Latest SMS Shayari collection in Hindi and Urdu

Dil mein aise utre jaise sharab gale

Dil Mein Aise Utre Jaise Sharab Gale Se Utarti Hai,
Zindagi Se Aise Gaye Jaise Subah Hote Nasha Chala Jaata Hai
Aankhon Mein Aise Aaye Jaise Subah Suraj Aasmaan Mein Aata Hai,
Zindagi Se Aise Gaye Jaise Shaam Hote Suraj Doob Jaata Hai

 Â¤– Â¤Â¾ Â¤Â²  Â¤– Â¥Â Â¤Â² Â¤Â¾ Â¤Â Â¥ ,  Â¤Â Â¤Â¾ Â¤Â²  Â¤Â¸ Â¥Â Â¤Â¨ Â¤Â¹ Â¤Â° Â¥‘’¡ ,  Â¤– Â¤Â°  Â¤… Â¤Â… Â¤Â¾  Â¤Â® Â¥‘’¡ Â¤‘’š  Â¤Â­ Â¥‘’¹ Â¤Â² Â¤Â¾ Â¤Âª Â¤Â¨,
 Â¤Â® Â¥‘’¡ Â¤Â° Â¥‘’¡  Â¤Â¸ Â¤Â¾ Â¤- Â¤Â¼ Â¥  Â¤- Â¥  Â¤‘’  Â¤Â Â¤— Â¥‘’¡ Â¤‘’š  Â¤Â¹ Â¥Ë† Â¤‘’š ,  Â¤Â¨ Â¥ Â¤Â² Â¥  Â¤Â¨ Â¥ Â¤Â² Â¥  Â¤Â¥ Â¥‘’¹ Â¥Å— Â¥  Â¤Â¸ Â¥,
 Â¤… Â¤Â° Â¥Â Â¤Å— Â¤Â¼  Â¤- Â¤Â° Â¥‘’š Â¤Â  Â¤- Â¥Â Â¤Â¯ Â¤Â¾  Â¤Â¤ Â¥Â Â¤Â® Â¤Â¸ Â¥‘’¡  Â¤Â² Â¥‘’¹ Â¤– Â¥‘’¹ ,  Â¤Â® Â¥Ë† Â¤‘’š  Â¤- Â¥‘’¹ Â¤Ë†  Â¤Â® Â¤Â¯ Â¤Â¨ Â¥‘’¹ Â¤Â¶  Â¤Â¨ Â¤Â¹ Â¥ Â¤‘’š,
 Â¤Â¸ Â¤Â¾ Â¤- Â¤Â¼ Â¥  Â¤- Â¥  Â¤Â Â¤Â¾ Â¤Â¤ Â¥‘’¹ Â¤‘’š  Â¤Â® Â¥‘’¡ Â¤‘’š  Â¤‘’  Â¤- Â¤Â°  Â¤Â® Â¥Ë† Â¤‘’š Â¤Â¨ Â¥‘’¡  Â¤Âª Â¥  Â¤Â² Â¥ ‚  Â¤Â¥ Â¥‘’¹ Â¥Å— Â¥  Â¤Â¸ Â¥
By Satish Shukla “Raqeeb”

Kya fark hota hai khuda or peer

Kya Fark Hota Hai Khuda Or Peer Mein,
Kya Fark Hota Hai Kismat Or Takdeer Mein,
Agar Kuch Chaho Or Naa Mile To Samajhna,
Kuch Or Accha Likha Hai Haath Ki Lakeer Mein.