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I wrote your name in sand happy

I Wrote Your Name In Sand,
Happy To See I Had You At Hand
But Alas, The Dreadful Waves Washed It Away
The Dirty Water Contaminated Your Way
I Hopelessly Dug Through The Sand To Get You Back
But You Were Gone, Without A Trace, Without A Look Back
Your Warm Presence I Could Not Feel
Your Affectionate Arms I Could Not Feel
The Tears Made Everything Appear Seem Blurry
But Even Then, I Saw You Run Away In A Hurry
I Wrote Your Name Again
But Again And Again It Was Washed Away
That Little Flutter Of Hope, It Also Took Away
The Butterfly Of Love Wrenched Away From My Hands
I Tried To Hold On, But It Dropped Me Back To Land
Falling To The Ground, I Felt The Icy Water Engulf Me
And As I Began To Lose, My Heartbeat Betrayed Me
And As The Sea Took Me As Its Rightful Prey
My Mind Went Back To You, And My Heart Prayed
May You Never Find Love, May All Betray You
May Misfortune Follow You Wherever You Go
May Your Life Rot In A Continuous Woe
May Your Death Come In The Most Revengeful Way

I am a hunter for her love

I Am A Hunter For Her Love
She Is My Prey
I Hunt Day And Night
For Her Arms And Lips
When My Prey Is In Sight
Her Eye’s Glow In My Direction
Making Her The Target Of My Affection
My Prey Lie’s Waiting For
Her Hunter To Bag Her
To Make Her His And Do
With Her What He Will

I can8217t tell you how feel all

I Can’t Tell You How I Feel
All I Know Is That My Love Is Real
I’ve Been Wanting You Ever Since The First Day
But The Truth Is What I Can’t Say

Even Though I Know Rite Now We Can Never Be
In My Eyes You’ll Always Be The Woman I See
In My Heart I Carved Your Name
And My Feelings Towards You Will Always Stay The Same
Sometimes I Pray That I See Your Face
Sometimes I Wish I Was In Your Arms
I Just Look At You And Stare
And Remember How Life Isn’t Fair
While I Was Looking Cupid Did His Job
And Now Loving You Is Something I Can’t Stop
I Think About You In Every Breath I Take
You’re On My Mind When I’m Asleep And Awake
I Really Want To Touch Your Beautiful Velvet Skin
Just Letting You Go Might Be A Sin
You’re Never Too Close, You’re Always So Far
But In My Sky You’ll Always Be A Star
People Say There’s No Love From The First Sight
But When I Saw You I Knew That They Were Wrong And I Was Right
Because Now I Love You More Than Anything I’ve Ever Known
And I Guess That Real Love Is The Love That’s Not Shown
by deep breath‚ 

Our dreams never need to be lost

Our Dreams Never Need To Be Lost
I Could Share All Of Mine With You
We-‘ll Step Neath The Stars Tonight
Just As The Moon Comes Into View.

Tonight We Will Capture Romance
I-‘ll Admire The Beauty I See In You
Together We-‘ll Lay Neath The Stars
Just As The Moon Comes Into View.
I Will Whisper To You Oh So Softly
Saying How Much I Only Love You
Tonight Romance Shall Capture Us
Just As The Moon Comes Into View.
Tonight I-‘ll Count The Stars Above
Every Star Is Why I Love Only You
Tonight The Stars Brought Us Close
Just As The Moon Comes Into View.

I8217ve fallen for someone i know shouldn8217t

I’ve Fallen For Someone,
I Know I Shouldn’t.
Tried Fighting These Feelings,
But I Couldn’t.
Fall Deeper And Deeper,
With Every Passing Day.
Try Hard To Hide It,
In Every Possible Way.
Your Just A Friend,
Nothing More.
Much To Say,
But I’m Not Sure.
A Simple Glance,
Turns Into A Stare.
I Pretend,
That I Don’t Care.
It’s Not Right,
For Us To Be.
That’s Why I Hide It,
So No-One Can See.
Maybe My Feelings,
Can Never Show.
Maybe Its Wrong,
For You To Know.
Don-‘t Want Our Friendship,
To Be Risked.
Being Your Girl,
An Impossible Wish

Life is unfair it brings me joy

Life Is Unfair It Brings Me Joy And Then Despair
I Got My Heart Broken How Foolish Of Me To Get Myself
Token. He Chose Someone Else Over Me But Won-‘t Let
Me Be.

In My Heart, And Mind He Dwells Thinking Of Him Still
Rings Bells. I Tried To Move On But Girl Please Come On!!
Because Of Love I Was A Fool To Let Him Treat Me Harsh
And So Cool.
Now There-‘s Some One Else In My Life Who Wants To
Make Me His Wife. He Puts The World At My Feet Isn-‘t
That Sweet?
Why Can-‘t I Let Go And Firmly Say No!!
My Feelings For Him Were Honest And True That-‘s Why
I Feel Blue.
A Nice And Sincere Man I-‘ve Found Who
Surely Wants To Keep Me Around.
But Why Can-‘t My Feelings For Him Be The Same?
Life Plays A Cruel Game.
To Him I Was Nothing But A Toy He Was A Mean And
Egoistic Boy. It-‘s Time To Put The Sadness Behind And
Try With The Guy Whose Kind
Yes He And I Had A Blast, But It-‘s All Now In The Past
Start Life Anew With A Different Point Of View.

When i was a child and you

When I Was A Child, And You Were A Man In This Kingdom By The Sea,
This Princess She Lived With No Other Thought Than To Live And Live Her Life Free.
So When She Was A Child And You Were A Man In This Kingdom By The Sea,
The Princess Swam Off Into The Churning Brine And Vowed To Live Happily.
Under The Waves, Among The Fish And Sand, She Lived And Lived Her Life Free.
She Let Her Hair Knot, Grew A Tail, And Caught Sunrays As Bright As Citrine.
My Wish Has Come True, The Princess Sighed, I’ve Loved And Loved Myself Free.
But The Princess Was Lonely, She Missed That Man, No Longer A Child Was She.
She Splayed Herself On A Sunsoaked Rock, With Her Hair Bright As Filigree.
Her Bare Breast Shone, Her Iridescent Tail Flicked, She Sang Lasciviously
About His Green Eyes, And Scaly Thighs, And How Much In Love Was She.
But No Man Came, No Neck To Nibble, Her Sharp Teeth Bright As Iv’ry.
So She Bit Out Her Tongue And Under The Water Sung Out All Her Misery.
When I Was A Child, And You Were A Man In This Kingdom By The Sea,
This Girl, She Lived With No Other Thought Than To Love And Make You Love Me

Never cry for any relation in life

Never Cry For Any Relation In Life
Because For The One Whom You Cry
Does Not Deserve Your Tears
And The One Who Deserves
Will Never Let You Cry.
Treat Everyone With Politeness
Even Those Who Are Rude To You,
Not Because They Are Not Nice
But Because You Are Nice.
Never Search Your Happiness
In Others
Which Will Make You
Feel Alone,
Rather Search It In Yourself
You Will Feel Happy
Even If You Are Left Alone..

Try to count at the end of

Try To Count
At The End Of The Day
Luck And Misfortunes
That Comes In Your Way
And Darkness And Sunshine
That Comes To Stay
In Your Life Dear
That You Have To Repay
For Life Is Made Of
Joys And Tears
Agony And Pleasure
That Come Through Years
So Never Feel Lost
Nor Feel Unclear
Just Know In The End
You’ll Meet Cheer.

Jo mountwinter was a good friend of

Jo Mountwinter Was A Good Friend Of Nature And With Nature Now She Forever Lay
With A Strong Sense Of A Fair Go For The World’s Forgotten People We Need More Like Her In The World Of Today
A Fine Artist To Others A Great Role Model One Environmentally And Socially Aware
The World Was Better For Her Living In It And The Jo Mountwinter’s Sad To Say Too Rare
Quite Humorous In Her Own Way And Quite Sage Like There Was Light In The Windows Of Her Soul
From Life She Passed On In Her Early Eighties A Terminal Illness On Her Took It’s Toll
It Saddened Me To Hear News Of Her Passing But To The Reaper’s Scythe We All Must Fall
We Come To And Go From Life Like Nature’s Seasons And Death Is A Thing That Does Await Us All
Trees Were Planted In Her Honour In Wonthaggi One Of Her Daughters Jessica And Her Grandchildren Live There
A Nice Thing To Do For One Who Did Love Nature And One For Human Rights Who Did Do Her Own Share
I Do Recall Her One Of Natural Beauty A Tall Woman With Hair Of Silver Gray
She Did Not Hide The Ageing Signs Time Had Brought Her She Did Age In A Very Natural Way
To Many People She Was A Role Model And To The Have Nots Of The World A Good Friend
Like Her We All Are On A Great Life’s Journey A Journey That One Day Comes To An End.
Francis Duggan

I realy like you friendship is a

I Realy Like You
Friendship Is A Name Given To Sharring .
Which Also Include Love And Sharring .
People Having There Qualities Are Very Few .
But I Say Am Glad That Thay Fit Exatly On You .
You Are One Of Those On Whome I Can Always Rely.
To Lend A Comforting Shoulder Whenever I Cry.
I Like To Share All My Secret With You.
Hoping You Think The Same Way Too.
When Ever I Am Lonely And Sad .
Just The Though Of You Makes Me Glad .
Some Time I Wonder How Do You Think Of Me
A Close Friend Of Yours Is What Would Like To Be.

Oh dear of mine immemorial heart bristles

Oh Dear Of Mine Of Immemorial
Heart Bristles Blissful By The Blessing
Soul Seems To Touch The Moon Hilltop
Dream Swoons In The Room Of Passion
I Stand And Stare By The Blue Onshore.
Let God May Bless You By Your Cravings
And Breath Of Smiles May Lay On You
Let Soul Of Yours Roars High By Ascension
Waking You By His Gleams Of Love Divine.
The Moments Of Love Be The Beauty Of Yours
The Sway When Intense From Ages And Eons
Scarlet May Repose By Cradle Of Care
Rains Of Hope May Happen To Happen
Clouds When Absolve By The Redemption

In the airport i anxiously wait it8217s

In The Airport I Anxiously Wait,
It’s Been A Long Time Since Our Last Date.
Dressed To Impress; Looking Good For Sure…
Little Miss Innocent Is Not So Pure!
Thinking About Our Very First Kiss,
Inside Super Eight Our Moment Of Bliss.
Remember The Time The Maid Walked In?
I Was On Top In That Moment Of Sin.
You Were So Sweet As You Held Me There,
Touching And Kissing Me Everywhere.
My Hands On Your Back And Yours On My Hips,
Rocking Together Lip To Lip.
Oh How My Body Longs For The Day,
When Once Again You’ll Come To Play.
In Less Than A Month That Day It Will Be,
I Love You So Much My Dear Mr Z
by Lillee

Entering into a chilling phase mind undirected

Entering Into A Chilling Phase
Mind Undirected
Wander Around In There
Nock -Â….Nock Who Is There
All Over The Place I Feel
Focus I Say To Myself
Since No One Else
Can Be A Part Of This Dialogue
Or Would They Want To
Be Witness To This Endless
Chatter In My Mind
Moving About My Day
Unable To Stay With Anything For
Any Length Of Time
Bringing Myself Back Once Again
Self Talk 101
I Ask Myself
What Is The Matter
Are You
Nock, Nock Who Is There

The first day i saw you knew

The First Day I Saw You
I Knew That With You
All My Dreams Will Come True.
From That Moment
You Stole My Heart Away
A Man Can’t Survive
Without A Heart Baby.
The Beautify Of Your Eyes
Makes Me Imagine
How Pretty You’d Be
Walking On The Aisle’s.
Your Irresistible Natural Beauty
Only True Scorpio Can Be
Loving You To Me
Is A Fulfilling Duty.
I Wish You’ll Be With Me
Until When We
Walking With Three Legs
Laughing Together Till The
End Of Our Days.
With All My Heart
I Love You Abbie

The time has come to sit down

The Time Has Come To Sit Down
Hold The World By Its Hand
And Bid It Farewell –
To Look It In The Eye
To Wait For It To Look Back
For The Moment To Hang Still
For A Hush To Rise Like The Morning Mist
And Then To Whisper In Its Ear:
Take Care
Beautiful One
Splendid And Iridescent
Those I Love I Leave With You

My eyes beheld a sky one night

My Eyes Beheld A Sky One Night
It Seems So Long Ago
A Perfectly Painted Portrait
Be-Speckled With Blue And Gold
As I Sit And Ponder More
It Strikes Me You Were There And
It Was Truly Simple Beauty That
Gave The Stars There Perfect Glare

I only have eyes for the loveliest

I Only Have Eyes
For The Loveliest Perfumed Flowers
Blooming Everyday
I Only Have Ears
For The Most Romantic Songs
Ever Written And Played
I Only Have Taste
For The Sweetest Chocolates
Anyone Can Ever Crave
I Only Have Heart
For My One And Only
Special Friend
Who Goes On Loving Me,
In Darkness Or Light,
Without End.

There he was in front of my

There He Was
In Front Of My Face
The Smile
Of Lit Rooms
And The Laugh
Of Pure Elation
Wanting To Celebrate
His Exuberance
On This Cold Night
Of Enchanted Pleasures Instead I Looked Away
And Prayed That We’d Meet Again

When i see couples walking hand in

When I See Couples
Walking Hand In Hand
And Families Building Castles
In The Sand
I Miss You.
When I Hear Songs
Of Love And Passion
And My Heart Is Filled
With Sweet Emotion
I Miss You.
When I Smell Roses
Red, White And Every Other Hue
And In My Mind Your Face I View
I Miss You.
You Were The Magic In My Monsoon
And The Freshness Of My Spring
You Brought Romance To My Summer
And Warmth In The Chill Of Winter.
I Will Miss You
Till The Skies Remain Blue
For You Made
All My Dreams Come True!

He knows about politics and life football

He Knows About Politics And Life And Football
And All Of Those Who Know Him Know Him As The Know All
He Is One Who Loves The Sound Of His Own Voice
In His Acquired Knowledge He Publicly Rejoice
In His Early Thirties Just Past His Life’s Prime
He Does Not Allow Himself Any Listening Time
On Saturday Night When He Is On The Beer
His Loud Voice Above The Pub Din One Does Hear
As Goldsmith Said The Loud Voice That Speaks The Vacant Mind
And Loudmouthed People Are Not That Hard To Find
On All Subject Matters He Feels He Knows Everything
And Of His Own Praises He Does Love To Sing
And Though Pity Him His Ignorance Of Life So Little He Knows
For Every Wise Person Are Many Unenlightened One Has To Suppose.
Francis Duggan

Boy synce we met y can8217t eat

Boy Synce We Met Y Can’t Eat Or Drynk
Garl‚  Why Not
Boy May Y Hold Yoar Hand??
Garl‚  No Thanks Yt Ysn’t Heavy
Garl Dyd Yoa Myss Me Whyle Y Was Away
Boy‚  Were Yoa Away
Garl Who Was That Gyrl Y Saw Yoa Kyssyng Last Nyght
Boy‚  What Tyme Was Yt
Garl Say Yoa Love Me! Say Yoa Love Me
Boy‚  Yoa Love Me
Garl Yf We Become Engaged Wyll Yoa Gyve Me A Ryng
Boy‚  Sare What’s Yoar Phone Namber??
Garl Y Thynk The Poorest People Are The Happyest
Boy‚  Then Marry Me And We’ll Be The Happyest Coaple
Garl Darlyng Y Want To Dance Lyke Thys Forever
Boy‚  Don’t Yoa Ever Want To Ymprove
Boy Y Love Yoa And Y Coald Dye For Yoa!
Garl‚  How Soon
Boy Y Woald Go To The End Of The World For Yoa!
Garl‚  Yes Bat Woald Yoa Stay There??
Mary John Says Y’m Pretty Andy Says Y’m Agly What Do Yoa Thynk Peter
Peter‚  A Byt Of Both Y Thynk Yoa’re Pretty Agly
Boy Y Hate To See A Gyrl Standyng Yn A Bas When Y’m Seated
Garl So What Do Yoa Do?
Boy Y Close My Eyes

This is what my heart says dedicated

This Is What My Heart Says-Â…
Dedicated To Some One Special-Â…
If I Were Your Tears-Â…
I Wish I Would Never Be Born
Coz I Don-‘t Want You To Shed A Tear To Cry
If I Were Your Smile-Â…
I Wish I Would Live On Your Lips Forever
Coz I Can Only See You Smile-Â…
If I Were Your Ambition-Â…
I Would Surrender My Self In Front Of You
Then We Will Be One In Another-Â…
If I Were Your Death-Â…
I Wish I Would Never Meet You
I Would End My Life And Death Will Never Reach You

He was there long time ago sine

He Was There Long Time Ago
Sine The Intervention Of The World
And His Been Around Since Then
He Is Undefeated
He Is Scary
He Destroy Almost Each And Every Day
Circulating From One Family To Another
Leaving The Families Crying And Mourning
Yet He Knows, He Has Done His Duty
Brought Someone Near To His Creator
This Is Acording To The Cristianity
Our Creator Once Defeated Death
I Should Follow In His Foot Steps
I Must Not Be Afraid
Maybe There Is Life After Death

The way you talk to me sends

The Way You Talk To Me,
Sends Chills Up My Spine.
I Thought You Were Mad.
You Said That You Could Never Be Mad At Me.
You Said That If I Ever Made You Mad,
You Would Tell Me.

You Made A Winnie The Pooh Quote.
That Really Made Me Smile.
When You Told Me That You Were Not Mad,
I Felt A Wave Of Relief Come And Sweep Itself Over Me.
I Felt So Happy That I Started To Cry.
You Told Me Not To Cry.

I was going to fill these lines

I Was Going To Fill These Lines With Everything
That I Was Feeling Inside.
But If I Did It’d Be A Jumble Of Words
All Intertwined.
Holding Hands Like A Barrel Of Monkeys.
So Instead Im Going To
Keep My Heart Under Lock And Key
And Watch To See If You Can Figure Me Out
And Hope That One Day I Can Let All The Words Spill Out

The fresh varnish on brush of painter

The Fresh Varnish
On The Brush Of The Painter
Creates A Blue Sea Where The Horizon
Has The Perfume Of SaltWhere The Waves
Come To Die On The Shore
And You Yourself Can Feel
The Breath Of The Sea -Â…
The Magic Hand Of The Painter
Handles To The Canvas
Colours And Words-Â…
With You Instead
I Don’t Know What To Do-Â…
I Just Don’t Know What To Do

Do you have anything better to than

Do You Have Anything Better To Do
Than To Cut Me Down?
All I Can Do Is Try.
I’m Not Perfect And I Never Will Be.
Give Me Room To Fail.
I’m Human And I Have That Right.
We All Make Mistakes,
We All Cause Pain,
We All Judge,
We All Screw People Over,
We All Break Down.
How Am I Excluded From Everyone Else?
Why Do You Come Down Harder On Me?
Why Is The Condemnation Greater For Me
Than For Anyone Else That Makes The Same Mistake?
Am I Not Human?
Am I Expected To Be Greater Than That?
I’m Sorry, Father.
I’m Only Human.
It’s All I Am,
It’s All I Ever Will Be.
Don’t Expect Me To Be More Than That.
Give Me Room To Fail.
It’s Not For Me;
The Only Person You Are Hurting Right Now
Is Yourself.
So Stop Cutting Me Down.
Stop Making Little Mistakes Apocalyptic.
Stop Putting Higher Expectations On Me.
Stop Expecting Me To Be Perfect,
And Stop Being Disappointed When I Come Up Short.
You’re Only Hurting Yourself
By Expecting Me To Be Greater.
Give Me Room To Fail
And I Guarantee That You Will Find,
I Don’t Fail As Much As You Thought

Do i dare pen my heart let

Do I Dare?
)pen My Heart
Let Someone In
Do I Dare?

Do I Dare?
Allow My Self To Care
Deeply For Another
Not My Husband
Do I Dare?
Do I Dare?
Give Myself Its
Pleasures And Happiness
Do I Dare?
Do I Dare?
Allow My Self To Love Again
Even If I Am Married
Do I Dare?

N my bed here i lay after

N My Bed Here I Lay
After The Conversation We Had Today.
Although We Haven-‘t Been Seeing Each Other Long
To My Surprise
My Emotions Seem To Be Strong.

I Hate Asking Questions That I-‘m Not Ready To Know The Answer To
But I Know Your Words Will Speak The Truth.
When You Told Me What Was Going On
It Felt As If My Heart Was Struck By A Thorn.
I Know You Said That It-‘s No Big Deal
I Hate Sharing
And That-‘s On The Real.
Honestly I Like You
I Really Do
And I Cherish Each Moment-Spent W/you.
I Always Look Forward To The Next Day
To Lay Snuggly In Your Arms
As We Lay.
You-‘re Constantly On My Mind
I Try To Shake It Loose
When I Don-‘t Hear From You
I Don-‘t Know What To Do.
How/what You Think Of Me?
At The Moment My Eyes Can-‘t See
And I-‘m Afraid To Ask
So I Let It Be.
You-‘re A Free Agent This I Know
But If I-‘m Wasting My Time
Please Tell Me So.

I was wandering on a road between

I Was Wandering On A Road
Between Heaven And Hell
Hearing Melodious Tunes From One Side
And On The Other Mortar Shells
Guards Asked Me What I Was Doing
I Replied Looking For My Love
Again Came Another Asking
How Much Love For Her I Preserve.
Sounds Of Groaning-– Is She There?
Your Love I See Pure
Answered The Guard
I Am Sure
With Your Love One Cannot Be In Hell
There Are Songs In Heaven
With Rhythms Of Bell
Try To Hear The Tone
Or Ask The Guard There
Heaven Guard Told Me
Your Darling How Nice Is She
Not Found In The Heaven
How Aged She Is
Twenty-Nine Or Eighty-Seven
She Is Still In The World
You Can Find Her There
And Can Do Your Love Share.

Mommy can you help me mommy can

Mommy, can you help me?
Can you hear me?
Please wake up, mommy.
I’m afraid.
Why won’t you wake up?
I’m alone, mommy.
I didn’t like that fire.
The smoke hurt my lungs.
Please wake up, mommy.
Why are you just lying there?
Help me, mommy.
It’s dark.
I hear sirens. Can you cover my ears?
Why are they taking you away?
Why are they putting you under a sheet like that, mommy?
Where are they taking you?
Can I go, too?
Ayana Bunting

When you8217ve pulled all your punches and

When You’ve Pulled All Your Punches And Lost
When Your Being Is Spent From The Fight
When Your Stone’s Ceased Rolling, Overgrown With Moss
There I’ll Be
When The Pain Of The Truth Is Too Heady
When The Chaos Of The Day Too Much
When The Ifs And The Buts Are Too Many
There I’ll Be
There I’ll Be Cause I Sense When You Require
A Haven From Reality, My Opulent Desire
Will Drench You In Newness, And Selfishly So
Till We Are Drunk From The Infusion Of Giving In To ‘No’
When Will We Succomb Next? A Moment, Day, A Year?
The Calling Of Serenity Will Sound Within Our Ears
When The Walls Start Pressing Inwards, We’ll Taste That Craving Thirst,
We’ll Know The Time Is Right When Our Bubble Starts To Burst

You the one who make gushing out

You The One Who Make Gushing Out
From Your Pen-Â…words And Rhymes
That Reassure Some Tired Heart Full
Of Pains ,Tears And Disappointments!
I Imagine You So-Â…seated And Thoughtful,
With Your Leaned Face Among The Hands
Almost Joint In Prayer…
While Your Spirit Raises Itself In High Spaces
Where To Search For Words
To Give To Those Who Like Me
Has Always A Hunger
For Songs And Melodies-Â…
You Succeed In Tearing Me A Tear,
Other Times You Steal Me A Smile…
Who You Are-Â…
With Such A Great Heart
To Know How To Give Love,
Joy, Hope, Trust And Sweets Illusions?
Tell Me, Then If You Know This…
Where Does Dream End
And Where Does Reality Begin…?

True pain at times dissipates just like

True Pain At Times Dissipates
Just Like Those Imprints On The Sea Shore
With The Retrieve Of The Wave
And Your Smile Beloved
A Healerto Those Hidden Wounds
A Mother-‘s Touch
For The Infant-‘s Discomfort
Oh How Could I Explain My Despair
As I Stood Thereconfused
Dragged Myselfas Tears Rolled Down
Warm A Silver Creek In The Meadows Of Silence
And A Whisper Of A Last Good-Bye
Carried Away With A Butterfly
Caught In The Winds Of Uncertainty
In That Hazy Day
Thrown Unmercifully,
Violently Against The Wall Of Freedom.
Oh How Sad It Felt There
All Alone In Our Torrent Land .
Tried Desperately To Reach For You
Oh Friend Embrace Me Touch Me
Heal This Torment This Burning Pain
Lend Me A Brush And Some Paint
To Delineate Some Colorful Banners
And Perhaps A Rose Garden
To Brighten This Fading Sanctuary Of Mine

Peter pan sat on a frying he

Peter Pan Sat On A Frying Pan
He Waved Back And Forth The Magic Wan
He Tried To Make The Rabbit Vanish
But Instead Her Broke His China Dish
Peter Pan Sat On The Frying Pan
He Rushed To Buy Another Dish
But He Was Hungry And Bought A Fish
He Thought The Dead Fish Would Swin Away
So He Stuffed The Poor Fish With Some Clay
He Rushed To Buy Another Dish

My love for you mitsy is like

My Love For You Mitsy Is Like An Ocean It Is
Large As Life Itself And Full Of Ripples.
The Breeze Captured My Love For You
Spreading It Like A Wildfire To The Shore
As The Days And Weeks Go By Once More,
I Swear I Will Never Forget You Or Replace You.
Your Canine Soul Shall Not Just Stand Waiting Patiently
Until I Get There…Instead You Will Be Busy.
Standing Tall At The Pearly Gates Proud…
And Full Of Life Until One Day My Presence Has Risen High…
To Meet You While You Wag Your Tail,
Opening Gods Book Of Life With Your Paws.
I Pray One Day You Will Be Eagerly Searching
To Find My Name…Your Earth Moms Name.
You See Even Though You No Longer Can Be
There As My Shadow…As My Good Friend.
You Have An Even Greater Purpose Now
Which Is To You Run From Cloud To Cloud…
Sliding Down Raindrops Every Once In Awhile,
To Say Hello, Letting Your Presence Be Known.
Then Prancing Again To Tirelessly Follow Jesus…
Loyal And Sweet As You Were To Us…Your Family.
We Love You ‘Tippy Toes’ And We Miss Our Mitsy Moo…
You See My Chosen Scenary For You…Is Paradise

Yestarday i got to dreaming about a

Yestarday I Got To Dreaming About A Recipe
For My Love Took All The Things
I Was Breathing Things Around
Theres Just Not Enough Of
Tried And Tried To Find Out The Secret For My Recipe
All Of These Things
That Make Up My Baby And What My Baby Means To Me
I Took A Cup Full Of Sunshine Added A Touch Of The
Rainbow Sprinkled Some Happiness Around It
And A Little Bit From A Song That I Know One Smile
And A Whole Lot Of Loving In My Recipe
All That And What Makes Up My Baby And What My
Baby Means To Me
Yes I’ve Done Awhole Lot Of Dreaming But Its No
Fun When Things Aint What They Seemin
I Love My Baby And My Baby Loves Me Then
Why Cant I Find My Recipe
Painted Me A Face Like Monalisa Put Some
Magic In The Smile I Used All The
Colors Of The Rainbow Artists Round The World
Started Copying My Style
But It Still Doesnt Look Like My Baby And What
She Means To Me
I Guess I’ll Never Find The Secret To My Recipe
Ariah Nelson

You are on my mind ever since

You Are On My Mind Ever Since You Are Gone
I Keep Thinking Of You From Dust To Down
Cant Wait For The Day That You Will Come Back With Me
Because Without You Everything Is As Meaningless As Can Be

Accountancy in my life is all what

Accountancy In My Life
My Life Is All Accountancy
What Comes, I Debit
What Goes, I Credit
My Birth Is My Opening Balance
My Ideas Are My Assets
My Negative Points Are My Liabilities
My Happiness Is My Profit
My Sorrow Is My Loss
My Soul Is My Goodwill
My Heart Is My Fixed Deposits
My Duties Are My Outstanding Expenses
My Work Is My Prepaid Expenses
My Friendship Is My Advance
My Character Is My Capital
Bad Thing – I Always Depreciate
Good Thing – I Always Appreciate
My Knowledge Is My Investment
My Mind Is My Bank Balance
My Thinking Is My Current A/c
My Behaviour Is My Journal Entries
My Aim Of Life Is My Trial Balance
My Death Is My Closing Stock

My friend you came to be never

My Friend You Came To Be
Never Thought You-‘d Lift Your Hand To Me
The Anger That Filled Your Eyes
Was It Me Whom You Despised
A Striking Pain Upon My Cheek
It Was You Who Made Me Weak
Cowardly It Was Of Me
You Would Never Set Me Free
That Anger And Rage
Words Not On My Page
I Love You Was Not Said
For That I Had Bled
Today I Look Back
I See What I Lacked
Courage To Say No
To Get Up And Go

I happened upon your memory today try

I Happened Upon Your Memory Today,
I Try To Forget, But In My Mind You Stay.
Heartbreaking It Was That We Said Goodbye,
It Was For The Best, I Can’t Lie.

I Know That You Loved Me, I Even Felt It Too,
But I Still Couldn’t Bring Myself To Loving You.
This Chapter Of My Life Just Isn’t Over Yet,
Still, You’re A Part Of Me That I Can’t Forget.
You’re Still My Solace On Those Lonely Nights.
You Still Keep Me Warm, And Hold Me Tight.
I Hear Your Laughter, I Can See Your Smile.
You’re The Only One That Soothes Me,
No Matter The Miles.
So, If It’s True Things Happen In Mysterious Ways,
Then Perhaps I’ll Find You Again Someday.
I Wanna Hold You, And Look Into Your Eyes,
As We Share Our First Kiss,
And Our Last Kiss Goodbye.
For Now, I Hope Your “Promise” Is Lying
Next To You,
Loving You Completely, The Way I Couldn’t Do.
And I Hope Your Heart’s As Filled As It Could Ever Be,
But Please, Could You Save A Little Spot For Me

Some times your heart thinks whom do

Some Times Your Heart Thinks, Whom Do You Really Love?
You Love Someone But You Like Someone Else,
Your Mind Speaks, But Your Heart Denies
Someone Listens, But Someone Else Comforts
Someone Prays, But Someone Else Consoles
Someone Says But Someone Else’s Action Speaks
Someone Laughs, But Someone Else Understands
Someone Just Tells, But Someone Makes You Do
Someone Is There, But Someone You Want Is Not
You Search For Someone Is Someone Else
Is This The Beginning Of Love, Or Is It The End
A Times Come In Life When You Thinks What Love Really Is?
What You Think Is Love Or It Is Something Else
Listen To Your Mid But Follow Your Heart

The season has finally came for you

The Season Has Finally Came,
For You To Bloom With Colors,
And Claim Fame,
With The Other Pretty Flowers,
Than You Look At The Others,
Also Waking Up From There Sleep,
Showing There Best Colors,
Colors You Wish You Could Keep,
Your Trying So Much,
To Be Beautiful,
When You Know You Don’t Have That Stuff,
To Even Be Wonderful,
You Lost So Many Great Friends,
By Trying To Be That Way,
So Many Friendships That Has Ended,
And That Was Just Today,
The Season Is Almost Gone,
And You Have Sank Further Than You Were,
This Picture You Have Created Is All Wrong,
Thinking Back On What Has Occured,
Trying To Make Yourself Beautiful,
Which Didn’t Turn Out So Great,
Losing Friends So Wonderful,
And To Get Them Back, It’s To Late,
Here You Are A Wilting Flower,
Letting Out A Soft Sigh,
Dying Slowly Hour By Hour,
Looking Up Into The Sky,
Whatching On How Much You Missed,
All Around,
And Now It Came Down To This,
Dying Here On The Ground,
You Regret What You Have Done This Season,
Hurting Other Flowers Feelings,
And For Doing That You Didn’t Have A Reason,
Now Your Just A Bully With Nothing,
Just A Wilting Flower,
Lieing Here,
Dying Slowly Hour By Hour,
With No Friend Near

There are times when people arrange things

There Are Times When
People Arrange Things For You To Do,
Things That You Don-‘t Want To Do.
You Have Allocated That Time
For Something You Need To Do,
Then They Convince You
That Is The Thing To Do.
You Feel An Inner Anger,
Wanting To Rebel,
But They Keep Telling You
That It Is A One Off Thing.
You Nod Reluctantly,
But You Don-‘t Want To Do It
As It Is Encroaching On Your Time.
All You Can Do Is Mutter
Yes That Will Be Fine
And I-‘ll Get Done
What I Want To Do
When I Get The Time.

Is difficult when im consumed by lifes

Is Difficult When I-‘m Consumed
By Life-‘s Preoccupations And
Being Zen Is Something Put Off Until
Later When I Have Time Like Everything
I Don-‘t Seem To Get The Time To Do
And Never Gets Done
Being Mindful In The Moment Is
The Answer But My Mind Seems To
Want To Be Anywhere But
In The Here And Now
So I Must Train My
Inner Voice
To Keep A Running
Exhortation With A Mantra
Be Here Now

I will wait for 8216you8217 until

I Will Wait For ‘You’ Until …..
The Stars Shine No More
I Will Wait For ‘You’ Until …..
The Sun Forgets To Shine
I Will Wait For ‘You’ Until …..
The Moon Has Lost Its’ Face
I Will Wait For ‘You’ Until …..
The Birds Forget To Sing
I Will Wait For ‘You’ Until …..
There Are No More Seasons
I Will Wait For ‘You’ Until …..
All Rivers Run Dry
I Will Wait For ‘You’ Until …..
The Sea No Longer Rushes To Shore
I Will Wait For ‘You’ Until …..
The Roses Forget To Bloom
I Will Wait For ‘You’ Until …..
You Have Found The End Of Your Rainbow
I Will Wait For ‘You’ Until …..
The Twelvth Of Never!
No Matter What I Will Always Wait For ‘You!’

I am much a picky plant and

I Am Much A Picky Plant
And I Don’t Like You.
I Shall Not Be Nice To Thee-
No I Won’t Review…
If You Were To Hurt And Moan-
Regards But I’ve No Aid.
I’d Gladly Dry My Stickly Pricks
For Rain On Your Parade.

I fancy me as quite a rhymer

I Fancy Me As Quite A Rhymer
And Bot Myself A Poets-‘ Primer
It Helps Me Fix My Spelling Flause
And Grammar Thats Been Known To Give
Certain Of My Reader’s Paws
The Ante-La Books Oh Sew Slim
It-‘s Fine For Reading At The Gym
It Kewered The Ambiguity
That Used To Lay Me Low Upon
The Hights Of Dull Acuity
You See, There Was A Strictness Lacking
Due Principly To Endless Slackin
But Now I Write It As I-‘m Teached
And Christine-‘s Book Has Saved This Kraft
From Rawks On Which It Might Have Beeched