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Apples of eyes like all fruit rot

Apples Of Eyes, Like All Fruit, Rot,
And You Have, My Dear, I’m Sorry
To Say. Whereas Once You Struck
Me Dumb With Your Beauty, Your
Glowing Red Cheeks And Magnificent
Body, Your Bitterness Makes Me
Withdraw From You Now. I Will Go
To The Orchard To Find Something
Fresher, But You Needn’t Worry. You
Still Are Appealing. Just Look At This
Circle Of Flies

Is this the fruit of evolution global

Is This The Fruit Of Evolution,
This Global Warming And Pollution?
Exterminate The Human Race!
It’ll Make The World A Better Place!
We’ve Had Enough Of Radiation
And Nuclear Waste Contamination.
Let Nature Once Again Hold Sway:
Mankind Has Surely Had It’s Day

Cry at night holding myself tight telling

Cry At Night Holding Myself Tight
Telling Me It Will Be Okay Keep Telling Me
Happiness Will Come My Way I Reach Out My Hand
But No One Takes It And No One Cares..
Hurt It Hurts Inside I Try Not To Cry
I Try To Hide But My Heart Is Aching
My Soul Is Breaking And No One Knows
And No One Cares.‚  Pain Deep In My Soul
Pain Plays The Biggest Role Every Day
And Every Night Pain Is Walking By My Side
And No One Sees It And No One Cares..
Soon Soon I Will Walk Out This Door
Leave Behind The Pain And Sore
Say Good-Bye To Family And Friends
Who Will Not Even Cry I Will Run Away
Run Till I Find A Place To Stay
North South East Or West
Believe Me It’s For The Best
No One Will Miss Me No One Cares

I thought my words were just letters

I Thought My Words Were Just Letters On A Page
They Had No Meaning, Love, Laughter Or Rage
You Read Them And Felt That There Was Real Pain Inside Me
I Said To Myself. Those Are Just Words, Not My Reality
So I Read Them Again, And Said This Poem Is Called ‘Untitled’ As Of Yet
The Word Lost Came To Mind, And I Sat Down And Wept
I Sat And I Cried Til There Were No More Tears Left To Flow
What I Couldn’t See, Took One Look For You To Know
My Life Is A Shell Of What It Used To Be
I’ve Lost All The Zest Of Lifes True Beauty
Where Do You Go To Be Happy Again?
Is It Through A Lover, Family Member Or Friend?
Maybe I Just Need An Ear So I Can Let This Pain Out
I Just Want To Talk, Too Tired To Shout
Sometimes I’m So Tired, I Just Want To Sleep
But I’m Afraid I Might Slip Down Too Deep
So I Live Day By Day Behind My Own Smile
I’ll Continue To Take Small Steps Until I Cross That Last Mile

I know an angel with only one

I know an angel with only one wing,
with a song in her heart she has yet to sing.
She wanders without aim between earth and sky,
searching for her soulmate to help her fly.
She asked the Lord one lonely night,
with only one wing, Lord,
will I ever take flight?
The Lord then answered in his mysterious way,
the wing you are missing will find you one day.
I created my angels with only one wing,
each one a queen in search of her king.
When you see him, then you’ll know why,
he too is without aim between earth and sky.
Until that time, angel, don’t lose sight.
Your missing wing is searching tonight.
And when he finds you, then you’ll see,
that your wings joined together will set you free.
by RosesAreBlue‚ 

When i was just a pup always

When I Was Just A Pup
I Always Thought That A Person
Should Associate With As Many
People As They Could Humanly Possible.
Now That I Am Older, I Know
That This Is Not Humanly Possible.
Why Go Through The Pains
While Being Bound In Chains?
I’ll Give Everything A Chance,
But When Chance Fails, You
Got To Know When To Walk Away.
It Is Bad To Loiter When
People Are Counting On You.
A Loiterer Must Pack Up And Leave At Some Point.
I Got My Suitcases And Everything Else That I Need.
I’ve Purchased My Ticket For The Train
And Realize That This Association Isn’t Worth It.
I’m Not Worth It…Period, I’m Just A Man.
Time To Travel Back To Reality.

My grandfather dads dad died before my

My grandfather
Dad-‘s dad
died before my time
and I never knew him
They never did talk much about him
and now they are all gone too
there-‘s only small snatches
of things said in passing
that stay with me
That he was exactly like my brother Rob
but 6 feet tall,
That my father-‘s memories were of a sick man
trying to make a business go,
during the depression
All that I ever saw of this was the remnants of
that business
only a few knitting machines
run by my aunt
in the building where my father was raised
since burned down
a sign painted on the front of the brick building
-Ë—Hood Knitting-‘.
Grandad-‘s business had followed
his father-‘s
-Ë—the old folks-‘
who-‘d come from England
The midlands I think
and had a store
at 514 Yonge street TO.
There-‘s a picture somewhere
of him,
Ebineezer Hood
and some women
standing in front of the store
the lettering on the awning
-‘E Hood Knitted Goods-
I wonder what they were like,
this father, this son
twice removed from me
in generational terms
Too late now to find out
my father, grandfather, great grandfather
Perhaps I-‘m lucky
My grandsons, and their sons will be able to read my poetry
to know their grandfather and great grandfather
in a way that does not come to me.
Vic Hood

He said that had crook legs for

He Said That He Had Crook Legs For Many Years
And He Did Sound That He Did Have A Few Beers
His Speech Was Slightly Slurred That’s How I Knew
That In The Nearby Pub He’d Had A Few.
He Told Me How His Brother Had Died Last Year
And By His Account He Had Shed Many A Tear
For One Who In His Sleep Did Quietly Pass Away
For His Funeral He Was The One Who Did Pay.

His Brother A Stranger To Success And Fame
Had Died Without A Penny To His Name
Quite Poor And Healthwise He Was Not Feeling Well
To Pay For His Burial His Own Boat He Had To Sell.
He Walked With A Limp He Said His Knees Cause Him Great Pain
A Lifetime Problem From Playing Football He Did Gain
When He Was Younger Four Decades Ago
The Years On Him Beginning For To Show.
When He Had Said All He Had Wished To Say
On Parting He Wished Me A Happy Day
I Watched As He Went Limping Up The Street
For He Is One I Never More May Meet.

Love is a beautiful dream you are

Love Is A Beautiful Dream
You Are Fortunate If It Comes True
If It Doesn-‘t You Are Still Lucky
To Have The Pleasure Of Seeing Such A Beautiful Dream
Look At The Sky so Clear
Stars That You Can Count Are
The Pieces Of My Heart Waiting For Ur Love
Remaining Are The Ones That Fell Away
To Make Your Wishes True

In the beginning or end smooth bend

In The Beginning
Or In The End
In The Smooth
Or In The Bend
Do Not Ever Lose
Your Weapon Of Hope
Or Else You Will Fall
In The Ditch Of Mope
Just Try To Remember
And Learn To Find
Happiness For Yourself
And A Peace Of Mind
And Then Nothing
Will Make You Sad
And Everything Around
Will Appear Glad
So In The Beginning
Or In The End
In The Smooth
Or In The Bend
Do Not Ever Lose
Your Weapon Of Hope
And Save Yourself
From Falling In Mope.
Seema Chowdhury

She8217s sitting alone eyes in a daze

She’s sitting alone, eyes in a daze
Her life a map of confusion, her world like a maze
She holds her head high and wipes back the tears
The words I don’t love you echo in her ears
She clasps her hands and bows her head
Is my life over or am I simply dead?
A beautiful woman has taken his heart
He wanted beauty instead of her smarts
She hears their baby crying she knows what to do
From now on kid, it’s just me and you
Two years later while walking the street
A handsome young man she did happen to meet
He looked in her eye and stopped in confusion
Was this lady real, or just another illusion?
He asked for a date right there on the street
She glanced at her shoes and said what time will we meet?
Six months later and a small engagement band
That man got down on his knees and asked for her hand
That woman smiled while her daughter screamed yes!
One year later she walked the aisle in a white dress
Happiness was found that day on the street
With that handsome stranger she happened to meet
Together they live in a small little town
Embracing the love they both had found
Now, sixty years later and I love you so
He held that woman’s hand saying although you are leaving, I’ll never let you go…

It takes a minute to have crush

It Takes A Minute To Have A Crush On Someone,
An Hour To Like Someone And A Day To Love Someone,
But It Takes A Lifetime To Forget Someone
Love Starts With A Smile, Develops With A Kiss And Ends With A Tear
Dream What You Want To Dream; Go Where You Want To Go
Be What You Want To Be Coz’ You Have Only One Life
And One Chance To Do All The Things You Want In Life
There Are Things You Love To Hear
But You Would Never Hear It From The Person
Whom You Would Like To Hear It From But Don’t Be Deaf To Hear It From The Person
Who Says It With His Heart

Tonight i want to feel more than

Tonight I Want To Feel More
Than Your Thighs Against My Side
Tonight I Want To Be More
Than Just Another Faceless Guy
I Want To See You With My Fingertips
I Want To Touch You With My Heart
I Want To Meet Your Cherry Lips
As They Begin To Part
Tell Me What You’re Seeing
When You Look Into My Eyes
Tell Me What You’re Feeling
When Your Hand Touches Mine
Is It More Than Just Skin And Bones
Someone To Hold
When You’re Alone
Is It More Than Just Another Night
Another Way
To Feel Alright
Is It More
Or Is It Less
I Ask You As
You Slip Off Your Dress
But You Just Smile
And Don’t Say A Word
So Another Night
I Go Unanswered

Meeting her falling for caring losing then

Meeting Her
Falling For Her
Caring Her
Losing Her
Then Losing Her
She’s The One I Miss
She’s The One I Think About
She’s The One I Care
She’s My Greatest Regret
She Never Gave Me A Chance To Knew Her
She Rejected Me
But Still Cared For Her
Still Missed Her
Still Loving Her
Still She’s The One I Think About
by malory

I wanna be the one you hold

I Wanna Be The One You Hold All The Time
I Wanna Be The One Holding Your Heart
I Wanna Be The One Caressing Your Face, In Your Embrace
I Wanna Be The One You Kiss At This Moment
I Wanna Be The One You Miss Every Minute
I Wanna Be The One You Love All The Way
I Wanna Be The One Who Can Make You Happy
I Wanna Be The One Who Completes Your Life
Because You Are The Only One Who Can Make Me Feel This Way

With heat in his eyes and a

With Heat In His Eyes,
And A Heart Burning With Anger.
Alone In The Midnight Blues,
There Goes The Lonesome Ranger.
Deprived Of Love, Deprived Of Affection,
Deprived Of All That He Deserved.
One Who Lived In A World Of Fiction
Now Weeps Alone In The Night Of Dead.
Asking The Gods -Å—where Those Days Have Gone
When It Used To Rain Happiness And Pleasure?
And Now Why I M The One Who Is Alone
Why Is There Shroud Of Sadness Of No Measure?-
But Still He Is The One Who Has To Walk.
Be It With A Companion Or Be It Alone.
For He Has To Win Above All The Folk.
And Be The Best Leaving The Masses Alone
No Longer He Cries But Only Peak,
In A Way He Is A Walking Danger.
Neither He Is Weak Nor He Is A Freak
He Is The Lonesome Ranger

I am laying on the floor not

I Am Laying On The Floor
Not Wanting To See The Door
Ice Cube Melting On My Chest
All There’s Left Is To Detest
The Feelings Burning Within
Leaving Water On My Skin
Alone Because I Was Wrong
To Flind Love That Wasn’t Strong
It Was To Be A New Start
And To Heal The Scars On My Heart
Wishful Thinking On My Part
As Love Left, Back To Her Start
Back To The One She Craved Most
She Disappeared Like A Ghost
A Dream So She Seem To Be
I Can’t Wak Up To See
The Emptiness At My Side
All I Want To Do Is Hide
And Forget This One Mistake
Heart Break, And Love Was Being Fakef

It is the key that you hold

It Is The Key That You Hold
That Will Unlock My Heart
Treasure My Love For You
Inside A Heart-Shaped Box.

Always Keep This Box Near
Keep It Close In Your Sight
It Will Bring You Happiness
Whenever You Hold It Tight.
It Won-‘t Play You A Melody
But To Your Heart It-‘ll Sing
It Holds My Love Deep Inside
Of This Small Precious Thing.
Only You Will Hold This Key
Never Lose Sight Of This Box
Unlock It When You Need To
It Holds The Love Of My Heart.

Blue secrets i searched the words of

Blue Secrets
I Searched The Words Of Others
To Give To You My Heart,
Dream Songs, Although Not Empty,
Did Not Hold My Hope, My Thought.
Instead, They Left Me Wandering,
The Burden Now I Bear,
The Blush Of Love Has Touched Them,
Not The Stone Of Love I Share.
My Love For You Lies Deep In,
A Quiet, Deepening Well,
Springs Inside A Mountain Rock
Where My Deep Blue Secrets Fell.
How Pale Is Love-‘s First Flower
Beside The Ocean-‘s Wave
Deepest, Darkest Feelings Lie,
Blue, Unchanged Beside The Grave.
My Deep Blue Love For You

Here lays my heart all broken and

Here Lays My Heart
All Broken And Torn
There Are No Feelings Left In It
For Me To Mourn
Here Lays My Mind
Which Has Repressed
All The Memories We Have Shared
That Have Left Me A Mess
Here Lays My Soul
Which You Took Away
Along With My Faith And Trust In You
That You Broke In A Day
Here Lays My Body
All Mangled And Left To Die
I Hope That I Can Get Through This
And Find Another Guy

Softly first i hear you calling building

Softly First I Hear You Calling
Building With Intensity
Try To Keep Myself From Falling
Taking Everything From Me
Smother You With All My Hatred
Taking All The Breath You Breathe
Itching Like An Ugly Scab
Begging Me To Rip And Bleed
Can-‘t You Leave Me To Peace? No One Deserves This Grief.
Why Do You Rip My Heart From My Chest? Please Just Leave My Soul To Rest.
You Promise Comfort And Solace
Selling Heartache And Pain
Your Gold Is For Fools
No Profit To Gain
A Serpent In Sheep-‘s Clothing
Tempts With Water In Deserts Heat
Strip Me From All I-‘m Holding
Beat Me Till All I Feel Is Defeat
Can-‘t You See I Need This Peace? I Want No Part Of This Grief.
I-‘ll Hold My Heart, Two Hands On My Chest. Please Just Leave My Soul To Rest.
You Took My Friend In Your Cold Hand
I Want Him To Come Back To Me
Your Grip Is Tight, He Sinks In Sand
I Continue To Call Out To Thee
‘You Can-‘t Continue On This Way’
I Try To Warn Him Of The Danger
He Says It Is The Last Day
My Concern Turning Quick To Anger
Can-‘t You Leave Us Both To Peace? We Don-‘t Deserve All This Grief.
Leave Our Hearts Within Our Chests. Why Can-‘t You Lay Our Souls To Rest?
Take The Pill You Dumb A**Hole
Say It Is The Only Way
Take The Ticket, Pay The Toll
Stop Trying To Save Dignity
Told Me That You Found A Balance
Gone And F***Ed It Up Again
See You Teeter On The Edge
A Demon Is Your Only Friend
Maybe You Don-‘t Want This Peace. Maybe You Enjoy The Grief.
Was There Ever A Heart In Your Chest? To Late Now To Take The Test.
My Throat Is Raw Screaming In Your Ear
Is Anything Getting In?
I Cannot Save You From Yourself
A Devil In Your Skin
Tried To Help You Through It All
To Help You See Things Clearer
Wasted Breath, On A Weathered Wall
But The Wall Is Just A Mirror-Â…
The Wall Is Just A Mirror-Â…

As you lay down beside me my

As You Lay Down Beside Me.
My Depress Become Hopes,
My Fear Becomes Dreams,
What Were Pains, Become Pleasures.
What Didn’t Exist Before…
In Your Faith In Me,
Builds My Religion.
In Your Love For Me,
My Trust.
Forever Is Overwhelming,
But With You, Here,
Now, With Me,
Like Enough.

Dont say that you loved me cared

Don-‘t Say That You Loved Me-Â…
Don-‘t Say That You Cared-Â…
It-‘s Not The Cuts That Killed Me-Â…
It-‘s The Lies You Told-Â…
That Put Them There-Â…
You Didn-‘t See It Coming-Â…? !
Well-Â…neither Did I-Â…! ! !
It-‘s Just-Â…the Sad Thing Is-Â…
I Didn-‘t Really Want To Die-Â…
I Just-Â…wanted You To See Me

2 weeks i went without calling you

2 Weeks I Went Without
Calling You
2 Weeks Tears Did Not
Fall From These Eyes
2 Weeks I Cried With Others About
Their Situation, Instead Of Crying
Over Mine
For 2 Weeks I Felt Good
About Myself
For 2 Weeks I Was Drama Free
But In Just 13 Minutes And 33 Seconds
All That Happened In 2 Weeks Came Crashing Down
Tears Began To Ruch Down My Face
Like Waterfalls
I Thought Back To Every Word
You Said, And Cried Until There
Were No More Tears Left
But In 2 Weeks I Learned
That Even Though You Dont
Care, There Are 2 Out
There, Who Do.
Rickita Ellis

Life is full of choices for us

Life Is Full Of Choices,
For Us To Choose,
But Sometimes Our Voices,
Say The Wrong Things, And We Lose!
To Take One Path, And No The Other,
You Lose The Chance That You Would Of Had,
Hvaing You Little Brother,
Screaming In Your Ear The Choice That Was Bad,
Life Is Full Of Choices,
All We Have To Do Is Choose,
There Are Many Kinds Of Choices,
That We Could Posilbe Lose

I8217m ready to grow up and live

I’m Ready To Grow Up
And Live In This Hostile World
In This World Of Love
And In This World Of Hate
I Want To Feel One’s Touch
Softly Against My Skin
The Warmth Of His Skin
Makes Me Want To Quiver
I Want To Look Into His Eyes
And See How Much He Loves Me
See His Eyes Sparkle
More Than The Stars In The Sky
I Want To Taste His Lips
Pressed Against Mine
Want This Kiss To Be Neverending
I Want It To Last My Whole Lifetime
I Want To Lay In His Arms
Every Day And Every Night
I Want To Feel His Love Around Me
And Know That His Love Is Here To Stay
I Want To Always Smile
Cause All I Can Think About Is Him
I Want To Be Happy
I Want To Be In Love
I Don’t Want To Be Weak
I Just Want To Be Strong
To Be Able To Fall In Love With A Man
I Will Do Whatever It May Take

A sunny springtime morning on busy thoroughfare

A Sunny Springtime Morning On A Busy Thoroughfare.
As I Jog Down The Street, City Sounds Are Everywhere.
So Many Speeding Cars All Bound For Different Places.
Are The Drivers Even Human, For I Cannot See Their Faces?
A Crowded City Bus Belches Out Black And Filthy Smoke.
The Life Of Urban Dwellers Is A Terribly Troublesome Yoke.
It Seems That Gone Forever Is Nature-‘s Sweet Intrusion,
Into This Land Of Concrete Buildings, A Maze Of My Confusion.
Then Comes A Magic Moment As The Loudness Seems To Cease.
No More Pass The Noisy Cars, A Moment Of Quiet Peace.
Into This Hushed And Gentle Moment Of Tranquility Surreal
Comes The Singing Of The Birds, Their Symphony To Reveal.
Astounded I Think -ŗhow Wonderful- Is Their Melody & Song.
Drowned Out By City Loudness, It-‘s Been There All Along.
The Moment-‘s Magic Passes, It Was There So Very Brief.
The Clamor Of The City, Steals The Song Just Like A Thief.
As I Continue My Jog Down This Traffic Congested Drive,
Sadly I Know That I Never Enjoyed The Purity Of Being Alive.
I Think In This Instant, Where The Trees Won-‘t Even Grow,
Why Do I Not In The Evening, Bask In The Firefly-‘s Glow?
I Try To Spot The Canopy Of Stars In The Sky At Night.
Sadly They-‘re All Gone, Stolen Away By The City-‘s Light.
I Cannot Hear The Cricket-‘s Soothing Song In Early Eve.
This Place Of Polluted Living, So Seldom A Reprieve.
I Cannot Find A Rabbit Living In His Warren In A Croft.
I Cannot Hear The Wise Old Owl Hoot And Fly Aloft.
I Cannot See The Wild Flowers Beautifully Arrayed,
Exploding With Vibrant Color, As They Decorate A Glade.
I Cannot Spy A Baby Fawn, Grazing Carefree In A Glen.
Not A Solitary Trace Of How Life Was Way Back When.
I Do Not See A Majestic Stallion, Running Playful In A Dell.
Nor Waterfalls Or Hidden Caves, With Mysteries To Tell.
There Is No Cow Nor Mule Or Dog, Resting In A Byre.
I Cannot Find A Forest Green, Or Nothing To Inspire.
Where Are The Frogs & Little Ducks Swimming In A Pond?
Why Do I For These Absent Things, Feel A Powerful Bond?
I Cannot Walk With Naked Feet, In A Flowing Brook.
I Cannot Find A Meadow Fair No Matter How I Look.
But What Saddens Me The Most, I Cannot Hear The Birds.
It Is That Which Pierces My Heart & Inspires My Cheerless Words.
by frost1_2000‚ 

Most people do not go far beyond

Most People Do Not Go Far Beyond,
To Read That Inner Message Hidden Beneath.
As All You Need To Do Is Dive And Swim,
Into The Great Ocean Of Sentiment,
As Thoughts And Memories Pour Into You.

As This Wild Deranged Sea Drowns You,
Your Mind Absorbs Everything Around.
Bring You To The Reefs, And You See Beauty,
You See Her Swimming Among The Fishes,
As The World Seems So Different Down Here.
Everything Is Possible When You Stay Deep,
Away From All The Troubles Above,
Down Here In The Calmness Of The Seas,
Where Worries Are Drained Away By The Current,
And Your Mind Is Clean Of All Evil.
As Time Does Not Pass As I Am Down There,
Making Everything Much More Enchanting,
Knowing That At This Depth Only The Truth Is Found,
Where You Find Absolutely Everything,
And Anything Is Possible.
Javier Falcon

I will remember the things we did

I Will Remember The Things We Did.
Where We Went, The Fun We Had.
The Wistful Smile Which Sometimes Hid
Your Halting Way With Words Unsaid.
Our Love Will Always Make Me Glad.
Please Forget Me Never.
We Never Said The Skies Would Be
Forever Blue Above Us Two.
It Took A While For Us To See
Wisdom’s Way With You And Me.
We Parted, But I Beg Of You
Please Forget Me Never.

I am so thankful that was lucky

I Am So Thankful That I Was Lucky Enough To Have Met Your Son
At That Time In My Life I Felt I Would Never Again Find Love
I Knew From The Moment We Met That He Was The One
Little Did I Realize Not Only Did I Meet The Pefect Guy For Me
But That I Would Find Such A Rare Treasure In His Family
I Want To Thank You For Just Being Who You Are, And Know I Truly Feel So Blessed
Out Of All Of The Mother-In-Law’s I Could Have Had
I Know I Have Found The Best!

Love dont ask who are you

Love Dont Ask ” Who Are You
Love Only Says ” You Are Mine
Love Dont Ask ” Where Are You From
Love Only Says ” You Lives In My Heart
Love Dont Ask ” What Do You Do
Love Only Says ” You Make My Heart To Beat
Love Dont Ask ” Why Are You Faraway
Love Only Says ” You Are Always With Me
Love Dont Ask ” Do You Love Me
Love Only Says ” I Love You

I wanna be your heart to give

I Wanna Be Your Heart To Give You All My Love.
I Wanna Be Your Soul To Show You True Love.
I Wanna Be Your Eyes So That Only Beautiful Things You Can See,
I Wanna Be Your Skin Cause Always Close To You I Would Be.

I Wanna Be Allot Of Things As You Can See
But In Return I Want Your Heart Cause Thats The Only Place That I Would Like To Be……

It happens occasionally to sit and have

It Happens
To Sit And Have
A Supper
With A Crowd.
Some, Are New And Old Friends,
Of Apostles.
Friends Have Always Something In Mind,
Their Needs Never Have Been Fulfilled Or Satisfied.
My Enemies Are At Least Clear In Mind.
My Lover Is Absent Or Armored By Her Own Taboos.
They Gathered Around The Table
For Fun Or Something Else
Out Of The Blue Human Have
A Need For Gathering.
My Supper Made Me Feel
Like Anyone Else,
No One Or Between
A Friend, A Lover,
And An Enemy

The view from my minds eye is

The view from my mind-‘s eye is a wonderful as the morning sky,
clear of clouds, the shade of cornflowers.
The air, soft as silk, wraps my skin in a lover-‘s embrace
to cool the fire of my burning skin,
still hot from my lover-‘s touch.
The wind echos the cries of our ecstacy and whispers of
the feelings still smoldering within.
An arm, draped lazily over a leg, fingers lightly tracing circles
on your skin, a strand of my hair falls on your chest
as my lips await that first kiss of morning.
While you lay sleeping beside me I give thanks that you are here,
still loving me.
You-‘re not a dream anymore, and I-‘m lost in a vision of you.
by inforep500‚ 

Some of your friends may be non

Some Of Your Friends May Be Non Conformists,
Have Unique Projects And Unusual Hobbies.
Support Them In Pursuing Their Interests.
Rather Than Urging Your Loved Ones To Conform,
Encourage Their Uniqueness-Everyone Has Dreams That No One Else Has

The first blush of new love is

The First Blush Of New Love Is Filled To Overflowing,
But As Their Love Cools,
They Revert To Seeing Their Love As Need.
They Cease To Be Someone Who Generates
Love And Instead Become Someone Who Seeks Love.
They Forget That The Secret Of
Love Is That It Is A Gift,
And That It Can Be Made To Grow Only By Giving It Away.

Let me touch your mind this precious

Let Me Touch Your Mind
This Precious Untamed Flower – Her Love Like A Blanket
Soft Against Your Skin
Breath Hot/sweet On That Tender Earlobe
Yes, Baby
Let Me Wrap My Limbs About You –
Be That Shelter You’ve Been Craving
Hold You Close To My Soul – Feel Me?
I Am Here – Attempting To Be That Wonderful Sonnet –
Slow/sensual Love Song
That Word Which Makes You Hot – Want To Touch
Skin Upon Skin
I Want You To Breathe – Exist – Cry For Me…
Yearn To Be Deep Inside Feel Me

Now that you8217re gone it8217s too dark

Now That You’re Gone,
It’s Too Dark At Night.
It’s Constantly Cold.
And Nothing Seems Right.
Now That You’re Gone
It Hurts To Be Alone.
I Can’t Stand It Here Without You
Afraid And On My Own.
Now That You’re Gone
My World Means Naught,
I’m Sorry For What I Said,
And All The Times We Fought.
Now That You’re Gone,
I Can’t Seem To Find My Smile.
I Didn’t Think I’d Lose It Yet,
At Least Not For A While
Now That You’re Gone,
I Can’t Help But Yearn
For The Love That We Had
And The Day That You’ll Return
Now That You’re Gone
And Have Left Me Behind
I’m Loosing My Focus
And Have Already Lost My Mind.
Now That You’re Gone
Nothing Else Will Matter
Each Day I’m Without You
My Heart Won’t Cease To Shatter
Now That You’re Gone
All It Does Is Rain,
The Heavens Seems To Weep,
As If They Feel My Pain.
Now That You’re Gone
I Just Want To Cry,
Because I Curse That Night You Left,
When We Had To Say Good-Bye.
Now That You’re Gone
I Only Want One Wish,
For You To Come Back
And Give Me Just One Kiss
by Krizalid

You are minerva venus and just a

You Are Minerva, You Are Venus,
And Just A Bit Less, To Be My Jesus.
When I See You, I’m Blazed By Your Beauty,
But Soon Your Intelligence Reminds Me Of My Duty.
But There’s In You, The Most Impressive Factor,
Your True Simplicity And Crystal Clear Character.
As Long As You Posess These Virtues Of Yours,
I Promise, I’ll Appreciate You Beyond All Doors,
I Don’t Want You To Get Sick Of Mine,
I Just Want You To Be One Of My Friends Fine.
You Rule My Life, My Dreams, Thoughts And Laughter,
I Yearn For You Like A Fish For Water.
You Are My Ideal, I,M Your Follower,
But For Your Vituperators, I’ll Be A Killer.
You Are My Strength, You Are My Power,
Upon You, The Fountain Of Feelings I’ll Shower.
I Promise You Truly, If Given A Chance,
I’ll Do Anything To Get Your Smiling Glance.
I Can’t Promise You The Moons And The Stars,
But For You, I’ll Fight Any Number Of Wars.
You, Of Course, Have Full Right To Reject Me,
But I’ll Always Consider You And Myself As We.
If Your Approach Is Negative And Grey,
I Promise, I’ll Never Cme In Your Way.
But If Yor Approach Is Positive And Green,
With Emotion And Devotion I’ll Paint The Scene.

I have written off the calendar and

I Have Written Off The Calendar And The Days Are
Falling Short For The Unanswered Questions.
And Now I Am Waiting For The Surprising Day Where
I Will Lose And Be Totally Lost For The The
Things That Look White But Aren-‘t.
I Have Dug A Hole On The Earth But To My Surprise
I Have Failed To Get Purity.
And For Now I Am Waiting For The World To Tell Me That
I Was Wrong And Blame Me Why The World Is Round.
All My Preconceived Ideas Of Changing The Universe
To Get To The Thing I Want The Most Have Blown Away.
But Now I Feel Like Pulling Every String And Make
A Song Which Tells About My Boat Which Is Broken But Still Keen On Floating.
I Feel Really Hurt When I Found Out That After Standing For A Long Time At The Door Step In A Line
The Door Itself Has Changed.
I Was Told By Someone To Go And Run But Never Told Me What Happens When I Would Fall.
But I Have Put All The Light In Me To Be More Humble Than I Was.
And Will Try To Pick The Fruit When I Am Offered A Stone.

Language is flowering new blooms of meaning

Language Is Flowering, New Blooms Of Meaning
Abound Everywhere: Reintarnation, Returning To
Life As An Idiot Bozo
Bozone, A Substance That Stops Bright Ideas From
Penetrating, Karmageddon, People Sending Off Bad
Vibes, The Earth Exploding
Decafalon, Getting Through The Day Consuming Only
What-‘s Good For You; Dopeler Effect, Stupid Ideas
Seeming Smarter When Coming At You Rapidly
Beelzebug, Satan As A Mosquito, Abdicate, Give Up All
Hope Of Having A Flat Stomach; Oyster, Sprinkling My
Conversation With Yiddishisms
Lymph, To Walk With A Lisp
Oi Vey, I-‘m A Lonely Oyster Walking With A Lymph Today,
My Present Existence Is A Reintarnation, My Only Hope
Karmageddon To End It All, I Have Abdicated Ages Ago,
No Decafalon Could Ever Save Me, Living Life In Bozone

I looked back on my past remembered

I Looked Back On My Past
I Remembered The Years I Cried
The Jokes I Laughed At
The Things That I Missed & Lost
But, One Thing That I Will Never Forget
The Day She Became My Love
All The Time I Have Spent With Her
Put’s A Smile Upon My Face
I Hope One Day I Will Be With Her Again
Somehow, Sometime, Someplace
Girl Will Come & A Girl Will Go
The Season Will Change & Time Will Show
But, One Thing That Will Never Gonna Change,
The Spirit Of Love!
And Still I Hope That She Will Be There For Me
And I Will Be There For Her
Sometime Someplace My Love!

I met a traveler from faraway place

I Met A Traveler From A Faraway Place,
Who Said: Listen Close Friend And Hear Me Well.
I Tell Of A Land Of Silk And Lace,
Where Mighty Lords And Gods Did Dwell.
A Mighty Castle Was Built And Did Suffer,
A Wall Was Erected Tall And Subtle.
When The Seige Took Place The Wall Did Buffer,
It Stood And Stood Through That So Long Battle.
The King Did Hide Behind His Wall,
Until His Loyal Son Was Taken.
That Great Wooden Horse Became Their Pall,
And Caused Their City To Be Forsaken.
Fled One, Fled Many, Flee Did All,
For Their Great City Of Troy Was Taken

The snow are falling from angels hands

The Snow Are Falling From The Angels Hands
Filling The Empty Ground With White
Luscious Missletoes Are Dangling In The Air
Their Sweet Drops Stain The Joyous Night
Outside Children Are Pulling Down The Night Winds
Rejoice That Santa Will Soon Fall From High
Inside Adults Are Sipping Cider By The Luminous Tree
Chating About The Lively Streets And The Happy Shoppers
The Naked Branches Are Swaying Sadly Alone
But Hopeful To Get Their New Leaves From St Nick
The Longing Milky Way Is Glowing Dimly
Soon To Dazzle Like An Orange Sun At Twelves

On this train of life a ray

On This Train Of Life
A Ray Of The Sun Slips Through My Fingers,
I Can Feel The Heat Of It,
I Can Odorize Its Perfume
But I Cannot Make It My Own,
For It Doesn’t Belong To Me
It Is Here Of Passage Like Me-Â…, On This Train
Where Past – Present – Future Mix Themselves.
A Past That Stings My Heart With Memories
Of So Many Pierced Through-Â…
A Present That I Feel Not Lived-Â…
Yet This Ray Of Sun Affirms That
The Future Will Cancel What Has Been,
There Will Be Hope Reviving And
From A Bramble A Rose Will Be Born .
Ray Of Sun-Â…for An Instant Sit Nearby Me
In This Wagon That Goes-Â…
Embrace Me And Whispers To My Silences
Where Loneliness Rules For So Long-Â…
Embrace Me Up To When
Dreams Won’t Frighten Me Anymore-Â…

Have you ever asked me why im

Have You Ever Asked Me Why Im Not Okay
Isn-‘t That What You-‘ve Promised..We Should Act That Way..
We Should Care We Should-‘nt Stare..
Lookin Everywhere..For Something We Can-‘t Find
And Its Always Left Behind-Â…well, You Were So Kind
But Now You-‘re Selfish You Can-‘t Even Hide
Here It Is..Our Fate
I Guess It Was Too Late
To Make Past So Great
Now Its Not Love Its Hate

They say we can8217t be friends no

They Say We Can’t Be Friends
No Matter How New The Trends
From Darkness Till Dawn
We?ll Keep Fighting On And On
The Sun May Turn Blue
A Broken Heart May Glue
But Our Chances In Friendship?
Are None In Few
We’ll Curse Eachother
We’ll Fight, Not Pretend
Me Libran U Scorpio
Man It Doesn’t Seem To End
We’ll Tie Different Knots
Of Thinkings And Thoughts
But Still They’ll Tease Us Together
Which We’ll Hate Forever
But It?s Time To Hold On
Its Time To Be Cool
The One Who Agrees All Above
Is A Very Big Fool
Yes We Do Fight
Situation When Comes
We Call Each Other By Words
Like Dodos And Bums
V Hurt Each Other
N Made Each Other Cry
Then Y Do We Bother
And Y Do Try?
Things May Have Gone Bad
Things May Again Go Bad
But Still Having U With Me
Will Really Make Me Feel Glad
Plz Don’t Feel Bad
When They Tease Us Together
I’ll Keep On Telling Them
U Deserve Much Better
They Say I Can?t Walk Properly
So Can’t Do Nething Special For U
But Maybe They Don?t Know
I Once Painted The Sky Purple For U
I Have Tried Hard
I?ll Try Much Harder
To Make U Feel Good
To Make U Feel Much Better
I Promise To U
I?ll Never Say Bye
Coz When That Day Comes
I Think I?m Gonna Die
Well It’s Time To End It Now
It?s Time To Write A New One
So Untill Next Time
Keep Smiling And Have Fun.

When they ask why im down i

When they ask why I-‘m down
I tell them I-‘m not & everything-‘s fine
When they read my expression & see that I-‘m upset
I tell them that I-‘m just a little stressed about school work
When they see me laugh they fall for my act
As i cover up what-‘s really bothering me with lies
When I smile at them they smile back with relief
As I hide the tears in my eyes
When I cry I tell them the screen is hurting my eyes
When I cry I tell them the sun is shinning very bright
When my eyes are red from all the tears I tell them
I haven-‘t had much sleep staying up late to complete work
When they listen to everything I tell them
They read in-between the lines
They still know the truth
They know what-‘s on my mind when I-‘m silent
They know not to question for it-‘s only a matter of time
They say time is a healer; no amount of time will be able to heal me
Not this time round, I-‘ve been defeated, I feel like such a fool
I shouldn-‘t have said what I had…
For you didn-‘t appreciate what you meant to me
Not once did you put yourself in my position and see…
I-‘m still so unsure of what to do when I see you
I want you to know how much you-‘ve hurt me…
But I want to show you that you-‘ve let the best thing
That every happened to you go…
You never gave me a chance & one day someone will do the same
Maybe then you-‘ll know what lies behind my expression
Maybe then you-‘ll see just how much you hurt me…
I don-‘t know why but I still love you….and I still cry…

White peacock is a symbol of gud

White P[Eacock Is A Symbol Of Gud
Luck & It Is Found Very Rare
I Wish Gud Luck To All Of U
Its Genuineness Is That It
Makes The Shadow On D Same Side
From Where Lites Comes That Is
Opposite To That It Is Supposed To Be

Life8217s compulsion forces me to sit in

Life’s Compulsion
Forces Me To Sit
In The Confines Of Four Walls
Surrounded By Heaps Of Papers.
Sunrise And Sunlight
Both Elude Me
My Life’s Cycle
Determined By Files Before Me.
Gone Are The Days Of
Happily Riding A Bike
Cool Breeze Caressing
Eyes, Hair And All Being
My Only Ray Of Hope
My Only Contact With Nature
My Window With View Of Sky And Trees
My Oasis In The Desert Of Pressure
The Window Preserves My Energy
The Window Nurtures My Soul
And Helps Me Stride
The Tedious Path Of Survival

Why do i smile at the sound

Why Do I Smile At The Sound Of Your Voice?
Why Do I Let You Take Over Me As If I Had No Choice?
Why Do I Let You Touch Me In Places Never Touched?
Why Do I Like To Have You Around So Much?
Why Do I Melt At The Tenderness Of Your Kiss?
Why Do I Feel Like I Could Live Forever Like This?
Why Do I Put My Heart In Your Hands?
Why Do I Answer To Your Every Demand?
Why Do I Tell You Leaving Me Is Not Your Wrong?
Why Do I Let You Know With Out You I’m Not Quite As Strong?
Why Do I Take You Back Even Though I Know It’s Not Right?
Why Do I Feel Like I Should Please You By Not Putting Up A Fight?
Why Do I Care About You Even Though You Hurt Me?
Why Do I Turn My Head From What’s Plain Reality?
Why Do I Try To Hide From What Is True?
Why Do I Still Have These Feelings For You?

Blissful custard creams you are the stuff

Blissful Custard Creams
You Are The Stuff Of Dreams.
Biscuits Sent For Me
To Dip Into My Tea
You Make The Day More Great
I Stack You On My Plate
Then Dunk You In My Cup
Ready To Eat Up
Do Not Hate Me Custard Creams
Its Not A Simple As It Seems
You Are The One Whose Touch I Treasure
My Desire, My Guilty Pleasure
You Can Light In Me The Fire Within
Calling At Me From The Biscuit Tin
Make Me Want You, I Feel So Sleazy
I Don’t Have To Beg, You Make It Easy
We’ll Make It Quick, No Long Goodbyes
No Promise I’ll Write, No Teary Eyes
And When At Last You Are Gone
I’ll Help Myself To Another One

Universo el cielo en la noche es

El Cielo En La Noche
Es Una Enorme Mente
Que Conserva Los Buenos Recuerdos
Que Guardo Desde NiƒÂ±o.
Viste De Negro Profundo,
Adornada Con Piedras Preciosas.
En Lo Alto Una Cuna De Astros Brillantes
Y En Lo Plano Un Extenso Lago.
Un Espejo De Agua
Refleja El Cielo
Sobre Su Ondeada Superficie.
Un Viento Suave
Cosecha Semillas De Luz
Entre Las Ondas De Las Olas
CargƒÂ¡ndolas De Nuevo Hacia El Infinito.
Una Estrella Rebelde
Corre Fugazmente En Libertad
Marcando Una LƒÂ­nea Repentina
DesvaneciƒÂ©ndose En Un Instante.
QuizƒÂ¡s Tuvo Ese SueƒÂ±o
De Ser Un Cometa,
Girando En La Inmensidad,
Obteniendo Nuevas Fuerzas
Desde Su Propia Fuente.
Descubriendo El Universo
A Cada Segundo
Sin Saber Cuando PartiƒÂ³
Y Hacia Donde Se Dirige.
Solo La GuƒÂ­a El Impulso
De Llegar A Un Punto,
Una Meta Para Convertirse
En Parte De La Infinidad

Love is all we need in life

Love Is All We Need In Life But Some Take It 4 Granted.
Not Knowing That Love Is The Happiness That God Has Granted,
Never Be Afraid 2 Show How U Feel, Cause Even The Hardest Man,
I Seen Him In Tears……..

Like flower in the breeze of spring

Like Flower In The Breeze Of Spring
Or Like A Sweet Dropp Of Rain In Winter
She Walks In Tiny Steps Here And There
And Her Voice Becomes Like A Whisper
A Baby So Mature Amid The World Of Adults
And My Sweet Name Is Announced, Dreidre

Play The Music Box Again And Again
Forget This World And What It Carries
The World Just Lies In This Little Face
And What Is The World And Its Agonies
Celebrate And Sing, Love Andwink
Forget The Life That Is And Its Macabre
Long, Along The Path Of Truth Do Walk
And Beside The Innocence Of The Soul
Give The Smile Even Though With Pain
And Cry For Happiness When It’s Over All
But Where Is My Speech And Where Am I
And Where To Find Me Beloved, Dreidre
Taher Shemaly

I am a picture not of perfection

I Am A Picture Not Of Perfection Rather Of Misconceptions
A Once Pale Pink Canvas Now Is Splattered With Gray
But I Don-‘t Mind It Just Gives Me Flair
Some People Notice It, Others Choose To Ignore,
But Most Just Can-‘t See The Truth In Me
On The Outside Everything Paints A Pretty Picture
Long Different Coloured Nails Stars And Hearts All Over
Dark Curly Hair Two Different Coloured Eyes
Braids With Earrings And Ribbons, Sparkles And Things
Some People Stare, Others Cry Out Freak But For Most I Lie Asleep
I Am A Portrait With Many Dimensions Some You Can No Longer See
They-‘re Hidden Deep Inside Of Me While Others Shine Through.
I Have Many Cracks And Many Flaws And The Onlooker
Does Not Accept Them All I-‘m Seen A Little Differently
By Just About Everybody It Never Ceases To Amaze Me
This Canvas Is Forever Changing I Paint A Little Bit More
Each And Every Day But Some Things Always Stay.
If You Look Inside Me You-‘ll See The Heart,
You-‘ll See The Love, And The Doves Circling Above.
It Doesn-‘t Really Matter How You Choose To See Me
Because I Love Me For Me And That-‘s All I See

Leave your emotions at the door poems

Leave Your Emotions At The Door (Poems)
So Easily You Left Me In Despair
Now You Expect Me To Believe You Care
I Know This Isn’t What You Wanna Hear
But I Don’t Want You Anymore My Dear

You Wouldn’t Hear A Word I Had To Say
When I Begged And Pleaded For You To Stay
You Didn’t See How Much I Lost
My Sacrifice And What It All Cost
Now Your Back Again Acting All Emo
Claiming To Miss And Love Me So
But Honestly Everything With You Is Just A Blur
The Only Thing I Really Lost Was Her
Yes I’m Sorry You Were A Mistake
Everything I Had With You Was Fake
So I’m Going To Take My Own Advice
And Not Make The Same Mistake Twice
I’m Sorry That May Have Hit Hard
But I Felt Like Such A Complete Retard
For Choosing You Over My Best Friend
Thats The Real Pain That Will Never Mend
I Can Still Be There For You As A Friend
That You Always Can Depend
But Please Leave Your Emotions At The Door
Because Nobody Here Wants Them Anymore.

And i wondered as watched the old

And I Wondered As I Watched
The Old Man-‘s Genuflection.
He In His Late Eighties
Me, Full-Throttle To The Half-Ton
Could Either Of Us Recall?
Did We Ever Practise It?
For Him It Was Probably Instinctive
My Infrequent Sorties Were
(Most Likely)
The Cause Of My Curiosity.
Think Man! How Far Should The Bend Dip?
Should The Knee Touch Base
Hover Just Above
Didn-‘t I Bruise It Once?
A Bruise Of Enthusiasm
With Sacred Splinters On The Side?
Then Eliza Doolittle Came Into My Head
The Execution Of Elocution
The Diction In The Benediction..
-ŗhow Now Kow Tow! -
(Did I Just Say That Out Loud? Oops)

My biggest fear is waking up the

My Biggest Fear Is Waking Up
The Way I Went To Sleep
And Knowing That
You Can No Longer Be Mine To Keep.
My Biggest Fear Is Having
A Cold And Empty Heart
Remembering The Words You Once Said
“That Nothing Will Ever Tare Us Apart.”
My Biggest Fear Is Feeling
So Lonely Each And Every Day
And Seeing You Come And Go
But Never Again Will You Stay.
My Biggest Fear Is Knowing
The Tears Are Real And The Smiles Are Fake
Not Knowing Where It Ends
Or How Much More I Can Take.

You are my angel in disguise read

You Are My Angel In Disguise,
You Read My Soul With Your Eyes
Your Spirit Has Enetered My Heart
And Its My Hope We Never Part
For You Are So Special To Me,
Wihout You My Heart Wud Weep Bitterly
You Are My Angel In Desguise
Your Love Comforts My Cries
At Night U Guide Me Thru Strife
And It Is For That My Dear Angel, I Owe You My Ife

My friend do you know how much

My Friend, Do You Know
How Much I Love Thee?
My Love Is As Pure As Falling Snow
Through This Poem I Want You To Know
However Far You May Be From Me,
I Will Always Love Thee
My Love Is As Deep As The Ocean Water
It Is So Strong, No One Can Slaughter
But I Have To Leave You, This Is It
I Hope You Will Treasure My Love, Bit By Bit
I Will Never Forget You
And Don-‘t, Please Don-‘t, Forget Me Too
If You Forget Me, It Will Betray Our Friendship
It Will Change Completely Our Relationship
My Name Is Warda, Do Not Forget Me
My Friend, Do You Know,
How Much I Love Thee?

Here and there greeny grass leaves are

Here And There
Greeny Grass Leaves
Are Starting To Wakeup
From The Dried Muddy Crust

Walking Along The Foot Path
Breathing The Spring In The Air
I Spotted A Little Yellow Flower
Just A Bud But It Was There
It Made Me Stop
And Go Down On My Knees
To Clean Up The Rocks
And The Dried Leaves
Just… Just Like The Way
You Would Have Done
If You Were Here
At My Side…!

All i hear is voices in the

All I Hear Is Voices In The Crowd
Though They Only Whisper Though They Frown
People Say “Oh Its Such A Shame”
Still They Only Look To Pass The Blame
If We Can Find A Way To Work Things Out
The Only Way To Start Is To Start Now
When Are We Gonna Stand Up As People
Realise As People Were All Equal
We Dont Want No World War Sequel
For The Love Of God Think Of The People
When Are We Gonna Stand Up As People
Realise As People Were All Equal
We Dont Want No World War Sequel
For The Love Of God Think Of The People
Children Always Learn By What They See
So We Gotta Practise What We Preach
Don’t You Know Its The Game Of Life
We Refuse When We Choose To Fight
If We Can Find A Way To Work Things Out
The Only Way To Start Is It Start Now
When Are We Gonna Stand Up As People
Realise As People Were All Equal
We Don’t Want No World War Sequel
For The Love Of The God Think Of The People.
When Are We Gonna Stand Up As People
Realise As People Were All Equal
We Dont Want No World War Sequel
For The Love Of The God Think Of The People.
I Pray Before I Sleep At Night
That I’ll Wake To Find A Clear Blue Sky
When Are We Gonna Stand Up As People
Realise As People Were All Equal
We Dont Want No World War Sequel
For The Love Of The God Think Of The People.
When Are We Gonna Stand Up As People
Realise As People Were All Equal
We Dont Want No World War Sequel
For The Love Of The God Think Of The People.
When Are We Gonna Stand Up As People
Realise As People Were All Equal
We Dont Want No World War Sequel
For The Love Of The God Think Of The People.
When Are We Gonna Stand Up As People
Realise As People Were All Equal
We Dont Want No World War Sequel
For The Love Of The God Think Of The People

His voice calls out from neath covers

His Voice Calls Out From -Ë—neath Covers
Pulled Up Above His Chin
He’s Had A Long Day Of Playing Hard
But His Imagination Just Keeps Going
These Words He Often Spoke To Me
Just Before He’d Fall Asleep
To Enter Boyhood Dreams That Stretch
So Far, So High, So Deep

“Don’t Turn The Light Out, Daddy
And Please Don’t Close The Door
There-‘s A Monster In The Closet
And Beneath The Bedroom Floor
If You Leave It Open, Daddy
I Know I Can See Your Face
If You Don’t Turn The Light Out, Daddy
I Know That I’ll Be Safe.”
But Now I Lay Upon My Bed
I’m Old And Letting Go
It’s Time To Turn My Light Out, Son
It-‘s Time To Close My Door
I Try To Say To Him That
There-‘s No Need To Cry
Everyone Must Go Beyond This World
Everyone One Must Die
With Tears Of Sadness
He Kneels Beside My Bed
And In Prayer To Our Lord God
Here Is What He Softly Said
“Don’t Turn The Light Out, Father
Don’t Take The Light I’ve Had
Let Him Stay With Me Some More
Please Don’t Take Away My Dad”
He Turns His Eyes To Me Once More
His Tear Streams Flow
He Reaches For My Aged Hand
And Holds It Ever Gently So
I Turn Toward My Loving Son
And Smile A Weary Smile
I Say To Him With Final Breath
What He Has Known All The While
-Å—though My Light Goes Out In This World
And The Door Is Closed For Me
I Go To A Better Place, Where
My Light Will Shine Eternally
One Day When Your Time Is Done
You-‘ll Cross The Veil Of Night
You Will Find Me Once Again
And You-‘ll Be Within The Light-
-Å—god Never Turns The Light Out, Son
He Never Closes The Door
He Leaves It Open All The Time
So You Can See Him Forever More
Remember This When Your Own Child
Comes To You Late At Night
And Asks You Not To Close The Door
And To Not Turn Out The Light-

Mumma you promised me would buy that

Mumma You Promised Me You Would
Buy Me That Pink Lollipop
Why Don’t You Then Stop Mumma
We’re Just Passing By That Shop
You Say You’re Getting Late For Work
But What About My Candy
I’ll Even Share My Lollipop
With Katie Bill And Mandy
You Say You’ll Be In Trouble If Late
You’ll Be Fired By Your Boss
But Really Mumma I Can’t Wait
Please Atleast A Candy Floss
Please Mumma Don’t Get Mad
Look How Much Mister Candy Sells
I Promise Mumma Just Buy Me One
And I Wont Ask For Anything Else
Oh! Mister Candy You’re So Sweet
Thanks For Free Cotton Candy
Now I’m So Happy Mumma I Will Eat
And Sing Yankee Doodle Dandy

It is admirable however isn8217t a bit

It Is Admirable!
Isn’t It A Bit Too Late,
To Take Measures To Clean Up An Atmosphere…
Already Polluted,
By Those Who Have Induced…
A Putrid Introduction?
Produced By Forums,
Where These Seducers Have Inflicted,
With An Acceptance Solicited!
The Very Same Ones,
Who Now Claim They Have Become Sick Of It!
With Their Immature Tantrums.
To Blame Someone Else,
As The Cause Of This!

Why Not Censor The Experience Of Life Itself?
Since So Many Are Afraid To Live It
Or Hear Those With Expanded Values…
Who Have Encompassed ‘All’ Of God’s Offerings!
Whether Bitter, Sweet Or Indifferent.
But Then Again…
Some Have Excelled To Insure,
A Darkness Lived Under Rocks…
Becomes Their Next Best ‘Thing’!

Do you feel rejected about your past

Do You Feel Rejected About Your Past Lover?
Do Not Be Upset, Just Remember And Then Smile As You Remember
His Kiss And Embraces And (You Know Better, What More)
Reminisce The Sweet Moments, And Then Carefully Pluck Out The
Bitter Ones, Like The Way You Choose The Chaff From The Grain,
The Rotten Tomatoes From The Healthy Ones,
The Bad Eggs, The Speckled And Spotted Ones,
Select, That Is Your Right,
To Choose And Discard Or Keep, And For Those That You Do Not Need,
Those That You Think Still Hurt You
And Destroy You,
Let All These Things Go
Exercise Your Power To Select, And Throw And Vomit And Delete,
Choose And Be So Choosy,
Just Take What Is Necessary, Just Keep The Happiness And Throw
Sadness And Loneliness Away,
Take Life, And Live And Be Yourself, What Else Does We Need Really?
Whatever It Is, Forget And Forgive, Bloom And Zoom,
Grow And Glow

The last look i cant forget gentle

The Last Look I Cant Forget
The Gentle Kiss I Wont Regret.
The Endless Moments By Your Side,
The Blissful Joy That You Provide.
The Light That Dances In Your Eyes,
The Touch That Takes Me By Surprise;
The Smile That Reflects On My Face,
The Gorgeous Soul That I Embrace.
The Heart That Gives In Many Ways,
The Love In Me That Always Stays.
The Explicit Laugh That’ll Never Die,
This Luminous Presence That Makes Me Sigh.
The Echoing Voice That Chimes As A Bell,
The Irresistible Charm That Puts Me Under Your Spell.
The Only One Who Can Bring Me Bliss,
The Person I So Dearly Miss;
The One Who Makes Wrong Into Right,
The One That Makes My Days So Bright.
There Are Many Things That I Don’t Know,
Though I Know That I’ll Never Let You Go.
Retracing Our Steps To The First Day We Met,
You Are The One That I’ll Never Forget.

The girl who never left her room

The Girl Who Never Left Her Room
Blonde Hair Go’s On And On
She Crys Tears Black With Srrow
Why Morn Somehting That It Not Needed
She Praed No Longer Please No Longer Must
This Go On End This As Christ Had Not Seen
Anything That Made Him Become Full With
Anger Who Could Make A Girl So Sad The
Pain The Pain How It Will Not Stop She
Trembles In The Corner Then Finds The
Silver End And She Finshs All The
Pain I No This Stroy For I Am The
Angel Who Became Of This Girl

Why do we have to turn killing

Why do we have to turn to killing and suicide?
When we all are goinign to DIE!
With no where to RUN! , and no where to HIDE!
This is not a judgement, nor a blaim game.
Just one lonely question
In one lonely world
In one lonely mans mind
To all man kind! !
0ne 4you

Today is america8217s birthday let8217s make himher

Today Is America’s Birthday
Let’s Make Him/her A Cake.
Mix And Stir, Stir And Mix
Then Into The Oven To Bake.

Here’s The Cake So Nice And Round,
We Ice It With Red And Blue And And White.
We Put Tons And Tons Of Candles On It
To Make The Birthday Bright.

Isabella Swan

Give me some time to live with

Give Me Some Time
To Live, With The Possibility
Of Oscillating Between Temporal And Spiritual Feel.
I Have Already Exhausted My Age
Behind The Spiked Doors.

I Was Longing
To Meet Myself Today,
To Find The Throw Back.
Which Of Me Was Real?
An Antique Bird Feeding On Honeydew?
Or A Honed Up Desert Hurricane?
A Tremendous Impact With Retribution
Pulls Down The Unbowed Towers.
But The Spirit Screams In Dark
And A Light Glows From The Debris
True To Seal The Kisslock Of Death.
The Century Will Still March Forward
Arranging The Years In Neat Rows
At Burial Ground Of Memory.
The Walls Are Still Standing.
Satish Verma

For reals damn really man i thought

For Reals? Damn…
Really? Man… I Thought You Were The One.
Always The One To Be Close,
Never Gone, But I Was Wrong.. Little
Kids Act Immature, So Why Are You?
I Believed In You, But All You Did Is Disappoint Me.. Well
Easy Come, Easy Go.

Esta mujer se amolda a mis manos

Esta Mujer Se Amolda A Mis Manos.
Ella Es Blanca Y Rubia,
Su Rostro Posee Unos Enormes
Y Hermosos Ojos Celestes.
PodrƒÂ­a Cargarla En Mis Manos
Como A Una Canasta De Flores.
Esta Mujer Se Fija A Mis Ojos.
Mi Mirada La Envuelve
Y No Ve Nada Hasta Envolverla.
Esta Mujer Se Acomoda En Mis Deseos.
Ella Se Encuentra Desnuda
Ante El Ardiente Deseo De Mi Mirada
Y Mi Deseo La Consume
Como Si Fuese Una Ardiente Brasa.
Pero, Mujer Distante…
Mis Manos, Mis Ojos Y Mis Deseos
Viven Por Ti, Por Tus Caricias
Porque Solo Tu, Mujer Distante
Solo TƒÂº Te Alojas En Mi CorazƒÂ³n.
La Luna Envuelta Hacia Arriba
Como Las Cortinas De Un Escenario,
‚¡negros Y Oscuros Vientos,
Como Olas Del Cielo, Rugientes Y Rabiosas!
Caminan Como Los Pies HƒÂºmedos Del RocƒÂ­o
Sobre Los Altos Tejados.
MintiƒÂ©ndome Despierto Que La Distancia No EstƒÂ¡,
Vuelves Y Vuelas Hacia Mi,
TrayƒÂ©ndome Antes Que Mis Ojos
Se Vayan Lejos De Una Vez.
Los Vientos De La Noche,
Oscuros Y Tenebrosos Vientos.
‚¡cuƒÂ¡n Insignificantes Son Mis Alas
DespuƒÂ©s De Una Simple Bofetada!
CuƒÂ¡n Enorme Es El Mundo.
CuƒÂ¡n Trivial La Pena En Mi Garganta,
Pero Puede Morir Si Deseo, Recostado En La Noche.
AsƒÂ­ La Furia Del Viento Me Lleva A Lo Lejos,
Muerta, Recostado Para Dormir.
Llevarme Sobre El Violento Mar Entumecido
Cantando, ReclinƒÂ¡ndome, DurmiƒÂ©ndome.
Los Andantes Vientos Galopan Cruzando Los Altos Tejados,
Una Chimenea Solloza.
Vientos De La Noche, Tristeza De Los Vientos
El Viento Nunca Se Moja

A live band desired hand litter longer

A Live Band Desired Hand
A Litter Longer We Wait
A Heart Feel To Start Real
Be A Stronger Debate
No SenseMakes Sense
Believe In Love To Be
No Tense What Is Meant
Please Fall In Love With Me
A Riddled Heart A Standing Part
Is Left Out From The Rest
From The Start The Willing Heart
Left ‘Til Last The Best
A Figure A Stone
Muscles Of Bone
Beautifully Toned
And Shy
A Date Not Late
But Perfectly
Groomed A Heart
My Love To –
– Night

First i would just have to say

first I Would Just Have To Say
Seeing You Just Brightens My Day
When I Look Into Your Eyes I Can See
The Real Feelings That You Have For Me.
I Can See The Things You Don’t Want Me To Know
I Can See The Feelings That You Don’t Show
When Your Hands Slide Down Over My Skin
The Feelings Of Love Will Show Again.
Happy And Content Is How I Feel With You
You Never Make Me Upset Or Blue
You Try To Please Me In Every Way
Which Is One Of The Reasons You Brighten My Day.
You Are In My Thoughts Both Day And Night
You Bring In My Morning Light
As Sleep Consumes Me, You Are Near
Either On My Mind Or Laying There.
My Dreams Have Been Sweeter Since We Met
That Day Is A Day I Will Never Forget
If I Had A Day To Live Over Again
That Day In September Is Where I’d Begin.

We8217ve seen the passing of another year

We’ve Seen The Passing Of Another Year.
For Many It’s Been Filled With Pain And Tears.
We’ve Seen Our Loved Ones In Their Decline.
We’ve Had To Accept That They Won’t Be Fine.
Some Of Us Had To Say Good Bye,
To A Long Time Loved One, And We’ve All Cried.
But There Have Been Times In This Past Year,
That Certain Events Have Brought Us Cheer.
There Are So Many Friends That Are On The List,
And I Know There’s Names I Will Have Missed.
But Better Friends I Could Not Have Bought.
And Here Is Just A New Year’s Thought.
If It Were Possible That A Wish Could Come True,
Then This Is My New Year’s Wish For You.
May The Coming Year Be Full Of Hope,
And May We Be Given The Strength To Cope.
Let Courage, Faith And Patience Abound.
And Let Us Pray That A Cure Will Be Found.
And Now At The Close Of Another Year,
My Friends, I Wish You A Happy New Year

What it ment to lose you dad

What It Ment To Lose You Dad,
No-One Will Ever Hear.
No-One Knows My Heartache,
No-One Hears Me Weep.
To Hear You Call Me Sweetheart,
To See Your Gentle Smile.
To Hold That Supportive Hand Of Yours,
To Walk With U A While.
But No-Longer Do I Walk With You,
No-Longer Do We Talk.
Alone I Sit And Think Of You,
I Have A Silent Cry.

Thousands of miles separate us we are

Thousands Of Miles Separate Us.
We Are Said To Be Miles Apart,
But Never Was I Alone Baby,
Everyday Youre With Me, In My Prayers,
Thoughts And In Every Heartbeat.
I Know Just How Much You Wanted To Stay,
With Me By Your Side, You Found Tranquility,
That I Know You Had Searched For Almost An Eternity.
In My Eyes You See Sincerity
In My Hands You Found Certainty,
In My Hugs, You Feel Love Abundantly,
In My Kiss, You Taste Passion So Sweetly.
For You, My Smile Speaks Laughter
My Laughter Turns Into Singing
My Glances To You Seem Soul Searching.
How Do I Know All These? You Ask
I Just Know Because Its The Way I Feel For You
With You Days Are Forever, Your Breath Is My Life
And Your Love Is Another Reason For Existence.
But My Sweetest, You Had To Leave,
I Know It Wont Be Forever,
So I Have To Be Strong To Carry On,
If I Have To Weep, Have To Keep It Brief
For I Know All The Waiting Blue Is Worth Through.
So My Love, My Heart Will Always Long For You.
Yearn For Your Burning Touch, Passionate Kiss And Warm Love,
For You, My Baby, Waiting I Shall Patiently Do..
by tinyshark

There was a time when we were

There Was A Time When We Were Young,
You Had Mysterious Eyes And Your Body Went Unsung,
There Was A Time When We Were Free,
Yours Was The Only Smile I Wanted To See.
There Was The Night We Were Together,
Our Bodies Pressed Tightly As If Bound By Leather,
Was That First Kiss The Beginning Of Something Great,
Or Merely A Smack In The Face Of The World We Hate?

There Was The Feeling Of Your Kisses Down My Chest,
Your Lips Ready To Assail The Area You Knew Best,
You Took My Most Intimate Expression In Your Mouth,
It Was Like The Heat Of The South.
There Was Your Famine Only My Seed Could Quell,
My Essence Was Concentrated In An Orgasmic Swell,
It’s Said Such An Eruption Is Called The “Little Death,”
As You Drank You Owned My Life And My Breath.
There Was The Heat Emanating From Your Oasis,
The Invitation To Explore Your Garden Released Me From My Stasis
You Offered Me Your Secret Night,
I Was A Subject To Your Nameless Delight.
There Was The Taste Of The River Flowing From Your Core,
I Castaway My Tongue To Caress Each Shore,
The Rainfall Of Your Sighs Focused My Desire,
Passion Devoured My Will And Unleashed My Fire.
There Was Blood As Your Nails Clutched My Back,
Our Shared Heat Prolonged Our Relentless Coital Attack,
You Broke Through The Blindness Of My Hate,
From Your Love I Understood You Were My Fate.
There Was The Lost Heat As Your Side Of The Bed Cooled,
You Went Back To A Life Only You Could Have Ruled,
I Was A Part Time Happy Mistake,
But To Drink From You I Would Give All I Could Take

It is not that the stars talk

It Is Not That
The Stars Talk,
We Made Them;
It Is Not That,
The Animated Cartoons
Feelings They Have,
(Those, Are Ours….)
It Is Not That,
We ‘Connect’ With
Any Books`s Caracter,
But With The Author`s Character.
Saving A Life,
Is The Same That,
Giving One…
A Woman Giving Birth,
That Is,
The Real Thing.
We Are A Life`s Givers
Wheter Real Or Not,
Therefore We Should Use It
To Create A Better World

You smiled with the grace of a

You Smiled With The Grace Of A Teardrop
Which Fell Down Your Cheek When You Cried
Both Equally Frightening And Beautiful
And I Watched You
You Kissed With The Force Of A Punch In The Face
Which You Received Every Night From Your Father
Each The Only Affection You-‘d Ever Known
And I Watched You
You Sat Down With The Tranquility Of A Thunderstorm
Which Interrupted Your Dreams Of A Future
Both Actions Just As Comforting
And I Watched You
You Drew A Line In Your Flesh
With A Knife As Sharp As The Words
Which Made The Scars On Your Soul
Both The Same Terror And Hurt
And I Watched You
You Cried Out With The Intensity Of A Breath
So Immediate And Reflexive
Both Holding The Same Note On Your Lips
And I Watched You
You Fell To The Ground
With The Weight Of Laughter
Dead And On Deaf Ears
Each Scaring And Astounding Me
And I Watched You
You Stared Up With The Blankness Of A Mosaic
Seemingly Whole But Still Shattered
Each A Tiny Shard Of Glass In The Mirror Of Life
And I Watched You
You Touched Me With The Gentleness Of A Viper
Your Grip Smooth And Fatal
The Marks Left On My Skin Only
Fractions Of The Poison Left In Me
And I Watched You
You Released With The Leisure Of A Blink
So Long And Yet So Quickly Gone
Both Believing Never To Be Remembered By Those
Who Have Experienced Your Presence
And I Followed You

It8217s a manipulation thing of course if

It’s A Manipulation Thing.
Of Course…
If You Tell People They Are Fantastic.
And Convince Them They Are Great.
They Will Do Anything To Keep That Fed!
Even If They Have To Pay Someone,
To Keep That In Their Heads.
It’s The ‘I’m Okay But You Are Marvelous’ Approach
To Good Duping!
And An Excellent Salesman,
Will Always Feed The Ego Of A Suspected Client First!
That’s Good Business.
Some Try The ‘You-Are-Not-As-Good-As-You-Think-You-Are’ Approach,
On Some People!
Believing This Establishes Some Kind Of Connection.
Only To Find Themselves Quickly Dismissed.
Especially By Those Who Have Been Around A Few Blocks!
It Is Best To Know The Demographics…
Before Applying Any Marketing Techniques!
Some Are Great.
And Then Again…
Some Fizzle And Flop Right On The Spot!

I didn8217t know it was a farewell

I Didn’t Know It Was A Farewell
Till I Saw That Little Star From You
I Didn’t Know That You Would Vanish
Till It All Started To Perish
I Was Alone In That Scary Night
I Was Alone And I Was Afraid
I Didn’t Know How To Break The Silence
Till A Music Made Its Lyrics
I Never Thought It Could Be Like This
Never Thought That It Was A Night Of Sorrows And Weeps
I Never Thought I Was So Lonely
Never Felt Before Like This Your Absence
At Last The Night Lifted
And I Saw Again Stars From Your Eyes
I Never Thought It Would Happen So Fast
Never Thought You Would Stand There Like That
The Stars Shone Again But With Your Unmoved Image
I Never Thought It Was Like This
Never Thought They Were My Own Tears
All What I Thought Was That You Would Come Out
Taking Those Tears And Bringing Me Stars
But The Stars I Thought, Hid Beside The Night’s Scary Clouds
Those Clouds That Came, Pouring Down The Tears

Sitting here with my legs folded lost

Sitting Here With My Legs Folded
Lost In Thought As My Mind Is Molded
Unable To Believe
That This Is Real
How I Achieved
It Seems Surreal
This Love I Feel
Who Could Think
In All Of Might
That An Angel Like You
Entered My Sight
Who Could See
Amongst All The Blind
She Came To Me
And Our Love Entwined
You-‘re Worth More To Me
Than My Very Own Life
To Even See You Cry
Stabs Me With A Knife
So Here I Say
I-‘m Here To Stay
Through Thick And Thin
I-‘ll Always Win
Because I Have
The Greatest Girl
To Ever Exist
She Stopped My Heart
The Way She Kissed
In Love I Fell
What Couldn-‘t I Do?
I-‘d Fight Hell
All For You
You Sit Here In My Arms
Protected From All Harms
Staring Into Your Eyes
That Could Cause My Demise
I Will Love You
Day And Night
With All My Heart
Through All Delight
Once More I Lie Awake
Finding It Hard To Accept
That This Isn-‘t Fake
And As Time Crept
I-‘ll Never Cease
My Love For You
It-‘s That One Piece
That I-‘ll Keep True
Promise Me This
Our Love Will Always Exist
And Ever
Until We Remain
In This Never Ending Chain
In A Perfect World
Perfect, -Ë—cause Of You