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I8217ve met so many people but you

I’ve Met So Many People But You Are The Best,
There Are People Good & Excellent, But You Are A Class Rest.
The Moment I Remember You, It Becomes A Cherished Moment,
You Inspire Me Forever And Salvage Me From Torment.
There Must Be Something Divine About You,
Else Your Memories Should Easily Go Through.
I Don’t Believe In The Concept Of Soulmate,
But You Are Surely The Best Gift Of My Own Fate.
I Always Pray For You When I Pray To Lord,
For You To Recieve The Almighty’s Award.
The Beauty, Sympathy & Simplicity You Possess,
Are Hard In This Lowly World To Witness.

I love youjust both of you because

I Love You,Just Both Of You.
Many Times U Ignore Ur Feelings
And Feel Me Problems And Woe
At Your Own Heart.
I Respect You,Just Both Of You
Because You Are The Most Respectfull
For Me All Over The World
I Need U,Just Both Of You.
Because You Always Solve My Problems
In Every Field Of Life
Iwant To Know U All Over The World
Just Both Of You
Because I Feel That You Are The Greatest
Parents & Persons Of The World.

I dont want to feel this way

I Dont Want To Feel This Way Anymore.
Save Me From These Shadows In My Head.
Save Me From Myself.
I Try Reaching For A Lending Hand
But Never Go As Far As Reaching For Your Hand
I Think Of The Rejection, And Stop Midway Through
Unsatisfied, Unfulfilled
It’s How I’m Left
Batsygirl Quintana

A gun pointed to my cheast all

A Gun Pointed To My Cheast
All I Need To Do Is Pull The Trigger
Pull The Trigger To Escape It All
Once Again I Put The Gun Down
Im To Scared
Im To Stupid
A Gun To My Cheast
A Knife To My Wrist
Iv Done It All Before
But Hear I Am
With Nothing But Bad Poetry To Show For It…

It is said angelina jolie will give

It Is Said Angelina Jolie Will Give Birth To Her Twin Daughters Soon,
And Now She Gets Anorexia,
Months Ago She Also Suffered Gestational Diabetes,
Sometimes Even Fell Into Faint And Had A Little Mental Problem.
I Have Never Been A Mother,
But I Can Imagine How Tiring It Is For A Woman To Be Pregnant, In Labor And
Raise Babies.
Besides Her Birth Daughter Shiloh,
She Also Adopts Three Orphans.
And It Is Said She Will Continue To Adopt More.
Even Though Her Boyfriend Brad Pitt And Maids Can Help Her,
She Must Be Very Tired.
She Sets The Fashion,
She Almost Has Everything A Woman Wants:
Beauty, Sexy Body, Wealth, Successful And Handsome Boyfriend And Her Cute Children,
So Wish She Can Be More Healthy And Give Birth To Two Beautiful Daughters Soon,
Then Almost Everyone Will Envy Her?
Bless Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt And Their Big Family,
And Look Forward To More Good News And New Movies From Them.

Inspired by circle of standing stones in

Inspired By Circle Of Standing
Stones In Dumfries And Galloway.
Ancient Gathering On Open Hillside
Open For All, To All Who Gaze And Wonder
Feel The Elements, Nothing Hidden
The True Open Church.
Ornamentation Has No Home Here
Hierarchy Has No Meaning
A Space Of True Perspective
Granted, And In No Way Contrived.
Still Grey Pointers To The Past
Begging The Question ‘What Progress’?
For Within This Circle And Without
Concealment Is An Impossibility.
Ancestral Involvement Almost Certain
Feelings Diluted Like Chinese Whispers
But Listen To The Wind, The Wilence
And Be Open Once Again

I can be myself when am with

I Can Be Myself When I Am With You.
Your Idea Of Romance Is Dimlights, Softmusic, And Just The Two Of Us.
Because You Make Me Feel Like,Like, Like I Have Never Felt Before.
I Can Tell You Anything, And You Won’t Be Shocked.
Your Undying Faith Is What Keeps The Flame Of Love Alive
You And Me Together, We Make Magic.
We’re A Perfect Match.
Thinking Of You, Fills Me With A Wonderful Feeling.
Your Love Gives Me The Feeling, That The Best Is Still Ahead.
You Never Give Up On Me, And That’s What Keeps Me Going.
You Are Simply Irresistible
I Love You Because You Bring The Best Out Of Me.
Your Terrific Sense Of Humor
Everytime I Look At You, My Heart Misses A Beat
You’re The One Who Holds The Key To My Heart
You Always Say What I Need To Hear (You Are Perfect).
Love Is, What You Mean To Me – And You Mean Everything.
You Are My Theme For A Dream.
I Have Had The Time Of My Life And I Owe It All To You.
And, Of-Course, Your Intelligence,
Cause You Were Smart Enough To Fall In Love With Me!!

Many times in our lives we dropped

Many Times In Our Lives, We Dropped, Crumpled
And Ground Into Dirt By The Decisions We Make And The Circumstances That Come Our Way
We Feel As Through We Are Worthless But No Matter What Has Happend” Or What Will Happen
You Will Never Lose Your Love From Me‚  You Are Everything.Dont Ever Forget That
You Will Always Remain In My Heart Not Now Not Kal But Forever

Today is the day to live for

Today Is The Day To Live For.
Yesterday Has Passed Us By.
Smile When You Want To Scream,
Laugh Though Your Dieing Inside.

All Those Litte Moments
That You Thought Were Bad
And Wished Would Soon Be Over
Have Since Come To Pass.
Seek Out Your Own Path
Live The Life Thats In Your Dreams
Reality Is As You Perceive It
And Things Are Never What They Seem.
And Just When You Thought You Knew Yourself
Way Down To What You Hide
One Little Thing Changes
That Makes You Open Up And Try.

I am the rose of hate please

I Am The Rose Of Hate.
Please Don-‘t Fear Me,
I Did No Harm.
You May Not Have Noticed,
But I Still Love You.
I Love The Way To Look At Me,
With Those Romantic Deep Brown Eyes
Do You Love Me The Same?
When I Would Cry,
Would You Be By My Side?
Deep Within My Heart
I Know You Still Love Me
How Come You Don-‘t Show It?
I Show You My Love Everyday.
You May Hate Me,
But I Will Always And Forever More
Love You
Until The Day I Die

Together you and i gain that appetite

You And I
Gain That
Of Longevity
We Enter Worlds
That Cannot
Hold Us Captive
But Let Us Go
To A Different Promise Land
The Aches And Moans
I Feel
Once Passion
Has Subsided
Down A Runway Of Nonchalances
And Ecstatic Waves
The Electricity
From The Spark In My Thighs
As You Make Your Way
To Please Me
With Gentle Kisses
Everywhere Near Me
Love Has
To Be The Blame
Once I Feel
You Taste The Sweet
On My Lips
To My Thighs
Making My Love
Explode In Entities
And Fierce Storms
Yet Calm

Day 2 i reminiise wondering what will

Day 2 Day I Reminiise. Wondering What Will Become Of This. It Made Meh
Laugh. It Made Meh Cry. Controling Each Breath Of My Life.
It Lies Deep With In My Mind Enforcing Every Single Lie.
It Tells Meh 2 Do Bad Stuff But I Can Fight It Soon Enough!

It8217s time i go gotta stop running

It’s Time I Go.
I Gotta Stop Running; It’s Been A Long Road.
I’m Tired & Exhausted; I’m Weak.
But You Already Know.

I’ve Loved You & Still Do.
Can’t Make You Love Me
Like I Love You.
Saying Goodbye To The Invision Of Us.
Goodbye So We Can Move On
Without Getting Hurt.
I Wish I Could Be What You Want.
But I’m Not.
Somewhere Down The Line We’ll Fit
But We’ll Both Be In Different Times.
Goodbye To The Closeness We Once Shared,
Your No Longer Mine.
Bye To The Thought Of Holding You Close
Someone Else Can Do Both.
Long Chats We’ve Had On The Phone.
Things I Can’t Talk About With Anyone Else.
I Can’t Let You That Close Anymore
Not Until My Heart Heals.
Goodbye To Wishing You Were Mine.
Lost In Someone Else’s Time.
Lying In Bed; Life Is Dead.
Your Looking Sad & Holding Your Head.
Phone In Hand; Making New Plans.
And So It Goes, As Goodbyes Do
It Doesn’t Mean I Stop Loving You
For Time Away Heals The Pain
For Time Heals Hearts; As Season’s Change
And Hearts That Heal Can Start Over New
Goodbye My Love
Goodbye To You.
Written By Jenny Calla-Nickerson

Where you write all your thoughts dream

Where You Write All Your Thoughts
Where You Dream Alone
Where You Hide Your Bliss Or In Your Crying Zone
Where You Feel So Lost
Where You Camouflage Your Fears
Where You Sing All Night To Get Rid Of Tears.
Where You Are Unheard
Where You Are Unseen
Where You Laugh And Cry And In Between
Where You Sit And Pray
Where You Sob And Smile
Where You Feel Loved, I Would Dwell In A While
Where Your Grandest Dream Is
Where You Pull Your Hopes Up
And In Those Places Only You Are Aware Of
Where You Strum Your Heart Out
Where You Always Go
I-‘ll Be There When You-‘re Ecstatic, More Than Ever When You-‘re Low.
Where You Speak Your Mind Out
Where You Feel Wild And Free
Right Where Your Heaven Is, I Most Certainly Want To Be

Sudhama the great was born in ancient

Sudhama The Great
The Great Sudhama Was Born In The Ancient Time.
It Was The Time Of Lord Krishna.
Lord Krishna Was The King Of Dwarika.
His Class Mate Sudhama Was A Poor Brahmin.
When His Wife Came To Know That Lord Krishna Was The Classmate Of Her Husband
She Pushed Him To Meet Lord Krishna For Seeking Some Economic Help.
Sudhama Was A Man Of Self Respect.
He Did Not Want Any Obligation From His Classmate.
After So Many Requests Made By Her Wife
He Went To Dwarika To Meet His Friend.
He Lived There For Six Month.
But He Did Not Ask For Any Help.
But When He Returned To His Home
He Found So Many Good Houses & Prosperity At The Place Of His Hermitage & Poverty.
He Was Surprised Very Much To See This Change.
Lord Krishna Sent This Economic Help For His Whole Family
Without Telling Him.
Sudhama Felt Guilty & Became Very Sad.
But His Family Was Very Much Happy.
He Left His Home & Family Forever & Went In To The Jungles For Devotion.
What A Great Man He Was?
Self Respect Was Full In His Personality Up To The Infinite

As the shadows grew longer moon peeped

As The Shadows Grew Longer, The Moon Peeped Through
The Sky So Red With Blood Shed By The Drooping
Sun Swiftly Disappearing In To Its Grave.
I Could Feel The Little Sting In My Heart.
Gentle Breeze Blew Across Just About Enough To Separate
The Flowers From The Trees. Flowers That Danced Happily In The Breeze
Have Had To Succumb To The Breeze Itself.
My Heart Stumbled A Bit Looking At The Flowers Fall.
The Fading Sun Had To Surrender Itself To The Dark Clouds
And So Hid Behind Them. Suddenly The Place,
Which Looked So Refreshing, Turned Gloomy And Dull.
And Like The Place Around Sadness Crept In To My Soul And It Was Hurting Me.
As The Pain Grew Higher And Higher,
It Started Raining And The Pain Inside Made Me Shiver.
As I Kept Looking Around For A Loving Hand,
There Appeared The Rainbow As The Sun Shattered The Dark Clouds,
Though It Was Going Down Rather Quickly.
As The Sun Disappeared In To The Heavens,
Moon Peeped Through And It Brought Back The Smile.
As I Turned Around To Look At Every Thing,
I Saw Her Waiting For Me To Take Her In To My Arms.
My Soul Danced With Glee. As She Walked Towards Me,
The Flowers Fell In Her Path And Greeted Her.
From Then On We Were Together Forever-Â…
As The Sun Took Its Birth Again The Rays Of Sun Hit Me Hard,
I Woke Up To Realize That It Was Just A Dream-Â…
I Looked At The Sky And Myself And Smiled.
As That Is All I Can Do That-‘s Life After All

The dream i have just wont die

The Dream I Have Just Wont Die
It Haunts Me All Night, But Its All A Lie
The Darkness Feels Like It Is Closing In
The Nightmares Rip At Me Like A Simple Sin
These Days I Dont Know What To Do
I Wonder If These Dreams Are Really True
I Just Dont Know What To Do
I Know I Cant Say Those Words To You
I Messed Up Once And I Must Say
It Keeps Me Scared, Until Today
These Dreams Are Of One
These Dreams Of You
Today My Dream Is Coming Through
The Dream That Whispers, I Love You

Snow starts to float down on the

Snow Starts To Float Down On The Earth Like A Million Feathers Gliding
The Beauty And Grace Of Them Comes Nowhere Near You
I Hear The Wind Whisper And Feel The Breeze Caress My Skin
While I’m Thinking Of Our Life Together, Things We’d Experience, Things We’d Do

Angels Used To Pull A Smile On My Face To Hide A Life I Once Dreaded
With You By My Side, Your Hand In Mine, There’s Nothing I Can’t Get Through
by dinot1985‚ 

Saing good bye is esy for

Saing good – bye is esy for some and hard for other.
Saing good -bye
is letting go the
one you love
Saing good -bye is letting go of thee time we shard.
Saing good-bye
is emoshional, and
some how hard.
Saing good – bye sems esy, but when your the one letting go its not esy at all.
Saing good – bye
is letting go of the old
and in with the new.
Saing good – bye gets to me and thats when i can say i see you later.
Saing good -bye
is not an esy
word for me.
Saing good -bye its hard to say, but esy to show,
thats why i dont say good -bye i say see you later thats the best word for me.
Saing good – bye
is what you
say when the day is do.
But now that the year is gone just like that its not an esy job,
because this time is for good.
Saing goood – bye
is a big step
in life for me.
is emotional, and tempting and it makes you cry.
So this time
is not good -bye
is HI! to a new
begining and to
a fresh start
Alexajanise Arroyo

I had dream last night of a

I Had Dream Last Night
Of A Boy With Dark Brown Hair,
Brown Eyes So Beautiful
He Start To Look At My Eyes.
His Eyes Sparkled All The While.
He Flashed A Killer Smille To Me.
I Was Keep Looking At His Eyes.
He Was Keep Smiling At To Me,
That Smile Was Killing Me.
I Knew Him But I Couldn’t Think Who He Is.
Feel Like I Knew Him From A Long Time.
When He Smile, When He Looks
When He Talk, When He Laugh
That All Was Pushing Me Into Him.
Sunddenly I Get To Knew That,
It Was Only A Dream.
But For Me He Is Allways With Me And My Thoughts

If you dont know what mean

If You Dont Know What You Mean , You Mean Everything
When Im With You I Never Wanna Go , I Love You So Much You Dont Even Know
My Feelings Never So True , The Love Between Me And You
Our Love So Deep , Your The Only One I Think About In My Sleep

Your The One I Think About Each And Every Day,
The Only Thing I Hear Is What You Say
Your Love For Me So Hard To Describe,
Its When I Get Around You The Feelings I Have Inside
You Know Exactly What To Say ,
Your My Baby And I Love You That Way
Your More Than Amazing To Me ,
When I Look Into Your Eyes Its Beautiful I See
When I Hear You Speak I Know Its The True.
When I First Meet You I Knew, The Feelings Were True Between Me And You
What You Say You Love Me All I Can Do Is Agree
When You Hug Me I Wanna Melt, You Make Me Feel Like I’ve Never Felt
If I Were To Lose You, I’d Be Empty All Through
I Wouldnt Know What To Do , Thats Why Im Always Gonna Be With You
With Feelings So Serious , Im Almost Delirious
Feelings So Exciting , I Wanna Keep Writing
I Love You More Than You Know, Our Love Is Always Going To Grow
These Words Are All Mine, Our Love Is Like A Vine All Intertwined
When Im With My All My Problems Go Away , Your The Only One That Can Put Me This Way
Our Love In One On One , Our Love Has Just Begun
When I Look Deep Down , I Realize That Im Always Gonna Be Around
Baby You One Of A Kind Unique , You Gotta Sexy Physique
You Always Brighten Up My Day , Baby I Want You To Stay !
Baby I Talk About You To My Friends , I Hope Our Love Never Ends
Your The One That Makes All My Problems Go Away, Ima Love You Each And Everyday
Before I Met My World Was Small, Once I Met You I Wanted To Stall
I Didnt Know What To Do With Someone So Stunning, I Wanted To Start Running
Its Something About You, Your Look I Wanted To Pursue
I Couldnt Stand Not Being With You , Me And You I Always Knew
Once I Asked You Out, I Knew It Was Love No Doubt
Through Our Relationship I’ve Learned What True Love Is About, Your The One I Cant Be Without
Right Now Im The Happiests Man Alive , Without You I Cant Survive
by tdub08‚ 

Baneful water and tainted seas aloof haze

Baneful Water And Tainted Seas
Aloof Haze I Dip To My Knees
Grazing Through The Deeps Of Swamp Lands
I Realize There Is A Mean To Life
Waking Up Galvanically
On A Dirty Tile Floor I Lay
I Think About The Places I-‘d Rather Be
I-‘ve Been Chased From My Home
A Million Crazed Bats With Red Eyes, Black Souls
They Follow Me To The Gallow’s Pole
There Is A Homosexual Named Chad
He Wants To Make It With The Man, Uncle Sam
I-‘m Clasping A Hot Cup Of Tea
I Sip It Down In Pleasure
Pleasures I Can-‘t Find In Life
I Think I-‘ll Swim In The Baneful Sea
Finish Off What Was Never Started
A Way Of Life; A Life Left But Alone
She Walks Into The Room
Green Eyes Glare And I Sit There On The Sofa Aloof
Tears Pouring From My Eyes
I-‘m Questioning Everything Under The Sky
I-‘d Rather Live Than Die
I-‘d Like To Ask You Why You Even Try
Alive With Terror In Your Eye; Maggots Rot Your Brain
You-‘re A Zombie
Sleek N Attractive You Think
Drama And Gossip Is What You Eat
Transcendental Horrors Fed From Your Breasts
Pumping H In Your Veins
You Lay Around All Day
Lies Upon Lies
You-‘re Never Satisfied

They say misery loves company well i

They Say Misery Loves Company Well I Guess I Was Your Company.
You Begged Me Please But I Knew Once I Did I Would Do It Again To Myself.
So You Did It. Right In Front Of Me, It Killed The Very Last Bit Of Me.
Even Though I Was Screaming As Loud As I Could Till Was Lungs Were Raw
And Sore It Wasn-‘t Enough, No Matter What I Do It Will Never Be Enough.
My Screams For You To Stop Just Seemed Like A Distant Faint Worm,
Their Only Use Was A Meager Attempt To Drown Out The Sounds,
All I Could Hear Was That Horrible Sound Of The Bullet Slowly Cracking Through Your Face.
I Wish To God That You Would Have Let Me Help You.
All Your Pain And Suffering Was To Much For You To Handle All On Your Own.
Why Did You Wait So Long? Why Didn-‘t You Try To Get Help?
You Know I Was Hurting! What About Me! Now It-‘s Much To Late.
You Are Already Deep Down In The Ground.
Worms And Maggots Crawling All About,
Through Your Empty Eye Sockets,
You Hallow Mouth That Will Never Breath Life Again.
The Sweet Softly Beautiful Mouth That I Will Never Kiss Again.
What Do They Say Again -ŗsix Feet Under-, What A Coincidence,
I-‘m Exactly Six Foot Now But Then Again You Wouldn-‘t Know.
I Will Never Find Another One To Love The Same As I Did With You.
I Will Love You Till The End Of The World And Back.
Many Nights I Lay Awake Hoping To Die Just So
I Can Leave What We Hated So Much And Then I-‘ll Be With You.
Thank You For Making Me Promise You I Wouldn-‘t.
I Would Never, Knowning It Would Hurt You So Much.

There8217s a little corner in my room

There’s A Little Corner In My Room,
A Corner Filled With Silence.
A Corner Very Dark And Gloomy,
With No Actions Or Violence.
A Corner To Do All My Work,
A Place That Is Peaceful And Quiet.
Out Of All The Commotion,
This Room Stands Out.
It Always Has My Affection!
This Dark And Lonely Corner Of Mine,
I’d Say Is Divine!

The hunger would not hinder in long

The Hunger Would Not Hinder
In The Long Haul It Was ‘Clear’
Such Rumblings
Were No Less A Craving
The ‘ Need To Be Fed’
His Emotions
Were At This Point Of Little Importance
And So He Fed And Fed And Fed
Until He Was No Longer Hungry
But A Sickening Sense Remained
Of Being ‘Full’
Yet Still Feeling Empty
And The Hunger Returned
Much Worse Than Before
But This Time He Had Lost His Appetite
And The World Around Him Was Full Of
‘Skin And Bone’
And Somehow He Understood Why

And i wondered as watched the old

And I Wondered As I Watched
The Old Man-‘s Genuflection.
He In His Late Eighties
Me, Full-Throttle To The Half-Ton
Could Either Of Us Recall?
Did We Ever Practise It?
For Him It Was Probably Instinctive
My Infrequent Sorties Were
(Most Likely)
The Cause Of My Curiosity.
Think Man! How Far Should The Bend Dip?
Should The Knee Touch Base
Hover Just Above
Didn-‘t I Bruise It Once?
A Bruise Of Enthusiasm
With Sacred Splinters On The Side?
Then Eliza Doolittle Came Into My Head
The Execution Of Elocution
The Diction In The Benediction..
-ŗhow Now Kow Tow! -
(Did I Just Say That Out Loud? Oops)

I woke on my bed in the

I Woke On My Bed,
In The Middle Of The Night,
Fear In My Heart,
Don’t Know The Reason Why…
I Asked Myself,
Is It Real Or A Dream,
And Pricked Myself,
To Feel The Pain Of Real…
Then I Saw,
Someone Walking Through The Door,
No Face It Had,
No Legs On The Ground….
I Felt It Coming,
Fast Towards Me,
I Closed My Eyes,
And Shrieked Out Aloud…
The Next Moment,
I Realized,
I Felt So Safe And Secure,
Coz I Was In My Mother’s Arms,
Cozy, Warm And Loving…
She Told Me,
It Was An Illusion,
The Model Of The Fear,
Which Ran To Reality…
From That Day On,
I Knew What Illusion Was,
But Was Happy Coz My Mom,
Was With Me All The Time

Sleeping peacefull in my bed only to

Sleeping Peacefull In My Bed Only To Be Woken To See Firey Red.
My Room All Aglow In An Eerie Light. I Felt As Though Slow Motion Was Reining My Life.
No Thought Came To Mind, No Panic Or Crime.
I Flew From My Bed With A Loud Beep Ringing In My Head.
Standing In Their Room I Watched In Horror As Flames Lapped At The Toes Of Children In Full Slumber.
No Time To Think, No Time To Scream, Action Was The Only Thing.
Grabbing My Son Oh How I Was Numb.
I Drug Him Out Of Bed.
Then Turning My Head, Oh God,
Where Was My Daughter?
Behind Me She Stood, And Scarred Cause She Understood.
I Gathered My Baby In My Arms Yelling For Those To Leave The Apartment.
Oh God What A Crime My Husband Stayed Behind.
He Wanted Toput Out The Fire.
To Late! You Can’t! It Is Out Of Your Hands! Come On Get Out Of The Apartment!
Once Down The Stairs I Chilled And Said Oh No, I Am Missing A Baby!
Three Children In Tow I Sat Them In The Road And Ran Back Up The Stairs To The Apartment.
Thank God, By Then Neighbors Were Carring For Them, My Thought Only On My Daughter.
Reaching The Door I Saw The Man Bent Over.
I Can’t Find Her He Shouted As I Yanked Him Past Me So I Could Enter.
Nothing But Urgency Had Room To Go Through Me. I Stepped Into The Smoke And Fire.
I Remember No Noise But That Of My Daughters.
Keep Crying I Yelled, Keep Crying So I Can Find You.
No Seeing Was Possible.
The Smoke Was Impoossible
Breathing Was Just As Dificult.
Keep Crying I Said
I Am Coming I Am Coming Just Keep Crying
Finally The Greatest Moment To Ever Know Was Finding Her Little Body.
Still Intact And Scarred
We Got The Hell Out Of There.
I Never Want To Relive That Momment

Ive written these words to help you

I-‘ve Written These Words To Help You Know
The Love, Pain, And Hurt That I Never Did Show.
I Knew Your Cousin, My Best Friend Was She,
I Was Aware Of That Fact That You Didn-‘t Know Me.
After Some Time, She Introduced Me To You.
How Surprising That We Became Friends Too.
At That Time I Had No Feeling Of This Sort.
I Guess It-‘s Because – For Me You Were Short.
Not Only That, But You Were Younger Than I.
It Looked Really Funny When It Was Me You Stood By,
But After A While Of Laughter And Fun,
I Had This Feeling That I Knew Was Too Dumb.
I Started To Like You – I Don-‘t Know Why.
You Just Gave Me A Feeling That Made Me Soar High.
I Knew In My Heart That I Couldn-‘t Let You Know,
Because Of The Risk, I Kept It An Easy-Going Flow.
The Days After That, Our Friendship Was Great,
But Then I Thought, -‘what If I Was Too Late?-‘
I Gave It More Time, More Consideration,
In Order That I Would Make A Wise Decision.
I Knew You Wouldn-‘t Like Me; The Fact Was So Real.
But What Would I Do With The Emotions I Feel?
I Gave It A Try, But Not So Clearly To You,
I Just Thought That I Would Give You A Clue.
I Was Afraid If I Told You, My Newest Friend,
Our Fun And Laughter Would Come To An End.
Then It Came The Time To Speak My Heart,
Even Though I Knew That Our Friendship Would Grow Apart.
When I Told You That Day, You Took It So Well,
No Longer In That Decision Would I Have To Dwell.
The Weeks After That Went By So Fast,
But I Knew That One Day Our Friendship Would No Longer Last.
Soon I Started To Feel Nothing Like Before,
I Guess You Could Say I Liked You Even More.
But Soon After A While, It Started To Come True,
Farther Apart I Became From You.
At First I Didn-‘t Know What Was Going On,
But As Soon As I Stepped Into Reality, You Were Already Gone.
Now You Are Just A Picture, A Dream In My Mind,
But Trust Me At Times I-‘m Happy When It-‘s Your Memories I Find.
When I Remember Those Times And Recall Your Voice,
I Think Of The Past Because I Really Have No Choice.
I Tell You That At Many Times, You-‘ve Wiped Away My Tears,
And At Many Other Times, You-‘ve Thrown Away My Fears.
Please Don-‘t Ask Why Because I Can-‘t Exactly Say How,
But It Doesn-‘t Really Matter Because You-‘re Gone From Me Now.
Just Remember That At Anytime, Anywhere,
To Me You Could Look Because I-‘ll Always Care.
Even Though We Went Our Own Separate Ways,
I-‘ll Never Forget Our Happiest Of Days.
Tell Me Your Problems, I-‘ll Understand.
Tell Me Your Needs, And I-‘ll Reach Out My Hand.
But Now That-‘s Just A Fantasy, As True As It May Seem.
Yes, You My Old Friend Are Just A Dream.
For Always I-‘ve Wanted Your Hands To Hold,
Because I Wanted Your Friendship, It Was More Valuable Than Gold.
For One Year, There Were Things You Had Said,
That With Your Words And Love, I Was Led
To Show You Kindness And Gentle Care,
And To Treat In A Way That I Knew Was Always Fair.
I Wondered Many Times About The Friendship We Had
What Wrong Did I Do, To Make It So Bad?
I Gave Everything You Wanted, Almost Anything.l

Staring at the moon night so bright

Staring at the moon at night, so bright,
An emotion came over me last night…
Bringing all of my thoughts to you,
I thought our love is growing true..
When I closed my eyes yester night,
All my sorrows & worries took flight…
Endless thoughts ran through my head,
& the talks we had while lying on bed..
Without U life wud mean […]

Friends we are forever we8217ll be wherever

Friends We Are,
Forever Friends We’ll Be,
Wherever We Are,
You’re Right Beside Me.
I Hope We Stay Friends
‘Til The End Of Time,
And Whenever That Is,
Our Friendship Will Still Shine.
You Mean The World To Me,
I Hope The Same With You,
You’re Always Helping Me,
Whatever It Takes You’ll Do.
Now That We’re Growing Older,
Changing Our Ways,
I Know We Won’t Lose Our Friendship-
I Hope I Never See That Day.
So To Every One Of My Friends,
You Mean The World To Me,
Friends We Are,
Forever Friends We’ll Be.

Grandmothers are mothers who grand restoring the

Grandmothers Are Mothers Who Are Grand,
Restoring The Sense That Our Most Precious Things
Are Those That Do Not Change Much Over Time.
No Love Of Childhood Is More Sublime,
Demanding Little, Giving On Demand,
More Inclined Than Most To Grant The Wings
On Which We Fly Off To Enchanted Lands.
Though Grandmothers Must Serve As Second Mothers,
Helping Out With Young And Restless Hearts,
Each Has All The Patience Wisdom Brings,
Remembering Our Passions More Than Others,
Soothing Us With Old And Well-Honed Arts.

An elixir of life so thick and

An Elixir Of Life So Thick And Red,
So Dark A Colour A Flower Named After
Each Drop As Precious As Life,
Each Cell A Giver Of Life Flowing All Over,
Like A River Through A Meadow,
Refreshing All Things In The Pathway Forward…
Carrier Of Life Disposal Of Bad,
Protector Of Living And The Usher Of Life
So My Friend Know How Precious You Are,
For Carrying Along The Elixir Divine,
Waste It Not And Care Or It,
For Once It Is Gone So Are You

What i feel for you is very

What I Feel For You Is Very Strong,
I Still Rememeber The First Time Our Lips Touched,
That Dayy I Realized Many Things.
I Started To Fall For You More And More,
You Will Always Tell Me That You Loved Me,
Was It True Were U Just Playing With Me.
You Will Always Tell Me U Werent Playing With Me.
Every Day I Pray For You Telling God
To Help You Realize That What I Feel For Is Love.
I Wished You Would Give Me A Chance To Prove To You
That What I Feel Is Love,
I Hadn’t Really Felt This Way For Some One Else.
I Love You Baby Hope You Realize That.

The tiger growls within me but is

The Tiger Growls Within Me
But Is Still Tame As The Cat
Love Is Coming My Way
But I Have To Push It Back.
Sick Am I In The Stomach
Walking Around And Through
Pacing, Sweating, Loving
Is Loving What I Do.
When Will Be The Day
That I Can Stop The Night
The Bird Is Flying Somewhere
But I Hope She Finds Flight.

They say with ur genes u can

They Say With Ur Genes
U Can Pass On The Flute Like Neck Of Urs
Maybe That Perfectly Oval Face
Or Even The Azure Of Ur Eyes
But How Do You Pass On
The Turn Of Ur Neck For That First Kiss
The Wrinkle On Ur Face In A Ring Of Laughter
Or The Tear Drop Rolling Down‚  In A Moment Of Intense Ecstacy
Moments So Magical That U Want Them Relived By Every Generation

There are so many things to do

There Are So Many Things
To Do Each Day
There Is So Much Going On In The World
Of Great Concern
That Often We Do Not Stop And Think About
What Is Really Important To Us
One Of The Nicest Things In My Life
Is My Friendship With You
And Even If We Don‚´t Have A Lot Of Time
To Spend With Each Other
I Want You To Always Know
How Much I Appreciate You
And Our Friendship

I8217ve seen the brightness fade from your

I’ve Seen The Brightness Fade From Your Eyes,
The Sights They Should Have Seen,
I Can’t Believe You Weren’t Seeing,
And I Believed,
No New Tricks Up Your Sleeve,
And I’m Still Here Fighting This Losing Battle (On My Own),
Holding Back The Tide With Mere Sand,
Watching Sea Eat Land.

The room is spinning i can8217t breathe

The Room Is Spinning
I Can’t Breathe.
How Do I Tell You
About This Need?

Strong And Burning
And So Deep Inside.
Way Down Past Everything
That I Try To Hide.
You Get Past The Memories;
The Aches And The Pain.
The Times I Was Left Hurting
Swearing Never Again!
Would I Love Someone,
Would I Feel This Way.
Aching And Yearning
For You To Stay.
My Emotions Are Raging.
I’m Losing Control.
Fighting To Hold On
Yet Wanting To Fall.
To Reach Out For You;
And Never Regret,
The Loving And Longing.
The Night That We Met.
Feeling Vulnerable And Open
My Hearts In My Hands.
Will You Except Me
And All Of My Plans?
This Love That I Have
And Hold Here In My Heart.
For A Man So Perfect,
It Was Love From The Start.
Begging And Pleading.
I Am Not Beyond
Sending You
Flowers And Chocolates And Poems.
Say That You Love Me
And That You Can See
I Have What You’ve Longed For
And Your Place Is With Me.
by fyrestorm‚ 

Why do they say that i love

Why Do They Say That I Love You,
Why Am I Trying To Look Beautiful All The Time?
Some Times I Feel It’s So True,
When I Find Me Hoping And Praying You’re Mine.
Why Am I So Stubborn And Hard,
And Why Am I So Proud To Admit?
Why Am I Hiding Away My Heart,
And Why It’s You I Can’t Forget?
Acting So Negative Towards It All,
When Some Times Jealousy Is Killing Me.
Why Can’t I Help But To Fall,
Why Are You So Taking Over Me?
You Tell Me, What Am I Going Through,
Why Can’t I Treat You In A Normal Way?
You Tell Me, Am I In Love With You,
What Have You Started In Me In A Day?
You Tell Me, I Won’t Tell You A Thing,
You Tell Me, What Am I So Confused About?
Tell Me What Would The Days Bring,
Tell Me More Of Who I Can’t Live Without.
You Tell Me, Is It Another Heart Break,
Tell Me, Will You Eventually Give Me Your Name?
Tell Me Of Every Thing You Do For My Sake,
Why Haven’t You Told Me, You Feel The Same?
I Have No Words To Say, Nothing Is On My Mind,
You Speak, Light Up My World, Open Your Heart.
That’s Exactly Why I Can’t Leave You Behind,
You Tell Me, I’m All Ears, You Open My Heart.

It was once called the personnel department

It Was Once Called-Â…
-Ë—the Personnel Department-‘-Â…
Now It Is Known As
-Ë—human Resources-‘
And I Have Been De-Humanised,
A Pit Pony Among Lipizzaner Horses.
There Was A Time When I Had An Identity
But Now I Am An Employee Number,
In A World Where The One-Eyed Marrow Is King,
I Remain The Sightless Cucumber
That Is How It Makes Me Feel -—
Just A Digit On A Payroll-Â…
I Am A -Ë—resource-‘
-— A Living Piece Of Coal
And So I Am Not Quite Real;
A Figment Of My Employers-‘ Imagination,
I Have Become Understatement
In A World That Thrives On Exaggeration.
Everything Today Is
Numbers And Codes,
Passwords And Pins,
Rights And Wrongs,
Outs And Ins,
But I Don-‘t Want To Be A Number-Â…
I Don-‘t Want To Play Your Game-Â…
I Want To Be A Person,
I Want You To Use My Name-Â…
I Want You To Use My Name-Â…
I Want You To Use My Name-Â…

Good people hold your all technology beginning

Good People Hold Your All Technology,
Beginning To Write A Rare Eulogy.
God Lovingly Made Her Indeed A Physique,
Strange To All Of Us Obviously Unique.
Each Of Her Hairs And Every Piece Of Fur,
Is A Nice Sapling Of Heavenly Flower.
Follicle Contains It As A Fine Tub,
Flower Will Bloom If Get Pure Love.
I-‘ll Count All Those One By One,
Don-‘ow When The Task Full Will Be Done.
My Care Must Reach Each And Every Fur,
You Can Term It A Love Affair.
I Shall Be Writing Praiseworthy Notes,
Only My Soul-‘s Speech No Other Quotes.
Sure It Can Take Time Years Million,
Tell It A Dollar Case Of Romantibillion.

As a young kid i promised myself

As A Young Kid
I Promised Myself
Never Regret,
Ever, Never
As An Older Kid
I Met Him Once Or Twice
Doing Silly, Dumb Things
And In The Morning
He Waited For Me
Saw Me In My Sickness And Shame
But By Noon
He Was Gone Again
As An Ancient Kid,
I See Him All The Time
He Sits On My Lawn
Drinks My Cold Beer
Eats Hot Dogs
And Plays With The Kids,
We Have An Understanding,
As Long As I Can Live With Myself,
He’ll Make Himself At Home,
A Reminder Of What I Could Never, Ever Do

I swore to myself that would never

I Swore To Myself,
That I Would Never Be Weak.
Never Need Anybody,
To Take Care Of Me.
I Don’t Need Any Help,
Nor Do I Need You.
Never Do I Wish To Be,
A Burden On Someone Else.

I Can Be Strong,
I Can Be Brave.
I Can Be A Fighter,
I Can Be A Defender.
But I Will Never Again,
Be Weak.
I Stand Alone,
But Is This Hw It Has To Be?
I Can’t Let Anybody In,
No-One To Cry To.
I’m Pushing My Boundries,
Reaching My Limits.
I Have Nobody.
I’ve Shoved Them All Away,
Blocked Them All Out.
Is This What A True Warrior,
Really Is?
I’m So Lonely,
I Just Want Somebody,
Somene To Talk To.
Would They Let Me Back,
After All I’ve Done?
Would They Love Me,
Like They Used To?
I Don’t Feel Like,
A True Fighter.
I Don’t Feel,
Strong Or Brave.
I’m Confused,
I’m In Pain.
I Just Want To Hide,
Make Everything Go Away.
Nobody Understands,
The Pain And Horror I Face,
Each And Every Day.
This Isn’t What A Warrior,
Is Supposed To Be Like.
Is It?
I’m Unsure Of My Feelings,
Unsure Of My Intentions.
I’m Confused About My Future,
I’ve Lost Sight Of My Goals.
My Future Is Unclear,
And All I Can Do,
Is Wait.

This morning heard a young man was

This Morning Heard A Young Man Was Killed Terribly,
There Was Nothing Relating About His Behaviour,
He Himself Was The Only Person Who Understood,
What Was Happening On This Fact!
There Is Hopeless To Get Somebody Can Tell The Truth,
I Think You Can Only Know The Truth,
Unless He Is Alived Back From His Death.
The Criminal Guys Ran Away May Never Be Arrested.
Criminal Affair May Be Happening So Often,
It Is So Different With That Same With Past.
Every Body Should Be As Careful As The Crab,
Who Lives Quite Carefully By Hiding Himself,
In And Out In Sand’s Holes Every Day.
Only Can Keep Our Eyes Looking Aroud,
Carefully Beware Of Some Accidents May Occur

One last goodbye for the ice is

One Last Goodbye For The Ice Is About To Break;
I’ve Had My Time In The Sun.
What Matters It To See Them Drowning In That Lake,
I Have My Memories Of Fun?
What Need I Now From This Earth That Gives Us Life?
I Know My Final Day.
Look Up Future Shepard, As I Descend To Throw My Deadly Knife
Into The Back Of This Crying Knave.’
Forget Me Not Etched In Their Caring Tombs,
Yet We Are The Forgotten And Doomed.
Cast Into The Darkness Of Hells Godless Wombs,
We Had No Chance Of Seeing The Knife That Loomed.
There Is No Car To Drive Up To Heavens Gate,
Or To Escape The Floods Of Deciet.
For Us It Is Too Late, We Give Up,
Surrender. You Knew Of This Deafeat

What is wrong with you people why

What Is Wrong With You People?
Why Can You Not Find Pleasure
In The Small Amounts Of Treasure
That Are Here For All To See?
Why Do Need Cosmetic Surgery?
Does The New Born Babe Disgust Itself
Take A Different Shaped Nose Off The Shelf?
It Is Un – Scalpled Beauty To The Likes Of Me.
Why Must You Botox Up?
Does The Sun Not Rise Each Morning
It Never Tires Of Me Adoring
The Idea It Shines Just For Me
So Do You Need Another Op?
When Your Boobs Need Replacing
In The Surgery As You’re Waiting
Think Of The Things That Should Be Filling You With Glee

Life is full of love and hate

Life Is Full Of Love And Hate
Lessons Learned Decisions Made.
All The Choices That You Make
Effect The Road That You Take.

Everyone But Us Can See
Whats Down The Road For You And Me.
There’s This Look In Your Eyes
Like There’s Something That You Hide.
You Are Sitting On One Knee
Asking Will You Marry Me.
I Say Yes And Start To Cry
I Will Love You Till I Die.
by Vicki_Sugar*‚ 

In your idling eyes i see a

In Your Idling Eyes I See A Picture Of Me
My King Has Guided Me To Learn To Love Me
For A Lifetime With You I Am Yearning To Share
The Most Precious Of Moments In Comfortable Stares
Pure Fate Takes Time And Time Is So Shallow
But The Treasures In You Only Go Up In Value
So Scared To Sail The Sea Of Destiny
I Thank Mother Nature For Steering You To Me
The Lock In Our Eyes Have More Passion And Power
Even Opals And Ammolite Can-‘t Hold Such A Fire
My Idling Eyes Will Forever Respect, Love And Care
The Beauty Within You Will Never Ever Wear
Like A Sunken Ship At The Bottom Of The Sea
My Eyes Idle For You Fully And Completely
Our Eyes Will Grow Old And May Lose Their Dance
But When Our Pupils Connect Love Is Given A Chance
You Are My King And I Am Your Queen
Sharing Our Love Is A Sight To Be Seen
A Great Gift From Eyes Are The Tears They Make
My King Won-‘t Cause Bad Tears, Too Much At Stake
My King Is Gentle And Kind With His Love On The Line
I Am Your Queen And Promise With No Fear In Mind
My Eyes Idle With Love And I Share With You Mine
Forever And Always Even If I Go Blind

I wanna kiss you all over when

I Wanna Kiss You All Over
When I Get Home Babe,
I’m Gonna Light Your Fire
All Day I’ve Been Thinking About You Babe
You’re My One Desire
Gonna Wrap My Arms Around You
Hold You Close To Me
Oh Babe I Wanna Taste Your Lips
I Wanna Fill Your Fantasy
I Don’t Know What I’d Do Without You, Babe
Don’t Know Where I’d Be
You’re Not Just Another Lover
No, You’re Everything To Me
Everytime I’m With You Baby
Can’t Believe It’s True
When You’re Laying In My Arms
And You Do The Things You Do
You Can See It In My Eyes
I Can Feel It In Your Touch
You Don’t Have To Say A Thing
Just Let Me Show How Much
I Love You, I Need You, Babe
I Wanna Kiss You All Over
And Over Again
I Wanna Kiss You All Over
Till The Night Closes In
Till The Night Closes In
Stay With Me Lay With Me
Holding Me Loving Me, Baby
Here With Me Near With Me
Feeling You Close To Me, Baby
So Show Me, Show Me Everything You Do
Cause Baby No One Does It Quite Like You
Love You, Need You, Oh Babe
I Wanna Kiss You All Over
And Over Again
I Wanna Kiss You All Over
Till The Night Closes In
Till The Night Closes In

As a teacher it is with them

As A Teacher
It Is With Them
Your Students Who Listen To You Attentively
While You Lecture
And Impart Your Knowledge Not Just
In Their Minds
But Also In Their Hearts
Not Only In Their Bodies
But Also In Their Souls
Deep Within
It Is With Them
That You Find The Fulfillment Of Your Mission
You Find The Real Meaning Of
Your Life
As They Like Little Springs Rise Higher
Than Their Source
The Teacher Happily Singing
As They Reach For Their Skies
And You The Clear Running River
Reflects Their
On The Mirror Of
Your Waters
Of A Hundred Watchful Eyes

We8217ve fought for the last time and

We’ve Fought For The Last Time
And Now You’re Trying Your Hardest
To Just Forget
While Trying To Regain My Favor, Which You Never Had
You Know, Burying The Hurt Doesn’t Erase It
I’m Through With This
All My Life This Is How Its Went
I’m Done
So, Thank You Dearly For The Memories
I’d Forget Them If I Could

A youthful yaksha who diverged from his

A Youthful Yaksha, Who Diverged From His Duties:
Those Stood Due Every Morning To His Master
Kuber, The God Of Wealth, And King Of Yakshas;
As His Newly-Wed Wife Retained Him Back,
Into Her Lovely Youthful Embrace, Twined
In Bed, Long-After The Day-Break; Got Deprived
Of His Superhuman Power That He Enjoyed
Being An Yaksha, Through Which He Could Hide
His Presence, At His Sweet Will: Thus Maintained,
His Status, Much-Much Higher Than The Humans;
Was Further Cursed By The Master And Exiled
From Kingdom, To Dwell Far From His Sweet-Heart,
For A Year-Long Period Of Painful Separation;
Moved Out To Places, In Search Of An Abode,
And Settled Among The Hermitages Of Yore,
On Mountain Ramgiri Full Of Lovely Shadows
Caused By Large Trees And Thickets; And Those Ponds,
That Stood Turned Sacred By Sita-‘s Ablutions.

Not even a single day has gone

Not Even A Single Day Has Gone By With My Eyes Dry
And The Smile Returning Home-Â…on To My Lips-Â…
Clouds Of Sadness Have Encroached My Heart And Filled Me Up With Emptiness.
Rain Of Tears And Pain Is The Shower That I-‘m Drenching In.
I Waited All My Life For The Rainbow But Never Did I Manage To Find It-Â…
You May Wonder Why I Still Love You,
Knowing That You Don-‘t Really Care-Â…perhaps That-‘s Love-Â…
Years Have Gone By With Your Thoughts On My Mind.
Nothing Has Changed My Love For You
The Contentment Of My Soul When I See You Smile,
Sting In The Heart When Your Eyes Are Wet,
Excitement In The Air When You Are Around-Â…
And Also The Pain Of Missing You Nothing Has Changed-Â…
Words Were All That I Had To Show You What You Mean To Me-Â…
Alas! They Could Never Reach Your Heart-Â…you Could Never Feel My Love-Â…alas!
And Today My Heart Is Empty-Â…i Am All Alone In This World-Â…
Soon The Lonely Soul Will Be Silenced Forever-Â…
As I-‘ve Lost Myself And With That The Purpose Of Living Too-Â…

I sit there not a sound tear

I Sit There
Not A Sound
Not A Tear
Mocking Myself
Your Such A Cutter
Your So Weak
You Can’t Handle Your Problems The Adult Way

Cutting Isn’t A Habit
Is A Way Of Life
It Becomes Your Alternitive
It Completes The Pain In Your Life
The Only Thing You Have Control Over
Cut Or Don’t
How Deep, Not Deep At All
Three Days Grace In The Backround
Pain Can’t Get Enough
Cause It’s Rather Feel Pain Then Nothing At All
One More Time
A Little Deeper
Watch The Blood Drip Into The Water
Wash Away The Blood
Look At The Scars
Keep Them Hidin
From The World
But A Few People Know That
I Cut At My Thighs
Like They Are A Piece Of Meat I Am About To Devor
Thinking About Jeff And The Pain He Caused
The Pain I Brought On Myself
Thinking Of My Mother And All The Abuse She Gave Me Without Love
The Runner Who Hides

For breakfast lunch dinner dawn warming sun

(For Breakfast Lunch Dinner)
Warming Sun Rays Young
Turn Pubescent Tender Sweet
Adolescent Sky!

Sneaky Teasing Breeze
Kisses Spot Red Rosy Cheeks
Makes Them Go Blushing
Stooping Down The Yard
Lifts Up Cute Green Leaf-‘s Short Frock
Naughty Yo-Yo Wind!

Te mir con ojos de excepcin en

Te MirƒÂ© Con Ojos De ExcepciƒÂ³n,
Ojos En Excedencia Forzosa…
AllƒÂ­ Donde Todo Es Ex, Ex; ‘Exeo’.
Te MirƒÂ© Y Vi Un Abismo En Tu Rostro Demediado
Como Si Otra Viniese…
Con Tus Mismos HƒÂ¡bitos.

Tu Pelo, SƒÂ­, Ensortijado Pero Atenazado,
Vestida Ausencia, Dudosas Caricias…
Los Besos, De Temor Amenazados.
Te MirƒÂ© Doblar La Esquina,
Girar Tu Cuello Y Verme…
Verte Mirar Inerte.

The feeling of just being in your

the feeling
of just
being in your arms
us holding hands
and locking fingers
into an uncomfortable grasp
the mood
we are one with the moon
and its effervescence
shines directly
on our giddy hearts
and our tranquilled minds
the poised
in our backs
when we’re sitting
on our beds
in wee hours
of the morning
or just before sunrise
the laughter
from our bellies
of your comical
of one of your favorite shows
Sanford and Son
the gloom
that passes through me
when i know
that you are
far away to touch
or distant
from my heart
the tears
of wretched mornings
of none of your
wake up calls
to call
and say you love me
and that you miss me
or‚  blow kisses at me
while i catch
them from a
morning stretch
the way
moments of loneliness
felt like hell
and the sudden
to be with you
and regressed
back into my heart
by zubiluvs‚ 

You showed me the ropes gave a

You Showed Me The Ropes,
You Gave Me A Hand Up To Reach Them,
But You Never Pulled Them For Mr.
You Made Me Hear The Music,
Explained To Me The Notes,
But You Never Made Me Hear Them.
You Taught Me The Words,
Made Me Understand Them,
But Never Held The Pen For Me.
You Showed Me The Flowers,
Identified Them For Me,
But Never Smelt Them For Me.
You Loved Me Unconditionally,
Never Asked For Anything In Return,
And That’s Why I Love You So Much

When he is gone all fairy tales

When He Is Gone All Fairy Tales Are Uncovered
Myths Exposed
And Pains Magnified
The Greatest Pain Discovered
You Taught Me This Pain
But I Am Confused To See You Leave
Was It Not You!
Who Said We Would Always Be
Was It Not You Who Said You Would Never Hurt Me
Nor Leave Me Alone
Yet This Is The Greatest Pain I Have Ever Felt
Is The Pain You Taught Me
Darkness Surrounds Me
It Hurts To See You Go
I Am Alone Again Left With This Pain
Then The Stars Fall
When He Is Gone So Are The Stars
And So Is The Perception Of Tomorrow
With Him Gone There Is Only Me
To Deal With My Sorrows
Like The Stars
Tears Start To Fall
Without Him My Soul Is Empty
When He Left
He Left Me With The Greatest Pain
You Left Me Alone In Darkness

Your the one i love so much

Your the one I love so much
Your the one I need
Your the apple of my eye
Your my life so thats why your
so special to me.
I like your eyes like a star in the sky.
I like your cute kissable lips.
I like your pretty face like a face of an angel.
I like you because I need you,
I need you because I love you.
by france_forme‚ 

No one really knows what kind of

No One Really Knows
What Kind Of Bond We Share
And Even If I Told Them
They Probably Wouldn’t Care
You Are Very Dear To Me
I Hope You Know It’s True
And Now That You Are Sick
Tell Me What That I Should Do?
While You’ve Been Gone
A Part Of Me Has Been Lost
It’s Like I’ve Taken Our Friendship For Granted
And Now I’m Paying The Cost
I Never Knew How Much You Meant To Me
Until You Went Away
The Thought Of You Being Really Sick
Haunted Me Every Day
I Spent A Few Days At School Alone
And My Weekend Was Such A Bore
A Lot Of My Time Was Spent In My Room
I Think My Mom’s Ready To Break Down The Door
And Now I Make This Vow To You
To Keep Until The End
I’ll Help You Through The Pain And Tears
Until Our Rivers Bend
So If You Ever Need Someone
You Know Just Who To Call
I’ll Be Here By The Phone
To Catch You If You Fall

Winter brings soft beautiful stars falling from

Winter Brings Soft Beautiful Stars Falling From Above,
Descending Onto Our Plain Angle,
Covering Our Possessions And Materials.
The Sun Shows Us How They Sparkle,
With His Rays He Cradles Them,
Making The Wonderous Sight My Own.
I Watch My Feline Leer And Swivel,
Her Gaze Of Mother’s Bravura,
Heals And Calms

What i like about you is the

What I Like About You
Is The Strangeness
That Which I Cannot Understand
Because You Are
Too Near
That Which I Cannot Hold
Because You Are So Fragile
That Which I Cannot Love
Because You Have
Kept The Distance
Between Two Worlds
That Prefer To Be Independent
And Indifferent
What I Like About You
Is What You Like About Me Too
And When We Meet
We Understand
That We Have To Take Our Separate Ways
Just To Be Happy I Guess

Having crossed the river where will you

Having Crossed The River
Where Will You Go, O Friend?
There’s No Road To Tread,
No Traveller Ahead,
Neither A Beginning, Nor An End.
There’s No Water,
No Boat, No Boatman, No Cord;
No Earth Is There,
No Sky, No Time, No Bank, No Ford.
A Journey In The Void Is All Your Striving;
In A Moment Your Life Will Ebb,
In This Body You Won’t Be Staying.
Be Ever Conscious Of This, O Friend,
That Within Your Own Self You Have To Merge;
Kabir Says, Then You’ll Need No Salvation,
For You’ll Be What You Are

I wished upon a star one night

I Wished Upon A Star One Night,
For Someone Just Like You.
My Guardian Angel Smiled Above
And Said He’d See What He Could Do.

One Fateful Day,
In Early May.
Angel Brought Me Here To You.
It Felt So Grand And Sudden To
That Came Right Out Of The Blue.
And Now We’re Close
I Love You Most
But Yet I Know Its Just A Dream.
I Soon Cant Stand It Anymore
I Think I Just Could Scream.
But When I Look Into Your Eyes,
I’m Always Taken By Surprise.
Your Eyes So Soft And Deep,
Your Chocolate Orbs I See So Much
I Wish For Me To Keep.
Ever Since That Day In May
I Cant Seem To Keep Myself Away
Because When I Look Into Your Eyes
I’m Always In For The Surprise.
Molly Lenehan

You came softly into my life and

You Came Softly Into My Life And Touched My Heart
You Brought Joy Into The Depths Of My Being
A Joy I Had Never Known Before And So I Ask
How Could I Let You Go
Within Me You Have Stirred The Passions Of Dreams
And Aroused The Dreams Of Passion In The Night
You Have Brought New Life To Me And So I Ask
How Could I Let You Go
From Deep Within My Soul You Have Touched The Poet
Brought Words To Life And Feelings To The Surface
You Are My Verse, Rhythm And Rhyme And So I Ask
How Could I Let You Go
When Love Comes Into A Life As Yours Has Come Into Mine
The Heart Is Surrendered And The Soul Is Free To Love
The Whole Being Is Consumed In Passion And So I Ask
How Could I Let You Go
I Have Heard Your Words And Beheld Your Voice
The Softness And Soothing Nature Calms My Deepest Fears
You Wrap Me In Your Loving Words And So I Ask
How Could I Let You Go
How Could I Let You Go
There Is Only One Answer From This Heart Of Mine
There Is Only One Solution To This Puzzle Within Me
I Could Let You Go‚  Only Into My Heart Forevermore

In my darkest hour deepest despair will

In My Darkest Hour.
In My Deepest Despair.
Will You Still Care?
Will You Be There?
In My Trials And My Tribulations?
Through All Doubts And Frustrations?
In My Violence.
And My Turbulence?
Through My Fear
And My Confessions?
In My Anguish.
And My Pain?
Through My Joy And Sorrow
In The Promise Of Another Tomorrow
I Will Never Let You Part
For You, Are Always In My Heart.

Pretty gloria lost was she but don8217s

Pretty Gloria, Lost Was She
But Don’s Love Was No Mean Ember
Around The World, O’er Wild Terrain
He Roamed The Tracks To Find Her
So They Could Happy Be.
Don Found His Gloria ~ Joyous Day!
He Kissed Her And Caressed Her
No More Anguish, No More Pain
He Vowed To Stay Beside Her.
And They Would Happy Be.
To Don And Gloria Now We Bring
Sweet Flowers From The Valley
Classic Wedding Songs We Sing
As Today Is The Day They Marry
How Happy They Will Be

Everytime i look at you your eyes

Everytime I Look At You,
Your Eyes Shining Bright And Blue,
I Really Want To Kiss You,
Not Knowing What You’d Do.

Only A Few Miles Apart,
But Too Many For My Heart,
I Know One Day You Will Finally See,
Just How Much You Mean To Me.
I Just Want To Get Your Attention,
To See You I’d Even Get A Detention,
I Just Really Want You To Know,
Just How Far Im Willing To Go.
I Want You With Me Through Thick And Thin,
Because Without You I Cannot Win,
I’d Give Up My Chair If You Needed A Seat,
Because Without You Im Incomplete.

Bare your soul heart for all what

Bare Your Soul, Bare Your Heart
For All What U Will Get Is Called Pain.
The Path To The True Love Is All Burnt,
It-‘s A Dead Forest With The Garden So Far
And Here I M In A Land Of No Rain.
I Ask Myself -Å—wasn-‘t The Devils Path To Lust So Easy And So Happy?-
Cursing Myself And Cursing The Angel Who Asked Me To Search For True Love, I Moved On.
Hungry, Tired And With A Pearl Of Hope I Decided To Have Some Rest,
An Angel Came In My Dream With Love Written All Over His Body,
He Wrote Love On My Palms With A Magic Wand And Made Me Touch A Dying Plant.
The Plant Bloomed And Bloomed As Never Before A Plant Had Bloomed.
The Scent Of The Flower Filling All My Senses.
I Woke Up With A Quizzing Smile And Found Myself In The Same Dead Forest
Wonderstruck, Lost And A Bit Crazy I Took A Look At My Palms,
Nothing Special Was There
It Was All Starry Above With The Moon Watching Me As If Asking Me
-ŗwhat Are You Doing Son?-
Like An Innocent Child I Wrote I Love Wrote On My Palms And Touched A Broken Plant
Waiting For Something To Happen I Touched It Again And Again, But Nothing Changed.
Disgusted And Unsatisfied I Tried To Get Back To My Dreamland With Sleep Nowhere Around Me.
I Woke Up The Next Morning And Continued My Journey To The Far Seeming Garden Of Love.
Days Passed By, Months Passed By And A Time Came When I Lost The Sense Of Time.
Hungry, Exhausted And Weak I Was About To Fall When Two Wrinkled Arms Got Hold Of Me .
I Had Lost Myself But I Knew That I Wasn-‘t Going To Die.
The Next Morning I Woke Up With A Smile Coz I Had Solved The Riddle Of The Angel Of Love.
I Didn-‘t Carry On With My Search Anymore.
I Watered The Plants Around Me, Fed My Fellow Beings And Helped The Old Man With His Works.
Today I Have Completed The Search Of My True, It Was Right There With Me From The Birth.
True Love Is Loving Everything You Have And Not Searching For Love Outside.
It Came To Me After So Many Years And I Wonder If You Will Learn Something From
My Journey Or Else U Will Go Through The Same Journey Or You May Take The Easiest Path ;
The Path To The Matrix Of Lust .

There was a time when i cried

There Was A Time When I Cried For You
But That Is Something I No Longer Do
There Was A Time When I Pined For You
But That Is Something I No Longer Do
Now, You Pine And Cry For Me
Now, You Tell Me You Love Me
But Those Feelings Have No Meaning
Those Feelings Your Express Are Just Words
Those Tears Your Eyes Flow Are Just Drops Of Water
To Me, Everything About You Seems Untrue
Your Expressions Seem To Hide The Real You
Or Maybe…Is It Just Me?
Why Cant I See, Why Cant I Believe?
If, A While Ago, You Had Told Me You Loved
Then, I Would Never Have, Away Your Arms, Shoved
The Deep Sorrow That From You I Have Obtained
Has Turned My Heart
From Something Kind And Innocent To Something Hard And Stained
My Heart Now Is As Hard As Rock
There Is Nothing Now That Will Give Me A Shock
There Is Nothing You Can Do
To Again, Make Me Love Anyone, Even You
There Was A Time When I Loved You
But That Is Something I No Longer Do

In my hand is a box of

In My Hand Is A Box Of Gold
A Secret Of Secrets That’s Never Been Told
The Box Is Priceless As You Can See
The Treasure Inside Is More Precious For Me
This Treasure I Want To Share With You
It Is The Lasting Friendship Between Me And You
Your Thoughts Alone Light Up A Room, Your Touch Can Melt A Stone
A Hug From You Is Like A Drug, More Potent Than Any I’ve Known
Your Friendship Is As Natural, As The Sky, The Earth, The Sea
And Though I’d Willingly Pay Any Price, Your Friendship’s Completely Free
A Thousand Words And A Thousand More, Still The Story Would Not Be Told
About The Lasting Friendship We Have, A Friendship Never Sold
And So I Give You In Return, What You Have Given Me
A Friendship Flowing From The Heart, Like A River To The Sea

It8217s your sweet touch that maddens me

It’s Your Sweet Touch:
That, Maddens Me!
I Have Witnessed:
Beaks Combing Furs!
It’s Great Stimulus For Him, And Her!
One Advances:
Then, Other Concurs!
It Goes On;
Goes On Further!
And Still Further;
Till Beak Meets Beak!
It’s Your Sweet Touch:
That, Maddens Me!

How to explain the way i feel

How To Explain The Way I Feel?
I Never Meant To Hurt You.
How Do I Say Our Love’s Not Real,
Because I Don’t Feel It Too?
We’ve Seen Good Times And We’ve Seen Bad.
We’ve Shared The Best Times I’ve Ever Had.
You Made Me Forget A Sad And Painful Past.
How Do I Explain Why It Couldn’t Last?
I’m Sorry For All The Pain I’ve Put You Through.
Please Understand That I Really Do Care For You,
But Love Cannot Be Forced To Exist Where It Does Not.
The Plans We’ve Made Are Better Left Forgot.
It’s Okay To Let Go, It’s Okay To Cry.
Promises Made Are Sometimes Meant To Be Broken.
I Know It’s Hard, But We’ve Got To Try,
To Leave Our Loving Thoughts Unspoken.
How Do I Make You See That I Love You
With A Love So Bitter-Sweet?
How Do I Make Sense Of These Feelings Tearing Me In Two?
How Can I Be Strong The Next Time We Meet?
Friendship Is A Word That Hurts I Know,
But Sweetheart, It’s Time For Us To Just Let Go.
My Heart Has Changed Like All Thing Do;
It’s Telling Me What I Have To Do.
Goodbye Is A Word That Sounds So Sad
I Say It Now, But Remember This
I’ll Never Forget The Good Times We’ve Had,
And I Leave You With This-
My Bitter-Sweet Goodbye Kiss.

A small little girl who is not

A Small Little Girl,
Who Is Not Real.
But Always Shines Like A Pearl!
With Fairy-Like Arms,
And Tiny Feet.
Whoever Comes By, It Charms!
It’s Lacey Head,
And Shimmering Dress.
Glows Brighter Than Crimson Red!
It Dances Around,
With It’s Biped Figure.
It’s Steps Enchant The Ground!
It’s A Darling Doll,
In The World Beyond.
Cherished By All!

Life as a child is free and

Life As A Child
Is Free And Wild
There Are So Many Friends
There Is No End
We Laugh We Smile
Yet All The While
Little Do We Know
That Some Day
We Will Be Old
Old Age
We Learn To Hate
It Comes With Age
The Child In Us
Has Made The Grade
And We Teach Our Young
That Life Is Fun
To Love To Trust
Is In All Of Us
The Child Sits On Boney Knees
But A Twinkling Eye
Hides The Hate In Me

I8217m just your mr average not wealthy

I’m just your Mr Average not wealthy or poor
One who lives far south of Claraghatlea and Annagloor
The boy of the fifties is looking quite gray
One might say i have known a far better day,
A man in his sixties addicted to rhyme
One might say i am many years past my prime
But we all have our vices and quirks it does seem
Allow us to be different and allow us to dream
Who ever said that all in life is quite fair
It is a rat race in the big World out there
Each for him or herself and god for us all
A saying from the past that i often recall,
I’m just your Mr Average and nothing more
One living far south of Hibernia’s green shore
Francis Duggan

If i can be a tiny pixel

If I Can Be
A Tiny Pixel
So I Can Type
Myself Into This
Just Like This . ?

One Little Dot
On Your Computer Screen
So You Can Touch Me
With Your Finger Tip…..!

The very first time i fell in

The Very First Time I Fell In Love
With Someone I Think The Right One To Love
The Feeling Is Gaily Like Drifting And Eager
Fancy Spring In Me Like Fleeting Kiss So Tender.

I Never Thought What Love Would It Be
For Before Fortnight Came I Fell In Love Easily
We Became Lovers As The Days Had Come
But Somebody Told Me Our Love Was A Sham.
Pain Is Where I Enthusiastically Went
Endowed With Burden Never Ever Meant
Abstruse And Withered By The Rotten Vow
Tending To Be The Weakest Bough.
How Silly Am I To Fill My Entity
With So Much Love To Someone Verily
Didn’t Knew The Verity Of Loves Will
Love Can Be In Triumph Or Be Futile.

The pain is so much that i

The Pain Is So Much
That I Just Cannot Bear It
Whatever Comes My Way
I Use Them As Stop-Gap
Books, Pc And The Net,
Music, Reading And
Those Healing Nature Walks.

[More…] Anything Goes
For Short Trips Of
Rapid Respite.
Wish It Could Go
A Long Way-Â…
For Coping And Healing.
May Be, I Should Try
Sex Therapy.
All That Love Is Now
Beyond Me-Â…
Have Had Enough Of That.
No More For Me Now.
Your Body Speaks Of
Lust To Me.
And I Can Only Talk
Sex Now.
I Don-‘t Feel Love
When I See Your Photo.
Just Plain Lust.
So Are You Thirsting
To Take On Me?
As Much As I Am
Famished For Some
Sex And Sex And Sex Only
To Whip The Stress Away-Â…
No Holds Barred.
Let-‘s Forget About Love
And Give In To Our Passions
With Lustful Abandonment.
I Long For Love No More.
Need The Warmth Of Your Body
To Touch My Aches And Pains
With Your Healing Sex Therapy.
Touch Me -—
Where It Hurts The Most
The Bosom Of My Heart.

Ice crystals paint the path and leaves

Ice Crystals Paint The Path,
And Leaves Overthrown By Winter’s Wrath.
Frostbite Nipping Away At Your Nose,
Sends Icy Feelings Down To Your Toes.
Jack Frost Makes His Presence Known,
Giving Every Soul A Chill Down To The Bone.
Wind’s Howling Symphony Whistles Through Thin Air,
It’s Hard Core Sonata That Strikes Like A Bear.

Bright Lights Are Now Strung Among The Town,
Ever-Greens Falling Down To The Ground.
Christmas Eve 24th Hath December,
The One Holiday That Brings Back Joy Some Remember.
Feet Of Snow Come On The Hour,
We’re All Covered By Winter’s Icy Shower.
The Diamond Stars And Ice Cold Moon.
Those Who Dream Of The Spring That Is Yet To Come Soon.
The Shorter Days And Longer Nights,
Snow That Falls Upon Mountain Heights.
When All The Furry Creatures Disappear,
You Know Its That Freezing Time Of Year.
Now The Winter World Will Fade And So,
The Dazzling Trees And Flowers Grow.
First Spring, Summer Then Fall,
And Then Again The Most Freezing Of Them All.
Molly Lenehan

The first step biggest one take leap

The First Step
The Biggest One
Take The Leap
There Goes The Gun
Don’t Look Back
Your Moving Fast
Foward’s The Future
Behind’s The Past

Here’s A Hurdle
Skinned A Knee
The Finish Line’s
The Thing To See
Blood Is Pumping
Heart Keeps The Pace
Feet Are To Guide
Mind Keeps The Faith
That Long Ribbon
Is Now In Sight
Race Forward Now
With All Your Might
Kendra .W.

My own hate loves me i8217m

My Own Hate Loves Me –
I’m The Object Of Her Desire.
In My Heart Dwells She,
Incinerating It With Ire.
She Lays Me On Her Burning Pyre,
And With Utter Glee
Watches Me Devoured By Her Fire.

I Am Loved By My Own Hate,
And Such Is My Hated Fate.

Could i have been a legal sort

Could I Have Been A Legal Sort?
A Solicitor With Briefs
Charging For My Sound Advice
While I Listen To Their Grief-‘s
I-‘d Help Them Buy A Property
Get Through A Tough Divorce
Do All Those Extra Bits They Want
With An Extra Charge Of Course

I am a selfish lover in fact

I Am A Selfish Lover
In Fact, I Became A User
It-‘s Because Of My Past
The Day I Broke My Heart
When Someone Ruined My Life
Turned My Days Into Lonely Nights
But I Tried To Fight
And I Hold On Tight
I Did Not Stop
I Did Not Give Up.
No One Knows What I Feel
All Are Fakes, Nothing-‘s Real
Everything Is Really Hard To Hide
Finally, I Survived.
Since Then, I-‘ve Lost Myself
And I Realized -Å—nothing-‘s Left-
It Was A Big Change, I Guess
But I Did My Best
To Mend My Broken Heart
And Made A Better Start-Â…
But My Heart Can-‘t Forget
-Ë—coz It Was Really Hurt
I Know That There Was Something In Me
Inside Of Me That They Have To See
I Have To Set Free This Anger To Find Myself Again
I Have To Break Somebody-‘s Heart To Throw All Of This Pain.
I Don-‘t Need To Pay, Everything Is Free
So See The Real Me
Count Your Teardrops
Have A Bad Past
Expect Many Changes
Taste My Revenge!!!