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What is this feeling in my stomach

What Is This Feeling In My Stomach When I See You, What Is This New Beat To My
Broken Heart, When I Talked To You. What Is This Sight When I Gaze Into Your
Eyes, You Have 10 Guys All After You And Your Mine, Read The Signs If You
Cant Mabe They Fit Cuss Im At The End Of My Wit Trying To Understand This
Feeling Inside, The Feeling Of Hurt As I Watched You Cry

 Â¤– Â¤Â°  Â¤Â  Â¥Â Â¤- Â¤Â° Â¤Â¾ Â¤Â¨ Â¤Â¾  Â¤Â¹ Â¥  Â¤Â¥ Â¤Â¾,  Â¤Â¤ Â¥‘’¹  Â¤… Â¤Âª Â¤Â¨ Â¤Â¾ Â¤Â¯ Â¤Â¾  Â¤- Â¥Â Â¤Â¯ Â¥‘’š Â¤Â  Â¤Â¥ Â¤Â¾ ,
 Â¤Â¤ Â¥‘’¹ Â¤Â¡ Â¤Â¼  Â¤Â… Â¥‘’¡ Â¤Â¨ Â¤Â¾  Â¤Â¹ Â¥  Â¤Â¥ Â¤Â¾,  Â¤Â¤ Â¥‘’¹  Â¤— Â¥Â Â¤Âµ Â¤Â¾ Â¤Â  Â¤Â… Â¤Â¿ Â¤— Â¤Â¾ Â¤Â¯ Â¤Â¾  Â¤- Â¥Â Â¤Â¯ Â¥‘’š Â¤Â  Â¤Â¥ Â¤Â¾,
 Â¤– Â¤Â°  Â¤Å¡ Â¤Â² Â¤Â¨ Â¤Â¾  Â¤Â¨ Â¤Â¾  Â¤Â¥ Â¤Â¾  Â¤Â¸ Â¤Â¾ Â¤Â¥,  Â¤Â¤ Â¥‘’¹  Â¤Â Â¤Â- Â¤Â¼ Â¤Â¾ Â¤Â¤ Â¥‘’¡  Â¤Â¨ Â¤Â¾  Â¤Â¹ Â¤Â¾ Â¤Â¥,
 Â¤Â® Â¥‘’¡ Â¤Â° Â¥‘’¡  Â¤Â… Â¤Â¿ Â¤Â²  Â¤Â¸ Â¥‘’¡  Â¤Â¤ Â¥‘’š Â¤Â¨ Â¥‘’¡  Â¤… Â¤Âª Â¤Â¨ Â¤Â¾  Â¤Â… Â¤Â¿ Â¤Â²  Â¤Â Â¤Â¹ Â¤Â² Â¤Â¾ Â¤Â¯ Â¤Â¾  Â¤- Â¥Â Â¤Â¯ Â¥‘’š Â¤Â  Â¤Â¥ Â¤Â¾ !
–  Â¤Â¸ Â¤‘’š Â¤Å— Â¤Â¯  Â¤- Â¤Â° Â¥Â Â¤Â£ Â¤Â§ Â¤Â¾ Â¤Â°

Ek arj hai khuda se ki kya

Ek Arj Hai Khuda Se Ki,
Kya Jarurat Thi Ladkiyo Ko Khubsurat Banane Ki,
Agar Banaya Bhi To Kya Jarurat Thi Unse Dil Lagane Ki,
Agar Lagaya Bhi To Kya Jarurat Thi Use Todane Ki,
Agar Todana Hi Tha To Kya Jarurat Thi Us Dil Ko Banane Ki.

By Mukesh Panchasara

Kismat ajib khel dikhlati chali gayee jo

Kismat Ajib Khel Dikhlati Chali Gayee
Jo Hass Rahe The Unko Rulati Chali Gayee
Main Chahta Nahi Tha Magar Phir Bhi Jane Kyun
Aayi Jo Teri Yaad To Aati Chali Gayi,
Sham-E-Wafa Hawa Ke Muqabil Hai Maq$@@d,
Maine Jalayi Aur Woh Bujhati Chali Gayi