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Wanna share something not only one thing

Wanna Share Something
Not Only One Thing
Which Ll Wide As Sky
Depth As Of Ocean
Can I Share Something
Not Only One Thing
Feel The Smell Of Wind
With Soft Noice At The End
Intimate With
The Smel Of Wet Sand
Which Can B Felt To Never End
If Case Of Friend
Its Companion
Lead To Friendhip
Hav No Bounds Of Leadership
If Case Of Friendship
Its Support
Leads To Love
Bound With Trust
If Case Of Love
Its Core Of Life
Leads To Relationship
Wat To Say Wat To Not
Is There Anything
Have No Knots

I wish could tell you how much

I Wish I Could Tell You How Much I Love You,
I Love You Very Much-Â…
I Love You And When I Close My Eyes, I Long To See You.
Even When You Are Not Near Me,
I Feel You In Everything I-‘m Surrounded By
Every Second-Â…. Every Minute-Â….. All The Time-Â…..
My Eye Search For Only My Dear Love
Call It Love, Madness Or Just My Heartbeat-Â…..
It-‘s The Same Thing For Me.
A Lot Of People Have Loved Before-Â….
But My Love Stands Apart From All Of Them Because
They Don-‘t Have You.
I Can Never Forget You; I Don-‘t Want To Forget You.
You Are Mine And I Will Love You Forever
I Will Love Till I Die -Â….. And Even After That!
When You’re So Far Away
I Think Of You Every Night
When On Bended Knee I Pray
Praying For You To Be With Me
And Make Our Dreams Come True
I Am Surrounded By Your Love
And Give Mine All To You
You Are The One I’ve Waited For
You Are The Best To Be
I Have Waited For So Long
For You To Be With Me
But ,I Just Need You Here
To Hug You Ever So Tight
I Want You Surrounded In My Arms
And Hold You Through The Night
This Passion That I Have For You
Will Last Till Time Is Through
There Is Not Doubt Within My Heart
To Spend Eternity With You

You kissed me one morning and i

You Kissed Me One Morning
And I Pulled Away
How Was I Supposed To Know
That You’d Be Gone The Next Day?

Why Did You Leave Me?
I’m Just A Kid
Was It Something I Said?
Was It Something I Did?
I Picture Your Eyes,
Your Hair, Your Face
But It’s All Gone From Me
Gone Without A Trace
How Could You Just Leave Me Here
I Was Your Only Child.
I Thought You Loved Me,
You Hugged Me, You Smiled…
Secret Yellow Rock Chick

This is the story that must be

This Is The Story That Must Be Told
Of An Iraqi Baby, Not Very Old.
Lying In Her Crib One Star Lit Night
How Could She Know Of Those Planes In Flight?
She Lay There Quietly Touching Her Nose,
Watching Her Mobile, Wiggling Her Toes,
Oohing And Cooing, So Sweetly Is She,
Talking To Someone, Who Could It Be?
An Angel Is Standing With Her In The Room.
The Baby Is Smiling, Unaware Of Her Doom.
The Crib Starts To Shake And The Mobile Goes Round.
And Suddenly Comes A Most Deafening Sound.
The Ceiling Drops In, In A Second Or Two .
On Top Of Her Crib So She Ceases To Coo .
No One Knows How Long She Lie There
Who Thought About It? Doesn’t Anyone Care?
Is She Alive? Is She Dead? Is She In Any Pain?
Now That You Mention It, Who Knows Her Name?
Her Name Is Amal. In English We Say Hope.
Crushed Between The Rubble, Her Tiny Fingers Start To Grope.
Where Is My Mommy? I Love Her So Dear
Come, Get Me Mommy! It’s Dark In Here!
I’m Scared And I’m Hungry And I Can’t See My Feet.
There’s Blood In My Mouth! Give Me Something To Eat!
Where Is My Daddy? Where’s My Big Brother?
It Hurts When I Breath! Where Is My Mother?!
How Long Have I Been Here? Is This Just A Dream?
I Open My Mouth, But Can’t Even Scream.
That Angel Appears Once Again To My Side,
This Time With A Tear I Plead Why Have I Died?
Am I Alone In My Sufferings? No, There Are Many Others.
In Our Grief And Our Misery, We Are Sisters And Brothers.
Who Are We? I Ask You.For What Crime Did We Die?
They’re Throwing A Party! Doesn’t Anyone Cry?!
Is It True? Am I Nothing?! How Could It Be?
Don’t They Also Have Babies, Just Like Me?
It Is War They Say, Of Which Death Is Part.
How Blind They’ve Become, How Hardened Of Heart.
Did Someone Say Hero? To Whom Do They Speak?
A Victory Claimed For Killing The Weak?!
Why Are They Happy? Why Are They Proud?
Don’t They Know That I’m Cold In My Burial Shroud?!
No War Has Been Won; No Ifs, Buts, Or Maybes,
They’ve Only Killed Babies.

Loose poontang was all over the place

Loose Poontang Was All Over The Place.
Some Was Sold But Most Was Given Away.
The Sailors Would Dock Upon These Shores…
Many Years Ago!
Seeking The Best And Freshest Poontang They Could Get.
And Leaving The Townspeople With Resources…
Some Hoarded And Most Adored For The Ease,
This Abundance Left Them…
To Feed Their Sleazy Greedy Needs!
The Critics Wished To Address,
The Freshness Of The Poontang.
Disclaiming This Did Not Represent…
Images They Declared Misunderstood When Presented.
They Wanted It To Be Widely Known…
They Are Of The Self Righteous Kind!
At Least The Wanted This Kept Charaded.
But No One Would Deny,
The Poontang Kept Their Manicured Pretentions…
From Taking An Economic Nose Dive.
And Those Who Came To Taste And Marvel The Poontang Agreed…
This Adventure Was No Different Than Casinos.
And Perhaps Legalizing This Mischief,
Would Increase Their Incomes And Not Have Their Dollars Bleed.
And So It Was!
Poontang Began To Lift Low Spirits.
Thus Providing Another Rewritten Chapter…
To Raise The Stakes.
And Erase The Already Lowered Levels Of Tolerance!
It Is About That Dollar!
And How To Achieve Getting It Without Offending Dignities!
Even The Gutter Can Become Cherished,
When The Status Of It Is Upgraded!
And Marketed As Such!
Giving It A Refurbished Quality Of Class And Snob Appeal!
Everyone Will Want To Have A Piece Of It!
And So The Gutters Too,
Were Painted To Induce Captivating Reflections Of Rainbows.

Cement is the answer to demented men

Cement Is The Answer
To The Demented Men Of The World
Now He’s Covered In Plaster
It Will Dry Before I Can Hit The Door
Cement Makes A Great Pair Of Shoes
I Know A Few Who Would Emphatically Agree
So Tread The Water Carefully,
You Don’t Want To Upset Me
I’ve Had Enough Of Your Telling Me
You’re Fixing To Find Out How Bad I Can Be
Push Me Once More And You’ll Find Yourself On The Ocean Floor,
Watching The Fishes Swim The Sea

I cannot see pee chew screw oh

I Cannot See
I Cannot Pee
I Cannot Chew
I Cannot Screw
Oh My Gosh, What Can I Do?
My Memory Shrinks
My Hearing Stinks
No Sense Of Smell
I Look Like Hell
My Mood Is Bad – Can You Tell?
My Body’s Drooping
Have Trouble Pooping
The Golden Years Have Come At Last
The Golden Years Can Kiss My Ass.

Praise the vision of laughs with mirth

Praise The Vision
The Laughs With Mirth
The Joys With Smiles
The Hopes With Life
It Will Not Last
And Soon
It Will Be Dozed
The Winds Of
Misty Hours…………….
Seema Chowdhury

My daily online poetry a blog of

My Daily Online
Poetry, A Blog
Of Nothing But
Thoughts Of
Stone, Petal,
A Threadlike
Of Colors
And Scents
And Personalized

Mood Swings
Moral, Amoral
Or Otherwise
Goes And Goes
Like A Train
Of Thoughts
Day By Day
Trying Always
To Figure Out
Who Am I
It Is Not To Entice
Or Corrupt
It Is Merely
A Signification Of
Here I Am
Are You There Too?
No Climbing
Of Ladders
Or Blowing Of Horns
No Choir
Of Angels
Or Boasting
Of This
Oh My God
What A Coincidence
You Think
The Way I Think
Nope, There Is Nothing
Worthy Of My Poetry
Even Myself
This Write, All The Poems
But A Poetry Blog
And So By Now
Express Your Angst
Shout, Rage,
Cool Dude, Subdue
A Stream
Of Consciousness
The Turtle Swimming In The
Deepest Part Of
This Ocean
Clouds Like Cotton
To Your Pond
I Watch, Yes, Let Me Watch
I Speak, Yes, Let Me Speak
Truly, I Am Not Interested,
I Write,
Because I Have Something To Write,
This Destiny,
Of I Cannot Get Away,
Yes, Call Me A Rambling Thought,
I Am, I Am, I Am
It Is All About, This I Am, I Am, I Am,
Today, I Am, I Am Feeling This Heaviness
And You Sit
In The Dark Corner, Telling Me,
Why Do You Write Poetry,
And Yet Here I Am Dying, And You Do Not Really Mind…..
I Beg Of You,
Do Not Try To Figure Out, To Understand, I Beg
Of You,
This Is Nothing, Go Away, Go Somewhere
I Am A Cloud, I Drift, I Am This Space Groping For Letters,
A Word Will Not Do, I Beg, I Beg Of You…..

I have to forget youso hard know

I Have To Forget You,So Hard, I Know,
But I Have To Forget Ur Liar Eyes,
Have To Forget My Dreams That U Were The Queen Of,
Have To Forget My Feelings That U Were The Leader Of,
Have To Forget My Brighter Days That U Were The Sun Of,
So Cruel U Are Like The Hammer That Hammered My Heart,
Like The Murderer Who Killed My Feelings,
Like The Fox Who Hunts His Prey.
Then Leaves It So Weak
Yeah! I’m Afraid And Weak Without U,
But As U Forget Me,
So Too Will I Forget U,
From Now On.I’ll Kick My Feelings,
Shut My Heart & And I’ll Never Allow Any1 To Play With My Heart

Its a mistery to i for why

Its a mistery to I,
For why she wrote that night
Into my world, she brought much delihgt
Her kind and careing soul
Filled my heart and made it whole
With her words came a speacial glow
Thanks to her there is always
A sunny day outside my window
Thanks for being a good friend!
0ne 4you

Stopping by again to say i miss

Stopping By Again To Say.
I Miss Your Love Everyday.
The Same Old Lies Of Compassion
Boy This Talk Is In True Fashion
You Try To Tell Of Undying Devotion
All The While Going Through The Motions.
You Do This Thing To All The Girls.
You Send Our Senses Into Swirls.
I Know Who You Think You Are
Cassanova With Your Guitar
You Think You Can Seduce Me Back To Bed.
With Songs You Made Up In That Con Head.
I Am Telling You Know You Are So Vain
I Would Be Crazy To Let You Into My Brain

She comes and brings with her

She Comes :
Brings With Her :
Some-Thing So Sweet ,
And Delicate ;
Even Ones Eyes Can Eat!
Her Flowering Smiles:
Her Glances Innocent:
Child-Like Postures,
Can’t Any More Be Missed!
It Appears:
Yes, Certainly,
I’m Quite Sure;
Her Dawn-Red Soft Lips,
Are By None Else,
But, By Her Parents Kissed

Never give up if u still wanna

Never Give Up If U Still Wanna Try
Never Wipe Your Tears If U Still Wanna Cry
Never Settle For The Answer If U Still Wanna Know
Never Say U Don’t Like Him If U Can’t Let Him Go

Do you hear what i say 8216

Do You Hear What I Say? ‘ Someone May
Impatiently Explode One Day,
As They Discern Our Thoughts
Have Wandered Astray.
We All Have A Tendency Sometimes
To Drift Away,
And, Come What May We Cannot Remember
A Thing That Was Said.
Relationships Though Will Only Survive
On Keeping Alive The Art Of The Ear.
In Not Just The Hearing
But Listening Too.
Above All The Ear Must Convey
In Endearing And Comforting Way,
That It Intends As It Bends, To Transmit
A Message Of Care.
Before It’s Too Late To Salvage A Friendship
From Petrified State
Give A Chance To The Listener’s Art.
Quietly Impart Undivided Attention,
Then Speak Your Own Part.
Practicing Well,
Until The Ear Speaks To The Heart Of The Other,
Who, Satisfied, Unbends Again

You spread your film of balm numbing

You Spread
Your Film Of Balm
Numbing Her Flailing Thoughts,
Then Fan Inertia
Into Form
Moulding Waxy Lust;
Strike Her Transient Flame
Collect The Ash
And Frame
Elusive Touch,
Then Watch
As She Rolls Off Your Tongue

I just need to have you a

I Just Need To Have You
A Love That’s Known By Few
As Fresh As The Morning Dew
You Make My Dreams Come True
I Need To Hear Your Voice
A Miracle Occurred
I Hang On Your Every Word
The Sweetest Sound I’ve Ever Heard
I Need To Feel Your Touch
Your Soft And Gentle Kiss
Warmth And Tenderness
Amazed Love Could Ever Feel Like This
I Need To Be Your Friend
Any Problem We Can Weather
We Will Always Be Together
That’s Our Commitment To Forever
I Need To Have Your Trust
And Your Undeniable Charm
Ne’er To Do You Any Harm
Forever Holding You In My Arms
I Need For You To Know
Just How Much I Care
There’s Not A Day I Won’t Be There
We’re The Most Perfect Pair
I Need To Have Your Love
I Am Awed By Your Grace
To See Your Beautiful Face
Memories Time Can’t Erase
I Just Need To Have You
Love That’s Strong And True
Each Day Is Brand New
My Heart Belongs To You

I think of you all day wish

I think of you all day
I wish for you everyday
I want to be with you in a more than friend way
But everyway
It confuses me
One minute you are that sweet girl I love
The next your out with love
You don’t know or you don’t care
Well this time im not waiting
I don’t care
You leave for lust
I stay confused
You leave with my trust
And I stay refused
It hurts me now that I know
That when I care and when I wait confused
Wondering why you would do such things
I know your not there
Not even a little
When I try and wait
I wait for you to realize
To realize that I am here
And I wont always be here
Soon enough
I’ll tell you everything
And whatever happens happens
Our love could be enforced
Our love could be divorced
Or maybe it never existed
Just maybe
But for now I’m here
Not always to be here forever
But here waiting for you
For now I’ll always be here
Here forever in love
With a confused young woman
Who is the beautiful love of my life
And always will be!
by 123elmo‚ 

Not yet gently kissed you put my

Not Yet Gently Kissed You.
Not Yet Put My Tiny Fingers Through Yours.
Not Yet Held Your Hand.
Not Even Hugged And Caressed You.
Not Smiled When I’ve Looked At You.
Not Had Butterflies Thinking About You.
Not Got Excited When You’ve Called.
Or Constantly Happy As I Lock Then Re-Read
The Text’s You’ve Just Sent
As We Chat About Our Next Meet And Date.
Promise To Be On Time, Not Late.
Not Gently Stroked Your Soft Warm Face With My Tiny Cold Finger Tips.
Not Put My Fingers Upon Your Tender Lips.
Not Heard Words From Your Mouth Entering My Tiny Ears.
Am I To Old For All This Tactile Romance.
Is It For Me To Late.?
Not Gazed For Hours Into Your Eyes.
Not Placed My Soft Kisses On Your Lips, Chin And Nose.
Whilst Feeling Like A School Kid Again.
Full Of Mixed, Confused Emotions
But Constantly Happy And So Excited Inside.
You I Have Not Yet Met One Day Hope I Do
I Have So Much To Offer The Right Man Out There
Who Knows Where He Is Unless That Man Is You?

A powerful being so much of magic

A Powerful Being,
So Much Of Magic And Glory,
Respected From Ages,
Yet Humble And Soft…
Power Of Getting Life,
Into The World,
Nurture And Care,
Love And Sacrifice…
Who Else Can It Be,
Who Else Can Match,
So Powerful Yet Subtle,
So Strong Yet So Fragile…
The Power Of Woman,
So Respectable And Good,
May It Last Forever,
And The Glory Held Upright..

Alone i can only speak but together

Alone I Can Only Speak
But Together, We Can Shout.
Alone I Can Only Think,
But Together We Can Understand.
Alone I Can Only Smile,
But Together, We Can Laugh.
Alone, I Can Only Live,
But Together, We Can Celebrate Life.
Shall We? Love You Always.

It8217s comming on so slowly first showing

It’s Comming On So Slowly,
It’s First Showing It Self,
At First I Barely Noticed,
But Now I’m Catching Up
First There Was The Music,
First There Was The Sound,
The Screaming Hell Of Something
Terrible Being Born In This World
All I Can Think Of Is Writing,
I Want To Place This Rage,
It’s Taking Over My Hand,
It’s Writing This All Down
Then It Started Watching,
Now It’s Silent Stalking,
It Follows Me Home,
And Creeps Into My Soul
Help Me I Cannot Speak
Help Me I Cannot Think
It’s Looking At The People Around Me,
It’s Seeing Into Your Souls,
Causing Me To Go Insane,
It Hates You And Everything
It Makes Me Want To Eat You,
It Makes Me Want To Vomit You,
It Makes Me Want To Hurt You,
It Makes Me Want To Kill You,
It Makes Me Want To Hide,
It Makes Mw Want To Die,
It Makes Me Then My Outside Changed,
The Hair, The Clothes, The Way I Walk
The Way I Act, The Way I Talk,
The Looks On Your Face,
Reflecting The Ways Of My Face,
My Expressionless Pit Of Eyes
That Go Down Into Its Soul,
Yes You Can See It You Can See It
It’s Devouring Me I Can’t Get Loose
I Shake And Cry Plead And Pull
But It Only Seethes Around,
And Into My Soul Faster
Its Grip Hardens I Scream In Pain
I Need Release I Need Help Me
When It Sleeps I’m Almost Myself
When I Am Alone I Can Almost Taste It
Normality The Person I Once Was,
But When It Returns
When I Know It Will
But Do I Really Want It To Go?

What8217s an aphrodisiac will it really make

What’s An Aphrodisiac?
Will It Really Make The Mood Come Back?
Or Is It Just A Thing We Like To Think?
Will It Put The Hitch In Your Get Along?
Or Have We All Been So Wrong?
Viagra Seems To Be The Better Way To Go
I’ve Heard That Makes The Blood Flow,
So If You’re Looking For Some Help
That’s My Advise Can’t You Tell

There are trojans made of latex designed

There Are Trojans Made Of Latex
Designed To Protect Your Body-‘s Hard Drive
From The Undesirables Of A Corrupted Virus
Downloaded While In The Arms Of Another
Here Are Trojans Which Are Infectious
When Downloaded Without Protection
They Appear At First Glance To Be Valuable
Designed To Steal Your Files; They Reveal Themselves A Worm
There Have Been Trojan Viruses, Horses, Wars And Woman
Plays And Epics Of Great Importance
But The Most Destructive Trojan Of Them All
Is The Censorship Imposed By An Austere Puritan

Whenever i needed someone to talk you

Whenever I Needed Someone To Talk To
You Were Always There.
My Eyes Filled With Tears, My Heart Filled With Pain, And
You Were Always There.
There Was No Time When I Had Doubt
To Come To You Because
You Were Always There.
I Could See In Your Eyes You Wanted To Help,
And That You Really Cared.
Whenever I Was Down And Blue
You Were Always There.
No Matter My Problems, Are What Was Wrong
You Were Always There.
Whenever I Felt Like Nothing Matters
You Were Always There.
Now Your Gone, And I Don’t Know What To Do
I Close My Eyes And Think Of You, And How
You Were Always There.
It’s Hard To Look At The Pictures,
And Get Memories Of You
Can You Hear Me Now
At Night I Pray, And I Speak To You
I Guess You Were Right When You Told
Me No Matter How Far You Were
You Would Always Be There.
I Know One Day I’ll See You Again,
But Till Then I Have To Say Goodbye
Even Though It Hurts To Hear Your Name,
And Speak Of You
One Thing I Will Always Say Is
You Were Always There.

I8217m standin8217 in my bare feet on

I’m Standin’ In My Bare Feet
On The Tile Floor.
Standin’ In My Kitchen,
A Kitchen Shared With Three
A Gaggle Of Chics.
We Tend To Linger
In Our Rooms. Sticking
To Our Familiar
I Still Eat My Cinnamon Cereal In The Mornings
The Walls Are White
And Its Too Damn Cold
All The Time.
The Furniture Looks
A Little Like Hospital Decor.
But Its Mine
(For The Most Part)
And I Guess I Like It…
Kinda Like It-
In My New Place.

I am a stranger to my own

I Am A Stranger To My Own Time
When I Visit My Youth
It Fails To Recognise Me
I Am Unnoticed.

I See Humming Bees
Kissing Budding Flowers
But The Time Has Forgotten Me
I Am An Unknown Traveller
To My Own Time.

He touches your lips there is a

He Touches Your Lips, There Is A Sound
He Touches Your Budding Flower
And There Is A Sound Of Eternity
You Floats On The Sound Of Creation.

He Embraces You, There Is A Whisper
A Husky Voice Covers You
He Enters Into Your Body
There Is A Fathomless Darkness.
There Is Music All Around
Your Time Turns Into A Music.
Ershad Mazumder

Herald heard the hark after many ages

Herald heard the hark
After many many ages
herald heard his hark.
Afer eons his own song
listened to the lark.
Finally learned the teaching
of his own emphatic preaching…
Words from his own mouth
to his own soul did arc.
Not what was to him
obvious or unknown he taught
but what was them betwixt
His own soul’s limit
Ideas which him transfixed.
What we ourselves should do
we project to them and teach
not what’s within our grasp
but our aspiring reach.
Our whistles are what
we’ve attained
Our sung notes higher still
out of whistles’ range
Past life butchers
are now vegan activists.
Prussian warriors
are 21st Century pacifists.
Mental patients.. some
are mystic saints..
Others were once timeclocking
Present dharma’s past karma.
It’s the key to our own hearts
which our eyes magnetize.
Angels sent
the therapist
a teacher
in patient guise
to bypass his ego
Beyond the
holiest of sleuths
Beyond the soothsayer
.. the sayer of sooth
Beyond all veils
and clouds dwells
God as Love
God as Truth
he and the sun do not preach
he and the river do not teach
sacred silent loving acts
are their only speech

Dreams of desire forbidden things we wanted

Dreams Of Desire: Forbidden Things,
We Wanted To, But Never Did.
Desires We Carefully Hid,
Carnal, Lustful, Hopeless Yearnings.
Forbidden Fruits Beyond Our Reach.
We Could Achieve In Dreaming State.
Each Dream A Lesson Sought To Teach.
Our Super Egos In Full Spate.
Warnings Against Unbridled Lust.
Egos Obey They Don-‘t Rebel.
Our Ids Reply Why Should We Trust
The Stupid Stories Which You Tell.
Our Ids Perforce Must Be Restrained.
Nobody Is Allowed To Do
Exactly As They Wanted To.
They Are By Legal Rules Constrained.
Dreams Of Desire As Yet Are Free
To Be Indulged In Privately.
Not To Be Taken Seriously,
We Know They-‘re Only Fantasy

I could not help but hear it

I Could Not Help But Hear It As I Walked Nearby
The Feral Cat In The Scrub Uttered A Painful Cry
As I Approached Where It Was Hiding It Staggered Away
Leaving Lots Of It’s Blood Behind On The Ground Where It Lay.

Of The Praises Of Feral Cats One Cannot Sing
But What Sort Of A Person Could Do Such A Thing
To Shoot At It And Wound It And Then Walk Away?
To Karma This Person Has A Huge Price To Pay.
On Birds And Small Endangered Species Cats Are Known To Prey
But To Kill To Survive Is Their Natural Way
They Cannot Differentiate Between A Common Species And A Rare Bird Of Song
And Killing For Survival One Cannot Say Is Wrong.
An Innocent Creature Far More So Than You Or I
The Poor Feral Cat Of A Gunshot Wound He Will Die
A Slow Death In Agony And Awful Pain
And The Bad Memory Of Such Cruelty By One Of My Own Kind With Me Will Remain.
Francis Duggan

From the sky i see your form

From The Sky.
I See Your Form.
From My Heart I Fell
That Love.

In The Night You Are
The Breeze At Which I Feel
Free. For You Are.
The Life I Breath.
It Is Your Skin
I Feel The Desire To
Touch. For It Is Your
Lips I Long To Kiss.
For In The Presence
Of Us We Know That
Our Love Was Sent From
Above. For When We
Are In The Presence Of
God He Smiles
For We Where Meant To Love.
When We Are At Our Highest Peek
We Seek For The Angel Gabriel To Sing
Our Love Song For Our Love Was Sent From Above.
Now As We Go Day To Day And The Love
Is More Than Words Can Form. We Know
From The Light Of Us. Our Love Was
Sent From Above.
In The Glory That Has Been Handed
To Us From The Seas Of Water That
Joined Our Soul. We Are Carried Into
The Eyes Of Our Love. With Kisses Of
Love. He Say’s Karie Our Love Was Sent
From Above… To Eternity I Shall Sing The
Song Of Us. For Our Love Was Sent From Above.

Everything is liquid and can8217t be neither

Everything Is Liquid
And Can’t Be Neither Griped By Mattock
Nor Put Into The Plough.
Everything Is Waterlogged By The Colour Of Wine
And It Is Splashing Over By The Waves.
They Heap Up To The Sky,
Up To Evil Sunset,
Pageant As Rich Supper
And Pompous As Wedding.

But Death Has A Wish
To Dunk Its Finger Into The Water,
Into Invisible Traces Of Tears.
Soil Is Slowly Absorbing Them.
Translated From Croatian

You shoot me down in flames put

You Shoot Me Down In Flames
You Put Me Down A Lot
I’m Giving You My Heart Go Ontake It.
Please Be Careful Not To Break It
Just Remember:
It’s The Only One I’ve Got
It’s The Only One I’ve Got.
Don’t Break My Heart – Don’t Break My Heart
Don’t Break My Heart.
You Make Me Laugh A Lot And Buy Me Silly Things.
And I’d Rather Be With You Than Anyone Else
But If You Make Me Mad
But If You Make Me Mad
You’ll Wish That You Had Not
You’ll Wish That You Had Not.
Don’t Break My Heart – Don’t Break My Heart
Don’t Break My Heart.
Where Are The Roses And Whispered Sighs
Where Are The Compliments And Dreaming Eyes
It Doesn’t Matter You See
I Know You Love Me
Real Basic Love Never Dies.
Don’t Break My Heart – Don’t Break My Heart
Don’t Break My Heart
Where Are The Roses And Whispered Sighs
Don’t Break My Heart – Don’t Break My Heart
Don’t Break My Heart .

You dont know how much i want

You Dont Know
How Much I Want To Talk To You
And Its Killing Me Inside To Not Know Why
You Never Replied
Could I Make This A Little More Obvious?
No One Needs To Know.
Im Sorry That Everything I’ve Given You
Is A Hand-Me-Down.
But You Dont Have To Know It.
You Dont Have To Know That You Came Second.
And If You Ever Figure It Out
I’ll Deny It
Because You Might As Well
Been First

Slices of rice diced and split we

Slices Of Rice
And Split!
We Slather And Mass
Love And Everything Else!
We Walk Alone
In Thought
And Wonder
To What We’ll Be
And What We Want
If We Laugh
Or Smile,
We’ll Know
It’s A Good Day
But That’s Too Surreal
Our Eyes Sore
From Tears And Pain
We Learn From Mistakes,
Only Seeing
Our Friends
Or Ourselves
Fug Up Or Die!
Or Cry!
Each Day
And Night
Horror Horror
Or Once We All Thought

Your love is an ocean where sand

Your Love Is An Ocean
Where Sand Meets The Sea
Waves Of Love Rolling Over Me
Your Love Comes To Me
As The Tide Comes To The Shore
Wanting And Needing To Embrace Me More
Your Love Is The Moon
Shinning Across The Shimmering Sea
Deep Wide Strong And Calm
Always There To Carry Me
Your Love Is My Shelter
My Compass My True North
Where Ever I Go Your Love Is Guiding Me Forth
Your Love Is The Fresh Ocean Breeze
Gently Sweeping Across My Face
Touching Me From Place To Place
Your Love Is The Salty Air I Smell
Clearing My Thoughts And Thinking
Your Love Is The Life Preserver
That Keeps Me From Sinking
When I Go There To The Sea
I Am Not Alone For Your Love Is With Me
I Feel You All Around
The Beauty The Wind The Mystery
Your Love Engulfs Me Takes My Breath Away
Holds Me In Wind’s Arms
When I Close My Eyes Dancing Memories Of Your Charms
Never Escape My Deepest Memory
So If Ever Our Souls Part To Say Goodbye
Meet Me There Where The Sea Meets The Sky
Your Love Will Forever Be With Me
Where The Sands Touch The Sea
Our Love Lives On
Our Love Flows Back Out Into All Eternity

Two sides to every coin or three

Two Sides To
Every Coin
Or Three
Dark Spot
Of Humanity
Come With Me To
Our Ancestors
Way Back
In Time
Battling And
Making Slaves
They Own
And Sell
A Crime No Doubt
A Crime Of Humanity
No Matter
The Colour
Of Its Skin

Little smiles pond my heart i feel

Little smiles pond my heart
I feel like a kid again
Enjoying life’s every passing day
The joyest day when you stoled my heart
The 1st time when you spoken the 3 words
The day you taken my soul
I have no need 4 worries
You have always been out there just I didn’t searched so heard till now
Now since I got to enjoy our life together
Makes me the most happiest women on earth
Just can’t be leaved that you make all my wishes come true
I couldn’t ask 4 more
I know i will never lose you!
by weirdchild19

Without ringing i pick up the phone

Without Ringing
I Pick Up The Phone
Knowing It’s You
Whether You
Called Or Not
It’s Never A Surprise
When I Step
Out Into My Imagination
I See You
In All My Dreams
Who Are You?
The Picture
That Lies Near To Me
Or Do I See
You Clearly
All The Things
I Think Of
You Are
Like A Superstar
With Fame
A Voice With No Name
Who Are You?
Never Touched
The Face
Of My Prince
But I Still See Him As Royalty
I Envision Different
Forms And Shapes
And Dreams
Such Dreams
Of You
And I
Finally Spending
A Moment
But With You
It Feels Like Forever
Are You Smiling Now?
Or Is It
Just Something
I Am Visualizing

I want to say love you on

I Want To Say I Love You On Your Birthday,
Though Love Is Something You Don’t Want From Me.
Things Didn’t Go So Well When I Last Said It,
And So I’ll Keep It Silent In My Heart.
But How The Words Reverberate Within Me!
A Song That I Must Struggle Not To Sing,
A Music I Must Dance To Without Motion,
A Poem That I Must Never Read Aloud.
Your Wishes Are A Wall I Would Not Scale,
Yet Won’t Abandon, Loathe To Leave Behind.
I Cannot Have, And Cannot Bear To Lose You,
And So I Send You This In My Despair.

Im waiting sleeplessly for you your absence

I-‘m Waiting, Sleeplessly, For You
Your Absence: Worried Me All Day
Your Absence: Worried Me All Night
I Went Out-Side, In Darkness Too
But, Failed To Find Heavens That Bright
I-‘m Comfortless, Weary, Though Tough
I-‘m Waiting, Sleeplessly, For You
This World, Is Too Selfish; As Such
I Told You, Not To Mix Too-Much
God Knows! Who Carries What, In Touch?
Stand On Your Feet! Take Not A Crutch
I Know Not, When Will Come My Due?
I-‘m Waiting, Sleeplessly, For You
You-‘re Innocent; Though, In Sweet Teens
But, Cheats Are Eyeing For Your Jeans
Keep Senses -‘live; Beware Of Scenes
For, Treason Is Not, In Your Means
And You Are From These Counted Few
I-‘m Waiting, Sleeplessly, For You
Things Are Changing, Quite Fast, For You
Keep Abreast; But, Keep Them In View
For You, These Lessons Are Quite New
Day-Dreams Are Painted In Bright Hue
Distinguish Well: Red, Green Or Blue
I-‘m Waiting, Sleeplessly, For You
I-‘m Witnessing; You-‘re Pacing Fast
I Know, For You, Things Are So Vast
Learn: But, All Chapters To The Last
Probing May Leave You, All Aghast
Foster Your Confidence In You
I-‘m Waiting, Sleeplessly, For You

Life is a flower it starts as

Life Is A Flower
It Starts As A Seed
And Then Grows
And After Awhile It Blooms
Soon After It Blooms
It Slowly Wilts And Dies
While It Blooms It Reproduces
And Makes More Flowers
Humans Live Likewise
Some Are Bigger Than Others
Some Live Longer Than Others
Some Are Prettier Than Others
But One Thing
That Differs Humans From Flowers
Is That We
Live Our Lives
The Hawk

A mother maybe 25 child 3 he

A Mother, Maybe 25.
Child, Maybe 3.
He Swings On Municipal
As She Pulls And Pushes
And Blows Bubbles
(A Fairy Liquid Treat)
In The Grey Glenrothes Glaur.
Spheres Of Prismatic Sky
Drift Homeward,
As He Lifts His Wee Hams,
Up, Up-Â…
She Asks-–can You Catch One, Can You Touch One?
So He Tries
As They Rise,
His Tiny, Babbage-Confounding
Lost To Them,
Not Knowing Of, Not Seeing
The Passer-By,
As A Sneaky South-Westerly
Tantalizes-Â…whines And Whistles,
-Go On, Catch Me! (Dying) ,
-Go On, Touch Me! (Death) .
Poor Wee Soul, Its
His Only Goal,
As The Cosmos Stands
Fast, And Slower Than Life,
The Higher Those Spectrummed Orbs
(Refracting, Distracted) ,
The Remoter The Chance Of
We Have All Sat On That
Unknowing, Unseeing,
As Our Futures Breezed Into
Not Yet Knowing That,
Even As The Bubble
Is Touched,
It Is Gone

You8217re the love of my life one

You’re The Love Of My Life
The One I Never Thought I’d Find
I Think About You Always
I Can’t Get You Off My Mind
The Days Go By,
And You’re Not Here,
I Long For The Moment,
When I Can Hold You Near,
Time Drags On,
Ever So Slow,
I Love You My Darling,
And I Need You So,
I Wish You Were Here,
Holding Me Close,
The Warmth Of Your Touch,
Is What I Miss The Most,
I Lie Here In Bed,
Thinking Of You,
I Never Imagined,
I Could Feel So Blue,
These Thoughts That I Have,
They Cut Like A Knife,
Because I Miss You So Much,
The Love Of My Life

Today i woke up so happy feeling

I Woke Up So Happy
Feeling How Much Is
Your Love So True
I Woke Up So Happy
Having A Wonderful
Email From You

Can Fall Down Now
To Wash My Face With
Can Paint Freely Now
All Our Love Seasons And
What Can I Ever Do?
To Show You How Much
You Are In My Core
All The Ways In The World
To Learn Doing For You
More And More
My Heart Sings Each Day
Breathing And Beating
With Your Pure Way
My Pens Write Each Day
Moving And Dancing
With Whatever You Say
I Woke Up Happy
Just Cause You Shone
Over Me
I Thank You So Deeply
For Making Me So Free
I Love You
Noha Ramzy

Strange a world were children starve indignant

Strange A World Were Children Starve
Indignant Those Of Epicure
Round The The Earth They Devour
The Wealth Of Both Hemispheres
Only Diamonds, Gold Or Oil They Desire
Irrelevant As Soil Are The Poor
Sadly Even The Middle Class Are Demur
Our Leaders Bought Or Ignored
Opulence Their Only Desire
Eventually They Expire
Perfect As A Rose
From The Stem Of Thorns
‚ ‚ ‚  Monk Frost

A cloud mixture of smoke light water

A Cloud: A Mixture Of Smoke, Light, Water An-‘ Wind
Obviously Lifeless: As A Messenger-Of-Love
Being Sent By A Sensible Passionate Lovelorn Person
To Execute It, One Needs Skill, Apt Sense-Organs
Was Not Considered By Him To Be Any Of The Factors
His Sensuous Thoughts Went Crazy To Such An Extent
That He Addressed A Formal Plea To The Cloud
To Be A Messenger! Extremely Sensuous Love
Oppresses And Affects The Lovers So Sorely
That They-‘re Voided Of All Their Discernments
To Discriminate Between Inanimate Animate

The tiger growls within me but is

The Tiger Growls Within Me
But Is Still Tame As The Cat
Love Is Coming My Way
But I Have To Push It Back.
Sick Am I In The Stomach
Walking Around And Through
Pacing, Sweating, Loving
Is Loving What I Do.
When Will Be The Day
That I Can Stop The Night
The Bird Is Flying Somewhere
But I Hope She Finds Flight.

There are some things we not meant

There Are Some Things We Are Not Meant To Feel
Like Hope And Charm And What Is Real
We Lie To Oursleves To Keep From Hurt
But Lies Just Break Through, Pain Is Worse.
Every Girl Wishes To Be That Girl
The Girl Who Is Lost In Her Own World
The Girl Who Just Doesn’t Care
And Who Wouldn’t Kill For Him To Be Here.
Sometimes I Wish To Be Swept Up By Wind
Maybe I Could If I Believe Ican.
And Who Is To Say That We’ll Never Get A Chance
To Learn All The Right Moves To This Crazy Life Dance?
But Again, My Back Is To A Wall
Playing With Fire, While Learning To Fall.
I Got Burned A Couple Of Times
But They Shouldn’t Worry, I Just Won’t Be Fine

It matters none to me what others

It Matters None To Me What Others Of Me Say
Since To Karma For My Sins I Only Pay
I Cop It Sweet If They Speak The Truth Of Me
Though If They Lie I Feel Quite Differently
There Is More Than One Who Likes For To Drag Others Down
In Fact There Are Plenty In Every Town
Who With Their Words On Others Are Not Kind
The Knockers They Are Never Hard To Find
Since With Words Reputations Often Are Destroyed
The Judgemental I Do Try To Avoid
Their Type Of Game I Do Not Wish To Play
So From Them I Do Choose To Keep Away
And As Long As From The Truth They Do Not Stray
If Others Choose To Judge Me That’s Okay.
Francis Duggan

The sun shines so brightly in my

The Sun Shines So Brightly In My Eyes Today
Yesterday The Rain Clouds Wouldnt Move From Above My Head
I Guess It Just When Your Close By The Sun Want To Stay
When L Am Alone The Rain Pours Down My Face
Like An Open Book L Think You Know What L Want To Say
And You Know The Effects Of My Life When Your Away

Home Is Where L Want To Build You A Place
To Keep Out The Rain And The Roof So Deep
When Your Away L Know The Cold Takes Your Place
By Me Is When The Warmth Shines On My Face
Oh L Dont Think L Could Last More Than A Day
Echoing In Your Footsteps L Know L Wont Fade Away
When Your Away, L Know That No Matter What L Try
Something Happens And Its Not Good When You Know
How Much You Miss The Presence Of The Person You Love So Much
We Have A Perfect Little Life And When Your Not Here
Tiny Little Voices In My Head Seem To Make Me Insane
Your Not Here To Make Them Sound Away
Its Just The Way We Connect
Alive When Your By My Side
When Your Away My Life Seems To Fade Away
Its Not Good When L Know You Sometimes Need To Be Alone
But L Am Right When L Know You Cant Keep Away
When You Away Does It Make You Feel The Same
Leave Behind Everything Makes Me Know That Nothing Is Empty
When You Know The True Value Of Racing Ahead
To Chase Your Dreams When L Know Its With You
When Your Away L Know That L Find L Can Only Lose My Way
Think Of You But Its Just Not The Same
My Life Is Empty And Dead When Your Away

Gentle as you are oh soft moving

Gentle As You Are,
Oh! Soft Moving Wind
Wont You Be My Messenger
And Carry This Message For Me
To My Lover Far Away
That I Love Him Still
And I Always Think Of Him.
Oh! Soft Running Water,
Of The Clear Silvery Stream
Blend My Message In The Seas
And Let The Waves Carry
The Message For Me,
To My Lover Far Away
Busy As You Are,
Oh! Honey Sucking Bees
Sit On This Rose
And See How Fresh I Am,
Wont You Go To My Lover Far Away,
And Tell Him,Single Fresh Rose,
Is Waiting To Be Plucked
Oh! Soft Singing Birds,
Filling The Air With Music,
Stop And Hear Whispering,
A Message To Be Carried,
To My Lover Far Away
Sing Into His Ears
All My Love For Him.
And Ask Him Whether
He Still Loves Me,
I Wll Wait And Wait
For You To Return
With A Nice And Loving
Message From Him,
From My Lover Far Away

I promise baby i8217ll love you with

I Promise Baby I’ll Love You
With You Forever I’ll Stay
I’ll Do Anything And Everything
To Keep Harm To You Away

I Promise Baby I Can Give You Hugs
That Only I Can Give
I’ll Honor And Protect You
As Long As I Shall Live
I Promise Baby I’ll Give You Kisses
So Sweet Forever You’ll Taste
I’ll Kiss You Until Tomorrows Here
No Kisses For You To Waste
I Promise Baby I’ll Be Here With You
Like I Know You’ll Be There For Me
I’ll Bring Happiness To Your Eyes
Love Deeper Than The Sea
I Promise Baby I’ll Never Hurt You
Forever Have No Fears
I’ll Give Up Everything
To See You Cry No Tears
I Promise Baby You Can Trust Me
I’ll Give You The World And More
I’ll Be Your Fairytale Suitor
You Shall Be My Cinderella Girl
I Promise Baby I’ll Treat You
As Every Women Shall Be
My Beautiful Royal Princess
Show You Off For Everyone To See
I Promise Baby This To You
Promises So Deep
Than He Said, ” But I’m Truly Sorry,
There Isn’t One That I Did Keep.”
by Krizalid‚ 

I do not care what your papers

I Do Not Care
What Your Papers Say
Don’t Care For Your Former Jobs
Or How Much Tax You Pay
What’s Important
Is The Person Behind
Your Social Security Number
What’s Crowded In Your Mind
I’m Worried
You Are About To Turn Into
A Shadow Of Your Receipts
Only Consumption Left Of You
But Please
Understand That You Are Not Only
A Part Of Society’s Economical Anatomy
Systematically, They’ve Measured You Coldly
You Are Also
The Unrecorded And Unfiled
Your Dreams And Hopes
How Were You As A Child
Under The Layer Of Facts
You Are Your Only Evidence

Once i was afraid to speak aloud

Once I Was Afraid,
To Speak Aloud
My Beloved’s Name
Now I Know Not Why
I Have Become Brave
Should I Really Flavour
The Aeons With Her Rain
Torrential Downpour, It Will Be
Dousing All Life Beneath
I Might Remain Dry
For I Speak Not Truth, Nor Lie
I Simply Remain, Encaged
Within My Heart’s Desire
Her Heart Beats
Within Our Common Grave
Mine Rots
And Dies
Long Before Its Time
Is My Spirit Brave Enough,
To Challenge Her Dream?
Yet Now, I See It, Encapsulated,
Within My Web Of Days
Woven And Unwoven By Her Hand
Should I Really Dare To Dream

Hame lagta hain wo hamari zindaagi se

Hame Lagta Hain Wo Hamari Zindaagi Se Khail Rahe Hain..
Hame Lagta Hain Wo Hamara Aman-Chain Sab Loot Rahe Hain..
Hamne Unse Mohabbat Kii Thii Zindaagi Ko Sakoon Dilane Ke Liye..
Hame Lagta Hain Wo Hmare Jalte Ghaavo Ko Aur Aag De Rahe Hain..
Dard Dil Mein Chhupai Ansuo Se Apni Chaader Bhigoye..
Raat Raat Bhar Gum Se Karaahte Baichainiyo Ke Kaante Samet Rahe Hain..
Hame Lagta Hain Wo Hamare Dil Se Khail Rahe Hain..
Hmari Paak Mohabat Ko Unhone Khilona Bana Diya…
Jab Be Jee Chaha Hamse Muh Mor Liya..
Kabi Na Samjha Hamare Rukhsaro Pe Faili Udasi Ko..
Kabhi Naa Samjha Hamare Judai Mein Doobe Sehra Ko..
Din-Rat Tadfte Rahe Khamosh Mohobat Nibhaate Rahe..
Kabhi Naa Samjha Unhone Hmare Har Pal Swaah Hote Armaano Ko..
Ab Hame Lagta Hai Wo Hamare Zindaagi Se Khail Rahe Hain..
Hame Lagta Hain Ab Ham Is Gam-E-Lashkar Me Doob Rahe Hain

Have i told you how good it

Have I Told You How Good It Feels To Be Me,
When I’m In You?
I Can Only Stay Clean
When You Are Around.
Don’t Let Me Fall.
If I Close My Eyes Forever,
Would It Ease The Pain?
Could I Breathe Again?
Maybe I’m Addicted,
I’m Out Of Control,
But You’re The Drug
That Keeps Me From Dying.
Maybe I’m A Liar,
But All I Really Know Is
You’re The Only Reason I’m Trying.
I Am Wasted Away,
I Made A Million Mistakes.
Am I Too Late?
There Is A Storm In My Head;
It Rains On My Bed
When You Are Not Here.
I’m Not Afraid Of Dying,
But I Am Afraid Of Losing You.
When You’re Lying Next To Me
Love Is Going Through To Me.
Oh It’s Beautiful.
Everything Is Clear To Me
‘Till I Hit Reality
And I Lose It All…
I Lose It All…
I Lose It All.
I Lose It All…
Nah Nah Nah
Nah Nah Nah….
Nah Nah Nah Nah Nah Nah…..
Nah Nah Nah Nah Nah Nah….
You’re The Only Reason,
Yeah, You’re The Only Reason I’m Trying,
Oh, I’m Trying, I’m Trying, I’m Trying,
Don’t Want To Lose It All,
Don’t Want To Lose It All,
I’m Trying, I’m Trying..
I’m Trying …
Yeah, You Know I’m Addicted,
You Know I’m Addicted,
Yeah, You Know I’m Addicted

Bodies are slumped everywhere like beached whales

Bodies Are Slumped Everywhere
Like Beached Whales
Or Dead Dogs
Beer Cans Scattered
Like Napoleonic Corpses
And Bottles Too
Are Transparent Cannons

Wonder At Our Futility
As We Swim Out From The Shore
To Be Carried By The Waves
To Whatever Coast Will Have Us
Or To Forever Sleep In Ocean Bliss
Stiff And Heavy-Eyed
I Leave Before The Whales Awake
And Return To My Family

He is my one true love without

He Is My One True Love
Without His Love My World Would Be Dark And Empty
He Is My Strength
Without Him I Would Not Survive This Crazy World
He Is My Light
Without Him My World Would Not Exist
He Is My Soul
Without Him My Life Would Be Lonley
He Is The One Who Holds My Heart!
Without Him I Would Not Know What Love Is, Or Feels Like!
He And He Alone Holds The Key To My Heart!
by lovinghim200

The danaan children laugh in cradles of

The Danaan Children Laugh, In Cradles Of Wrought Gold,
And Clap Their Hands Together, And Half Close Their Eyes
For They Will Ride The North When The Gereagle Flies
With Heavy Whitening Wings, And A Heart Fallen Cold:
I Kiss My Wailikg Child And Press It To My Breast
And Hear The Narrow Graves Calling My Child And Me
Desolate Winds That Cry Over The Wandering Sea
Desolate Winds That Hover In Hte Flaming West
Desolate Winds That Beat The Doors Of Heaven And Beat
The Doors Of Hell And Blow There Many A Whimpering Ghost
O Heart The Winds Have Shaken; The Unappeasable Host
Is Comelier Than Candles At Mother Mary’s Feet

In this quick stream of waking senses

In This Quick Stream
Of Waking Senses
I Catch Myself
Glimpsing Into
Unconscious Dreaming
Of Nothingness
Night Humming Drone
Of Silence So Thick
It Chokes Me
My Jaw Works Itself Against
Cottonwool Inside My Mouth
Wave On Wave
Of Troubled Sleep
The Years Dances A Quick
Feet Nor Thoughts Stay On In
One Place Long
Enough To Really
Look At What Our Real Purpose
Is, Only Our Eyes
Mirror What Yours Hold
To Comfort.
Lizelah Thaugally

When you see the rays of sun

When You See The Rays Of The Sun
Streaming Down Between The Clouds,
Are They The Stairways To Heaven
We All Talk About.
That Golden Glinting Staircase
Which Leads To Paradise.
I Like To Think So
Every Time I See The Sun Streaming
Through Between The Clouds.

There it lied a single creation fading

There It Lied, A Single Creation,
Fading From The Sun,
Little Did It Know, In Silence,
Its-‘ Life Had Just Begun,
For In The Depths Of The Rays It Soaked,
Ready To Bloom With A Beauty So Rare,
Waiting To Find The Water Of Life,
A Single Soul That Would Love And Care,
And There He Walked, And Saw Its, Light,
Fed It With Honesty, Watered It With Love,
Nurtured It With Only An Understanding,
That Could Have Come Forth From A Spirit Above,
He Gave It Life With Patience,
Enough Encouragement To See Its Leaves Aglow,
And While The Rose Bloomed To Show Her Petals,
He Gave To It A Soul,
In Promises Of Every Tomorrow,
And Vows Of Understanding All Yesterdays,
In Trust And Faith, Hope And Love,
And Knowledge Of An Emotion That Never Fades,
In A Heart Full Of Compassion,
And A Love That Remains True,
In These Words Of Commitment And Forever,
I Vow These Words To You,
(State Vows Here)
I May Not Have The World In My Hands,
Or The Universe To Give To You,
But I Have The Knowledge That I’ll Stay Near,
No Matter The Situations We Go Through,
For Love Is Understanding,
And Love Never Departs,
That-‘s The Best Lesson I Learned,
The Day You Touched My Heart,
For On The Day That I Fell In-Love,
And My Long-Sleeping Soul Awoke,
You Changed Me From A Wilting Flower,
Into A Gorgeous, Blooming Rose.

Should you ever feel alone if finding

Should You Ever Feel Alone
If Finding Times Hard To Bare
You Can Still Count On Me
Knowing Always Be There

Always In My Thoughts
When You Hurting, I Hurt Too
My Friendship I Hope
Forever Give To You
Every Day, Every Way
My Support You Can Depend
I Will Listen If You Need Me
With Love Your Eternal Bear

This leaf this simple sweep of green whose

This Leaf-This Simple Sweep Of Green
Whose Structure’s Like A Golden Web
That Catches All Of Life Between
These Tiny Streams That Flow And Ebb
Across Its Speckled Face. How Small-
How Small And Minor Would It Seem
When Clasped Upon Those Limbs That Sprawl
Like Mighty Arms That Stretch To Screen
The Earth’s Reclining Brow. Amassed
With Many Other Sweeps Of Green,
It Clung To Life ‘Til Time Drew Past
And Saw Too Soon This Leaf Should Wean
Itself From Off The Bough That Held
It Fastened To One Vein. Then Down
This Little Leaf Was Gently Felled
And Laid To Rest Upon The Brown
And Rugged Face That Lines The Earth.
And Now To View This Withered Form-
This Lifeless Frame That Knows No Worth-
I See The Ruins Of The Storm
That Passed It Many Times Before
At Last It Had Been Shorn. I See
The Consequence Of Wind And Rain It Bore
So Staunchly To The End, To Be
But Living-Clinging Fast To Life;
To Hold Its Weight Upon A Stem
So Fragile, Yet So Void Of Strife
That Only Age Could Dam The Limb
And Cause The Tender Suckling Then
To Drop. I See The Staggard Course
Of Pestilence Writ Across Its Skin-
Those Winding Scars Made By The Force
Of Other Creatures’ Will To Live;
And Last I See Beneath This Shield
Of Green The Life That Now Shall Thrive
Upon Its Fertile Cells, Concealed.
This Leaf-This Simple Sweep Of Green;
How Like The World One Leaf Can Seem.
How To The Watchful Eye Is Seen
The Many Magic Things That Stream
From Vein To Stem; From Land To Sea;
From Every Corner Of Its Span.
Yet How Much More This Leaf Can Be,
For ‘Tis The Likeness Unto Man
That’s Seen Most Vividly Within
The Clinging Mass, The Striving One-
The Small, Unnoticed Citizen
Of Life And Death Both Fixed Upon
One Tree; One World; One Changeless Place
That Watches Silently The Change
That Time Inflicts Upon Each Face.
This Simple Sweep Of Green, How Strange
To Feel Its Death Within My Hand;
So To The Air I Cast It Forth
To Fall Again Upon The Sand
To Yield Itself To Fertile Worth

You take my breath away every time

Take My Breath Away Every Time I See You
Make Me Nervous
Make Me Feel Safe
Make Me The Person That I Wanna Be
Understand Me Inside And Out
Love Me For Me
Stole My Heart
Are The Key To My Stubborn Heart
Are The Reason I Say ” I Love You”
Are The Guy That I Want To Spend My Whole Life With
Are My Soul Mate And I Will Never Stop Loving You

Sweetheart im thinking of you how your

I-‘m Thinking Of You
How Your Life Is
Are You Happy?
Hope You Doing Fine
I Can-‘t Sleep
I Cry All Night Long
I Miss You So,

I Wish I Could Hold You
In My Arms One More Time
I Tried To Find A Way
To Get You By My Side
Spending My Whole Life
Waiting For You
To Loosing Memories
That Once Was True
I Keep Wondering Why
I Fell In Love With You
When You Need Me
I-‘ll Be There For You
You Know You Might Be Lonely
I-‘ll Be Here Waiting For You
If You Ever Need Me
I-‘ll Be There.
I Think A While And Think It Over
Things Get Tough For Me Here
But I-‘ll Still Be Waiting For You
I Wish We Could Walk
I Wish We Could Talk
I-‘ll Cry A Million Tears For You.
Just For You.

Delighted i have finally decided you8217re not

I Have Finally Decided
You’re Not Going To Intimidate Me
It’s About Time That You See

Here Comes A Brand New Me
You Will Find A Way To Accept Me
It Is That Simple You See
Don’t You Agree?
I Have Bent Over Backwards
I Have Given You What Matter
Just Open Your Mind
And Let Me Be Me

You hear a whisper of 8216into the

You Hear A Whisper Of
‘Into The Closet! ‘ From Your Mother
Staring At The Clock You Wonder
What Happened That Needs Such Urgency
But You Have No Time To Think
As She Grabs You My Your Skinny Arms
And Pulls You Into The Dark Closet
You Hear People Rummaging Through
Your Things, And The Breaking Of Glass
That Piercing Shattering Noise That Brings You
To The Need To Let Out A Scream, But A Hand
Goes Quickly Over Your Mouth, With An Accompanying Shh!
And With The Sound Of Footsteps You Know
Its The End, They’re Coming For You
Toward The Closet Door They Walk, So Slow
And They Try To Be Quiet, But The Creaking Floor
Allows No Secrets
The Door Swings Open And
You Barely Even Have A Chance To React When
They Knock You Completely Unconscious
And All You Can See Is A Bright Light
Of A Dream
You Awaken On Your Bed, Cops Everywhere
Searching For Fingerprints, Things Left
Behind, Any Evidence Of A Break In
Shaken And Worried, You Lay Back To Dream
Once Again, And Ponder This Moment
What Happened When The Men Of The Darkness
Came In

Reality cannot be defined there are almost

Reality Cannot Be Defined
There Are Almost Six Billion
Different Definitions Of Reality
Walking Around This Earth
To Face Its Cruel Entanglements
There Is Only One True Thing About Reality
We Must Find Out Our Own Reality
For Ourselves Above All Else
Accept Thyself

Genesis is the place to start see

Genesis Is The Place To Start
To See We Were Always In His Heart
Jesus Was There In The Beginning
Even Before The World Started Sinning
He Was There At Earth’s Birth
And He Knew Then What We Were Worth
The Origin And Commencement Of His Love
Was Like The Gentle Cooing Of A Dove
He’ll Be With Us Throughout Infinity
We’ll Be With The Trinity
So If Your Looking For A True Foundation
Look To Jesus For Your Salvation
He’s The Opening That You Seek
And He Will Listen As You Speak
You Will Find Jesus To You Turning
At The Onset Of Your Yearning
He’ll Give You Your Heart’s Desire
And Your Love Is All He’ll Require
If You Don’t Believe Me Read His Book
For Me That Was All It Took
To Prove That He Cared For Me
And If You’ll Read It You Too Shall See
From The Outset Of Time
He Loved You No Matter What Your Crime
Victoria Dame

As you stray your hands all the

As You Stray Your Hands
All The Way Through My Light Hair
One Simple Touch Of Your Hand
Makes My Body Shiver Everywhere.
The Way You Hold Me So Closely
Into The Deep, Starry, Black Sky
With Each Touch Of Your Hands
Makes My Body Feel Free To Fly.
Looking A Little Bit Deeper
You See The Shade Of My Eyes
You Know All Of My Fears
You Know How Many Times I Have Cried.
It All Seems Perfect
But It’s Not As Good As It Seems
I Can’t Have Him Ever Because
This Love Was Only A Dream.

Hello how are you i8217m fine i

Hello, How Are You?
I’m Fine, I Guess,
But The Trash Is Sky High
And My Room Is A Mess.
Why The Big Change
When You Were Mister Clean?
I Don’t Know, But Let’s Whisper
And Not Make A Scene.
I Suppose It’s Depression,
I’m Not On My Meds,
It’s Like The Recession
Playing Games In Our Heads.
So You Say That You’re Fine.
I Suppose Things Get Better
Once You’re Standing In Line
Or You Write Them A Letter.
Are You Sure All Is Fine?
Oh Yes, I’ll Get By,
I’ve Got Food In The Fridge,
Home Made Pickles, Apple Pie.
How’s The Gas In Your Car?
Well, You Got Me On That One.
I’m Not Going Too Far
But I Guess I Could Run

No matter what happens were i go

No Matter What Happens
No Matter Were I Go
There Always Is A Special Place
In My Heart That You Will Hold
Even When We Are Far Apart
We Know Our Destiny
One Day We Will Be Together Again
That Is What Is Meant To Be
You Know You Are The Only One
Although We Are Apart
I Never Will Stop Loving You
You`ll Always Have My Heart
I Always Have A Hope
That Someday You Will See
The Only One Who Loves You Like This
I Hope You`ll Know It`s Me

Millions of blogs billions people cell phones

Millions Of Blogs
Billions Of People
Cell Phones And
In The Hands
While Walking
Talking And
Of Races
By One Street
Or Two.
Each Cluster
Is A Forest,
A Jungle,
Where Lions
And Zebras
Live In Their Natural
The Same Inherited
The Same Protocols,
And Etiquette.
Tattoos Shops
Tattoos’ Figures
Are Common
As Common As
The Chain Of Franchised
Retail Stores,
And Services.
The Big Town’s Veins
South Is South!
North Is North!
West Is Wild
The East Is
From Wild Cozy To Cozy Cozy.
It Looks, They Never
Tore The Berlin

I wonder why we met if there

I Wonder Why We Met
I Wonder If There Was A Deeper Meaning
Or If It Was Just A Fleeting Friendship
I Was Drawn Too You
Felt Comfortable By Your Side
A Little To Comfortable Perh
When You Put Your Arms Around Me
And Like A Small Child
I Buried Myself Into You
I Felt I Could Tell You Anything
My Story Was Yours For The Asking
I Don-‘t Know Why We Met
Why Our Paths Crossed At This Time
In This Place
But I Wonder, Was There A Deeper Meaning
Than Just A Fleeting Friendship

Voice tones dont mean much but there

Voice Tones
Dont Mean Much
But There
Is So Much More
To Us
I Cant
That You Can Never Touch
Because Our Hearts
Arent The Same
The Ways And The Words
You Said
Made Me Want To Lash Out
And Hurt You
Yet I Ask For You To
Just Be Happy
And Dont Worry
About What’s For
My Own Good
Just Congratulate
For Finding
Someone Without
Demonic Desideraturm
A Loving Soul
And A Faithful Heart

A rose in tatters on the garden

A Rose, In Tatters On The Garden Path,
Cried Out To God And Murmured ‘Gainst His Wrath,
Because A Sudden Wind At Twilight’s Hush
Had Snapped Her Stem Alone Of All The Bush.
And God, Who Hears Both Sun-Dried Dust And Sun,
Had Pity, Whispering To That Luckless One,
“Sister, In That Thou Sayest We Did Not Well
What Voices Heardst Thou When Thy Petals Fell?”
And The Rose Answered, “In That Evil Hour
A Voice Said, `father, Wherefore Falls The Flower?
For Lo, The Very Gossamers Are Still.’
And A Voice Answered, `son, By Allah’s Will!’”
Then Softly As A Rain-Mist On The Sward,
Came To The Rose The Answer Of The Lord:
“Sister, Before We Smote The Dark In Twain,
Ere Yet The Stars Saw One Another Plain,
Time, Tide, And Space, We Bound Unto The Task
That Thou Shouldst Fall, And Such An One Should Ask.”
Whereat The Withered Flower, All Content,
Died As They Die Whose Days Are Innocent;
While He Who Questioned Why The Flower Fell
Caught Hold Of God And Saved His Soul From Hell.

You have known me in good and

You Have Known Me In
Good And Bad Times,
You Have Seen Me
When I Was Happy And When I Was Sad,
You Have Watched Me Laugh And Cry,
Thank You For Believing In Me,
For Supporting Me ,
And For Always Being There,
Thank You For Being
A Perfect Friend.

Thats lifeonce it gives and once takes

That-‘s Life..Once It Gives And Once It Takes
But You See Life Is Full Of Fakes
But We Don-‘t Have To Blame Life
It Fakes Only When We Make Mistakes
Yes That-‘s Life..Once It Gives And Once It Takes
Once It Heals And Once It Breaks
But Not Just Like Broken Plates
It-‘s A Deep Break In The Heart
As If Your Separating Lovers Apart
Yes..That-‘s Life Once It Gives And Once It Takes
But Yes It Gives We Can-‘t Blame Life
It Simply Makes The Person Lives
Now You See What Life Is Worth
Its Your Death And Its Your Birth

You still always the same there is

You Still Always The Same
There Is No One Like You
When I Look At You
I Realize How Much I Love You

When I See You
When I Look Into Your Eyes
I Can See Into Your Soul.
When You Hold Me
You Make Me Tremble
When You Kiss Me
It Feels Like I-‘m In Heaven.
With You By My Side
There Is Nothing I Can-‘t Beat
Let Me Thank You For All
You Have Done For Me.
To Be Thankful
For The Way You Love Me.
by Brenda v Wyk‚ 

Sorry 4 all d time i hurted

Sorry 4 All D Time I Hurted,
Sorry 4 All D Times I Made U Cry
Sry 4 All D Mistakes I Made
Sry 4 All D Craps I Did Again N Again
Sry 4 All D Times I Became A Fiend 4m Frnd
Sry 4 Making U Move On D Dead Ends
Sorry 4 Meking A Swt Frnd Cry..
Bt Widout Dis Frnd Life Cannot Suffice

When it comes yoou should know that

When It Comes Yoou Should Know,
That Facts Arent True Unless You Make Them.
The Idea Comes From You..
You Can Say Something, And Say Its Real..
Reality Is What You Make It.
A Person Can Live By What Comes,
Or Entice Themselves On What Was…
A Time Will Come Were Your Whole Life Can Change,
Just Make Sure Its For The Right Things.
You Can Convince Yourself On Somthing
And Keep It That Way.
But When You Meet Someone
Who See’s It Differently..
Listen To What They Say.
They May Be Young, Old, Blind, Or Diseased..
But You’de Be Surprised
How Much They Actually Know.
People Look And Turn Away,
They Dont Truly Sit And Admire Ordinary Things,
People Usualy Look At A Cloud
And Say Oh..Looks Like Rain,
When With A Second Glance
You May Notice That,
It Has Beauty Beyond Belief.
Generaly A Person Takes Life At First Glance,
And Dosent Think About What It Is They Realy Have.
To Take A Moment And Actually Get To Understand
What That Is You Have You,
Become Aware On What Is Realy There.
Life Is Short And So Much To See,
But If You Just Look And Dont Realy Get To Understand,
You Havent Lived,
The Feeling You Get Is Everlasting.
Without It You Can’t Believe
You’ve Ever Realy Seen Anything….

Sobbed i like a child who had

I Sobbed Like A Child
Who Had Fallen For The First Time
And Who’s Mother Was No Where Insight.
To Help Reason With The Pain.
I Sobbed Today
With A Broken Heart
But Fear Of Discovery
Held My Cries Back.
Pleading With The Powers That Be Not To Let Her Go.
On The Floor Curled Into A Ball
Arms Bent Over My Head
Like A Defenceless Man
Having To Take The Beating.
Sobbing, Uncontrollably,
‘Till His Eyes Are Red,
‘Till His Body Ached
‘Till There Were No More Tears To Cry.

Thank you for making me your one

thank You For Making Me Your One And Only,
And Forgetting Me When You Found Someone Better.
Thank You For Letting Me Give You My Heart,
And Shredding It With Lies, Leaving The Pieces Tattered And Torn.
Thank You For Kissing Me Like We Would Never End,
And Kissing Her The Same.
Thank You For Telling Me You Loved Me And Making Me Believe It,
Even Though It Wasn’t True.
Thank You, For You Were The Only One That Could Bring A Smile To My Trusting Lips
Although You Always Seemed To Make Me Cry.
Thank You For Telling Me Sweet Nothings That Made My Heart Filled With Joy
Even If All Those Things Weren’t True.
Thank You, Because If You Hadn’t Told All Those Lies,
I Might Have Trusted A Liar As Quickly As I Trusted You.
Thank You For Breaking My Heart So Many Painful Times,
Without All That Pain I Wouldn’t Have The Strength I Have Today.
Thank You For Making Me A Better Person,
You Helped Me To Look Past A Persons Words, And Into His Actions
Thank You For Showing Me The Things I Don’t Want In A Relationship.
Maybe Now I Will Get Out Before It’s To Late.
Thank You,
Without You, I Wouldn’t Be Me.
by katiesue7‚ 

Taking it to your lips with a

Taking It To Your Lips,
With A Measured Beat;
Sip By Sip
You Emptied It,
Before Leaving It
On The Window Sill,
Its Cold Contents,
The Lees.
You Didn-‘t Even Care To Look.
Were I Yours Just A Cup Of Tea!
M. Farooq Malik