imagination
God Continued To Struggle, As He Wanted The Very Best For Eternity
It May Have Taken Him Centuries And A Lot Of Frustration
Finally!!! She Was Complete And Beyond Beautiful Both Inside And Out
His Name For The Masterpiece Is Catrina, Which Means Pure
She Is So Lovely And All Had To Adore Every Part Of Her
Catrina Is Amazing In Every Aspect; That Is For Sure
God-‘s Masterpiece Finally Came Into My Life And I Thank Him Every Day For Her
I Truly Admire Who She Is And My Love Will Never Fade Away
I Shall Take Care Of Her All Of My Life For She Is Now My Masterpiece Delivered From God
My Inner Being Is Rejoicing And She Shall See Me Dance To An Aray
I Shall Never Forget What God Has Brought Me For She Is So Heavenly
There Are So Many Girls, But They Are Nothing But A Rease
Catrina Shall Always Be My Wife For She Is Full Of Life, Laughter, And Glory
My Heart Pounds So Hard When I See Her For She Is My Masterpiece

Love is so peculier a thing that

Love Is So Peculier A Thing
That I Haven’t Seen U
But From Head To Toe
I Just Fell For U
I Know That By Ur Lovers
U Have A Long Queue
I Dunno Nething Abt Them
I Know Only That,”I Love U.”
What I Want Is Just 2
See U Once
Have Some Pity On Me And
Give Me The Chance
People Have Started Calling
My Love As Madness
But Without Hearing Ur Voice
My Life Is A Mess
Wenever I Listen Ur Voice It Seems
If Some Angel Speak
My Imagination Starts Flying And
I Feel Myself On Some Peak
My Life Can’t Go On Being Shattered
Ne Further Like This
For My Life What I Need Is
Ur Lips Giving Mine A Kiss

When one has before soaked and bathed

When One Has Before Soaked,
And Bathed In Flattery…
It Is Difficult To Rekindle,
That First Impression Given.
The Feeling That Comes,
When Someone Likes What Another Has Done…
Is Much More Rewarding,
Than A Packed House Of Applauding Patrons.
Let Me Reword That.
Because A Packed House Of Applauding Patrons…
Is Very Rewarding.
Especially If They Are Paying Patrons.
And The Bows Come Tremendously Deep In Gratitude.
When One Has Before Soaked,
And Bathed In Flattery…
It Is Difficult To Rekindle,
That First Impression Given.
The Feeling That Comes,
When Someone Likes What Another Has Done.
That Feeling…
Is ‘Almost’ Like,
A Packed House Of Applauding ‘And’ Approving Patrons.
Whether They Pay Or Not.
It Is The Love That Is Expressed.
‘And The Cashed Checks…
That Come Next! ‘
Do You Have A Single Thought,
Unattached To A Dollar Sign?
Do You? Please…
Save That For Your Next Performance.’
Inspired By:
Alvin ‘Junn’ Wilson
Long Beach, California
‘Keep Those Struggles Fresh And Vunerable.
It’s The Vulnerability That Keeps A Performing Artist
Connected. And Broke! Lol…You Know I Know! ‘
Love Ya Larry

You8217re the one i want need only

You’re The One I Want, The One I Need
The Only One
I Dream Of In My Sleep
How We Met, And How You Left
Is The Only Thing
I Can’t Seem To Forget
It Seem As If, Years Have Passed By
But Its Only Been
One Day, Since We Said Good-Bye
I Didn’t Know, I Would Miss You So Much
How Was I To Know
Time Like This Would Come
Why Can’t I Be With You Night And Day
“Lovers Can’t Be Apart
Is What They Always Sa
Wherever You Are, We’ll Always Be Together
What We Were
Is Something I’ll Always Remember

If you love all things will also

If You Love All Things You Will Also Attain The Divine Mystery That Is In All Things
For Then Your Ability To Perceive The Truth Will Grow Every Day
And Your Mind Will Open Itself To An All-Embracing Love

Though love had me bound it never

Had Me Bound
It Never
You Gain
This Uncontrollable
Power Over Me
Walking My Heart
With A Leash
Taming It
To Do Tricks
And Beg
For More
Was All
You Offered
I Treated
Your Friendship
Like Gold
More Valuable
To Me
Than My Own Mother’s
Though Gullibility
Played Its Part
And Made Me
The Fool
That I Was
A Minute Ago
My Strength
Has Led Its Way
Back To Me
And Given
Me A Noble Reason
To Let Go
Of This Sadistic
And Live
The Life
That I Always
With Less
From Dried Up Tears
And Tear Stains
On Satin Sheets
In Every Room
The Time
Is Now
To Say Farewell
And Let Us
Depart Peacefully

I can see now our friendship can8217t

I Can See Now Our Friendship Can’t Proceed,
Cause Obviously That’s What You Need.
I’m Not Quite Sure If That’s What You Intend,
But I Can Tell Your A Pretend Best Friend.
Forget What I Say Or Watch Your New “Friends” Butt In,
If Your Friendships’ The Prize, I Guess They Win.
Was Your Plan All Along To Send Me Offend?
Guess So Cause I Can Tell You’re A Pretend Best Friend.
Those New Girls That You Call Friends,
Fill Our Relationship With Twists And Bends.
And They Don’t Like Me I Can Tell,
Its Like You Were Floating While I Quickly Fell.
I Think Our Friendship Is Reaching The End,
I Can Tell, Your Just A Pretend Best Friend
Were All Our Tears And Laughter Just A Game?
If It Was, It’s All A Shame.
What Caused You To Be This Way. Who Knows?
All I Know Is Your New Friends Are My New Foes.
They Must Be The Ones That Made You Change.
And Now You Have Such A Small Friendship Range.
Maybe Our Friendship Was Never Meant To Be,
Although Its The First Time Its Seemed That Way To Me.
Obviously You Don’t Think Before You Say Or Push Send
You Don’t Care Anyway, Cause You’re Just A Pretend Bestfriend.

Flirting is how it all started then

Flirting is how it all started,
then why did you do that.
Staying near her was so fun,
then why did you do that.
Her thoughts ended my days,
then why did you do that.
Then i fell into the droplet of love,
then why did you do that.
I liked her more then anything in the world,
then why did you do that.
When i could do no such thing for her,
then why did she start to like someone else? THATS WHY I DID THIS… And learned never to flirt again.

by Devilism

In the light of day darkness night

In The Light Of Day
In The Darkness Of Night
Through The Worst Times
Through The Best Times
You Are Always On My Mind

When Your Depressed And Down
When You Feel Lonely And Just Want To Cry
Remember You Have Me
Ill Always Be Here For You No Matter What
No Matter What You Think
Its Hard To Hide From The Truth
The Truths Is I Love You
So Don’t Be Sad
Don’t Worry About Anything Because You Have Me
When You Think Your Alone
Remember I’m Here
Ill Always Be Here
Here When You Need Me
Here When You Don’t
Here When You Love Me
Here When Doubt Me
Here When You Think I’m Not
Here No Matter What
It Doesn’t Matter
I’m Here No Matter
No Matter The Weather,The Day,The Time,The Date,Or The Place
Ill Always Be Here
With Always The Same Love And Care For You
As Always
Never Forgetting
I Have You
And Never Want To Leave You
You Make No Matter What Has Happened In The Past
Feel Pointless And Stupid
Because You Take Me Away From That
You Take Me To A Place Where I Feel At Home
Only When I’m With You
Never Wanting To Leave Your Precious Sight
Basically Because Of The Love We Share

Monday morning at eight am begins my

Monday Morning,
At Eight Am
Begins My Tussle With A Computer
Before I Break For Lunch,
My Work Would Be To Defeat Tough Enemies
Like Bugs And Errors,
After A Meal,
Comes An Unexpected Guest,
A Mail From My Pm,
Within A Blink Of An Eye,
Requesting Me To Get Ready For Another Tussle,
Like The Soft Touch Of My Beloved-‘s Dress,
Now And Then Some Forward Mails,
To Appease My Mind-Â…
When I Return
After A Tough Discussion In The Eve,
It Makes Me Long For A Friday,
Not To Visit The Shrine,
But As It Would Be Weekend-Â…
For The Tough Hard Work That I Do
I Am Called A Software Engineer

A strong breeze blew through the leaves

A Strong Breeze,
Blew Through The Leaves,
Came Fast To My Ears,
And Whispered Something Nice…
But Before I Could Hear All,
It Ran On Its Course,
I Was Standing There,
Wondering What It Said To Me…
It Came Back To Me,
Wondering What Had Been Through Me,
Then It Repeated Slowly And Clear,
The Words Of Wisdom To My Ears…
It Said To Me “Oh My Friend”,
I Can Be Soft And I Can Be Strong,
Depends On You Of How We Are,
You Respect Me And Thy Shall Get It Back…

A gentle dream with dry fingertips thirsty

A Gentle Dream
With Dry Fingertips
A Thirsty Tongue
Where Are The Elevated Ones?
A Peasant Left
The King Did Not Arrive
His Arrival Delayed By Nomami*
If Only Gazi Was Still Alive-Â….
Where Are The Knowledge Seekers?
Where Are The Loving Hands?
Where Are The Symbols Of Healing,
That Take Me When I-‘m Out Of Tune
And Teach Me All Their Melodies?
Son, Question Your Father,
Daughter, Question Your Mother
Let Them Teach You Our Culture.
Dare You Smirk When I Speak?
Dare You Walk Away From Me?
The Day I Finally Awake
All Cheerful Parties; You-‘ll Hate
All Sacred Rituals; You Will Embrace!
When I Look Upon Our Ancestry
I See The Change We Have Become
But When I Hear A Voice Of Poetry
It Fills Me With Joyful Pride
I Hear The Spring Time Coming
Singing With Diversity Of Voices:
One Says, -ŗntyilo-Ntyilo-*
The Other Says, -ŗi Told You So-
The Renaissance Of Africa
My Peoples Awakening

His was a special place only you

His Was A Special Place
Only You And I Know
As The Sunset Descended
We Basked In The Glow

Hand In Hand We Strolled
At The End Of The Day
Watching The Night Unfold
A Golden Sky Lit The Bay
It Is Our Haven By The Sea
Love Shone Everywhere
Upon The Beach At Sunset
Heart To Heart We Share
Sharing Peaceful Serenity
With Golden Sky Above
Timeless Devotion We Felt
While Embraced In Love

Shadows can be scary but mostly at

Shadows Can Be Scary, But Mostly At Night.
But Even Scarier When Taken To Fright.
Shadows Can Hold Many Things…
Secrets, Stories, And The Start Of The Beginning.

But Know If You Have A Light,
It Will Protect You From The Creatures Of The Night.
Daniela X. Daraz

I get a funny feeling it comes

I Get A Funny Feeling,
It Comes From Deep Inside.
I Get All Mad And Angry,
Wanting To Go And Hide.
My Doctor Calls It Depression,
My Dad Says It’s Just Me.
But The Thoughts And Feelings,
No One Will Ever Be Able To See.
Some Say I’m Psycho,
Some Say I’m Just Weird.
It’s Like I’m A Different Person,
And The Old Me Just Disappeared.
I Get Really Edgy,
I Want To Commit Suicide Real Bad.
Then I Get A Headache,
Followed By Feeling Sad.
I Wish I Could Get Help,
I Wish It Would Go Away.
Maybe If I Keep Praying Real Hard,
It Will Some Day

A place of less despair with no

A Place Of Less Despair With No Fear Or Cares
Great Green Pasture And Clear Fresh Air
A Place Where
Men Don’t Get Murdered Over Gloves
Golden Tenements, And Silver-Tiled Floors
By The Square Inch
Where Flowers That Grow Naturally
Long The Side Of A Park Bench
A Place Of Less Detriment And Evil Thoughts
A Place Where Children Can Roam Freely
So Parents Can Rest Easy
A Place Where Authority Figures Could Never
Beat Me
A Place With Platinum-Paved Streets
With No Need To Be Discreet
The Poor Would Always Eat
And Have Shoes On Their Feet
A Comfort Zone Where
Every Man, Woman, And Child
Possess An Eternal Smile
A Place Where Innocence Could Never Be Defiled

This pain inside these silent tears i8217ve

This Pain Inside
These Silent Tears
I’ve Kept Them Hidden
For Many Years
This Life I Lead
These Things I Do
I’ve Kept Them Hidden
And No One Knew
This Person I Am
These Parts Of Me
I’ve Kept Them Hidden
Let No One See
Then You Came Along
So Different From The Rest
No More Did I Hide
The Worst Or The Best
You Excepted Who I Was
Every Last Part Of It
And On Top Of That
My World You Lit
Now I Am Changing
But Still You Are Here
And That You Will Leave
I Do Not Have To Fear
I Just Want To Thank You
For Being My Friend
And Changing My World
From Beginning To End
If You Are Reading This
You’ll Know Who You Are
You’re My Best Friend
And My Shining Star

Tremor after tremor the devil8217s plow cut

Tremor After Tremor…
The Devil’s Plow Cut A Deep Line
Into A City’s Heart,
A Pool Of Blood Filled The Street.
Mornings Without Sunrays,
Wrens And Finches Are All Hiding.
The Sky, A Fallen Town,
Never Again, Blazed Azure.
The Lilies And And Bluebells
Folded Their Wings In Total Pain;
China, A Vagabond,
Meandered To Seek Her New Sun.

Hold me under the late night stars


Precious are the times which we shared

Precious Are The Times Which We Shared
But Why In Return You Never Cared!!
I Cared So Much For You
That In Caring I Became Insane
Was? There Anything Missing In It
That You Always Gave Me Pain!!
I Always Wished For Your Happiness
If Circumstances Could Be Converted
Why Then Thinking Day And Night Of You
Left Me Just Hurted!!
How You Left Me
You Can Never Guess
Being Inthis World Today
Everywhere I Have Loneliness!!
Till Today, These Times Were Beautiful
Full Of Happiness And No Regret!
But Today You Tought Me A Lesson
I Would Never Forget!

From simple admiration then always in my

From Simple Admiration
Then Always In My Imagination
Till Become My Inspiration
To Reach My Ambition

You-‘re Like A Mornin-‘ Sun
Which Give Light And Fun
To Make My Work Well Done
And The Boredom Has Gone
Just Think Of You Makes Me Happy
Even The Hardest Work Takes Easy
And Sweet Smile Goes Me Crazy
Feels That I-‘m In World Of Fantasy
To Be With You Is Big Surprise
Like The A Jackpot Prize
I Hope My Dream Come True
That Will You Love Me Too
Jhane Reyes‚  ‚ 

Consciously we shall never witness silence the

Consciously We Shall Never Witness Silence;
The Sounds Of Life Shall Continue To Resonate
In Our Ears Until Death. Even The Steady Rate
Of His Heart Is An Avalanche In The Silence.
As The World Is Continuously Filled,
They Get Louder Until They Pulse As One Beat,
Merging Together Until It Is Unbearable.
As One It Burns As Bright As The Sun In All Her Glory,
Intensifying Until We Vibrate In Delicious Torture.
Before Death It Is This Sound Which Preludes That Vacuum.
To Dwell In That Vast Wasteland With Only
Thoughts For Company We Finally Understand That
A Whisper Is The Sweetest Sound.

I walked with you down the bright

I Walked With You Down The Bright City Streets.
It Meant So Much More Than Walking Alone.
Could It Have Been Any Better? Probably So.
But That Kind Of Perfection I Don’t Care To Know.
We Are Terribly Flawed People But When We Walked Side By Side
The Deepest Imperfection Seemed Alright.
No One Could Touch Us Or Cramp Our Style.
We Had Fearless Stride.
Those Steps Taken, No Matter How Few
Are The Best Memories Of Me And You.
And Now That You’re Gone I Must Walk Alone.
I Miss The Simplest Thing, Walking With You.
For That I Bemoan.
If Given The Chance I’d Tread The Longest Mile,
Be In Rain Or Snow. Just To Find You, Be Near You And
Walk With You Once More.
Samantha Ashley

The cold summer both explain how i8217m

The Cold The Summer
Both Explain How I’m Feeling
My Heart Freezes.
My Butterflys Weaken.
When Ii Hear Words From My Mum”s
Mouth Ii Dont Think You Have A School.
Makes Me Wanna De Inside.
Ii Really Hate This Whol Im Stuck In
Ii Cant Get Out.
And Ii Cant Fix It.!
Ii Am Whoo Ii Am.
And Im Not Needed Here.
Ii Just Wish That Ii Could
Get Out And Let My Emotions
Be Freee And So Ii Can Justt Diee.!
Ii Wanna Cut Befor Ii Go Too
Cams Tommorow,
So This Women Knows How Im Feeliing.!
But My Gf Is Comming With Me
What Too Doo, ’1
So Many Choices
So Cold And So Hot

In the house of death there are

In The House Of Death,
There Are Sorrows And Regrets.
Sadness That Shows
Someone Has Left The World,
On The Call Of God.
Men Are Caring,
Women Are Crying Loudly And Mournfully
Then After The Funeral
In The Same House!
Everything Is Normal Again
Life Continues In The Same Narrow Lane

I8217ll be your peter pan and we

I’ll Be Your Peter Pan
And We Can Fly Away
Off To Never Land
Our Scars Will Heal;
With Time In Our Bags
We’ll Steal.

We’ll Guard Our Tears;
Throw Away And Destroy
All Fears.
We’ll Build A Castle Of Sugar
And Hold It All Together
With Peanut Butter.
You’ll Have My Heart
To Keep Our World From
Falling Apart.
And I Have Yours
Around My Neck
In My Locket.
We Can Play Hide And
Seek. So, Count To 20
And Do Not Peek.
‘Here I Come, Ready Or
Not, ‘ Deep Inside You
Know The Spot.
When Time Is Not Ours
And We Do Not Starve
We Are Untroubled.
In This World Of Pixie Dust
And In This Heart I Have
Endless Trust.
So Let’s Fly Away
Leave Behind The Grey.

Why some one love so much one

Why, Some One:
Love So Much,
Some One;
That His Or Her Absence,
Should Cause,
So Much Of Pain,
That, This Very Environment,
Around Us All,
Gets Saddened,
All At-Once;
Beyond All Measures!
That, Buds Refused To Flower-Forth,
And, Fruits To Ripe,
For Nurturing In-Womb Seeds,
For All Succeeding Crops,
To Come For Multiplying By Themselves;
For Future Merriments,
And Beauty-Cultures!

Please tell me there will be another

Please tell me…
There will be another tomorrow.
So i can let go of all my pain and sorrow
Please tell me…
That life does not end here
So i can let go of all my fears
As earth’s tears gather
infront of my eyes
This stage of my life
comes as no suprise
She refused to see the change in me
How i set myself free
After all in life i have experience
I have learned that true love
is never a inconvenience
For I will never say true love is not real
In the near future
I couldend up having the real deal.
Ricardo Louw

Friendship is a strange thing we find

Friendship Is A Strange Thing
We Find Ourselves Telling Each Other The Deepest Details Of Our Lives.
Things We Don’t Even Share With Our Families Who Raised Us
But What Is A Friend?
A Confidant?
A Fellow E-Mail Junkie?
A Shoulder To Cry On?
An Ear To Listen?
A Heart To Feel?
A Friend Is All These Things And More
No Matter Where We Meet
I Call U Friend
A Word So Small Yet So Large In Feelings
A Word Filled With Emotion
It Is True Great Things Come In Small Packages
Once The Package Of Friendship Has Been Opened,
It Can Never Be Closed
It Is A Constant Book Always Written
Waiting To Be Read And Enjoyed
We May Have Our Disagreements
We May Argue
We May Concern One Another
Friendship Is A Unique Bond That Lasts Through It All
A Part Of Me Is Put Into My Friends
Some It Is My Humor
Some It Is My Listening Ear
Some It Is Real Life Experience
Some It Is My Romanticism
But With All, It Is Friendship
Friendship Forged Are A Construct Stronger Than Steel
Built As A Foundation
Necessary For Life
And Necessary For Love

When we are loving i am alive

When We Are Loving
I Am Alive..
When We Fight
I Am Crying Inside..
And All I Wanna
Do Is Die..

When I Here You Breathe,
When You Sleep.
My Heart Skips A Beat.
When You Laugh.
My Heart Hears Angels
When You Cry.
It Makes Me Wanna Die.
For I Know Pain Is
Our Sorrow.
When You Say You Love Me.
I Just Wanna Be Next To You.
So My Lips Can Touch Yours.
When You Lay Me Down To Sleep.
I Know It’s My Bed You Should Be.
But Your So Far Away.
When We Make Love.
I Never Wanna Stop.
For It’s Your Body I Want
Next To Me.
It’s You And Me
And Me And You
For When You
See My Heart
You See Me.
And When You
See Me..
Forever It Can Be You And Me..
I Love The Way You Love Me.
I Wish I Was Closer To The Love
We Share.
When You Call Me Your Wife.
That’s What I Want To Be.
For God Made You For Me
You Are My Angel Sent
From Above..

Treat me right because i8217m worth the

Treat Me Right,
Because I’m Worth The Fight.
Light Up My Eyes,
And Give My Stomach Butterflies.

Smile At Me And You’ll See,
We’ll Be As Happy As Can Be.
Give Me Your Heart,
And I Promise To Never Want To Be Apart.
Treat Me With Respect,
And Our Love Will Be Perfect

I listened through the wishing horn and

I Listened Through The Wishing Horn
And Heard The Calls Of Drowning Fish.
The Salted Rivers Burst Their Banks,
The Spoilers Had Hijacked My Wish.
Though Days Went By Before I Saw
That All I Wished Would Come To Pass
The Goodness In Me Vented Forth
As Bubbles Blowing From My Ass
And Poisoned All With Which It Made
A Contact Or A Merest Hint.
My Only Hope, To Wish Again
But This Time With An Inverse Tint.
I Asked For War And Greed And Loss
Of All Hope For Humanity.
God Said, -Å—i-‘ve Already Seen To That!
Anything Else, While I Still Have My Sanity? -

Running down the memory lane turning pages

Running Down The Memory Lane
Turning The Pages Of My Diary
Came Across Good And Bad Days
Some Wonderful, Unbelievable But True
Times I Was Sad And All Alone
Times When I Was Happy And Glad
But All Along I Found One Thing
That You Were There All Along

Everyday and night i sleep at night

everyday and night,
i sleep at night and i begin 2 think……
how wonderful my dreams are
but i know everything is fake…….
i dream of u, like the sky thats blue
and my body starts 2 shiver………
i wondering why ur beautiful smile
touches me so tender…….
ur face is soft as cotton and ur eyes are crystal too
ur perfect in every way and i can only imagine u…..
as i wake up and face reality and c that U R not there,
i again hope 2 sleep again, cause i know that u will be there

by SxiPapi‚ 

My day is finally done my work

My day is finally done,
my work is finally over
What would it feel like,
to lay again in green clover?
The sun is starting to set
with beams of purple through the sky
Who will be my savior
just before I would die?
Let this lesson be upon
those who would doubt my faith,
I will live forever,
and not become your wraith
by Ampluv‚ 

Saturday night i sit here alone no

Saturday Night I Sit Here -ŗalone-,
No One To Chat With, No One To Phone.
My Friends Are All Out And About Having Fun,
I Sit Here Alone Feeling So Dumb.

I Wait By My Computer To For What, I Don-‘t Know?
For Some One Out There To Give Me A Go!
To Chat With Me, Email Me, Im Me I Don-‘t Know?
Tell Me What, Why Is This So?
Why Is This So You May Ask?
I Really Don-‘t Know It Is Such A Task!
I Come To Rely On My Computer So Much,
Maybe It Has Made Me Being So Out Of Touch!
If‚  That Is So I Guess I Need A Life,
But With So Much Going On, So Much Strife
I Guess I Reach Out For Something That Is Not There,
But What Can I Do, It Is Something I Can-‘t Bare!
Missing The Love And Caring So Much,
Want Kisses And Hugs, To Feel Someone-‘s Touch!
Is There Someone Out That To Help Me So?
If Not, I Think Then I Must Go!
by momacie‚ 

F is for the funny things you

F  Is For The Funny Things You Say That Make Me Smile.
R Is For The Radiant Way You Light Up My Life.
I Is For The Intelligence That You Have Shown You Possess.
E Is For The Excellence You Strive For Each And Every Day .
N Is For The Nice Things You Say And Do.
D Is For The Daring Things That You Say Once In Awhile.
S Is For The Way You Selfishlessly Give Of Yourself.
H Is For Your Helping Way I Know I Can Count On.
I Is For The Interesting Things You Share With Me.
P Is For The Passion You Have For Life!

Never knew that i could feel this

Never Knew That i Could Feel This Way,
Never Knew That i would Be able to hold you,
Never Knew That i could fall for you,
Never Knew That i Just Wanted You,
Never knew what I was missing’
but I knew once we start kissing’
I Knew that i found…..You
‚ by SxiPapi

As a black hole in your soul

As A Black Hole
In Your Soul
A Moth
In Your Old Clothed Heart
You Wear Your
Concern For The World
By Your
Weighted Down Shoulders
And Sorrowful Eyes
I Am The Worldsorrow
The Black Burdain
Of The Worried
Eating You Up
But No Matter How Much
You Cry
No Matter How Much
You Mourn
The Coldness Of The World
The Killings And The Wars
The Victims And The Destuction
I Do Not Matter
Unless You Fight It
The Tears On Your Cheeks
Are But Salty Water
Until You Make The Reason
For Them
Real And Fightable
Real And Extinguishable
Real And Your Problem
Until You Act Up
Your Weighted Down Shoulders
Are Only Weighted Down Shoulders
But When You Do
Your Care For The World
Is A Source Of Improvement
A Way Of Stopping The Violence
I Am The Worldsorrow
Until You Acknowledge Me
I Do Not Matter
But When You See Me
For The Harsh Truth That I Am
You Can Change The World

Holding on to countless moments when laughter

Holding On
To Countless Moments
When Laughter Came From
Our Bellies
Silly Banter
Taught Us
How To Be Kids Again
Silent Tears
Were For A Joyous Occasion
And Sweet Kisses
Were Unexpected
Than Intentional
Gazing Into
Those Brown Eyes
That Could
Look Through My Soul
And See How Afraid I Was
Of Becoming A Woman
I’d Rather
Stay Your Baby
And Let You
Pamper Me
With Sweet Nothings
And Fables I Wanted
To Hear
You’d Rock Me To Sleep
With Promises
We Prayed We’d Keep
Consequences Could Happen
In Secrets
You Dug So Deep
And Whispered
About Your Past
But Confident
Free Mind
And A Free Will
With Or Without
A Purpose
Without Limits
“You And I”
Were Supposed To Be
The Title
Not The Regretful

Ilusiones olvidarse de esa persona que hace

Olvidarse De Esa Persona
Que Hace Derretir Los Glaciares De Tus Ojos.
Son Tus Pupilas Lunas Eclipsadas De Amor,
Un Viento FrƒÂ­o En Un DƒÂ­a De Calor,
Que Congela Su Imagen
Como Retratos De Antiguas Pinturas,
En Un Cuarto Reciente,
Quedando EstƒÂ¡tica Mi Alma, Mi Amor, Mi Todo…
Son Capullos De Seda Sin Vida En Mi Estomago.
Un Arco Iris Gris Y Negro,
Y Unas Cuantas Flores Incoloras.
Una Plaza De Sentimientos EstƒÂ¡ticos,
Estacionados InmƒÂ³viles Como Estatuas.
El Camino Un CƒÂ­rculo.
Solo Una IlusiƒÂ³n Marchita Y Agitada
Se Levanta Y Se Renueva
Con Sus Propias Fuerzas, Con Sus Cortas Alas,
Peleando Con Su Incertidumbre.
Una Infinidad De Preguntas
Invadiendo Su Mente.
Un Lanzamiento Al VacƒÂ­o Sin Un Precipicio.
Palabras Pesadas Que No Alcanzan Flotar En El Aire
Se Quedan Fijadas En Su Mente, AtƒÂ³nitas.
Un Simple Conocimiento De La BidemensiƒÂ³n
Sentimientos Y DesesperaciƒÂ³n

In the darkness my soul awaits

In The Darkness , My Soul Awaits
Anticipating , My Final Fate-Â…
As I Stare, Off Into Spac
I Dare Not Look , Upon His Face
Fore In His Eyes, I May 4c
What He Has, Instore For Me
The Burning Snow, Or The Clouds Grey
I Wonder, M Just A Bird Of Prey
As I C , Into The Eyes Of Thee
Someone Tells Me ,That M Free
Ma Soul Is Trapped, Ma Body Is Free
The Doors Is Wide Open, No Wings 2 Flee
All I C, Is A Burning Me-Â…
A Splashing Storm, In A Calm Sea
Say All The Wise, And All Literate
The Choice Is Urs ,N Not Ur Fate
I Say Life,S To Hard To Live
But Death Is Too Final 2 Give
So, Sometime, Its So Hard To Choose
N I Always Fear, I,Ll Loose
But I Hav To Choose , I Hav To See
Hope A Better 2morow Will Glee
So, I,Ll Only Ask Thee
Wht Is It, Written 4 Me?-Â…l

If one day you feel like crying

If One Day You Feel Like Crying Call Me..
I Dont Promise That I Will Make You Laugh,
But I Can Cry With You.
If One Day You Dont Want To Listen To Anyone.
Call Me I Promise To Be There For You.
And I Promise To Be Very Quite.
If One Day You Want To Run Away Call Me..
I Dont Promise To Ask You To Stop,
But I Can Run With You.
But If One Day You Call..
And There Is No Answer..
Come Fast To See Me May Be I Need You!

I8217m red creative liberation higher than imagination

I’m Red,
I’m Creative,
I’m Liberation,
Higher Than Imagination.
I Lay On A Peacock- Painted Bed Sheet
With A Haunting Presence
In Front Of Me,
A Rose Gets Blossoming.
Half- Closed Door,
One Window Is Open.

A Tug- Of – War
Within Me…
War Doesn’t End,
Dejection Is There,
Rejection Is There..
Not Yet Used My Thumb,
To Identify Myself,

A rose in tatters on the garden

A Rose, In Tatters On The Garden Path,
Cried Out To God And Murmured ‘Gainst His Wrath,
Because A Sudden Wind At Twilight’s Hush
Had Snapped Her Stem Alone Of All The Bush.
And God, Who Hears Both Sun-Dried Dust And Sun,
Had Pity, Whispering To That Luckless One,
“Sister, In That Thou Sayest We Did Not Well
What Voices Heardst Thou When Thy Petals Fell?”
And The Rose Answered, “In That Evil Hour
A Voice Said, `father, Wherefore Falls The Flower?
For Lo, The Very Gossamers Are Still.’
And A Voice Answered, `son, By Allah’s Will!’”
Then Softly As A Rain-Mist On The Sward,
Came To The Rose The Answer Of The Lord:
“Sister, Before We Smote The Dark In Twain,
Ere Yet The Stars Saw One Another Plain,
Time, Tide, And Space, We Bound Unto The Task
That Thou Shouldst Fall, And Such An One Should Ask.”
Whereat The Withered Flower, All Content,
Died As They Die Whose Days Are Innocent;
While He Who Questioned Why The Flower Fell
Caught Hold Of God And Saved His Soul From Hell.

Oh colonel sanders when you smile each

Oh Colonel Sanders
When You Smile
Each Of Your Teeth Gravestones Stands
For Trillions Of Little Bird Lives
The 2 Million Members Of Peta Have
Achieved An Agreement With Kfc
Canada For Less Brutal Slaughterhouse Methods
But Not Yet Kfc Us (Part Of Yum Foods Of
Louisville Kentucky)

Finally a few moments for myself i

Finally A Few Moments For Myself…
I Made Myself A Cup Of Coffee..
Turned On Some Soulful Music…
Sat On The Leather Couch…
And Took A Sip From The Cup…
As It Went Down The Throat…
I Felt A Bit Relaxed…
And Laid Back On The Couch…
And Reflected On The Times…
From The Very Low To The Very High…
And Right Down Once Again…
Only To Rise Again…
Life Had Taken A Full Circle…
In The Last One Year Of My Life…
I Have Grown More Then I Did..
In The Last 24 Years Of My Life…
Faced With New Challenges…
Standing At A Crossroad…
I Wonder What Will It Be Next…
I Only Smile At Myself…
For All I Can Say Right Now Is…
Life It Goes On

We8217re miles apart but i feel you

We’re Miles Apart But I Feel You Near,
You Love, Your Laughter Your Presence Is Here.
We’re Miles Apart, But I See Your Face,
I Feel Your Arms Your Sweet Embrace.

.We’re Miles Apart, But I Taste Your Kiss,
Your Actual Touch Is All I Miss.
We’re Miles Apart But Your Voice I Hear,
Words Of Love Which I Hold So Dear.
Were Miles Apart But My Love Stays Strong,
Until You Are Here Where You Belong.
We’re Miles Apart But Our Hearts Are Together,
Our Bond Is Strong…Lasting Forever.

All you lies boy they hurt its

All You Lies
Boy They Hurt
Its Cuts So Deep
Every Word
When You Cry
Makes It Worse
Just Stop.
Let Go Of Me
Nothing Will Ever Change
No Matter What You Say
Just Let Go Of Me And You
Just Let Me Walk Away
Let Me Through The Rain
Let Me See The Sun
You Had Youre Chance You Blew It
Now We Are Done
Let Me See The Blue Skies
Let Me Be Free
Let Me Fly Away, And See
Exactly Who I Am
You Told Me I Was Tough
A Different Sorta Girl
Someone Who Fought So Rough
So Unpredictable
I Guess It Was Just Love
Those Smiles You Had To Fake
Its Hard Because
You Make Me Still Love You Now
Please Just Stop
Just Let Me Go
Nothing Will Ever Change
No Matter What You Say
Just Let Go Of Me And You
Just Let Me Walk Away
Let Me Through The Rain
Let Me See The Sun
You Had Youre Chance You Blew It
Now We Are Done
Let Me See The Blue Skies
Let Me Be Free
Let Me Fly Away, And See
Exactly Who I Am
I Know I May Seem Strange
A Bit Wierd Now And Again
But I Know I Didnt Deserve
All That Pain
I Just Wanna Fly
Spread My Wings And Scream
Make A Reality
Out Of My Dreams
Just Stop This Now
And Let Me Go

Forget the past live in now we

Forget The Past, Live In The Now.
We Share A Love, I’ll Tell You How.
In The Morning, Thoughts For You.
Run Through My Mind, For Me To View.
They Are Of Peace Sweet Tenderness.
Filled With Comfort Nothing Less.
In The Day Sun Burning Bright.
Souls A Glow Such A Sight.
In The Evening Twilight Sings.
Little Heartsongs Your Whispers Bring.
End Of Night Your Arms Fold Round.
Tis Only Here I’m Safe And Sound.

Emotional backslide black hawk down i curl

Emotional Backslide
Black Hawk Down
I Curl Up In A Ball And Cry
Watch Movies
Wonder Why
I Just Keep Crying
As The World Falls Down
I Don’t Grow Up
I Don’t See
Why Change And Invetability
All Around Me Are
What’s The Point?
The Cruel Joke
Of It All
I’d Like To Be In On It

Build tomorrow on today throw troubles out

Build Tomorrow On Today
Throw Troubles Out Of Way
For Troubles Keep Apart
Happiness From Your Heart
So Learn In This Time
To Follow Life’s Rhyme
And Do It All With Smiles
And Know Life Is Fragile
And Now Is The Time To Sum
Joys And Fains To Welcome
New Year My Dear Today
That Is Just On Its Way.

As long you8217ve not harmed any other

As Long As You’ve Not Harmed Any Other Or To None Been Unfair
Of How Others Look Upon You Why Should You Even Care
Just Leave Them To Their Judgemental Ways Since They Have Nothing Better To Do
And They Are Not Critical Of Others When They Are Criticizing You.
Leave Them To Their Judgemental Ways Is All That One Can Say
Suppose They Cannot Help It If They Act In This Way
Some People Are Quiite Ignorant And In Their Ways Quite Small
They Do Not Know The Meaning Of A Fair Go For All.

Their Thoughts Are Like The Stunted Weeds That Never Take To Flower
In Comparing Of People Gives Them A Sense Of Power
They Cannot Help The Way They Are That’s People One Suppose
Callous People Do Not Grow Kinder When They Dress In Stylish Clothes.
As Long As You Have Not Harmed Any Other Why Hide Away In Shame
Despite Negative Comments Of The Unenlightened Life For You Goes On As The Same
Do Not Go Down To Their Level Your Moral Honour Bar You Ought To Raise
For You Do Not Need Such People’s Judgements As Little As You’d Need Their Praise.

It look me long enough to know

It Look Me Long Enough To Know.
That There Someone For Everyone.
When Hope Is All Gone There Faith.
Love Shall Guide The Way To A Promising Path.
Once God Has Craft And Created Such Miracle.
There Only The Sweet Sound Of Joy That Echo In Thy Heart.
Because There No Shadow Of Doubt He Know
You Can’t Live Without.
Though We Try So Hard To Disregard These Emotion
(Oh) So Strong.
That Leave Us Gray As We Start To Fade, Then Our Light
Gets Dimmer.
Don’t Forget Your Heart Beats To A Name, Listen To It
Then Press On.
This Is Where You Belong, Your Destiny For Love Proceed
Every Need Wanted By Man Or Woman.
Mountains Will Never Touch Heaven When You
But Your Heart Will When Find, That Love Written From
The Beginning Of Time.